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we believe in the resurrection

the resurrection of hope

a faith of love

the resurrection of christ


it’s easter sunday

scripture says that while we were still

sinners christ died for us without good


we don’t have resurrection sunday and

without sunday we have no chance at

eternity with god his crucifixion paved

the way for our redemption

what jesus did on the cross on good

friday that made all the

difference now here’s

max locator kayla montgomery was a

sturdy runner

a steady runner whip-thin and determined

she was one of the fastest runners in

the country had you watched her run you

would have been impressed

but here is what you never would have


kayla ran with no feeling in her legs

a victim of multiple sclerosis her ms

would react to the body heat and leave

kayla numb

from the waist down

still she wanted to run

as she told her coach i want to run and

i want to run fast and boy did she ever

at one time she was ranked 21st in the

nation one of the fastest high school

runners in the country

running was doable


now that was another story

she would always cross the finish line

with no ability to

decelerate for this

she depended entirely

upon her coach

she ran straight into his arms

she didn’t slow down

he didn’t move it was no small collision

when he was finally able to halt her

forward progress he would lift her five

foot one inch frame and carry her to a

safe spot

give her water and ice and gradually her

body temperature would return to normal

and the feeling in her legs

would return

they had an agreement

she did the running

and he did the catching

that was his pledge to her

and that is god’s pledge

to us

the finish line is drawing near

and no matter how well you run this race

you’re not going to run it forever and

you’re going to need some help

your strength expires at the finish line

you’re going to need someone to catch


and jesus christ has promised

to be that someone he will not abandon

you in your final moments

this is his promise and this is the

message of the cross

listen to this description of what jesus

said as he hung on the cross

on good friday afternoon


knowing that everything had now been

finished and so that scripture would be


jesus said

i am thirsty

a jar of wine vinegar was there so they

soaked a sponge in it put the sponge on

a stalk of the hyssop plant and lifted

it to jesus’s lips

when he had received the drink

jesus said

it is finished

with that he bowed his head

and gave up his spirit

it is finished

jesus used a business term in this

declaration the word

indicates a finalized transaction on the


jesus finished the work

he paid for you he bought you he

redeemed you he paid for your sins and

mine here’s why

he is preparing for us an eternal home

that is absolutely perfect

you see heaven is a perfect place for

perfect people and you and i are not


but jesus was and jesus is

and on the cross


exchanged places with us

he has paid for you

it is finished

have you received this wonderful gift of


if not

then for heaven’s sake

do so

god loves you so much

and he wants to

release the flow of heaven’s grace

over your life

flushing out all the dregs of sin and

shame you see nothing

nothing separates you

from the love of god

last year we took our family to the


rosie grandchild number one

had never seen the ocean she was three

and a half years old and we all wondered

how she would respond at the site

and when she saw the waves

when she heard the roar of the water

she watched and she listened

and finally she turned and she asked the


when does it turn off

oh it doesn’t sweetie

it never does


and neither does god’s love

some people ask

surely god’s grace will dry up and stop

flowing right


surely we will exhaust his goodness

won’t we


we never will

at some point we’ll write too many

checks on his mercy and love correct


here’s what the bible says

he doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve

nor pay us back in full

for our wrongs

as high as heaven is over the earth

so strong is his love

to those who fear him

and as far as sunrise is from sunset he

has separated us from our sins as

parents feel for their children god


for those

who fear him

receive this great love of god

receive this great gift of god

he has paid for you

he has finished the work

keep running the race


as you run be assured

a friend is waiting for you

on the other side of the finish line and

when you cross it

he’ll be there

he’ll be there

and he’ll extend his arms as wide as he

extended them

as he hung on the cross

and he will catch you

and when he catches you

he may very well say


what he said then

it is finished

it was early on sunday morning and the

sky was still dark those in fact are the

exact words john the beloved disciple

wrote about that first easter sunday

morning you see mary magdalene visited

the tomb darkened by the shadows of a

silent saturday

the only thing she expected to find

was cold



lonely body

little did she know

dawn was breaking and hope

was rising

here’s priscilla

shire john chapter 20 says that it was

early in the morning

even while it was still dark

that mary of magdala made her way to the

garden tomb

picture her arriving at the tomb of the

one whom had changed her entire life

jesus had met mary at a time when her

life was in complete disrepair not only

was she oppressed but she was

marginalized in a socio-economic time

period where women were not valued at


but she lacked joy she lacked peace she

lacked freedom she lacked fullness until

jesus came

and then everything changed

she had followed him ever since with a

new light in her eyes and new hope in

her future and not only did she follow

him closely but she supported him his

ministry in every single way that she

possibly could and she had been there by

his side

during the trials

she had been there while they had

whipped him to the point where he could

not even be recognized she had been

there to witness his crucifixion and now

she is there

a lone figure in the darkness wandering

into the garden so that she can come and

pay respects to him at the tomb and

while she cannot see much because the

light of the sun has yet to arrive on

this morning what she can see

is that the gargantuan stone that had

been used to seal up the tomb that it

has been rolled away

and her mind in the moment that could

only mean one thing that robbers have

come and they have stolen the body of

her lord she races away so that she can

tell the disciples and two of them

immediately run as fast as they can

along with her back to the tomb those

two go in and corroborate that indeed

jesus’s body is not there

and long after they have gone home

john chapter 20 says that mary remains

of course she does

her heart longing again to see her lord

she is weeping a river of tears when she

looks inside and realizes that there are

two angels that have come

one is positioned at the head and the

other at the foot of the slab where

jesus’s body has once been laid and

as she looks in and sees them and they

see her they ask her woman

why are you weeping

she says i’ve come looking for jesus and

i cannot find him where is his body and

before they can even respond

something garners her attention

whether it’s russell and the foliage

behind or whether it’s just the sense of

a presence

the scripture says she turns around

and she sees someone standing there who

she supposes to be

the gardener

and she’s still weeping and she’s still

crying because even though now she has

seen two angels and now she has seen

someone that she believes to be the

gardener none of the presence of these

human beings or angelic beings can take

the place of jesus and

for any of us who have come to know

jesus christ as lord we can tell you the

same thing that it doesn’t matter who we

come in contact with no matter the

success they’ve achieved no matter how

high they have climbed up the the ladder

of success no matter how notable they

are even angelic beings cannot take the

place of the one

who has changed our lives who has

revolutionized our future

and so she looks at this one who she

supposes to be the gardener and whether

she can’t tell that it’s jesus because

she’s crying so many tears that those

tears have stung her eyes to the point

where her vision is blurred or whether

it is because supernaturally jesus has

veiled himself so that she can’t quite

make him out clearly whatever the reason

she doesn’t know that it’s him

and again this person poses the question


why are you crying

and she says in so many words

just give me jesus

and then

he says her name

he says



her name

only rolled off of the lips with that

kind of love and grace and kindness of

one other person

she’s only known one person to speak her

name with that much purity and that much


and in that moment

the gospel becomes not just powerful it

becomes personal

and when she hears her name her eyes are

open and she recognizes that they sit in

the gardener after all this right here

this is jesus christ

and i can tell you because i’m a witness

to it that jesus is still

calling people’s names

one by one he calls our names and our

hearts warm not just because the

gospel’s powerful but because it’s

personal he knows me he knows you he

knows where we’ve been he knows what

we’ve done he knows our weaknesses he

knows our strengths he knows the places

in our lives where we need his mercy or

grace and like mary he doesn’t discard

us he doesn’t treat us the way others

have he doesn’t marginalize us he comes

to the disenfranchised and the people

that are lowly and the people like me

that are in need of a savior and he

speaks our name

and when our heart worms with the

conviction that only the holy spirit of

god can give we respond just like mary

our eyes are open because we realize

that he is who he says he is

and that he can still accomplish exactly

what he says he could

through the redemption of our sins

mary man her whole destiny changes at

this point because she races away

becoming the very first evangelist

telling everybody that she can of what

her eyes have seen jesus

has been raised from the dead

she’s our eyewitness

and you know how it is when you have an


think about it when you’re watching the

news and the reporter is giving you

information it’s one thing to hear the

information but once that reporter takes

the microphone and puts it in front of a

person who was there

a person who saw it for themselves a

person who’s not just talking because

they heard about it but because they

were in the room they experienced it all

of a sudden that story that you just had

information about well now it’s got

cement it’s got flesh

now you can believe because you’ve heard

from somebody who saw it mary is our

eyewitness she saw with her own eyes and

she heard his voice with her own ears

she communicates to us that jesus

raised from the grave raised from the

tomb and he is still alive today

and she is why

we can say with all confidence for any

of us who have placed faith in jesus

christ we can say it along with the

ancient hymn writer

because he lives


i can face tomorrow

it was a time that their faith was being

challenged in a way that it had

never been challenged before

it was a time that it was no longer


to say you were with jesus

they had snatched him from judgment hall

to judgment hall they had beat him until

he was almost unrecognizable

there was no beauty about him that we

should desire him and they had hung him

high and stretched him wide on a cross

until the sun got embarrassed and

refused to shine

the ground got nervous and began to

tremble and one writer wrote that graves

opened up all over jerusalem

the veil in the temple was rent from the

top to the bottom but you must be clear

in understanding that even

even his closest disciples

wondered was he really

was he really who they thought he was

after him being

publicly villainized and ostracized and


they ran and they hid and they were

afraid and they were concerned and they

were perplexed

and they were jobless

and they were lonely and they were


and they hid

they got dark oh not just on friday it

was a dark saturday

it was a dark sabbath it was a dark

moment of contemplation and confusion

and alienation and them going back in

their mind with memory after memory of

what jesus had said and what he had done

but the memory that they could not get

out of their head was a memory of the

fact that he died on that cross

he got stiff on that cross they took his

rigor mortis ridden body and folded his

stiff arms into a death position and

wrapped him in linen and put him in a

tomb and the thing that they knew

irrevocably without any question at all

is that jesus the master

who had once walked on water jesus who

had healed the sick and raised the dead

jesus who had turned water

into wine jesus who had stood on the

mount of transfiguration and caused the

very heavens to open up the one thing

they knew for sure is that jesus

he was gone

he was absolutely gone

his mama knew he was gone

she had stood there and watched not only

the messiah not only the lord not only

the king of glory not only watching him

die but her baby her child the one she

had raised and nurtured and nursed on

her own breath she watched

him die

and the one thing they were clear about

is that he was gone

and people began to scatter jesus had

hung himself at the crucifixion and

recognized in his own mind this is too

much for me to bear thomas and ran out

doubting and saying i just i just i just

don’t know what to think about this and

peter had cursed somebody out and denied

that he had ever known the lord and the

tension was so thick you could cut it

with a knife

now let me be clear

in our understanding in the darkness of

saturday they went back in their mind

and they had seen jesus rebuke death

before he had stopped the widow of names

and touched the body of her son just by

touching the casket and the boy sat up

and walked

he had gone in and laid and spoke to a

dead girl and said to laitha kumai and

she had gotten up

and started moving again and walking

again they had seen jesus defeat death

he had walked down to the tomb of

lazarus and stood outside the tomb and

said lazarus come forth they had seen

jesus raise other people

but now the one who raised other people

from the dead

had died himself

and they felt hopeless

like some of you might feel hopeless

right now they felt

lifeless and faithless and fearful and

nervous and upset

all saturday long

all saturday night they felt the same


but early sunday morning before the dew

had settled on the roses early sunday

morning before the sun had fully peaked

its eye above the mountainous terrain

surrounding jerusalem early sunday

morning when the women rose up early to

go down to dress the body and to add

some frankincense and muscle that the

stench of his death did not embarrass

the legacy of his memory early sunday

morning they got a shocker

the stone

had been rolled back

the grave was empty

the death napkin had been folded you see

there is a distinction between

this moment from any other moment that

we talked about before yes there were

people all through the old testament

that had been raised from the dead but

they all rose to die again but jesus

rose up to never die again and the


hurled and out of the mouth of the angel

why seek the living

amongst the dead

for he has risen

he is not here he has risen above what

everybody said about him he has risen

above what everybody doubted in him he

has risen above every scandal and every

ostracization that has been applied to

it he has risen above the expectations

of even his followers he has risen above

the powers of the roman empower he has

risen above the reach of the sanhedrin

court he has risen above the pharisees

and the sadducees he has risen above

death hell and the grave he has snatched

the sting out of death and the victory

out of the grave and he has risen with

all power in his hand

that’s what it means

to start talking about the resurrection

of the lord it is not that we don’t go


it is not that it does not get dark it

is not that it doesn’t get deep and

confusing and complexity it is not that

we don’t have pain and that we don’t

have fear and sometimes we must admit

that we do have doubt but what the

resurrection is all about is that god

does not need our stress to do what he

said he is going to do he is not a man

that he should lie or the son of man

that he should repent if god said he’s

going to get up he’s going to get up and

if god said you’re going to get up

you’re going to get up and if god says

you’re going to be an overcomer you’re

going to be an overcomer because he rose

from the dead with all power in his

hands and the angels began to sing and

heaven began to rejoice and the glory

began to fall because he

that was dead is alive forevermore he


he lives we serve an absolutely risen

savior not a defeated foal not a villain

nailed to a tree not a scandalous

individual that’s ostracized by his

community but we are serving a risen

lord a roaring lion from the tribe of

judah the seed of abraham the bright and

morning star the lily of the valley he

got up with all power in his hair no

wonder the psalmist said weeping may

endure for a night but if you can take a

tough night i’ve got news for your joy

absolute blissful joy comes in the

morning and i just stopped by to tell

you i just stopped by to let you know i

just stopped by to declare unto you that

i just checked my watch it’s not night



it’s morning wipe the tears out of your

eyes and praise our god because he rose

up early

early early

sunday morning


is yours

at tbn our mission is to use every

available means to reach as many

individuals and families as possible

with the life-changing gospel of jesus

christ thank you for helping


the gospel of grace go around the world

without you we couldn’t do it god bless