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when I see somebody else stand I see oh

I’m not the only one that has gone

through a hard thing or that has had to

make this decision to to push past my

feelings to choose allegiance to God

despite what’s happening in my life it’s

just not me other folks are with me and

like me and like you said there’s

encouragement in that she got diagnosed

with a rare form of cancer and we were

told like in in a very dramatic way our

dad breaking into tears we don’t see him

do that often but we had about nine

months to literally say goodbye to our

mother in in losing her it’s like one of

the ways I figured out a a way to work

on Grief was to do things in the now to

honor her and her Legacy that’s great um

that helps you grieve um to change that

energy into that and that’s what that’s

what this song is this is my baby

brother we have there are four of us

Crystal’s the oldest then me then

Anthony and Jonathan is the youngest so

Anthony are right there in the middle

yes so we have this little special

special little Bond thing where we have

all these deep conversations and we get

have one of them today I’m excited

because you have new music I I do I have

new music and and a New Journey and a

new experience and I’m glad to be able

to talk about it with you and and all

the audience I need to give the audience

a breakdown though you named our

siblings yes crystal is Miss logical

like the TP oldest oldest sister miss

the smart like everything’s methodical

yes and then Priscilla is missp

personality I got to tell you she got in

so much trouble for talking too much

growing up but now it’s all worked out

nicely so that’s it and then my brother

Jonathan athlete and very determined but

I just I sit here and have flashbacks to

us being kids and you just be in Miss

personality and I’m like this is great

so anyway the thing is though you said

Crystal was the smart one no you’re

you’re and then you came me and said I

had personality yes but then you’re

smart right under

that okay you know what I’m saying all

right fine moving on okay yes sorry I

would like to make clear before we even

begin You Are The Guest okay and I am

the interviewer in other words this is

my show I get to say and ask you

whatever it is that I say to you and

what I want to ask you because what I’m

thrilled about is that I we get to

introduce to everyone that you have

brand new music out after how many years

have you now been making music oh 20 24

so I started when I was

eight or or so yeah yeah yeah it’s a TW

24 years okay um and this is your what

number album 11 11 albums in that’s a

lot of investment of creativity of um

vocal capacity and you’ve been

stretching yourself the kind of music

you’ve been doing through the years has

shifted and changed depending on where

you are in your life yes and this is the

thing I love about your music is you’re

always writing songs whether it’s a

collaborative effort or whether you’re

writing it yourself you’re always coming

out of a place of where you’ve been in

your life they reflect what you’ve been

processing spiritually emotionally

mentally and this project which is named

revive talk to me about what in your

life has been leading leading you

towards even the title of the record

before we even get to the songs

themselves just what was happening in

your life that made you want to think

about Reviving being revived it was a

lot of things that was that was was

happening in our lives with with our

family and a lot of prayers not being

answered the way that I wanted them to

be and my faith being in question to be

honest like I didn’t make music because

I felt like an actor getting into

character to go sing songs I no longer

believed that’s why I stopped I would go

sing places but I would talk to the

people who had me honest and be like I’m

not in the play like I’m not recovered

from what life has done to me and I’m

not aligned with what I’m singing right

now so it took me a second to kind of

like I don’t want to I don’t want to

feel like an actor singing Christian

music that that’s that that’s not a good

feeling yeah so what happened is I had

to make a decision do I just continue to

let my faith deteriorate or do I take

the steps and take take do what I can

and then believe that God’s going to do

what I can’t and add himself to the

effort that I put forward cuz I didn’t

even know which way to go to recover

from like for example us losing our mom

or in that way um or having the

emotional spaces in my life just clouded

I didn’t know which way to go so the

album’s called revive because I started

taking steps and I felt God bringing

things back to life in my heart and in

my experience and I was like people need

to know and experience this so it’s

about the music but it’s more about the

message that he can bring dead things to

life in your heart that you think that

are just done yeah okay here’s the

question I want to ask you like five

questions SP up in my my brain from

everything you just said but did you

keep going even while you knew you

didn’t feel like what it was you were

singing or you didn’t feel like showing

up there are a whole lot of people that

have been through loss just like we have

devastating hardships one after the

other CU not only did we lose mom but

there were nine family members in the

scope of five years that we lost it was

like backtack loss and Chaos in our

lives and you’re saying that you had to

keep showing up to do a job that you

didn’t feel emotionally spiritually

connected to right so I’m wondering did

you pull back and stop doing certain

things or did you keep going while just

recognizing at the same time I need to

be working on the other area of my life

there’s so many people that have to keep

going yes while they’re struggling yes

it was a balance because I had to keep

going yeah but I would be strategic I

the honest conversations that have being

vulnerable and honest and authentic with

the whether it was the a church you know

the church in Florida I go to often

sitting down with those pastors and

saying this is what’s going on in my

life right now so to get up on the stage

I I it was hard but I didn’t feel like

an actor cuz they knew the truth because

they knew the truth because they knew

the truth and then doing things with our

family that was underg guring and

helpful to me I got rid of the things

that I could get rid of that were that

were draining me of the energy to work

on myself okay and that that varies for

everybody watching there are certain

things though that we can clear off our

plate that leave capacity for healing

because you’re not exhausted and and I

had to strategically work that out in in

my life don’t you think that it takes a

measure of courage to be willing to

number one be authentic with the people

around you that you can trust um to know

the truth about what’s happening with

you but it also takes a level of courage

to say you know what this this this this

people may be appreciating this people

may be applauding me for this other

folks may think based on what they

prioritize that I need to do this but it

takes a level of courage to say you know

what actually I’m I’m doing this and

this is draining me this is not helping

me right and you actually told you you

taught me that you taught me the power

of no and you taught me the art of when

you say no to something you’re you’re

saying a simultaneous yes to something

else so when I said no to whatever

opportunity that people thought was

amazing and huge I was saying yes to my

spiritual well-being and that yes

matters more than the no there’ll be

another opportunity you you said this to

me there’ll be another opportunity to go

do that there won’t necessarily be

another opportunity for you to walk this

walk forward in healing at this time

yeah so that was the decision that I had

had to make and some of the NOS were

hard until you experience the yes yeah

yeah when you start to experience the

yes like me sitting here with a light

heart and talking about music I thought

that would never happen again so but

that was because the nose landed at this

yes that’s good and this yes in this

project too like that’s a big yes that

you got to have the mental margin the

spiritual margin the emotional margin

and the Sparks of creativity that are

required to be able to put any sort of

project together in a valuable way all

of that diminishes when we just keep

going and going and going while not

tending to our emotional absolutely the

the sorry go ahead the depth of these

songs and I is because of of that like

if I wouldn’t have taken the time to

heal and just cranked out more music it

would not be it wouldn’t have the depth

of these songs there’s a song on the

album called 828 that’s Romans 828 him

working things together for your good

but that’s coming from a different place

now like we’ve quoted that verse for

years a lot of us that’s coming from a

different place or the bridge of that

song is Ephesians 3:20 um now to him who

able to do exceedingly abundantly more

than we could ask or imagine sometimes I

stop that verse there and I don’t go in

to the end of that verse that talks

about the power that is already in us I

was not experiencing The Power Within me

that was already in me because I was so

distracted by doing too much and I did I

was not connect I think the enemy’s

objective is to distract us from the

power that is within us so that we will

not be able to experience exceedingly

abundantly more and I was distracted

from that power come on you preaching I

just really was you know Daddy I’m

talking a lot because I’ve had too much

coffee I’m SOC Slow Down slow I always

have to tell him to slow down but yeah

it’s your coffee situation is out of


sir slow down okay Dad you were gonna

say something used to take us to the

circus growing up and I loved animals so

so much and I remember seeing the

elephants in the parking lot and being

mesmerized by the fact that this

elephant had a chain around its ankle

that was in a steak in the ground and it

didn’t realize if he just pulled one

good time

he’d be running the show try hard to

pull exactly but he was fooled to he

forgot the power within him because of

that chain that was around his ankle

he’d been trained to stay put exactly

the enemy’s objective is to train us to

stay put and forget that we have the

power within us to just do the effort to

pull that pull that break that chain and

we can do it but if he can keep us

distracted we don’t experiencing don’t

experience don’t experience it and

that’s this album is revived uh called

revived because I’ve now experienced the

power of breaking breaking those those

chains my I felt that in my spirit I

felt it in my spirit that’s a big deal

because you’re the you’re the speaker no

okay but this is something people may

not know about you which I’m sure lends

itself to your songwriting and your

creative capacity but you are a master

illustrator you’re a great Storyteller

and you know that like we always are

commenting on when we’re having

conversations about regular life stuff

you were able to pull out an

illustration like about the circus and

an elephant and make a substantial

spiritual point about something that’s

impactful and people can grab hold of

that so you do that through your music

too you’re telling a story that has

spiritual principle and encouragement to

help people to stay booed up in the

midst of life’s hard stuff absolutely

absolutely so describe a little bit more

about this disparity you were seeing in

your um work your ministry and what you

were feeling tell us how you were

feeling in your heart your soul and your

mind that was causing a discrepancy

between what you were singing I felt

like I was I felt like I was playing

injured I like an athlete go

illustration here it is here it is like

an athlete who has a sprained ankle but

the athlete that everybody expects to be

on the court dunking so they just wrap

their ankle and go out and keep playing

and ultimately the damage that can be

done by you playing injured you can be

complet forever taken off the court if

you keep playing injured so that’s what

I felt like I felt like something’s off

I know what I’m capable of with Ministry

and I know what I’m capable of but

something is off and I didn’t make the

choice to to sit down I uh the Olympics

2020 Simone biles the champion of the

universe everybody knows she’s about I

mean the expectation on her was huge and

she went up to do this Vault and landed

crazy and everybody thought what is

happening to the champion there was she

was capable of a lot but her mind was

right and she had to admit I have the

twisties and and if I keep going for

y’all I’m going to injure myself in a

way that I might not be able to recover

from because I’m trying to perform for

y’all yeah so I that’s what I felt like

and I had to get to the point where if I

keep going like I have the twisties

spiritually mentally emotionally I have

the twisties and I have to stop because

if I keep going the injury to me is and

the people attach the people attached to

you is going to be a problem so that’s

that’s what I that’s what I felt like

like and so I had to you know let let

people down in some ways but I I love I

don’t know why Anthony and I often joke

about and comment on the fact that we

are thinking similar things or like

we’ll be one of us will text the other

one when the other one is composing a

text to send to the other one like it

happens all the time or you’ll wear a

purple shirt today and I wear this

purple on today we showed up and it

looks like we tried to coordinate and we

didn’t we just showed up like this and

the reason I say that is because I kid

you not yesterday I was thinking about

the Simone B’s situation the courage

that it took that girl to say I don’t

care cuz I mean I remember the media

coming in her I remember people

canceling her speaking negatively about

her why in the world you’re representing

the US I mean think about the pressure

that you’re representing all of us and

you’re going to give up and I just

remember seeing her look squarely into a

camera to do a news um little conference

that she was doing and she was just

saying and describing what the twisties

were and that she knew she could

decimate her entire career not to

mention the quality of her life with an

injury if she just kept going because

everybody else wanted her to exactly the

courage it takes to admit something is

out of balance here whether emotionally

spiritually even physically we can run

ourselves into the ground physically lit

in the in the in the name of ministry in

the name of ministry so it takes courage

what you’re saying is freeing somebody

up right now is what it’s doing because

the entire culture surrounding Us in

society but also so in Ministry is

hustle grind keep going all the way to

the end the end of yourself the end of

your physical health the end of your

family people are afraid in every way

but they feel like around them there’s

this constant pressure to keep going and

what you’re describing is Having the

courage to pause for a second take a

deep breath ask the Lord about the

season he has you in right now and then

trust that this is not a fruitless

season even though it might feel or seem

less wly productive right that the Lord

is using this as groundwork for what’s

coming next exactly exactly when you

talk about um the season of kind of just

waiting and you watch people people

around you are moving that this is so

random but here’s another story now I’m

I’m I’m aware of it now that you talking

about illustrations I you know I love

boats I love being on Water I love it so

much but that they took us to the engine

room because I was so intrigued about

how this thing actually works and they

got to this point where they showed us

in the engine room this automatic

automatic stabilizer system that that

that this yacht had and and bottom line

is that when waves hit it there was

something inside of it that shot water

out on the side that a wave hit on so

that would not capsize it was an

automated system that was built into it

but for that system to be built in it

had to go to dry dock it had to sit it

was made for the water but it had to sit

on the dry dock to get the system put in

it so it will not turn over when the

waves hit the the time that I have taken

off wow was my dry dock time while

everybody else is sailing and having the

greatest time but what got put in me

through work on my mental health on my

obviously my spiritual health are

stabilizer so when life’s waves are

hitting me I don’t not feel the wave but

I don’t capsize because uh Romans 828

will shoot out of my heart or

Philippians 1:6 will shoot out of my

heart on the other side while while the

scenarios are are hitting me hard so I

sh you need to know that I’m gonna steal

all of that I can assure you y’all read

this in a book I I told her the first

time I’ll give you credit after that the

Lord the Lord told me I said it was okay

I’m just saying yeah that’s kind of

that’s great people need to hear that

and out of you being at the dry dock a

whole new project a project that

wouldn’t have the depth it wouldn’t have

the creativity it wouldn’t have the

beauty and power that it’s going to have

in people’s lives if you hadn’t taken

time to just let the Lord stabilize you

okay we’re going to talk about the music

but I want to ask you one more question

because you mentioned specifically

mental health oh yeah and I I want to

sit here for just a few minutes and talk

to you about this because this has been

a big deal for you um and you have

invested in your mental health yes I

think that folks particularly in the

church it’s more and more um acceptable

now to discuss openly yes but um it

hasn’t been historically right so I

think you even discussing it now will

give somebody permission to realize they

can address their mental health how what

brought you to that point of realizing

uh I need just like I might get a

trainer to help me with my physical

health or a financial adviser to help me

because I want to plan and budget well

for retirement you’re like I need some

training somebody to gir me up in my

mental health what brought you to that

point and what have you done over the

course of more than a decade now yeah

yeah just walk through this yeah you you

mentioned the trainer the or the

somebody helping you with your finances

I liken it to a tutor in nth grade I had

the hardest time in math class I could

not understand Miss Simmons would be at

the board explaining this formula that

works every time and she had a book of

truths formula she was working out on

the board and I had my my AR my hand up

the whole class and finally she goes

Anthony in order for you to pass you’re

going to need tutoring and we have a

book of Truth here we have the formulas

that always work but you’re having a

hard time understanding these formulas

so in order I did not fail because I

admitted that I needed tutoring mental

health and therapy and working through

things it’s not saying that the Bible

doesn’t have the power or that you’re

you don’t trust the Lord it’s saying if

I read be anxious for nothing I need

tools to help me be anxious for nothing

because that’s not how do I do that how

do I do it and implementing those into

my life and and having to admit to

myself I think it’s hard for Christians

or people of Faith or people in

professional Ministry to admit I need

help but once I did that and people

started coming to my life who were

trained on a on

a in mental health yes and I got to tie

that into my faith that changed

everything I learned the art of being

kind to myself I learned about toxic

relationships and actually because of my

faith I was setting myself up and

getting into scenarios where I became a

victim of my own compassion because I

was forgiving and all that there comes a

point where you know like if my Apple my

MacBook breaks or something there comes

a point where the restart doesn’t work

you have to send it back to the

manufacturer because they know how to

fix it I wouldn’t send people back to

the manufacturer I would not turn them

back over to God I would still keep

trying to fix and fix and fix and that

was messing with my mind so I had to

learn I had to I mean those are just we

could talk about this forever but those

are just a few things and once I got rid

of toxic relationships once I started

being kind to myself once I admitted

that I needed tutoring uh you know

tutoring that changed everything that

was a major part of the Revival in my

heart and it I know it can be a major

part of the viewers Revival in their

their hearts of having tools to help

them yes so you’re not saying any of

that for you displaced or removed the

pracy of the Bible of prayer of faith

all those things you’re just saying

here’s what I know to be true now I’m

going to take this to someone so that

they can have a conversation with me on

the practical way to live in light of

what I just read practical way to live

in light of my faith that that’s where

the how does 2 plus two equal four in

this next 24 hours of my actual day

exactly exactly and um I remember just

having to clear things out of my life

when we were growing up our mom who we

love so much she’s the the best cook she

just would cook stuff but I remember she

would not come place things on the table

if I had my homework and like Twinkies

or whatever on the table dinner dinner

would be I know just random snacks

because I ate too much but she would

keep the she would not um serve the

dinner until I cleared the table until I

cleared and set the table clear the

table off y’all set the table yes and so

me working on my mental health I believe

that happens a lot with the Lord he has

something fresh for us but we have

clouded up our lives with so much and

clearing the table of my heart my

emotions my life I got things placed in

front of me that now make it so much

easier because that were prepared for

you they were prepared to give to you

but you had to clear the space so you

could receive them yes and when I didn’t

clear the space for our mother the meal

would get cold and when you don’t clear

the space in your life for what God has

for you what he has piping hot and ready

can start to cool down you may miss some

of those things so that’s also part of

revive is and and part of mental health

and everything is just kind of clearing

out all the Clutter and allowing God to

place something there he had for me and

every time I clear he places something

down so now it’s easy I’m like okay okay

right because he has because you have a

track record that he’s faithful and he’s

good he’s faithful and he’s kind and

just in case anybody’s discouraged

because in that last illustration you

mentioned you know waiting too long the

meal gets cold God’s grace and mercy is

so sufficient that it is retroactive yep

that he’s like don’t worry about that I

got a good whole microwave system back

here or I’ll do something better that’s

what God does nothing is lost with him

and out of this season of your life of a

lot of hard work because I I don’t want

anybody to think you were sitting at the

dry dock just like enjoying the sunrise

no you no no uhuh you you’ve done a lot

of had a lot of hard conversations with

therapists with your family with the

people close to you that you can be

authentic and vulnerable with a lot of

hard conversations a lot of Tears a lot

of struggle as you try to contend with

the word of God and what it is that he

wants you to do and and then the

creativity that God so he’s so good that

in Seasons where we feel like nothing is

happening all of a sudden you start to

see through the dry cracks of life just

little bits little glimpses of growth

and Greenery and like the Lord’s saying

I’m still here I got it some Good’s

coming out of this and now we have

revive yeah yeah it’s such a good record

Anthony thank you we’ve had I keep

saying record does that date mean we

still it’s it’s kind of a throwback term

you know what I mean record album you

what what do you call it an album what

do the artist call it yeah an album

record we say that body of work a new

body of work that sounds so official

it’s a little over over the top the

thing is I’m glad you mentioned that

because it is a body of work and in this

day and age where everybody’s

downloading one song here one song there

what I see in revive is a story that you

have told from beginning to end and I

think when someone grabs hold of the

whole story there’s a Revival that’s

going to take place in them because

they’ll see the trajectory of where you

were headed from point A to point B

what’s what was the creative process for

you like as you were writing these songs

and then thinking about um musically how

to get them together and prepare them

what is the process like for producing a

record like this it is I I love that at

home connected feeling you know how I

just I love to be with family and

friends so the process to me starts at

my house with with my friends who are

wildly talented that that they are the

musicians I get to work with and the

writers are just wildly talented so some

of these songs started in just honest

conversation about me talking about like

there’s a song called even if and I was

talking about I had to make a choice at

one point when the healing didn’t look

the way that we would choose would I

worship him even if he didn’t allow that

to happen and I was talking to my friend

about that and then the song even if

came out of that because I know that

there are people who are like I have to

make a decision at some point if God

does not in map this out the way that I

had intended or the way I I thought am I

going to worship him when circumstances

don’t look like what I want them to so

that’s the it just convers the songs

come out of honest conversations and

stuff like that I try not to go like

okay now we’re gonna formulate an album

It’s not that it just it’s just out of

life out of the struggle over the last

year the song about our our mom for

instance I was I was asked to write a

song for a movie um a BET movie I had

got to produce the music for that and um

Sons were singing to their mother in the

movie and the actress um walked to me me

right after she sang I mean s right

after after she she was in the scene

with tears in her eyes and she goes I

know you don’t know that I know the

story of your mother but she is so proud

and every lyric you just wrote was for

your mom and I felt it wow then I

finished the song for our mom cuz I was

writing it for a movie but she was like

no you weren’t no you weren’t so that’s

how that song got birthed so it’s been a

lot of a lot of scenarios like that

where um you know you mention that song

even if which I’ve heard many times now

and every time you have sung in front of

a an audience that has been gathered I

mean it’s like they can’t help but to

stand up in response to this reality

that it’s a play it’s a throwback to the

Hebrew boys um in the Book of Daniel

basically we believe our God can but

even if he

don’t we’ve still made a decision our

Allegiance is to Yahweh and Yahweh alone

and you’ve we’ve had to live that out

like Lord we’re praying in this

direction Not only would this be

wonderful for us if you would answer

with Mom and with others like Lord if

you would answer this way um but also

it’d be good for you like like we’ll

make sure we do all the things to give

you the glory like you yeah you will

really be glorified Lord if you will do

it this way in our timing the way we

would want you to but then being able to

move the needle of your prayer too but

even if even if your will doesn’t look

like what we would prefer we have

decided that for me and my house what we

going to do is we going to serve the

Lord that’s a hard truth to swallow even

if you love the Lord that’s a hard truth

to swallow but as you mentioned when the

audience starts to engage it makes the

truth easier for me to swallow like when

I’m when I’m watching them join in that

because everybody has their even if

scenario if you are alive you have a

scenario where you’re like God if you

don’t I got to make a decision I’m going

to still worship I think when we

collectively come together authentically

like that that is what propels us for in

our faith is and that’s what the again

the album is about is US experiencing

this together this isn’t a yeah this

isn’t a performance album I do some kind

of other kind of music ain’t nobody got

time for that we could be doing

something different was performance if

it was about performance yeah so that’s

that’s what it is and that’s I think

when people are responding to to music

or to a message they’re hearing the

response like we were talking about

people standing it’s almost like

testimony when I see somebody else stand

I see oh I’m not the only

that has gone through a hard thing or

that has had to make this decision to to

push past my feelings to choose

allegiance to God despite what’s

happening in my life it’s just not me

other folks are with me and like me and

like you said there’s encouragement in

that yes and that’s a powerful thing

that we we do at your events you have

people stand up who’ve experienced

Deliverance in a certain area and pray

over others and for some people them at

at fervent events that is their moment

they see somebody next to them stand up

having having experienced deliverance

and they know they’re not alone that’s

the that’s what this album is is about

exactly what what you said can you

narrow down three things that you feel

like God taught you during the M how

long did it take you to make the album

it’s been a year a little over a year

all right that’s just so important for

people to hear yeah yeah yeah it wasn’t

like last week we decided that yeah last

week we put a little record together no

it’s a year process probably before that

pen to paper but then getting in the

studio recording making sure that all

the tracks are right because you’re

involved in every level of production of

every song that you produce you’re not

just like singing into a mic and then

going home all of the balancing of

everything all of the singers arranging

all of the notes of all of those details

that’s you yeah so this is a year

process um where you’re still living

through this year you’re working on a

project but you’re living through this

year so can you look back over the

course of the Arc of that year and

pinpoint three things two or three

things while you were recording God was

teaching you this oh my goodness there’s

so there’s so so many things while I was

recording I mean I guess what what I

mentioned one of the things that I

mentioned of him being able to take your

leftovers and make them into something

beautiful I’d have moments along the way

where we’d finish the vocal for a song I

and I would remember how I felt a few

years ago thinking that there is no way

that he could be working any of this

together for my good there’s no and when

that vocal finished him being like yes I

can like in that

moment so that that’s one thing that

that he taught me but what it took me uh

is doing what I could and then God would

do do what I can’t that’s right he

magnifies your effort

so Daddy and we were little would walk

up behind me during Little League

baseball and grab the bat and I was

hitting nothing and daddy walked up

behind me and grabbed the baseball bat

he didn’t tell me to walk away he

grabbed the bat over my hands and all of

a sudden I became Babe Ruth yeah he

magnified my effort that is one of the

things that God taught me is you have to

do what you can and I will wrap my arms

around your circumstance and magnify

your effort and you’ll go from striking

out to home runs because you’re putting

you’re doing what you can but asking

inviting me into your circumstance so

that yeah that was wildly wildly huge he

taught me um briefly uh when it to

setbacks in your life like in my career

I’ve had setbacks a long time ago when

it wasn’t gospel and contemporary were

so split and separate and everything and

I felt very kind of alone in figuring it

out he taught me that alone time that

you fig you feeling alone was because I

wanted to set you up to be

self-sufficient and to produce things I

wanted I had events with your family in

mind that I needed you to know this for

and the only way you would know how to

do this is if things didn’t work out for

you and everybody was handing you

everything in your life so the setbacks

the current setbacks are set setups that

was a big a big huge okay I’m okay I’m

posi here cuz you’re saying so many

incredible things and I don’t want

anybody to miss what it is you’re


because when you talk about the early

points in your career you were in the

middle of Two Worlds Of Music you’re not

quite gospel enough to be in the gospel

right industry you’re not quite CCM

enough to be you know in that radio play

of all of those so you’re some more in

the middle and you’re floundering and

you’re all by yourself and this is years

we’re talking about where you’re laying

the groundwork of writing music and

producing music and you’re signed with a

label and all of that but it just seems

to be sort of floundering so this is

lonely this is frustrating yes you’re

just feeling discouraged because all

this work but you don’t feel like

there’s fruit from the investment you’re

making right years later you look back

and realize that because you had to do

so much alone it actually prepared in

you not only the character but the plain

old Flatout skill cuz you had to produce

so much by yourself right that now you

have the skill to write whole records to

stand there and balance all the vocals

to Think Through how am I going to make

sure that people know the record exists

so that they can grab hold of it into

their own life you know all that because

of those hard years right I do want to

talk about Mom okay we we’ve brought Mom

up several times already um but for many

people who who don’t know what happened

with our mother just kind of walk them

quickly through that and then what song

on this album that was birthed out of

that yeah um our mom beautiful Regal you

know like a like a queen’s pres she grew

up in British Guyana so there was that

part of her culture the British part but

she’s also just a refined human being in

general um dedicated her life to

Ministry supporting our dad people here

know the name Dr Tony Evans and they

know Dr Lois Evans but they don’t know

that our mother underg gured every

aspect of our death um he he’s brilliant

but there was just plates being spun

everywhere and she would spin them and

catch them as they fall so um while

raising while raising four of us which

is so confusing to me how how that was

even possible now that I’m watching

y’all raise I’m just lost but um she got

diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and

we were told like in in a very dramatic

way our dad breaking into tears we don’t

see him do that often because he we we

saw him hopeless which we don’t see him

ever or just not hopeless but not

knowing what the solution could told

there are no longer any solutions for

this yeah that that was a hard hard

thing to see but we had about nine

months to literally say goodbye to our

mother believing that whole time so um

I the my gratitude for her it’s kind of

this this whole thing of hindsights 2020

which is um the the song on this album

is an encouragement to those who still

have their moms to thank them to gloat

over them our mom wanted to make sure

that mothers weren’t unseen women in

Ministry weren’t unseen pastor’s wives

that was her desire so my desire in

doing this song was to obviously thank

our mom but literally encourage the

audience to thinkk there are so many

things that I promise you you will

figure out later she was doing to keep

you covered and to keep that’s right you

have an opportunity to thank her now and

I that that’s what I want to do I wanted

to say thank you to our mom um and I

think about her obviously multiple times

a day and see another Nuance of like she

was doing this too this is crazy but um

in in her it’s like one of the ways I

figured out a a way to work on Grief was

to do things in the now to honor her and

her Legacy that helps you grieve um to

change that energy into that and that’s

what that’s what this song is um uh as

as related to being dedicated to her is

is to kind of so when someone outside of

that particular song when someone grabs

hold of this project that you’ve spent a

year of your life plus really investing

in and honestly it’s just a year in the

production process because honestly this

has been years in the world as you’ve

worked through and walked through hard

things regular life things but also

difficult hard things you’ve had to

struggle through right so it’s been a

big process for you to put this record

together when someone grabs hold of it

and incorporates it into the playlist of

their life what are you hoping they walk

away with I’m hoping more than anything

that they they walk away with hope they

walk away with not feeling alone and and

they walk away knowing that again when

you do what you can God will magnify it

and you can do what you can’t that’s

that’s and it’s all wrapped in

excellence we want that to be the thing

and to enjoy it but this is about having

hope um coming from a a guy that’s been

broken and has a bunch of issues but God

has seems to take those issues and

rearrange them and make them into

something like this that that’s that’s

the objective and I just think we need

to pray about um how the Lord’s going to

use this music in people’s lives to

change us to challenge us and to

encourage us to keep on going for his

glory I will I will I love it um Lord we

are so grateful for your promises to us

we are so grateful for your promises to

us and more than that for the fact that

you do not break your promises to us for

the heart at home who needs a a personal

Revival that needs to come back to life

we ask right now that you would meet

them there that you would give them

glimmers of hope that you would open

their eyes to the things that you are

currently doing while they’re in this

dry season that are preparing them for

what you ultim have for them God I pray

that you would help us to corporately

make the decision that even if scenarios

don’t look the way that we are asking

for them to look that we will lift our

hands and that we will sing again that

you are good to us that you are so good

to us yes Lord God remind us that when

we do what we can you will do what we

cannot you will continue to work all

things together for our good um God that

you can do exceedingly abundantly more

in the life of every viewer in the life

of us here than we could ask or imagine

but that’s according to the power that

is within us so for every time the enemy

tries to distract us from the power that

is within us I pray God that you would

pluck our pluck our hearts out of that

scenario remind us God that he is trying

to distract us from our power so that we

cannot experience exceedingly abundantly

more and get us back on track we are so

grateful for you open our eyes to what

you are doing when we feel like there is

nothing happening in our lives for every

viewer again God I pray that you would

cover their heart in your hope in Jesus

right now we love you for all that you

do we love you for the fact that you

take our scenarios and bring them back


life we give you all the honor we give

you the glory in your name we pray in

Jesus name amen amen