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hello sidroth welcoming you to my world

where it’s naturally Supernatural my

guest Paul Keith Davis was in a building

and he saw a gathering of angels that

are specifically sent to prepare things

for the return of the Messiah for the

end times but before we get to that Paul

when you were just 12 years of age you

had an experience that changed your life

forever tell me about that well it did

when I was 12 years old um I I was

standing at a window and looking outside

the window a cloud descended right

outside the window and uh started

talking to me which was obviously pretty

unusual for a young man was not churched

had had no real background of anything

like that but uh I I said who are you in

my heart I asked the question but to me

an audible answer came back and said I’m

God and uh through that experience the

Lord set parameters in my life even as a

young boy knowing that I was going to go

through several years of great hardship

and our family following that experience

and uh the Lord just deposited in me an

awareness of him and a love for him even

though I didn’t understand it didn’t

know the term being born again uh the

Lord no no one could ever take away from

you the fact that God was real that’s

Absol that is exactly right and I even

began to pray as a young boy not knowing

how to pray but I knew that he was out

there and he loved me and it was almost

as if uh scales came off your eyes to

see into the invisible world and you’ve

had had many of these encounters tell me

about one where the angel of the Lord’s

host appeared well that happened on

April 12th 2000 I was in Moravian Falls

North Carolina my wife and I in a series

of meetings that were taking place at

Morning Star and early in the morning I

had had awakened I was having a

revelatory experience the Lord had taken

me in the spirit to see some things and

right there in my bedroom uh with my

wife lying in bed um I it was as if the

the back wall of our bedroom vanished

this happens in revelatory type

encounters I saw a wall of fire which

startled me obviously but behind the

wall of fire was a man standing there


three-dimensional uh he was very

well-built man if you want to put it in

that term uh he had a sword in his right

hand he had his sword lifted above his

head now when you saw this just out of

curiosity the human sight was it fear

was it awe what was going on

Take All the Above It Was Fear

multiplied a thousand times but but it

was the most wonderful and the most

terrifying experience of my life clearly

and uh he he looked at me and when he

did just every it was as if I was

reduced to the cellular level honestly

that’s the only description you can give

and and he identified himself as as a

cap part of the captain of the host I

believe it was the captain of the host

and and what does the captain of of the

host do is he the captain of all of the

Ang angels we find him in Joshua you

know 5: 13 where he comes to help the

people of Israel to distribute to take

the land of the promise and and

distribute The Inheritance I believe

he’s doing the same thing today that we

as a generation of people are about to

inherit our promises and I believe there

are giants if you will spiritual Giants

of addiction unbelief all these things

that are inhabiting the land and I

believe he’s going to God is going to

raise up a militant people that will

begin to take the promise and begin to

live it out in this generation to bring

in the Harvest okay Paul can just normal

people have the spiritual scales come

off their eyes and see angels and say

something you you should have heard what

he told me before we went on the air he

was in England and he was talk he was he

was talking about religious spirits and

what happened well that that evening

just a couple of days ago as we were

addressing this spirit this prevailing

Spirit over Sheffield England uh that

Spirit showed up in my bedroom of course

uh the Lord protected me there was

nothing he could do to harm me but God

said something what did he say he said

interestingly he said he cannot harm you

but don’t let him spit in your eyes

which you know a cobra he came in the

form of a serpent a cobra which was

symbolic you know that’s the way the

images are in the Bible and u a cobra

can spit and I believe that meant don’t

let him steal your vision don’t let him

take from you what what I the Lord

wanting to show to you for this region

of of the country

let me go back to that that question can

just average people see in this

invisible World realm have what’s called

a sear anointing I I am firmly of the

belief that any person who has God’s

spirit can see can see by Revelation and

I’ll give you the scriptures in

Revelations chapter 3 where the Lord

himself is speaking to the end time

leodan church is what the Bible calls it

the age I believe in which we’re living

and and he says I advise you I give you

counsel to buy a me gold refined by fire

white garments to cover the shame of

your nakedness and iav that you may see

but will you pray later on for that Isa

so that we all can would that be great

so that all of us can see and I want to

find out more about these end time

angels that he saw what their purpose is

and how we can cooperate with them we’ll

be right back after this

word we’ll be right back to H super

natural we now return to its


Supernatural hello said Ro here with

Paul Keith Davis and Paul was in a

building and all of a sudden it was as

if spiritual scales came off of his eyes

and he could see Angels tell me about

the Angels you saw and and uh what are

they called was in um October of 2003

stepped into a church service about 1

1600 people in worship uh don Potter my

friend was leading worship and and as I

stepped in the side door of the building

to my surprise with my first step I saw

the people in worship by the Second Step

literally something uh overshadowed my

eyes and I saw the people as I had seen

them the moment before but now I could

also see in the spirit realm and all

across the back of the building from one

corner to the other about 6 ft apart

were Angels about how many angels I

would say probably two dozen uh maybe a

little less I’m not sure exactly because

I didn’t count it was a very wide

building they were about 6 ft apart they

were all clearly taller than me I was

about 25 ft from them uh they looked to

be about 7 ft tall they each had on a

white robe some had a golden sash others

had a a belt around their waist made of

a golden rope likee material uh the

countenance of of this Angelic host was

very inviting very kind very loving um

unlike Waring Angels who are pretty

serious beings but these um were

standing almost at attention and I I

asked inside of my own heart I said who

are they and instantly I heard the Holy

Spirit say they’re angels that gather a

phrase I had never knowingly heard

before and so I sat next to the pastor

and I said there angels all across the

back of your church he said what kind I

said well angels that gather you know

and uh as I sat there a moment I said

you know I need a scripture I’m I’m a

word man I believe in the word of God so

I got out my little Franklin concordance

and I looked up angels and gather and

there it was right there in Matthew

13:41 the Bible says the son of man the

Lord will send at the end of the age

angels that gather out of his kingdom

all stumbling blocks and everything

offensive then the righteous will shine

like the sun in the Kingdom of our

father so I Knew by virtue of seeing

them that number one we’re in the end of

the age that that this is the age of the

Harvest that’s a pretty exciting thing

now when we it’s the age of the Harvest

that doesn’t mean it’s it’s within one

year necessarily but it doesn’t mean

it’s not within one year what does that

mean to you I don’t know the uh the

timing I love what Billy Graham has

often said a great man of God he said

one thing I know about the Harvest it’s

short and and I don’t know how many

years we have but I do know we’re in a

season of harvest I do believe this from

the Revelation the lord gave me that the

Harvest will take place in two phases

that the first wave of harvest the first

in gathering of souls that we’re going

to see at this point in time will

ultimately become the laborers in the

Great Harvest so we’re going to have a

wave of Harvesters we’re going to bring

them in we’re going to train them you’re

going to see in this day a great

emphasis on equipping mentoring training

uh fortunately the Lord is going to give

us a Grace to be able to train up this

generation in a year where it took us 10

and 15 years and in a very short period

of time this Army of people will be

released on the earth and they’re going

to begin to bring in the greatest

harvest the world has ever seen now let

me take you back to uh

1990 uh and you were watching a video on

brandom tell me about that experience

1989 was when I began to uh pick up the

mantle if you will or walk in the

commission the lord gave me and of

course I was unchurched never heard of

William brandham never heard of AA Allen

never heard of Katherine kulman never

even knew there was a latter rain

Revival and uh I went to a meeting in

Tulsa Oklahoma and a a man loaded me up

with a a number of materials from the

past and one of them was on William

brandham so I I plugged the video in and

the moment I saw that man beginning to

minister up until just months before

never even knew he existed the moment I

saw that Ministry something exploded in

me and the Lord said this is the destiny

of your generation and I began to be set

on a course to understand what that

Ministry represent I had never seen

anything what does it mean the destiny

of of your generation you mean there’ll

be more than one person like a William

brandom with those gifts absolutely and

and as a matter of fact uh a picture is

worth a thousand words we have video

footage of William brandom but before we

show that tell me what his ministry was

like well you know I never knew uh

William brandham of course but from what

I understand he moved in a realm of

power that was unlike anything that many

historians say since the early church

there was a divine presence and that’s

really what we’re after you know it’s

not about a man or a woman it’s all

about someone that can become the

Tabernacle of God that God himself will

come down in a meeting and begin to

demonstrate himself doing what the Bible

said what happened the Greater Works and

so that happened William brandham moved

in that realm and the one thing that

characterized his meetings most of all

was the power of God’s presence and

that’s what we’re after ultimately that

God himself will begin to attend our

meetings I mean I’m in awe when I see he

just looks at a total stranger he knows

what they were doing that day he knows

their name he knows where they live and

he also knows what’s wrong with them he

doesn’t even have to ask and then

they’re healed let’s take a look at this

V video footage of course you’re

sick and you’re suffering with a a

condition it’s a it’s a dark Spirit

around you it’s

death and it’s in a form of cancer and

the cancer is located on the

breast and you are seeing you’re

examined by someone strong and it’s a

you got a a ruptured condition and the

rupture is in the

bows and you have a stomach trouble also

a severe heart trouble that caus you

fainty here a few days ago you setting

sideways on the side of a bed and nearly

pass out looking towards your


are those things the truth yes that all

true all

true I believe you’re from out of town

yes sir you come from a capital tomb

Richmond Virginia you have a cancer it’s

in your inside of your mouth on your jaw

is that right you want to go home and be

well accept Jesus as your healer and in

the name of Jesus Christ may it leave

the man go away from it amen God bless

you sir

now you’re not here for yourself

although you’re nervous and run down but

it’s been caused by a disease of this

child this child here is suffering it’s

been turned down by the doctors to die


leukemia isn’t that right youve brought

the child from out of town you’ve

traveled coming from the West coming

east you have come you’ve come from a a

state that has mountains it’s

Pennsylvania and your city I believe

it’s Chambersburg or isn’t that right

bring the child to me little sister dear

the Lord Jesus was here he’d lay his

hands up on you and death would leave

you and You’ live do you believe that I

am his

servant then in his stead I Lay My Hands

on this child and bless it and ask that

the demon leaves the child and that life

comes to the child and it will live and

be well we’ll be right back to its

Supernatural we now return to its


Supernatural hello Sid Roth here with

Paul Keith Davis and uh Paul you were

telling us about brandom and how you

when you studied brandom you were almost

under a mandate but then you studied

many other great people besides brandom

why do you do this

you know many of the people uh that

lived in that generation and even the

early part of the century are somewhat

controversial uh or some think so anyway

and there’s some misunderstanding

perhaps about some of the Ministries but

one thing is clear they walked in God’s

manifest presence they walked in power

they delivered people that were

oppressed and they won the lost and

that’s what we’re ultimately after and

so in many ways it seemed as though some

of those uh people in that generation

were born out of season uh what I mean

by that is many in their their day

didn’t understand their Ministry but the

Lord said that’s because they were

prototypes of what’s to come so can you

see a 100,000 young people operating

like William brandom in the last days

which we’re in now I believe there will

be a company of people that will

function in that level of anointing

where the Manifest because this is what

William brandham I believe ministered in

it wasn’t just a gift of the word of

knowledge it was Hebrews 4:12 The Living

Word Discerning the thoughts and intents

of the heart and we’re all to be the to

be Anointed with the Living Word when I

say the Living Word that’s the Manifest

presence the Bible in the Greek calls it

the perusia and that’s the Manifest

presence of God anointing a body of

people to discern the thoughts and

intents of people’s hearts why not to

impress them but to let them know surely

God is in this place as it says in the

Bible and and to provoke the lost to

accept the Lord if we reveal secrets

that they know that no one knew but them

and God that will get their attention

tell me about another person a Marie

Ruth Eder and I and I love the way he

says that these are prototypes which

means these and we’ll get into it in a

few minutes these angels that gather are

cooperating with us as we cooperate with

them to accomplish these end time

Destinies so tell me about Marie Ruth

Eder mariwood with Eder lived in the

turning turning early part of the 20 of

the 20th century and and uh was probably

one of the most powerful people of the

early church she uh functioned in a in a

way similar to William brandom her

meetings were known for the glory the

glory of God would come into the tents

she traveled in a Cupboard wagon you

know from different parts of the country

it’s reported that many times people

would be slain in the spirit uh 10 and

15 miles from her tent as they walk the

streets of the Cities now this was

reported not in Christian Media but in

secular media so so you’re saying like

10 or 15 miles the presence of God would

come on someone and they’d be flattened

like a pancake that has been recorded in

secular media and and many of the

Miracles were recorded and you know what

you told me when we did a radio

interview which I thought was so

fascinating is how she learned the

Bible she had an experience she said as

a as a young lady she had had a lot of

hardship had buried some of her children

always wanted to be in Ministry but

couldn’t because of the hardship of the

age in which she lived and she tells in

her journal about one day when she

turned around in her little cabin and

there stood the Lord Jesus Christ right

there in her midst and he asked her a

question he said why aren’t you in my

Vineyard she said well Lord I’m a woman

and I was pretty sure the Lord knew that

when he showed up but apparently he

didn’t have a problem with that so then

he asked her again why aren’t you in my

Vineyard she said Lord I don’t know your

word and she said she wrote in her

journal that the Lord Drew her attention

to a spot on the wall and she looked and

there supernaturally imposed on the wall

was a Open Bible and she said the glory

of God was emanating from it and she

said the moment her eyes fell on it she

understood it from Genesis to

Revelations so then the Lord asked again

the third time why aren’t you in my

Vineyard she said Lord you give me the

power you gave those Galilean fishermen

and I’ll go he did and she did and so 44

years of miracle ministry without one

tainted thing taking place in her whole

life so there’ll be a company of people

that will be moving after the the same

miraculous or uh Ministry that she had I

believe that’s the promise of God and so

that’s why you’re studying all these

people because they’re prototypes of

what’s available to us tell me about

that Vision you had of the lid coming

off of Hell about a year and a half ago

I had the most uh impacting one of the

most impacting Revelations where the

Lord allowed me to see into the spirit

realm and I saw that a restraining Force

had been removed because we’re in the

end times uh a lid if you will it look

like a lid dead manhole cover was lifted

and I saw evil spirits coming out of it

it was very terrifying it was one of

these experiences that I was actually


articulating uh while it was happening

my wife was listening to me she didn’t

know what was taking place but I saw

these evil beings coming out from a from

from hell if you will and they began to

manifest themselves in the bedrooms of

people on the Earth and I saw them

teaching people how to walk in Realms of

Darkness Realms of evil that perhaps

we’ve not seen in our generation just

out of curiosity do you think sometimes

these demons operate through secular

television programs clearly clearly they

do I mean I can as you’re describing

that I can picture them just

manipulating the the performers on

secular TV to say certain things the

media is that into them Prince of the

power of the air and certainly they’re

using every forms of media to try to

present a perverted distorted point of

view that’s keep keeping this generation

from seeing the call that that we have

placed upon us the enemy is trying to

circumvent the Harvest that’s what he’s

trying to do and he’s using every means

possible and as I saw these beings

coming out of this realm of Darkness it

seemed as though I was couldn’t take

anymore I mean it was so overbearing and

then suddenly I Heard a Voice Audible

Voice come out of Heaven saying and the

sons of Light must respond in like

fashion and I saw angels coming out of

Heaven specially prepared Angels just

for the End of the Age generation and I

watched the angels as they were

manifesting in people’s bedrooms like

they did in the Bible like they did with

Paul and as they did with Peter and I

watched these Heavenly Messengers

beginning to teach the end time people

how to walk in Realms of Glory Realms of

Revelation Realms of power to begin to

bring in the Harvest and so what we’re

seeing then is this acceleration that is

taking place between light and darkness

for this end time confrontation you know

it’s so clear I think someone that

doesn’t know God could see it as clear

as someone that knows God I mean I mean

I’ve never seen such a contrast as we

have today and it’s going to only get

worse only only worse and in it’s time

if we don’t respond if the church does

not respond God’s people doesn’t respond

to the needs of the generation who will

tell me about these angels that gather

what do they do and how can we cooperate

with them the angels that gather are

here I believe for multiple purposes and

we we’re discovering that the Harvest is

way more than just evang evangelism just

winning Souls although that’s Paramount

that’s very important um there is a

preparation that is taking place with a

company of people to begin to pick up

mantel if you want to use that term uh

pick up commissions like Joshua picked

up the mantle of Moses Elisha carried on

the work of

Elijah very much the same thing so the

angels that gather the Bible says in

Matthew 13 are sent number one to remove

stumbling blocks well our first thought

is well there’s stumbling blocks out in

front of us but we’re discovering that

most of the stumbling blocks to our

destiny are within us right and so

they’re putting their finger God is

putting his finger on issues of our own

lives that are preventing us from

walking in the highest realm of our

calling and so right now I believe these

angels have been released to people

helping so they’re going to clean us out

after we clean out what are they going

to gather to us the next aspect if you

want to put it that way will be the the

anointing the equipping of of the people

once we’re clean then God’s going to put

a mantle on us an anointing of power an

anointing of of Revelation then they’re

going to work with us to bring in the

lost I have I have seen we have numerous

testimonies of us releasing the angels

that gather I just tell me briefly that

testimony happened just last week one of

the most encouraging ones I was in a

meeting in uh Texas we released the

angels that gather this young man he was

30 years old his mom and dad were in the

meeting and uh and as we prayed to

release the angels that gather their son

who who I met was steeped in drug

culture the grug drug culture uh other

things that he didn’t need to be in and

was just about to make a move to Las

Vegas to just completely give himself

over to darkness two weeks after we

prayed the prayer and released the

angels that gather He said Out of

Nowhere his heart just became so

provoked and pricked that he came to

know the Lord he’s now walking with the

Lord Jesus training for Ministry pray

for a release right now for the sear

anointing for to be able to see in The

Invisible World outstanding so Lord

Jesus right now according to your word

you said that you would send the angels

that gather to cabor with us to prepare

us and then to release us into this age

of the Harvest and we do that just now

we release these angels to work with us

Lord we release them to bring in

prodical Sons and Daughters to bring in

prodical husbands and wives and to

release us into this purpose Grant it

God and Lord I ask that the SE your

anointing be released in Jesus name