Bill Johnson continues his series on The Beauty of Wisdom, and teaches from the life of Solomon. Under Solomon’s reign, Israel came into a time in which Solomon described as having no adversary, nor any evil occurrence. Is it possible to come to such a place in God that we have no enemy? There is a place available to us in God’s Presence where we live ‘above the snake line’, safe from the voice of the enemy and his accusations and distractions. This is the fourth sermon in Bill Johnson’s series, The Beauty of Wisdom. Subscribe for the full series. Subscribe for weekly videos: Connect with Bill Johnson Ministries: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Mailing List: Additional Resources:… The Beauty of Wisdom Series is available for purchase here:… Scripture References: Hebrews 11: 10 Matthew 5: 13-16 Matthew 13: 33 Isaiah 60 1 Kings 4: 20, 24, 27, 29, 34 Romans 5: 17 1 Kings 5 Psalm 105: 24-25 Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Wisdom #Enemy

is it possible to have

a sense of manifest presence that is so

worked into How We Do Life conversation

excellence and work all the gifts

activated as worship unto God community

life where there’s the celebration of

every individual person and gift is it

possible for life to be lived in such a

way that there is no adversary

I’ve been doing a a study that I’ve

wanted to do for years

and finally have been released to uh

to pursue this area of of study just as

of about a month ago I think maybe five

weeks ago

but it has to do with a life of Solomon

and the absolute need for Supernatural

wisdom Divine wisdom

for the shaping of culture and Society

that the Lord has a strategy for

impacting Humanity of which heart wisdom

is at the heart of the issue

when Solomon asked God for wisdom you

remember the story The Lord appeared to

him in a dream and asked him what he

would like to have

um he actually said I would like a

hearing ear

and the Lord said because you didn’t ask

for the neck the head of your enemies

and for wealth and for fame and these

things I’m going to give them all this

to you plus I’m going to give you what

you asked for and then the Lord

interpreted what he asked for and said

and so I give you wisdom but what he

actually prayed for was a hearing ear so

that should emphasize something to us

that Divine wisdom actually has to do

with hearing it actually has to do with

the breath the thought the heartbeat of

God that we learn to hear we learn to

recognize and the Lord is positioning

people all throughout culture and

Society to bring transformation not just

transformation outwardly where things

look nice and his prosperity and all of

that but down to the heart of the matter

what people are hungry for is the

kingdom of God

probably it was an evangelist some years

ago that came up with an example which I

think is brilliant and they said in ever

the heart of every human being is a

god-shaped vacuum and only a

relationship with God can fill that


I would like to suggest that also at the

same time perhaps the other side of the

same coin the absence that exists in the

heart of people all around the world is

a desire for the kingdom of God

I say that because Abraham in Hebrews

chapter 11 verse 10 it says and Abraham

sought for a city whose Builder and

maker was God there was this drive in

him to look for something and to him it

looked like a city it looked like a

community we have to shift some of our

our language our thoughts our vision our

view from the individual needs being met

to god-thinking Citywide and Nationwide

he thinks in terms of cities and Nations

we see the rebuke that Jesus brought to

three cities uh but say the chores in

Capernaum in Matthew 11 because he

thinks in terms of entire cities moving

with him or moving against him in which

case correction comes you look at

Nineveh when the Lord sent Jonah the

prophet it was to a city for

transformation for change for repentance

the Lord thinks in terms of City so much

so that his the bride for his son is a


it’s actually called the New Jerusalem

it’s the most I love biblical metaphors

because they they they are beautiful on

one hand and they completely defy Logic

on the other and I I love that

combination I I love the fact that here

is the bride coming down out of Heaven a

city that’s Square it’s a cube

and that’s the bride

that that’s that’s not a normal looking


but the Lord’s trying to speak something

what is that


it’s perfect structure which tells me

that divine order comes out of romance

divine order comes out of romance so

many times we try to figure things out

on paper try to figure that out through

human reasoning instead of realize that

it’s the intimacy it’s the yieldedness

to God in which he unfolds his purposes

and plans

so back to the heart of the issue the

Lord created within us

a need a need to live in Supernatural

Divine community

is how the Lord describes the kingdom as

it pertains to Abraham’s Quest so for a

city this Builder maker is God

when it was Israel leaving the land of

Egypt into the promised land the

promised land was a prophetic picture of

the kingdom of God it wasn’t Heaven it

wasn’t a picture of Heaven it was a

picture of Kingdom lifestyle here on

Earth things work very naturally with

great uh practicality and yet the Lord

was King over all and the Lord used a

nation this time to illustrate the


what I’m trying to do is is just to try

to jar us from just having a single

focus on the kingdom that says it’s how

God touches me as an individual it’s

healing in my body it’s my family doing

well it’s our local church instead of

realizing that the Lord is constantly

equipping us with blessing to be a

blessing to culture and Society

the Lord describes us in a number of

different ways but there’s three that I

want to highlight as I’m trying to rev

up this motor and get going where we

where we need to go today he describes

this in three very very unique ways

number one he says we are the salt of

the earth

and then he says if a salt if salt loses

its flavor

if it becomes tasteless it’s worthless

it’s thrown out and it’s Trampled Under

feet by men then he goes on and he says

you’re the light of the world

a city set on a hill cannot be hidden

interesting two illustrations metaphors

to illustrate how he designed us what he

designed us to be the third one doesn’t

speak to you and me as individuals or as

the body of Christ but instead refers to

the kingdom and the Lord says the

Kingdom of Heaven is like leaven

leaven works because it’s worked with

into the system of dough

and the impact of the kingdom of God I’d

like to suggest to you that your

neighbors the people we work with the

people that we love and care about all

through our city throughout our Nations

these people are crying out for

something that they don’t have language

for and I’d like to suggest you that

that they are crying out for is the

kingdom the king’s domain it’s the realm

of the perfect father’s dominion over

the hearts and lives of men women the

impact of a life when Jesus started

teaching about the kingdom we know that

he would illustrate with power there

would be Deliverance there would be

healing there would be setting things

right there would be divine Justice on

the Tormentor that would come to plunder

and steal men steal from people so there

would be that power display but then he

would talk about it and he’d say blessed

are the poor in spirit the be attitudes

the attitudes that enable us to be

filled with citizenship attitudes of

heavenness the way his world function

it’s it’s a piece of his own nature that

he breaks off and shows us blessed are

those who mourn for they will be

comforted and he begins to teach us on

the internal values so here this kingdom

is one of power display and yet it’s one

of internal structure instruction

internal structures that get built into

the way people think and live and

perceive reality so the Lord is working

on us in two Realms the power realm and

the wisdom realm all right something

interesting I just I just saw just I

didn’t realize this for all these years

that when Jesus says you’re the salt of

the earth and if the salt becomes

tasteless that word tasteless actually

is the word foolish

straight on it’s the word foolish it’s

not just one of the Dozen translations

it’s the word foolish

when salt becomes foolish what is

foolishness compared with

what is it contrasted to I’m sorry

okay it would be foolishness as

contrasted with wisdom all right

you are the salt of the earth but when

salt becomes foolish

I would like to suggest that the

implication is there is a a pattern a

process in life in which the wisdom of

God through a people whose nature it is

to have a hearing ear gets sprinkled

into culture and Society not as those

who have dominion in the sense of ruling

over people but as empowered servants we

get sprinkled into culture and society

and are absolutely able to bring the

solutions and answers to the heart’s Cry

of people all around us and the Lord’s

got this this thing going where he’s

working on on you’re the light of the

world and so how does he illustrate that

he says a city said on a hill cannot be

hidden what does he saying he’s saying

listen I’ve made you light

and so I’m going to put you in a

position where people will see you and

they’ll be drawn to you here’s a part of

the Gospel that isn’t always emphasized

at least in our our particular strength


perhaps my favorite chapter in the Bible

at least for for my own personal

recreational enjoyment is Isaiah chapter


arise shine

not reflect


it’s in you arise Shine for your light

has come the glory of the Lord has risen

upon you

for Hope Darkness will cover the Earth

deep Darkness it’s a mental depression

type darkness of people

but his light will appear upon you

his glory will arise upon you and then

he says this

Kings will come to your light

and Nations to the brightness of your


the purpose of God is to position you in

me and me with light light to where we

become positioned where people come

to us now I believe in the go of the

Gospel I believe in the sending of

missionaries we send people out all the

time all over the world I think it’s a

it’s a vital part of the Gospel go into

all the world but there is another

aspect of this gospel that I think in

the season we’re in I think it would be

wisdom for us to emphasize and that is

to have something happening that becomes

the light becomes a city that God puts

on the hill so that the Kings if you

will the Nations will come to the

brightness of our rising in other words

our light shines before men in such a

way that they see our good works but

glorify the Father which is in heaven it

is not see how smart we are coming to

get answers for life it’s look look how

how amended we are from our own

Brokenness and then come and receive the

answers in such a way that people get

connected to the Lord not just to you

and me and so the Lord is taking a a

revived people people and is using them

as a city set on the hill and the

scripture says that Kings will come to

your light and Nations to the brightness

of your Rising we go to a garden the

garden doesn’t come to us we go to a

spring to drink water the spring doesn’t

come to us there’s a certain part of

life in which God has instilled his

nature and he’s put us in such a

position in culture and society that

people start coming to find shelter in

the midst of the storms that they are in

to find Solutions and answers I would

like to suggest that part of what

Solomon created through this

Supernatural gift of wisdom was he

created an environment in which city

life thrived at a level never before

achieved and never since

achieved we’re going to look at a couple

verses here that I think are are quite

alarming I want you to open your Bibles

to First Kings

First Kings we’ll start with chapter

four and then we’ve got a great bonus


in chapter five First Kings chapter four

we’re just going to randomly read a few

verses that just kind of give us a

picture of community life all right

verse 20 of chapter 4.

Judah and Israel were as numerous as the

Sand by the sea in multitude eating and

drinking and rejoicing

Judah and Israel were as numerous as the

Sand by the sea

having lots of children was the goal and

the ambition

of our spiritual fathers things have

shifted in attitude in the world system

around us today

but this was a mark of divine favor

that they would have children that would

live and that they could feed and

support and it was a it was a definition

or a description or illustration of

great Prosperity throughout the land Jim

down to verse 24.

it says he had dominion over all the

region on this side of the river from

the wherever that is to Gaza named over

all the kings namely over all the kings

this side of the river he had peace on

every side all around him

the end of verse 27 says there was no

lack in their supply verse 29 God gave

Solomon wisdom exceedingly great

understanding and largeless largeness of

heart like the sand of the sea how many

of you can feel God trying to birth into

you a largeness of heart you find

yourself caring for things a year ago

you would think of it a second thought

for and yet we start getting moved and

rocked by things because the Lord is

giving us largeness of heart verse 34.

men of all the nations from all the

kings of the earth who had heard of his

wisdom came to hear the wisdom of

Solomon there’s something here folks

we’ll get into chapter five to these

verses in a moment here but there’s

something I

I to be honest I’m not sure how to say

it I’m not sure how to describe it I can

just feel it

that there is this wisdom that the Lord

is imparting it’s actually wisdom in the

New Testament is the person of Jesus


so there is this wisdom this hearing ear

that the Lord is joining to his people

that makes us so effective in any

environment and I’d like to I’d like to

tell you we do our best when we’re in

over our head

we it’s very tempting to function out of

human reasoning when we are in an

environment we understand but when we

get in over our head there’s an

automatic dependency on the voice of the

Lord on the ear and I feel like the Lord

right now is just working us like leaven

into that lump of dope because he’s

trying to make sure that we are evenly

sprinkled over all parts of culture and

society and as I mentioned I think last

week when Benny used to make bread at

home she would work that the yeast into

the lump of dough and then we we always

lived in kind of a cold environment in

the winter because we only had wood heat

which is a wood stove we had no other

kind of heat and she would take that

bread that lump of dough and put it in

there by the wood stove and the heat

would activate whatever was in the dough

with activities then suddenly it would

begin to rise and there is a heat in the

land that is activating whatever yeast

is in us and the Lord is working Kingdom

into you into me a wisdom for Life

here’s something else I did not realize

the word Proverbs the title of the book


which by the way I have felt for

probably closer to 10 years that the

secrets for City transformation are

hidden in the Book of Proverbs

and so I I’ve been kind of pondering

over this for quite a few years and just

recently have had Liberty to talk to you

about it

but the word proverb of course means


um uh you know that kind of a a hidden

truth in a statement but there’s another

meaning for the word proverb that I

never knew I never realized until Brian

Simmons and his

Um passion translation of Proverbs

brings out in the introduction the word

proverb there’s a second meaning for the

word proverb and actually means to reign

to Reign or to rule

this this is

to me this is absolutely incredible

listen to this verse it says those who

receive the abundance of grace and the

gift of righteousness will reign in life

through the one Jesus Christ reign in

life that’s Romans 5 17. reign in life

think with me now what is wisdom for

what is that voice

that gives us

play-by-play instructions for how to do



it’s because the Lord is trying to raise

up people that know how to reign

in life

there are families out there that don’t

know how to do life they don’t know they

really want to they want to get along

with their spouse they marry them in

Covenant they really it was their dream

come true but they just don’t know how

to resolve conflict

they don’t know what to do with the

child that says no they they weren’t

raised in an environment to know how how

you resolve conflict how you live with

peace how you live in unity how you live

with actual affection for people how you

walk in forgiveness there’s a lot of

things that you and I may take for

granted there may be people here in the

room that don’t know how to do those

things this is raining in life and the

Lord has given us access to a gift where

these enemies of our personal lives

become so thoroughly defeated that God

is able to position you as a as a

standard as an example as a proclaimer

of this is how you resolve conflict in

your marriage this is how this is how

you work for a disloyal boss this is how

you all these environments that every

one of us get sprinkled into and the

Lord is trying to with that hearing ear

with this gift of divine wisdom with

this blueprint of Heaven if you will

sprinkle us into life so that those who

know how to reign in life will become

the shelter for those who need to learn


chapter 5

now to the bonus round

Solomon is preparing to build a temple

so he hasn’t even built it yet

by the way just the amount of gold

that’s in this Temple is

somewhere around five billion dollars

worth of gold hit 100 over 180 000

employees do the math on that one

would it cost to feed that number of

employees just for the building of the


nothing like it has been built before or


but even I I don’t want to downgrade the

beauty of the and The Wonder of this


but for the sake of this study what I am

fascinated by is the building of

community life

what I’m fascinated by is stuff happened


in the life of a community that I don’t

think ever happened previous or since

happen in the days directly ahead

verse 3.

Solomon is Now setting his heart to

build this Temple he’s writing a letter

to a friend of his dad’s verse three you

know how my father David could not build

a house for the name of the Lord is God

because of the wars which were fought

against him on every side until the Lord

put his foes under the soles of his feet

but now the Lord my God has given me

rest on every side there is neither

adversary nor evil occurrence


I just read something that’s outrageous

that word adversary is the word Satan

let me try this side

Solomon’s writing to his friend of his

dad’s asking for help he needs cedar

wood from Lebanon


for the building of the Temple and so

he’s writing

to hire him

his dad’s friend

and this is what he describes he says

the Lord has given me peace all around

there is no Satan for


ah there

is it possible to have such divine order

in life that the enemy can’t break


as I was just talking with one of our

congregation that comes out of a very

bizarre scary background the Lord has so

healed her heart and but she was telling

me uh this week actually during one of

our meal times at the conference

she was saying

she used to go to the prayer house

because she sees the Demonic all the


and she would go to the prayer house

because they couldn’t get in

and it was like it was her it was her

safe place she would literally that’s

where she would go and she’d look she

could see them outside but they could

never get in they couldn’t get in

all right Pro house


is it is it possible to have

a sense of manifest presence that is so

worked into How We Do Life conversation

excellence and work all the gifts

activated as worship unto God community

life where there’s the celebration of

every individual person and if is it

possible for life to be lived in such a

way that there is no adversary

I I realize that’s an extreme idea and

and uh but you know what Solomon

and Israel none of them were born again

and they accomplished it

you’re not truly born again until Jesus

shed his blood and blood could be the

blood of Jesus could wipe away sin

so in a very unusual setting

wisdom was so impacting on how they did

life that his description was

there just is no adversary and there’s

not even evil occurrence

I uh I don’t like snakes

I don’t like I don’t like snakes of any

kind I don’t care if they’re not

poisonous get them away from me

I don’t like snakes

and and I know they serve a purpose in

God’s creation but I want them to serve

it somewhere else

that’s that’s my view


we used to backpack

quite a bit in the Trinity Alps which is

just a gorgeous

hunk of Wilderness Area and we would my

kids are wanting me to go again but the

problem is it’s all uphill and you have

to carry stuff

so if they can find a horse dumb enough

to carry me I might consider going as

long as they’ll carry me and my stuff

you know that’s

I don’t do uphill like that anymore

actually I do when I hunt but never mind

you go back into the Wilderness and of

course there’s Timber Rattlers if you’re

not familiar with this part of the world

we do have rattlesnakes I you can’t kill

them anymore but before they were

outlawed I did

and if there’s one in my yard

I will

I’ll have a grandfather clause to

include that into the Old Law decision

so anyway but myself in trouble

in the wilderness there is what they

call the Timberline where trees don’t

grow any higher you can see on these

mountains there’s just no more trees

well it just doesn’t grow up there but

there’s also a snake line

there’s just there’s an elevation at

which snakes don’t exist

wisdom will take you there


the hearing ear

the things that have followed you all

the days of your life to taunt and


no there’s a place in God

or the enemy loses his voice

and strangely in the same way in the

light of that wisdom the Queen of Sheba

became silent actually became breathless

took a breath with a Wonder a Divine

wisdom The Wonder of it all took her

breath away I believe it’s time

it’s time for the word of the Lord to

come forth through people who know their

God and can stand in any adverse


and bring the word of the Lord

the answer is not the destruction of


listen the political spirit will try to

stir up animosity to people groups

to make us think that the real answer is


when in fact the Lord has a plan

for every nation for every group of


he has a heart for people

Jesus didn’t die for some and ignore


his death was a payment made for all


and we are positioned in a time of great

world need and great world crisis for a


I believe that the Lord has us on a


of dramatic rapid expansion and Rapid

development and increase for a reason

there’s I don’t know what this is like

but somehow there is limited time

and much has to be done

in a short period of time and I believe

the Lord is raising up people sprinkling

us into the system salt light leaven

I’ve always taught that salt was was

preservative which it was it’s they

didn’t have refrigerators and in Bible

days and so they would immerse things in

salt and that’s how they preserve me but

that wasn’t the context in which Jesus

taught about salt he thought about salt

as being that which flavors something

and your life is to be is to add flavor

to community life flavor to culture

flavor to where you work there’s so

something about you that’s supposed to

add just the spice of life to wherever

it is that you serve the neighborhood

that you live in it’s something about

just your life and the king of glory

resting in you that you become a

life-giving encouraging spring of life

if you will influencing affecting all

that comes under under your influence

it’s the position of the Lord for every

believer the answer is not destruction

the answer is not being rescued and

whisked Away the power of the Gospel

must be fully displayed to me it’s an

offense it’s an offense to find

something higher in the Old Testament

than what gets achieved in in the new

there the old Covenant the inferior

Covenant is not to provide Superior



what Benny and I stood


this part of the stage wasn’t here when

we came here 17 years ago

but we stood right there on about that

second stair

the church was tired we just become

pastors here a little over 17 almost 18

years ago

they’d gone for about eight months

without a pastor

you could feel the fatigue in the air so

one of the first Sunday nights invited

everybody to the front so there’s I

don’t know how many but several hundred

people all crowded around the front

and we had come hungry for a real

outpouring of the spirit of God that’s

why the leadership of this house brought

us because of what we were experiencing

in Weaverville an hour west of here

Benny and I stood on these stairs right

here and we had everybody gathered

around and we just prayed a very simple

prayer we said holy spirit

just come

come in power

touch these people

the power of God fell


on one person

and that’s all

one person who stood right there

you’d think we won the lottery

Benny and I looked at each other and

we’re not trying to be full of faith we

were ecstatic we were besides ourselves

we looked at each other and we went we

got it

it is now Unstoppable

it was it was it was a cloud you

remember the prophet a cloud the size of

a man’s hand I want to tell you


what I have cried out for prayed for

studied for preached for

for almost 40 years

it was a dream

until about five years ago

it was entirely a dream I could see it

in my heart I could feel it I could

smell it I could taste it but I couldn’t

point to it anywhere I’m not saying it

wasn’t happening I’m just saying it

wasn’t happening in my world

and in the last five years I’m starting

to see the cloud the size of a man’s


I see things changing in culture and

Society I see you getting sprinkled with

this passion this presence this power I

see God taking your life my life

sprinkling us into places of influence

in the city not to run things but to

serve and it’s and it’s I see things

coming into shape that I’ve I’ve been

I’m so used to Dreaming

that I’m not used to seeing

and now I’m seeing I’m seeing I’m seeing

the shape the form of things that I’ve

cried out for for as long as I can

remember and I see it and it’s this it’s

it’s this it’s some form of this this

this thing that came upon this man who

was a son of David and he was able to

hear from God and he was able to

implement things into culture and

society that the entire place was

changed so much so everybody had a whole

bunch of children Silvers piled up on

the streets counted as nothing he could

spend billions of dollars billions and

billions I’m building a house for God

and not begin to touch his own personal


because of the extreme

lavish Heart Of God for Humanity poured

out in an Old Testament context to draw

us into some promises that we never knew

or thought were possible I’m not talking

building personal Empires or personal

wealth I’m talking about the impact of

humanity the impact of benevolence the

impact of purity of character the impact

of passion for God the impact of

presence do you know what Solomon

inherited he inherited this heart for

the presence of God tragically he lost

it in process but he started with the

passion for the presence this that we

read about right here the Lord God has

given me rest on every side there’s

neither adversary nor evil occurrence

this is before the temple was built

which means they are still living during

the time of David’s Tabernacle

it is wisdom for us to recognize what

stopped at the cross

what was transformed through the cross

and what continued through the cross and

one of the things that continued one of

the very few things that continued

through the cross was davidic worship

it became the pattern for New Testament

Christianity for the New Testament

worship we know that from the prophecy

given in Amos chapter 9 where he says in

the last days I’m going to raise up the

ruin that destroyed the Fallen

Tabernacle of David which was what

24-hour worship of song giving

sacrifices of the heart this place for

the glory where the presence dwells this

this is is the New Testament mandate and

privilege and worship and then you move

forward to acts 15 acts 15 James quotes

Amos 9 and he says this is now this is

now this is what he’s doing so here’s

this davidic worship that is centered on

continuous engagement with the presence

that is what this was written under

are you hearing me this this Mandate of

presence the chief value of everything

everything rotates around this

connection and this value to the

presence of the spirit of God that has

been given so liberally and so freely to

the people of God that

in a time of Peace shaped a culture in

which no adverb adversary could exist

and I’d like to suggest there’s

something in there

that is for now

I pray that the Lord would have released

to you and would release to me the


of the sons of issachar

who knew the days that they lived in and

they knew how to navigate the days that

they lived in they knew what to do

because of the hour that they lived in

and I believe that you can find all

kinds of random instructions throughout

scripture but it’s wisdom to find what

he’s saying now

and I believe right now we have open

doors opportunities

to serve Humanity

in the ways that we’ve never had before

there are doors of favor being open to

you there are opportunities and

assignments that you’ve never thought of

never dreamed of but they’re they’re

coming about because there’s this thing

that God is doing in US equipping us

with a hearing ear enabling us to see

wisdom from his perspective how to

actually care for the longevity of the

city listen the kingdom of God is as

practical as money houses neighborhoods

jobs hospitals schools

it’s not practical it’s so practical

the kingdom of God is so practical that

it touches every single aspect of

culture and Society so then what would

it look like to have the nature of that

world actually affect the nature of this

one I believe that the Lord is releasing


blueprints he is doing something in the

hearts of his people where things are

starting to form and to take shape they

almost appear too good to be true

they’re blueprints for how to do life

the blueprints for how to reign in life

you know some of you you’ve had such a

hellish time throughout your life in

economics and yet the Lord is is

reversed that he’s turned it and he’s

positioning you before a group of people

that know your history and they see what

God is doing in you and he is summoning

The Cry of the hearts of your friends to

come and to find a piece of the

blueprint this is how you do life and

this is how business thrives this is how

families actually get along this is how

there can be honor in a household even

through the two terrible twos as they’re

called even through the beginning

grammar school even through the teen

years even through married now with

grandchildren all these years or each

one is better than the previous we’ve go

from glory to glory how is it we do life

how is it that we can learn how to

resolve conflict between you and a

friend where there’s just there was such

betrayal or so such misunderstanding

people are watching they’re watching to

see how we handle the most difficult

situations in life why

because they’re looking for someone that

knows how to reign

they’re no they’re looking for somebody

that knows how to Reign their life

they’re looking for somebody who are

actually bigger on the out inside than

all of their problems are on the outside

they’re looking for somebody that has a

connection answers solutions that are

practical as practical as the dollars in

your pocket the house you live in


and the Lord is releasing a wisdom for


I love what Chris shared earlier about

the Lord only leads us into a conflict

we’re equipped to win I I believe that


so strongly

there’s this passage in Psalms 105 which

to me is

one of the funny verses in Scripture

it says and the Lord made Israel

stronger than their enemies and then the

very next verse and the Lord worked on

the enemies to hate Israel

that’s weird

first he made them strong and then he

went ninen


there are impossible situations in our

city in our nation impossible in the

city’s Nations represented absolutely

impossible no answer

we’ve spent time Chris more than I have

but we’ve spent time with some national


and they will tell you they’re just

there’s no answers

for the for the problems that our nation

is facing

and that is true in the realm of human


but I have a father

I have a father

and what the Lord is doing is he’s

taking people

that know how to hear hear first speak


and working into situations that look to

be impossible

but he wants to show his Wonder working

power his Wonder working wisdom to heal

the Brokenness of cities of families of


of Nations

your city set on a hill

that City doesn’t move

it doesn’t go anywhere

it just shines

and part of the go of the Gospel

is to actually become everything in the

context of community that you can become

not as exclusive Club

but as a people that are ready to give

away everything

for the benefit of the people around us

I believe the Lord is releasing

strategies in Realms of society I

wouldn’t I wouldn’t have the

the the the knowledge he be even be able

to give any counsel in

but there are people sitting here in

this room where the Lord is taking you

there are people watching on Bethel TV

that are watching and they are sprinkled

in various positions and places

culture and Society

this is important for us

in recent weeks or months I’ve talked to

you a number of times

about the process of reformation

in the process of Awakening all moves of

God start on a Grassroots level always

start with the poor if not the poor

economically at least the poor in spirit

but culture is shaped by those of the

upper echelons of culture and Society

these are the Mind molders these are the

influences and oftentimes they’re

ungodly people

but what happens when you have a move of


start to affect culture and Society at

this level where God begins to promote

them God begins to through their own

Excellence they start getting launched

in places of influence outside of their

normal sphere of influence suddenly you

have what started down at the Grassroots

level start affecting those who shape

culture Society that’s that’s

Reformation that’s Awakening right there

when the move of God impacts those in

the upper echelons of society and that’s

what I believe God is summoning us to

summoning not to rule but to serve to

come in place and to say Mr President Mr

Governor Mr Mayor Mr CEO

Mr Entertainer that has bankruptcy in

your personal heart Mr whoever you are

God has a plan for you and I’ve

covenanted with God to stay with you and

to pray you through into the blessing

and the Bounty of God’s plan he has a

purpose and a plan for your life that is

outside of your human ability human

capability human understanding he’s got

a purpose and a plan that has life in it

it has peace in it it has bounty in it

it has all the things that we ache for

in our hearts everyone is looking for a

city whose building makers God everyone

has a vacuum a city-sized vacuum in the

heart that is actually crying out for

the kingdom of God the king and his

kingdom good

we’ll cover this more later but let me

end with a comment or two


for a kingdom of principles

without the value of presence

is to look for a kingdom without a king

it’s the value for the Holy Spirit

who is God on Earth

the value for the person

everything everything is connected to my

value my treatment of my honor of this


Holy Spirit

that is my connection to wisdom

it’s my value for him that positions me

for them

nothing’s impossible


I don’t believe

you can look at a Moses with his face

shining in the glory of God

and then say

we can’t have that now

I don’t believe it’s legal to look at a

city that was dramatically transformed

so much so there was no adversary I

don’t think it’s legal to look at an Old

Testament example and don’t walk away

thinking but that’s not possible now

the spirit of God

has been given to us

and what I keep finding myself praying

for I can’t find a verse that that puts

these two together but I

I’ll bet it’s in there

I will find

but it’s this need for power but it’s

this need for wisdom

it’s this combination to use be useful

in any and all situations

and I pray for you I pray for me that

together as a family

the Lord would give us holy spirit

downloads that enable us to be effective

in every environment to serve well to

love people for their sake not for ours

people hate being a project

people hate being a project they hate

being the object of Outreach

nobody wants to be a number

a notch on the back of a Bible another


somehow this has to somehow wisdom has

to erase the line between us and Them

erase the line of secular and sacred

the willingness to get hands dirty to

love and to care for people

I didn’t mention this last session I

don’t know if I’ll mention it again

for maybe years to come I don’t know

but I believe that the Lord

is doing such a transformational work in

our city

that it will have lasting effect

odds gotten declared much like what

Calvin did for Geneva hundreds of years

ago that today they still live under the

weight of that blessing

I believe that God wants to release

stuff into cities


over the Earth

I believe

possible to live above the snake line

I believe it’s possible to look in the

sky and to see things shaping up

and although it’s not the full-blown

thing we’ve prayed for it is the cloud

the size of a man’s hand we better head

for cover

because God’s about to do a work in the

Earth I I have this thing for Geneva did

I did I mention the prayer meeting with

uh God wanting a city was that last

service all right I’ll end with this

then we’ll pray

an experience I think I mentioned it

here last week in fact but but I it’s

worth repeating we have so many new

people in the room

I was in a prayer meeting in Vacaville

California some dear friends at the

mission great great church down there

and I had just met a man that day that

was I had corresponded with by email his

name is Mike Civello from Utica New York

wonderful wonderful uh great great

leader there and I had just met him and

there’s worship going on there’s prayer

meeting going on uh there’s a wonderful

band on the stage and all this stuff’s

happening it’s just it’s just one of

those overflow days and I was standing

over to the side by the wall and just

praying and and this gentleman Mike

leaned over to me while I was praying

and he said Bill he said God is looking

for a city

a city that would belong entirely to him

and once he gets that one city it will

be like a domino effect Across the



and we talked together about our cities

in the place that we felt our cities had

in that plan of God and I don’t know how

much longer is maybe 20 or 30 minutes

later I found myself in a I was back

about four or five rows back in this

section here and I was standing next to

a wonderful lady that we actually met

through Bobby a number of years ago Gene

criesel and I was just standing there

just worshiping cheese scoots over next

to me and she leans over she says bill

God is looking for a city and I’m

telling you exact word word for word

what I just heard 20 minutes earlier God

is looking for a city a city that would

belong entirely to him once he gets that

one city it will be like a domino effect

Across the Nation when the Lord talks

about the harvesting if you will of a

city I don’t think he’s just saying I

want everyone born again in the city

I’ve been a pastor long enough to know

it just because you get everyone saved

doesn’t mean you have the kingdom

and I was very modest in the way I

expressed that I want you to know that

just because you have people with fire

insurance doesn’t mean they know how to

do life

what I believe Gene was prophesying Mike

was prophesied that my heart leapt over

was that the Lord is looking for a city

that would come under the influence of a


King that is a perfect father

a king that is more extreme in his love

and benevolence for people than we could

possibly imagine

Bobby gave us

an invitation a number of years ago I’ll

never forget it and I’ve taken it

seriously he says you have God’s

permission to try to exaggerate his


can be done can be distorted perverted

but it cannot be exaggerated

and I believe there’s something that the

Lord is really seeing into the Earth

through intentional people

that cry out in secret God

infiltrate my heart with Divine wisdom

I want to be a spring of life I want to

be a part of a city that people run for

shelter in I want to be a part of the

company of people that actually

communicate The Wonder of your rule The

Wonder of your kingdom your Delight in

people and your Delight in us having

pleasure in you and in one another help

me to be a standard bearer of that kind

of Lifestyle I believe the Lord has

given us cities of the earth to see

transformation I’ve seen it in Vision

form day after day after year day for

the last many many many years and now

I’m starting to see the cloud the size

of a man’s hand I think it’s time to

head for cover because the Lord’s about

to release something in through you and

through me that we have never even had

the brains to ask for why don’t you go

and stand up and we’ll pray

we’re going to have Ministry team come

down in a moment we’ve got a place for

those of you that need to meet Jesus

if you’ve never given your life to the

Lord Jesus Christ today’s day don’t you

dare leave the property to take care of

that number one issue

but I want to pray right now because in

this room

are transformational people people that

are in line to live in a wisdom beyond

that of Solomons

a wisdom that is not just that which

makes you smarter

that which gives you answer but a wisdom

that comes with the presence of a person

father I pray for this

this contagious sense

of divine wisdom to capture hearts

to capture Hearts ruin us for anything


God I pray

with our friends that are here from

other cities other nations

that together we would become infected

with hope for our city for our nation

not just dreams

but the passionate cry from the heart to

see cities transformed that we truly

could present to you the Treasures of

the earth that is transformed cities

cities that represent your world well

I pray for this in the mighty mighty

name of Jesus

amen now I’m going to close with a

thought I know I already closed once

actually I probably closed twice but

this is the last one

The Lord’s Prayer on Earth as it is in


we specifically call an Apostolic prayer

Apostolic prayer because

the apostle

was to lead as a military term to lead a

group of people to transform a city like

let’s say Philippi so transformative

that it was it would be a mirror copy in

a sense of the culture and nature of

Rome so that when the emperor of Rome

would travel from Rome and visit

Philippi he would feel at home when we

pray on Earth as it is in heaven it is

an Apostolic prayer saying God we want

this world to be as comfortable for you

to walk the streets of this city of this

world of this place where we live as it

is in heaven that’s the prayer and

that’s the Mandate that God has given us

so I pray that you go forth in Jesus

name praying Apostolic prayers and

bringing transformation to this

Apostolic City