Priscilla Shirer empowers you to intentionally plan on obeying God and what He’s been asking you to steward.

be obedient to God intentionally and

deliberately and then enlist

accountability so that you can have some

people around you this is what church

and family the family of God is all

about put some people around you who

will challenge you and ask you and get

all up in your business and say did you

do what God has asked you to do make a

plan to be obedient to God


I want you to be encouraged to know that

every single time I sit down to have my

quiet time which by the way as much as I

want it to happen every single day

sometimes it doesn’t because you know

life happens

but every time I do sit down I want you

to know that each time it doesn’t mean

that I just find

um God’s word spoken over my life just

leaping up off the page every single

time and it feels vibrant and fresh and

on fire every time no sometimes I’m

reading along and it’s about the

jebusites who were fighting the

hebusites and the amorites and the

Canaanites and the otherites ate those

ice and it just seems like a waste of

time what in the world does this have to

do with my personal life right now the

crisis that I’m facing or God what you

want me to do with what I’m dealing with

my child or my financial situation or my

health or the grief or the longing in my

heart what does this have to do with

that but I find that even Those portions

of scripture are vital to us because if

nothing else you’re still going to ask


what does this teach me about the

character of God

what did he do what did he not do

what did he say what did he not say what

did he allow what did he not allow

it shows you who your God is and getting

to know his character is what this is

all about a friendship develops intimacy

develops the more we know think about

your regular friends the more you know

that person the more you know the

nuances of who they are and how they

think and what they say and what they

wouldn’t say

then remember in John chapter 10 when

Jesus said the Sheep know my voice he

says they do not respond to the voice of

a stranger the only way to be able to

detect the voice of a stranger is if you

know God well enough that when the enemy

chooses to speak fear over your life or

when your ego tries to get a word in

edgewise or when your pride is trying to

sneak in there or when the opinions of

the culture in the world sound true

the only way you’re going to know if it

ain’t God is if you’ve come to know his

character so well that you can detect

the voice of a stranger a mile away you

know my God would never say or do that

my brother Anthony is named after my dad

so I got Anthony senior and Anthony Jr

and they walk alike they talk alike uh

there’s so much alike about the two

Anthonys and I’ve seen my brother use

this to his advantage and kind of fool

people I remember we were growing up

people would call the house and so he’d

answer the phone people thought they

were talking to Pastor Evans and so

they’d give him the whole story of

whatever they were calling for he’d get

all the juicy details before saying dad

somebody’s on the phone for you

I remember one time he went up to the

ticket counter at American Airlines so

that he could get his ticket to get on

the airplane and he said well my name is

Anthony T Evans and he showed the

license it said that he was Anthony


so they pulled up my father’s profile

and my father had executive Platinum

Status because he flies so much so

immediately they upgraded Anthony gave

him first class treatment put him in

first class let him eat the meal that

first class because he got all of that

because he was able to confuse people

because they are so similar to each

other but let me tell you who he can’t

confuse me and other members of the

family if the phone rings in the first

two minutes of the conversation or two

seconds rather of the conversation I’m

having with either Anthony I can tell

you exactly which Anthony I’m talking to

because no matter how similar they sound

I have known them for so many years and

been a part of their life and them a

part of my life in so many specific ways

that they cannot confuse me because I

know the two Anthony’s

do you see the more you know God

the more clearly and easily you’re going

to be able to put a finger on the voice

of the enemy when he comes by trying to

play you for the fool

so you pull out the spiritual principles

Once you pull out the spiritual

principles here’s the fourth p

ose the question

okay this is where you turn the

spiritual principle you just pulled out

you turn it into the form of a

personally directed question

man this is where the rubber meets the

road this is when the Holy Spirit starts

speaking because you say to yourself am

I living in a way that’s congruent with

that spiritual principle that I just

wrote down am I heeding that promise am

I behaving in that way is my attitude

adjusted to that have i forgiven that


have I been committed in my tithes

have I submitted to that Authority

maybe that verse said that I need to be

still and see the salvation of the Lord

have I been still or have I frantically

been trying to figure out everything on

my own Lord what is it that you’re

asking me to do ask yourself a

personally directed question and when

you start asking honest and authentic

questions of the text you will find that

the Holy Spirit starts giving you the

answers he starts shining a spotlight on

the areas of your life and mine that I

didn’t even know existed that I need to

get right with God that I need to line

up so that I am in line for the favor

and Promises of God to be experienced in

my life so that I have fresh revelation

of God’s truth so that I can see clearly

where in the culture or in the opinion

of my friends actually that is

antithetical to what it is that God is

saying uh in his word and listen there

are two answers to every question God’s


and everybody else’s

and everybody else is wrong when they

are in contradiction to what it is that

God has said

so as the Holy Spirit starts answering

in your spiral notebook you write down

what it is that he’s been saying in your

notes write down the parts of your life

that are coming to life like the Salman

psalmist said search me o God and know


find out if there’s any way in me that

ain’t like you so that I can get back to

being in right relationship with you and

having the opportunity Lord to

experience everything you have for me

and after you pose the question

plan obedience

and pin down a date to obey

now the reason why that’s critical

is because we seem to plan for

everything else except

obeying God

we got a plan for our physical health

we’ve enlisted a trainer we’ve got our

meals planned out for the week

we’ve got a membership at a gym

we plan for our financial security we’ve

got a financial advisor to make sure

that we can retire at the age that we

want to so that we can save the way we

want to

we’ve planned for the project that’s due

at our job to make sure that we are

working incrementally and progressively

to make sure that the segments of the

project are each done well we plan for


except honoring God

as God makes clearly what he’s asking

you to do forgive that person or write

that blog post that was on your heart to

write or move forward in starting that

business or stepping out in faith from

the place that you’ve been employed

whatever it is God’s asked you to do

make a plan

I mean on paper

be obedient to God intentionally and

deliberately and then enlist

accountability so that you can have some

people around you this is what church

and family the family of God is all

about put some people around you who

will challenge you and ask you and get

all up in your business and say did you

do what God has asked you to do

make a plan to be obedient to God

in closing let me just tell you that um

I was traveling you know back when we

traveled and I was packing some jewelry

and I remember trying to put this

jewelry together and I put it in my

carry-on case then when I got to where I

was going I pulled it all out and it was

all tangled every little string or a

little chain was Tangled together man I

was just jingling around trying to get

it all separated

my husband said as he watched me in

frustration trying to get just this one

necklace out he said Priscilla I think

if you stop massaging the whole wad of

Tangled mess

and you just grab onto one unhook that

one and then just start working to get

that one out of there I think it’ll be

more successful

he was right I grabbed onto one little

necklace and I just worked on getting

that one Unwound and you know what

happened when I not only worked on that

one did I get it out but the whole

Tangled mess started to loosen up

because it actually wasn’t about taking

care of everything all I needed to do

was focus on the one thing and the one

thing took care of everything else

brother sister

Focus once again on the one thing

I know you’ve got a tangled mess all

around you and your family and in the

culture and in your marriage with your

children and on your job and in your

finances and your health and your aging

parents or whatever it is that you’ve

got going on I know it’s a whole big

Tangled mess but if you will just get

back to the one thing you’ll find that

focusing on that one thing

untangles everything

Lord Jesus I thank you for your word and

I thank you that you desire to speak to

us through it Lord I pray for fresh wind

and fresh fire over your people

in Jesus name