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to walk with the Lord and be a believer

and be a Christian it doesn’t mean ease

it means that when there is pain and

suffering God can still be glorified

through your life and that he is fully

able to turn the situation around so

often if we’re going through a difficult

situation we almost pull back no if

you’re angry tell God you’re angry if

you’re broken tell God you’re broken and

it was honestly in that dark period

where I thought that there was no way

out I saw no hope whatsoever it’s

actually now that I have this new music

out of the dark that I’m seeing how God

is using even those difficult things the

weak things the horrible things I wish I

could take away he’s actually using that

to minister to more people


here’s what I’ve discovered about the

tax tactics of the enemy is that he’s

been using the same tricks from the very


um he he knows the word of God and so

that’s the first thing we have to know

is that he will take the word of God and

he’ll twist it just enough he’ll put

just a little bit of Truth in there to

make you start to cling to it but then

he’ll just turn it a little bit and so

give me an example of it so the biggest

one for me

um when I was in that dark season and I

was shutting out everybody the one thing

that I turned to was my old Vice which

was food I had been on a weight loss

Journey ever since Simon made fun of me

on National Television to be honest my

second album was called Freedom my third

album there’s a song called stronger and

I remember the day that that song came

out I stepped on the scale and I had

lost a hundred pounds exactly since then

I had lost over 120 pounds but when

Keisha died and I began shutting out the

world and shutting out Jesus I started

to turn back to food and so I gained

every 120 of those pounds back and then

in that three year period right I was in

the dark I gained 75 more on top of that

so almost 200 pounds I gained in three

years and so when I started listening to

here’s the lie that the enemy told me

Mandisa Jesus does not want you to be in

this kind of pain you are a child of God

and there’s no way that this is the

Abundant Life that he wants you to live

so if you were to take your life right

now you could be in heaven with him you

see there’s a little truth there he

doesn’t want me to live in that misery

in that darkness and it’s true that when

I do leave this world that I am going to

be in heaven with him but he is going to

be the one that’s going to choose when

that’s going to happen it’s not going to

be at my own hand that’s right

so that is

it’s what he did to Adam and Eve it’s

what he did to Eve you know did God

really say yes what he did to Jesus

that’s right did God really say if you

were to throw yourself off of this

building you know the angels are going

to lift you up like it’s the same tactic

that he has used throughout all of time

and it almost worked for me yeah and I I

feel so this is such a good point that

that the first part you said is true but

then there’s that Ergo therefore then

you take your own life and that that


um and maybe you’re you’re watching

tonight and you’re hearing that that

same voice we just want you to know man

don’t give up on this life God has a

calling and a purpose for you look at

what God has done in medisa’s life and

so many others we just want you to know

if you’re hearing that voice you know

take your life go to heaven now reject

that because you don’t want to miss out

on the great purpose that you have in

your life you’re never gonna ever I’ve

talked to so many people who were in a

place you were and none of them you know

they all say I I I wouldn’t have

realized later how good my life would

have been and everybody says when I look

back you know I’m so glad I didn’t do

that everybody says that you know yeah

it’s interesting to me how I during that

season I thought I was the only one I

thought nobody knows what this feels

like and I look back now and it’s

exactly it’s exactly exactly what you

said that the enemy is going to try he’s

coming after everybody but those that

are followers of Jesus those who have a

calling on their lives to spread the

gospel and the light he’s going to come

after us even harder and so we cannot

expect for Christians to not go through

this we can’t expect for Christians not

to commit suicide it’s because the enemy

is coming full force after us because

he’s scared of us and he should be and

so that is what we have to remember that

if you’re hearing that voice it means

the enemy’s trying to take you out and

so the fact that he’s doing that means

he’s terrified of you and he should be

because you’ve got resurrection power

right that’s right it’s a good word

you know I

that’s so right

and it’s so important for Christians to

hear that Christians go through

depression Christians struggle with

thoughts of suicide Christians struggle

with addiction these are things that the

enemy puts in our life to delay our

purpose and our destiny and in fact I

just think I have to think that we

shouldn’t pray for an easy life we

should pray for a stronger heart a

stronger mind to be tougher yeah and

it’s it’s amazing you say that because

that’s what God has been teaching me a

lot lately I was just watching