Bill Johnson talks about how to maintain peace and avoid stress and anxiety in this busy world. As believers, peace is our inheritance. More than a feeling or vague sense, peace is actually a person; the Person of God. If you are not walking in peace, ask yourself “Where did I leave my peace?”. Bill teaches how to find and maintain a sense of peace, even in the midst of the busyness of life. Maintaining peace helps to guard your ability to hear God’s voice. 0:00 Introduction 0:22: A Lifestyle of Peace 12:03: Worry is Faith in the Inferior 20:34: Guarding Peace Protects Your Ability to Hear God’s Voice 27:36: Do Not Fear: Restoring Connection to God 33:58: Peace Is for Your Spirit, Soul and Body 40:37: Prayer to Break Off Hopelessness Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Peace #Anxiety #Stress

in some ways the greatest enemy of our

heart is busyness and I don’t mean

busyness being full schedule I mean the

busyness of heart Jesus had probably as

full of schedule as anybody’s ever had

but he maintained that peace of heart

that enabled him to recognize his still


voice and it is possible to live free of

anxiety and stress Jesus illustrates it

he’s headed to the cross and he’s giving

thanks thanks we’ll look at that a

little bit more later but the point is

as both Paul and Jesus illustrate

something that’s almost scary profound

and how they modeled life going into the

most difficult situation possible but

they did it not just as survivors not

just to stay positive and you know stiff

upper lip that whole thing but as an

overcomer they went into a hellish

situation it came out absolutely

glorious because there was a way to

think I’m not talking about mind over

matter I’m not not talking about just

mental exercise I’m talking about a

perception that comes when we see what

Jesus sees we see the way he sees peace

is is a huge part of God’s economy for

us as a Believer um I’ve talked to you

even in recent weeks and months about

this issue for me whenever I you know I

I let’s just say let’s take a uh it’s 11

o’clock in the morning and I’m feeling

all anxious and stressful and I go man

what happened and I just I I I ask

myself question where did you leave your

piece cuz I had it it it it’s mine it’s

my possession so I just got to find out

where I dropped it so I I back up and I

go okay oh yeah I was feeling stressful

there there oh it was that phone call I

got this morning and it might not have

even been a bad one but my reaction to

information or to a situation was for me

to become anxious and I embraced a lie I

embraced inferior information over the

word of the Lord over my

life it wasn’t a conscious decision but

it happened nonetheless and so what I

have to do is I always have to repent my

way back to where I left my peace repent

confess my sin pick it up and just

realize it’s my permanent

possession peace in the kingdom is is

very very uh uh profound because peace

is not the absence of something it’s the

presence of

someone peace is actually a person it’s

the abiding presence of the spirit of

God in my

life I’m not saying I can drop it or

leave it in the sense that he abandons

me but my my the the felt awareness of

him gets laid

aside in the world peace is always the

absence of something it’s the absence of

noise or War or

conflict in the Kingdom you can be in

the middle of all those and have peace

because peace is a person so I Repent my

way back Embrace peace once again and

use that as my lifestyle we’re going to

look at why now um one more one more two

more comments before we open the

scripture although you already have it

open right Philippians 4 you’re so good

I in your life to teach you patience

that’s why I’m

here the other side of this issue that

we’ll read about in a moment

is the amazing

purpose in

prayer prayerlessness is

costly it’s probably would be worth a a

study sometime just to look at the cost

of press prayerlessness but let me give

you two things right

now in Scripture it says you have not

because you ask not so the implication

in that verse is prayerlessness creates

lack we often think in terms of lack

being God’s Sovereign will for our life

and it’s

not it’s just lack fills in where press


exists amen bill it’s very good point

amen just keep it up stay

encouraged and the

second price that I will mention to you

about prayerlessness is Jesus taught he


pray so that you wouldn’t enter

Temptation pray make sure you maintain

prayer in your life so that you don’t

enter temptation

so the implication is if I am prayerless

I will face Temptation I have no Grace

for and it doesn’t mean I am prone to

sin I may resist the temptation but the

problem is prayerlessness created a

battle I didn’t need to

fight prayerlessness put me into a

conflict of a war of Wills of decision

and let’s just say I win I make it

through I don’t do what I was tempted to

do the problem is is because I was

prayerless I actually attracted the

situation into my life that was


unnecessary if God designs for us to

face a battle it’s only because he’s

already given us the tools to win and he

wants to punish the powers of Darkness

it’s never so that we would fall or

falter if he allows the battle it’s it’s

only that we get to enforce his purposes

in the Earth but there’s many battles

that people face that were brought on by

prayerlessness I’m just here to

encourage Philippians 4 Philippians 4

let’s read some scripture

together we’ll start with verse four

rejoice in the lord always again I will

say rejoice I remind you Paul writes

this from

prison he’s giving us tried and tested

truths out of his own experience rejoice

in the lord

always I don’t know if you’ve ever

looked it up but that word always means

always again I will say rejoice let your

gentleness be known to all men the Lord

is at

hand be anxious for

nothing that’s one commandment I have

obeyed 100% of the time


because everything I’ve ever been

anxious over came to

nothing maybe that’s not what he meant

all right be anxious for nothing but in

everything by prayer and supplication

with Thanksgiving let your requests be

made known to God and the peace of God

which surpasses all understanding will

guard your heart and mind through Christ

Jesus be anxious for nothing but

everything with prayer and supplication

with Thanksgiving let your requests be

made known to

God and the peace of God which surpasses

all understanding will guard your hearts

and Minds through Christ

Jesus there’s a picture painted for us

in this part of Philippians 4 of a


guard protecting a person’s heart and

mind heart the place where thoughts come

from the Mind

itself and that military guard is there

because of the previous verse pray over

everything with


if you look at the nature of

thankfulness it is I don’t think we

could overemphasize it I’m not sure that

it’s possible to exaggerate the power of


Jesus on the night in which he was

betrayed he took bread he broke it and

he gave

thanks he’s about to be betrayed by

Judas and he’s about to be forsaken by


11 disciples that he is now breaking

bread with

he’s about to experience the most

gruesome death anybody’s ever faced not

only because of the crucifixion the

scourging all that he went through but

because of the weight of sin itself that

came upon him you know what it is to sin

and feel guilty and shameful multiply

that by billions of people with millions

of sins on one particular IM

individual when the soldiers came to

kill the three on the cross they didn’t

have to kill Jesus Jesus cuz he was

already dead why because the weightiness

of sin it’s why he said God why did you

forsake me cuz in that moment he became

sin when was forsaken by the Father the

two thieves had to be killed because

theirs was just a

crucifixion I don’t mean to make light

of it I’m just saying the weightiness of

sin he became that which the father

despised which was

sin but he did that so that we could

become what the father delighted in and

that was the righteousness of of God it

was an

exchange so in that moment which was his

most difficult moment most difficult

moment in all of human history in that

moment he broke bread and he gave

thanks I’d like to suggest that these

difficult moments throughout scripture

are the moments where he sets an example

a model for us that can and must be

followed that thankfulness regardless of

circumstances to main maintain

thankfulness in those circumstances

Keeps Us U like attached to Life Source

in a sense and a very practical way

maintaining thankfulness Keeps Us sane

when things are not going right keeps us

connected to the to the right

thing so we’ve got this interesting

passage I want you to look at it again

67 and this time we’ll read eight be

anxious for nothing verse 6 but in

everything by prayer and supplication

with Thanksgiving let your request be

made known to God now here’s the result

and the peace of God which surpasses all

understanding will guard your hearts in

Minds through Christ Jesus verse eight

finally Brethren whatever things are

true whatever things are noble whatever

things are just whatever things are pure

whatever things are lovely whatever

things are of good report if there’s any

virtue if there’s anything worthy uh

praiseworthy meditate on these things

what do we have here we’ve got we’ve we

got two um two

verses that give us instruction the

first one is pray over everything with

thankfulness verse 8 says think on these

things sandwiched those two verses

sandwich the promise and the promise is

his peace will protect you but it has

responsibility given to you and me on

both sides the first has to do with

prayer and the second has to do with

what we choose to think about


whenever we worry and become anxious

we’re being drawn into a faith in the

inferior the enemy is trying to lessen

our awareness of significance again I’m

not talking about self worship or any of

that nonsense I’m just talking about you

know you get the knock on the door from

that lawyer

and you find out you now own this Great

Estate and you have $10 million in the

bank even though you have not yet eaten

a meal from your new newly discovered

resources you walk out of that apartment

with a different attitude you’re

conscious of something you had no

awareness of moments earlier and yet

it’s been in that account for you for

months they’ve been looking and looking

and looking for you you’ve had their

resources all this time but lived

completely unaware of it when you live

aware of the significance of the moment

you’re in the significance of the

investment of God putting the holy

spirit in you what did Jesus say you can

blaspheme the father you can blaspheme

the son but don’t blaspheme the Holy

Spirit what is he what is he doing he’s

describing to us the the tenderness The

Fragile nature I’m probably not saying

any of that right but you get the point

of the Holy Spirit and that’s the one

God TR trusts us with he so confident of

his work in us that he put the holy

spirit in

US you can tell how much somebody trusts

you by what they entrust to

you and so when the Holy Spirit is given

to us to make us into the image of this

one who is glorified at the right hand

of the father there is a purpose in the

assignment and it’s more than singing

songs on a Sunday night it’s more than

going to work tomorrow and just making a

wage and paying your rent and eating

it’s more than that it’s the it’s the

effect that your awareness of his

assignment over you it’s the effect that

has on how you carry

yourself it’s again it’s not a

self-serving it’s not trying to attract

people to somehow worship or glorify or

do that nonsense I don’t like that at

all but it does say arise and shine get

up in other words stop sitting there

waiting for something else to happen you

don’t need five more prophetic words to

act on what God’s already said get up

shine he didn’t say he didn’t say arise


reflect he said shine because light is

within you well I don’t know what that

means well then figure it

out figure it out don’t sit there

ignorant when he’s given us a resource

manual that instructs us on how to do

life I can tell you number one righteous

acts of the Saints is the righteous

clothing and it is the radiance of God

himself that shines into the lives of

humanity so it’s shifting from a

self-serving lifestyle into a

servanthood lifestyle where we live

aware we have all the resources needed

to be effective in our serving of

humanity of people around

us God’s the who takes the simple Act of

the cash that you give to the guy on the

outside of

Safeway who hasn’t

eaten he takes that act he takes the

visit that you do to your neighbor who’s


sick he takes those simple acts the

phone call of a friend that you haven’t

seen for years and they keep coming to

mind and you just step out of what’s

convenient and you make that call


we often times think in terms of having

unlimited Financial Resources in our

possession so that we can do great

things for

God when he’s the one who breathes on

the simple things that we’re capable of

doing and makes them supernaturally

effective fear anxiety and busyness

deadens our awareness to who he says we


I’m not opposed at all to a busy

lifestyle I live one but what I don’t

like is when I I


um things robbing me of my

peace in fact Let me let me put it in

two different ways I’m going to call

this two sides of the same coin the

peace but also it’s my adoration for

him the Adoration my my adoration my

my times of really not saying a whole

lot in prayer but being in those moments

engaged in deep Adoration of

him that’s that’s the strength of my

prayer life that is the

anchor it

is I I believe in prayer I believe in

contending I believe in all all the

stuff and I do it and I love to spend

the time but you know the Adoration It’s

the affection for him that does more to

change my awareness of of of his

presence of his purpose of who he’s made

me to be everything shifts in that in

that tender place of adoration it’s that

deep place of affection for him and I

whenever I I seem to lose my peace it’s

because I’ve lost my

adoration I I’m I’m no longer

AED what happens in fear

we see a problem and we become

AED you can’t awe two Gods at the same

time only

one can be in the position to affect how

I think what I value how I

reason how I

anticipate my awareness of purpose all

those things are defined by where my

affection Is

Anchored in those moments where I lose


peace I have to find out where I left

it for me I I’ll I’ll stop and think man

I feel so anxious what what happened to

my piece where did I leave it because I

I left it somewhere

it is mine it’s my possession so it’s

like my phone I can lay it down if I


to said where did I leave it where is

that where’s that piece of

mine I go oh I remember it was when I

got that phone

call instead of moving into trust I

moved into fear and when I did I

received fear and I exchanged it for my

peace so so you don’t go and just pick

it up you actually repent your way back

to finding

it God I I actually feared something


you I wasn’t aware of it I just I just


stupid forgive me for becoming anxious

actually exalting a problem over my

awareness of your

promise and in those moments you become

re-engaged with peace the atmosphere of



in those moments the affection of your

heart becomes ignited for the one

who you will never be able to exhaust

the resource of adoration in your

soul because every

time every time you turn your heart

towards him he

just he just moves ever so slightly and

you see something brand new about him

and you’re locked into that place of

adoration the challenge with our

faith is not our inability to hear God’s

voice the challenge of our faith is our

willingness to hear other

voices there are so many opinions ideas

ideologies that are all competing for

for our attention and ultimately our

affection whenever the Lord does a

miracle a healing something

extraordinary in our lives he’s always

trying to Anchor our affections into a

world we cannot

see when you see cause and effect you

see someone’s ear that is deaf somebody

prays something unseen comes and opens

the ear they can now hear what’s

happening the Lord is Awakening our

affection for a world we cannot

see he’s teaching us he’s training us on

the superiority of the

Unseen Paul anchored into that when he

said what you can’t see is eternal what

you can see is

temporal so there’s a constant it

doesn’t have to be a conflict but we

live often times in a conflict between

those two realities when they’re

supposed to be joined together in

Partnership it’s not supposed to be the

natural is an evil commodity and the

Supernatural is great it’s supposed to

be functioning

together it’s supposed to be if I can

use Israel’s analogy as they went into

the promised land it’s supposed to be

Israel Works naturally plant crops God

breathes on them and they multiply in

the size of the Harvest the natural is

supposed to cooperate with the

Supernatural and you and I are the

agents that connect the


both hope and hopelessness are

contagious decide what kind of influence

you want to have on the world around

you because both are

contagious faith comes from hearing

God’s voice everybody in the room can

hear God’s voice you you wouldn’t be

safe saved

otherwise that conviction that draws us

to him where we confess we repent we

turn our lives to him it’s only because

it’s a response to hearing his

voice we unfortunately as a an

achievement sometimes centered people

especially in Western World We emphasize

our ability or in this case

inability and instead of emphasizing our

inability or our weakness in hearing

God’s voice it would be wiser for us to

emphasize his ability to be

heard if you’re talking to somebody who

has a difficult time hearing you you

raise your voice perhaps you wait till

they’re looking at you you do something

to help to make sure that you are heard

you take on responsibility to be heard

if you and I know how to do that as

people in this human race then certainly

God knows how to do that as our heavenly


he makes certain that he can be heard so

the issue is not ability as much as it


willingness in some ways the greatest

enemy of our heart is

busyness and I don’t mean busyness being

full schedule I mean the busyness of

heart Jesus had probably as full of

schedule as anybody’s ever had he had

people pressing about him con constantly

trying to get close trying to draw from

him questions following him anywhere

he’d go they’d follow him out into the

Wilderness where there was no food and

just stay there without food and just

lose concern for their own needs to eat

and to drink they just forget about it

they’re with him so if there’s anybody

who knew what it was to have demands put

on him it was Jesus but he maintained

that sense of personal peace if you will

he maintained that peace that that peace

of heart that enabled him to recognize

is a still Small

Voice the Lord is obviously able to

speak dramatically through circumstances

I’ve seen it circumstances unusual uh

coincidences there so many ways that he

talks and sometimes he uses

words but he speaks and often times it’s

that still small

voice and it doesn’t mean if it’s loud

around you you can’t hear the still

Small Voice it just can’t be loud inside

of you

maintaining protecting

peace one of my perhaps my greatest life

verse was given to me by a friend 45

years ago and it was out of Isaiah 4

excuse me out of Proverbs chapter 4

where he says watch over your heart with

all diligence because from it flow the

issues of Life watch over your

heart we use that as a model Benny and I

did in raising our children children

because we would actually bring

correction in response to attitude

instead of just

Behavior because if you can catch some

things in Attitude form you can actually

prevent the wrong

behavior and so the Lord’s inviting us

into that kind of self-examination in a

healthy way watch over your heart with

all diligence from it flow the issues of

life making sure that I maintain not

just right attitudes but I maintain I

protect that PE peace I protect the

peace that seems to welcome and respond

to the slightest nudge the slightest uh

movement of the Holy Spirit where he

speaks to

me our life depends on his

voice now I want to emphasize for those

who may not know us well enough his

voice will never contradict his

word but his voice is what makes this

come alive we need the voice of God

that’s where he activates what’s on the

page into becoming flesh in us we need

that activation of his

voice man should not live by bread alone

but by

every word that proceeds out of the

mouth of God the voice we live literally

by the voice of God everything is upheld

by his voice by his

word our need to hear from him is an

ongoing continual thing and protecting

that peace is what ensures that we will

always be a hearer of his


voice what’s the number one command uh

in the Bible is to not fear so why would

that be the number one command because

not learning to not fear is what trips

us up in our capacity to

hear anxiety and fear dumbs us to

hearing and we speak of ourselves it’s

so hard for me to hear from God no no no

that’s not true you’re just listening to

too many other things yeah it’s it’s the

word that Ben read earli before the

offering be careful what you hear

because whatever standard you set it

will be measured to you so when I when I

entertain wrong things in my hearing

I’ve actually welcomed more wrong things


follow when I develop an ear for

whatever God is saying it actually

increases the flow of his voice in my

life but here’s the thing we have to

remember we were designed to hear from

God some people will say well I pray all

I sense is his peace that’s his

voice sometimes all you need to know is

he is present and he is

peace we don’t always need new Concepts

and new insights what we need is the

stability of a relationship that says

all is well on and in that heart-to-

heart connection we we discover the

heart and mind of God for a given

situation but number one we were

designed to hear from the Lord there’s

probably thousands of things we were

designed for but I want to address three

and mainly talk about the third so the


one is we were designed for a seamless

relationship with

God we were made in His image for the

purpose of relationship

everything he created he said it was

good but he said when he created people

he said it was very good why because

here is the opportunity for him to

fulfill his particular dream and desire

and that is to join with his Creation in

an intimate way that can’t be found in

any other part of his creation

yeah sin messed it up but Jesus came and

fixed the

mess fin sin through uh an obstacle into

that seamless connection but Jesus came

removed the obstacle and restored the

capacity for a seamless connection


right let me speak of marriage for just

a a quick moment in Genesis when God

formed Eve from the rib of Adam he made

this statement I will make helpmate for

him I don’t know how it happened it

would be interesting to see but I don’t

know how it happened through church

culture that helpmate has taken on like

a subservient role a second class

support CI

citizen instead of what the Bible


says the word help

meet God uses to describe himself with

Israel at least 12 and I think I think

it might be 13 times God says he is


helpmate not second class subservient

role completely different than how we’ve

understood it the word helpmate

basically means one who is fully

qualified to stand face to face to make

up for anything lacking in the

other one who is fully qualified all the

women got happy on that one that’s what

I’ve been saying

that’s I knew

it fully qualified to stand face to face

making up for whatever might be

lacking god with

Israel the point is man




illustrating in human terms the design

of seamless


yeah and Ephesians 5 uses some fairly

graphic language in its original

language to describe

this he says yeah it’s marriage but I’m

not talking about that I’m talking about

you and the Jesus in the church yeah

it’s his people

the point is is we were designed once

we’re born again we’re designed for a

seamless heart-to-heart connection with

God and the reason the Lord deals so

vigorously with fear and then all of its

relatives bitterness jealousy those

things is because those things throw the

monkey wrench into the seamless

connection it’s not a rejection on God’s

part part for us it’s the it’s the

um it’s like interferes with with design

interferes with capacity interferes with

the Air wave so to speak there’s it’s

it’s not seamless like it was supposed

to be and it’s repentance that

continually Keeps Us in that seamless

connection to sense to feel to live

aware of the heart of God it’s possible

to develop such a ious such an awareness

of the heart of God that you


obey in fact I I personally think that’s

maturity it’s not that I don’t pray

anymore it’s that it’s that my my prayer

is the occasion to celebrate his

kindness and love for me the fact that

he welcomes me into his presence but

there’s this there’s this thing with

maturity where where we develop an

awareness of his voice in his


and his introduction into the world came

with this decree glory to God on the

highest and on Earth peace and Good Will

towards men it’s always been designed

that the reality of that world would

affect this one it’s not just

occasionally it’s not just in a good

Revival meeting it’s not just in that

Act of Faith of prayer for a miracle but

it’s a lifestyle glory to God in the

highest that realm of of him being

exalted is to affect this realm that we

live in and on Earth peace and Good Will

towards men the word peace is one of the

most pregnant words in the Bible because

it deals with Spirit soul and body it’s

a word that doesn’t just talk about the

absence of noise the absence of conflict

the absence of difficulties it actually

is a word that describes the presence of

someone it’s positive positive it’s a

person it’s the permeating presence of

the Prince of Peace who loves to crush

the powers of Darkness under our feet so

peace resting on us is the Assurance the

guarantee that we will trample on Powers

of Darkness this is the privilege for

believers the god of the Breakthrough is

here and one of the worst lies that the

enemy has worked into culture and

Society is that there are actually

situations that are hopeless

if there’s ever been a time that I’ve

seen culture itself from having to do

with elections having to do with the

ecology having to do with the economy it

doesn’t matter where you slice it there

seems to be prevailing voices that are

filled with hopelessness and I want to

announce to you in many many of those

situations that hopelessness is actually

a demonic spirit it’s a power that has

attached itself to the thought processes

of people that that for whatever reason

their thinking is void of the God who

brings breakthrough the Bale parison the

god of the

Breakthrough and one of the great worst

uh greatest uh worst me go the opposite

worst things that could exist in the

heart of a Believer and every one of us

have have dealt with from time to time

is that sense of hopelessness that we

look at situations and we just don’t

have that anticipation that it’s going

to turn out it’s going to change and

we’re going to study some scripture in a

little bit but before we even study this

subject before we even look to what the

Bible has to say I feel that we’re

supposed to pray together I realize that

folks are watching online on tv and I’ll

just have to trust that you’ll do the

same thing in your home your small group

wherever you happen to be gathered

because this God of the Breakthrough is

here to not only bring hope to hopeless

situations but to change the patterns of

life that have been filled with hopeless

some of you it’s like no matter what

happens in your life as soon as there’s

a breakthrough there’s this nagging

voice there’s this nagging influence

some of you it has followed you your

entire life and I’m here to announce to

you that’s not normal and it’s going to

break today it’s not normal it’s not

your assignment it is not your lot in

life sometimes in the name of

perseverance we actually entertain the

Demonic some times in the name of

endurance we actually entertain things

that lead us into

unbelief we had a guest here a number of

years ago that made a statement that

really stuck with me and I think stuck

with a number of us he said what you

tolerate will

dominate what you tolerate will

dominate and sometimes we get accustomed

to the small foxes that ruin the

vineyard we we get accustomed to the

small voices that are just nagging

voices and and uh and seem to plunder

the hope and the courage that we were

designed to carry and I believe that

today there’s going to be for many

people there’s going to be a cycle of

returning hopelessness that will be

forever broken I believe there’s an

anointing here today to break that cycle

and that this God of the Breakthrough

this God who when Jesus was baptized in

water literally an act of violence to

save Humanity was to rip open the

heavens allow Jesus to go to the

crucifixion release the power of the

spirit of God so that there could be and

should be hope in any given situation

we’ll look at biblical uh basis

precedent for that in a few minutes but

first I feel like we’re just supposed to

pray we’re supposed to pray together I I

think that there are some of you you can

see it you can see it in the countenance

of your parents you can see it in the

countenance of your grandparents that

for some reason this thing is haunted

your family line like as long as you can

remember and you would be willing to to

say Bill I want this thing to end today

I want this cycle of hopelessness to end

today hope in in biblical hope is

completely different than cultural hope

we had a a humorous conversation with

Paul and Sue manwaring earlier there if

you don’t know them there are some of

our friends that are on staff here from

from the UK and uh he was telling us

only recently did he discover something

in our language that if if I and it’s

the word quite if I say that’s quite a

nice car quite for us is something

that’s big that’s like that’s really a

nice car in the UK when they say that’s

quite a nice car they’re they’re saying

boy that’s a real bad car you got there

and in in fact he jokely said here if

you say I’m I’m I’m quite in love with

you will you marry me uh if you say that

here that’s very positive and the woman

would want to marry you in the UK If you

say I’m quiet in love you you she look

at you and and want want you out of her

life because that was such a small thing

well we have that kind of a contrast in

terminology with this word hope the word

hope culturally is a wish it is not

solid it is not secure it’s like may

maybe if we play our cards right maybe

if everything lines up correctly it’ll

work out for our favor that’s what we

hope for but that is not the Biblical

word hope the Biblical word hope is

absolutely concrete it is so concrete

that you’re allowed to get happy before

it happens because you know it’s going

to happen it’s it’s the joyful

anticipation of good it’s completely

different so when we talk about hope I

feel like I feel like the Lord wants to

breathe if if I could if you could

imagine this room just becoming filled

with smoke and that smoke being the

atmosphere of Heaven that is the

atmosphere of hope that’s what I feel he

wants us just to inhale the hope of

another world because because that’s

where hope comes from the Hope comes

actually from the resurrection of Christ

if I could put it this way our hope is

based on the Resurrection The

Resurrection is our initial Taste of

Eternity if you’ve been born again the

spirit of the resurrected Christ has

taken up residence in you and you have

already begun to taste of

Eternity Hope Is Anchored in eternity

and it works back to affect every other

part of life when you try to get hope

for problems that you’re facing you’re

facing an up feel battle you try to get

psychologically over over the edge on

this problem over this issue over that

challenge but when you realize that our

hope is in eternity the worst thing that

could happen to me is I spend eternity


Heaven All right so it doesn’t work out

I die guess what I’m forever with God

when you start working from that place

back towards the situations that we face

in life suddenly everything takes on

perspective people would have more hope

hope if they were more convinced of

Eternity people would have more


hope we would have more hope if we were

convinced of Eternity and part of what I

believe is going to happen today is the

Lord is going to start not start he’s he

started this long time ago but he’s

going to continue to unveil the reality

of Eternity that the fact that we have

citizenship in heaven now and that now

he is working back from that reality of

Heaven to in fact from Heaven towards

Earth all the areas of life that just

seem to be out of order Mis Mis uh

misdiagnosed bad

design uh failure

collapse if that seems to fit you and

you have you just carry this thing of

hopelessness it may be over a situation

it may that reoccurring lifestyle if

that’s you stand cuz we’re going to

pray if that’s you just stand

up be bold cuz this is the time to

change your family Lin’s

history I I’m just curious for how many

of you you can see that it’s just

followed you a good part of your life

put your hands up all right for how many

of you you wouldn’t say that you just

say it’s more of a recent thing that’s

that’s happened for you all right it’s

it’s maybe three quarters followed one


recent it doesn’t matter to me how long

it’s been there what matters to me is

how much longer it

stays and it’s to end

today please don’t stand for prayer if

you don’t want it

gone because you will be horribly

disappointed in what is about to

happen this is the largest Sozo we’ve


done I do sincerely believe that God is

going to heal

situations let me talk to you for a

minute before we

pray we are about to

pray to the god we’ve been given

privileged to call Father ABA

father we’re going to pray to the one

who has never lied and he’s never

deceived and he’s never been

wrong and when he thought of this moment

he offered his son Jesus to make sure

that you and I would be qualified for

Hope Jesus qualified me for Hope amen he

qualified me for a life of hope so good

he qualified

you the Bible says his arm is not short

in other words he can is he can reach

Where You

Are he can reach into your

situation and it doesn’t matter to me if

it’s economic if it’s relational if it’s

Health if it’s all the above or none of


above for some of you you can’t even pin

down what you feel hopeless

about the horrible thing about that

presence of hopelessness is that

everything could go right and it still

doesn’t look

right that is going to be

broken that’s going to be broken the

Servants of the Lord are are going to

join with you right now in partnership

with heaven to see this

broken those of you that are sitting

down I’m assuming you’re filled with

hope if

not get your act together and get

prayer because we’re going to break this

thing all right I want you to stand I

want you to find someone to pray for I

see that there are some Pockets where

there’s a whole bunch of you together

you may actually need to pray together

for each other we’re coming again

against a power that has planted a lie

and we’re going to break that place of

identity with that lie lay hands on them

and rebuke the power of hopelessness

those of you that are receiving prayer I

want you to renounce

hopelessness it is a presence that is no

longer allowed to follow you

around those who are watching on TV we

break that power of

hopelessness we break break that power

that presence that is haunted and

tormented we just say that is illegal it

is an illegal

assignment Revelations of Eternity

Revelations of Heaven Let It burst forth

in the soul

God those of you that are receiving

prayer it’s very important that you

yield to the power of this prayer and

actually renounce

hopelessness close the door I I like to

declare it I renounce hopelessness I

close the door to that power and that

presence it is closed now in jesus’ name

we pray for this thing to be broken off

of Family

Lines this thing that has just hovered

in the background for multiple

Generations we just declare it ends

today it never was legal we end it now

in the name of the Lord Jesus it never

was a legal



wonderful now just pray for that release

of Hope Supernatural hope that comes in

the form of presence the presence of

someone the presence of the spirit of