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so pastor mike has you guys started in a

series called fruitful raise your hand

if you’re enjoying that series yeah it’s

I had the awesome opportunity to listen

to it online since I’m not here on

Sunday mornings and I mean he’s just you

guys have an incredible pastor really

you guys have an incredible pastor annum

he’s home snuggling with a newborn baby

and I don’t blame him that’s exactly

where I would be too and so um he’s

doing awesome job though he’s explaining

to you just but fruits of the spirit and

growing up in church I can remember like

hearing about the fruits of the Spirit

and it just sounded like a really

Christianese term and it was one of

those things that I was like that was

for like the older people like they

could operate in love and they could

have peace and like they could have joy

but like I was I was too cool to have

those things and so but I’m learning as

I grow and as I’m maturing my

relationship with God how important

those fruits truly are and I’m learning

that those fruits are how people

recognize me as a Christian and it’s how

people will recognize us as a Christian

and how we will draw people into the

kingdom of God because I’m you know it’s

really clear when you meet somebody

who’s not nice amen like how many of you

know Christians that are jerks I mean

it’s really sad to say but it’s like

yeah I know Kristen who’s a jerk and

they suck like we all know those people

that are like that and those are like if

that’s what Christianity looks like I

don’t want any part of it and that’s

what the world thinks too if they’re

gonna be hypocritical if they’re gonna

be judgmental if they’re gonna be rude

if they’re gonna be disrespectful if

they’re gonna be unkind I don’t want

anything to do with their right and so

we have to present and represent

ourselves differently to the earth in

order to draw people to him amen and

walking in those fruits takes nothing

but the holy spirit because there are

days when we don’t feel like being nice

amen I mean when you wake up and you’re

tired and you had to go get gas in your

car because you didn’t put it in the

night before and you didn’t wake up on

time to get your hair ready and your

makeup on or your clothes picked out and

you’re running late

and the dog needs to be let out and you

don’t have lunch this pack the last

thing that you want to do is be nice to

people right because you’re already

starting your day off on the wrong foot

how many of you can relate to that but

that’s how people recognize us and how

people know us and so Pastor Mike has

been calling this series fruitful and

when I look at that word fruitful I just

the first thing I did was I went all the

way back to the beginning where does

that word start when was that word first

used and I want all the way back to

Genesis and in Genesis chapter 1 verses

27 and 28 it says this God created man

in his own image male and female he

created them God blessed them and then

he said to them be fruitful and multiply

turn to your neighbor and say Bri

fruitful and multiply now in the church

that I grew up in and in the home that I

grew up in I always thought be fruitful

and multiply men get to having some

babies okay

bright you people when you gonna start

getting fruitful and multiply when you

haven’t you know the minute you get

married everybody wants to know when

you’re pushing out kids I mean that’s

it’s like the order you get the you get

married to get the white picket fence

you get the dog and then you start

pushing out the kids and so everybody

always says we’re gonna start

multiplying and having some babies and

and that’s great and I’m sure that

that’s part of it but then I have to

step back and question that can’t be all

that it means because how do you explain

to the barren woman who’s not been able

to get pregnant for 40 years why she

can’t have a baby and yet the Bible says

to be fruitful and multiply or how do

you explain to that to the woman who

like myself I’ve had one natural child

but I’ve lost three babies in the last

three years and you’re telling me to be

fruitful and multiply but my body can’t

so obviously God means something

different with that when he says be

fruitful and multiply and what he

genuinely means is exactly what Pastor

Mike shared with each one of you last

week and it’s the Great Commission in

Matthew 28 go into all the world and

make disciples of all nations baptizing

them in the name of the Father the Son

and the Holy Ghost and what that means

when we say to be fruitful and multiply

we are Rev

locating ourselves in the earth we are

duplicating who we are because we are

made in the image of God Genesis 1:27

and 28 says we are created in the very

image of God and we are to replicate and

multiply ourselves but just like I said

nobody wants a mean friend

nobody wants a mean Christian I mean we

we’ve got enough of those worldly people

who are mean right so we don’t need the

church to be rude so this morning I have

the pleasure of breaking down one of the

attributes for you Pastor Mike asked me

to take one and pick it and teach it to

you and that’s what I’m gonna get to do

with you this morning Galatians 5:22

says this that the fruit of the Spirit

is love joy peace patience kindness

goodness faithfulness gentleness and


and I would love to say that I’m really

holy and I have that memorized because

I’m so holy but let me tell you why I

haven’t memorized because I have a

toddler at home well she’s 5 now so

she’s not so much a toddler and when we

were going through the terrific twos and

threes with her um I would become very

very annoyed with her I mean let’s just

be real right kids can be can all the

parents say Amen and if you don’t have

parent guess what you were annoying to

your appearance so I don’t I mean we

love our children like I love my baby

but um but I would get so frustrated

with her and I didn’t want to call her

you know I didn’t want to say to her how

I really felt you know like how my flesh

felt about her I didn’t want to belittle

her or crushed her spirit and so instead

of saying you know you are the most

annoying right now I’m like you have

that fruit of the Spirit is love joy

peace I just kind of said she was help

control and she was like okay mom and I

was like so I would just yell this to

her over and over again because it was

like I was gonna make her be lovely and

I was gonna make her be kind I was gonna

make her be peaceful and so now to this

day she can say mom I have the fruit of

the Spirit and it’s left joy peace

patience kindness goodness faithfulness

gentleness and self-control

bless her little heart but I’ve decided

to put the word in her because I

realized what I’m sewing into her is

what she’s also going to speak and the

same is true in each one of our lives

whatever we speak to ourselves is the

thing that comes out of our lives

amen the things that we speak around the

people around us that’s what comes out

the things that we declare over our

situations that’s what takes place the

power of life and death is in our time

and so this morning I want to break down

the attribute kindness and you know when

we say the word kindness we

automatically think oh that’s such a

nice word I’m so kind gives you these

warm fuzzy feelings and a lot of times

we even like think about kindness and we

think that that makes a person weak when

we think about the word kindness we

think weak because that means you’re

getting walked on you’re getting stomped

on you’re getting told what to do how to

do it when to do it and where to do it

but kindness is actually the complete

opposite of weakness it’s not weak it’s

being strong it’s knowing when to shut

your mouth when you need to shut your

mouth it’s knowing when to not show up

when you don’t need to show up it’s

knowing when to show up when you need to

show up it’s knowing when to be

sensitive in a situation when you need

to be sensitive and that takes nothing

but the Holy Spirit only the Holy Spirit

can create that fruit of kindness in us

because it allows us to be sensitive to

the situations and sensitive to the

voice of the Holy Spirit so kindness if

you and look at Matthew 7 16 it says

that people will know us by our fruit

and if you can’t exhibit that simple

fruit of kindness then how would you

ever be able to say that there’s a God

who loves you and you need to come meet

him if you’re at your workplace and

you’re I know people in my sphere of

influence right now but they are

complete jerks at their job place like

I’ve heard people tell me they are jerks

at work and yet they come to church and

they’re Jesus hallelujah and they get to

work and they’re a complete and total

jerk to their boss and to their

employees and I’m thinking those two

things can’t come out of the same mouth

there has to be a difference in what we

say in how we act in the Bible does say

that we will be known by our fruit and I

think that sadly we live in a culture

right now where we are more impressed

with what people do than who people are

and let me give you an example of what I

mean when we start dating for those of

us who’ve dated and been through all

that whoo hot mess of dating when you

date and you meet somebody and you go

home and you tell mom and dad about that

person or you tell your girlfriends or

you tell your on to your uncle about

that person you do not walk up and say

oh my gosh he has so much goodness and

kindness and she’s so lovely no you’re

like he makes money he has a Jo B thank

you Jesus okay that’s what your mom is

really concerned about is can he pay the

bills and I think about you know

whenever we meet each other when we’re

out in public in our culture when we

introduce ourselves to each other what’s

the first question we ask each other

what do you do

it’s just our culture to ask what do you

do and so in our culture unfortunately

we are more concerned with what the

other one does then who we are on the

inside what we’re producing what kind of

fruit we’re growing like Pastor Mike

said we have a choice whether to bear no

fruit some fruit much fruit or be

fruitful and I don’t know about you but

I desire to be fruitful kindness is a

rare quality so much so that when it

happens it makes the news today like how

sad is that

that when someone is kind or does a kind

thing it’s on the news now how many of

you have been in a Starbucks uh brahms

and McDonald’s you’ve been through a

drive-through and you’ve been the

recipient of someone who’s paid for your

drink or your ice cream or whatever

raise your hand okay awesome can you

guys come park in front of me next time

because I have not been the recipient of

that but

have been I’ve been able to bless the

car behind me and what I find so

interesting about kindness is it creates

a ripple effect that usually it’ll go on

for a cute a few cars until car number

you know the red Honda like is a jerk

and decides he doesn’t want to pay for

the I mean I don’t know how that I don’t

know how do you stop that thing but

somewhere along the lines companies like

mmm-hmm ain’t doing it not today and so

they decide not to pay for that person

Starbucks but what I realize is kindness

creates a ripple effect if one person

does it then somebody else follows suit

okay and that’s how God created the

spirits to operate in us is that when

one of us does it then we kind of all

follow in and do it together corporately

and kindness is humbly giving of

ourselves in love and mercy to others

and the thing about kindness is we have

to be willing to give kindness by the

power of the holy spirit to those who

may never even give us back anything in

return we have to be willing to give of

it knowing they may not return that

favor at all we also have to be willing

to do it to those who simply don’t

deserve it we have you willing to be

kind to those people who are just jerks

and we also have to be willing to be

kind of those people who don’t ever say

thank you because there will be lots of

people who will not say thank you a

while back we had a lady that I knew and

knew her really well and she was just me

I mean I’m just gonna say it nicely she

was such a jerk and everything about her

was rude everything she did was rude she

was rude to my face she was rude behind

my back she was rude to everybody but

specifically for me and like I mean I

like made this woman million-dollar

spaghetti and took it to her house and

I’m thinking you should at least say

thank you and repay me for the favor

right no so her birthday came about and

I knew it was her birthday and I was

praying not about her cuz I don’t pray

for her but um

you know praying for myself and y’all

don’t even don’t even act like this

fight y’all can be holy that’s fine you

got it you gotta stand perform too

and so I was praying I was being really

holy and I was praying and the Lord said

to give this woman her birthday present

I said huh a birthday present

God said yeah I want you to bless her

with the birthday presents her birthday

I was like all right I know exactly what

I’m gonna give her no kidding so I had

in the closet now don’t say anything

till I get this out of my mouth because

I know all y’all judgmental I had in the

closet of old bottle unused old bottle a

bath and Bodyworks like country apple

lotion like from the 1990s you know

those old-school sins come on now it was

brand-new and never been used and I was

like fine you want me to give her a

birthday revolution you have some

country Apple to put on that stank

attitude she’s gods


so the Lord and all his goodness said no

you’re to give her money now I’m huffing

at God but are you really sure like

she’s such a jerk like I mean she’s like

number one jerk in the whole world are

you sure he was like yeah I want you to

be a blessing to her I want you to show

her kindness and I want you to give her

money for her birthday so go to the ATM

got my ATM card out a pension in my coat

and I was like gonna get her $20 I was

like film reel holy I was like man I am

being a blessing today girl gonna go get

her some Brahms of Starbucks she got $20

right so I’m punchin in the code the

Lord says $200 I said Jesus that’s not

you that is the devil

I hear him rolling around like a lion

seeking whom he may devour and I will

take him out $200 you know how hard I’ve

worked for $200 the Lord said yes you

are to give her $200 obedience is better

than sacrifice so $200 put it in my card

put it in my gift bag put it in my

tissue paper and I mean I’m like I mean

this is gonna change her day like she’s

gonna be so nice to me we’re never gonna

have these problems ever again because I

mean if I’m giving you $200 by God used

to be nice to me right so I got my

president wrapped up all pretty walk

straight up to her take it to her

hand it to her she takes it

No thank you no see you later

I mean Nessa I got nothing do you guys

see I kept that under wraps nothing I

got nothing from her nothing and I was

so angry in that moment because I was

like God how dare you embarrass me like

this here I’m obedient to what you’ve

told me to do and I’ve exhibited

kindness to this woman who clearly did

not deserve your kindness and now you’re

gonna ask me to give her my hard-earned

money and then she’s not even gonna say

thank you you said yes I want that fruit

to work in you and that’s what kindness

looks like sometimes unfortunately

sometimes it will be repaid somebody

will purchase your Starbucks somebody

will buy your groceries at Walmart and

sometimes they won’t even say thank you

but you have to choose no matter what

they do that you will follow him that

you will listen to his voice that you

will be obedient no matter the cost

literally no matter how much the $200

cost you I think about Jesus and the

woman at the well in John and he’s

talking to this woman who he should have

been talking to culturally anyways it

was Jew and Samaritan and he basically

calls out all of her goods but he

doesn’t in a perfect kind fashion he

says there I I can give you the water

that never runs dry I am the living

water and she says you know he says to

her you she’s I’m gonna go home to my

husband he’s like he’s not your husband

you’re basically living with him and

you’ve been with five other guys that

were your husband’s and the one they

were just checking up with now is not

even your husband and he calls out all

of her goods right there and yet he does

it in such a loving way in such a kind

way the way that he is and what that

shows me is that in this world we’re

going to have the opportunity to talk to

people about their issues I mean cuz we

all got issues right I mean they sing

songs about issues there’s issues and

we’re gonna have those opportunities and

it’s how we respond to those issues and

it’s how we come at people about their


it requires kindness it doesn’t require

blasting them on social media

it doesn’t require blasting them in

front of everybody it just there’s kind

in Jesus’s words there’s kindness in the

way that he goes to people so I want to

share with you a few truths about

kindness the first one is that kindness

is always fashionable turn your neighbor

and tell your neighbor kindness looks

good on you

and really all that word fashionable

means is that like you’re on fleek you

know you’re on point I mean you got your

swag I mean whatever you want to call it

like kindness is fashionable it’s not

uncool to be kind it’s actually cool to

be kind and the thing about kindness is

it doesn’t cost you a lot I mean now if

God tells you to give $200 I’m sorry but

it’s in in essence it doesn’t have to

cost a lot because what I’ve learned is

that the value of a spoken word in

someone’s life can literally make all

the difference in their lives

that some people just need a word of

encouragement they need it you know

about old school handwritten note like

hey you’re doing a really great job I

really appreciate you type thing

sometimes people just need to know that

they’re valued and that they’re

important and for you and I to instill

that into somebody else costs us

absolutely nothing and yet means life or

death for them I was reading the story

the other day about a boss who went into

his office and he took time to go into

every single cubicle and thanked each

employee individual individually and he

pointed out something positive about

each one you know like I really like the

way you stapled those papers like man

that’s a good staple job you know

something like I don’t really know what

he said but he encouraged each and every

single cubicle and then he the next day

he comes back to work and there’s a

package a present sitting on his desk

and it’s wrapped very nice and he opens

it up and he reads the card and he calls

the gentleman in it was from one of the

employees that he had and he opens it up

and it’s an Xbox and he was like what’s

the cool way to me an Xbox and he’s like

well I know your wife won’t let you get

one cuz you’re like 43 and that’s not

cool for 43 year old men to have Xboxes

but I wanted you to have an Xbox he’s

like man that’s so cool thanks you know

why’d you do this and he was like I’m

gonna be really honest with you the day

before you came into my cubicle and you

told me how good of a job I was doing I

had gone and bought a gun and I was

planning to go home that night and shoot

myself and kill myself

and he said so instead I took the gun

pawned it off got the money and bought

you the Xbox instead because you saved

my life and that’s literally just the

power of our words like we literally

have the power of life and death on our

tongue the book of Proverbs said and we

speak life or death into a situation so

it’s always fashionable and it really

truly in most instances costs you

nothing to be kind it costs you nothing

to walk up to a complete stranger and

say look really nice today I’m gonna

forget one time I was in Walmart and my

daughter was having one of her terrific

two meltdowns and you may have seen me I

was at the Sand Springs Walmart

and she was pleading those of those

produce bags that you put the produce in

the clear bags what do they called

produce bags produce bags and she had

one and she was playing with it over her

head and I’m so bad and I didn’t think

anything of it because she was being

quiet I mean she was still breathing I


feel like I feel like I should have

rehearsed this story in my head so she

was breathing she was happy she was

contented she says you know the bag

armed off her head right and like she

was totally content and she wasn’t

crying anymore and she wasn’t throwing a

fit and I was like I’m a plus mom right

and till some really rude hateful lady

stopped me in Walmart and she was like

oh my god did you know that your

daughter could die like that and I was

like an honest-to-god bat had never

crossed my mind like that sounds like

ruck not rocket science right like she

could suffocate and die but I was like

she’s just enjoying herself and she’s

being quiet and

didn’t occur to me but in that moment I

felt soomi’s she made me feel like 2

inches tall and I was like okay and I

was art I mean like wouldn’t your

daughter’s already having a meltdown and

you’re in Walmart with people wearing

unicorn pajama pants it’s like you’re

already not in a good place right and so

I might you know grocery shopping and

I’m just like I’m a horrible mom guy I

was trying to kill my dog I can’t Nyree

thinks I’m gonna go DHHS is gonna be

called on me and in sight I mean I was

in jail already in my mind okay cuz with

me it’s like one way or the other and so

I’m like pushing her and I’m just you

know and she’s crying cuz I’ve taken the

bag away from her she just want to put

the bag over her head and so I’m pushing

her and this woman walks out to me and

she goes ma’am and I was thinking I know

the back of suffocate and kill her like

that’s what I wanted to say and she goes


can I just tell you’re doing a really

good job you’re a really great mom I was

like I like tears or even though my face

but in that moment that was what I

needed to hear and that cost that woman

nothing nothing so imagine if every

morning when we woke up if we set out in

our mind to find one person two people

five people ten people whatever and you

said one genuinely kind thing to

somebody what would that create what

would that look like because we live in

a culture right now or we don’t even

value people’s lives like one week from

tonight is when that shooting happened

in Las Vegas and when that man or

whatever conspiracy theory or whatever

tragically took fifty nine people’s

lives so it’s evident that we don’t even

value you the human race anymore so we

need that kindness we need that love we

need that compassion so that we can

actually value the life of another human


so remember kindness is always

fashionable in first Thessalonians 5:11

it says therefore encourage one another

and build each other up without

encouragement life will feel pointless

and burdensome we can be overwhelmed by

their very real pains of our lives and

sometimes we just need people to come

along and tell us

struggles are worth it because think

about all the things that you’ve been

through in your own life if we all went

through and we all made a list of

everything that we’ve been through how

helpful would it have been if you had

somebody come along and say your

struggles are worth it it doesn’t make

sense right now you may not understand

what you’re going through right now but

it’s worth it it’s not meaningless it

has value to it because see what I’ve

learned in my life is 90% of what we go

through in our lives have zero to do

with us zero but yet as a selfish

culture it’s easy to think why me how me

how could they do this to me why are

they talking about me why they treat me

like that

why didn’t he show up why didn’t she

show why didn’t they do that it’s so

easy to say why me why me why me why me

but when we get those fruits of the

spirit inside of us and we let the Holy

Ghost cultivate those things in us we

began to see outside of ourselves and we

begin to see the people that God has in

our lives to equip and to reach amen the

second thing that I want to share with

you is about kindness is that our

reaction to a situation literally has

the power to change it like whatever the

situation is that’s happening to us are

our attitude towards it the words that

come out of our mouths the way we act

towards that situation can change it and

our reaction can either create a riot or

it can create a revival I mean we’ve

seen in our culture and in this and in

this city alone that when things happen

and people don’t like it it creates a

riot right well what upon the opposite

and instead of retaliating against the

things that we don’t like and

retaliating against the things that we

don’t believe in we instead decided to

create a revival what if we changed our

attitude towards the situation and up

welled out of us that kind of spirit


I want to show you the best way that I

can visually show you how this looks is

with these three situations right here

so I have in case you can’t see I’ve

carrots I have an egg and then I have a

cup of coffee and the same three things

have happened to all three of these

things sitting on this plate all three

of them have endured boiling water I put

the carrots in boiling water and I

boiled the carrots I put the egg in

boiling water and I boiled the egg and

then the coffee beans were ground into

coffee grains mixed with boiling water

to make a cup of coffee

are you processing so this is what

happens to us when we encounter the

boiling water the situation’s the

adversities the pain the trials the

tests the tribulations the ugly people

at work the ugly lady that I had to give

my two hundred dollars to what if three

things happens to us as people see on

the outside this carrot looks like a

normal carrot but because it’s been a

put in the boiling water it’s been put

into the fire what happens is when it’s

broken it becomes soft and not have zero

strength to it it’s unusable at that

point and then some of us we’re like the

egg we look good on the outside

everything looks perfect on the outside

but then inside our heart is so hard a

stony heart is what the Bible calls it

that when conflict arises when people in

our lives are mean to us or or

disrespectful or they judge us or

whatever the case may be on the outside

we look fine but on the inside we’ve

hardened our hearts to them and in the

third situation is what happens to this


whenever the boiling water hits the

grounds and hits the grains

it creates an aroma a pleasing aroma for

those of you who like coffee and that

coffee becomes flavorful and it becomes

aromatic and it’s pleasurable to the

senses and we have a choice as believers

when we encounter these situations we

can become like

the carrot that once it’s burned and

boiled it loses all of its strength we

can become like the egg that looks good

on the outside but truly is hard all on

the inside or we can we can release the

illumination of the flavour of the holy

spirit because you see we have the

ability to talk like Jesus walk like

Jesus act like Jesus smell like Jesus

because you will smell where you’ve been

I mean think about it when you’ve been

to a bonfire what are your clothes smell

like they smell like fire so if you’ve

been in your prayer closet and you’ve

been praying and you actually been

spending time in the Word of God and

you’ve actually been asking God give me

love joy peace patience kindness

goodness faithfulness gentleness and

self-control you’re gonna smell like

love joy peace patience kindness

goodness faithfulness gentleness and

self-control but if you’ve been

wallowing in yourself you’re gonna come

out smelling like yourself and let me

tell you something it doesn’t smell good

his fragrance is what smells good his

fragrance is what leads people to him we

have that choice amen

one of the things that kindness when I

think about the word kindness other than

it being just it seems like a really

simple word but kindness really has to

do with your heart it’s a heart issue

truly and one of the things that I think

keeps us from being kind to one another

is the issue of unforgiveness I think we

we genuinely get so hurt and so offended

by people that it affects our ability to

be kind and I’m not just talking about

to the person who’s hurt you I’m talking

about to everybody else because once

you’ve been burned you naturally put up

a wall towards everybody else because

you don’t want to feel that pain again


can they may say I’ve been there before

and so what happens whenever we when we

choose to harbor this unforgiveness and

instead of operating in that kindness is

it basically creates a wedge and that’s

what this piece of wood is I’m just

gonna use it to symbolize the wedge so

work with me on this okay and when we


this unforgiveness two things happen

number one your hands are completely

tied up and unable to bless anybody

because they’re full of this I have no

open hand to extend to you to encourage

to you to exhort you to build you up to

lead you to Jesus to walk you into the

doors of this church because my hands

are tied

there’s a wedge in them the other thing

the Bible says that if you do not

forgive men their sins he cannot forgive

you your sins so here’s what happens we

come to church and we think you know

it’s all good I’m working on love joy

peace patience kindness goodness

faithfulness gentleness and self-control

and we get into worship and we’re asking

God to move and do things and you’re

worshiping Jesus hallelujah and all the

time this wedge is blocking God from you

the whole time God can I need you to

forgive me I need you to move I need you

to heal and easier to bless my finances

I need you to do this and all the time

there’s this wedge that that heart issue

of unforgiveness has created and what

happens is it blocks our ability to be

kind to another person because we’re

afraid of that pain again it’s real we

remember what that feels like and it

hurt I want to read to you out of the

message version Luke chapter 6 and

they’re gonna have it on the screen for

you Luke chapter 6 verse 29 says this to

you who are ready for the truth I say

this love your enemies let them bring

out the best in you and not the worst

when someone gives you a hard time

respond with the energies of prayer for

that person if someone slaps you in the

face stand there and take it if someone

grabs your shirt

gift wrap your best coat or $200 and

make a present of it if someone takes

unfair advantage of you use the occasion

to practice the servant life no more tit

for tat stuff live generously

and Luke 6:35 338 it says this I tell

you this love your enemies help and give

without expecting a return you’ll never

I promise regret it live out this God

created identity the way our Father

lives toward us generously and

graciously even when we’re at our worst

our Father is kind so you be kind don’t

pick on people jump on their failures

criticize their faults unless of course

you want that same treatment don’t

condemn those who are down the hardness

can boomerang be easy on pp-people and

you’ll find it a lot easier give away

your life you’ll find life given back

but not merely given back given back

with bonus and blessing giving and not

getting is the way because generosity

begets generosity and when I think about

you know I when I share that story with

you about having to give that a birthday

present to that woman giving our

kindness to other people like I said

means we may not get anything back in

return and Jesus is very clear and is

worried about that that we may have to

give without getting anything in return

because he is easy to give to the people

who are actually nice and bless us right

those are the people that it’s really

easy to be nice to to give the

compliments to to write the letters to

to buy their lunch to pick up their tab

those are the people it’s easy to be

nice to but those aren’t the ones that

are causing you to step out of that

comfort zone those aren’t the ones that

are causing that that gift of the Holy

Spirit to rise up in you to have to

operate because that requires you to

step out of yourself out of your flesh

out of what you want and do what God

wants and do what he’s saying

and that’s hard to do sometimes the

third thing that I want to share with

you about kindness is that the thing

that the Bible says in Romans 2:4 is

that his kindness is what leads people

to repentance

it’s not his harshness it’s not his


it’s not his intimidation it’s not his

manipulation if you think about how you

came to the saving knowledge of Jesus


it was because somebody told you or you

read that he was a good loving kind God

the best way that I can show you that is

there’s a story in the book of Hosea

and when I think about this story it’s

probably one of my favorite Bible

stories and for those of you who love

reality television you know you love The

Bachelor you love bachelor in paradise

bachelor in China bachelor in Japan I

mean wherever the bachelor goes he’s got

15 girls going with him so you don’t

need me to go but there are some of us

that really like that reality television

so not judging if you like reality

television but let me tell you if you

want some reality open up the Bible

because there’s murder there’s theft

there’s rape there’s adultery there’s


there’s backstabbing there’s prison I

mean it’s all in there you got it all

and one of my favorite stories in the

Bible is that book of Hosea and Gomer

Hosea marries a prostitute named Gomer

he knew she was a prostitute and God

told her to marry God told him to marry

her so he did and he married her and

after being married and having three

children she decided she wanted to go

back into prostitution so she left him

and went back into prostitution see I

told you the Bible is really good it’s

like a reality TV show it’s like The

Bachelor really so he goes back she goes

back into prostitution and the Lord

tells Hosea go find Gomer and he said

she’s she’s in a whorehouse like is that

is that yes

go find Gomer and bring her back and so

I don’t know what that looked like

because the Bible doesn’t give us a lot

of details on how that looks but I’m

envisioning in our modern day culture

this poor man going from brothel to

brothel to brothel looking for his wife

not for a stranger but for his wife and

he goes in and I think about you know

the sex slave industry and I’ve seen the

movies and I’ve seen where they depict

you know what that looks like and I

think about a woman standing on a

pedestal naked and barren and chained

and being bit off to the highest bidder

and I wonder to myself did Hosea walk in

and see Gomer on that pedestal chained

and naked and watching other men bid on


and so when he sees his wife and he says

that’s her he tells the owner I want

that woman and the owner says you must

pay to have her Hosea says but she’s

mine she’s already my wife he says if

you bought if you want her you’ll have

to pay the price for her so Hosea says

how much the man tells it how much any

pace in order to get his wife he had to

pay for something that was already his

and to me this is a beautiful picture of

how our relationship with Jesus is we

are already his we were already his from

the beginning of the world

and yet he the Satan said to him you

will have to pay a price if you want her

you will have to pay the price if you

want your bride back so he said how much

and the man’s venom he tells him you’ll

have to give your life so he says I’ll

send my son and he sends his son and his

son dies on a cross for our sins and

restores us back to righteousness and

it’s a beautiful picture of how his

kindness because what husband would go

into a brothel

after brothel after brothel looking for

his wife knowing that she slept with God

knows who and scaring all kinds of

whatever diseases to bring her back home

to himself but it’s what Jesus does with

you and I his kindness is what leads us

to repentance