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um there’s a movie called to Joey with

love and Joey was a woman who was strong

in her faith and loved Jesus with all of

her heart

um she was diagnosed with cancer and the

treatment wasn’t working and so as she

was deciding that she wasn’t going to go

through chemo anymore she asked for

prayer and she did ask that people would

pray for a miracle but here’s what I

love that she said she said yes pray for

a miracle because God does still do that

but she said even more than that pray

that God would give me the strength to

accept whatever his will is and so that

is what I am learning is that we pray a

lot for you know Financial things and

for healing and for you know the the

Thorns to be removed as I’m reading the

Bible I’m finding that God cares more

about what’s happening inside of our

hearts as we face those things and so I

believe in asking like Jesus did asking

for the things to be moved I believe in

asking can this cup be removed from me

but I also believe in God really wants

to answer the prayer help me to have the

strength of will to accept whatever it

is that your perfect will is so I’m just

finding that my prayers are changing I

still pray for healing but I also say

Lord whatever your purpose and your plan

is for this help me to have the strength

to accept whatever that is that is so

good I I think very often when talking

about this kind of thing about how the

people of Israel left Egypt slaves but

not only slaves but with a slave

mentality so they were free on the

outside but they were still slaves on

the inside but when they arrived to the

promised land they had power they had

purpose they had calling but they had to

go through a lot in fact one of the

first battles they go through they’ve

crossed the the Red Sea and they’re

attacked by the I think they’re called

the amalekites and Moses tells Joshua

you go down there and you fight them and

he goes up on the hill and he holds up

his hands with Aaron and her holding his

hands and when his hands are up they’re

winning and they’re down they’re losing

and the story of course is that praise

worship prayer and just essentially

enduring like holding your hands up for

hours and hours and hours is hard

absolutely and so we learned from that

story it’s like it actually says that

that God hated the amalekites and

blotted out their name so did God send

that attack on them no but did God use

it to make them a people of the promised

land a people of purpose yeah absolutely

and so the stuff that we go through God

didn’t give your friend cancer right and

we can feel that way when we’re when we

get cancer when we go into these things

we can think God is punishing me because

of this thing I did or this whatever we

all have stuff and and we just we gotta

just tell people look God’s not

attacking you but he’s going to make you

stronger smarter Fuller deeper right

there are some things that you can only

get by walking through a valley we’re

not always going to be on a Mountaintop

and that’s another thing that God has

really been showing me is that as much

as I would love for the pain to be

removed it’s often in the pain it’s

often in the fire that he’s really

shaping us and sculpting us more into

his image and so yeah I wish that my

friend was still here

um and yeah I think about her boys that

were left and her husband Brianna’s that

is left to raise you know their boys but

here’s what I know is that if we’re

going to call ourselves men and women of

faith that when we Face situations that

require faith that we cannot back down

that that’s actually the time when we

have to rise up and actually believe

what it is that we are preaching about

what it is that we are singing about and

so as much as I would love for things to

always be easy I’m learning that it’s in

the difficult times that God is teaching

me the most and it was honestly in that

dark period where I thought that there

was no way out I saw no hope whatsoever

it’s actually now that I have this new

music out of the dark that I’m seeing

how God is using even those difficult

things the weak things the horrible

things I wish I could take away he’s

actually using that to minister to more

people so awesome that’s how he works we

cannot live and not have any suffering

any painful times any Seasons that we

wouldn’t prefer you’re going to right

um it’s guaranteed just by virtue that

we’re alive and man I can remember there

were three women that were each going

through separate hard times this is

maybe three years ago and during that

year there were three women in my life

that were all going through I mean hard

stuff illness uh trauma

and each of them were at such a low

point a hard point with their

physicality that they either didn’t have

the strength to literally pick up their

Bible and read or they couldn’t attend

church anymore because of their health

issues they literally could not function

in the way they usually would because of

what was happening in their life and

each of them independently of each other

they don’t even know each other but as I

was talking to them individually and

spending time with them they each said

something similar they said I’m so glad

that me and the Lord already had a thing

going on because now that I’m in the

midst of this where maybe I can’t even

get out of the bed there are scripture

verses that will come to my mind or

there’s hymns right mom was one of them

there are hymns that Mom would just

start singing when she couldn’t even

move anymore she would just start

singing these little hymns that that

were buried on the inside of her she

would be encouraged by it these women

were encouraged by things that the Holy

Spirit would bring to their mind about

their friendship with the Lord they were

so so glad that they had stabilized

themselves in Good Times in preparation

for bad times and so I think that’s so

critical for all of us knowing that

we’re going to walk through suffering

they’re going to be things that come in

our lives that we do not prefer well

then when things are pretty steady we

better be using that time to cultivate a

friendship and a stability with the Lord

you know I think I do think that we

handle we process things and we handle

things differently you know and I and I

and I have a way to and I think it was

the way I was raised like you know when

my kids would fall down scrape their

nail I’m like you’re okay you’re okay

come on come on come on come on you’re

okay you’re okay you know and and I

think it may be the generation that my

mother was raised in and I was raised in

that it’s like okay just don’t worry

about that we can’t look at that we

can’t think of that we can’t we can’t

take time to process that you know we’ve

got to move forward we’ve just got to

move forward and sometimes I think it

results in stuffing things down really

true you know and maybe that has you

know uh detrimental effects yeah and I

think the way I process thing is is I

try to ignore certain things you know

and I of course I process it through

prayer and talking to God and I think

but you know it’s how we it’s how we

find ourselves doing different things

different situations you know like if

you’re talking about your mother’s death

you know you probably I don’t know if

you even processed it the same way nope

if you found yourself doing it

ist is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:22 #tbn #womenoffaith #priscillashirer #prayer