Service Date: 06.13.19 8PM

God wants to to innovate and create

through you

hallelujah you more than you think I’m

telling you you are so much more than

you think that’s why we gotta get filled

and we gotta stay filled because maybe

just maybe we will get a clue about who

we are and we’ll start moving not

according to who we thought we were but

according to WHO we now know we are

hallelujah it is what it is it is what

it is I’m sorry if it wasn’t true I

wouldn’t preach it it is what it is you

are gonna have to settle within your

spirit you got just get it once and for

all and no longer vacillate back and

forth about who you are

the Apostle Paul said this he said by

the grace of God I am what I am

he’s I feel the Lord he stopped

apologizing for being chosen

he stopped apologizing for being special

he stopped apologizing for being

anointing I hate God stay stop dimming

your lights stop apologizing where are

you going tonight I’m going down to the

theater on the break

no I’m going to the house of the great I

am and I’m about to get a blessing and

I’m about to get filled up put the Holy

Spirit you want to put

the Holy Spirit will make you bold the

Holy Spirit will make you care less

there’s some of you and you care too

much about stuff that doesn’t matter

care too much about stuff that doesn’t

matter I care what you think I care what

you’re gonna think of me I care you care

too much and you’re caring too much is

compromising your identity and watch

this there there is transformation

capabilities connected to your

authenticity let me break that down

there is transformation capability

connected to your authenticity so you’re

trying to hide yourself when if you

would just come out of the closet

spiritually you’re in the closet full of

the Holy Ghost in the closet

and you think I feel this for some of

you and you think your light will hurt

you if you let you light your light up

it will hurt you and the reality of it

is it will help you in a way that you

can never in a way that you’ve never

been helped before nor can you be helped

in any other way and here’s why because

as I mentioned the Holy Spirit is God

and God does not have favor we talked

about this Sunday

God is favor so when you are full of the

Holy Spirit the reason why you have to

come out of the closet it’s so that the

favor that is a sign that God can be

assigned to you oh I wish you would

catch what I just said some of you some

of you family it’s getting ready to be

it’s actually already started for some

of you already know it’s already started

for you doors that were sealed closed I

mean like just like completely sealed

calls you got filled with the Holy

Spirit receive it trusted it walk up to

the door and it just

and you like what is this it is the god

factor being filled with the Holy Spirit

makes you read the scriptures about

Jesus differently what if the scriptures

about Jesus are there yes to teach you

about Jesus but what if really they’re

there to teach you about you are you not

ready you’re not ready what what if

they’re there to teach you what to

expect when you’re filled does that

sound crazy it’s not at all

almost immediately Jesus calls his

disciples to them almost immediately he

tells them to go do what he did just

study when you get a chance even meet

almost immediately he’s like now I need

you to go out there I need you to heal

the sick I need you to cast out devils I

need you to preach the kingdom I need

you to raise the dead I need you to

cleanse the lepers he told them to do

why he was with them the very things

that he was doing so what if what looked

like discipleship was really mentorship

what what if Jesus is not simply the

only begotten Son but maybe like what

Paul said in Romans 8 he is the

firstborn son

what if I’m not talking about the cross

and and and the remission of sins I’m

not talking about that talk about him

becoming our sinner when I talk about

that I’m talking about the life of Jesus

and what if the life of Jesus was to

point us to our own life in him I wanted

I want to talk to you a little bit

tonight kind of want to prophesy you can

sit down if you want I just I just I

want to when I want more than anything

is I want us to value the gift of being

filled I want us to understand that it

is our portion it’s not for them it’s

for us we were created to be filled so I

want us to understand what that is I

want us to value it I want us to want it

I want us to know what happens when you

get filled you get bold when you get

filled you know what interesting thing

happens also when you get filled because

you’re filled with Jesus when you get

filled you get the faith of Jesus you’re

not ready your homework for the rest of

this your life

is the book of Acts and when you study

when you get a chance in Acts chapter 3

you remember when when Peter and John

they were out there in front of the the

gate and the the temple called beautiful

and the guy the lame guy was out there

and and they healed the guy and the guy

is completely healed and and the people

were wondering how they got healed and

then Peter begins to explain how it

happened and if you study right there in

there it says ultimately what happened

was the faith of Jesus that was now in

me healed the man see you don’t even

need your own faith when you get filled

with the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit

will have faith for you Oh God Peter

didn’t heal that man the Holy Spirit in

Peter healed that man it takes the

pressure off of you you become a

different person you feel what the

spirit are completely different than you

when you are not filled with the spirit

Elijah was full of the Spirit of God

right and he was full of Spirit of God

you studied us in first kings just read

the whole you’ll get it right but he’s

has his shoulder he’s full of spirit of

God he has this showdown with almost a

thousand prophets and he calls fire down

he’s just doing miraculous things he’s

doing powerful things he is like this

this indomitable man he is just BAM just

full of this you just couldn’t stop this

man he had a very high moment and then

he walked away from that moment that

required him being filled with the Holy

Spirit he walks away from that moment

and then Jezebel sends him a message

saying I’m gonna kill you and the same

guy who was full of the spirit just

kickin booty and taking names now all of

a sudden begins to run for his life it

that crazy that’s why you got to stay

feel some of you you you had a powerful

encounter with God you’ve recently had

powerful encounters with God

and then you came upon a moment where

you’re like man I don’t this is this is


something is wrong now see when you’re

filled with the spirit what God is doing

is God has given you capacity for the

dimension for the level that he’s placed

you on honey this is very important it’s

not like the timing of it is not

arbitrary the timing of it has to do

with who God needs you to be in the ER

for the season that you’re in you’re

hearing this message now you’re here

today maybe you weren’t even here Sunday

or Thursday or the Sunday before but

you’re here you’re here today hearing

his message God knew who would be in the

room who will be watching livestream who

will be watching on you he knew that and

he also understands your times and your

seasons so so some of you you you got

filled up with God and you like woo you

walked out he like oh I can just I could

kill a bear with my pinkie I mean you

know you felt that right and then you

got out there and and it was good for a


but you didn’t know how to stay feel and

now the Giants seem even bigger well the

only reason why they seem bigger is

because the environment that you’re

living in the environment that God is

placing you in a necessitates you full

of the holy spirit so the moment that

you get filled with the holy spirit


you’ll feel like yourself again you

can’t go back I hear that for somebody

just tell somebody I’m not growing bad I

know what happened to me happened to me

and I am in fact not I’m not going back

I can’t go back is that anybody says I

can’t go back oh no no no I can’t I I

can’t I can’t I can’t I need I need I

need I need more I need more and what I

want to do tonight is I want us to work

out together

what staying feel looks like maybe if we

we look in Acts chapter two maybe we can

find one tool two tools three tools

maybe we can find something

startin verse one please in Acts chapter

two I want us to find some tools I think

that there are some tools in here that’s

going to help us stay for getting full

is not the problem is staying for

staying filled it’s not easy and I’m

kind of glad it’s not easy because easy

that’s not valuable I’m glad we got a

press into God for this I’m glad we

don’t just wake up you know full of the

Holy Spirit speaking in tongues and I’ll

teach on that soon that that’s all

coming to whoever spoke in tongues for

the first time this Sunday don’t be shy

don’t be afraid of Holy Spirit wow I

mean just you know series how many who

were here Sunday just lift up Janet for

the first time you it was amazing wasn’t

it it was incredible you weren’t force

nobody’s over there telling you to tarry

all night and I’m like that it just it

was God loving on you giving you an

indescribable gift tonight’s gonna be

fun this audience participation

interactive that’s wonderful and see and

the reason why I don’t that don’t be

ashamed of that that’s one things the

spirit told me recently

stop apologizing for me don’t be ashamed

of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is

beautiful heavenly language is beautiful

it is absolutely beautiful when you

don’t know what to pray Oh tonight’s

gonna be special when you don’t know

what to pray the spirit does when I am

ignorant I pray in the spirit because

the Spirit is all-wise and the Spirit

knows what is needed are you tracking

with me I need to pray in the spirit I

pray in the spirit i prayer my

understanding but what happens when

you’re in a situation and you don’t know

what’s wrong you don’t know what’s going

on you don’t know what to pray then you

let the spirit pray so don’t ever

apologize for that don’t ever I used to

pull them like that I’m not doing that

anymore if I feel like speaking in

tongues i’ma speak in tongues and if you

have a question email man

or read your Bible hello speaking in

tongues is wonderful it is an amazing

gift you edify yourself when you speak

in tongues you’re speaking in a heavenly

language you’re speaking mysteries and

sometimes your miracle requires a

mystery sometimes the weight of your

breakthrough is a mystery to you but the

Spirit knows and so you start praying in

the spirit and you unlock the mystery of

your miracle Oh God

raise your hand if you pray in tongues

so you speak in tongues see look y’all

thought y’all buy yourself a whole bunch

of tongue talkers in here it’s amazing

it doesn’t make one person better than

another person and let me just while I’m

on it and I told you today was gonna

kind of be free tonight wasn’t gonna be

free but let me tell you something right

now speaking in tongues is not a gift of

the Spirit it is an expression of the

Spirit a gift the Spirit is the gift a

gift if you look at it as a gift you

would think well I don’t have that gift

I’ll never get that gift no the gift is

the spirit and the Spirit will manifest

himself in whatever way is needed to

bless you like you understand what I’m

saying so don’t think you know singing

is a gift that’s a gift right that I

don’t have but not tongues nor prophesy

nor the interpretation of tongues nor

the word of wisdom nor the word of


those aren’t gifts those are

manifestations of the Spirit if you

study 1st Corinthians chapter 12 verse 9

if you look at it you study it in the

original language we’re talking about

manifestations why is this important

because you might think we’ll I’ll never

speak in tongues when Paul wrote I wish

you all spoke in tongues he said but

what’s more important is that you profit

why because prophecy gets you to win

other people to the Lord so so the

mission and the mandate is ultimately to

reach people who need to be reached but

tongues is amazing it’s wonderful now

tell your story real quick

do you mind me doing it like this is

okay like it’s kind of unorthodox but is

that cool I mean I’m gonna do it anyway

but I just like agreement it’s just it’s

just agreement is wonderful but I gotta

tell you so many stories but but I

remember I was driving out I was on the

five freeway and I was driving I think I

was going to Bakersfield god bless


yeah I was on the five we’re going to

Bakersfield and and I just something

came over me and I just felt like

praying in the spirit right and so I

just opened my mouth and I just started

praying you know in the spirit and then

the traffic stops and I pull up on an


that was it like literally just happen

and what I realize is I believe that

there was a weapon formed against me

that I didn’t understand and that weapon

would have been the car I think I would

have been right in the middle of it the

spirit knew what was ahead and it had me

start praying in the spirit so that I

can pray for myself even in the moment

that I didn’t even know I needed prayer

are you tracking with me

I wanna give like that fill me up

when I’m distracted when I don’t know

what to pray I want the Holy Ghost on

the inside of me to pray for me through

me I’ve had all kind of moments like

that where there’s things going on that

I don’t know desire it I’m gonna pray if

you don’t have it tonight I’m gonna pray

for your thing and you’re gonna get it

but let’s talk about being feel so so if

we go back to Acts chapter 2 when the

day of Pentecost had fully come they

were all with one Accord this is why you

got to read your Bible you can look at

mine if you can see it when the day of

Pentecost had fully come they were all

they were all with one Accord in one

place and suddenly there came a sound

from heaven they sound the Greek word as

I talked about this week but it’s the

Greek word eCos is where we get the word

echo from so it was really an echo

from heaven something was happening in

heaven and it reached us and it reached

us something was going on – heavenly oh

thank you it’s there something was going

on in the heavenlies and because we

glory to God because we were mindful

because we had a mind to perceive

remember they were on one Accord which

means they had the same mind because I

was in alignment in my mind I was able

to tap into in this moment what heaven

had already done I gotta say that better

I said that better I said it better I

said it better when I get a lot the

reason why worship is so important is

because worship aligns me on earth with

what is happening in heaven so I show up

here in the timing hmm I show up here in

my timing oh god I wish I could

illustrate this so so just imagine

heaven the heavenly realm is a plane

that never ends it has no beginning it

has no in it’s an eternal plane right so

it’s one line it’s a line the top line I

wish I had a whiteboard but it’s the top

line and it has no beginning it has no

end okay your life in my life are little

little little little lines amongst the

big lines and it has a beginning in the

end as it relates to our life not our

eternal life but our life are you

tracking with me so heaven has this full

thing it is the full movie we are a clip

it’s like Instagram Instagram doesn’t

have the whole sermon it just has one a

one-minute clip of the sermon I’m trying

to find something come on go with me

I’ll try to find something so so but but

the little line which is our lives which

has a beginning and has an end is

accounted for in the big line before I

formed you in your mother’s womb I knew

you remember God said that so before you

got into this realm with within the

dimension of time you existed outside of

time I knew you I’ve seen your whole

life I know what you’re supposed to be

doing when you’re supposed to be doing


and God by his spirit allows us from

here to tap into the version of us there

and so when I mind the things of heaven

Oh tonight’s gonna be something when I

mind the things of heaven when I set my

mind on things above I get to access the

power from above

mm-hm and it sounds like an echo an echo

is the reality of something that has

happened it is just reaching me in time

it is so hard sometimes to express what

is spiritual

so the echo think about it an echo is I

say this right now so so if you were on

the breath and I just said hey I said it

now but they would probably get it in

about three seconds it’s the same

experience it will have the same effect

when it reaches the person there so if I

said something wonderful hey you’re

wonderful then when they hear it there

they’ll get prayerfully a joyous

sensation if I said something else they

come in here and you always have to

protect me you follow I’m saying so they

will get to experience in their moment

what has happened in a moment that they

were not in that’s about the best I can

do now I’m sweating trying to make that

flame so an echo probably took too much

time so this sound from heaven if your

mind is right God will allow you to peek

into the reality of heaven when you pray

for somebody who is sick you are

essentially praying God your kingdom

come your will be done on earth as it is

in heaven there is no sickness in the

heavenly realm

in the holiest of holies there are no

demons there are no unclean spirits so

when you step up you’re not praying from

this room Oh God with the power that is

in me in this moment please heal that

person no you were saying God I’m

praying that your kingdom would come to

this person right now and I pray that

heavens power would echo into that

circumstance into that situation and

bring that body back to wholeness that’s

what we carry all right y’all got me

distracted but I want you to understand

what you got so the day of Pentecost

comes it comes fully and the day of

Pentecost fully comes they were all one

place or one mine it was mindfulness

they were mindful of the mission and the

mandate right and it says suddenly a

sound came a sound an echo from heaven

like a rushing violet wind was a sound

like a violent wind it was an echo

heaven echoed into their circumstances

and it filled the whole house where they

were sitting and they were all filled

there appeared to them tongues

resembling fire this is an amplified

version which were being distributed

among them and they rested on each of

them as each person received the Holy

Spirit they had this encounter boom and

they were all filled

everybody was filled with the spirit

with the Holy Spirit and they began to

speak in other tongues as the spirit was

giving them the ability to speak the

spirit was giving them the ability to

speak you don’t drum up your own tongues

anybody been there before you want it so

bad you start babbling did that data

that no that’s when you were child

that’s what you said when you’re a baby

the Spirit does it part of the the the

process of speaking in tongues is

getting your head out the way get your

head out the way because your head says

this is stupid

come on let’s keep it 100 even when I

was praying telling you like that

squared past just English please our


it’s getting your head out the way your

spirit wants to pray the spirit has

something to pray about something

amazing to pray about he’s got to get

your hand out cuz your head comes and

out and all this kind of stuff comes

don’t spare one spray I’m going to get

to something and then we’re all fill

with the Holy Spirit

he spoke another tongues now so we know

the story the Spirit of God fell then it

was a day of Pentecost there were Jews

from all over the world the Spirit falls

Peter gets up and all of a sudden now he

is speaking with boldness but not just

boldness he is speaking things that he

has not been taught he hadn’t been talk

he’s speaking like a theologian he is

speaking like a historian and an axe

tells us that these were unlearned men

so they hadn’t been taught this but all

of a sudden he is in doubt now with

brilliance a feeling oh god I feel this

this is prophetic and is this this is

for you just hear it God is getting

ready to give some of you the tongue of

the learned and and God because you’re

full of the Spirit and because your

mindset is Kingdom and because you’re

going to everything that you do is going

to be for the advancing of the kingdom

God’s gonna send you into places and all

of a sudden you’re gonna have knowledge

and skill and wisdom and areas that you

did not learn and you’re gonna blow

people away and so that a door can be

open for the kingdom through your life

if that’s your word take about five

seconds and say I receive it I receive

it but up up up oh god I feel the spirit

seek tse-tung’s

yeah yeah yeah no I’ll let you have that

go ahead I’ll let you have that that’s

where you let you have that I’ll let you

have that

I’ll let you have that because because

you got to understand the premise here

and you got to understand the principle

it says they spoke in other language as

the Spirit gave them utterance sometimes

it will be the language of Finance

sometimes it will be the language of

business I feel that for some of you man

the Holy Spirit is gonna put favor on

you it is going to be absolutely crazy

the doors are open for you you are gonna

be completely unqualified but all of a

sudden you gotta realize that God is

qualified God is all-wise God is

all-knowing he is all-powerful and he’s

gonna speak through you he’s gonna give

you a tongue and that tongue is gonna

open up the heart of kings and you’re

gonna have access you’re gonna have

access I hear God saying stop worrying

about it stop worrying about it he’s

gonna give you favor and I saw you I saw

you you’re gonna meet people this is

prophetic you’re gonna meet people in

random places random places and right in

that moment right in that moment the

Holy Spirit is gonna put you in a

situation and he is going to highlight

somebody to you and he’s gonna highlight

you to that somebody and you got to get

your head out the way and you can’t be

nervous just under your rep say God fill

me fill me so I’ll know what to say

and you’re gonna say something

or do something that is gonna open a

door not for you and for yourself is

reasoning but God wants because your

kingdom he wants to put your foot in the


are you hearing me it’s gonna be just

like that I want to be filled with the

Holy Spirit

I will favor I want access our fathers I

want wisdom

I want Renwick’s

one language one language he’s gonna

give you language I see it language is

amazing I remember I don’t know if she’s

here nah see she’s a part of our church

she’s Persian and we have may not even

known as we have a actually a Farsi

speaking congregation that’s part of one

and that we planted in in in the West

Valley but I remember I was sitting with

her and she brought in a young man who

who felt like he was called and I

brought him into my office and we sat

together and nasi was there to translate

he’s the only spoke Farsi he didn’t

speak English right and I sat down there

I don’t know any Farsi merci that’s all

I got okay because that’s French too

anyway but so I’m sitting there and he

begins to talk and then she’s translates

and then he says something again and I

perceived it and I said don’t translate

anymore and we are having a conversation

I couldn’t speak back Farsi but I can

perceive sparsely I knew what he was

saying I knew exactly in my spirit I

knew exactly what we had a conversation

in a language that I had never learned

and he was having the same experience

found this thing is real but it’s not

just language like fat it is divine it

is the divine ability to perceive

something or to communicate something

that you were not taught that’s power of

the Spirit okay so let’s jump down we

can tell my being feel we’re just about

done it’s about done I think okay but

let’s jump down to verse 40 now because

so they get filled with the spirit they

speak with other tongues God starts

moving wonderful things start happening

happening Peter’s got all this

revelation he’s got all this wisdom and

knowledge how does he know what to say

and and he is effective he is sharp it

is amazing that’s what happens when the

spirit gets on you you become a

different person become a different


and so 3,000 people join his movement

what he is saying is so powerful and so

real and so compelling

that they literally leave the life that

they live before that moment and they

step into this new life and I think that

there are some cues and just some things

and I want us to learn this thing

together because I don’t have all the

answers but I want to look at this with

you and see if we can pull out some

things that we need to do consistently

in order to stay filled because you

don’t just get filled one time you got

to keep getting full and I want you to

be dissatisfied with being half full I

want you to say Jesus talked me off

today I feel a little low right now I

feel a little weak right now I feel the

old man coming out Holy Spirit taught me

off and we learned last week in Luke

chapter 11 at the spirit all we got to

do is ask and he’ll do it so let’s jump

down to verse 40 so here’s how this

thing closes out this is how this

chapter and the chapter of this moment

closes out it says the Peter solemnly

testified and continued to admonish and

urge them with many more words saying be

saved from this crooked and unjust

generation and we’re going to float

through this quickly just lonesome yeah

so then those who accepted his message

were baptized on that day about three

thousand souls were added to the body of

believers verse 42 was called flow

quickly please they were continually and

faithfully devoting themselves this is

important right here they were

continually and faithfully devoting

themselves to the instruction of the

Apostle I looked up that word I just

brought the amplified to kind of give it

you know maybe a little bit more context

but it says in the the New King James


he says they continued in the Apostles

instruction that word continued

literally means exist exist so they took

what the Spirit of God spoke and that

became their existence a God of Philip

when God gives you a word it is not a

supplemental word that you add to your

predetermined and read established life

and routine

when God decides to give you a word that

word is designed to become your new

reality oh god I feel the Holy Ghost and

sometimes the reason family sometimes

the reason that we don’t experience a

sustained manifestation of that word is

because we don’t live in that word

sometimes we might try that word but

that word does not become our existence

in fact here is the reality that word

will actually try you you understand

what I’m saying well God gives you a

word that word will try you will you

make this your reality if God says he is

gonna do it will you stand flat-footed

and believe that it’s gonna happen

regardless of what’s going on around you

regardless of how weird you might be you

look to people let me tell you something

if you haven’t looked crazy at least

once in your life you have never stood

on the Word of God

when the creator speaks it is so it has

got to become your existence your

existence your existence this is my new

normal when God speaks to you

prophetically it is to give you a new


so first what the word does is it tries

you how long will you make this your

existence or will you abandon it

when it does not come to fruition in

your timeline so they they continued in

the teaching they continued they

continue now they they would continually

faithfully devoted themselves to the

instruction and then it says and to

fellowship how do we stay feel we

continue we existed it and those things

that God spoke to you please man don’t

just don’t just rest in the fact that

you can come back next week and get

another word come on somebody I’d make

you Thursday

I’ll make this Sunday let me just no

don’t do that it’s not supposed to be a

remedial class huh man doesn’t live by

bread alone man lives on the word that

comes out of God’s mouth so we are

waiting for that word because I need to

know what’s real all right so so so so

they continue they made that word their

existence and then it says and in

fellowship I like that because in that

word it’s a Greek word means

partnerships a better translation that

word is partnership I believe they

partner with God but more so they

partner with each other

you got a hookup with somebody that will

help you walk this thing out see you got

pay attention I said this in dinner last

night you gotta pay attention to who’s

around you when the spirit moves and

sometimes you also have to pay attention

to who decided not to come you’re not

better than anybody you notice not my

thing but I’m always when there is a

move of the Spirit I always look and see

who’s at my left who was at my right

because because there is spiritual

accountability there now

and God saw fit for us to be in this

thing together there there is something

between us

now we got baptized together we got

filled with the spirit together

something happened together there people

in this room right now that is supposed

to be your best friends

and there may not be anything that would

naturally draw the two of you together

except one thing the Holy Spirit we need

more Holy Spirit relationships Oh God

if you take an inventory of your

relationships and you take a scan what

is the connection don’t make me start

naming off two or three things sometimes

you’re friends with people simply

because you workout at the gym together

perfect example of this perfect example

film uncie Uncle Phil you guys know

pastor Phil he speaks for us we love

pastor Phil

other than Jesus and he’s one of my best

friends in the whole world but it’s not

like we’d be walking down the street we

don’t look alike we don’t dress alike we

don’t do anything alike

there’s nothing about us that would draw

us to the point that we are literally

like the best of friends it’s the Holy

Spirit of the Living God that has

connected us and watch this in our

relationship is profitable to each other

when the Holy Spirit brings you into

relationship with someone else

you are profitable to them they are

profitable to you they bless you you

bless them you’re better because of them

they’re better because of you that’s the

type of relationship that you need

I need to be better because of you and

you need to be better because of me and

if we don’t make one another better

we’re not supposed to be together at

least for this season but sometimes

we’re connected for other reasons

sometimes it’s codependency sometimes

it’s sex Oh

you get on my nerves oh bus

you got to qualify every relationship in

your life if it is not the Holy Ghost it

has got to go because it will take you

back but God is trying to take you

forward you got to go if it’s not the

Holy Spirit you got to go I don’t care

how fine your I don’t care how rich you

are I don’t care how long we’ve been

together I am going somewhere I am

Cory I was

ain’t nobody got time for that

ain’t got time to be fooling with you

get me you get together and pray and

make a heart shape

trembling because we’re together

drop together do I feel like I can run

to truth I leap over a wall

and I knew

they’re saying it


does my baby leap when you around does

my dream leap when you’re around do I

feel small when I’m with you I do I feel

like I can do all things through Christ

who strengthens me when we’re together

are you hearing me I think another way

that you stay filled has to do with your

fellowship has to do with your

connections tonight I’m serious man

I want like I want you to meet somebody

you didn’t know like just greet them and

maybe it’s nothing but maybe it’s

everything cuz you’re gonna need some

money even jesus said the disciples out

by to man agreement you can grab your

sisters and your brothers and your

friends and you can grab them and

believe for anything built in community

by the Holy Spirit right there and it’s

based on real stuff man life is real

family and life is hard life is crazy

you gonna need somebody to trust you

gonna need somebody put you to lay your

head on their shoulder every once in a

while you gonna need that you gonna need

somebody to be strong for you and you’re

gonna need to be strong for somebody we

need that there’s nothing to indicate

that they knew each other before their

moment you need somebody that when the

enemy thinks that he’s got you that

friend will say ol no devil you are a

liar you cannot have her not to

dank ain’t nobody jumpin off no bridge

you better jump off the bridge

she ain’t jumpin off nope

it’s what you need oh not today

see that’s the different spirit it’s not

that person that sees your brother Oh

your sister fallen and now you get our

self righteous and and hypocritical

and start talking about them you go down

there and find them get in your car go

to the 12 extra but out this club you

will fail what what are you doing man we

need some riders even the Bloods and the

Crips understand this we need to get

gangsta more loyalty in the kritis then

in the church I need somebody to fight

for me Petey is tired

his voice is going y’all start praying

in the Holy Ghost devil get off my

pastor get off my brother get off my


win this thing together they continue in

the word they made the word their

existence they were together it hooked

up with the right people it says in

eating meals and that’s wasn’t ordinary

meals this was the breaking of bread the

breaking of bread is symbolic of

communion communion

yeah communion why because it is

important in order to stay filled it is

important to be mindful of things

communion is all about mindfulness it is

being mindful of what Jesus did I’m

gonna come back to that so they walked

in the word they stayed linked up they

stayed connected they had fellowship

they had partnership partnership with

God and partnership with each other they

were destiny advocates I need you to win

I need you to win there this is not a

competition it’s the craziest thing in

the world

to see people competing with each other

in the king and that is so great who are

you competing against if it’s the

kingdom it’s only one team if you win I

win if I win you win big Church small

church he doesn’t matter it’s the

kingdom they commune together they pray

together let’s keep reading

I’m almost done says and a sense of awe

was felt by everyone

the other translation in the New King

James it says and fear fit and fear fell

upon every soul it’s not fear like that

it’s ah that’s that’s right aw fell on

them I think that when you when you walk

in it

for real for real and you’re mindful and

you’re connected to people and you’re

not connected to gossip you’re connected

to press in you know what I mean

and you’re like and you’re praying and

your communion we’re gonna actually

commune tonight and and you’re communing

all of that is mindfulness and it

creates this sense of awe it puts you in

this space rabbi Shima

the consciousness of ah it’s a different

thing when you’re in the consciousness

of awe you are able to perceive awesome

things that the average distracted

person misses every single day it is

another dimension of existence and as a

result of that because they were in the

consciousness of awe it says and many

wonders and signs were done the only

thing keeping some of you from

witnessing on a daily basis miracles

signs and wonders is your consciousness

the Bible says that the fear of the Lord

is the beginning of wisdom fear of the

Lord is the beginning of knowledge in

other words my reverence for God puts me

in the doorway of the divine because I

am postured to perceive God and when I

perceive God and when I’m focused on God

it allows me to move in the power of God

self focus limits you to the power of

self God focus unlocks for you the power

of God

so when you walk in the aw and the

wonder of God you are looking for God

every single day you believe in God you

perceive God he is your existence he is

your consciousness now all of a sudden

you feel like you can do stuff because

you can because you can and the Holy

Spirit as I mentioned earlier gives you

the faith of Jesus because it is Jesus

sometimes to get the miracle done you

need to borrow Jesus’s faith hallelujah

like when I pray for you tonight I’m not

praying for you to name a Tori who is he

but I can pray for you in the name of

Jesus I pray for you to name with Jesus

something’s going to happen and so a

sense of always felt in miracles and

signs were taking place and verse 44 it

says it says and all those that believe

and we’re together they had all things

in common I love this keep going they

had all things in common let’s go to

verse 45 and they begin selling their

property and possessions and we’re

sharing the proceeds with the believers

as anyone anything so if someone had a

need and they did not have it to give

them they would sell stuff to give it to

him which meant that poor people were no

longer poor and everybody became rich

see wealth

Oh God how much time we got almost well

it’s not what you think

wealth is is that you have what you need

and no matter how large it is no matter

how large the need is it will be

supplied so in other words I would

rather have one dollar and be in

covenant with God than to have a billion

dollars here is why what if my need is

two billion then I’m poor you didn’t

catch what I said you didn’t even catch

it and catch it I’d rather have one


and the promise of God which says I will

supply all of your need according to my

riches in glory where thieves can’t

break in the steel where one computer

hat or computer glitch can take me out

of the game with a stock market cannot

rattle it

that’s why tithing is everything I will

never not tithe because when I tithe

what I’m doing is I’m coming into

covenant with God concerning my money

and he says I will open up the windows

of heaven and pour you out a blessing

you won’t have room to receive let me

tell you what that means that does not

mean that all of a sudden it is going to

rain hundred-dollar bills in your

backyard it just means that you have a

serious divine bank account and whatever

you have a need he will crack heaven

open and supply it some of you don’t

need 40 million all at once it would

crush you money has weight money has

weight and that’s why it crushes some

people didn’t get two nickels and rub

two nickels together and start thinking

they’re better than somebody else nose

in the air the whole thing so sometimes

God has to get your weight up until he

can prosper you so that you can stand

under the weight of some real money

I’m telling you and I’ll tell you when

you know you’re ready for some real

money is what you’re thinking about how

much you’ll give away

when you dream about being a blessing

that’s when you are ready for some real

money now will you start talking about I

want to get the new phantom oh I really

love the new rolls-royce oh no no no

that are you not ready then it’s when

you’re thinking about man I can take

this and shake her nation I can shake my

community with this I can end poverty

with this then you’re ready for some

money nah I saw these shoes I like Jesus

I digress what I’m saying is there was

this culture of generosity amongst them

got you

there’s one things the Lord show me and

God is getting ready to expand some of

your networks cuz humor it expand

because the kingdom network is a serious

network but I’ll tell you right now like

real major Kingdom players can smell a

fraud Kingdom billionaires family

promise you I know but their Kingdom if

you dare trying to get five dollars from

them with no vision Kingdom attracts

Kingdom and and you’ve been handing out

business cards not you somebody you know

you’ve been handing out business cards

trying to get on but what’s gonna be

your calling card is Kingdom seek the

king that’s why I said seek the kingdom

and all other things will be added unto


there are networks of Kingdom people

looking for some other that’s serious

but as a real vision from God that they

can invest in they were together they

broke bread together we’re gonna break

bread tonight with a break plate tonight

can we pass out the communion please I

was gonna apologize for it being

unorthodox but I’m not gonna apologize

ever again anymore what God is doing in

your life is so real it’s so real it’s

so much bigger than a sermon it’s real

it’s the overflow it’s who you’ve been

trying to be it’s what you’ve been

trying to get done it’s what you’ve been

trying to accomplish it’s what you’ve

been trying to learn it’s the growth

that you have been stretching and

straining for what if all of that was

embodied in one thing called the Holy

Spirit and the more you feel with the

Holy Spirit the more life begins to make


suddenly you’re not even gonna be some

of you you probably have slept better

than you’ve ever slept since God filled

you and he’s gonna fill you again

I mean good sleep either great sleep or

up riding because the Holy Spirit has

given you so much vision and strategy

for your life one or the other and it’s

just getting started the point that I

was making is that as your network grows

because you’re in the kingdom things are

gonna be added to you some of you I feel

is prophetically you have a vision and

I’m talking to you but if it’s for you

you catch it as well because typically

when a prophetic word is given in a

house over a microphone it’s not just

for the person the person just

stimulates the word you have a vision

you have a vision that seems so big and

it is so big that you have felt like you

cannot do it by yourself and you’re

actually right you can’t but because

you’re a kingdom and because you’re

going to another level of Kingdom God is

going to begin to attract people they


there the whole time but they’re going

to see you and they’re gonna come

together and make your vision a reality

God gave you that vision and he knew who

would be alive and in the world and when

you would be ready and this is a

prophetic word for you it is gonna

happen and it’s gonna happen just as big

as God showed you don’t you dare make it

smaller don’t make it smaller keep it

big the Calvary is coming the Calvary is

coming your help is coming

your help is coming your help is coming

your help is coming

your help is coming your help is coming

you have this coming

just receive it

Kingdom connect

you find yourself

get filled with the

don’t be true

just feel

you feel you feel you know what it says

in Romans chapter 8 that all of creation

is eagerly waiting for the revealing of

the sons of God how is the son of God

revealed as a son of God it is the mark

of the infilling of the Holy Spirit you

will never look more like a child of God

than when you are filled with the Holy

Spirit and when that happens let me tell

you I feel God the universe will work

for you baby

I feel the Spirit of God God has placed

things in the universe for don’t make me

take us further don’t make me take us

further I’m trying to turn this thing


don’t make me take us further don’t make

me have the foot mark chapter 11 up


ah don’t don’t do it are you hungry

let me show you let me show you remember

I told you in the beginning that you

have to look at Jesus in order to see

what your portion is if you’re full of

the Holy Ghost let me read this to you

really quickly now when they Jesus said

the disciples junior Jerusalem to

Bethpage and Bethany at the Mount of

Olives he sent two of his disciples and

he said to them go into the village

opposite you and as soon as you have

entered into it you will find a cold

type watch this on which no one has set

that’s important I’m gonna come back to

that a Colt tied by itself seemingly

free and available but no one has set on

it and he said to them go and as soon as

you enter it you’re going to see it he

says loose it and bring it and if anyone

says to you why are you doing this if

there’s any opposition if something

tries to challenge your authority to

have it you say this the Lord has need

of it and immediately he will send it

here I can go all the way through that

No so they went their way and found the

Colt tied by the door outside on the

street and they loosed it but some of

those who stood there said to them what

are you doing loosing the Colt there

will always be an attempt at keeping you

from what’s yours

there will always be a challenge hoping

that you don’t know who you are hoping

that you don’t know the authority that

you have and they spoke to them just as

Jesus commanded and guess what happened

so they let them go here is the point

that I’m trying to make when you are

full of the Spirit of God you have the

same favor that Jesus had and everything

that is a sign to your life you will

have access to

I feel it every prophetic promise will

be yours the universe will have to loose

it and let it go and guess what no one

sat on it because it wasn’t for nobody

but Jesus there are some things in the


has set aside for you

and you think after God

and you think that she lost it you think

that is gone you think that you’ve

missed your opportunity but I came to

prophesy to you tonight and tell you

that there is a cult that’s never been

settled and it’s for you and is out

there and if you don’t get full of the

Holy Ghost of God

spirit thank you

that thing

if you believe

shake up Sylvia

yeah okay nobody’s sit on it with you

miracles out there opportunities out

there doors open out there for you

nobody could sit on if they wanted to

can’t nobody still let me tell you

something that’s why you gotta be you

there’s things out there that are for

you as long as you’re trying to be like

somebody else you will never lay hold of

what has been set aside for you

everybody in here has a cult that no one

has sat upon