Join Priscilla Shirer as she speaks at the Fervent conference in New York on TBN’s Praise. Be encouraged as Priscilla Shirer shifts your perspective to what God is doing behind the scenes in your life, and why your prayers will impact personal revival upon your life and its direction.

and the holy spirit said to me that’s

just like you and me priscilla

because i’m behind the scenes

orchestrating and crafting the chapters

of your story all the while you think

i’m doing nothing you point an

accusatory finger at me wondering where

i am and why i’m not hearing your

request and why i’m not moving in the

way that you would like me to move

you’re assuming that i’m sitting back

passively ignoring you where all the

while i am busy making a story out of

your life the likes of what you can’t



praise the lord

praise the lord o my soul i will praise

the lord while i live

i will sing praises to my god while i

have my being some trust in princes and

some trust in mortal man and whom there

is no salvation but not us not tonight

we trust in the name of the lord our god

how blessed is the one in whom the god

of jacob is their helper whose hope is

in the lord his god the one who made

heaven and earth the one who made the

sea and all that is in them he’s the one

who gives food to the hungry he is the

lord that sets prisoners free he is the

lord that opens the eyes of the blind he

raises up those who are down he is the

lord who loves the righteous he is the

lord that protects anybody that feels

like a stranger he is the one that

supports those that might be fatherless

and the widow he thwarts the way of the

wicked the lord will reign forever

he is our god

o zion o church to all generations we

ought to praise the lord for it is good

to sing praises to our god it is

pleasant to praise the lord he builds up

his people he gathers the outcasts of

israel he heals the brokenhearted he

binds up their wounds he counts the

numbers of the stars he gives all of

them names that’s basically his way of

saying if i can control the entire

universe i’ve got your life covered

that’s what he said

great is the lord

abundance is his strength sing to the

lord with thanksgiving sing praises to

our god praise the lord jerusalem praise

him in the house tonight for he has

strengthened your bars and your gates he

has blessed your sons and your daughters

he brings peace to your borders he

satisfies you with real good things he

makes sure his word runs very swiftly he

scatters the frost like ashes who can

stand before him because our god is good

so praise the lord

praise the lord from the heavens

praise him from the heights

praise him all ye angels praise him all

you hosts praise him sun and moon praise

him highest heavens praise him waters

that are above the heaven let even those

people praise the name of our great god

praise the lord sing to the lord a new

song praise him in the congregation let

israel be glad in her maker let the

godly ones exalt in glory tonight praise

the lord praise god in this sanctuary on

broadway in times square tonight praise

the lord


praise him in the mighty expanse

praise him for his excellent greatness

praise him with the trumpet sound praise

him with the harp and the liar praise

him with the timberland with the dancing

praise him with the stink stringed

instruments in the pipe praise him with

the loud symbols praise him with the

resounding symbols let everything

that happens

come on y’all let’s praise the lord





y’all are my people y’all came to have

church tonight it’s what you did

take your seats if you can i want to

tell you what a privilege that it is as

anthony has already said for us to be

here with you tonight to have an

opportunity to lift up the name of jesus

because he’s worthy to be praised y’all

even with what you wrote down what you

need prayer for what’s hurting your

heart what’s ailing you what what needs

to be answered even with the miracle you

require what you need to know is that

your god

is still good he’s still sitting on the

throne and the truth is

even if he never did one more thing

i mean seriously y’all

if he never did another thing on our


if he doesn’t answer this request

exactly the way that you’re hoping he’ll

answer this request the truth is he has

already done enough

but the great thing about our god

is that he invites us to make our

requests known

he invites us to give to him the desires

of our hearts and then he invites us to

trust him with the answer

so i’m so excited to pray with you

tonight because we get the privilege

tonight not only to very specifically

and boldly approach the throne of grace

with every single request that has been

written down and even those that are

still tucked away in the quietness of

your heart even those of you that i know

are on the other side of the screen your

request we want to cover those tonight

but the great thing about our god

is that not only can we present our

request trusting him

but at the end of every prayer we can

say lord do this do what i’ve asked


do something better


because seriously the truth is he is the

god of ephesians 3 20 and

he is the one that does immeasurably

more than you can ask

and listen if you can’t ask it because

you can’t your brain can’t even come up

with the right words to vocalize what it

is you’re trying to ask for he says

that’s all right just think it and i can

do past that


so we can boldly bring all of our


to the throne of god tonight trusting

that he is a great big god who still

does great big things i believe

that god works miracles anybody


i’m talking about flat up flat out

jaw-dropping straight up can’t explain



where you stand back and go i don’t know

you know

that kind of stuff

we’re going to pray about that tonight i

love that we have a god that allows us

to do that in even this setting that any

place is a sanctuary where god can meet

us i love this unique opportunity that

we have to be in this place where many a

celebrity many a talented person many a

gifted person has stood on this platform

many productions have taken place and in

a place where people have been

celebrated for their gifts and their

talents on this kind of a platform i

love that in this place today there is

only one celebrity and it’s nobody on

the stage i love that

i love that the celebrity is jesus



man i can’t tell you how that takes the

weight off us there’s just no pressure

for us up here because we ain’t trying

to impress you how about that

we’re gonna have a good time tonight in

the presence of the lord

my um i will tell you more about them

later but my three sons you might see

them sort of around and about that we

kind of all dive in together in ministry

as anthony said he’s my younger brother

and just in case you wondered everything

he knows about music he learned from me




my husband is here as well we have three


they’re 14 12 and eight jackson is our

oldest and then jerry jr and then jude

jude is our surprise baby

jude that’s why i named him jude because

that’s as close as i could get to



because it is finished that’s it that’s

the end of the line jackson jerry jr and

jude and jude and i were sitting

together on an airplane and he was

seated over the wing where our seats

were directly over the wing of the

airplane and so he was sort of just

looking out at the wing of the plane and

there we were suspended in midair flying

to our destination and i could tell he

was mesmerized by this whole concept

that this tube of steel is in the air

holding us up and that um this this wing

is connected to the plane he was sort of

just dissecting this entire this entire

situation and as he looked over the wing

he looked back at me

and said mom how do they get that wing

on this plane

i said buddy i’ve got to be honest with

you i have no idea i have no idea how

they get that wing on the plane i don’t

know how it works but i have an idea for

you jude you have an uncle their dad’s

brother uncle vaughn he works in the

airline industry he actually works in

the business where they they make all

the veins and the wiring that connects

the different parts of the aircraft so i

saw this as a teachable moment i said

you should talk to your uncle vaughn

when we get home and it’d be a great

opportunity for you to learn something

and then i said to him you know what

you can be whatever you want to be when

you grow up do do you know that you can

do whatever you want to do like if you

want to make airplanes like your uncle

vaughn when you grow up you can so

totally do that if you’d like to and as

i said that to him i said buddy you can

be anything you want to be in your life

anything you want to do you can do it he

looked back at me and he said mom

i don’t want to do what uncle vaughn

does when i grow up i want to do what

you do when i grow up


you know it’s one of those moments where

you’re just thinking baby what do you

want whatever you want i’ma give it to


oh but wait for it

because i looked back at him and said


what does mama do

now i had expectations about what his

answer was going to be at least some

framework about how he might respond

lord i’d love to or mom i’d love to

share the lord with people mom i’d like

to write mom i would like to do a myriad

of different things maybe that he could

have said

but he looked back and he said mom

i want to do nothing just like you

you do nothing all day every day you do


i said buddy you see how

like the clothes you’re wearing right

now are clean how do you think that they

actually get clean he said well that’s

just like washing that’s no big deal i

said but you eat every day you eat

actual food how do you think it gets

cooked that’s what moms do that’s no big


and i said but you know every now and

then there’s a book or there might be a

bible study there’s even there was a

little film a little movie remember it’s

been we spent like three months maybe

that what do you think i’m doing he’s

like you just sitting behind the

computer all day just do it you’re doing


i laughed and then i thought in that

moment right after the conversation

how much that is like my relationship

with the lord

in fact there was confirmation of that

because the very next day and i only

share this with you to make this point

but the very next day after that

conversation with jude

my publisher sent me an email they sent

an email to tell me about something that

they know i never know because i’m

keeping up with three sons they said

priscilla we just want to let you know

that fervent um a little book that i had

written we want you to know that it’s on

the new york times bestseller list it

actually won a few awards they said that

to me in the email and all i could do

when i looked at it was chuckle because

it was just the day before that my son

said to me

that when i was doing to him to what

looked like an amounted to nothing

that is exactly when i was crafting

something that hopefully would be a

blessing to people’s lives

and the holy spirit said to me that’s

just like you and me priscilla

because i’m behind the scenes

orchestrating and crafting the chapters

of your story all the while you think

i’m doing nothing you point an

accusatory finger at me wondering where

i am and why i’m not hearing your

request and why i’m not moving in the

way that you would like me to move

you’re assuming that i’m sitting back

passively ignoring you we’re all the

while i am busy making a story out of

your life the likes of what you can’t


i came to encourage somebody today

that there’s a chapter that is being

written right now with your story i’m

talking about right now in that

difficulty right now in that valley year

of your marriage right now in that

trouble in your finances that difficulty

on your job that hardship with your

co-worker i’m talking about that one

co-worker the one that if she says one

more thing to you you go knock her out

that one


there is a chapter he is crafting

a manuscript he’s writing

that one day when we see him face to


we’re going to see the story that he was


and every single crown we get we’re

going to turn around and place it right

back at his feet

and say thank you lord for this

privilege that we had to live a life

a life in relationship with you

and so even with these hardships and

even with these hurts we pray and we

pray in gratitude we pray in

gratefulness in advance thanking him for

the answer that he will give us that is

simultaneous to what we’ve asked for or

the answer that is so far beyond our

capacity to even comprehend and pray

that we trust him for something that

that has so much generational ripple

effect the likes of which we may never

see in our grandchildren and our great

grandchildren and our great great

grandchildren i’m so glad for the

prayers of a grandmother and a great

grandmother and grandfather in my life

who prayed some stuff that y’all they

didn’t get to see the fruit of their


but how glad i am that they trusted him

to do what they were asking or

something better


in that mindset i invite you to pray

with me tonight

as anthony said we couldn’t have an

event called fervent and not and nobody

actually fervently prayed

about nothing in fact it would be an

injustice actually we’d be ripping you

off if we came in here and all you did

was watch stuff happen up here

the point of tonight is for you to meet

with god

and the truth is if your life if your

life has been anything like mine you

you’ve been busy there’s been stuff

pulling you left and right there’s been

traffic that you’ve been fighting

there’ve been soccer games that you’ve

been going to there’s been errands that

you’ve been running and i know you might

you might think you might some of you

might think that i’ve just been you know

sitting up on a mountainside fasting and

praying and thinking about you

but the reality is my life is just like

yours i’ve been trying to figure out a

new way to cook chicken for dinner just

like you

my clothes right now laundry at my house

it is washed it is dried but it is

dumped out on the dining room table

waiting for somebody to come and fold it

our lives are full of stuff

and every now and then we just need to

be offered a moment

to meet with god

he is omnipresent

that means he is everywhere all at the

same time

and i thank god for his omnipresence

meaning that wherever you are seated in

this room whether you’re in the furthest

reaches of this theater tonight

or you’re right here on the front row

you can have a meeting with god whether

you’ve ever prayed before or not whether

this idea of actually talking to god

um is new to you whether or not you’re

not sure whether you have to say

specific word there’s no magic to prayer

it’s just taking a minute to just

offer to him the needs you’ve written

down the ones that are still hidden in

your heart to just thank him for what

he’s already done that maybe you’ve

neglected because of the rise of needs

that you’ve had in your life this is our

invitation to you

to join us in a moment of prayer and

together we’re going to collectively

cover some categories of prayer tonight

that we find a lot of the requests that

are written down and by the way if you

did not write one down but you kind of

want to get in on this at any point just

bring a request down into any of the

boxes i know there there are some there

on every level you just bring them down

and put them here at any point because

we’re going to cover them all

collectively and then i’m going to tell

those of you who are here in the theater

how we’re going to cover every single

one of these requests individually

before the night is over but even you at

home listen pray with us we’re going to

pray and include your requests in our

prayer tonight we’re going to cover some

categories of prayer you’re going to

help me to do that

the very first category of prayer that i

want to cover because we find many of

these requests fall into these larger


the very first one that i’d like to pray

for is in regards to your marriage we

find that many of these requests have to

do in and around the topic of marriage

and the reason why i bring that up first

is because you do know that the enemy

even more than than many things the

enemy is is really after your marriage

if you’re married he’s trying any any

which kind of way he can to destroy

dissolve disunify your marriage he

doesn’t want the two of you to be happy

he doesn’t want the two of you to be

content in your relationship he doesn’t

want you walking in health and fullness

so we want to pray for your marriage

tonight because i bet you there are some

requests that are written down here that

have to do with that particular

relationship and i believe that if there

anybody in this room or on the other

side of the screen and

you guys are on the brink of divorce i

mean you’re teetering right on the very

edge and you know that apart from a

straight-up miracle the two of you are

not gonna make it you in the right place

tonight i can tell you that because we

know a god that can snatch you back from

the brink

that you might be teetering on tonight

so we’re going to pray about that

so if you are in this room here’s how

you all are going to help me in this


if you’re in this room tonight

and you actually have a testimony

because you can remember a time where

you thought you and your spouse were not

going to make it and you’re here tonight

and you’re not just still married but

you’re happily married and you know it

is a straight-up miracle that you’re

actually happily married

you know that god

did something that revolutionized um

your marriage if that’s the case for you

would you please stand up and just be a

living visible illustration of the power

of god in this relationship in our lives

and stay standing when you stand



please stay on your feet okay stay on

your feet

and the reason why i want you to stand i

hope that you all can see each other

even up in the top there of the theater

because the reason why i want you to

stand is because i want you to recognize

that the message that many people came

for tonight we hadn’t even opened up the

bible yet to teach from god’s word and

the message that somebody need tonight

is coming through your life this is why

the lord brought them he wanted to say

to them through your testimony that what

he has done for others he can also do

for them

so please stay on your feet for just a

second you’re encouraging somebody

oh y’all please don’t let this moment

pass you by look all over this room from

the back to the front

the lord wants to encourage somebody

tonight he’s got your back

he’s got your back

he has not forgotten you

if you need healing whether it is

something small

i say that loosely because listen even

if you just have a headache that pain is

not small to you

pain in the small of your back a knee uh

so if it’s just something a tumor that

has just been diagnosed whatever it is

we’re gonna pray for you tonight if it’s

a broken heart a broken mind whatever if

you need healing for yourself or a loved

one would you please stretch out your

hand we cannot wait to be the body of

christ and pray for you

y’all there’s so many hands those of you

that are standing would you all be the

first it’s almost like you’re paying it

forward just reach out to someone who’s

near you’re just extending to them what

it is that god has done for you

and then those of you that are seated

even beside other people that have their

hands raised come on y’all would you

just make sure that everybody is touched

by another

again even if the two of you both have

your hands raised just grab hands or put

your hand on the knee or the shoulder


if you feel like you’ve been missed

don’t worry i got you i got you come on

y’all for 60 seconds let there be a

chorus a symphony of prayer that we ring

out to our god

lord jesus


there is power


there is


father i thank you that we can boldly

approach your throne and that we can ask

you for something as bold as healing

lord i ask you right now in jesus name

for every cell in our bodies that is not

under the authority of jesus christ i

pray right now in jesus name that you

would realize every misplaced cell in

jesus name i pray for organs to begin to

function at 100 capacity again in jesus

name lord i pray for tumors to shrink in

jesus name lord i pray for x-rays to be

completely different in jesus name for

tests lord to be negative that we’re

positive in jesus name father i pray

that you would heal broken bodies take

away the pain lord diminish the

difficulty father and make it be so

radical that everybody has to point to

you to give you the glory and the praise

i pray for broken hearts to be mended

tonight father wipe tears for their eyes

their eyes restore them lord from this

grief or this betrayal or this loss lord

walk with them through the flames

restore fissured fractured minds lord

and do it for your own glory we give you

our healing we entrust it to you in

jesus name everybody agreed with me

tonight when they said amen




just in case you were wondering prayer

is not like the stuff we do before we

get to the good stuff

prayer is the good stuff


you might not actually be aware of it

but this is actually what you came for

you you might not even know this is what

you came for i’m telling you is what you

came for

this is the good stuff right here

just one more little category that i

think we just must pray for together

let’s pray for the church

let’s pray for the

church let’s pray for i mean y’all this

opportunity to pray together

in this place where we’re together

across lines that would normally divide


whether they’re denominational lines or

racial lines or cultural lines or

geographical lines just because we don’t

live in the same place so we don’t all

go to the same church stylistically with

worship sometimes you go to that church

because you like that style we go to

this church because we like that style

it divides us not not bad necessarily

not negatively but it divides us and

here we are in this place where you know

the only time in scripture where god

commanded a blessing

is in the psalms where he said in that

place where brethren or sister and dwell

together in unity he says in that place

i will command that there will be a


so here we are

in a place where we’ve gathered across

lines that might normally divide us

we’re united in this place no matter how

different we may be and in this place

y’all tonight we’re underneath an open


the commanded blessing of god is upon us

so why wouldn’t we milk it for all it’s

worth and ask god

to drench the church of jesus christ

and listen when i say church

i’m not just talking about your little

little sea church i’m grateful for your

local church we’re gonna pray for your

pastor we’re going to pray for his wife

we’re going to pray for the leadership

team we’re going to ask that the lord

put a wall of fire around them so that

we they would not be caught up in the

snares of the enemy to entice them

toward immorality

or financial under dealings that will

undermine the name of our great lord

we’re going to ask god to give them

integrity and let them walk in character

and wholeness

and health we’re going to ask for a

fresh outpouring of god’s spirit upon

your local church we’re gonna ask god to

let your church be so set a fire with

his glory that the community around you

can’t help but come into that church to


what’s happening in those four walls

but we can’t stop there

we got to pray for the capital c global

body of christ

that all of god’s people

will be set a fire y’all that revival

would come

in this generation because he said if my


who are called by my name listen he’s

like you don’t even have to

have to evangelize necessarily for this

promise to take place you don’t need a

whole bunch of new folk he said if the

folk that are already claiming they know


if they would just pray

if they would for real seek my face if

they’d stop messing around and just go

ahead and be for real about calling out

to me he says i will hear from heaven

and i’ll sweep revival through this

whole land

so i figure tonight this is the greatest

opportunity as any right in the middle

the heart of the city to go ahead and

just ask god would you picture in your

mind your your local church would you

picture your pastor would you picture

the leadership team there would you

picture that family in particular if you

see ask the lord to put a wall of fire

around him

come on just for 60 seconds pray for

outpouring of god’s spirit on your


lord jesus i pray



the lord we lift up the body of christ


in every corner of the globe and i ask

you right now for every local church

that is represented in this room i pray

father no matter the tribe no matter the

tongue lord no matter the denomination

no matter the worship style i pray that

in every case lord we would not be

pleased to impress people but that we

would impress the audience of one lord i

pray that you would be glorified that

you would be lifted up lord i pray for

every pastor his wife father the

leadership team at that church lord i

pray right now in jesus name that you

would gird them with a hedge of

protection wall them up father so that

they will not be ensnared by the attacks

of the enemy lord i pray that where he

is coming in like a flood you would push

him back lord so that the gates of hell

will not prevail against the church of

jesus christ we ask you for integrity

lord to mark the leadership of your

church lord we pray that you will be so

highly esteemed and highly lifted up

that we will be like a city that is set

on a hill that will pronounce the

matchless name of jesus christ and then

father i pray that all across the globe

we will come together in unity forgive

us father where we have been divided

where we have judged and we have

criticized father so that the enemy has

been so pleased to see god’s people

divided from this day forward lord help

us to love one another father and in

doing so bring glory to your name

we honor you tonight lord it is in jesus

name that we pray




y’all remember

y’all remember that one part of the lion

king i’ve been thinking about this today

because the lion king’s next door

y’all remember that one part the lion

king where simba’s thinking he’s all big

and bad now because he’s got a little

bit bigger and the hyenas are there and

they’re like are you for real little boy

and he’s little teeny he comes up to him

and he’s like

and they’re like

and he’s like


and they’re like seriously that’s not

gonna do anything he tries it again wow

and they’re just laughing hysterically

all over the place because they’re like

this little teeny cub of a lion can’t do

anything to us and simba’s so upset he

can’t believe that he’s not threatening

them or intimidating them at all he’s

going to give it one more try and so he

opens up his mouth to roar

and it is the loudest most profound roar

even simba is shocked that he created

such a loud noise and the hyenas go

scampering away because there’s a

valiance that has come to to this young

cub that even he was not aware that he

had he did not know that his father

mufasa was coming up in the rear he was

standing behind simba so that he could

help to scare away the enemy and here’s

what i’m saying when you pray no longer

is it just you trying to attack the

enemy with your little wimpy sad self

but now you’ve got the power of almighty

god who is fighting on your behalf




and i’m just saying

if god be for you



can be against