In this video blog, Pastor Bill Johnson shares his revelation on the Kingdom of God. Anytime we leave the subject of family, we’ve left the subject of Kingdom. Family includes and celebrates everyone; this is the nature of the Kingdom we are part of.

hallelujah king forever


we thank you for the cross

a number of years ago i saw something

that seemed to elude me for

a lifetime and that was that whenever

god talked about the kingdom of god he

was talking about family

the lord’s prayer what we call the

lord’s prayer is really the disciples


says our father who art in heaven

hallowed be thy name it ends with

for thine is the kingdom our father has

a kingdom

anytime we leave the subject of family

we’ve left the subject of kingdom

because the kingdom of god

is a relational community it’s a group

of people

that learn to live under the dominion of


and inside this kingdom is bigger than

the outside which sounds contradictory

but you have to remember this kingdom is

the kingdom where

you live by dying you receive by giving

you’re exalted by going low and in the

same way there’s more room inside than

there is outside

and when we understand that this is a


of believers it’s a family component

then we we

we are able to much more resist the

temptation to make it a corporation

church is a business

church as an institution a corporation

is so much bigger than that it’s family

and the people in this tribe in this


deserve to be treated as sons daughters

as mothers fathers

and in that context there’s the honor

where everyone gets to succeed everyone

gets to thrive

when it’s an institution the opposite

happens the powerful

become more powerful the weak become


and that’s just not the heart of god the

heart of god is for

every single person to be celebrated to

be valued to be empowered to be enabled

to be loved to be cared for to be


to be recognized for who they are what

god’s doing in them

that’s what a family does in a family

you don’t have one child sitting off in

the room while everyone enjoys

christmas you spend that time together

because that’s what family does

family includes everyone family

celebrates everyone

and that’s really the nature of this

kingdom this kingdom is a kingdom of


and in the culture of honor you

celebrate who a person is

without stumbling over who they’re not

and just like

a natural family every person in the

house is celebrated

so it must be in the kingdom of god so

it must be in church life

that we celebrate and honor the

diversity that god gives us

in such a wide variety of people and

this is our privilege the kingdom of god

is a family




we thank you for the cross