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connected hallelujah family i’m so

excited for today and i’m just grateful

to be with you on this activate right

now just let me know where you’re tuning

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comments right now you see i truly

believe that god has purpose for today

to be just what you needed you know this

morning as i was waking up i woke up to

hearing this song being sang it was just

like a group of people singing this song

and it’s a song that many of us we know

but the particular part i heard while i

was laying down when it goes god is

fighting for us that he’s pushing back

the darkness lighting up the kingdom

that cannot be shaking and then it says

in the name of jesus the enemy is

defeated and we will shout it out shout

it out i’m talking about this the song

you sing right but i shouldn’t do that

to you today

but what was so powerful this song this

particular these few lines they kept

singing it over and over and over again

it was so beautiful and as i got up the

lord began speaking to me about what is

happening in the lives of so many of his

children but first of all i just want

you to take a moment and i want you to

write down whether you put it in the

comments or you write it in your journal

or you write it in your notes that the

enemy is defeated i want you to embrace

that reality because it’s what it is

it’s the truth at the end of the day the

enemy is defeated and the lord began

speaking to me that many people are

going through um what they would label

as spiritual warfare right there’s a lot

going on that you can’t put your finger

on it there are random things taking

place people are getting sick children

acting up you’re fighting it feels like

you’re in a fight right it feels like

you’re in a fight for your life it feels

like you’re in a fight for your marriage

for your kids it feels like you’re in a

fight for your business it feels like

you’re in a fight for your peace for

your sanity and the lord kept showing me

this image of battle but then that song

was such a reminder that god is fighting

for us he is pushing back the darkness

that yes there is darkness but the lord

is pushing it back and what he began to

teach me and speak to me literally today

i was thinking that this was going to go

a different way but when he started

counseling me about what i need to talk

about on this very day one of the things

that was so beautiful you see in the

bible when jesus was telling the

disciples when he was teaching them how

to pray one of the things that he said

is that your will be done that they

should pray like this that the father’s

will be done in earth as it is in heaven

and the lord began to teach me that for

certain things to take place in earth it

has to first take place in you

you see the battle is already won that’s

a fact the enemy has been defeated but

even his defeat there was a battle that

took place the bible tells us in the

book of revelation that michael angel

michael and his angels those that

rallied behind him they were in a war

against satan and his angels those that

went with him but obviously we know the

story that the angel on the lord’s side

won that battle and satan was cast out

but sometimes i begin to wonder that

maybe you know the fall from heaven to

earth was really long that satan forgot

he’s defeated so sometimes he wants to

try you right but you see a battle

warfare is an opportunity to remind the


that you are defeated maybe you forgot

i’m gonna give that to you that was a

long journey down here and maybe during

that journey you you know you had

short-term memory or something i don’t

know some kind of memory loss right but

i’m gonna remind you that you are

defeated and that is my assignment today

you see there is a way that you can

posture yourself that you become you

become what demands for what god has

already established in heaven that what

is will begin to manifest in your life

will begin to manifest in your

surrounding because you know one of the

things that our pastor

you may have heard him say this but it’s

something that he has taught me and i

and i hold on to that so much because

it’s true and he says this that satan is

not the one bringing the warfare

you are the one bringing the warfare

you see when we think about you know for

those that might be familiar with this

scripture there’s a story right when the

lord sends a man named moses to deliver

the israelites out of egypt and when he

delivers them out of egypt the lord

tells them that hey i’m taking you to a

land filled with milk and honey

basically it’s just it’s a land of you

know endless opportunities to take talk

and i’m joking

but this is a land that was going to be

resourceful this is a land that they

would inhabit that they would raise

their children and this was a land that

they would have no lack this is what the

lord promised them that this land is

already yours he says to them like look

i have given you this land

but you see when the lord said that he

had given it to them it did not mean

that they were not enemies who were

currently inhabiting that land that

there were people who were illegally

possessing what did not belong to them

but when the lord says look i’ve given

it to you so i want you to have the

right mindset about what’s about to take

place you’re going to go back and

reclaim your territory you’re going to

go back and reclaim what is yours so

when the israelites began to make war

against the people who were occupying

what belonged to them who do you think

started the warfare

the israelites did

so what sometimes we call like when we

see ourselves as a victim of warfare

what is actually happening is just the

counter attack of the enemy he says oh

you have woken up right you are no

longer in the sunken place and now you

are realizing who you are in christ do

you know that your yes to jesus is more

impactful that you would ever imagine

that sometimes just your testimony alone

will bring someone out of darkness the

things that god has called you to do the

things he has called you to steward that

this is going to reclaim

territory from the enemy and the only

reason all hell seems to be breaking

loose is not because you are the victim

of warfare but it’s because you are a

threat to the enemy’s kingdom because

you are a threat and he’s recognizing

look i’m not willing to give you what

belongs to you easily and so in order to

weaken your position let me intimidate

you let me let it seem like i’m throwing

things your way that will prosper even

when the bible tells us that no weapon

formed against you shall prosper but let

me see if i can get you to a position

that you will lose your creativity you

will lose your inspiration that you will

lose your what what wakes you up that

what keeps you up sometimes at night not

out of panic but out of joy that god i

cannot wait for the next day because i

get to do this let me see if i can get

you to the place where you will be

discouraged and disappointed and


because you see when you allow yourself

if you allow yourself rather if you ever

allow yourself to get to the place where

you just feel like you embrace the

identity of being discouraged do you

embrace the identity of being defeated

you are no longer tapped into the flow

of the holy spirit

because when you’re in that space when

you allow this cloud of depression to

take over you you don’t find yourself

being as creative as you once were but

creativity that comes from it comes from

the lord

so if the enemy can try to put you in a

position where he’s like let me just

shut you up from listening to god let me

shut up your testimony rather than you

being someone who talks about the

goodness of god you now begin to

complain and questioning i don’t know if

god is really good and you forget that

there are people listening to what

you’re saying that their lives that are

taking a different route because your

life is no longer going in the direction

that god has ordained it to be

you see life is more than

just things going your way

your yes to god is bigger than all the

things that we call blessings

a blessing the true blessing and the

true essence of being blessed

is living out what god has said about


and sometimes that journey is not always

going to be pretty but you see when the

enemy looks at you

and the enemy recognizes

that you are stepping into a place that

will make you a threat to his kingdom it

seems like you’re the victim of warfare

but you’re not you’re actually the one

starting it

you see i came to make sense of some of

the things that might be going on in

your life right now

and you have said this you’ve said it to

some of your friends some of your family

members and you’re like this is not

normal what i’m experiencing doesn’t

feel normal you’re not saying it to the

to the crowd you’re not saying it to the

public but those in your intimate

circles know exactly what this is about

you’re in this space where you just feel

like man i feel like it’s one thing

after the other it’s not one thing after

the other you’re going after what god

has called to your life

you’re going back to reclaimed territory

and i want to read this scripture

there’s a there’s a scripture that that

fascinates me so much right it’s in


6 12

and it says this for we wrestle not

against flesh and blood but against

principalities against powers against

the rulers of darkness of this world

against spiritual wickedness in high


i mean first of all that’s a lot


but the question is

who must you be

if this is what you’re wrestling up

if you’re wrestling against


spiritual wickedness in high places

rulers of darkness then who must you be

you see some of you you’re fighting the

wrong battle

you’re thinking that your problem is a


you’re thinking that your issue is some

is flesh and blood it comes through

flesh and blood many times but that’s

not your problem

the problem is the spirit

behind the manipulation of someone’s

brokenness and insecurities to get you

out of position

then you’re looking at a person but

behind that person is a spirit

whether they are known to them many

times even unknown to them

because where there is brokenness

whether it’s insecurity whether it’s

unforgiveness whether it’s envy whether

it’s jealousy the enemy knows how to use

that and work his will

and so you think your biggest problems

are individuals but it’s not you’re

wrestling up against something much

greater than that and not even really

greater but just just in this context

you’re looking and you’re thinking oh

that’s the person i just i’m so tired of


and god is like you’re you’re going up

against a different battle this is

supposed to weaken your position but do

not allow it

even what comes from people

it is to weaken your position it is to

get you to the place where you begin to

take on the identity of a victim you are

more than a conqueror that is what the

word says about you

you are not a victim

and then you begin to read these

principalities powers rulers of darkness

who must you be

because you are the one that is called

to rule

you are the one that is called to

possess you’re the one that is called to

take territory whatever that might look


the lord is what’s showing me there’s

there’s someone you’re you’re a school


and you just feel like what is going on

i’m just a school teacher you’re more

than that

you’re an influence to those kids that

are under your stewardship

every time you pray for them every time

that you’re seeking the face of god

concerning their lives there are angels

being positioned at their homes because

of your prayers

you’re thinking that what what is it

about me lord i’m just this you know

just everyday school teacher but god

knows who you truly are in the kingdom

in the kingdom you’re a threat

and so when you’re seeing what is coming

up against you i want you to actually

expect it now to expect it does not mean

to surrender to it

but to expect it from the place of no i

started the warfare

it just didn’t come up randomly against

me i started it so i expect for the

enemy to counter attack

because he’s not just trying to give

this up easily no

but when i expect it i recognize this is

the day that i remind you that you are

defeated you see sometimes you just have

to look in the mirror

and just say your name you see i’ll just

say no i am stephanie first of my name

breaker of chains right if you watch

game of thrones

you know what i’m talking about if you

don’t go watch game of thrones okay but

sometimes you have to remember who you

are you have to go in the mirror and

just say you know what my name is

stephanie i’m a child of the most high

god i have authority i have power under

who god has called me to be that when i

call on my daddy he answers who is the

enemy that thinks he can win a battle

that has already been lost

you begin to speak about yourself the

way god sees you and recognize that what

may seem like hell is breaking loose

what may seem like warfare that at the

end of the day god will have the final


it may seem like darkness is close to

you but the lord is the one who is going

to step in and push it back and he will

overcome and rest and you would restore

to the kingdom of heaven what has been

taken by the enemy

you see even when it’s when your impact

and your influence might seem to only

affect one individual

you don’t know who that one individual

is going to be in the world

you don’t know if their lives is

connected to influencing and impacting

millions and billions of people on the


you have to recognize

that sometimes warfare is a sign and


for you to remind yourself who must i be

if the people coming up against me are

principalities and rulers of darkness

and wickedness and all this stuff why is

it the rulers of it

because i’m coming to take territory

because i’m a ruler in the kingdom of


you see i want to speak to you about

three things

that will help you to posture yourself

in a manner that your life begins to



that your life begins to demand a move

of god like no other when the lord steps

in and he shows himself to be strong and

mighty in battle on your behalf

you see even when the israelites were

fighting different battles there was a

way they had to go about it

and when they did not move in accordance

with what the lord has spoken there were

some things that they lost

because you’re not fighting this in your

strength you’re fighting it in the

lord’s name

and so first of all

my assignment here was to remind you

that the warfare happening in your life

first of all you are not the victim

you are the you are the one initiating


because you’re going after things

connected to your name

did you know that when you said yes to

jesus that you became a weapon in the

hands of god

to win back territory to him you became

a weapon your testimony is a weapon your

essence is a weapon your presence is a

weapon the things you would do in his

name is a weapon that everything about

you god said i can breathe on it

and i can use it to shake this world

i can use the very things that you feel

i make that the things that you you you

you feel insecure about god said no i

could use that too because when you said

yes to me you said yes for my power to

be to be revealed through you

you know it’s so crazy right

one of the things i used to be so

insecure about was my voice the sound of

my voice

i felt like i sounded like a kid i was

like you know what my voice is telling

on me because i really am a kid

and i remember like i was like god like

my voice sounds so childish how do you

want me to talk about things that have

authority with this little baby voice

and it shocked me

when i would literally and it felt i was

like god you know what you are hilarious

you like to show off because people

didn’t need to tell me but then i

started getting countless messages and

what people would highlight was the tone

of my voice

that there’s something about it that

just that allows them to just receive

what the lord is saying and i said this

is this is comedy central right here

because if you only knew that this was

one of my biggest insecurities

and this is the thing that you’re saying

god is using in your life

first of all i don’t see that as

coincidence i see that as god confirming

and affirming that stephanie

even the very thing you think

will disqualify you

because you said yes to me i would use

that and more

what else do you want to bring

what else you want to complain about

what else do you want to say to me no i

will use it god will not change it

because that would that would take away

his essence as god

that is why even moses when moses is

telling the creator i cannot speak god

did not tell him okay you know what to

make you more comfortable moses let me

fix the problem right now he didn’t do

that he said no moses even the thing you

think will disqualify you from what i’ve

sent you i would use it as a weapon

you have to recognize that your yes to


made your deepest fears and insecurities

weapons in his hand

he said oh watch what i’m about to do

with you

and so when the enemy sees you he’s not

just seeing

this you know random person things are

not just happening to you randomly he

said oh you are coming after territory

but you are equipped

and you are empowered because the holy

spirit is with you

but there was something about this

message that seemed very urgent in my

spirit this morning

and it’s really about how we position

and posture ourselves

like i said yes you expect warfare but

you don’t surrender to it

and the lord began to show me that many

have positioned themselves in a place of

surrender to the attack of the enemy

you’re just like okay

what will be will be no

no no no no no

it’s not what will be will be you have

to look at what is happening and say

does this line up does this match up

with what the word of god says about my

life and my family and if it doesn’t

there are certain things you must do to

position yourself because like i said

earlier there are certain things for it

to manifest in the earth

it has to first manifest in you

and so there are three key things i just

want us to touch on and the very first


is to watch and pray

watch and pray now this is there are two

scriptures i’ll read to you the first

one is in first kings chapter 18 verse

one right it says this and it came to

pass after many days that the word of

the lord came to elijah in the third

year saying go present yourself to ahab

ahab was the king at this time and i

will send rain on the earth

now what is happening a little bit of

backstory there was elijah had prayed

elijah as a prophet of the lord and

there was a time when he prayed and he

said look there will be no rain for

three and a half years right there will

be no rain and the clouds were shut up

there was no rain there was a drought in

the land and then the bible tells us

something that now during the course of

that time a word of the lord came to

elijah and it says to him that he should

go present himself to ahab and then i

this is the lord speaking and i will

send rain on the earth

now you catch the picture right the lord

is the one saying go present yourself

the rain is coming but then you jump

into james 5

chapter 7 verse 17 to 18 and it says

this now this is a man who has insight

and revelation

about what took place in how the rain


he said elijah was a man with a nature

like ours

and he prayed earnestly that it would

not rain and it did not rain on the land

for three years and six months and he

prayed again

and the heaven gave rain and the earth

produced this fruit now this is really

fascinating because when you go back to

first kings you will see that there’s a


when you read you know when you just

read um chapter 18 chapter 19 there’s a

story here when elijah he goes up the

mountain and he has a servant with him

and he tells the servant to go look at

the clouds the servant comes back he’s

like you know elijah there’s no there’s

no rain there’s nothing and he’s

postured in a way that he’s praying and

he tells the servant go back the servant

comes back he’s like there’s nothing

this happens seven times the seventh

time the servant goes back he sees like

you know he’s like there’s a cloud the

size of a person’s hand and then boom

elijah knew that what god has said is

happening but this is the question i

have for you

god said there will be rain

if god said there would be rain why does

elijah need to pray

and why is it highlighted that elijah is

praying when god said right so when we

have this posture of what will be will

be you know if god said it you know

that’s it

but but here we see a beautiful picture

god said something but then elijah

postures himself in prayer he postures

himself in agreement he says lord there

is something you have already purposed

to do in the earth but it also needs to

be done in me i need to come in full

agreement of faith that indeed this is

what you’re about to do he postured

himself in prayer

so he watched for the word there was a

word that was given to him by the lord

and he began to pray until what he was

praying about would be in alignment with

what he saw in his natural eyes

you see a word coming to you is like

watching what is happening spiritually

what has already been established by god

in the spirit realm what is established

in heaven

but also why would jesus also tell the

disciples to pray like that that lord

let your will be done thy kingdom come

come on earth in earth rather as it is

in heaven

if it is just what will be will be then

if it is in heaven we should just be

chilling right on the beach somewhere

having pina colada and just saying you

know what lord whenever you’re ready

whatever you have decided to do in

heaven you know that that’s what will

happen in earth no you have to position


and say lord whatever is happening in my

life right now does not mirror what you

have said i am watching there is a word

you have spoken even the lord watches

over his own word there is a word that

you have spoken and i am going to bring

myself into full alignment

you see when we are in prayer

prayer comes prayer is when first of all

you are acknowledging that lord you said

something and i believe you

prayer is when you’re saying god give me

a strategy give me wisdom give me

understanding prayer when when you’re

praying and declaring that god what you

have spoken to me what you have revealed

to me let it happen that is that it

reveals your faith and your expectation

you see sometimes we make excuses like

no i just know what happened but could

it be that you have lost expectation

could it be that your faith is no longer


there is a difference between

surrendering something to god

and losing hope

many times we call surrender

lack of faith

losing hope in something is not the same

as surrender

you see abraham surrendered when god

said give me your son your only son

sacrifice him to me there’s the

difference between that is that the

bible also tells us

that abraham believed because god told

him you will have a son and there was a

promise connected to this child but

abraham believed that even if

god took isaac

that he was going to resurrect him once


abraham did not lose hope and say

you know sure god you want him here i i

guess you know i guess you lied

you know i guess i didn’t hear properly

i guess i was wrong no abraham said

no you want isaac that’s fine

you might take his life but you’re going

to resurrect him back right about now


that’s the difference and you have to be

honest with yourself enough to know the

very thing that you’re saying that god i

just surrendered that to you did you

surrender or did you lose faith

because if you lost faith

that’s a whole different ballgame

that is when you’re just in the place of


god you know what if it never happens

i’m cool no no no no no no no

is that connected to what god said to


was that the word that god spoke to you

concerning that very thing

you see surrender says god i am letting

go of this i’m letting go of it based on

my own timeline

you gave me a word and then i added

layers to the word and i said you have

to do it in my 30s and if you don’t do

it in my 30s then this is not real god

didn’t tell you a timeline he just gave

you a word

surrender says lord i’m believing that

this will happen even if it happens when

i’m 70.

it will happen

giving up says you know what

it didn’t happen in my 30s so you know

it’s cool god i i will learn how to just

you know walk away from this

you have to be honest with yourself

and so when you find yourself in a

posture of prayer

and that is why you have to watch and

pray you have to be watched men and

women over your lives there was a

prophet by the name of ezekiel in the

scripture he was known as a watchman he

would watch for what god will say

concerning the people the the lord’s


and any time a word came to him the lord

would say look if you don’t speak it if

something happens to them because you

did not warn them then it would be on

your head you have to learn how to be a

watchman and a woman over your own life

over your family over your community

over your your surrounding that god what

have you said

and how do i need to posture myself

you see powerful testimony there’s a

there’s a family member of mine and

there’s a word that the lord has spoken

concerning this individual

when he was you know conceived


he didn’t look nothing like the word

years down the line still looked nothing

like the word right

but we kept praying into it

you see pray what prayer does is that it

feeds your faith it doesn’t it doesn’t

feed your doubts

that anytime you see something that

looks against what the lord has spoken

you’re not quick to just feed into the

doubt and say god this will never be

like i give up no you begin to speak

life you begin to speak no this is what

the word of god said that is why why do

many of us thank god for grandmothers

and and praying mothers and all that

stuff you know i want to shout out to

the fathers too because every time i see

those posts i don’t see praying


or praying fathers or uncles it’s always

the women you know women love the lord

we know that i want to shout out

to all the praying people right but why

do we acknowledge praying grandparents

because they never stopped speaking life

even when it looked like it was going a

different direction

they never stopped speaking life over

their grandkids over their children they

never stopped even when you were you

look like you were losing your head they

would go in their prayer closet and say

lord i thank you that you have given me

a warrior you have given me one who

would love you they spoke life

that’s the beauty here

and so with this family member

not too long ago a couple weeks ago the

lord literally woke me up from my sleep

and he began to show me he said they had

you have stopped interceding for this


and you need to gather family to

continue to pray for them interceding is

the intentional act of praying for

something until you see the move of god

take place concerning that

and when the this was like three in the

morning the lord woke me up and i called

my mom immediately right i called my mom

i was like mom we

this this situation we can’t we can’t

drop it

we can’t let this thing go we have to

keep praying concerning it we have to

keep speaking the word of god concerning

it and literally family this morning

there was a breakthrough in that area

the very thing that looked like it would

be impossible we saw a breakthrough

happen this very day

that’s god

and that is when what you are asking for

god to do on the earth it happens in you

where you are in full agreement that

lord i believe

i believe in what you’re doing i believe

in who you are you see sometimes people

will ask this question right there was a

man who asked jesus i believe but help

my unbelief

and when you read that scripture jesus

didn’t have that much time to really you

know there was a crowd coming there was

all kinds of chaos and madness happening

so jesus performed the miracle and he

went on his way but if you’re asking

yourself that question i believe

but god how do you help my unbelief

you stayed the chorus that’s how

you don’t give up

even when it seems hard because the

beauty of staying in the presence of god

it begins to shape you you get

spiritually in shape

that the things that will come up as

doubts and and fears all of a sudden

they begin to they begin to start

shedding away from you

how do you help your unbelief you endure

one step at a time

you don’t allow your words to speak


you allow your words to speak life that

is why the bible says

that these words i have given you they

are spirit and they are life

and then it also tells us that life and

death is in the power of the tongue

you use your words

you use your words you use your words to



no matter what the situation might look

like i’m not talking about being in

denial no

but i’m saying that when it comes to

what you agree with

there is a difference between

communicating to someone the situation

that you’re in

right if you if you need help

don’t just go don’t if someone says hey

can i you know do you need help with

something and you’re just like no you

know i’m i’m fearfully and wonderfully

made i had just lacked nothing ciao you

need some help okay and god has brought

the answer in front of you i’m not

saying be in denial but i’m saying that

what is your confession what is your

agreement are you just are you looking

at yourself as one who the lord has

abandoned and forsaken or are you

looking at yourself as one who is

expecting that god you are with me you

are for me you will show up

this is what watching and praying is all

about the second thing i want to talk to

you about is worship

you see worship is not just about a song

right that is why sometimes you know you

can go from listening to worship

and the next thing you’re doing

something else you know you’re trying to

see if your knees can do things right

some of you might catch that later all



how do you get out of of the mindset so


because worship is not just about a song

worship is what you set your gaze on

worship is about what you magnify in

your life

it’s about what you choose to exalt in

your life what you give what what you

what you put as first in your life


is really about what you honor in your


and when you begin to honor the lord

when you exalt god above your

circumstances that is worship that is

why sometimes you may hear when when a

pastor would say many of you are

worshiping your problems because you

have placed that above everything else

it is all you talk about it is what you

dwell on it is what has caused you to be

in in you know going through anxiety and

stress and all kinds of things because

you have worshiped your problem

but when you begin to worship god what

that does the beauty of worship even

when it seems like you’re in the hardest

moments of your life it puts a demand on

the nature and character of god

it’s putting the name of god on the


that god is not about me anymore it’s

about you you see one of my mentors

shared with me such an amazing testimony

she was barren for many years

and for all those years that she was

going through a barrenness she talked

about how she worshipped her barrenness

she exalted her barrenness she was so um

she dwelled on the doctor’s reports and

and what people were saying and you know

and all that stuff she magnified it

above everything else

and she said there was a day and now in

her just coming before the lord

that something hit her

and she realized no no i’m not going to

worship this anymore she began to put

her faith on the word of god she said


you gave us a promise in the word you

said be fruitful not even a promise a

commandment your commandment said be

fruitful and multiply and she connected

herself to the word of god she said this

is what i would exalt in my life

that even when there were reports of

baron and she said no that god has given

my body a commandment to be fruitful and

to multiply

now she has two kids

you see the beauty of that is that she

began to set her gaze on the word of god

she began to set her affection on what

god said no longer what was coming up

against him she said you know what it’s

not even about me

god you said something and i’m gonna

hold you to your word you call upon

god’s nature and his character and that

is why one a scripture i want to share

with you that is so beautiful it’s in

acts 16 verse 25 to 26 and it says this

but at midnight paul and silas were

praying and singing hymns to god and the

prisoners were listening to them oh

that’s so good

suddenly there was a great earthquake so

that the foundations of the prison were

shaking and immediately all the doors

were opened and everyone’s chains were

loosed what happened in this moment

paul and silas began praying and


they began calling upon who is the real

breaker of chains right they began

calling upon the lord and they were

singing and the bible says the prisoners

heard them they were listening to them

in that moment you see paul it was not

about paul or silas they had placed the

name of god on the stand they said you

know what god it is your character and

it’s your nature that we are exalting

above anything else and you will show up

to show that you are faithful to who you


because god could have done it any other

way in the bible you see so many ways

that that you know prisoners are set

free sometimes everybody’s sleeping

right just coma falls upon everybody and

the angel walks in opens the door taps

on somebody says hey you know some free

to go all right

but god did it in a way because there

were people that listened to him being

exalted he said look my name is on the


and i’m not just going to go out like

that my name is on the line i’m going to

set everybody free right

you know go it was like that moment you

know when it’s just like

used to get set free and you

get set free is everybody get set free

it’s a beautiful thing

and so what i want to ask you

in your circles in your circles of

friends and families what do they know

that you exalt

do they hear your complaints every


or do they hear you exalting the name of


that the lord is with me the lord will

not forsake me he’s not going to abandon

me he’s not going to leave me here god

is going to come through what do people

listen to when they hear you speak about

what is taking place in your life

and again i said there is a difference

between communicating a situation

and there’s a difference between

exalting it above everything else

i can communicate to you that look in my

life right now this is something i’m

dealing with

but i know that god will not fail me i

know that god is not going to leave me

here i know that the god i serve is

going to come through he is jehovah that

when i begin to sing songs like you know

talking about him as jira that he is

enough that i’m not just singing a song

i’m saying no

the lord will provide for everything

that i need and i know he’s going to

make a way for me however he does it he

will come through

that is what worship is about it’s not

just about the song it’s about the heart

behind what you’re singing that god i

exalt you above everything else and the

third thing and the last thing i want

you to understand when it comes to how

you posture yourself

and for many of you this might connect

to you it’s fasting

maybe you’re in a season where you feel

there is a grace in your life to fast

that you’re not you you you don’t really

have an appetite for food like that you

don’t really feel like engaging in in in

shows like that there’s a grace that has

come upon you to fast even jesus

there was a time that the disciples were

trying to cast out a demon from a boy

and they couldn’t

and this is after jesus has said to them

look go into you know go everywhere i

have given you power and authority over

evil spirits

but they went and they did not have

power and authority over this particular


and so when jesus shows up and he you

know he handles business right he does

the disciples ask him in private they’re


you know why couldn’t we cast out this

spirit and jesus said this kind comes

out by nothing but prayer and fasting

even jesus i’m you know we have many

messages on fast and i want you to watch

that but even jesus it was not he didn’t

only fast in the wilderness he felt he

lived a lifestyle of fasting

and there’s so much proof of that in the


but you see fasting there are two

powerful things that fasting can

represent fasting there’s so much to

fasting but two key things that fasting

represents one

fasting is when you posture your body

and you posture yourself in the truth of

your ability

that god i am weak

and in my weakness you are my strength

i’m coming before you in weakness

god i don’t have the answers

the power that i need to get through


it can only come from you if fasting

humbles you

to say that god i need you to step into

this situation

lord i need you to show up

and that is why a lot of times you know

fasting is connected to food because

when you don’t feed your body your body

gets weak

and you come into that place where you

embrace the state that you’re in and you

say lord in my weakness be my strength

it’s what it symbolizes

and it’s an act of faith when you say

god i need you i i don’t i can’t i can’t

push past this certain thing there’s

something that needs to break in my

family there’s something some of you are

seeing not when i even talk about

spiritual warfare yours is even a

different dimension you’re seeing people

being tormented and oppressed in your

family sometimes you need to fast

because there is a this kind

there is a this kind cannot come out

only by

fasting and prayer when you humble

yourself when you submit yourself and

say god i need you

and another thing fasting does

it makes you the sacrifice

you see after noah

you know when the flood happened and all

that stuff


and noah comes out of the ark the first

thing noah did is that he offered a

sacrifice to the lord and the bible

tells us that when the lord smelled the

aroma of the sacrifice that it was

pleasing to him to the point that he

responded he’d even respond directly to

noah he said to himself never will i

destroy the earth like i have done

you see there was a response to the


and sometimes when you fast you become

the sacrifice you say lord i am putting

myself on the altar

and i pray that what you would what you

will sense when you smell this act when

you smell this act of faith that it

would be pleasing to you and you will

respond to what is happening in my life

in my family you don’t just watch things

happen and don’t do nothing

you don’t surrender to warfare

you call on the name of god to step in

because on the other side of that


there is victory and on the other side

there is territory for you to claim and

so family

if this is speaking to you

let this be a reminder

that our walk with jesus

is not a walk of

whatever will be will be no

even the prophet elijah

after hearing a word from the lord he

began to pray earnestly

what is it that god has spoken about you

what has he spoken in your life

and a certain things delayed in your

life because you are distracted by the

wrong thing

a certain thing is delayed in your life

because you’re just so lackadaisical

about everything that is not the will of


there’s some things that you have to be

able to look at even jesus said to his

disciples couldn’t you watch and pray

couldn’t you watch with me when they

were falling asleep and they’re probably

confused like what are we watching for

in that moment it’s so powerful they’re

watching the word in flesh

he said watch couldn’t you even for an


watch with me

but they were he was talking to them

about what maybe they understood later

down the line you have to watch the word

what has god said

and if i don’t see it in my life i need

to posture myself in a place where i

continue to declare god whatever is

coming up against me i’m not going to

feed my doubts

my words in my words is the power of

life and death is going to speak life

and so i want you to in just in this

moment right whatever the holy spirit

starts bringing to mind

let us step into prayer

let us bring it before the lord and say

god may perhaps i need to i need to

spend more time with you in prayer i

need to go back into my journals and say

lord what are the things you spoke to me

what are some of the things that i i

said i surrendered but in reality i gave

up hope

what are the things that i need to pick

back up

and say lord what what can we do

together what territory are we supposed

to take over

lord maybe i’ve allowed my situation to

bring me to a posture of defeat but i’m

not defeated

i’ve allowed the enemy to distract me to

the point that i’ve lost my inspiration

while i’m calling it just being under

attack without recognizing that what

he’s after is my inspiration my

creativity my focus and me positioning

myself in the place that you’ve called

me to

maybe lord i’ve been looking and

thinking that people are my problem but

it’s not people

they just happen to be vessels

but lord you’ve called me after


i’m a weapon in your hands what is it

that we’re supposed to do together

and whatever seems to be affected right

now in my life

you will have the final say

i’m gonna pray lord i’m gonna exalt you

above anything

and when that when when it when the need

comes i’m gonna fast

i’m gonna submit myself as the offering

i’m gonna call upon you and say god

indeed i am weak i need you to step in

and be my strength there are certain

things that do not break until we

posture ourselves properly

and maybe you’re watching this and

you’re like

i don’t even know this jesus i’ve not

accepted him into my life but whatever

she’s saying i want to know the jesus

behind this

if that is you and you want to say yes

to jesus

i want you to look on the screen there’s

gonna be

um some information for you to put to

you know qr code and all that stuff for

us for you to give us your information

but if that is you just put in the chat

here i am

here i am

and let us pray

heavenly father we thank you so much for

your love and for your goodness o god we

thank you for this moment that we have

come before you we thank you lord jesus

that you are awakening your sons and

daughters to take their position in you

and to take territory connected to their

lives heavenly father i thank you for

those who are saying yes to jesus that

maybe they’ve been going you know from

all to all kinds of things but lord

there’s something that is bringing a

conviction in their hearts and they want

to know who is this jesus who is this

one who is for me who is this one that i

can give my life to and that would be

his weapon and i would know myself in

ways that i’ve never known that i would

go after and that would claim

territories that i didn’t even think

existed who is the person that can use

my weakness and my insecurities and my

fears for his glory who is this jesus

who is the one who loves me enough that

he will die on the cross for me that i

would know everything about myself that

i would not be bound to anything that

satan thrives to throw at me

who is this jesus that can set me free

who is this jesus that loves me who is

this jesus that is going to be with me

no matter where i walk

who is this jesus that looks at me right

where i am and he says you are worthy

you are loved you are you are not

forsaken you are cared for who is this

jesus if that is you

that jesus this jesus is with you right


and he is saying to you welcome home

by your decision alone welcome home

and so heavenly father we seal this in

your name

we thank you lord for how you have

showed up

have your way in jesus mighty name amen