and then of course today I get the great

joy of introducing to you another one of

the gasps who was a part of the

conference who was gracious enough to

stay over and spend her Sunday with us

today I was exposed to the ministry of

Priscilla Shire

several years ago and quickly learned

that she is one of the most gifted and

anointed teachers of the word in the

body of Christ today the Lord has

breathed on her in a very special way

and she travels around the world just

expressing that great gift of the Lord

as she ministers to the body of Christ

she’s a tremendous gift to the body of

Christ and we’re grateful for that

we’re also grateful that last summer we

had the privilege as as a church and

Melanie and I and some of our staff of

getting to know priscilla shirer as the

movie War Room was being filmed right

here and in and around this area and how

many of you have seen that great movie

war room come on let me see Anne what a

tremendous the co-producer of war room

Gary wheeler was in our last service

before he’s a dear friend as well and

and the movie was great got still using

it in tremendous ways and Priscilla

Shire was absolutely brilliant in the

movie she was not just a great actress

but she was anointed in that movie but I

want you to know long before she was an

actress she was a tremendous anointed

woman of God and preacher of the word

and I want you today just in recognition

of the gift of God that’s in her and as

we do here at the refuge we believe

honor is a big big big thing in God

coming in and doing what He desires to

do I want to invite you to just get on

your feet and welcome today priscilla

shirer she comes to minister the word

well amen it’s good to be with you all

you’ll have to excuse me I’ve got a

little bit of a little cold situation

going on but I’m so excited about

sharing the Word of God with you today

and I believe in the power of the word

of God anybody believe that it’s

powerful that it can and does change our

lives and so I’m excited to share God’s

word with you today I will tell you that

it is a thrill for me to be here with

you here locally I know many of you are

joining us online as well glad that you

were here I want to tell you as pastor

Jay just mentioned that my family and I

we didn’t live here the entire summer at

last summer while we were filming war

were in my first introduction to this

church was walking into your foyer which

I am now finding out y’all had just been

in the building for a couple months or

so we did not know that I didn’t know

that at the time walked into the foyer

as we were scouting out the location I

hope you know that some of the movie is

shot right there in the lobby of your

church and several homes including your

pastor’s home and his wife I’ve been all

in my bedroom and a bathroom herself and

and Angela Mitchell and role in their

house as well we filmed in their home

and I remember walking into the foyer

here of this church as we were looking

at this location with Jim and melody

quick who I see sitting here as well as

we just got to know this place we were

gonna be filming in and in those few

moments I had the opportunity to meet

pastor Mel she was here and some other

ladies that are on staff here and they

came out we had a chance to talk and and

just in our conversation I had prayed

before I got here that the Lord would

allow us to have a little bit of a

community of friends you know especially

for my boys who were in your Sunday

school right now and I thought Lord

would you just give us a community for

the summer that we’re gonna be there

some people that are you know our people

and in those moments that I met those

ladies I thought oh we found some of our

people and so I would sneak in to church

during the summer ask that right in this

section in the back couple rows right


right here in the center and it was a

thrill to be a part of what was God was

doing in this church throughout last

summer so now to to be asked to stand

and to pour

into your lives after I feel like you

all poured into ours so much during the

course of that season where we were kind

of transplanted and kind of feeling a

little bit like fish out of water I’m

grateful to be able to do that it is a

gift to me I’ve said it and the other

services I’ll say it again it is a gift

to be invited we thank you for the

privilege and I think God for this kind

of leadership that you have at this

church because y’all do need to know

every Church ain’t got it this good it’s

true the truth the heart for you that

I’ve seen in your leaders and their

integrity y’all when you find people who

are the same on the stage and off the

stage and both those two people match up

and they’re one in the same that’s a

gift that you don’t need to take for

granted it’s a shame that integrity and

character is such a rare thing in our

leaders but it is so when you find it

and you have it at this church gosh you

ought to celebrate it and thank the Lord

for it

so it’s a treat the treat from my boys

and I to be back and to be here with you

over the course of the Women’s

Conference in our church and so I’m

excited about what God’s Word is gonna

speak to us encouraging us with this

morning let’s pray together shall we

Lord thank you so much for your word

thank you that it is living and active

and sharper than any two-edged sword

thank you God that you can take one

message you can divide it up a couple

thousand different ways so that every

single person under the sound of my

voice here’s a direct personal word

straight from the mouth of God so Lord

I’m asking for you to do that now

because only you can we are your

servants we are listening Lord we are so

glad that each other is here but we

didn’t come to see each other we came to

see you so speak Lord we’re listening in

Jesus name Amen

as I mentioned I have a few boys Jackson

is our oldest he’s 12 years old Jerry

jr. is 11 years old and little dude our

surprise baby is now just getting ready

turned seven years old here in the next

week actually and so we’re very excited

about that my boys and I I told the

women at the Women’s Conference in the

last few days that we live in a fairly

rural part of the dallas-fort Worth area

Jerry my husband and I and

and the kids we live in that rural area

we like it like that it’s just kind of

quiet kind of lazy close enough to the

city we can get there easily but far

enough away that we just feel like just

a little bit of that relaxed feeling

that we love so much lots of trees space

for the boys to run around honestly that

is why I wanted to live out there

because they you know they’re bugs and

mud and things boys need in their life

out there in the woods we like it like

that I’m one of those Mama’s that just

believe you need to go outside and play

and if you have the nerve to say to me

that you are bored I say oh no you not

you see that tree right there go play

with it so I believe in outside do I

have any mamas that believe in outside

yes so we love living out there one of

the reasons though that we do is because

my neighbor who happens to be one of my

best friends she has a pond that is in

the front of her property so I will grab

the two fishing poles that I bought on

sale at the local super Walmart I also

have a tackle box that I bought on sale

there and we walk across the street and

we fish we enjoy fishing on the pond

every now and then there’s a particular

cove on the edge of the pond that we

will stand on mostly because the trees

shade it over well right there and also

because a lot of little sun perch little

small fish seem to really be drawn to

that particular corner so with the boys

when we put the line in the water within

three to five minutes we not only have a

lot of nibbles but normally within

thirty five minutes we’d caught a fish

so I grabbed the gloves out of the

tackle box because y’all know I have

gloves because I don’t mind going

fishing but I ain’t finna touch no fish

so I get the gloves get the fish off the

line we admire it as kids do then we

throw it back in put the line back in

and within three to five minutes we have

another fish so we go through that again

put the line back in three to five

minutes we’ve got another fish this is

the kind of fishing a six-year-old needs

in his life instant gratification so we

enjoy it I thought that because we liked

fishing so much at home that the boys

Mike must like fishing you know just in

general and so we were at a Christian

camp that I go to have gone to since I

was five years old and now I take my

kids back there and

Tyler Texas and they have a lake there

and the boys were up early one morning

before the dining hall was even open for

breakfast and so I said well boys let’s

grab our fishing gear we brought it the

dining hall is over there by the lake

let’s go over there and let’s fish

together before breakfast so early in

the morning we went out stood on the

dock dropped that line into the water

and we fished and fished and fished and

in the 45 minutes or so that we were out

there not only did we not catch anything

there was barely even even a little

nibble on the on the line I’m it was

like nothing like there was no life

under the water and I got all intent and

intentional about trying to figure out

if I change the bait or maybe I changed

the hook I got real frustrated I was

trying to figure this out and then I

looked up and realized that my kids

weren’t even there anymore they have run

off to a field they are by to play

football has it ever happened to you

where you’re doing something for your

kids and then you just get all serious

about finishing it well that’s what

happened to me and I yelled over to the

boys and I said boys I did not come out

here for my health I came out here for

y’all this morning get over here and

let’s fish one of them yelled back to me

and said mom we don’t like fishing like

that my second son yelled at me and said

yeah mom fishing ain’t supposed to be

that hard so I sat there with the line

in the water for just a little while

longer thinking and laughing about what

my second son had said fishing is not

supposed to be that hard it occurs to me

that in a group this size there are some

of you here today that feel just like my

boy did that although you might not Boca

lies it in the exact same words that he

did in a group this size there are some

of you who in your own fishing

expedition of life because all of us

have one it’s the marriage that you’re

investing in it is the business that

you’re building it is the ministry God’s

called you to it is the book that you’re

writing it is whatever endeavor you have

been pouring yourself into there are

some of you this morning who maybe are

meeting this Sunday morning a little bit

irritated cuz honestly you have been


and fishing and fishing investing your

time your money your energy your

emotional effort into that relationship

but you feel like for all you’ve been

putting in you haven’t been pulling out

the benefits that you think are equal to

that investment my boys know how it

feels to pour in everything and feel

like you were getting so little they

know what it’s like to have a fishing

trip gone bad and I suspect in a crowd

this size there are some of you who know

that as well because you put in your

time and you put in the money and you

put in that effort you’ve invested that

emotional energy into that relationship

you pour it into that kid you have

poured into that ministry or that

organization or that business and you’re

a bit saddened by the fact that you feel

like for all you’ve given you have

gotten so little there’s a fisherman in

scripture who knows how that feels I

think that there is encouragement in his

story for any of us in the room today

who have ever had a fishing trip gone

bad his story is found in the fifth

chapter of the Gospel of Luke if you

have your Bible and you want to turn

there with me excuse me to Luke chapter

5 beginning in verse 1 we get to meet a

fisherman who was put in everything and

this brother he didn’t just fish for 45

minutes uh he fished all night long

y’all and still caught absolutely

nothing his story begins in Luke chapter

5 verse 1 it says now it came about that

while the multitudes were pressing in on

him that is Jesus and listening to the

Word of God he was standing by the lake

of Geneva ret

that’s another phrase for the Sea of

Galilee verse 2 says and he saw somebody

say he saw he saw two boats lying by the

edge of the lake but the fishermen had

gotten out of them and they were washing

their nets let’s just start right here

y’all in these first two verses that the

officer really it seems to me has gone

out of his way to make sure we’ve got

all the juicy details of what this scene

looked like on this occasion when Jesus

showed up after Simon had been fishing

all night long

this point Simon had already been

fishing all night long hour after hour

pulling in nothing and when Jesus shows

up on the scene Simon has already gotten

out of the boat and he’s washing his

nets he has gotten out of that which

represents his discouragement his

disappointment his irritation his

frustration he has gotten out of it he

is washing his net the author has gone

out of his way to make sure you know

exactly what is happening when Jesus

spots this he says that a multitude were

gathered around Jesus not a handful of

people not just the 12 disciples not

even a couple of hundred scholars say

that there were likely thousands of

people who were gathered around Jesus on

this particular occasion thousands of

people who were hanging on his every

word because wherever Jesus went there

was a mass of people a crowd of people

who gathered around him and these people

they weren’t quite sure he was the

Messiah they did not know yet about all

of this salvation business but what they

did know beyond any reasonable doubt

that wherever this man showed up blind

eyes could see that’s what they knew

they knew that when Jesus showed up deaf

ears started hearing and the lanes

started walking they knew when this guy

showed up dead were raised and so

wherever he was a crowd came and they

pressed in upon him they brought their

leaves with them those who were ailing

those who were unhealthy those who had

broken hearts or fissured Minds they

brought their needs financial and

otherwise with them and the author says

they were not calmly casually sitting

and listening to him share the Word of

God like you are this morning the

setting wasn’t like this morning y’all

these people he writes were pressing in

on Jesus Jesus is back up against the

shoreline of the Sea of Galilee because

there are thousands of people vying for

his attention

they are elbowing their way through the

crowd they are pressing past people they

are hollering out they are screaming

they are trying to get the attention of

this Jesus they want to be like the

woman with the issue of blood who was

able to force her way through the crowd

so much so that she got closer

to reach out and touch the hem of his

garment and when she did power and left

Jesus and went to her y’all remember

that these people wanted to be close to

Jesus they knew that this guy had

something special and they were not

casual and calm about it they were

pressing in on him trying to get close I

want you to think about how you would

feel if Jesus were your Bible study

teacher these people wanted to get close

to Jesus and in the midst of all of that

chaos in the midst of all of that

confusion in the midst of all of that

that that brimming of noise and and

confusion and chaos around them the

author writes that as a backdrop so that

you can see clearly the power and the

impact of verse 2 because in verse one

its noisy and there’s a multitude

crowding around Jesus but in verse 2 it

says he saw one man who’d had a bad

night fishing

I got encouraging news for you today but

it doesn’t matter how big the crowd gets

y’all it doesn’t matter how many other

needs are God also has to contend with

it doesn’t matter how big the Refuge

Church ever becomes it doesn’t matter

how many services y’all have to have to

contend all to contain all of the people

and all of the needs it does not matter

how much chaos and confusion is swirling

around you you need to know that we

serve a God who sees you that you are

not lost in the crowd that even if your

spouse does not know when your mom does

not know when your dad doesn’t care and

your kids are unaware and your bells

your boss does not know you need to know

that you and I we serve a God who sees

everything that happens not only in our

lives but in our hearts and in our minds

your God sees you listen to me there is

not one tear you have cried that has

gotten lost in the carpet carpet fibers

of your bedroom floor every single one

of them has been captured in the palm of

Almighty God

you need to know there is not one bead

of sweat that has bubbled up on your

brow as you pondered what to do about

that fishing trip of yours that your God

has not taken note of your God sees you

you are not lost in this crowd I mean

you can sit up in the last row of the

balcony and you are not lost in this

crowd God’s got his eyes on you he sees

everything that happens he knows about

your fishing trip friend he knows about

the investment that I’ve given he knows

about the one you’ve given he knows

about how much talent and skill or your

ideas and your creativity or your money

or your emotions the tears the prayers

everything you poured in he knows and he

knows how discouraged you must feel at

all that fishing and so little fish he

sees never in a million years should we

allow this fact that our God sees us to

roll off of our shoulders casually as if

it’s no big deal

God what is man that thou art mindful

and the son of man that you would even

take note of who we are y’all know he

don’t need us right the fact that he

would not only died on the cross send

his son to die on the cross so that you

and I could have a ticket to eternity so

that we could spend eternity with him if

he had only done that that would have

been enough for us we could have

celebrated him for the rest of our days

but when that would have been enough for

us it wasn’t enough for him he chooses

to engage in the details of our lives to

talk to us through his word to see us in

our difficulty to meet us at the point

of our need never in a million years

should we let the fact that our God is

near roll off of our shoulders as if

it’s no big deal our God chooses he

cares about my fishing trip I’m so glad

about it God cares about me

the one who he’s the one y’all who made

the moon swap places with the Sun so

that we could see it this morning he’s

the one that will hold the Sun in its

place until it swaps places with the

moon later on tonight he is the one who

hangs every single star in the sky and

even when we can’t see it because of

cloud cover like last night they are all

still there because God said they should

be and he knows them all my number and

he knows them all by name he is the God

who is controlling the throes of the

universe I’m talking about the

neighborhoods in the universe that the

scientists have not even yet discovered

he is making sure that they say steadily

in their place he knows everything about

the throws of this entire world he is

the one who holds this planet right now

while we sit comfortably here in the

palm of his hand

he is making sure that it rotates at

just the right speed not too fast nor

too slow that we can’t sustain life here

and in the midst of controlling all of

that he sees you it’s huge

teach I was watching a news story this

is years ago of the Today Show at the

time Campbell Brown was the reporter on

The Today Show

she was doing a story that particular

day on religions of the world every day

for this particular week she would

choose a different religion of the world

to do a story on I remember I was

folding clothes on the edge of the bed

that day and I was taken by the fact

that they were doing this series and I

remember that day

that the series for the day the topic

was the Buddhist face stopped me in my

tracks from folding i sat down on the

edge of the bed listened to this

particular news story didn’t know much

about the Buddhist faith so I was

intrigued Campbell Brown and her camera

folks they were on the side of a

mountain in Hong Kong standing in front

of one of five of the Buddha statues

that are there in Hong Kong she

described the Buddhist faith and also

talked about how people who subscribe to

that face what they will do is save up a

lifetime’s worth of money so that at

least once in their life they can make

the pilgrimage from wherever they live

halfway across the world to Hong Kong so

that they can have the privilege to come

to one of these statues climb up the 268

stairs that she and her camera crew had

to climb up to get to this statue so

that they can just pray and as I was

watching that I thought many things but

one of the things I thought to myself

was now if I had to save up all that

money and fly halfway around the world

and climb up 268 stairs to pray I would

never pray anybody ain’t nobody got time

for that but while they’re climbing up

to talk to their God little G our God

capital G the one true God he comes down

to see about us

the fact that he would condescend to us

John chapter 1 verse 14 the message

Bible puts it this way the word became

flesh and moved into the neighborhood

and this day Jesus saw a guy who’d had a

bad night saw a fishing trip that had

gone wrong I want you to be encouraged

today that your God’s got his eyes on

you it has not been lost on him he sees

you verse 3 tells us what happens next

it says he Jesus got into one of the

boats which was Simons listen to that

again he verse three got into one of the

boats which was Simons Jesus got into

one of the boats Simon’s boat and he

asked Simon to push out a little way

from the land and then Jesus sat down on

that boat and he began teaching the

people who were on the shore I will tell

you that one of the things in my quiet

time that helps me to be able to hear

what God might want to say to me through

the Scriptures is that if I’m reading

through scriptures and something is

repeated in a very short space of time I

know that that God didn’t repeat himself

just because he likes to hear himself

talk I know if it’s repeated that’s

because I’m supposed to lean in and take

note the same thing is true if something

is contrasting in a very short space of

time I know the Bible is inerrant it is

infallible it is completely accurate so

if there’s something that looks like

it’s contrasting I need to lean in and

see why so what’s most intriguing to me

about verse 3 it’s not just verse 3

what’s most intriguing to me about verse

3 is that right next to it is verse 2 in

verse 3 Jesus gets into the boat that’s

interesting because in verse 2 Simon got

out of that boat and verse 2 Simon’s out

verse 3 Jesus is in

y’all what was so frustrating and

overwhelming and irritating to Simon

that all he wanted to do was get out of

it was the very thing in verse three

that Jesus sees as the purpose perfect

thing for him to get into to turn into a

pulpit so he can proclaim his message in

other words not only does Jesus see you

but he will use the part of your life

you think is useless the part that you

want to abandon because it’s so

frustrating and irritating and you’re

wondering why this season of life even

exists and you’re wondering if God can

do anything useful with it very likely

when Jesus is looking for a place to

display his power and his glory and help

his word be known to the people in your

sphere of influence he will choose the

empty platform the abandoned boat of

your experience

he will plant his feet there and through

your life declare his glory to those who

are nearby he will use the part of your

life you think is useless there is

nothing that is in vain all things work

together for the good of them that love

him and are called according to his

purpose all things all things are not

good all things work together for your

good my friend he will stand in your

emptiness and declare his word to those

who are nearby the message that the

people on your job or in your

neighborhood or in the PTA or in your

high school or university campus the

message that they will hear most clearly

about how powerful our God is will not

come from the words we say out of our

mouths it’ll come from emptiness in our

life where we can point to them and show

them how Jesus stood in that emptiness

and made his power and his greatness

known yo people need to see a marriage

that was on the brink but Jesus stepped

in and turned everything around people

need to see someone’s life that was so

bound in illegitimate relationships and

emotional attachments and substances and

habits and lifestyles but then Jesus

stepped in and set them free and opened

up their bonding eyes they need to see

lives that have been invaded by this

Jesus that we say can

five red seas and cause Lazarus to be

raised from the dead they need to know

that his power was not just good back in

biblical days but that his power still

works today and if you want to see him

like I do you know I don’t want to just

here I’m so glad that I go to a church

where I can hear about the Lord I love

hearing about the Lord I love his word I

want to know what he did what he said

who he is I love all that good stuff I

can’t wait to get to heaven because I

got some questions for him because I

want all the details filled in I love

hearing about him but if I just hear

about him and I never hear his voice

with my own ears if I’ve always

spoon-fed truth but God never speaks to

me if I never see him in my marriage and

in my finances and in my house and in my

body and in my job and in my work then

what good are his promises if everybody

in the book is exceptions to the rule as

opposed to examples for us how God wants

to invade our experience then what is it

all worth so it is in our emptiness

often times that we most get to

experience him so about my early 20s I

prayed and I said Lord look I’m so glad

to know you so glad you have allowed me

the privilege to know your word

throughout most of my childhood I’m so

grateful but Lord I’ve got this little

unrest in my heart because I’ve heard

about you so long I want to see you for

myself has anybody ever prayed that

prayer Lord I want to see for myself

most of the time when you pray that

prayer his answer is emptiness he puts

you in a position where there’s going to

be room left for him he allows us to be

in a position where it doesn’t matter

how much skill how much talent how much

money how many connections how many

diplomas how much you’ve achieved he’s

gonna put you in a position where don’t

matter what you do how much fishing you

do you are not gonna catch fish because

then there’s space for him I believe

that our God is sovereign anybody

believe he’s sovereign

okay sovereignty means that he stood

before time that’s pre Genesis 1:1 the

only reason there is a Genesis 1:1 is

because God was already there so he

could say let there be and there was and

it was good so he existed before time

sovereignty means he has seen eternity

past he has seen all of time from

Genesis 1:1 through the entire spectrum

of time that you and I are living in now

all the way to the end which we have not

yet seen and he has also seen into

eternity future sovereignty does not

just mean though that he’s seen it

sovereignty means that the whole thing

is in the palm of his hand

sovereignty if you believe it is what

allows you to do and me to do what

Psalms 46:10 says be still see striving

chill out relax and know that I am God

it means that what happened to you last

week shock to you but God was not in the

heavens going oops that one slipped past

me because he’s sovereign he’s got your

back if we believe it and we believe it

right we’re gonna apply that sovereignty

to this passage Simon is not sovereign

he’s human like us so he’s fishing and

every time he pulls in that net and

there’s nothing he’s discouraged and

disappointed and shocked because he’s an

experienced fisherman and one o’clock in

the morning rolls around and two o’clock

in the morning rolls around in the

midnight hours are covering him and he’s

discouraged and overwhelming can’t

believe that this is happening but what

he could not know in his humanity is

what Jesus knew in his sovereignty Jesus

knew there was a morning coming jesus

knew in the morning there were gonna be

thousands of people who were gonna need

to hear every word that was gonna come

out of his mouth he knew he was gonna

need a place to stand he knew that if he

allowed Simon to catch all of those fish

and to have the platform of that boat

filled with a bunch of flipping flopping

fish there would have been no room for

his feet so he allowed Simon not to

catch anything because then there was

emptiness and space for Jesus to turn

that empty platform into a pulpit

so your God my god well very frequently

put us in positions in fact that’s one

of the ways sometimes I know I’m exactly

where God wants me to do cuz it doesn’t

matter how much fishing I do I cannot

yield with my own skill talent resources

I cannot yield any results it’s going to

take a supernatural move of God that’s

how you know you’re where God wants you

that means if you’re in a place right

now in your life where you were fishing

and not catching anything it means that

the last emotion you should feel is

discouragement it means really that you

should be sitting on the edge of your

boat swinging your feet looking towards

the shore because you know if he’s

allowed that emptiness that means he’s

on the way that means he is making room

for his feet in your life to show up and

show himself strong so don’t despise the

emptiness don’t despise the emptiness he

sees you and he will use the part of

your life you think is useless

so y’all he sits on that boat he

proclaims a message from the emptiness

of Simon’s experience they hear a

message because of Simon’s emptiness and

after he finishes the message he turns

one on one to Simon and he says to Simon

basically I’m gonna see if you believe

this message that I just preached he

says to him in verse four now let’s push

out into deep water and let’s let down

your nets for a catch in verse five

Simon answers him and says Jesus you

know we have already tried that right

that’s my translation actually he says

master we worked hard all night long and

we caught nothing in other words this

makes absolutely no sense in fact on two

levels Jesus’s instructions made

absolutely no sense as an experienced

fisherman on the Sea of Galilee Simon

knew that where you fished was in

shallow water that’s where they caught

fish Jesus is saying let’s go deep also

as an experienced fisherman Simon knew

that when you caught fish was in the

middle through the middle of the night

that’s why he had been out the night

before but but when Jesus finished

teaching scholar said it was like high

noon and Jesus is saying let’s fish in

the middle of the day and let’s go to

deep water this is I’m sure that Simon

wanted to say look Jesus how about you

stick to print preaching I’ll stick to

fishing you don’t know you don’t know

what’s going on and how often is it that

we do that we hear God telling us to do

something you know what God how about

you stick to Sundays in my life I’ll

take Monday through Saturday but Simon

Jesus says to Simon if you trust me go

to the irrational nonsensical place of

risky faith faith is always deep water

I prefer shallow water because in

shallow water I can stand up on my own

two feet

the problem with deep water is that I’m

in over my head and if I don’t have a

Savior I have absolutely no hope he

calls you to the risky place of faith

because it’s in the risky place of faith

you get to experience him in a way you

would not otherwise have the opportunity

and the problem with us y’all is we like

to play it too safe we like it safe we

pray and we say Lord I want to see a

miracle Lord let me see a miracle and

then in the next breath we pray but lord

please keep me out of any situation in

which a miracle would actually be

required don’t we yeah because we don’t

want the risk of deep water where we

just can’t see how it’s all gonna work

out but listen the shallow water was

where Jesus taught the people the

shallow water was for the people the

deep water was for Simon so you stayed

in the shallow all you want yeah God can

say some things through your life to

other people all you want but if you

want your own personal intimate

experience with God then when he calls

you deep you say it doesn’t make sense

but yes sir I don’t get it but yes sir I

can’t rationalize this yes sir I am

going because at your word I believe

you’re going to make good on every

single promise you’re gonna give me out

here in this deep water

so the waters that the night before had

been totally fruitless and void of life

all of a sudden y’all now those waters

are just teeming with fish fish are

everywhere because it says in verse six

that when they went out to deep water

they enclosed a great quantity of fish

so much so that they’re not to begin to

break open verse seven says it was so

much that they signaled Simon signaled

to his partners in the other boat for

them to come and help them and they

filled their both boats and most of the

boats begin to sink y’all that’s a lot

of fish right there all of a sudden

because Jesus is in the boat in the deep

water there are fish everywhere more

than Simon can even imagine can you can

you just put yourself in his shoes for

just a moment having gone from nothing

to something from death to life from

discouragement to encouragement from the

natural to the supernatural that only

happens in deep water and it says he was

so overcome with the abundance of God’s

miracle verse 7 says he signals excuse


he’s signaled to his partners in the

other boat

I love when authors are this specific he

wants you to know he did not call out to

them he signaled the scripture does not

tell us exactly why he did not use words

cuz y’all if it hadn’t been me I am sure

I would have said at the top of my lungs

I get over here and see this you are not

gonna believe this but not Simon he just

and I just wonder I wonder if the reason

why Simon signaled is because he was

speechless I wonder if when his brain

tried to come up with the right words to

feed to his mouth so that he could have

something to say that would actually

describe this miracle in front of him he

could not even find the words so the

best he could come up with was a signal

and I just wonder if the reason why you

were here on this Sunday morning and

that the Holy Spirit of God would want

to encourage you on your fishing

expedition and on mind and why he would

want to say to you right now on this

Sunday I’m getting ready to call you

deep over the next couple weeks you

brace yourself and make a resolve right

now to say yes because he’s listened

this morning is a divine setup y’all

he’s trying to tell you right now if

you’ll say yes and come to deep water

he’s going to do something in your life

that is going to render you speechless

and I want to know when is the last time

you just couldn’t even describe what

your God did in your marriage or in your

job or with your kid I just met a woman

backstage in between behind the platform

in between services and she was trying

her best to get out the words to me of

something that has happened in the life

of her daughter her five-year-old that

she loves so much and how she’s seen God

move in her life and she was trying to

describe it but I could barely talk

because the tears were falling from her

eyes and I said this is what we’re after

we’re after God moving so much that we

can barely talk because he has not just

done a regular old miracle he has done

in Ephesians 3:20 and 21 miracle now

unto Him who is able to do exceedingly

abundantly above and beyond anything

that you can ask to think to that Great

God be the glory both now and forever


y’all he can do it and deep water is

where he does it best

I’m begging you don’t sell yourself

short by saying no when he calls you


and I want you to be encouraged if

you’ve been fishing a long time and

you’re you’re thinking there will never

be a chance for anything useful to

happen out of this season of my life for

this tragedy that we’ve had or this

struggle that I’ve been going through

nothing good could ever come at this

everything changes when Jesus shows them

and the only reason he’d want you and me

together in this room on this Sunday

morning over Luke chapter 5 is if he

wanted those of us here and online to

know that we’re the ones he’s getting

ready to call deep I’m ready to say yes

I’m ready to say you want to pray for

you I want to pray courage over your

life I want to pray that the Holy Spirit

will give you so much of a holy spirit

infused courage that no matter how deep

the water your God is calling you to

that you will have a resolve and a

boldness to go to have your arms

surrendered your palms up in

anticipation your friends nearby and

ready for the signal that you’re gonna

come give them to come in and help to

fill up even their experience with the

abundance that your God is gonna pour on

you I want to pray for encouragement for

any of you that are discouraged because

honestly you’ve been fishing a long time

and you’re tired you’re just ready to

throw in the towel your God wants you to

know he sees he’s got your back and he’s

gonna use even the useless places so I

want you to bow your head and if it’s

all right with you I’ll just pray over

all of us

that okay Lord Jesus I thank you so much

for your word I thank you God that

you’ve spoken to us so clearly today I’m

praying for all of the floor who are in

fishing trips Lord expeditions in our

life where we are discouraged and we

feel overwhelmed we feel a little under

appreciated Lord we don’t feel like all

of our effort is being noticed it’s

certainly not achieving what we thought

it would God I pray right now in Jesus

name that you would exchange

discouragement for encouragement would

you blanket your people and

encouragement that can only come from

the Holy Spirit help them to know Lord

that your eyes are on them in fact that

I’m gonna be bold and ask you would you

do something this week that lets them

know it just just like a little wink

from heaven Lord that lets them know you

see them today God encouraged them by

making your presence tangible with them

with just a surprise blessing that

encourages them along the way and then

God thank you that you use even what we

think is useless and Lord we are going

to say yes when you call us deep Lord I

make a personal resolve my answer in

advance I’m telling you my answer is

gonna be yes somebody say yes Lord

come on say yes Lord Lord wherever you

ask us to go whatever you ask us to do

however you ask us to do it we don’t

even have to know the details in advance

as long as you’re in the boat our answer

is gonna be yes so Lord we are going to

the same field place where we fully

expect that you are going to do

immeasurably more than we could ask for

think and it is in Jesus name that the

Church of God agrees with me and says