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that I’m not going to stand back while I

watch you destroy and dismantle my

marriage that I’m not just going to lay

aside while I see you tinkering with the

emotions with the mind of my child the

relationships the influences that are

around my child there’s going to be a

woman or a man that is committed to wear

the armor of God Hall to stand firmly

against the schemes of the enemy if he’s

scheming against us we better show

enough have a scheme against


Lord Lord we say that you are great and

we honor your name in this place we pray

now Lord that as we turn our attention

to the scriptures you would do what only

you can would you take this one little

simple message would you divide it

several thousand different ways so that

every single person under the sound of

my voice in this room and Beyond on the

other side of that screen will know

beyond a shadow of a doubt that today

they have heard the voice of God

hallelujah we pray pray for the

illumination of your spirit over this

word tonight do it father we are your

servants and we are

listening in Jesus mighty matchless


amen as I mentioned to you

um got these boys that I am

raising the distinguishing

characteristic of my sons is that they



they are big boys just to give you some

frame of reference my 14-year-old wears

a size 14

shoe when I say big I mean big he is 6

feet tall my

12-year-old wears a size 13 shoe he’s

about 5’11 or so he’s right underneath

his brother and then you saw Judy’s a

pretty big eight-year-old so I’ve got

these big boys one of the ways that

their size actually works on their

behalf is that they enjoy sports sport

they love sports so whatever is in

season at the time that is probably what

we are playing and we just came out of

basketball season and then we hit

baseball season then football rolls

around we just go from one thing to the

other and I have to say that until in

recent years my middle son his thing was

baseball that was really his thing it

was his neck he had a natural

inclination toward it not only to liking

it but to playing the game and I think

because of his size he did really well

at it when he got a good hit because of

his again his size he just would get a

good powerful strong hit and I remember

at 10 he was able to send the ball over

the fence line when he got a home run he

was great at first base he made lots of

stops and lots of outs and so for a lot

of years there that’s all they played

baseball and we were really proud of him

because he really did have a natural

knack for it he had a lot of growing and

a lot of maturing to do of course and he

knew that but he loved the game and he

loved to work hard I was excited about

baseball season because I actually enjoy

baseball season I like Spring ball I

like it because you go out there for

those practices in the cool of the

spring evening and you sit there you

know as the night grows uh dim and the

lights are on underneath those those

bright white lights on the baseball

diamond and got that Cool Spring Breeze

brushing across your cheeks and you just

get to sit there and enjoy a nice spring

evening I even love the early Saturday

morning games crisp early spring

mornings you’re sitting there with your

Starbucks in hand next to the other

parents as you watch your children

enjoying the game I like springball the

only problem with Spring ball is that

it’s going to become Summer

Ball and I’m not exactly sure what

happens in the part of the world where

you might live and come from but I will

tell you in Dallas Texas in the summer

it does not just warm up

slightly it is an intense palatable heat

where you feel like the sun is mad at

you about something like maybe you did

something to the sun and the Sun is

trying to get you back that’s what it

feels like all summer long and you’re

still trying to be okay at the games and

you are when there’s just one game on a

Saturday morning the problem is that at

the end of every season they have the

nerve to have a

tournament which means you’re coming out

there on a Thursday you’re going to be

there for the 8 a.m. game and then

you’re going to be there for the 10 a.m.

game that they’re going to give you a

little lunch break but then you got to

come back for the 2 pm game and the 4 pm

game and then depending upon how your

team did they’re going to take your

son’s team they’re going to shift them

to an entirely different bracket so that

you got to come back on Friday at 8:00

a.m. and then at 10:00 a.m. and then

they’re going to give you a little bit

of lunch break but you got to come back

for the 2:00 p.m. game and the 400 p.m.

game and then if your kids team had the

nerve to do well you got to come back on

Saturday at 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. 2 p

p.m. 4 p.m. and and then Sunday again

and you’re sitting out there trying to

be okay with the fact that your kid is

doing well but you are hot and you’re

underneath that outdoor tent that the

the sporting goods store promised you

what would help to saave off some of the

heat but there you sit underneath that

pet not just sweating that cute

glistening kind of sweat I’m talking

about the kind that

rolls down your face and down the inside

of your T-shirt you know what I’m

talking about and you’re sitting there

trying to be happy but really you’re

wondering if it’s ever okay to pray your

kid loses so you can go

home please tell me that I have a

witness in the house today

any and I remember one

tournament this was our story it was the

exact story because it was a scorching

hot summer in Dallas Fort Worth we were

sitting out there in the heat trying to

be excited that he and his team were

doing well we could not wait for the

lunch break because then we’d get to go

to a restaurant where there was air

condition so we did that we went and had

ice water that actually still had ice in

it we sat there and refreshed ourselves

for just a little while came back ready

for the next game at 2 p.m. we got all

of the gear out of the back of the car

and all of the bats and the bags and the

ice chest you know as you do and we

walked over toward the baseball Dugout

where the next game was going to be

played there was just a short distance

from the car park where we parked over

toward the Dugout and I was walking

behind Jerry Jr my second son he is a

gregarious personality he’s up for a

challenge he’s kind of outgoing and so

he he was excited about this next game I

remember as I followed him that I saw

this enthusiasm in in his walk his chin

was up he kind of had a skip in his step

excited about the next game his

shoulders were back back he was looking

forward to it I also saw because I was

behind him when his countenance

completely changed in the short walk

literally from the parking lot to The

Dugout I watched my boy’s shoulders

start to slump over I saw him start

ringing his hands like he was nervous I

saw his eyes get a little bit Shifty I

watched him sort of turn into a little

sluggish walking person that seemed

intimidated and insecure I couldn’t

figure out what had caused the change so

I started looking around cuz I’m

following behind my boy and I’m seeing

what’s happening I started to look

around and I realized that as we were

walking we were passing some players

from another team they were all sprawled

out in the grass underneath the shade of

a huge tree just refreshing themselves

before the next game as well and I saw

them and I and I looked at them as we

were passing by and I realized this was

the team we were about to play next and

the more I walked by them the more I

realized what was wrong with my

boy we had fa this team earlier in the

season and when we had played this team

earlier in the season this team had

annihilated my boy and his team I

remember it had been a complete upset it

was a complete embarrassment actually

cuz these boys on this team they were

serious players been playing since they

were young serious baseball players I’m

talking about the kind of team that has

the serious

parents ain’t nobody got time for all


these are the kind of parents you know

who the ones the ones where you know

when they gave birth to that boy they

put a mitt on one hand a baseball in the

other they’ve been waiting for this

moment their whole lives just too

serious I remembered this team we were

about to play him again they were good

and when my boy saw them his countenance

changed we had to walk right by them

literally right on the path that was

right next to that grass and so we were

very close to them two of them started

whispering to each other I think they

thought they were whispering but we

could hear them one leaned over to the

other and he

said there goes that big kid from the

Red Sox team is he the one that hit the

ball and it went over the

fence yep he’s the one that was at first

base and caught those

outs so that’s Jerry

Shire when my boy heard his

name crossed the lips of the opposing

team members those shoulders that were

were slumped over all of a sudden they

got pushed back again I watched his chin

go back up I watched him get a little

swag back in his


step in fact we had to bring him down a

few notches before the next game started

it’s amazing how your countenance

changes not because your circumstances

did not because the challenge went away

but just because you over here and

really understand what the enemy thinks

about you when he sees you coming

because the reality is if you are a son

or a daughter in Jesus Christ grafted

into the family of God when the enemy

sees you he does not see you or me in

our Frailty and in our weaknesses he

sees the Power and the spirit of

almighty God that is on the inside of

you and the truth is listen to me even

if you do not believe even if I don’t

believe every single thing that the word

of God declares to be true about us even

if we don’t believe it the enemy does he

knows you have already been forgiven he

knows that there is therefore now no

condemnation for those of us who are in

Christ Jesus he knows that you have been

made competent by the spirit of God he

knows that there is no guilt no shame

that there is no fear that is given to

you by your great God he knows that

you’ve already been given the victory he

knows that he is already underneath your

feet he knows that he can form a weapon

against you but that that weapon has

absolutely no possibility of prospering

in your life and y’all in end he knows

that we

win and I’m saying to you what ashamed

it would

be for the enemy to believe more about

our potential than we

do I want you to hear tonight what a

shamed it would be if he could just

sprawl out enough trouble Tinker with

your life enough cause there to be

enough inklings of hardship and and and

difficulty that it causes you to shrink

back in such fear and insecurity that

you won’t even attempt to step up to the

plate and be who God has called you to

be if you are a believer in Jesus Christ

hear me clearly the enemy knows he

cannot destroy you so he’s going to

spend the rest of his time and energy

trying to so distract you and disable

you and disarm you and discourage you

that you will never rise up and walk in

the victory that is rightfully

yours and it is at least in part to this

end that the Apostle Paul writes a

passage of scripture that has become a

Lifeline for me it is in the book of

Ephesians and if you have your Bible

with you if you actually still use a

Bible with paper Pages like I do or your

iPhone your iPad any manner of iness

just flip on over or scroll on over to

the book of Ephesians as you turn there

let me just tell you that the Apostle

Paul gave us much of which comprises now

the New Testament originally they were

letters letters written to First Century

Believers the first to become grafted

into the family of God through Jesus

Christ’s New Covenant of his Bloodshed

on Calvary and as they are grafted in

they need to know how to grow how to be

disciples how to experience this new

life in Christ it would have been

completely foreign to them so the

Apostle Paul wrote letters to them that

come become much of the New Testament

and of all of Paul’s writings Scholars

say that Ephesians is the cream of the

crop Ephesians is like the cherry on top

of the cake

and the reason why is because he spends

more than first half of the book just

rehearsing who you are he spends more

than three chapters just trying to make

sure you know the hope of his calling

and choosing you he wants you to know

that even if you’ve been rejected by

everybody else you were handpicked

chosen adopted into the family of God he

wants you to know that the mercy of God

Is So lavish and so Grand and so great

that there is no pit of sin you have dug

for yourself that the grace of God

cannot reach down in and snatch you up

out of he wants you to know that you are

forgiven that you are chosen that the

hope of God is great toward you he wants

you to know the lavishness of the

Redemption and the resources that have

been given to you because you are now

part of the family of God in fact Paul

Works himself up so much that by the

time he gets to the middle of the first

chapter he just breaks out in a prayer

and he says I’m praying that the eyes of

your heart would be

open so that you would know the hope of

his calling and choosing

you and when he gets to the end of this

letter where he’s rehearsed over and

over again how much we have access to as

Sons and Daughters he’s trying to figure

out how do I close this letter to make

sure that they always walk in Victory

and that they don’t let the enemy snatch

from them what is rightfully theirs I

want you to picture him hanging over the

parchment paper as he was imprisoned in

a Roman prison it was probably house

arrest for two years picture him there

hanging over the parchment paper beads

of sweat on his brow ink quill in hand

as he tried to figure out how to put an

exclamation point on this

letter and then he

writes in Ephesians chapter 6 beginning

in verse

10 he says

finally be strong in the Lord and in the

strength of his might put on the full

armor of God that you may be able to

stand firm against the schemes somebody

say schemes the schemes of the devil for

our struggle it’s not against flesh and

blood but it is against the power the

rulers against the powers against the

world forces of this Darkness against

the spiritual forces of wickedness that

are in the Heavenly places he says so

therefore you might as well go ahead and

put down all the weapons of this world

that ain’t been working for you anyway

and pick up some weapons that actually

have some power he says take up the full

armor of God so that you may be able to

resist in the evil day and having done

everything to stand firm he says you

ought to just go ahead and stand firm

therefore In this passage of scripture

the Apostle

Paul introduces to us at least this

overtly this obviously in scripture he

introduces to us the concept of

spiritual warfare he he says I want you

to know that you have an enemy and the

enemy you have is not the person that is

sitting next to you tonight the enemy

you have is not the boss the one on your

job that drives you nuts the enemy that

you have is nothing that is tangible

Flesh and Blood your enemy wife is not

your husband your real enemy husband is

not your wife your enemy is not your

teenager your enemy is not that problem

that difficulty that is flesh and blood

and tangible behind the scenes there is

an enemy lurking who hopes to stir up so

much trouble and hide hide cleverly

behind them that you will forget he is

there because he knows if he remains

hidden from your sight that you and I

will direct all the wrong weapons at the

wrong corporate we will waste all of our

time and energy using weapons that do

not work to reach the surface level of

problems when really he is underneath

the surface the one behind the scenes he

is a Master Illusionist The Master of

Disguise I take the boys to this little

church around the corner from where we

live for their Harvest Festival I love

this Harvest Festival it’s kind of like

this Church’s answer to Halloween and we

go there because they have a good

oldfashioned trunker treat does anybody

know what I mean when I say trunker

treat okay a lot of churches don’t do

that anymore but some people can

remember back in the day when members

from the congregation volunteered they

bring their cars into the parking lot

for Harvest Festival night and they’ll

lift up the trunk and from out of the

trunk each owner of the car will craft

some sort of fair or carnival game kids

will line up one after the other and

they’ll play the game and most of the

time whether they win or lose the person

that owns that game will give them a

whole bunch of candy and then send them

home with us we’re always so

grateful I remember one year me and Jude

are standing hand in hand and we’re in

line behind the longest line of the

night it’s not a car it’s a truck this

truck is the only truck that is in the

parking lot and it’s the longest line at

the carnival that night they cleverly

put a step ladder at the bed of the

truck so that a kid could climb up into

the bed of the truck and turn to the

side they would give the kid a huge

plastic Mallet they had attached a tblop

that was about the same size as the bed

of the truck they had attached it to the

side of the truck cut six holes into the

the tabletop draped it with fabric and

out from those holes every few seconds a

puppet would pop through the job of the

kid was to run up and down the bed of

the truck to hit the puppets on the head

before they disappeared back underneath

the surface it was a homemade

whack-a-mole game is what it was every

kid couldn’t wait to play this game me

and Jude he must have been four at the

time we were standing in line and we

were laughing hysterically because there

was another mother with a four or

five-year-old with her and this

four-year-old was very very vocal about

his frustration regarding this whole

experience he didn’t understand mother

first of all why I need to stand in this

long line this is a long line don’t you

know Mom I came to the carnival to have

fun and it ain’t fun to stand in line

mom I have an idea how about I go over

here and play all these other games

while you stand in line and hold my

place then when you get up to the front

I’ll come back he was not only

frustrated about the line he was

frustrated about this game because Mom I

don’t understand what the point of this

game is why in the world would I use all

my time and all my energy to pop those

puppets on the head running up and down

the the bed of the truck why would I use

all that time and energy if when I hit

them on the head they’re going to

disappear for a few seconds but then

they’re going to come right back what is

the the point of this game we were

laughing as we listened to this little

boy and then before any of us could

really think or see straight we just saw

a four-year-old flashed by our

peripheral vision as he ran forward

grabbed the fabric from on top of the

tabletop and he pulled it clean

off underneath there were three adults

with puppets on each

hand Oo we got a good laugh but we also

got a good

lesson that back there be behind the

curtain there is something someone

influencing all that we see popping up

to the surface level of our life and if

you spend if I spend all my time and my

money and my Earthly rationale and

solutions and my connections and my

successes if I spend all of that trying

to deal with everything that keeps

showing up in my life at best the

solution will be temporary until we pull

the curtain back and let the enemy know

we got our eyes on you that anything

that carries the fingerprint of the

enemy’s handiwork jealousy and

divisiveness and pride and anger

anything that works against the nature

of God carries and bears the marking of

the enemy Paul says today is the day to

stop looking and dealing with the

surface level you’re going to exhaust

yourself pull the curtain back and then

use some weapons that work back there

behind the

curtain Paul wants to know wants to make

sure that you know and that I know how

serious the enemy’s tactics are because

he uses a specific word to describe them

he says schemes somebody say schemes


schemes the people that know me best I

think would attested the fact I have a

lot of my uh family are here tonight

aunts and stuff and I think they would

attest the fact that I am a fairly

easygoing person like if someone offends

me or if someone does me wrong or hurts

my feelings or whatever I can get over

it quickly like I don’t hold grudges

long it’s just I’m wired that way if

someone uh ask for forgiveness for

something because they did do something

I’m going to forgive them easily I’m

just that’s just my personality easy

going but if I find out that someone was

planning to do me

wrong well now that’s a whole different

story that changes the circumstances

if I find out you’ve been studying me

watching me to figure out when I come

and when I go you’ve been trying to

determine what my habits are so that you

can take advantages you’ve been trying

to determine what my weaknesses are so

that you can play me to those weaknesses

you’ve been trying to figure out what

the propensity the the inclinations of

My Flesh lean toward so that you can try

to dangle carrots that are specific to

that destination when I find out that

not only have you been watching me in my

present but you’ve been looking into my

history so that you can figure out what

hot button topics have Arisen in my

heart from past abuses or hurts that

I’ve suffered so that you can take

advantage of them now and when I find

out that not only have you been studying

me but you’ve been studying this man

that the Lord has given me to be married

to for the past 18 years so that you can

figure out what his weaknesses are so

that you can try to tempt him to lead

him astray to keep him from rising up

and being who God has called him to be

in our home and when I disc you’ve been

looking into his history so that you can

figure out how to make his history and

my history combust so that we cannot

have peace underneath the roof of our

house and when I find out that not only

have you had the nerve to be studying me

and my husband but you’ve also had your

eyes on these three boys that the Lord

has given me the privilege to rear into

mighty men of God and they will be

Mighty Men of God or I will spank

them when I find out you’ve been

watching ing them in this young

fledgling State you’re already trying to

figure out what their anxieties are what

their fears are what the predilections

of their flesh are so that you can

already try to lead them astray so that

they will not walk into the destiny that

God has for them when I find out you’ve

been scheming against me well then you

need to know that that causes a holy

indignation to rise up on the inside of

me that if it’s a war you want it’s a

war you going to

have y’all the enemy is praying on lazy

apathetic Christianity he hopes that we

will just go to church on Sunday that

we’ll just read a verse today to keep

the devil away he hopes that we’ll just

sort of hang out in this Christian

culture but that there will not be a son

or a daughter a man or a woman a career

woman a single woman a father a husband

who will rise up and stand in the

gates and say not today Satan not on my


that I’m not just going to lay down and

let you Walts right into my home that

I’m not going to stand back while I

watch you destroy and dismantle my

marriage that I’m not just going to lay

aside while I see you tinkering with the

emotions and with the mind of my child

the relationships the influences that

are around my child there’s going to be

a woman or a man that is committed to

wear the armor of God hallelujah to

stand firmly against the schemes of the

enemy if he’s scheming against us we

better show enough have a scheme against

him and the Apostle Paul says lay down

all the weapons all the Earthly tactics

that may deal with surface level stuff

but y’all that’s not not hitting him

where it hurts he says pull back the

curtain and make sure that you stand

firm having your loins guarded with

truth make sure you’ve got a breastplate

on called righteousness make sure that

if you want to have any opportunity to

move forward you got to have something

for your feet your feet better be sha

with the preparation of the gospel of

peace then he says the enemy is coming

with his lies there will be lies and

strongholds that he tries to erect in

your thinking you better make sure

you’ve got something to cover up your

mind you need a helmet and the helmet is

called your salvation he says but not

only that you’re going to need a shield

because the enemy is not just interested

in close combat but he’ll try to hit you

from far away with the Flaming missiles

that he comes to assault your life life

and so you need a shield erected over

your life and The Shield is called your

faith but he says not only that you’re

going to need a sword and it wasn’t a

long sword he was referring to this one

was about 18 inches or so it was one for

up close battle when the enemy was all

up in your face he said you need

something when the enemy is on you you

need a sword of the spirit and the

dagger of the spirit is

called the word of

God but he did not stop with those

six because in verse 18 he adds a


weapon he says

pray prayer is what pushes the kingdom

of darkness back and if I were your

enemy I would do everything I could to

devalue in your mind what I knew the

most significant weapon in Your Arsenal

was against me I would want to make you

do everything except use that word

weapon because I would know that that’s

the weapon that can shut me down once

and for all so I want to make sure you

were too busy that you were too active

doing other good things to make time to

not just leave prayer to the end of the

day in those last few waking moments

when you can barely keep your eyes open

not those moments I would want to keep

you from prioritizing prayer making sure

that prayer was on the top of your to-do

list that being strategic and

intentional in your prayer life wasn’t

something that was important to you

prayer is so important that even Jesus

said my house the church shouldn’t be

called a house of good preaching that’s

right I hope it’s good but that’s not

what it’s supposed to be called my house

shall be called not a house of good

singing not a house of good programs not

a house of great spotlights not a house

of great coffee machines and bookstores

and cafes enjoy all that but my house

better be called a house of

prayer because prayer is what pushes the

kingdom of darkness

back man we don’t have time tonight to

go through all seven of these pieces of

armor but there is just one other one

that I want to point out to you because

we can’t leave tonight without doing

business with this one piece of armor in

verse 14 he says you need to have a


on and the breastplate is



righteousness Jerry and I live in a

fairly rural part of Dallas Fort Worth

we like it that way we planned it that

way because I got these boys and they

need to go

outside I believe in outside are there

any mothers in the house that still

believe in

outside go outside anytime they have the

nerve to come to me and say Mom I’m

bored that’s right I say Oh no you’re

not you see that tree right there go

play with it

one of the things we love about where we

live is that one of my closest friends

is across the street there’s a big pond

that is in front of her property so even

before we moved there that’s how we

found out about the place because I’d go

and take the boys fishing so still to

this day we grabbed the two fishing

poles I bought on sale at the local

Super Walmart and The Tackle Box that I

also got on sale there I have several

things in The Tackle Box I’ve got extra

hooks extra little bobber things in case

we move we uh lose those we always seem

to I’ve got scissors to cut the line if

need be and I have gloves cuz y’all know

I don’t mind going fishing but I ain’t

going to touch no

fish we grab whatever hot dog meat is

left from the week because you know

we’re professionals that’s our

bait we walk across the street we stand

right in this little corner and we fish

we catch little small sun perch things

like that every now and then though I’m

feeling adventurous and my neighbors

have this little rusted uh rowboat that

they bought on Craigslist it’s seaworthy

it can hold you up it’s an old thing but

it works every now and then we will get

into the boat go out to the middle of

the pond and fish from there the only

problem is this boat Turn is turned

upside down when it’s not in use

rightfully so it’s right there on the

shore upside down it needs to be so that

water can drain out from the boat when

it’s not in use makes sense so the

problem is to get in this

boat I’m going to have to turn this boat

over and I know that the environment

that has been created up underneath this

boat is Shady and moist and

dark it’s the perfect environment for a

critter so I know when I turn it over

something is going to hop out from

underneath it something’s going to

Waddle out from underneath it or worst

of all Something’s

Gonna I know y’all feel

me but every now and then I’m courageous

I say boys let’s get in this boat so I

go all the way to the back of the boat I

let them turn it over at the sides I

stay all the way back we flip it over

and inevitably something comes out every

time I’m always interested in the fact

that never once have I had to write a

golden sealed invitation and send it

into the brush nearby to let the

critters know we are there and that they

are welcome to join us at 1: p.m. today

never once have I had to send out a

Clarion call to invite any Critters that

want to come and be a part of our

festivities never once have I ever had

to invite them because the environment

created by the upside down boat is



righteousness is right side up living

that invites the sunlight of God’s favor

and blessing and Grace all over your

life unrighteousness is upside down

behavior that is out of alignment with

the truth of God that you just app SP it

on Sunday it’s upside down living to

where you don’t have to invite the enemy

to come and make himself at home in your

life you just keep living upside down

and the environment unrighteousness

creates is invitation enough this means

you can be be in your War Room praying

against the devil till you are blue in

the face but if you come up out of that

prayer closet and live a raggedy Unholy

life then the enemy that you just prayed

against will still make himself self

known in your marriage in your finances

in your health in your mind in your

heart in your circumstances because the

enemy gravitates toward unrighteousness

that is why Paul said you got to live

right because this is what the old

preachers used to call it y y’all before

we got too um pre Seeker

sensitive the old preachers I’m talking

about our grandmother’s Pastor used to

call it


y’all straight up living right just

choosing to honor God Paul says the

reason why is not only because it

invites the favor of God when you’re

living right side up but because it

keeps an atmosphere out of your life in

which demonic activity canest her the

enemy has no place you’ll have a

breastplate on protecting you from a

full frontal attack by the enemy into

your life when you choose to put the

breastplate of righteousness on it is

not perfection it means that you choose

as a lifestyle to put one foot in front

of the other as the Holy Spirit empowers

you to make choices in your attitudes

and in your actions that honor God it’s

not Perfection it’s just a choice not to

plan to

sin you know what I mean like where if

you already have on your calendar right

now where you know you going after we

close tonight and you’re planning you’ve

calendared it in sin and unrighteousness

it is choosing not to live in a life

style of sin to break to have the Spirit

Break those chains off of your life so

that you can turn that boat right side

up the enemy will have no place to go

when you put that breastplate

on and can I tell

you that if there’s one concern that I

have for the younger generation if you

don’t mind I’m I’mma put myself in

it oh if there’s a concern that I have

y’all it is is that we are

impressive but we have no breastplate

on the problem is that we have so many


followers but we have no protection

against the schemes of the enemy I’m

concerned that we’ve got a ton of

Instagram likes that our selfies are

perfectly lit I’m afraid that we’ve

impressed people while the enemy is

running rough shot over our lives

because we have not chosen to impress

God more than we impress the people we

have not made a decision to walk in

Holiness and in Integrity to not impress

folks more than we make sure we are

garnering the attention and the Applause

of our great God and so we’re walking

around impressive and Savvy with a whole

bunch of Facebook friends while the

enemy is taking advantage of

us but back in the day there used to be

a grandmother and a grandfather that

more than anything wanted to honor God

more than than anything they wanted to

make sure that they walked uprightly

because like my grandmother used to say

Priscilla when I meet him I don’t want

to meet him with my head hung

down I want to be able to look my savior

in the fa do you know we’re going to see


savior and can I tell you when we see

him he’s not going to ask Priscilla how

many people went to go see that

movie when I see him face to face he’s

not going to ask me how many people read

that book when I see face to face he is

not going to ask me how many likes I got

on that Instagram post he’s not going to

be impressed by what impresses us when I

see him face to face he’s going to want

to know did I have a relationship with

his son Jesus

Christ and then I will give an

account y’all we’re going to give an

account and I implore you brothers and

sisters to walk in a manner worthy of

our great

God he has paid too high a price for us

to be walking around with no breastplate

unprotected against the advances of the

enemy tonight you can choose I can

choose to live

holy would you bow your heads with me

please because I want to ask

you I want to ask you if you are in this

room and you know you are in a lifestyle


sin that your boat is turned upside down

and the enemy is running rampant through

your life because you have not either in

your attitudes or actions aligned them

with the truth of God but tonight you’ve

decided you are no longer going to give

the enemy an opportunity to W Walt in

and make himself at home tonight’s the

night you get your breastplate fitted so

you are ready for

victory if you are in this room no

matter where you were sitting all the

way in the furthest reaches of the

balcony are right here on the floor no

matter where you are if you want to walk

out of here with a breastplate on I’m

going to ask you to stand to your

feet I cannot wait to pray with you and

over you as we walk out of here in


Lord Jesus I thank

you I thank you that because you paid so

high a price that your son shed blood on

Calvary on our behalf Lord I Thank you

right now that we have the privilege to

have relationship with you I thank you

that for every person under the sound of

my voice that is standing Lord I Thank

you there is no pit they have dug for

themsel that it’s too deep for you to

get them out of it I thank you that your

mercy abounds that your grace is

sufficient I thank you Father that today

there is forgiveness of

sins so I ask those of you in particular

that are standing would you picture that

lifestyle choice that habit that you

have would you picture it and would you

in your own way just offer it up to God

ask for

forgiveness know that his grace is


so Lord Jesus we give you this moment

and we pray Lord that you would break

shackles off of people’s lives in Jesus

name Lord I pray we would walk out of

here with an insistence and an in

intentionality father to walk in

Holiness Lord to walk by the spirit so

that we will no longer fulfill the

desires of the flesh Lord I Thank you

that Perfection isn’t the call that

you’ve given to us you’ve just told us

to yield to the spirit of God that lives

on the inside of us father and to honor

honor you in our actions and so Lord

these who are standing they are tired of

the enemy having his way today they want

the breastplate on so I pray that you

would fit them with it right now in

Jesus name that they will have such a

defense against the enemy that he will

no longer have access to a full frontal

attack in their lives Lord I pray for

Restoration in marriages Lord I pray for

wholeness in their hearts Lord I pray

for easiness in their minds father I

pray you would take care of financial

difficulties Lord I’m praying that you

would heal bodies any way Lord that the

enemy is taking advantage of them today

I pray that today it stops in Jesus name

as they walk in Holiness and integrity

and it is in the name of Jesus Christ

that we pray and say Amen