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My guest was taken
to Heaven for 5 hours

then taken to Hell for 5 hours

and given a message that changed
and marked him forever.


SR: Welcome, Holy Spirit,

to God be not some of the glory,
not the glory,

but to God be all the glory,
all the glory!

No room for anyone else
to be able to take credit,

and, God, we so trust that
You’re going to show up today.

That miracles
will be like popcorn.

My guest,
a second-generation pastor,

grew up in an atmosphere
of miracles, revivals and glory.

That was his normal environment

until he was catapulted
to the highest level

of the presence of God
known to man.

He spent 5 hours in Heaven,
Gary, explain.

I left the other part out,
by the way.

He’ll bring that up.

GB: Well, most people
ask me if I died.

No, I didn’t die, but in 2004
on a Saturday morning,

I awoke 5 a.m.,
went to the sofa

and just began
to spend time with God.

I immediately sensed
the presence of God

in a very, very strong way.

In just moments,
became so strong

that I went to the floor,

got on my face before God
and began to weep,

and I sensed my spirit
leave my body.

It detached from my body,

and I knew what it was
to be absent from the body

and to be present with the Lord,
and the intensity of His presence

was unlike anything I had
ever known before or since.

I’ve known some wonderful
times with the Lord,

seen visitations of Heaven
but nothing like this before,

and He restricted this
just to His presence.

I knew only His presence.

I didn’t see any of the things
I’d seen before.

I knew only
the presence of God,

and I was so detached, Sid,
that I said to God.

I said,
“If You want to take me now

and just not ever let me go back,
I’d be okay with that,”

like He needed my permission.
[Laughter]. But that’s not

normal. It’s normal for us to
want to be with our families

and feel an attachment to Earth,
but I felt a detachment

because the glory
of God supersedes everything,

and if you think
of what Isaiah said

when he went
into the throne room,

I understand it now.
I’m undone.

I’m absolutely undone.

SR: Wait, he was the holiest man
of Israel when he said –

GB: Yeah, yeah.

SR: If the holiest man said it,
what about us?

GB: Yes.
SR: Go ahead.

GB: And the interesting thing
there is that I felt humbled,

but I didn’t feel unworthy, and I
had always thought when I died,

went into the presence of God,

I wondered if there would be
a sense of unworthiness.

No, it’s humility,
but you feel worthy

because you’ve been made worthy
by Jesus.

And so God makes you feel
absolutely welcome.

He loves you.
He cares for you.

You feel like you’re the only
person that has His attention,

and that’s because

you have His full attention.

God gives His full attention
to everyone,

and so I enjoyed
this incredible presence of God,

and the most difficult thing
about it trying to describe it

because it was
so filled with love,

so filled with His presence
that it’s hard to describe.

It’s a million times greater

than anything
we’ve ever known on Earth,

and it was just fantastic.
This afterglow continued.

I went to the church
the next morning,

told the people about it.

We had an incredible
altar response,

and that afterglow went on
until Tuesday night.

And at midnight Tuesday night,

I felt the presence of God
leave my body like it

was being vacuumed
out of the top of my head,

and it felt horrible, and I
immediately plunged into Hell.

The devil walked right up
to me immediately.

He reached up to my mouth,

and he pulled
from my mouth something,

and I realized it was the praises
I had been speaking of God

about that time in Heaven,
and he threw them on the ground.

He stomped on them,
and he looked at me,

and he stunk,
and he’s grotesque.

He looked right at me,
and he said,

“Where’s your God now?”
And I couldn’t cry out to God.

The worst part of Hell
is not fire.

I experienced no fire.
I’m not saying –

Why couldn’t you cry out to Him?

GB: I couldn’t cry out to God.
It was not possible.

SR: You were incapable, in Hell.

I was incapable of that,

and I actually at one time said,
“Why am I here?”

And I just heard the word, faith,
and that was it.

I could not pray,
could not cry out to God.

I felt such fear whereas
the time in God’s presence

had been 5 hours
that seemed like 5 minutes.

This 5 hours seemed
like it would never end,

and in Hell it’s torment.
In Heaven it’s love.

In Hell it’s fear-based,
and it’s torment.

If you take the worst panic
attack you ever had in your life,

the worst fight-or-flight
response to something,

the worst anxiety or grief
you’ve ever had,

and you multiply it
a million times.

You don’t get close
to what you feel in Hell,

and in Hell you experience
things on different planes.

For instance, you have
the psychological torture

of absolute silence,

and then you have
the psychological torture

of loudness
that’s almost unbearable.

You have condemnation
and accusations

coming at you from the enemy
like shotgun pellets,

and it’s just almost unbearable,
and the grief that you feel,

the fear that you feel
that some of your family –

you know how you’ve been
worried about your family

at times
for some reason or another?

You worry all time
that your family will come to

Hell, and so there’s
torture and torment.

It’s just unbelievable,
but the worst part,

Sid, is this: hopelessness.
Hopelessness is how I’m –

SR: So it’s people that know
God and feel hopeless.

GB: Yes.

They have a little bit of Hell

is just clawing on them.
Give it no place! GB: Hm-mm.

SR: The devil wants you
to give it place.

That’s what God says:
give the devil no place.

GB: That’s right.

Sometimes we’ll usually
have someone we can reach to,

to vent to,
or we can cry out to God.

We can pray for His help.

He promised to never leave us
or forsake us,

but there in Hell
that’s not available,

so there is hopelessness.

You have no human relationships
in Hell, none at all.

You have no relationship.

You just have torment
and hopelessness,

but then Tuesday night,
I went to bed at midnight.

I woke up at 3 a.m.,
and something began to change,

and I began to sense
something different

when I woke up a bit later.

I went back to sleep,
woke up a bit later,

and I took a pad and pencil,

and I wrote down “Resist
the devil, and he will flee.

Greater is He that is in me than
He that is in the world.”

And it took 20 minutes.

It was like I was writing
against an unknown force.

I sensed something above me.
I looked up. I saw a mist.

It came into my face,
went down into my body.

The presence of God had returned,
and the Hell experience

and the aftermath
of the Hell experience had ended.

SR: When we return,
Gary will tell you

how these experiences
permanently changed him forever,

and then he’s going
to pray for you

to be saturated
in this heavenly presence,

this heavenly glory,
be right back.


>> We will be right back
to “It’s Supernatural!”

GB: I want to share
with you my exclusive CD

about my 5 hours in Heaven
and 5 hours in Hell.

In 2004 I was taken
out of my body

and taken into the presence
of God, into Heaven for 5 hours.

It was a time
that was absolutely filled

with the magnified presence
of God

in a way that I had
never known before,

more than anything
I had ever imagined.

I told Him I’d be willing
to stay there

if He wanted to take me,

but then His presence
was taken from me.

I was plunged into Hell.
The devil himself came up to me,

and he took the words
of praise from my mouth,

and he stomped on them.

And he said,
“Where’s your God now?”

And just as the time
in God’s presence had been filled

with overwhelming love
and security,

the time in Hell
was filled with insecurity

and fear, anxiety
and dread,

torment on a level that I can’t
even begin to describe.

But after that experience,
everything changed.

I began to have
divine encounters.

I saw one lady
coming out of a store,

and I was parked next to her,

and God said,
“Compliment her three children.”

And I did so,
and after that He said,

“Ask her if they’re all
from different fathers,”

and I said, “Ma’am, are all
three of those children

from different fathers?”

But she said, “Yes, and there’s
another child in me now

that’s from a fourth father,

and that father
has left me, too.”

I said, “You fall in love
too easily, don’t you?

Would you like to hear
about a man who will love you

and never leave you
or forsake you?”

And she said, “Yes, absolutely,”

and within about 2 minutes
of my sharing the gospel,

she was repenting of her sins and
accepting Jesus as her Savior.

She then told me she had come
to the wrong store,

was in the wrong place.

I said, “You were in just
the right place today,”

and she said, “I agree.”

On another occasion
I saw a lady in a wheelchair,

and I said, “Ma’am,
I understand you’re dying,”

and she said, “Yes.”

I shared the gospel, and right
then she accepted Jesus.

>> You can hear many more
supernatural stories

from Pastor Gary Brown
on his exclusive audio CD,

“10 Hours in Eternity:

My Experiences
in Heaven and Hell,”

when you call or go online

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>> We now return to
“It’s Supernatural!”


Gary, these two encounters

profoundly marked you forever.
How did it change you?

They sure did.

I had been pastoring
for quite some time by that time,

and I thought I understood
the presence

versus the absence
of presence.

I thought I understood
Heaven and Hell,

but now I really
understood it.

And if it is getting me magnified
love and compassion for people,

and if I want anything,

for people to take away
anything from this,

it is that so many times
we desire to do the sensational,

and we’ll sometimes
get it backwards.

We’ll try to go out
and do the sensational

to bring the power of God.
That’s backwards.

We need to get next
to the power of God.

His name is Jesus,
our Messiah.

We get close to Him,
yoked to Him.

I call it yoked and soaked.

We get yoked to Jesus
and soaked in His presence,

and the Holy Spirit transfers
that power into us

so that we can do
the things that Jesus did,

and things began to happen
that were very unusual,

and I’d always prayed for people,

but some very unusual things
began to happen.

My wife wanted
to stop at Hallmark,

and this lady
with three children

immediately came out of the store
next to Hallmark,

and she was strapping
her children

in the back of the seat,
the back of the car,

and the Holy Spirit said,

“I want you to
compliment her children.”

I rolled down my window.

The lady walked around
to the front of the car

after she had strapped
her kids in,

and I said, “You sure have
three beautiful children, ma’am.”

She said, “Thank you,”
and then the Holy Spirit said,

“I want you to ask her if they’re
from different fathers,

each one.”
And I said, “What?”

Hey, there’s a risk there.

There’s a risk there, so I said,

“Is each one
from a different father?”

And she started
towards my window,

and I thought I was going to get
either cussed at or slugged,

and she said, “Yes, they are,
and I’m carrying another child

inside who is from yet
another father,

and all four fathers
have left me.”

Open door, Sid, I said,
“May I tell you about a man

who will love you and never
leave you or forsake you?”

She said, “Oh, yes,”
and I shared the gospel,

and within 2 minutes,

the lady was making
an altar of my window,

and she was receiving Jesus.

As she walked away,
she turned back,

and she said, “You know
what’s really weird?”

I said, “What’s that?”

She said, “We came to the wrong
shopping center,

the wrong store,
came right back out

and got back in the car.
I came to the wrong place.”

I said, “Oh, no, you came to
exactly the right place.”

SR: Tell me about
cloud visitation of God’s glory

and the trauma you had
from going to Hell.

I’ve talked to people
that have gone to Hell.

GB: Yeah.

SR: And they say to me,
it was a year

before they were able to more,

able to even tell
their spouse about it.

GB: Yeah.

SR: It was so traumatic.
How’d you get over that?

Well, I’ll tell you.

What happened is,

I felt that trauma
after this experience in Hell.

I felt the trauma,
and after that experience

of sensing the glory cloud
come back in,

God did something
that was awesome.

He sent a young lady
to my office

that day to minister to me
who knew nothing about this.

He then sent a word of knowledge
from a Baptist friend of mine

who had never heard
the term word of knowledge,

and he said, “Something unusual
has been going on in you.

I want you to get ready
to reap the fruit

of whatever God
has been doing in you.

I don’t know what it is I don’t
know why I’m saying this,”

and then a friend of mine
called me.

She was shopping
in Hobby Lobby,

and she said,
“I’m supposed to pray for you.”

I said, “You sure are.”
She said, “What’s going on?”

And I told her,
and I was still shaking a bit

and suffering
from this aftermath.

She prayed for me.

She prayed to the Spirit as she
walked through Hobby Lobby,

and I said,
“Aren’t you in the store?”

She said, “I’m not worried
about it if you’re not,

just be pretty quiet and listen.”

And so she prayed,
and all my strength came back,

and wonderful things
continued to happen.

I was called to the hospital
one day to pray for a boy

who was in
the trauma room in the ER.

The grandmother called me.
She went to our church.

Grandmother called me.
I got there.

The head nurse wouldn’t let me
into the trauma room.

She said, “The doctor is about
to call for a helicopter.

We just simply can’t let you in.
It’s too grave.”

The doctor came out
at that moment.

He said, “Hello, Gary,
what are you doing here?”

We had known each other
since childhood.

You think God doesn’t
set things up?

The grandmother said,
“They won’t let him in.”

He said, “Oh, yes,
he’s going in.”

I went in. He went
and called the helicopter.

I went in and said to
all the technicians,

nurses, family, room full of

I’m not usually this bold,
but I said,

“Can everybody
give me 10 seconds?

And let’s see what God will do.”
I stood at the foot of that bed

as that little boy
struggled to breathe,

just making whistling noises,

and I said,
“Father, in the Name of Jesus,

I pray You breathe Your breath
into this little boy.”

He went – started to breathe
normally, and so I –

SR: It’s a miracle.

GB: Instantly I looked up,
and the technicians

and the nurses
had their jaws on the ground.

The family was weeping.
The doctor burst in and said,

“I just called the helicopter and
– what happened here?”

And grandmother said,
“God just touched my grandson.”

He said, “I believe so,”
and he went over

and listened to him and said,
“Oh, my, it’s all changed.”

Now if I go to that hospital
today to the ER,

that head nurse
that wouldn’t let me in says,

“Well, hello, Pastor Brown, what
room would you like to go to?”


SR: Since Gary’s original
visitation to Heaven,

he’s been taken back
to Heaven many times.

Tell me about –

It is fascinating,
the library in Heaven

and that hourglass
and the words that you heard.

GB: Yes, I’ve had
several visitations to Heaven

and sometimes visions,
sometimes dreams,

and three times,
three of those occasions

I’ve been into what is called
the great library.

Now there are many libraries
in Heaven

because you could not possibly
write of all the glory of God.

It could fill the oceans,

so there are many,
many libraries,

but I was taken
into the great library,

and there’s a massive desk there.

Were there actually books?

Did it look like
a regular library?

GB: Oh, yes, oh, yes,
there was this massive desk

and this huge, ornate,
beautiful hourglass.

It’s filled with silver
instead of sand,

and progressively each time
I’ve been there, three times,

there is more and more silver
in the bottom,

less and less in the top,

and there’s very little left
in the top the last time

I was there.

There are bookshelves to the left
that are gold-bound books,

and those books, I was told, are
the books of all Kingdom truth.

They were all the government
of the Kingdom is within those,

all the truth of the Kingdom.
I then went into the library.

There is a gigantic book
I was told was the book of life,

and then there are thousands
and thousands, perhaps more.

This place is huge,
book after book after book,

and I believe what is written in
those books are the works of man.

So the book of life, which
God desires to blot no one out.

He desires that
all should be saved,

and I believe He’s working
in every person

on the face of this Earth,
wooing them into relationship

or wooing them
into closer relationship

if they already know Him
as their Messiah.

SR: He gave you a word
about what’s coming.

GB: Yes. Early this year,
about February 2023,

the Lord spoke to me that on July
27th, there would be a shift,

and at first He didn’t tell me
exactly what that would be.

He just spoke that to me.

He continued to speak things
to me about July 27th,

and ultimately He spoke to me

that there would be a shift
on July 27th

that would shift into 5 years
of magnified evangelism

and magnified grace,

in other words, magnified fruit
of that evangelism,

and I believe that
during this 5-year period,

it doesn’t mean there won’t be
evangelism and grace afterwards,

but there is this 5-year period

we’ve shifted into
in which I believe

we will see that
magnified evangelism and grace,

and during that period we want
to see millions come to the Lord.

But I believe something else
God is showing me, Sid, is this.

There have been many,
including Bob Jones and others,

who said there will be
a billion-soul harvest,

an end gathering
before the Lord comes.

The Lord spoke to me
that sometime

after this 5 years
of massive evangelism,

God will reveal
His power and glory

in some way that’s so incredible
that a billion people

will immediately cry out
to Jesus as their savior,

and the fulfillment
of this prophecies

of the billion-soul end gathering
will be fulfilled in a moment.


SR: Hear that?
I believe that many,

many people watching have
even said a prayer to know God

but never had
experiential knowledge of God.

This is what Gary’s
talking about.

This is what
has been missing.

You feel like there’s something
in your life that’s missing.

This is it.
Say this prayer out loud with me

and mean it to the best
of your ability: Dear God –

>> Dear God –

SR: I’ve committed many sins –

>> I’ve committed many sins –

SR: – for which I’m so sorry.
>> – for which I’m so sorry.

SR: I believe the blood of Jesus

>> I believe the blood of Jesus –

– washes away my sins.

>> – washes away my sins.
SR: And I am clean.

>> And I am clean.

SR: And now that I’m clean –

>> And now that I’m clean –

SR: – Jesus, come and live
inside of me.

>> – Jesus, come and live
inside of me.

SR: Be my Savior
for all of my sins.

>> Be my Savior
for all of my sins.

SR: Come and live inside of me –

>> Come and live inside of me –
SR: – and be my Lord.

– and be my Lord.

SR: Amen.
>> Amen.

SR: Gary, look in the camera
and pray for our people.

GB: What I’ve said
resonated with many of you

because you have known
for some time

there was a period of time

coming where you were going
to come into your destiny

and share Jesus with a greater
bonus than you’ve ever known.

I speak that magnified love
and compassion of Yeshua

over you to share the Messiah,

and I speak wisdom and grace
and discernment and boldness

and power
as you spend time with Jesus

in His marvelous Name,
in Jesus’ Name.

There are others who have
strongholds in your life,

and I’ll define that as something
that consistently or persistently

keeps you from the fullness
of your destiny in God,

and God spoke to me
before I came here

that there would be 7,000 people
among those watching

who would be freed
from strongholds

and seven people
within the studio audience.

I speak over you now,
and I encourage you

to speak to those strongholds
to leave and never come again.

Father God, I pray
for everyone listening.

I pray a glory cloud
upon each person

to enter into this magnified
time of evangelism

and harvesting of fruit,
let them know exactly their place

and let them go forward in
the fullness of it to your glory.

We break strongholds,

every stronghold
that holds anybody back.

It’s broken now over the 7,000

and over the seven
in Jesus’ Name.

SR: And pray that the heavenly
glory come on everyone.

I pray, Father,

that heavenly glory
come upon each one,

and we experience your presence,

dreams like never before
in the Name of Jesus.