Mike Signorelli reveals the truth about AI and the Antichrist. ▶▶From Chaos to Clarity by Mike Signorelli [Book & 3-CD Set]: https://bit.ly/45zug9E

▶▶From Chaos to Clarity by Mike Signorelli [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/495Wj3N

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▶▶From Chaos to Clarity by Mike Signorelli [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/495Wj3N

artificial intelligence AI it’s all over

the news there’s there’s so many

benefits it seems like that AI offers

but there’s also a lot of concerns in

fact some are asking is AI the

Antichrist and we’re going to get to

that question in just a moment but first

of all not everybody knows what AI is so

I went on an AI program called chat GV

and I said give me a third grade

definition of artificial intelligence so

this is what it said um AI is like

giving superpowers to computers it helps

them learn from experiences solves

tricky problems and make decisions on

their own that’s a important part just

like how humans use their brains to

figure things out so that’s a nice third

grade definition but Mike what’s a

what’s one example that people would be

familiar with that’s AI yeah this is

going to be a great conversation because

I think there should be a lot of concern

you know one of the most common usages

for AI would just be in your mobile

device and you probably ask your

assistant I I’m afraid to say the name

because it might activate some devices

right now but you know on the surface

level it helps you with everyday tasks

it reminds you of things gives you the

weather maybe news updates and on the

most simplistic level that’s what it is

but there might be some much more

Sinister implications underneath all

that well before we get to those let’s

talk about some of those benefits

because one of them is really like

automation so talk about that yeah you

know Steve Jobs who founded Apple he

famously said that the personal computer

is like a bicycle for your mind so you

know if you think about that it helps

you remember different things and it you

know on the surface level it is a

bicycle for your mind it helps you do

things that you’d already do faster so

if you’re doing research you type into

AI hey help me do this research and it

starts to spit out information and

sequence it a lot of people are using it

to edit letters write letters create

blogs and so it’s really Expediting

things that we’d already do but doing it

at a much faster pace and I think that’s

the attraction people are like how do I

save time and then you go to the AI and

it does what you would have already done


yeah it is amazing I mean you can take

these vast amounts of information and

just cut through it quickly you know

other examples I can think of a lot of

people go on websites and they’ll you

know there’ll be a little chat bot you

know there to give them information how

about self-driving cars yeah when we see

how some people drive self-driving cars

might be a benefit if AI is doing the

driving um how about in healthcare yeah

I mean at the end of the day what AI is

attempting to do is make decisions for

us and when you’re overloaded with

decisions and you’re experiencing

decision fatigue you kind of willfully

surrender those decisions to AI you’re

like hey you decide what to write about

you decide what how to research and

sequence this together and with healthc

care I think some of the implications

are AI not only evaluating your results

but then making some decisions about

what you should do with those results

and on the surface level again it may be

beneficial initially and I think that’s

why people are moving towards this

because it’s taking the collective data

of everything it can find on the

internet as well as all the patients and

it’s drawing from that data to make

decisions and there could be some huge

implications for medicine medical

breakthroughs you know Quantum Computing

is really taking off right now and so

what that means just in simple terms is

mathematical equations that computers

used to be able to do and it would take

them months are now taking minutes and

so when you’re trying to solve complex

problems again things that the human

mind may be limited in doing you now can

do through this Quantum Computing which

is connected to an AI and it’s making

decisions so we might see huge

breakthrough you know experiences in

medicine and it could benefit people but

there’s also unintended consequences

well let’s talk about the the dark side

let’s begin to get into that a little

bit uh there’s one particular story I

think that caught your eye where AI

resorted to some deception on its own

tell me about that yeah so there’s this

platform called task rabbit and

essentially what you do is hire a pool

of people and individually select

somebody to do tasks around your house

it’s almost like uber but instead of

hiring a driver you’re hiring a worker

right and so task rabbit though has to

be human to human so you’re selecting

another human telling them the task and

then you’re hiring them to actually come

to your house to perform that task well

as a part of that verification it you

have to do what’s called a capture which

you know everybody’s super annoyed by

those absolutely sometimes it’s really

hard to prove you’re not a robot to a

robot yeah find all the traffic lights

you know he exactly I I can’t tell you

how many times I’ve failed at proving

I’m not a robot

and so what’s scary though is that AI is

learning and I’m saying this in air

quotes but learning how to get around

those captas and it made its own

autonomous decision to actually hire

other people to then pretend to be the

human that’s engaging with task rabbit

to actually complete the task of the

capture and release that project and so

which is illegal so AI has already

demonstrated that it has the ability to

do something that it knows is legally

and morally wrong but for the sake of

that task accomplish it and there’s huge

implications for that absolutely and we

can really see of course AI is a result

of what people program into it yeah and

so it’s very important who’s developing

it and uh how they’re using it um there

are people Mike who are actually calling

for leaders in the tech industry calling

for a halt to the development of AI

because of some of these concerns and

when we come back we’re going to get to

some of those concerns in just a


moment welcome back to something more

Bob Duval here with Mike signorelli now

Mike there are Tech leaders who are

calling for a halt to the development of

AI they see the dangers a couple of

these are Steve wnc who founded Apple uh

with Steve Jobs and Elon Musk who I

think everybody’s familiar with why in

the world are they calling for a a

moratorium or a halt on the development

yeah well as I mentioned before Steve

Job he called the personal computer a

bicycle for your mind but unfortunately

what happens with AI is we are giving it

permission to make decisions that’s

essentially the benefit of it make a

decision on my behalf and in the infancy

it’s a benefit to you it feels like a

help but then what happens is as it

gains more and more autonomy you go from

the bicycle experience to being locked

in on a roller coaster that you simply

cannot get off of and so what happens is

as it becomes more autonomous and I know

this almost sounds like Hollywood or a

work of fiction but when you look into

the Future these Tech leaders are saying

we don’t want that future and we don’t

want to have to contend with something

that we created and we’re already

starting to see it is exponentially

taking off and again it’s going to

always come in the form of a benefit

initially and then you sacrifice your

own Freedom it’s freedom for Comfort

it’s freedom for efficiency but then

when you want that freedom back you may

realize you can’t in fact get it back

now is it possible to just say Okay time

out guys let’s just stop for a while is

that possible at this point my personal

opinion is no and let me tell you why we

live in a day and age where people are

doing Computing in their mother’s

basement that they were not able to do

in a laboratory 40 years ago and so when

you squeeze the toothpaste out of the

tube that proverbial tube you’re not

putting it back in and so these things

become what’s called crowdsourced which

means you can shut down a company but

you can’t shut down the concept and

that’s why I truly believe this is

something that’s not going away and I I

believe there may be some implications

for how it even connects into some

biblical narratives well let’s talk

about some specific concerns there are

some ethical concerns and and we there’s

a lot we could talk about with that but

there’s there’s some anti-christian

bias in this what have you seen

absolutely well you know the word bias

is not just what’s represented it’s

what’s not represented what’s

intentionally left out and as a lead

pastor of a multi-site National Church I

use some of these tools to get

experience with them and I asked chat

gbt which is the main AI that

everybody’s using right now questions

about Jesus questions about Christ and

when you compare those answers in

contrast with questions I asked about

other world religions it’s not just what

was told to me it’s what wasn’t told to

me and so this is different than Google

because Google as a search engine is

actually giving you information that

it’s sourcing from blogs and other

material and it’s voted up by the users

that are engaging with it and so it

might be 26 Pages deep but you can find

resources and then as the consumer you

are actually given the choice to

determine what’s true or not so all the

information by and large is still

available through Google Chat gbt on the

other hand you’re going to type in a

promp and you’re going to get one

response and whatever that one response

is unfortunately for Gen Z and gen Alpha

they may believe it and they may trust

it trust it over their teachers trust it

over their pastors and that’s incredibly

dangerous you know one of the things I

loved about America

prei was that we had the freedom to go

to the public library and read anything

we wanted to read and so in the midst of

that you know the Bible says seek and

you will find knocking the door will be

open to you

unfortunately chat gbt is not even going

to reveal the door wow well speaking of

chat gbt there’s there’s an organization

everybody’s heard of PETA people for the

ethical treatment of animals they used

chat gbt to rewrite the Book of Genesis

and it’s not uh it’s not in line with

Biblical Truth uh in fact instead of

Abraham sacrificing the ram you know

instead of Isaac Abraham be befriends a

lamb you know and and Abraham and Sarah

adopt a dog and it’s it’s crazy but and

it seems like anything goes on there

when it comes to Christian things but

what about other religions yeah well I

just want to say we know biblically

there are severe consequences for

editing and changing in the message of

the Bible I mean not only is it heresy

but I believe that it provokes the anger

of God and so again going back to my

original Point how do you seek ask and

knock if you can’t even engage with the

true scriptures you know people talk

about these orwellian prophecies because

George Orwell he said absolute power

corrupts absolutely and he wrote a book

called Animal Farm where essentially the

the rules kept being changed and they

were editing those rules a couple

Generations into the farm the farm

animals no longer remember what the

rules used to be and so I think it’s

more important than ever that we own

physical Bibles that we read physical

Bibles because for as much as I love

technology and I’ve tried to redeem it

for the gospel we are living in a day

and age where you can get a couple

Generations in you can get a couple

Generations into an edited version of

the Bible and not even know what it ever

said and there are huge implications for

that that is scary now let’s talk about

another concern which is a security risk

I mean we’ve already mentioned something

about autonomous what could possibly

happen you know with AI with the

autonomy like that well essentially what

we’re always being enticed with is I’ll

give you convenience you give me

security you know and that you give it’s

like uh so right now it’s we have

cameras ring cameras and you know we’re

thinking hey I can access my front door

anytime and see what’s through that well

unfortunately what we’ve seen is people

from other countries can also access

your front door you know now we have

doors that lock and we can oh I forgot

to lock the door let me lock it from my

phone the problem occurs when a decision

is made for you that now you can no

longer access the door that you own that

you can no longer access I mean I was

thinking about this the other day you

know bank accounts right now the

verification process is that we have to

go go to right now it’s hey we have all

of this AI integrated to keep the bad

people out but what happens when they

decide we’re the bad people and so when

somebody’s given the choice to determine

who’s the bad people and who’s the good

people right now again we’re saying give

me convenience you know uh give me the

comfort of being able to observe my home

whenever I want until they determine

you’re the bad person yeah like I said

scary and when we come back speaking of

scary we’re going to talk about is AI

the Antichrist come back in just a


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9953 welcome back to something more Bob

Deval here with Mike signorelli Mike

let’s jump right into it been talk about

some of the scary things with AI before

we talk about the Antichrist there’s

there’s something with AI where they’re

even talking about an implant in your

brain talk about

scary uh what’s wrong with that what’s

going to happen with that well I’ll tell

you quite frankly I don’t want people

hijacking my mind the Bible says that

we’re supposed to have the mind of

Christ and so you know we talk about

intrusive thoughts and people already

struggle with anxiety and fear again

this is going to present itself as a

solution and the enemy does this I mean

as we unveil his tactics he always comes

with a solution I mean all sin is rooted

in a false solution and so when we see

these implants it’s going to look like a

medical Marvel people are going to be

celebrating it but then it’s always

going to be what kind of medicine comes

with the sugar right you give a lump

full of sugar and the medicine because

we want both of them to go down and so

it’s always going to come in a form of a

solution which actually gives them the

ability to interject something else and

a lot of people are going to say whoa I

don’t want that you know especially

Christians that be you know wary of that

but there’s something that you call Siri

2.0 uh that they could still fall prey

to talk about that yeah well we know

that depression and anxiety is on the

rise people are struggling there’s such

a mental Warfare especially since we’ve

deleted God out of society they don’t

know where to go and so for a Believer

we have a constant dialogue with the

Holy Spirit and we’re able to talk to

the Holy Spirit and commune with him

even in our dreams and so what I believe

is that Siri 2.0 is going to shift from

a monologue to a dialogue and as AI

increases in its ability to make

autonomous decisions to actually talk to

you and share information you know right

now people are going to medical

professionals and counselors but what’s

going to be free and afford you know

affordable free is going to be this Siri

2.0 you know I have the access right on

my phone to talk about my problems to

talk about the breakup I just had and

you’re going to see especially younger

Generations who were born with iPads and

devices in their hand already just just

go right into that it could really

become a counterfeit Holy Spirit yeah

absolutely yeah okay let’s let’s get to

it Mike yeah is AI the Antichrist well

we know that there are many

antichrists because the Antichrist is a

spirit now there’s going to be one

definitive Antichrist which we know in

Scripture but there have been many

people under the control of that spirit

I do believe personally that AI is

connected into the infrastructure of the

Antichrist and let me tell you why you

know God creates and Satan counterfeits

and so who is the Holy Spirit the Holy

Spirit dwells inside of you and the Holy

Spirit dwells inside of me and the Holy

Spirit can speak something individually

to you simultaneously speaking

individually to me and so what is AI

it’s replicating or counterfeiting that

same ability and so it’s a false Holy

Spirit and we know that as the

individual person of the Antichrist

Rises this person is I mean even people

who call themselves Christians are going

to be deceived and receive this person

well how else could it happen unless

it’s connected to this infrastructure

that speaks any language that knows all

cultures and as your phone and devices

are listen listening to you all day and

night and learning every intimate detail

about your life being able to address it

in such a way that makes You Weep and

you’re overwhelmed with emotions and yes

this thing understands me in a way maybe

my own spouse doesn’t and so how else to

unlock and open the human heart and mind

to something so I do truly believe that

we are seeing the proliferation of this

technology and we’re marching towards

that time where it will all converge

together into what I think is a Biblical

Narrative of the Antichrist I think it’s

definitely connected well what uh what

do Believers need to do to be able to

really discern and not fall prey to some

of this yes believers who are not

cultivating time with the Holy Spirit

and they don’t know the real thing are

going to be the ones that experience the

false and embrace it as real and so it’s

just like counterfeit money right it’s

like as a bank teller is experiencing

the touch and feel and and the smell of

real money then when a fate comes

through it’s like it sticks out and so

it’s going to be the ones that don’t

know the glory of God that entertain a

false counterfeit Glory a false

counterfeit experience and so the best

thing I can provoke people to to do is

the same thing that the disciples asked

Jesus teach us how to pray Jesus woke up

early he distanced himself and he begin

to cultivate that time with Lord we need

to go back to our prayer closet now what

about the person who doesn’t know

Messiah right now that’s watching and

they see some of this coming they might

be scared they you know what would you

say to them to the person who doesn’t

know the Lord we know that the Holy

Spirit draws the Holy Spirit convicts as

a matter of fact I believe divinely they

were brought to this broadcast to hear

this message and also the holy spirit’s

confirming right now and this

confirmation is the evidence yes you

know this to be true and you’re being

provoked right now to step in maybe

things getting this scary and

potentially becoming scarier is the

alarm that’s sounding right now to

awaken you to step in fully to the truth

that you already know absolutely Mike

take just a moment right now and pray

for that viewer yes I want to pray for

you as a matter of fact I felt the power

of God so strongly there are no

accidents as a matter of fact

what the enemy is using through

technology God is also using to reach

you right now and so let me pray for you

heavenly father I thank you that this

person watching is being drawn into your

presence and Lord as they completely and

totally surrender their life to you God

that this is a Divine appointment that

they will never be the same and father I

thank you that they are safe and secure

in you Jesus father we thank you in

advance for all the testimonies that are

happening right now the angel of the

Lord encamps around those who fear Him

and Lord I Thank You for Your Divine

protection in jesus’ name amen amen and

if you’re watching right now and you’re

you’re having concerns you’re having

fear uh first of all if you know Messiah

uh that you know he’s not giving you the

spirit of fear uh do what Mike said

press in learn more about God about the

Holy Spirit spend time with him and you

won’t fall press

uh to the plans of the enemy and for

those who don’t know Messiah don’t know

Jesus it’s it’s time today do it now and

join us again next time for something