Then God had something more for Laurie, a round trip journey to Hell and back. In Hell Conspiracy, Laurie’s assignment is to tell you what you don’t want to hear — she saw relatives and believers in torment. But it didn’t stop there. Jesus continued to show Laurie about Heaven—well beyond harps and pearly gates.

My guest has had
so many visions of Heaven,

and she has learned
so many Heavenly secrets.

Now she’s been charged
to share these secrets

so that you can
implement them on Earth.

Your faith will soar, next!


SR: Recently, Laurie Ditto

was on our other show,

which can be seen
on our online network,

called “Something More,”

where she answered some of
the most amazing questions

about Heaven
questions that you have.

Take a look.

LD: Heaven is so much fun.

It’s so wonderful.

Everything that we do
in Heaven

has a lot more life,
excitement than here.

So, once of the things
you will be learning,

learning about God,
learning about the Bible,

so that’s a lot of fun.

The things
that we currently do,

maybe you’re a baker,
or a painter,

there are shops in Heaven,

and people go
and pick up your things.

There’s a lot
of family time.

There’s family events,

We go to all kinds of fun
with each other.

Heaven will be
the best time ever, Bob.

We’re going to love it.
That room was so intense.

It had, for lack of
a better understanding,

say, a million
TV screens of people

and what was happening
in their life.

BD: Wow, that’s interesting
to pick through that.

LD: Yeah, yeah it was.

And Jesus was focused
on very hurtful things,

children who were
human trafficked,

or people who were
being abused.

So, He was very focused,

being in supporting
these type of situations,

which that was

And suddenly, there was
a group of people

who were praising God.

And you know
the scripture,

“He inhabits the praises
of His people.”

BD: Sure, yeah.

LD: It drew Him right away,

and He just kept being
with the hurtful

that were going on.

I was there
in just a glimpse.

It was actually,
Bob, too much

what God sees every day,
what He deals with.

BD: I can’t imagine.

LD: So, one second
was overwhelming for me.

I saw my little dog from
when I was 6, 7 years old.

Her name is Snowball.

Now for peoples’ pets,
two requirements.

If you love it
and take care of it,

God sees that as now

His, because love
is a very powerful thing.

So, those pets
are all in Heaven.

Also, Bob,
I saw pets in Heaven,

beautiful dogs, cats,
there in Heaven,

but their owner is not.

BD: Mm-hmm.

LD: Their owner never came

to the saving knowledge
of Jesus,

so those people

are eternally
separated from God.

I had always
grown up believing

once the pet dies,
it dies.

BD: Right.

LD: So, it was a shock
for me

to see my own pet there,

which brings me
so much happiness.

SR: Laurie, tell me
about a vision

that saved your life.

LD: Oh, yes.

So, there was
this one vision

where I was underneath
some circumstances

when it starts.

And I could hear the Lord
say, “Where is she?”

And I thought,
“Where am I?”

And an angel came
and said,

“She’s under
these circumstances.”

And He said,
“Stand her up.”

And right away,
the angel stood me up,

and we began walking.

I could see Jesus.
He said, “Come.”

I was like,
“Oh, my gracious. Come.”

He wanted me
to come up to Him.

And there were
all these other brides.

They were walking, they
were walking towards Him.

And I was
going there, too.

But my angel
gave me a pathway,

a less traveled pathway.

And I thought, “Why would
we go that way?”

But I noticed my dress had
stains and things on it,

but I followed the angel
because I figured

he heard the Lord
tell me, “Come.”

There were people
along that pathway

that they had said
they needed food.

I realized I was
the bride of Christ.

I could give them things
on my bridal march.

So, I decided that
I would pray for them,

and the Lord
was hearing my prayer.

Who wouldn’t? Which groom
wouldn’t give you

on your wedding march
what you’re asking for?

So, then I realized if I
look at you in the eye,

I want all the people that
I’ve looked in the eye,

I want them to be a part
of the wedding March.

So, I’ve asked Jesus,
I asked Him them,

I ask Him now,

“Lord, if I look somebody
in the face,

would you give that to me
as a wedding gift?

Write their names in
the Lamb’s Book of Life,”

SR: Would you look
them right now,

those viewing?

LD: Please pray this
prayer with me.

Heavenly Father,

You’re the maker
of Heaven,

and Earth, and me.
Thank You, Father,

for sending Jesus Christ
for me, for us.

Oh, thank You, thank

You, Jesus,
for shedding all of

Your blood to purchase me
out of all my many sins.

You, God.

Forgive me, Jesus,
for sinning against

You, forgive me.
Save me, God, from hell,

from all of the black fire
that’s in hell,

and put me on the path
that I will go to Heaven

when I die.
Give me

Your Holy Spirit,
to be with me,

to help me, to guide me.

Be the Lord of my life,
all the days of my life,

God, I want to be
on this wedding march

with you
all the days of my life.

And right now, I commit,

You’re my Savior.
Take my life.

I pledge my allegiance
to Jesus Christ. I love

You, Lord, and I grab
a hold of the truth

that I am a child of God.

SR: Laurie, these
visions that you’ve had,

yes they’re for Laurie.

One of them
saved her life,

but they’re for everyone
that is listening.

LD: Yes, Sir.

SR: That’s what’s so exciting.

It’s almost like she takes

some of the oxygen
from Heaven

and brings it
to Earth for you.

Tell me about the vision

that cemented
your identity.

What did God show you
in this vision?

LD: Thank you.
Sid, I arrived in Heaven

with these two angels
in uniform.

They were wearing
their wings,

and they were bringing me
to the Lord.

And I could see Him.
He was down a meadow,

and there were people
all around Him.

And one of His angels
there spoke to him

and said, “She’s here.”

And I knew they were
talking about me.

Oh, I felt so wonderful.
She is me, she’s here.

And He looked up,

and He wanted me
to come quickly.

So, He started to come,

and my angels
wanted me to hurry.

But as I looked down,
I saw my dress.

And this dress is not
a dress you want

to have in Heaven.
It was the wrong color,

but it wasn’t
about the color.

It was so immodest,
definitely not a dress

I would wear
as a saved woman.

And I just wanted
to cover up.

I didn’t want the Lord
to come by.

And as He came close,
it’s like

He couldn’t see the dress.

He went to put
His hand on my face.

And when the Lord touches
your face, so wonderful.

But I didn’t want that.
I said, “Don’t touch me.”

And instantly,
He got serious.

He said,
“What are the charges?”

And I started to tell him,

“I don’t believe I am
who you say I am.

I don’t believe
I’m important.

I don’t think
I’m special.”

And it kind of-
that wave left,

and He said, “Continue.”

And I said,
“I don’t believe in You,

in what You say.

I don’t think You’re going
to do everything

You said
you’re going to do.”

And it just
kept coming out.

And He said, “Continue.”
And He wasn’t put off.

I said,
“I am a prostitute,”

which shocked me.

I’ve never done that,
but I have done that.

What I mean by that
is that I have done things

for the pleasure
of people.

I’ve said things
in such a way

so that
they would like me.

SR: Been a people pleaser.

LD: Yeah. But the Lord
saw that in Heaven as,

I was no better
than a prostitute.

But then Jesus, He looked
in my eyes, and He said,

“Laurie, that’s who you
were before I saved you.

That’s not who
you are now. You’re mine.”

I know who I am.
I’m His. He marked me.

He said it, and I choose
to believe it.

And when He said it,

all this unbelief left me
because I’m His.

And I like that,
I like being His.

And I hold onto that,

because the devil wants
to take that away.

It’s my identity.

SR: And when you read
the full vision,

when you hear her
teaching CDs,

there’s a transfer of what
happened to her, because

the devil is overcome
by the blood of the lamb

and the word
of your testimony.

LD: Mm-hmm.

SR: And in your life,
when she shares this,

you’ll have this same
revelation that she had.

Now one of my favorite

because I hear
so little about,

is another vision you had,

one that’s not spoken
of much in society,

the fear of the Lord.
Tell us about that.

LD: So, in this vision,
I arrived,

and I was snuggled
on a bench.

I now know
it was also the throne,

but I was snuggled
on the bench of God.

And we were in the room

where men come to make
their petitions to God,

their prayer
request to God,

and there was this fog
between God

and where the people
could stand.

I could see
through the fog,

and I knew that’s
the fear of the Lord,

this fog was
the fear of the Lord.

And people were coming up,

and they would try
to come up and get tired,

and think they weren’t
going to come.

But there were some people
that came all the way up.

And what was amazing
about this room, Sid,

was the floor
would light up.

It would tell you
the condition

of your own heart.
And you wanted it

to be very bright
where your feet-

SR: Of course.

LD: -and they were
talking to God

very disrespectfully,

and declaring things
that God had no,

He had no intention
of doing.

And yet,
they couldn’t see God

because they didn’t have
the fear of the Lord.

If they had had it,
this fog would have moved,

and they could
have seen God.

Because the fear of
the Lord should be with us

when we talk about God,
when we talk to God,

when we want
to come close to God.

We need the fear
of the Lord.

Not only is it
the beginning of wisdom,

but it allows us
to communicate,

to see God clearly.
And I realized

that those people
coming up didn’t have it.

But, Sid, I think
I didn’t have it either.

I was snuggled
on the bench,

but I realized if you want
to come to Heaven

and talk to God,

you want to come
to Heaven,

you have to have
the fear of the Lord.

We need to welcome that,
and pray for that,

and invite that
into our lives

because there’s strength
and power

in the fear of the Lord.

Oh, it’s a gift.
It’s a real gift.

SR: Are you ready for Laurie

to impart visions
of Heaven?

Many start seeing visions
after she teaches,

or prays for them.

Be right back.

I’ll have her pray
for you.

[Music / Applause]

>> We will be right back
to “It’s Supernatural!”

[Music]>> We now return to
“It’s Supernatural!”


SR: Laurie, tell me
about the vision

you had of
the blood of Jesus.

LD: Thank you.
I was in the throne room.

I was bent down low,

and the Lord had
assigned me a task,

and He was sending to me

through the floor
authority and capability,

and it came
in the form of lightning.

And it would come over,
and it would get me,

and it would charge me up,
and it would pop me up.

And this wind would
swirl me around

and put me back down,

because I was not
fully equipped yet.

And that happened
a few times,

and then I was equipped,
and the wind

took me outside
of this throne room,

and this white fog came.
I was so excited.

I was so filled
with so much joy

and understanding,
“I can do this.”

I took off running.

And the angel
that was with me

started chasing me,
and I started giggling.

And the angel,
I didn’t realize it, Sid,

but I was in training.

He was teaching me
how to run

and become to the point
where I was breathless.

Because when
I was breathless,

that’s when the next jolt
of electricity,

this power, this lightning
was going to get me,

when I was,
and I needed it.

It was a continuation.

You can get
more from Heaven

if you become breathless.

So, the angel
was teaching me

how to run with the task
and the excitement.

So, I kept running
until I had been trained,

and then I got on
an elevator with my angel.

And we were coming down.

I was talking
to the angel, and I said,

“Do you think they’re
going to believe me?”

And he said,
“God didn’t say for you

to get them
to believe you.

He just said to go and
make sure that they know.”

And I said, “Well can
I practice on you?”

And he said, “Okay.”

I said, “Well when
you were first saved?”

and the angel said,
“I’ve always been saved.”

I said, “Yeah,
but I’m practicing.”

He said, “Okay, okay.”
I said, “When you were

first saved,
you were given this,”

and I showed him
this little thimble cup.

“You were given
on of these.

And inside of it
is a drop of blood.

It’s the Lord’s
holy blood.

And you put your finger
into this thimble cup,

and you pull it out.
It will look like water,

and then you put it
on what you need it on,

because the blood
of Jesus Christ,

nothing is more powerful

than the blood
of Jesus Christ.

And you need to put
your finger in this

and put it on.

Whatever is your problem,
you need a healing,

you need a breakthrough,
you need holiness,

you need the blood
of Jesus Christ.”

And the angel said,

“You got it
perfectly correct.”

And then the door
opened of the elevator.

And I was supposed
to go tell the church

to tell the teachers
and the preachers

that we don’t use
the blood of Jesus.

We don’t even
think about it.

And things cannot happen,
the power cannot happen

unless you use
what’s in your cup.

And you don’t have
to worry that,

“Well I only had one

because for that situation
you don’t need more

than a drop.

But when you come back
with the next situation,

there will be
another drop waiting,

because God is going to
make sure it’s there.

And I knew
when I came out,

it wasn’t about
if they believed me.

Take this message to
as many people as you can,

run, become breathless,
tell everybody that I can

that what’s needed
in this situation

is always first, foremost,

always the blood
of Jesus Christ.

Nothing happens without,
nothing good happens

without the blood
of Jesus Christ.

And it’s our victory,
it’s what we need.

And in that training,

I enjoy telling people
the truth

about the power of
the blood of Jesus Christ.

There’s nothing that that
blood can’t accomplish,

because it already did.

When He shed His blood,
he said, “It is finished.”

And with that authority,

everything that God wants
to happen can happen,

if we will only believe
and use what is true,

the power of the blood
of Jesus Christ,

working today.


SR: Laurie loves to teach people

how to enter into their
own visions with God.

And if she can
teach a child,

she could teach you.

You love to teach children
how to. Tell me.

LD: I do, I do, I do.

I tell children,
“Every night

you go to sleep,
God doesn’t sleep,

and neither
does your spirit.

So, I want you to practice,

and then you’ll know
that it’s God.

You’ll know that you’re
not working something up.

So, when you go
to sleep at night,

and it will work
for grown-ups,

but when you go to sleep
at night, ask Jesus,

“Come get me.
Take me with You.

I want to be with You.”

And it’s been remarkable,

Children have
told me about

how God has taken them

and shown them
different parts of Heaven.

He’s shown them
the galaxies,

things they’re
interested in.

And they know God.
And once you know God,

you’re not going
to depart from Him.

What you saw was real.

And when they come back
and tell me

these amazing things,
I want it, too.

I want to see
what they saw.

But when you see God,
when you have a vision,

when you know God,

you’re rooted
and grounded in His love.

That’s never changing.

SR: Laurie, I want you
to pray

for an impartation.

I want to have visions
and dreams like you.

You want to have visions
and dreams like Laurie.

Laurie, would you pray?

LD: Thank you.

I want you
to check yourself.

You tell unbelief
to get out of you.

And if the Holy Spirit is
bringing any type of sin

into your life,
then you need to repent,

because you’re getting
ready to ask God

to bring you
close to Heaven,

and you want to be
right and righteous.

And so, that’s
really important

that we ask God
for those things.

So Lord,
check me right now.

God, I want Your holiness.
Forgive me of my sin.

And then, Jesus,

You’re not
a respecter of people.

We all want to come
to Heaven, God.

You know exactly what
we need to see in our life

to put us running strong
in our lane.

I come asking You, Jesus,
for that, for myself,

for all of my friends,
anyone who’s watching,

God, that today
they be equipped.

Or when they go
to sleep tonight,


while they’re sleeping
come and get them, ask

Him, “Come and get me.”

And we will leave
behind unbelief,

You’re our great king.

You’re the One
who loves us.

You want us in Heaven
with You eternally.

Why not bring us today,
so that we can see it,

hold onto it,
we can be changed by it.

God, have mercy on us.
Have mercy on us, Lord,

and bring us even now
in visions

that will change our life.

I pray this in the mighty
Name of Jesus Christ,

our Savior,
the one who did everything

He could to bring us with,
to bring us to

so we can be with Him.

This is the God
whose blood saves.

This is the God

whose blood made way
for us to come to Heaven.

Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

SR: Only believe all
things are possible.

SR; I’m here with Laurie Ditto
and we have her brand-new book

and we’re excited about it
because the previous book

that we offered with us
was a bestseller,

“The Hell Conspiracy.” She
provokes me to jealousy.

She’s been to hell. That doesn’t
provoke me to jealousy

[Laughs] She’s been
to Heaven numerous times.

And her brand-new book,
“Encountering Heaven.”

Laurie, I have to ask you.

Why did you write
this book of your-

What was it-?

15 supernatural encounters
of the many you’ve had,

Why’d you
pick those 15?

Why did you write
this book?

LD: Thank you.
I wrote this book

because if we know
what Heaven is like,

then we can live
our lives accordingly.

You know, the scriptures
teach, “Thy kingdom come,

thy will be done on Earth
as it is in Heaven.”

But what’s it like
in Heaven?

And so the Lord
has given me permission

to tell these 15 visions
in this book.

And I tried hard
to make sure

that you could, you could
find out

all of the parts of Heaven
and what’s happening there

and how we can bring

those things down
into our everyday life.

I really think
it’s going to help us.

SR: Now, of course,
the book is brand-new,

but you have shared
these visions before.

What kind of impact
does it have on groups

when you share
these stories?

LD: Thank you. You know,
several things happen.

First of all,
people want to know Jesus.

And so we see salvations.
We see deliverances.

People will leave
behind pain and sorrow

and they’ll accept Jesus
forgiveness of their sins.

And another thing

that happens is,
it’s always restorative.

I’ve seen marriages
be restored.

I’ve seen families
come back together.

Talking about Heaven
really does bring Heaven

right into the midst

of what it is that
you’re surrounded with.

SR: Just out of curiosity,
if you hadn’t had

these visions,
would you have been able

to handle this
walking on Earth

after having experienced
the riches of Heaven?

I mean,
from what I understand,

they were life changing
just for you.

LD: Yes, this is so true

because I’ve had
these experiences.

Not only am I a stronger
Christian, a better wife,

I pay much more attention
as a mom and a grandma.

But, you know,
my witnessing

has increased so much
because now I can

tell everyone
about our great God

and what’s happening
in Heaven.

It really has changed

my life forever
in a great way.

SR: Now, before these

would you just,
would you have a passion

to tell people about
the reality of Jesus,

everyone you see or when
you had these experiences,

did it cause that?

LD: Well, I was saved
in a vision.

And so right away
when Jesus saved me,

it became important,

It was a need, I need to
tell everyone about Jesus.

And I know that was
because of the visions.

And maybe I have
more visions

because the Lord knows
that once I know

happening in Heaven,

I got to tell everybody

about it because
it’s our forever home.

SR: I can tell you, because
I know these visions,

that she wouldn’t be
standing here

if she hadn’t had
these encounters

and some of you

are waiting
to see these visions

because it’s almost
literally like

you’re going to Heaven
with her

for your own experience
as you’re reading it,

because these visions
were given to her,

not just for her.

They were life
changing for her.

They were given
to her for you.

So that you can walk in
more of Heaven on earth,

so that you can be
an ambassador to Heaven.

You know,

you will naturally say
what is inside of you.

And I’m going to tell you
as a fact,

the purpose of this book
is not to be

just an evangelist.
The purpose of this book

is not to
just walk in miracles.

The purpose of this book

is not to just get rid
of depression once

and for all and fear once
and for all.

The purpose of this book

is for you to be
an ambassador,

to bring a little more
of Heaven to your marriage,

to your children,

to your neighborhood,
to your friends.

And, yes, many of you
to the world.

A brand-new book,
“Encountering Heaven”

and brand-new
and exclusive

three part audio
CD teaching series,

Heaven for Yourself.”

Laurie, you didn’t tell me
about the three CDs.

Tell us about it.

LD:Thank you, I had
such a wonderful time

making each of these CDs,

so I answer the most asked
questions about Heaven.

Questions like
what about suicide?

Are there pets in Heaven?
All kinds of questions

that I get asked
all the time.

What about our bodies
in Heaven?

And so I took the time.

We, we, we wrote them
all out

and then
I explained each one.

So that’s on there.
Another tape that I made

was how can you
encounter God?

From the limited knowledge
that I have

I tried to share with you
how I encounter God

so that you can too.

LD: And the third CD

is all about the different
ways that God speaks to us

so that you can
hear Him better

and you can encounter
all the different ways

that God is reaching out
to be with you.

It was fun!

SR: And, you know, after you
teach this, Laurie,

you pray a prayer
of impartation

of what you have taught,
that it go right into you.

SR: So again,
the brand-new book

“Encountering Heaven”
and the brand-new

and exclusive
three-part audio

CD teaching series

“Encountering Heaven

plus the free copy
of the “Hell Conspiracy.”

This resource will
bring Heaven to earth.

Now, and you need it now!