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hi welcome to Heaven encounters my guest

today is Brian Melvin he was a

self-professed militant atheist and then

he died and he experienced hell after

his death but there was an event that

was after that that is also very

intriguing because God gave him a vision

of Heaven as well but I guess Brian

we’ll we’ll start with uh the hell

experience and Welcome to our program

well thanks thank you for having me

Randy it’s great to be

here it’s great to have you and uh let’s

start there with with how you died and

and then after that how you entered into

hell well pretty make a long story short

you know I got about a five hour

testimony so but anyway I found myself

uh drinking some bad water polluted

water out of a thermos and I contracted

cha and basically dehydrated and died

that’s how it all began and I uh recall

about 3 days after I drank the water

taking my last breath and in a

nanc I lost all my atheistic World Views

like you said I was a militant atheist

back then what amazed me that after I

died I was still alive I was more alive

then than I am now I mean it was like

just an Awakening in a new realm it’s

just incredible I found myself floating

above my body I had no worries and next

thing I knew I uh went through the

ceiling and entered this black void and

at that time I knew nothing absolutely

nothing about near-death experiences

afterdeath experience because being an

atheist I wouldn’t have believed it

anyway you know you just wouldn’t

believe anything like that I knew

nothing I was a blank slate all I knew I

was alive my body was laying there I

went through the ceiling I was

interjected into a black void heading

toward a light like a lot of people have

say they do you know I never heard any

of the stuff before and I was in this

black void floating toward this light

hearing this very beautiful beautiful

profound music and um it was I heard

this beautiful profound music and it was

explaining the mysteries of God his

nature his character the mysteries of

the universe if you will most of it was

um I can’t really talk about because

there’s just no way to talk about it but

anyway I was floating through there and

it was like uh I was being confronted

with something and because Snippets of

my life would be flashing before me and

I could see how I was taking advantage

of certain characteristics of God with

myself knowing it as well as not knowing

it I was taking advantage of God’s Gift

he gave me life I was actually making

life very ugly and I never realized I

was headed toward a reckoning because I

felt this profound love and joy and

never thought in a million years that

God’s love was actually going to be

judged ing me and that’s how it all


Randy and at that point that you felt

judged and you encountered at that point

uh Jesus and that’s the amazing thing

because you really didn’t

know uh about him and and he told you

something in advance of where you were

going what did he say yes I was floating

through this void and I landed before

him and feet first and I stood before


and I knew who it was you know who was

Jesus and what it was like was having

your what he was showing me how I gamed

this system I thought you know how I um

how do you say it I was just totally uh

a reprobate in my thinking so to speak I

would take advantage of people um it’s

like like my parents my parent God gave

me a gift of Life gave me great parents

Southern Baptist parents and gave me

great home but I took advant anage of

all those things I gain the system so to

speak I abuse God’s love God’s love

makes the rainf on the just and the

unjust it gives you life and I was

taking advantage of it I was using it

for my own ends I betrayed people I

robbed from people at that time one of

the visions that came to me was a past

event in my life where I sold drugs to

the church youth

group and uh they got high during a

skating thing and they all came back

wanting more drugs and I found I knew

nothing about drugs except what I read

in a book

and uh and that’s how it all began for

me I I did things I should not have done

and I just was taking advantage of God’s

love then God would show me all the

different times he came to me knocked on

my door so to speak trying to get my

attention like there would be I I don’t

about three or four very bad car wrecks

that I miraculously avoided from being

killed as well as those who are with me

being killed as well as uh

people that would come up to me and

witness and legitimate Christians that

is and how I treat them and stuff and I

was like poking my finger in God’s eye

that’s basically how I live my life I

had a chip on my shoulder I accuse God

of being a a big meanie doesn’t want you

would have any uh fun I learned all this

stuff you know from the media from

school Arts entertainment all that kind

of stuff just as a young kid when I was

growing up inated me to think that there

was no God or that God owed man an

apology and basically I bounc from

agnosticism into full-blown militant

atheism when this

happened wow so you were an atheist at

this point Jesus told you that you could

not enter into heaven because of this

and then he said something to you that

you would carry with you to uh to your

experience in hell yeah he he after he

showed me all the experience of himself

saving my as many times from accidents

and stuff and he showed me you know what

I was really like on the inside and that

I don’t deserve Heaven if I was allowed

in I’d simply corrupt it and so what he

said to me said um you will see a Land

Unknown that’s best forgotten but not to

remain left unseen when you come to a

point of overwhelming say my name in my

title and um I and also he said an

returning is an option to be yet

decided that was the kicker because it

was like a um you know I’m flumix I had

no idea I wrote in my book A Land

Unknown hell’s Dominion I mean I was

flumix I was just like a deer in the

headlight look yes sir whatever you say

sir and that was basically it and so

here I was um I was picked up by a force

after that and went to a door rolled

this door rolled up like a scroll and I

went into that door door and I was in

the tornado Vortex like place and it was

smelled awful a lot of foul language and

language and different languages coming

at you you hear this it was very hot you

heard all this noise it was like being

inside of a tornado I came to a

yellowish dent and it was a light I came

through it fell through the sky bounced

on the ground and I knew I was headed

for an awful place and what I recall

people talk about hell and stuff as

Devils and pitchforks and flames and

fire well I bounced on the ground and

found myself um on a hill going I looked

down a valley and there’s a house on the

other side and all these people come

running out of the house people who un

known who have died or whatever and they

came down and welcome me to paradise

this wasn’t Paradise because the tree

was dilapidated things looked dead it

was extraordinarily hot and they came up

to me slapping me on my back and I I

said that a couple people came up to me

says you can’t be you because you ain’t

dead yet you know or you can’t be in

Paradise cuz I know what you did and

then they would change and morph into

what they another person and I thought

that was strange then their eyes look

like alligator eyes or like yellow

reptilian type eyes and then they turned

into what they were these were these

hellish creatures or the Demonic beings

you want to call them and different

shapes and sizes the taller ones had

authority over the smaller ones

and they like they’re going to overwhelm

me and tear me to shreds and that’s when

I started to say Jesus Christ Jesus

Christ Jesus Christ because he told me

to say his name and his title and they

could not grab a hold of me and rip me

to shreds they can poke me they can

threaten me but they couldn’t grab me

and that means a lot to me at that time

and that’s pretty much how it started

this whole thing and this creature he

stood about 4 fo8 tall he had breath

that was so foul that it would be like

heat waves coming off the pav out of his

mouth that’s how foul it was I could

never see how many eyes he kind of

looked like a little dinosaur type thing

a reptilian type entity and I I I

nicknamed him lizard breath because his

his his breath was so foul as my after I

came back that’s what I nicknamed him

and so he RI he came over and told me

come follow him I offer you half the

kingdom it’s been granted you to you to

see this place you hated my guts I mean

I tell you I I tell you you know someone

hates you that much and he walked over

and he stuck his hand in what looked

like the Horizon and ripped it open and

he stepped out of there and I had

nothing I didn’t know what to do I

followed it and stood went through that

opening and stood out and I came in I

stepped up out of it onto a wide dusty

road and behind me what I came out of

was a cube or a cell like the Bible says

in um in the Book of Proverbs chambers

of death or Ezekiel chapter 32 talks

about um the Graves or Graves roundabout

or suppliers or dungeon cells like

around in this pit so I found myself in

a pit and this place uh it was like a

bottomless pit it’s all I can describe

there’s an open place in the middle

these tornado vortexes were dropping

people off inside of these cells and

plus these entities these demonic

entities were escorting people and

placing them in cells at the same time I

was overwhelmed I didn’t know what to

think about it and I just sat there and

I I I looked at it and this thing was

talking to me in a hellish language and

I could understand it and I and I looked

inside the cells and I could see people

inside the cells I had instant like uh

download of their life history and in

this instant and this thing was going to

show me this place and I don’t know why

he was showing me because at the time I

wanted to wake up because this was this

was this was terrifying and even though

I was getting ready for this this I had

to take a break and and calm down a

little bit because sometimes the

memories can be a little intense and so

I just remember that part coming out

looking at all these entities bringing

these people in watching these tornado

War Texas in uh dropping people off in

these cubes and this thing saying come

follow it and so that’s what I did and

that’s what happened that’s how I got to

this place it was the pit of

Hell and Brian you saw

people there you knew their station in

life before they had died you account

for a former Pastor I think I don’t know

I’ve forgotten what of what era who was

uh had you know slept with many women uh

and then you saw one person in

particular and I’ve got to ask you I

will let you say who that is but his he

is probably the most despised man in all

of history recent history certainly yeah

I saw so many people there and you see

their life history and stuff and so we

were walking along um this wide dusty

road looking inside these cells and I

was granted the ability to who know who

they were and in some instances we were

able to go in between the cubes uh like

cubes are like a brick layer and when

it’s since they round they kind of open

up in little v-shaped formations and in

the rooms and it goes winds back behind

there so we’d sque squeeze through the

the sides of it go in the back so we

kind of wind back around down and around

I can’t explain how it all is in a short

amount of time we have here but I ended

up in a place where some of the worst of

the worst of the worst people were and

the individual that I saw that I I

mentioned also in a docy drama that was

done on me was Adolf Hitler he was

inside at that time this was 1980 when

this happened he was inside of a what I

would call a fiery furnace like where

you like asts where they put the bodies

and they were burning them and he was

going through what every single victim

went through from their arrest from

their arrival from their strip down to

where they were gassed every single one

and and felt every single thing man

woman and child and that’s what I saw

and he wasn’t being reformed he was

crazier that’s all I got to say his real

nature was really coming forth it seemed

like Brian that the sins that they had

committed and some of them just vile

sins obviously that they were being

replayed over and over in their life in

this place is that what it was like yeah

it was it was very much um like that

like I looked into a a cell and I saw a

man from he died days gone by and he was

attending this costume party he wasn’t a

kind of a LST snob I can say and he

appeared to be enjoying himself because

he liked charades and and putting on

these these funny masks but it was like

suddenly it shifted and he was in

Nightmare stage when the attendees began

to ridicule and mock him like he would

do everybody else and he felt the pain

of the ridicule so what the Bible says

what you sow is that is what you re I

saw so many people in there I saw this

lecherous oldtime Revival preacher who

wasn’t really a preacher at all he

wasn’t never say but he liked to um

exploit uh his position to have his way

with the

ladies and he was there reaping what he

sown and real quickly I saw one

particular person her name was deer

pudding and she arrived she died in a

car wreck she died and she landed in

front of me in this um uh in the tornado

Vortex and he knocked on this door and

opened as a cube or cell looked like her

grandparents Farm she went in thought

she saw all her dead relatives welcoming

her to paradise and she really thought

she was there and maybe if she was

resuscitated too soon maybe she would be

on o for Winfrey and all those shows and

but anyway she went in there and she

found out that she wasn’t in a nice

place and it transpired that she was um

like she reaped what she sewed and there

these these big creatures I saw there

looked like trees and so her what

appeared to be her grandmother which was

a demon demonic being said go rest under

the shade of the trees I’ll bake you

your favorite cookies and uh you’re down

at your this new Farm here and it’s your

favorite place so she went over there

and there there’s no water in hell but

she re she thought there was water so

she sat on this rock picked up a bunch

of sand and she realized this wasn’t a

nice place cuz she heard the noise and

felt the Heat and these two tree like

things were like uh tentacle like um

squid-like beings look to her like trees

and engulfed her and she um she was very

mean to her kids she was a control freak

she beat her children with a hairbrush

because she wanted them to be in this

family you’re going to be a doctor

you’re going to be a lawyer you’re not

going to be a lowly truck driver you

know you’re not going to be an astronaut

you’re going to be a doctor and and

that’s way she raised her kids and but

everybody else thought that she was so

nice but she was reaping what she has

sown right then and there all that when

that trees when those creatures reached

her and grabbed her that’s exactly what

went into her mind she saw that how she

treated people really treated people wow

and all this

time the demon that you called Lizard

breath he was speaking out to you uh you

know vile

things and then it goes back to what

Jesus had told you at the very beginning

before going to This Land Unknown and

that is to cry out his

name and that prevented uh you from

being drawn in or you know kept in that

place well he gave me permission I

didn’t understand all this at the time

but I’m looking back at hindsight now

and so from hindsight he told me his

name I knew nothing about the power of

His name I knew I I you know I did not

know anything about this stuff but I

learned quickly there’s power in the

name of Jesus they can’t grab a hold of

you and they can’t pull you down and and

you’re ministering now you’re obviously

not an an atheist anymore you are born a

new in in Jesus and uh you are preaching

uh or teaching from his word but you did

return and you were still an atheist at

that time or when did you become a

Believer well after I well my neighbor

found me and I was taken to the hospital

where I recovered well they they they

didn’t my blood was viscous at the time

and I didn’t understand all the stuff

but they diagnosed me with Chala they

diagnosed me with chalera and then next

thing I knew I was on my I don’t know

how long I was in the hospital but I

came home and my roommates that I rented

rooms to in this duplex um had to go to

work that next morning or whatever

morning I don’t recall what day it was

whatever but I couldn’t go to work so I

sat in a bean bag chair in in my um in

my duplex apartment and and I just

didn’t know what to think I didn’t know

what to tell anybody and so I just sat

in the bean bag chair and I said uh Lord

Jesus uh I never want to go back to the

awful Place take me I’m yours that was

my my salvation prayer I’m in it and at

that moment uh I’m not kidding a cool

breeze came in that uh duplex apartment

with the swamp Pooler it was 94 degrees

inside but it felt like air conditioning

went inside me and I haven’t been the

same since Ah that’s how I got

saved well uh I guess you got the the

hell scar out of you literally right

really did and speaking of that

Brian uh you suffered uh from this it

was it was almost worse than going into

to Warfare because you were in the pit

of Hell and uh you suffered from what is

uh called uh

post-traumatic stress disorder

PTSD and uh you suffered from that for a

period of time um but God did something

in your life to uh heal you of that

suffering what what happened oh yes um

at the time you know I didn’t know I

couldn’t come to terms with it I was a

Christian you Christian and I was

um and I suffered sight sound smells

with PSD I didn’t know PS I didn’t know

what PSD was back then and so that was

having nightmares um things and Trigger

the memory and all that but what the

Lord did for me was simply um allowed me

to see heaven and some people say oh you

people don’t go to heaven well God can

do what he wants he changes not like an

old Pastor argued with me he says you

know it’s a point that wants the men to

die and um I just don’t believe that

that this happened I said well is Jesus

today is Jesus the same yesterday today

and forever and he goes yeah and then I

ask him what changed he raised Lazarus

from the dead he he wants to give

somebody a vision of heaven then he most

certainly can right oh yeah so and

that’s what he did for me so an open

Vision or translate there um or as Paul

would write in the body or out of the

body I’m no Paul by any stretch but it


um that’s what happened and so one night

when I was in a very bad mood he um

wasn’t looking for this to happen

and he allowed me to

Heaven he just called me up

there he he gave you open whether you

were transported or as you said with

Paul in the body out of the body but you

were you had this Vision now of heaven

and diametrical opposition to hell what

did what did God show you in heaven what

he showed me in heaven was um it was

more for me to be healed by it was

because at the time I was I didn’t I

never wanted to go to hell again so I

was always trying to work to keep myself

saved or whatever that’s what I was

doing and uh I was involved in so much

Ministry work at the time head

intercessor of the church studying in

the ministry studying this studying that

and so uh next thing I knew I was in

heaven and he showed me this tour of

Heaven to calm me down about see in hell

and he and he showed me some Mysteries

some stuff that was in heaven that I’m

writing a new book on hopefully I can

get it done soon and just share some of

these things it wasn’t like some new

revelation or anything it was like

substantiating what’s in the Bible in a

different in a in a degree of intensity

um that that’s what he showed me he

showed me things in heaven about uh I

call it a field of reunion where great

reunions were were made people enter

into heaven through the Pearly gate so

to speak and they stand there and every

single issue in their life you know

maybe they lost a loved one or what what

really shocked me was people who lost

their little kids even through abortion

and they’re Christians now they come

through there and there’s their child

there and they grow up before their eyes

like a little baby crawling up and one

woman had an abortion she felt so guilty

about it and the baby crawled up to her

and said hi Mom as a as as a young man

and we got all eternity together mom and

I start crying when I think of this and

that’s exactly what it was was like this

this reconciliation that’s why I call it

a field of reunion and Reconciliation

and all every tear is dried There’s No

More Tears it’s just it’s just a

phenomenal thing and the love there is

so profound I can’t even describe it and

um I kind of long for it especially in

these days and times

Randy I want to get back there in God’s

time yeah

amen amen and that experience in heaven

and you were saying the contrast of

redemption in heaven versus condemnation

in hell you actually you actually lived

through that diametrical opposition of

of those two places but you were a

Believer and Jesus obviously you were

allowed to go into heaven at that point

um when you return from that uh Vision

or being transported to heaven and uh

you came to there’s some things that

happened to you subsequent to that

experience tell us about that yeah I was

healed of PSD I came back and I didn’t

worry about my salvation because I

learned that um John 10 talks about it

no one’s able to snatch you out of his

hand if you’re truly born again if

you’re truly saved there’s no way you’re

going to lose your salvation I know

people argue with me on that but I’m

talking about truly Born Again people

there’s true converts and false converts

that’s one of the things that that that

was drilled into me from up there there

are false Believers false Brethren who

think they’re saved and there’s True

Believers if you’re a True Believer you

go through a process he’s what he showed

me he’s going to heal your broken heart

he’s going to set you free from certain

things he’s going to whatever bondage

are he’s going to release you from that

in due process of time called

sanctification and you’ll be getting rid

of the junk in your trunk so to speak

and that’s what happened to me that’s

that’s what I like to share with people

and I pray for people for that as well

to help them come out of these problem

areas in their life that they have

because what Jesus came to do that’s

what I learned and came back from heaven

and that’s what I’ve been implementing

since I came back I have a sense of

knowing who I am in Christ as a Believer

I know my authority I know that I have

no righteousness of my own ability I am

a wretch inside but it was through what

God declared to me to all believers like

in the Book of Romans says he declared


righteous blameless in in his sight

because of what Jesus Christ did on the

cross I can rest in his word because

that word will come to pass in my life

and it will also reveal what’s inside

that needs to be changed and he’s great

at changing us he certainly is Brian I’m

going to ask you uh one final question

and that is why do you think that you

had this opportunity this second

chance that’s thing that’s troubled me

it’s one of the things I I struggle with

P PTS the most was why was I allowed to

come back and no one else did and kind

of that kind of weighs on you some

people call it survivor’s guilt but it’s


um I really honestly do not know all I

said is take me I’m yours Lord do with

me as I dispense and like he told me

says and an appointed hour tell them you

know of This Land Unknown that’s best

forgotten but will not remain left

unseen and so only thing I can say is

maybe to share this message preach the

gospel talk about heaven and get as many

people into the kingdom of God as

possible well I I I wish we had time to

to to preach more because there’s a lot

more isn’t there and uh I mean the great

news is that um if you know Jesus as

your Messiah then you are destined for

heaven and thank you so much Brian for

joining us today and the great news is

if you are in Christ Jesus be of good

cheer because heaven is in your future

until next time take care and God bless

thank you for watching this episode of

heav encounter

if you’d like more information you can

go to Randy K Ministries at Randy

take care and God bless