On this episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, are you ready for the 2015 Blood Moons? Perry Stone is known for understanding Israel and Bible prophecy. Now he’s uncovered information that shows Israel will soon no longer be dependent on America. But America will always be dependent on Israel! This week on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

Is there a supernatural

a world beyond the one we know?

Is there
life after death?

Do angels exist?

Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven?

Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural?

Are healing miracles real?

Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of

the supernatural.

Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here.

Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural.

My guest Perry Stone has
information that shows within

four years, Israel will no
longer be dependent on America.

But I’ll tell you this, America
will always be dependent on


I’m here with Perry Stone.

And Perry, you provoke me to
jealousy, exactly what the Bible

says you’re supposed to do,
because Romans says that the job

of the gentile is to provoke the
Jew to jealousy.

You’re just performing what the
Bible says.

You said to me that the
information that we will be

talking about and that you’ve
been teaching on recently is

without a doubt the most
significant information you have

released in all of studying the
scriptures, 100,000 hours.

Perry: Yes.

Sid: Tell me why you know so
much at this point, rather than

ten years ago.

Perry: I believe very much what
Daniel, Chapter 12 says, that in

the last days, knowledge will be
increased, and that’s spiritual


Daniel was even told that his
book would not be totally


And now with the rise of
fanatical Islam, with the rise

of ISIS, with the rise of the
idea of the Mahdi, who’s

supposed to come on a white
horse, this is the Islamic

Messiah, beheading of people,
all of this is fitting into

these prophecies never did

And I believe it’s a time to
understand the mysteries of God

and to understand those things
that have been concealed for a


There are things concealed only
for a particular generation.

Someone asked me the other day,
they said, “If the Rapture

teaching or the coming of the
Lord teaching was so prominent

in Scripture, why wasn’t it
taught during the time of the

Reformation, 1800s, 1700s?”

And my answer was very simple:
How can you teach on something

when there’s no signs being
fulfilled saying it’s the last


Israel was not a nation then.

Jerusalem was not the capital.

The Jews were scattered across
the earth.

Israel was a swamp and a desert.

And Israel had to be a nation,
Jerusalem has to be the capitol,

the Jews have to return, the
land has to blossom like a rose,

Israel has to fill the world
like fruit.

That’s five of ten major
prodigies that have to happen.

And so when it’s not… Sid:
What is a prodigy?

Perry: It’s pogrom, a sign, an

And so in other words… Sid: So
all the signs are here.

Perry: Yeah. Israel,
Jerusalem and

the Hebrew
people, whether people want to

believe this or not, are the
indicator of the Messiah’s


And it goes back to that
prophecy in Daniel, Daniel 70


The gentile church was grafted
at the end of the 69th week with

Jesus’ resurrection.

And there’s been this gentile
body, predominantly since that

time, and now the Jewish people
are now being reached, which is

the Romans 11 sign.

And when God opens the eyes of
the Jewish people, now this is

in Romans 11, this shocks some
people, he will eventually close

the door of the gentile and that
door will close through the

Rapture of the church coming for
the church, Jesus coming for the


Then he focuses all of his
attention back to Israel.

The Book of Revelation is very
clear about it.

The last days, that tribulation
period, is one focus, not the

church, not believers.

It’s the focus on the holy ones
of Israel, the Jewish remnant,

etc. It’s a focus to them.

Sid: My belief, Perry, is if you
misunderstand God’s plan for the

Jew in Israel in the times that
we’re living in, you will then

go into further heresy, and that
could be one of the very major

dividing lines between the true
church and the counterfeit


Perry: That’s true.

Sid: But you were told
information that I have never

heard anywhere before that in
four years, Israel will no

longer be dependent on America?

Perry: Yeah.

And let me, without giving,
divulging the person, it’s a

very noted professor with a
university who’s very connected

with the Knesset and Israeli

And we were spending hours
together, just him and I,


He said, “I’m going to tell you
something that’s going to shock


He said, “In four years, Israel
will no longer need the United


And I said, “You’d better
explain that one to me because

since 1948, we have been like an
umbilical cord.

We’re connected.”

He said, “I’m going to give you
the four reasons why.”

He said, number one is the gas

There’s a leviathan gas field
with some gas fields that have

been discovered off the
Mediterranean coast, which is an

Israeli territory.

And what Israel is going to do
eventually is turn everything

over into natural gas away from

And we’ve had people in the
United States talk about doing

that, but they’ve not done it
because the oil companies are so

big and so much income there.

So he said, with natural gas, we
won’t need to worry about what

happens with Saudi oil or
anywhere else.

He said, number two, the

He said a lot of people have
depended on the technology in

California and all the
technology of the U.S., the

Internet and that type of thing.

Israel now has geniuses working
on their own technology that

they won’t need China, they
won’t need Russia and they will

not need the United States for

They will come up with their own
technology that’s going to blow

people’s minds.

They already have military
technology that we don’t know

much about.

And I said, probably the U.S.

knows, but the world doesn’t

Let me just leave that one

But that brings me to the third

He said, there will also come a
time, and I would prefer to

leave the nations out and the
countries out he told me about.

But he said, military equipment
will soon be bought, not from

the United States, but from
other nations and Israel will

have their own military

Some of the things like lasers,
laser-guided missiles, the iron

dome, things of this nature,
they’re going to be able to come

up with more advanced technology
inside of Israel.

Now sometimes they have to use
Europe and the United States for

certain parts or certain things,
and bring it together.

But they’re going to be able to
do that.

The other thing that totally
fascinated me is he said the

Jewish people and Israel is
coming up with medical

breakthroughs that you will not

Sid: You know, when I heard
about that, I think the world is

going to flock to Israel when it
takes place.

Perry: The tip, hey, let me say

They already have a treatment
for diabetes.

They already have, I’ve got to
be very careful here, because

this can open up a can of worms.

But Alzheimer’s, there is a
treatment being developed for


They have systems developed, and
I had a person who was a very

heavy pharmaceutical purchaser,
one of our ministry partners and

wins awards for pharmaceuticals.

And I said, honestly, tell me
the truth, does Israel, will

Israel have the cures to

And the person said, “Yes, but I
don’t know that they’re going to

allow them in the United States
because the pharmaceutical

industry makes so much money.”

Sid: So you know what?

Perry: Just go to Israel.

Sid: Perry has tours to Israel.

I have tours to Israel.

There will be little medical
tours of It’s Supernatural!

Perry: I like that.
I like that. That’s good.

Sid: So when we come back, Perry
has had some very, very

disturbing visions that I want
him to explain.

Be right back.

We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural!

We now return to
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: Perry, tell me about these
most recent visions that you’ve

had, because I don’t think in
terms of Perry Stone getting

prophetic End Time visions.

But has this been going on your
whole walk in the Lord?

Perry: Yeah.

In 1996, I won’t go into detail
about this, I saw the Trade

Center shrouded in black with
five great tornadoes coming off

of it.

Our partners heard me preach
this in 1999.

And when the Trade Center attack
happened, I knew that’s what

that was.

I had an incident, I talked
about this publically, off the

coast of Louisiana, there would
be an oil rig.

Something happened to an oil rig
that would cause the economy to

really have havoc there.

And I even called a pastor in
Louisiana and told him when the

BP oil spill happened, it was a
fulfillment of the five things I


The most recent one, Sid,
however, deals with tsunamis.

I probably, once every two
weeks, I have a dream of a


Sid: Once every two weeks?

Perry: It’s getting, I don’t
mean this in the negative, it’s

getting ridiculous almost to the
number of times it happens.

And my wife keeps saying, “Why
do you keep having these?”

I said, “Honey, the only thing I
can figure is the Lord is giving

us a warning.”

The odd thing is one appeared to
have been on the west coast and

the other was very strong on the
east coast, which I thought was

a little odd.

But let me just tell you where I
was and I’m not going to name

the city.

I’m going to ask people never to
contact me and ask me.

I will only release it if the
Holy Spirit tells me, because it

creates fear in people, and we
shouldn’t do that.

However, we were in a, we were
near water in this vision and my

wife and I, and my family were
together, and it was a two-story


It’s almost like we were staying
in the area.

And I saw the city.

It’s a very beautiful city and
the dark clouds were forming

above it, and I knew a storm was

A storm can be spiritual, it can
be natural.

And when I turned, I remember
telling my wife, and I’m

reducing parts of this to get to
the point, “Something big is

about to happen.

We’ve got to get everybody into

Something big is about to

And I went over to the top

Now I’m on the second floor.

I looked through this glass
window, huge, beautiful glass

window, and you could see two

You could see a very beautiful
bridge and you could see water.

And all of a sudden, three
things happened at once.

The first thing is I saw, you’ve
seen the big interstate signs

that tell you what city you’re
going to.

This one named a city that I’ll
leave out.

But this bridge connects to that
city, because I checked it out

the next day on the map, this
type of bridge.

And I saw a tsunami wave hit.

I don’t want to estimate.

It could have been 50 to 70 feet

It was the biggest thing I’ve
ever seen.

And when it came in, then I saw
the bridge buckle and the bridge


Now it almost looked to me as
though the bridge, there was an

explosion at the base of the
bridge, and I couldn’t figure if

the tsunami was caused by some
kind of sea explosion and the

bridge was separate.

But here’s what I did see that
shocked me.

I saw, the only way to describe
this is to talk, to say it was

the Twin Towers coming up out of
the water in a ghostly look,

real ghostly, real stuff, not a
hologram, but it was just like a


That’s the only way I can

And they came up out of the
water and disappeared in the


And this wave came in and was
hitting the first and second

levels of these buildings.

And when I saw the Trade Center,
the first thing when I woke up,

I said, oh Lord, or came out of
this vision, I call it a dream

vision, because it’s very real,
very precise.

The first thing I thought about
was, okay, was the bridge in a

terrorist attack?

Did they get underneath the
bridge and blow the bridge up?

That was my first though because
I saw towers, which was a

terrorist attack.

So I’m not sure if the bridge is
connected to the terrorist

attack, but the tsunami was

But I’m telling you, it is
absolutely, Sid, in one and a

half, in ten days, I had three
dreams of the tsunami, but they

were three-dimensional, full

You know the difference between
just a dream and what I call a

night dream.

Sid: But you know, the fact you
keep having these dreams

Perry: It’s the same.

Sid: This tells me that’s it’s
going to happen in a short

period of time.

Perry: Yeah.

And in one of them, I never will
forget this, there was a solid

white rock, a solid white rock.

When the 9/11 attack happened
and I had the vision of the

towers shrouded in black, I’m
running down saying, “We have to

get in the rock, we have to get
in the rock.”

The rock is Christ.

And I was saved when I had the
9/11 vision in 1996.

And some of the folks that
follow the ministry will know


We had pictures.

I had pictures drawn of it in

And you know about that.

And I remember saying, twice, we
have to get to the cliff of the

rock, we have to hide in the
rock, which is Christ.

Just a few weeks ago when I had
the one tsunami dream, I was

climbing into, you know what the
guarded tomb looks like in


Sid: Of course.

Perry: It was this was solid
rock with an opening and the

water was not coming into this
opening that I was into.

It was passing me.

But it was water everywhere.

And the Lord just showed me, he
said, “This is the cliff of the


I am the rock.

I’m the foundation and all
people need to understand is be

hidden in me.

Be hidden in my presence.

Know my presence.

Know how to pray.

Know how to walk with me.”

And I would say this to anybody
watching me right now, that is,

the greatest thing I could say
to you with the last day is what

Jesus said: “Do not be afraid.”

Believers don’t have to be

The world has to be afraid.

Sinners should be terrified.

Okay, if I’m a sinner I would be
terrified, but not the believer

that knows the end of the story.

But we have to be informed.

We have to be informed to inform
our loved ones who are not


I want people to know, have
knowledge, be informed, not to

be in darkness…,
but be aware.

But you’ve got to fill yourself
with knowledge so that you can

sit down when things happen and
say, look here, this was


This was, God is real.

God gives us prophecy to prove
he’s real because he foretells

thousands of years in advance
and then he does it, and we get

to see it.

Sid: I have to ask you this.

Perry: Yeah.

Sid: It seems as though
everything is happening so

quickly, the bad, the good, the
ugly, everything in the Bible

is, why, you call it a prophetic
crunch time.

Explain that.

Perry: Okay.

God counts time by sabbatical

God counts times by covenant.

And God, in fact, there’s
different ways God counts time.


Now one of the things that
begins to happen, there’s a

verse in Matthew 24, where Jesus
says, “There will be wars,

famines, pestilence and

Sid: Right.

Perry: The skeptic says to me,
that’s always been happening.

Why do you get so caught up on

It’s been going on since the
beginning of time almost.

But in one other, same, Luke 21,
Mark 13, Matthew 24, one of the

writers says this: “When all
these things begin to come to

pass, all these things
combined,” now there’s your

clue, “never has there been a

I was reading the other day how
many wars and rivers of wars

there are.

More than any in history, right
now, whether it’s Africa,

whether it’s Middle East, more
than any time in history as far

as the whole world is concerned,
the number of earthquakes have

increased in intensity.

And even in the United States,
we’re having, Connecticut is

having earthquakes.

Are you kidding me?

Oklahoma has so many a day.

Are you kidding me?

These are places that you never
hear, they just found out

there’s a two-mile fault line
that runs through Irvine,

California, Irvine, Texas, right

These are places you never hear


So in other words, when all
these things begin to come to

pass at once, that’s how Jesus
said, “You’re in the last days.

That’s when you need to start
looking up and lifting up your

head, For your redemption is
drawing nigh.”

Sid: I have to tell you, when we
come back after this break,

Perry has uncovered information
in reference to, the whole

secular media is going crazy
over these blood moons, feast

days, and they don’t even know
what it means or what the

significance of that is.

But Perry has uncovered
information that I’ve not heard


When we come back we’re going to
talk about it.

We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural!

We now return to
It’s Supernatura!

Sid: Sid Roth here
with Perry Stone.

And Perry and I were discussing,
could Hitler’s horrible deeds

that he did be ready to be

Could that be?

Could it be?

Perry: I have had three Jewish
women in their late 80s, all of

them were Holocaust survivors,
one was five years old when she

personally met Hitler.

He came out of the truck, out of
his security vehicle, walked up

to her, put his hand on her and
said, “What a beautiful,

blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan

She was Jewish.

She accepted the Lord.

These three women said to me, on
three different occasions, this

has happened, Sid, the past
three years, “It’s 1933 all over

again and America can’t see it.”

The Nazi party took over the
banking system.

They took over all regulations.

They regulated what you could

They regulated the type of table
you had to have in a restaurant.

They took over the healthcare

Germany had great healthcare
until Hitler socialized it.

And they went through 15 things,
and I can’t go through all of

those, of course.

But they went through 15, these
are women who survived the


They went through 15 things
that, Sid, it would blow your


All 15 are happening right now
in the United States.

Sid: And simultaneous to this,
blood moons all over the map.

Perry: Yeah.

Sid: What is the area that most
are not speaking about?

Perry: I’m going to give you

In the same setting of the blood
moon cycle, there’s going to be

signs of blood, fire and pillars
of smoke.

I did a lot of research and
found out this is volcanic


When the first blood moon
happened in April 15, 2014, that

day, a volcano was erupting.

For the next couple months,
volcanoes starting erupting all

over the earth.

When you see the volcanic
eruptions come in line with the

blood moons, then we know this
is not just some, another cycle

of blood moons, but it actually
is a sign of the end.

The thing, Sid, that thrilled
me, I got to get into this, that

I never saw anybody tap into was
the three recent blood moon

cycles in 70 years.

And watch how they’re connected.

Here we go.

One was in 1949 and ’50.

That was after Israel was
restored as a nation.

One was in 1967 and ’68.

That was after Jerusalem was
reunited as the capital of


And the next series is 2014, of
course, 2015.

Now watch what happens.

In 1949 and ’50, was the great
healing revival, where most of

the young men under 30 years of
age, they were young men heading

up this healing revival.

Oral Roberts started preaching
at age 30 in 1948.

[name] was 17 years of age.


They were young men.

Sid: You don’t think about that.

Perry: Think about that right

They were all young, all under
30, practically.

Now watch this.

I love it.

The second wave of blood moons,
’67 and ’68, was the charismatic


The official date of the
charismatic renewal was June 19,


This is what absolutely, you
know, my hair is standing up

right now.

You have to just bear with me a

I feel this quickening of the

What’s happening in 2014-2015 in
this cycle that we’re in with

these series of blood moons that
fall on Passover and Tabernacles

back to back, is the last day
outpouring of the spirit on sons

and daughters.

Sid, we’re in it right now.

Just like there was a healing
revival in the first cycle of

blood moon, there was a
charismatic renewal, this is the

sons and daughters outpouring.

Sid: What’s going on with young
people and you?

Perry: Listen to this.

I’m going to be 56 years of age.


But God told me I was going to
father a generation.

I didn’t even know what that

Last year, we had 4,100 young
people show up at a conference.

Over 500 were saved and 500
baptized in the Holy Spirit.

This year, 6000, we had to cut
off registration.

We had to cut off.. Sid: You
mean young people are so

hungry for God, just as it
was prophesied.

Perry: Just like that.

Sid: They would be the sons and
the daughters, that they can’t

fit all of them in the building.

Perry: It’s incredible.

And it’s just not with us, it’s,
I can name other ministries.

But there’s other youth
ministries that are having five,

six, ten, 15, 16, 20,000, 30,000
kids show up.

And Sid, the great thing about
is they want the move of the

Holy Spirit.

That’s what they’re craving.

It’s incredible.

Sid: I’m going to tell you
something, Perry.

We’re coming to a time these
young people are going to get

radically saved.

Perry: Oh absolutely.

Sid: They’re going to be, for
lack of better words, they’re

going to be normal, normal as
defined by the Bible.

Perry: Yes, yes.


Sid: And they’re not going to
tolerate lukewarm, seeker

sensitive religion.

Perry: No.

Sid: They want reality.

Perry: Absolutely.

Sid: And I’ll tell you what.

It’s not just the young people
that want reality.

We all want reality.

Perry: Yes, yes. Amen.

And you know, I saw this with my
own eyes.

I saw a group of young people,
hundreds of them, literally

rejoice and dance before the
Lord, three hours without

stopping, not to take a bathroom

Sid: Wait.

You need a one-hour service to
get anyone in a congregation.

Give me a break.

Let the world be normal, normal
according to the words of the

Living God.

If you don’t Jesus, get normal.

Repent of your sins.

Ask him to come and live inside
of you and become of your life.

Perry: Yes.

Sid: May the whole world become

Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural!

I’m going to teach tonight,
revelation about the End Times

from the book in the Bible that
explains what is going on and

what is about ready to happen in
the last days.

And I’m going to give you hint.

It’s not the Book of Revelation.

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