Bill Johnson continues his message series on testimony. How can you know God’s heart and who He is? Testimonies reveal the nature of God, and stewarding testimonies by bringing to mind the things that God has done establish in your heart and mind who God is. Scripture teaches on the importance of passing on the testimonies from generation to generation. Why? “So that they might put their hope in God”. Scripture warns of the danger of forgetting the testimonies of God’s goodness: without the hope that comes from testimonies, you will lack the confidence to face the battles that God has already ordained for you to win. If you don’t face the war we were born for, you’ll face situations you have no grace for. Future generations will be affected by how you steward the testimonies of God’s goodness in your life. Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: John 12 Psalm 24 Matthew 11 Psalm 119 Psalm 78 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on March 24, 2024. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Testimony #GodIsGood


a generation without hope is a

generation without testimonies it’s not

a light matter it’s not like oh let’s

tell another story as you know Story

Time Around a fireplace these are

weighty Revelations of the nature of God

that carry with it a compelling

invitation we must know God in this way

and he says multiple Generations are

actually affected in their Eternal

Destiny by the influence of testimony in

their thinking in their



wow a lot of shouts in here

today yeah Sunday that’s right come come

to church and lose your

voice what a way to

go well happy Palm Sunday my goodness um

you know one of the most fun weeks I’ve

had uh in I’ve been here 28 years one of

the most fun weeks I have ever ever had

was the week of fasting that we had in

January where we met in the mornings for

prayer it so rocked me my goodness and I

can hardly wait till tomorrow because

we’re doing the same thing again and uh

meeting at 7:30 7:30 in the morning for

those of you that are able to join us oh

my just it just messed me up in a really

good way and uh and then we’re going to

also uh have times of worship at night 8

to 9:00 so if you’re able to join for

that that would be be wonderful and then

Good Friday is going to be a good

Friday it’s going to be a good

one when I say I want a Biblical wife

what I’m what people think I mean is I

want a wife who is passive and

subservient what I really mean is I want

a wife who is totally willing to drive a

tent pig into the tyrant’s heads should

the opportunity

arise if you’re familiar with the Old

Testament story that helps that’s a

that’s a great definition of a Biblical

wife and and I tell you most of the

people in the body of Christ who scare

me are women I’m just telling you they

just absolutely scare me and I know some

I think they carry a tent peg in their

back pocket you know they’re just

ready amen amen amen I had oh

here in a Kindergarten class A teacher

offers the kids $5 if they can name the

most famous person who ever lived little

sha O Sullivan said St Patrick teacher

says no I’m sorry Sean that’s not

correct Little Johnny Williams says

Abraham Lincoln she says no Johnny I’m

afraid that’s not the answer Little

David Goldberg said Jesus Christ the

teacher says that’s right David you get

$5 he comes up to collect the money and

the teacher says you know David being

Jewish I’m surprised you said Jesus

David replies in my heart I know it’s

Moses but business is

business is that legal to do that one is

yeah yeah

yeah well I’m sure I’ll get some emails

all right thank you

Lord um Palm Sunday wow I’ve never given

a message on Palm Sunday about Palm


so I’m not going today today either

except except we’re going to read some

scripture I’ll talk a few minutes and

we’re going to go into the subject that

I have for

today that’s that’s kind of sad isn’t it

turn with me in your Bibles to John

chapter 12 I want I want to look at uh

this particular part of the story and

then uh we’re going to move into

U kind of an extension of the last time

I talked I talked a couple weeks ago


remembering the Lord says don’t forget

my benefits so I want to just spin off

from that but John chapter 12 um John’s

account of the triumphal entry of Jesus

says the next day a great multitude

verse 12 uh next day a great multitude

that had come to the feast when they

heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem

took branches of palm trees went out to

meet him they cried out hosana blessed

is he who comes in the name of the Lord

the king of

Israel then Jesus when they found a

young donkey when he found a young dogy

he sat on it as it is written fear not

oh Daughter of Zion behold your king

King is Coming sitting on a donkey’s

Colt his disciples did not understand

these things at first but when Jesus was

glorified then they remembered that

these things were written about

him and that he had done these things to

them one of the most consistent things

this is a little off subject a lot off

subject actually but one of the most

consistent things that you’ll find about

the prophetic in scripture is it’s not

understood until after it’s

fulfilled it’s it’s rarely I don’t know

that it’s ever given so that we can

create charts of what’s about to happen

I think it’s supposed to be lodged in

our heart so that as things unfold we

realize oh he’s in

charge amen Bill good point verse

17 thanks I’ll pay you later verse 17

therefore the people who were with him

when he called Lazarus out of his tomb

and raised him from the dead bore

witness for this reason people also met

him because they heard he had done this

sign the Pharisees therefore said among

themselves you see that you are

accomplishing one another they’re

pointing at each other it’s so funny

they’re turning on each other they said

among themselves you are doing nothing

look the whole world is gone after him

such a lovely

verse um palm branches were were a sign

of victory in

battle and so when they laid palm

branches out for Jesus to come into the

the city they were walking welcoming him

as a Victorious

King Kings when they normally would

enter a city however would ride on a

warhorse I don’t know how many of you

have ever studied war horses it’s

fascinating it’s in the Minor Prophets

they talk about them and war horses were

unusual creatures in that they actually

could smell and hear war and they would

run to battle they were a attracted to

war they actually could stand for

example if the if the owner was in this

uh place of conflict and they were

standing next to a burning

building that burning building could

actually burn some of the Flesh on that

horse and he would hold his position

they were so resolved and so focused in

discipline incredible incredible

animals Jesus came not just not on a war

horse came on a donkey but not just a

donkey came on a

CT because this triumphant King came as

the Prince of

Peace the battle never was between God

and the devil that’s not a

contest the enemy has

worked ever since people were

created to tarnish what was made in His

image he sees the father’s Delight in

people and he wants to do anything to

tarnish that Joy through marking

Humanity with sin and

distraction Jesus comes into this city

and they lay down palm branches to

welcome a Victorious King and he’s not


died it’s I I don’t know what all it

means except we know that he was

triumphant in his lifestyle over

sickness over disease we know over sin

he was tempted in all manners we are yet

without sin so he was Victorious even

before he died but when he died his

victory was made available to all those

Made In His Image that would put their

faith in

him his victory became our

Victory his victory was as the son of

man because God needed no victory over

the devil it was as the son of man the

Bible calls him our elder brother so he

went ahead obtained an inheritance for

us so that everyone who would believe in

him would step into the triumph in the

victory of that triumphal

injury Psalms 24 says lift up your heads

oh your Gates that the king of glory

might come in in some ways that

prophetic picture of the Old Testament

was realized in this triumphal entry

because the people began to sing praises

hosana they began to exalt him as the

King of Kings as the Lord over all and

In This Moment God inhabits praise and

then this triumphant Jesus was about to

put an end to the voice of the enemy and

to sin and disease to put an end to that

voice by his own

suffering it’s extraordinary what was

accomplished in those days and he did it

with you and mine with me and

mine John the Baptist is one of the

great Heroes of scripture for me I I

read of his life fre well I I go through

the whole Bible all the time but I I

like to take time to look at John the

Baptist because of what Jesus had to say

about him so I want you to go to U

Matthew chapter 11 and we’re going to

take just a moment there before we

actually turn back to the portion of

scripture I want and it’s in the Psalms

it’s under

19 but just go with me to Psalm excuse

me to Matthew uh chapter

11 and I want you to see a a problem

first of all Jesus later in Matthew 11

describes uh uh John John the Baptist as

the greatest of all Old Testament

prophets John Was An Old Testament

Prophet all of Jesus’s Miracles were

also in the Old

Testament the New Testament doesn’t

start till the blood of Jesus is shed

the blood of the New Covenant so

everything he did was to close out the

Old Testament and initiate the nature of

the new

the momentum the focus the priority of


new so he announces John the Baptist as

the greatest of all Old Testament

prophets but he did that after this

particular experience where John takes a

couple of his disciples and sends them

to Jesus John’s got a problem John’s in

prison and he’s about to die and he


it he prepared the way for the

Messiah Jesus’s own job

description in Isaiah 61 that Jesus

prophesied over his own life in Luke

chapter 4 was to release from prison and

John was facing the reality that he

prepared the one way for the one who

releases from prison prison but he’s not


released you can imagine the questions

did I get it right I had one assignment

to prepare the way for the Messiah and

he’s got this one overwhelming question

did I get it

right Matthew 11 verse one came to pass

when Jesus finished commanding his 12

disciples he departed from there to

teach and to preach in their cities when

John had heard in prison about the works

of Christ he sent two of his disciples

and he said to him are you the coming

one or do we look for

another now John has already prophesied

that Jesus was the

Messiah at Jesus’s own baptism before

Jesus came to him he pointed to Jesus

and he said behold look the Lamb of God

who takes away the sins of the world

he’s already made the proclamation he

already knows with every cell every

fiber of his being this is him but now

he’s in

prison how many of you ever ever had

circumstances that made you wonder about

the Bold confession he once made

previous so he says are you the coming

one or do we look for another Jesus

answered and said to them two disciples

said to them go tell John the things

which you hear and see the blind see the

lame walk the lepers are cleansed the

deaf hear the dead are raised up the

poor have the gospel preached to

them what did Dr Jesus write out as his


testimonies the profound nature of

testimon of a

testimony I’m discovering my own Journey

we’ve been we’ve been talking this

subject for

decades but the profound nature of

testimon of a testimony is that it

reveals the nature of God it reveals the

Covenant of God with his people and it

gives us a personal invitation to

encounter and know him in that

way it’s a it’s a living invitation to


encounter these stories of scripture

when you when you read through Israel’s

history you find the times in fact I I

talked about this some a couple weeks

ago you find the times where Israel

literally crashed and burned and when

you trace back what started it is they

forgot they forgot what God had

done the testimony is not is not a bunch

of trivial stories that make us feel

warm and fuzzy that help us just feel

good for the moment they are Revelations

of the nature and Covenant of God they

carry with it such compelling

um evidence to the resurrection of

Christ that it filters out all


information John is facing his final

days Jesus wants him to end well and he

gives him a


here the blind

sea John you made this

possible the deaf here yeah the lame

walk the dead are

raised the poor have the the gospel

preached to

him it’s almost

like eyes are wandering all over the

place and Jesus says no Focus right back

here you got to end well

John you got to end

well the testimony reveals the nature of

God and it

actually I’ll show you some verses in a

minute but it actually

enhances I don’t know how this works let

me just ramble and hopefully I’ll say

something it it actually enhances the

intellectual capacity of an individual

because it starts with the nature of God

and all truth starts with the nature of

God Beauty exists because he’s beautiful

power exists because he’s powerful love

exists because he is love right all

these things exist because of his own

nature everything comes forth from him

everything the enemy has done is to

distort and pervert what God has

made it’s not a war against God he can’t

win that one he just wants to

embarrass by blemishing his creation

that was made in His

image so testimonies reveal what he’s

like I don’t know how to do this yet I

is a huge part of my life but I I don’t

think I have it down yet so I’m I’m I’m

I’m fighting for words

here I I feel like there’s something

more deliberate I can do we can do to

record and

to meditate on our history with

God I was just at James River great

great church uh in uh Springfield

Missouri bethl was an Assembly of God

Church proudly so we I love the

assemblies some of the finest people

I’ve ever met in my alive for assemblies

my mom is here today yay my

mom 95 years young yes she is

you um so I’m very thankful for that

Heritage and I I had the privilege again

I’ve been going back now fairly often to

this great great church little little

tiny home group of about 12,000 people

actually it’s up to 13,000 they’ve been

growing and uh but have such a wonderful

time and they they are

hosting a tremendous move of God and

they Steward the testimony brilliantly

I’m I I’m I get so encouraged so we had

this week I was there for three nights

power a week of power and we had

hundreds of of people healed wonderful

but the the one that just rocked me in

some ways the most was a 14y old kid

that stood up give testimony is a they

have four campuses so we got the the

their place is packed on a Wednesday

night for a prayer meeting 30 35 3600

people you know people all over the yeah

it’s amazing so the 14-year-old kid

stands up and he gives a testimony how

he felt electricity go through his brain

and he is now no longer

autistic no God

heal and just a pile of others for have

videos going to play but it’s 12 minutes

long and so I’ll wait for a Sunday night

we can do the the 12 minute version so

but it’s just so so wonderful so last

night I was at one of our local

restaurants and U uh sitting there

eating and and this young lady comes up

to me uh ask are you Bill Johnson I said

yes I am she said I knew that but then

she she she starts crying she says I was

at your healing rooms today and then she

pulls out of her pocket hearing

aids because she couldn’t she couldn’t

hear and now she can hear perfectly

she’s she’s standing at the

table I was about six or eight of them

in their group they all ended up coming

over to the table and giving them hugs

and and cheering them on and honoring

them for making the journey that they


because that’s what he’s

like that’s what he’s like I’ll never

forget the day I laid hands on little

girl about 5 years

old uh born deaf

and uh I prayed for nothing happened

then I remembered I’d ministered to the

mother earlier in the day and she had

some uh spiritual

issues and uh so I thought well maybe

maybe it got passed on so I just prayed

simply over her and broke that thing and

then prayed again for her ears I’ll

never forget the look this little girl

has never heard anything and all of a

sudden she

goes she starts looking all around

because this room is filled with sound

as sound begins to Cascade into this


life cuz that’s that’s what he’s like I

remember here on a Sunday night uh

somebody came up to me and said a woman

just got healed uh of deafness and I I

said where is she she was in the back

over here so I came running over to her

and and talked wanted to talk to her to

find out what it happened not realizing

she’s never heard a word before she

doesn’t know what words are never heard

a sound no sound no sound no sound

ever and I

realized she doesn’t know what I’m

doing and a family member was there

began to sign began to explain the story

how her ears opened up right back over

here and she kept pointing to speakers

that were up in the

ceiling wow and the family began to work

with her to learn to speak CU she had

never heard words or speak words that

week she began to speak can speak in

full sentences but the first word out of

her mouth was Jesus which is a real good

start so she learned who did it and uh

right right back over there it reminds

me of one of our young men was down at

the mall and saw this man with a very

serious limp and walked up and asked if

he could pray and family members with

him and he didn’t respond but the family

members said yes so I prayed for him

come to find out he had a gunshot wound

of all things and uh and was prayed for

and was completely healed so he’s

walking around and then he our young man

noticed this guy didn’t say anything so

he asked the family said can this man

not speak and they said no he’s never

spoken a word in his life he said well

can I pray for that the family of course

you know you’re on a roll let’s go for

it you know and so he prays for that and

the first word out of his mouth was

Jesus his tongue was loosed and he began

to begin to

speak all of these are story that reveal


nature and maybe the one that rocks me

the most was a 14-year-old girl from

here went on an Outreach with some of

our teams down to San

Francisco and uh there was an elderly

gentleman sitting on a on a curb on a

street corner and she just sat down next

to him and began to share the love of

Jesus with this very elderly

man and he opened up to the

gospel and was born again

such a wonderful display of God’s mercy

and power Came Upon This guy’s life as

he’s literally just overwhelmed by the

goodness of God as he meets Jesus she

gets up she’s praying talking to other

people after a while half hour hour

later she hears Sirens she follows the

sirens and this man had passed away the

minut that she just led to the lord it’s

just like him to do that it’s just like

him that’s what he’s like that’s what

he’s like to take a 14-year-old girl out

of a small town of reading take down to

San Francisco sit next to this guy who’s

right at the end of his journey and

introduce him to Jesus that’s what he’s

like see these stories reveal his nature

and John’s assignment was to prepare the

way for the Messiah which he did so

profoundly so beautifully but Jesus

wanted him to end well and he said the


see the lame

walk the deaf

hear the dead are

raised this week I was I sat uh with a

pastor and family at at a evening meal

after our service and in walked a couple

and the uh pastor’s wife Debbie said

this is the woman that Uncle Willie her

uncle was my grandfather will Helm Moran

and she referred to him as Uncle Willie

this is the woman that Uncle Willie

raised when she was a year old she

drowned and my grandfather took her and

prayed over her and she was raised from


dead that’s what he’s like now

she’s a lot

older and in a place of celebrating the

kindness and the goodness of the Lord

that’s what he’s like every story


him and potentially our life our

journey I want you to look at some

passages with me out of uh we got to do

this quickly so uh out of Psalms

1119 and then I’m going to take you to

Psalm 78 and I’ll see if we can do this

quickly Psalms

119 don’t worry we’re not going to read

the whole


it is the longest in the

Bible I have a little sauna and I like

getting into my sauna and I have a I put

on my phone a Bible app that reads the

Bible to me and it’s a it takes about a

whole SAA session to get through Psalms

119 so I learn just P play and sit there

it’s got a speaker system in there

and sweat for Jesus all right Psalms

1119 My grandmother used to quote this

scripture to me uh verse

uh verse 11 Psalms 119 your word I have

hidden in my heart that I might not sin

against you uh verse nine how can a

young man keep his way pure and clean by

taking heed according to the word she us

quote those scriptures to me now I

understand why verse uh 14 I have

rejoiced in the way of your testimonies

as much as in all riches think about

this how is it that a testimony can

compare to a million-dollar

check a testimony has the potential of

marking your Eternal Destiny because it

intr you introduces us to God and to the

nature that can and must be explored our

faith will only explore where we have

understanding of his goodness and the

testimony Reveals His goodness yes

verse 31 I cling to your testimonies oh

Lord do not put me to shame I will run

the course of your Commandments for you

shall enlarge my

heart I don’t know if you’ve ever prayed

this prayer it’s in the scripture a few

times enlarge my heart one of the places

enlarge my heart that I might fear your

name the heart is is the place that

faith comes from the heart is the place

where relationship with God is developed

I want a big heart because I want to

experience more of a big God I want

large Faith to flow in and through me so

I need the enlarging of my heart and

he’s declaring here that testimonies

have an effect on the size of our hearts

yes okay let me put it this way you’re

making me work real hard today it’s okay

all three services have been the same so




I never fault a person for the size of


brain but the size of their heart is


responsibility okay I meant well I meant

well I really did verse 36 incline my

heart to your testimonies and not to

covetousness now the Bible often makes

comparisons between uh this this concept

this idea and this concept whenever

there’s a comparison because they’re

interrelated even though they often

times especially in Proverbs don’t seem

to be connected at all here he says

incline my ear make me receptive to the

good news of your testimonies and not to

covetousness what is he saying

testimonies help to refine values to our

were inspired to healthy desires and

wrong desires are killed testimonies

help to reveal to us the nature of God

that gives us permission to dream but it

also shows what dreams are IL legal

good this


testimony verse 46 I will speak your

testimony also before Kings and will not

be ashamed I will speak your testimonies

before Kings and not be

ashamed I don’t know how this works but

somehow being mindful of the

supernatural activities of God raises

your place of in influence where you

speak to people that are outside your

normal circle of friends why because God

can trust you with influence because

you’re speaking of his nature you’re

speaking of his history with

Humanity verse um 79 let those who fear

you turn to me those who know your

testimonies those who fear you turn to

me those who know your

testimonies somehow

testimonies increase favor with


yep yep it is

true I’ll give you one more and then

we’ll go to Psalm

78 verse 99 I have more understanding

than all my teachers for your

testimonies are my meditation I

understand more more than the Ancients

because I keep your precepts think just

think with me here I have more

understanding than my

teachers David’s making this

Proclamation I’ve got more understanding

I he’s not being arrogant he’s saying

look at the effect the testimony has had

on my

mind my capacity to perceive reality my

capacity to be be able to use Insight in

constructive positive ways has been

dramatically increased because and he

traces it back to the

testimony whatever is true is true

because it’s found in the nature of

God all right Psalm 78 we’ll do the

quickly I

promise you guys all

right verse 5 says uh it establish a

testimony in Jacob they are to make them

known to their children the generation

to come might know them the children who

would be born that they would arise and

declare them to their children so what

do we have we have a picture of three

generations tell the testimony to this

generation to tell it to this generation

to tell it to this generation all right

that they may set their hope in God what

does that

say a generation without hope is a

generation without


wow it’s not a light matter it’s not

like oh let’s tell another story as you

know Story Time Around a fireplace and

we just forget about it later these are

weighty Revelations of the nature of God

that carry with it a compelling

invitation we must know God in this way

and he says multiple Generations are

actually affected in their Eternal

Destiny by the measure of testimony the

influence of testimony in their thinking

in their

lives verse 9 says the children of

Ephraim being armed carrying bows turned

back in the day of battle they did not

keep the Covenant of God they refused to

walk in his law they forgot his works

and the Wonders which he had uh shown

them when they forgot the works the

testimonies when they forgot the

testimonies they became cowardly and

were not able to face the war they were


for you remember David it says on a t at

a time when kings went out to war he was

on his

rooftop not in war and fell into


sin when we don’t face the war we were

born for we Face situations we have no


for and now we have the children of

Ephraim they’re trained for battle

they’re assigned for battle they’re

gifted in battle and again Old Testament

concept of war was concerning spiritual

war in the New Testament so we’re not

Waring against people it’s about

spiritual powers of Darkness so here’s

this picture says they are they are

equipped for Triumph trained for victory

but they turned back and the reason they

turned back is they

forgot they did not hold seriously as

the great treasure of their heart the

testimony of

God one more is uh verse 40 says how

often they provoked him in the

wilderness they grieved him in the

desert yet again and again they tempted

God limited the Holy One of Israel they

didn’t remember his power the day when

he redeemed them from the enemy when he

worked his signs in Egypt in his wonders

in the field of his own what is what is

he saying when they forgot the testimony

they no longer had boundaries for their

relationship with God and they actually

moved into a place where they wanted to

compel God to do evil on their

behalf they lost their bearings they

lost their sense of clarity they lost

their sense of of absolutes this is how

we approach God this is what he values

and when they lost sight of the boundary

set by testimony they wandered

carelessly and they actually provoked

God when they were designed to have a

relationship where they would co- labor

and see his work expressed in the earth

to reveal his nature to all Humanity but

they forfeited their opportunity because


forgot I’m pretty much


yeah I uh I I may just talk about this

all summer long I don’t know I’m right

right now I don’t feel like changing the

subject I’m I’m basically talking to

me because I I honestly I feel like

there’s 2.0 testimony 2.0

coming that the Lord is going to give us

this prophetic Clarity think about this

the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of

Prophecy there is such a prophetic

mental release through the simple

stories of God’s Redemptive

work I want to keep going to restaurants

and having people come up to me with

hearing aids in their

hands or crutches or wheelchairs or

something you


know I remember one of the folks that

visited us some time ago they they uh

they said goodbye to all their relatives

they were from another country they got

in a wheelchair doctors didn’t think

they could make the trip but they they

made it checked into one of the

hotels and and um as they’re leaving the

lobby that

morning the clerk behind the counter

said where are you guys off to today

they said well we’re going to

church and they said well where where

you going he said Beth he said oh the

place where people go to get

healed and they were curious they said

they knew that because they were going

to the healing rooms or Sunday service

something and they said uh what do you

mean CU they wanted to get the story and

and the g said well let last

week last week somebody left here in a

wheelchair they came home pushing the

wheelchair so that those are the stories

you want to

hear these

Miracles testify of his

grace they do not testify of our

significance this is the normal

Christian Life it is not for either

either it’s not for any special person

or we’re all special and we qualify how

however you want to work that in I don’t

care but it it is not the testimony of

sign our significance it is it is the

hour of the revelation of the nature of

God and it happens through stories and

Psalms 119 verse 111 that I didn’t read

said uh his testimonies are our

inheritance forever so the full record

of anything God has ever done in in the

lives of people is your personal

possession possession it’s not just what

I’ve experienced it’s not just what

you’ve experienced but the whole gamut

of God’s interactions with people we

inherit the stories yes it’s

important it equips our

thinking it it it it sets our mind in a

way to receive the impressions of the

lord of the miracle he now wants to

perform the things that are happening

around the world with our teams we send

them to places that we you know we don’t

tell them we send them to a hard place

we we don’t let them know we we you know

we get told all the time is oh this

place is the graveyard of missionaries

nobody makes it here oh we don’t tell

our teams

that as far as they know it’s heaven on


there and so we don’t let them know it

it’s hard till they get

back and then it’s too late they already

know honestly we’ve just we’ve just seen

you know people come out of Strokes

resurrections all kinds of stuff and

it’s and it’s it’s it’s not just the

obvious physical healings it’s the

restoration of broken hearts it’s the

healing of marriages it’s it’s the

fractured Minds that get healed God just

restores people’s

thinking it’s what salvation

means there’s a good chance there could

be somebody here this morning morning

you don’t have a personal relationship


Jesus and it would be horrible for you

to be sit here all morning long with

this crowd of crazy

people and not come to know personally

what it’s like to be forgiven of

sin what it’s like to be adopted brought

into God’s

family what it’s like for the Holy

Spirit the wonderful comforter of Heaven

to come and to dwell in you

if there’s anybody in this room that

would just say Bill I don’t want to

leave the building till I know I have

peace with God that I know what it is to

receive Christ as a master as a lord as

a savior if that’s you I just want you

to put a hand up by doing that you’re

just saying bill I don’t want to leave

till I know till I know this that you’ve

spoken of put your hands up high because

I’m going to take just a moment make

sure everybody has opportunity to

surrender to this wonderful

Jesus all right I’m going to assume

you’re all in

um but we’ve got a banner up here we

have a team down here ready to pray for

anyone who wants prayer I’m going to ask

you to stand then I’ll pray for

you you still alive yeah good that’s

it’s better when you’re

alive we attract what we

value we attract what we value for for

example if you value

gossip you will attract gossip at work I

heard I saw a wonderful meme the other

day said he said if you’re fasting and

still gossiping go ahead and

eat it’s


oh yeah don’t bother skipping meals is

not working

yeah but if you value testimony you’ll

attract them

there are certain people that like

off-color jokes they attract

them at any workplace you’ll see they

attract what they value so I’m praying

right now that a standard gets set in

every one of our hearts to hear the

stories of God’s Redemptive work that we

would become filled and impregnated with

the revelation of God’s nature through

stories we welcome that the Holy Spirit

ask that you would come even now and

established deep in our hearts testimony

2.0 for us as a church family I ask this

in Jesus name amen amen amen hold your

places if you would Tom will come and

wrap it