Bill Johnson teaches on the impact of constant and fervent prayer. Prayer is co-laboring with God and is designed to shape the course of history. Prayer is more than a wish – it is through prayer that we discover God’s heart and learn to partner with Him in what He is wanting to accomplish in the earth. Not everything happens according to God’s will (although He will use it all for good), and we have the privilege and responsibility of co-laboring with God through prayer to see His will done. Developing a lifestyle of constant and fervent prayer positions you to see significant breakthroughs in your life and the lives of those around you. 0:00 Welcome & Testimony (Lyme’s Disease Healed) 1:33 Prayer for Healing (Lyme’s, autoimmune diseases, terminal illnesses, nerve damage) 9:00 Jokes 12:35 Sermon: The Impact of Constant and Fervent Prayer Subscribe for weekly videos:

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Scripture References: Psalm 107: 20 Acts 12 Matthew 11: 28 John 15: 15 John 4: 34 John 16: 24 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on April 28, 2019. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Prayer #Breakthrough

the Holy Spirit sees what’s going on and

he knows how to lead us into prayers

that make history and bring about

significance through answers and I have

no doubt but that thousands if not

millions of people around the world we

interceding and we’re praying in that

moment for just that kind of a

miracle good morning good

morning glad you showed up

I I got a a letter this week from the

gal that was

healed uh after being afflicted for 38

years uh bed mostly the last 10 years uh

her and her husband set me a note this

last week they’re in Hawaii for their

first real vacation in 34

years and she is

uh they are just Exploring Life what

life looks like now that uh now that

she’s been healed she was bedan for

pretty much 10 years been very uh uh not

capable of functioning normally for 38

years ongoing pain issues because of

limes disease and uh it was just the

coolest thing ever uh to see the Holy

Spirit just fill her body and flush that

disease out that’s exactly how it

happened I I saw it happen and so

finally we had four others healed of the

same thing within a couple weeks right

after that so if there’s anybody here

with uh limes disease any kind of

autoimmune disease uh stand or you have

a family member with that stand up

because we’re going to pray

first yes the good news is Jesus has a

track record of healing this stuff and

uh so we we uh we want to see that done

now church family I want you to join

with me now go to somebody who’s

standing and uh and just begin to pray

for them those of you that are watching

uh by bethl TV join with us in the same

way if you have this Affliction in your

own body we just declare Divine health

over you in Jesus name just stand with

us in faith right now if you can’t reach

somebody extend a hand join your faith

to somebody who is standing we just

declare Jesus heals limes disease he

heals every autoimmune disease

fibromyalgia uh all of these different

uh afflictions we declare this ends

today in Jesus name pray for the

outpouring of the Holy Spirit literally

for his presence to flood their body

until every trace of Affliction is gone

just pray that pray that on them right

now to flood their body until every

trace of Affliction is


every trace of Affliction gone in Jesus

name thank you

Lord amen just just pronounce over them

the Lord Jesus heals

you the Lord Jesus heals You Beautiful

go ahead and be seated uh please give us

reports we’re just going to tap this

lightly uh this morning

but uh please send us a report as as

Miracles unfold throughout your your own

body or your own family um is is there

somebody here that has some sort of a

nerve damage on the right side of your

body some sort of a nerve damage on the

right is that back over here okay oh oh

there’s a couple all right all right

well the Lord Jesus heals we’re going to

pray together again for at least one

more issue here in a moment um a number

of years ago I was in Germany and um woo

of course Germany and uh I was praying

with the leadership before the Gathering

and while we were praying I just caught

this flash of a picture of somebody to

my right who had arthritis head to toe

and uh and in in this flash picture it’s

hard to describe but in this flash of a

picture I just saw I had them stand and

I pronounced over them the Lord Jesus

heals you and I that’s not a magic pill

it’s it’s it’s only powerful if he says

it first and you repeat what he’s saying

you got it so but but that’s what it was

so I I caught that picture so when I got

up the first thing I did was said is

there anyone here that has arthritis

head to toe and a woman stood right over

to my right and she stood up and I said

the Lord Jesus heals you we didn’t pray

for her didn’t do anything she began to

tremble under the power of God she

turned very red uh began to sweat

profusely as the power of God was

literally going through her body body

and in just I don’t know maybe 2 3

minutes I said what’s happened and she’s

just weeping she says it’s impossible

it’s impossible it’s impossible because

she was completely healed through the

declared word I believe that we’re going

to see more of that sort of thing where

we find out what he’s saying and Psalms

107 uh verse2 says he sent his word and

healed them so a big deal for you and me

we’re going to try to mess with this

subject a little bit today is really

hear what he’s saying and then join our

voice with his and make that decree um I

want to pray for the ones with nerve

damage is there anyone here with cancer

or any other kind of terminal disease

put a hand up stand you can stand in for

yeah all right I I want to have nerve

damage and cancer or any other terminal

disease I want you to stand if you have

a family oh there’s somebody here you

broke your right ankle didn’t heal right


that some who’s who is it is that is

that you all right all right I broke

right in this area here and it just

didn’t heal correctly the Lord’s healing

that right now is that you as well all

right so terminal disease of any kind

you know what we’ve been seeing so many

miracles by people standing in

proxy uh this is we’ve never seen the

level of breakthrough that I’ve seen

just in the last uh six months to year

if you have a family member uh uh dying

of cancer or something stand in their

place we’re going to pray together

together and again I encourage everybody

in our bethl TV family join with us in

this moment because this is a miracle

moment bethl family you’ve got people

standing around you I want you to go to

them and just join with them find out if

it’s them or a family member and just

begin to pray right now again for those

at home we make this

decree that Jesus the Lord Jesus heals

you if you can’t reach somebody at least

extend your

faith extend your faith

we declare for that family member right

now in Jesus mighty

name that healing power would be

released into their

body nerve damage be completely healed

and restored now the right ankle that

broke bones be reset now in Jesus

name be reset now in Jesus

name thank you God

there’s someone else who has some sort

of a numbness I think it’s in the right

shoulder especially in the back area

just keep praying it’s just if this

applies to you I need you to stand

there’s some sort of a numbness maybe

that nerve damage thing again but it’s

that it’s a is it right over here okay

somebody lay hands on this this

gentleman right over here uh

resurrection of the uh of that shoulder

nerve damage be healed now in Jesus


yep amen just declare over them this


today in Jesus mighty name amen amen all

right go and be

seated if we

get any more of that through throughout

the meeting we’ll just jump on

it um here’s what I I want to encourage


expect miracles during the preaching of

the word I felt I felt like the Lord

really spoke that to me a while back and

it just needs to be declared so uh

expect God to touch you uh when uh

anytime his word is spoken because he

sent his word and healed him


right I have something extremely

important to read to

you maybe not as important as what we

just did I’ll have to

admit there hasn’t been one single bacon

recall in

2018 but there have been several


recalls just


doctors are saying that each piece of

bacon you eat takes 9 minutes off of


life based on that math I should have

died in



1732 and here’s one I haven’t read for a

while it’s the hormone guide I need to

update the men every once in a while

just to help you with your

life there’s three categories dangerous

safer and


dangerous what’s for

dinner safer can I help you with

dinner safest where would you like to go


dinner dangerous what are you so worked


about I love feeling your

pain what are you so worked up about

safer could we be overreacting

safest here’s my

paycheck dangerous should you be eating

that safer you know there’s a lot of


left that’s not much

safer safest can I get you a piece of

chocolate to go with

that here’s the last one dangerous what

did you do all day


safer I hope you didn’t overdo it

today safest I’ve always loved you in



robe all

right open your Bibles to acts uh chap

12 if you would please acts chap

12 it’s amazing these friends that just

healed I think I just mentioned it to

you the letter I got there on their

first real vacation in 34 years can you

imagine that can you imagine the the

children are I’m guessing to be in their

low 30s can you imagine being children

that have never had a healthy mom and

they were there when she got healed and

suddenly she’s able to do everything and

they actually sent me a video of her

running around the pool and they’re in

Hawaii having a blast doing stuff that

uh normally can’t do so I I just it just

never gets old how many of you the Lord

has done a miracle in your body you’ve

experienced an actual miracle in your

body look at around the room is that

extraordinary it’s amazing thank you

Lord do it again and again and again and

again all right acts chap 12 we’re going

to read a pretty long portion of

scripture so I need you just to kind of

hang with me um I my favorite parts of

the Bible are the stories where the

lessons are easy to get you know like

David and Goliath anyone can get that

one you know you got the little guy

facing the big guy and he wins and uh

it’s just a good story Daniel the Lion’s

Den uh it’s you know just that trust in

God and and uh that you see in these

stories well Acts chapter 12 is actually

one of those kinds of stories the Lord

makes note of something that we had

better make note of and it’s concerning

prayer I want to talk to you about

fervent fiery enduring prayer today

because I I have felt the Summons of the

Lord over my own life and corporately

felt the Summons of the Lord to engage

in a level of prayer that is going to be

new for many people and certainly at the

at the uh um the measure I believe he’s

calling us into will be new for probably

most all of us and so let’s uh let’s go

ahead and read the story verse uh one of

chapter 12 of Acts acts 121 now about

that time Herod the king stretched out

his hand to harass some from the church

church then he killed James the brother

of John with the sword and because he

saw that it pleased the Jews he

proceeded to further seize Peter also

now it was during the days of unleavened

bread stop right there just because I

want to draw your attention to something

please notice that Herod was motivated

by what pleased the Jews and what’s

important to understand is both the

religious spirit and the political

Spirit are governed by the fear of man

both are manipulated by corporate public

opinion and it’s why as we pray as we uh

elect uh officials and we pray for our

leaders one of the things we’ve got to

pray for is that they will have the

courage to to make decisions based on

the values of God not on public opinion

it’s vital but also church leaders

because you’ll notice in Jesus’s day the

Pharisees would have a discussion they

say well if we answer this the crowd

will say this if we answer this this

will happen and so they actually made

their decisions based on public opinion

and uh and we need courageous leaders

both in the church and in the public uh

sector that know how to make decisions

based on what God values based on what’s

right based on what’s wrong so my speech

is over let’s move on verse four once

again when they arrested him put him in

prison and delivered him to four squads

of soldiers to keep him intending to

bring him for the people after

Passover verse 5 Peter was therefore

kept in prison but constant prayer was

offered to God for him by the church

please take note of this constant prayer

was offered to God for him by the church

there’s no record of any prayer for

James I’m not saying there wasn’t prayer

but the Lord took note of the

fervency and the consistency the

enduring nature nature of the prayers of

the Saints um for Peter verse 6 when

Herod was about to bring him out that

night Peter was sleeping bound with two

chains Between Two Soldiers the guards

before the door were keeping the prison

now behold an angel of the Lord stood by

him a light Shone in the prison and he

struck Peter on the side and raised him

up saying arise quickly and his chains

fell off his hands then the angel said

to him G yourself and tie on your

sandals and so he did and he said to him

put on your garment and follow

me when he went out and followed him he

did not know that what was being done by

the angel was real but thought he was

seeing a vision when they were past the

first and second guard poost they came

to the Iron Gate that leads to the city

which opened to them on its own accord

and they went out and went down one

street and immediately the angel

departed from him when Peter had come to

himself he said now I know for certain

that the Lord has sent his Angel and has

delivered me from the hand of Herod and

from the expectation of the Jewish

people stop right there for just a

moment how many of you have read uh

brother yun’s book of The Heavenly

Man in his book uh he was in uh um in

prison in China they had crushed his

legs broke them so severely he was not

able to use he had no use of his legs

could not walk and he was in uh I think

it was in the uh solitary confinement it

was in the prison and an angel came in

touched him he was instantly healed

raised him up and led him through a

series of doors out of the prison into a

waiting cab where he got into the cab

the angel departed and he was led to

safety the Lord still sets people free

from from prison I I don’t know what the

prison guards did you know after they

saw the brother Yun was gone but uh uh

let’s just say he’s a wanted man

um but he has such a wonderful Story one

of the most humble men we’ve had him

here a number of times what a gracious

gracious man um his story is so similar

to Peter’s let’s read on on this story

because I want you to see what else

happened verse 12 when they considered

this he came to the house of Mary the

mother of John whose surname was Mark

where many were gathered uh together

praying and as Peter knocked at the door

of the gate girl named Roa came to

answer when she recognized Peter’s voice

because of her gladness she did not open

the gate but ran in and announced that

Peter stood before the gate it’s

interesting the angel opened one gate

but it took a little girl to open the

next one

so they said to her you are beside

yourself she kept insisting that it was

so they said it was his Angel Peter

continued knocking when they opened the

door saw it was him they were astonished

but motioning to them with his hand to

keep silent he declared to them how the

Lord had brought him out of prison and

he said go tell these things to James to

the Brethren and he departed and went to

another place this is a such a great

story I to me it’s kind of humorous and

I I can relate to all the hum parts of

the Bible uh Peter’s misgivings all all

that stuff makes perfect sense to me but

Peter comes knocks on the gate and

they’re praying for him to be released

from prison and so when they he knocks

on the gate well it it it can’t be Peter

because he’s in

prison our job is to pray for Revival

not have


one some people become so locked into

what they’re praying for that they never

become open enough to receive the very

thing that God is releasing and that was

the case here and so uh Peter comes in

and of course is the good news but

here’s the part of the story that I want

us to kind of feast on a little bit this


morning my my biggest concern and I bump

up against this wall quite frequently

this theological

barrier is that there are many that just

assume that whatever happens is the will


God and they and they say Well it

wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for

a reason don’t misunderstand

me God can use

anything but it doesn’t mean he

orchestrates everything

he’s big enough to reverse the effect of

martyrdom we know for example that

martyrdom throughout church history is

is the seed of the blood of the martyrs

is the seed of the church there is no

questioning there are several hundred,

Martyrs a year to the Gospel of Jesus

Christ in places all around the world

it’s astronomical the amount of people

that are killed for their faith every

year there’s no question but that that

causes it doesn’t cause the the gospel

to retract it actually increases the

focus and intensity we know from our

friends the bishop of Baghdad uh that

how many people there have uh um that

when they come to Christ and they uh get

baptized in water the percentage is very

very high how many will be martyred

within just a few weeks of their water

baptism it it’s just a it’s just a crazy

world that we live in but the point I

want to make is although God can use

such a loss as the death of James when

the church bound together with fervent

prayer Peter’s life was was spared I

would like to suggest that often times

what we are missing in the realm of

breakthrough is because of the absence

of fervent

prayer I’m glad that the Lord answers so

simple prayers short prayers brief

prayers I’ve told you stories before how

I’ve had a passing thought a desire that

I wasn’t even worthy enough to be

mentioned in prayer and in moments he

answers it and I I get so moved by his

heart as a father that he does that for

me I uh years ago I took on the uh

challenge to study of both Nehemiah and

Ephesians because both of them are known

for one- sentence prayers and I thought

it was fascinating that Nehemiah could

pray a prayer pray that was just one

sentence in length that would actually

affect the course of history over

multiple Nations extraordinary I love

the fact that you can pray from a place

of pain and God hears I love the fact

that you can be angry and cry out to God

and he hears you can even do be wrong

and be bitter and cry out to God just

don’t stay there you know whatever

condition you find yourself in that’s a

good place to start praying but pray

until you come into a place where you

can sense and taste the heart of God

because that’s where the breakthroughs

begin and so many people use prayer as

just the complaint session in fact I I

uh I met with a bunch of intercessors

once and I said how many of you battle

with depression and they all almost all

of them rais their hand I said well

you’re you’re the ones that don’t pray

then you’re intercessor you don’t pray

because you’re supposed to True prayer

is where you come in and you make an

exchange if you’re praying there’s no

change in you then you weren’t praying

you were

complaining he said come to me you who

are weary heavy laden I will give you

rest what is he saying bring me the

heavy I’ll give you the light let’s make

the exchange prayer is supposed to be

the exchange moments where we taste we

touch the heart of God all right let’s

move on so here is this story where an

answer came because of United prayer

first of all United prayer is very

difficult it’s it’s

it’s at the level of intensity we’re

talking about here is very challenging

and I’ll tell you

why let’s say I have 10 people together

here and we’re going to have a prayer

meeting so we’ve got somebody over here

we’ve got Tom who’s working with the

youth we’ve got Kathy was working in the

school of ministry we’ve got uh Jay is

working in counseling so we’ve got all

these different people we’ve got people

with children’s ministry we’ve got

people who work with the homeless and we

have people who work over here with the

Outreach and if we have a pray meeting

typ typically what’s going to happen is

that each person is going to pray for

their area of of concern and burden is

that right absolutely it’s right but

here’s the problem when we only pray

what we brought to the table so to speak

we don’t recognize when the favor of God

is released over a specific prayer why

is that important because we may be

praying along and praying for um God we

need provision for this Youth Camp or we

got kids that want to come just can’t

afford it God we just pray it’s a right

prayer next person prays and say Lord we

just we’ve got to have greater

breakthrough with the homeless on the

streets and we pray that prayer somebody

else then begins to pray for uh drug

addiction in our County and all of a

sudden there’s this faith that enters


room every prayer that’s prayed is

valuable but when we learn to pray in

unity it’s because we’re learning to

pray what he’s breathing on what he’s

adding favor on and what you do in that

moment is you don’t repeat the prayer

you just find another angle to be able

to pray again and lay add another layer

on it does that make any sense to you is

if I just repeat the same prayer then it

does nothing but I’m I’m praying I can

sense the heart of God for this issue of

drug drug addiction God I I asked that

you would close up reading to the supply

of drugs that you would cause people who

bring drugs into the area that they

would be caught that whole procedure

would be stopped in its tracks and then

somebody else prays God we pray even for

those who are dealing drugs that that

their Christian backgrounds should there

be any that they would come to a place

of conviction for what they know is

actually wrong and that you would deal

with their hearts that they would come

to a place of repentance what are we

doing Li line after line precept precept

layer after layer of of praying

consistent with what the holy spirit is

saying and what the holy spirit is doing

that is a key to United prayer and it’s

very difficult because we all bring our

own stuff to the table and what happens

in United prayer is everybody lays their

agenda down to find out what he’s

breathing on that’s that’s the term that

I use it’s it’s where you can tell he’s

extending his favor in a subject it

doesn’t mean it’s the only thing we pray

about it just means we pray until


breakthrough I remember oh so many years

ago my my my little

brother was once actually little and he

was I think 11 months old or so and he

came very very close to death

and uh I remember our obviously our

whole family is concerning he in


care at the hospital I remember the home

we lived in I can give you the address

but I

won’t I’ll just say it was on Flamingo

Way but I know the number I even know my

phone number I don’t know what my number

is now but I know my number then

so I’m I’m

kidding I remember my

grandfather my my mom’s uh dad he went

into the living room and he knelt by the

couch you know I’m like 11 years old and

so prayer for me was Jesus heal Bobby

amen you know about the extent of my

prayer life Grandpa went into the living

room our fman was down here he went

living room he was there for quite a

while I’ll never forget it he got up and

he announced to the family Bobby will be


why because he prayed until there was a

breakthrough I don’t remember how long I

was there it’s been so many so many


ago but he was there probably a couple

hours and he was praying and when he

could tell there was breakthrough he got

up and announced to the family Bobby

will be fine so he he literally came

within hours I think it was 8 hours 12

hours something like that of death uh

Bobby did and my parents went to the

hospital went in and the doctor said

something happened about 2 o’clock this

afternoon which was when Grandpa got up

off his knees something happened and

changed and he’s going to be fine and

they just helped in the recovery

process it’s that it’s that is that


prayer that has confidence because we

know the heart of God see when you pray

as a

servant you beg for the Master’s

Invasion but when When you pray as a son

you pray as a daughter you are joining

in a colloring role to see his heart

manifest and demonstrated in a specific

way I remember how many remember the uh

or old enough to remember when President

Reagan was shot remember that day oh man

it horrible I I remember the day

obviously for that reason but for

another reason as well that particular

morning I was sitting at my piano

I was singing This Little Chorus I just

want to see your

face I just want to see your face oh

king of glory enter in I lift up the

gate of Praise And while I was singing

this phrase I just want to see your face

I looked up on the piano and we had a

picture of my grandparents my dad’s mom

and dad sitting

there and as I came to that phrase I

just want to see your face I looked at

that photo and the Lord spoke so clearly

to me he said that’s your grandpa’s

desire I’m bringing him home

today it so shock me I stopped playing

the piano it that was

clear I thought this is exactly what I

thought I thought well it shouldn’t take

too long to find out whether or not that

was from the Lord or that was from pizza

or or you know some something else and

uh so I continued to play and just a

little bit longer half hour or something

later my mom called and she said uh we

just received news

uh that uh Grandpa went home to be with

Jesus today so it happened that that day

that moment and so I told her the story

of of what I had just heard and

experienced about the Lord taking

Grandpa home and and it was just a

little while later we got the phone call

that President Reagan had been shot so

of course we’re we’re you you just you

don’t want that happen to any anybody

and uh uh so we began to pray for him

turn the news on and uh and watched uh

the reports and I remember I I would

watch for a little bit then I’d just go

back into my bedroom and I’d kneel uh

next to uh my chair and would just pray

and pray and intercede for God to spare

his life but something happened during

this time I would be praying for

President Reagan and every time I would

go to pray for him my heart would turn

to pray for uh James Brady uh the press

secretary and and I couldn’t figure out

why I I I would pray for President

Reagan I’d pray for him like I was like

you’re supposed to you’re supposed to

pray for your leader but we’re just

interceding for God to spare his life

help the doctors to do what they need to

do and so we’re just praying but then my

heart I could just feel it being pulled

into prayer intercession for for James

Brady and and so I pray for him a bit

I’d come back out didn’t hear much news

about James Brady but I’d hear about

Reagan I’d go back in in fact one time

when I went back in Eric had gone into

his bedroom and he was kneeling next to

his chair I’m not sure if he knew what

we were praying for but he was just a

little guy and he was in there praying

as well so so that was good so um so I

went back in i’ praying that my heart

again would be turned from praying for

President Reagan I’d pray for him but

especially just felt grieved uh burdened

might be a good term to pray for James

Brady and uh and so I I did throughout

that day that that was my routine

throughout the day and of course we got

the news that uh President Reagan was

going to be fine setion fast forward

several years I don’t remember how long

2 3 4 years dick Mills who was a

wonderful friend of ours he’s home with

Jesus now but a wonderful Prophet friend

he would come to serice frequently in

Weaverville and and did the same here in

Reading uh he came to the church in

Weaverville and he and he he told us a

story he knew some I I don’t remember if

it was a friend of his I think it was a

friend of his that was in the emergency

room when Reagan and Brady was brought

into the emergency

room and Brady they had covered with a

sheet because he was gone there was no

help for him they they put him off to

the side and they’re working on the

president and somebody looked over and

saw some sort of movement and they went

over and they were able to resuscitate

him and and life uh life came back to

him um I I don’t know the extent they

just had just given up so the the point


is the holy spirit sees what’s going on

and he knows how to lead us into prayers

that make history and bring about

significance through answers and I have

no doubt but that thousands if not

millions of people around the world were

interceding and were praying in that

moment for just that kind of a miracle

to happen for God to restore life to

this man that had been shot who was uh

uh President Reagan’s press secretary

the point is is I have an opinion on how

to pray but when I get into the

presence I tap into his opinion on how

to pray and that’s the whole deal is to

learn how to pray from the one who is

directing traffic from the one who knows

the ins and the outs and the real issues

you know you may be praying for example

uh somebody has an obvious problem uh

let’s let’s take drug addiction again

and you start praying and every time you

start praying for them you actually end

up praying for them to be healed in a

relationship with their

father and you don’t know why you keep

going to that but you keep going to that

issue and as you do eventually that

reconciliation takes place and the drug

addiction was only a symptom of what was

actually happening the point is is in

prayer he brings this you brings us

behind the scenes to see what’s actually

going on a good excuse me good scripture

for this is John 15 where Jesus says I

no longer call you servants I call you

friends and then he adds a a a

clarifying phrase he says because

servants do not know what the master is

doing so what’s the point is that there

is a point in a relationship with God

where the Lord lets you go behind the

scenes to see his motive his heart his

thought his ambition his dream his

desire all that stuff becomes exposed

now let’s change it from uh the friend

to the son the daughter when you get

into that position you start feeling the

heart of God for something in a way

where you know that there is an answer

that is available and it’s possible but

it must be pursued with Relentless

prayer I believe that the Lord’s about

to give us a pretty extreme upgrade I’ve

been feeling this for months i’ I’ve

made mention of it here and there but I

feel like there’s an upgrade being

released over us as a body of Believers

in the area of prayer and let me me be



unrelenting fervent fiery prayer that

contends for breakthrough contends for

answers until an answer

comes I’m thankful for the things that

happen so simply I am I I I don’t like

the notion that I have to pray for three

weeks to have something happen I I I

don’t like that one of the things that I

was so thankful for and being exposed to

what the Lord’s been doing in the area

of healing for example um I was just so

encouraged to see that that you could

pray simply I I mean we’ve had we’ve had

situations where you know somebody has a

disease did I mention hepatitis C here

I’m sorry it’s the third time I’ve been

talking so I um somebody was uh

diagnosed with he hepatitis C they did

all the tests and and they’ve got that

disease and they shared it in a small

group and one of our small group leaders

went over and P him on the shoulder and

said well then be healed and walked on

that was it and I went back to the

doctor and there’s no trace of it

anywhere there’s just no trace of it I’m

I’m I’m glad that that happens I’m glad

that sometimes there’s just the decree

that’s made that’s long long term

sometimes in a group like this pray for

somebody sent a text and that person is

healed I’m glad for that but that is

supposed to give us confidence in his

nature it’s not supposed to teach us to

be spoiled to only celebrate the quick

answers but because we know his nature

in his heart we’re willing to stick with

something until we see the Breakthrough

it’s the revelation of his heart that is

to endear us to the process of working

until the Breakthrough




in my thinking and and I’m in process

like everybody else in my

thinking when there is an immediate

breakthrough in an area is because there


circumstances that are wrapped around

that problem that we don’t yet know how


dismantle and the thing about fervent

prayer is you never have to completely

understand why you just don’t stop you

don’t stop it’s not prayer to ease my

conscience that I said I’d pray it’s not

that kind of prayer it’s the kind of

prayer that lives from the conviction

God’s will must be

done I remember years ago a friend of

mine was was uh in a a court case he was

on a jury and the Lord spoke to him when

he walked into the trial room that

Justice must

Prevail and when it was a hung jury uh

10 said guilty two said not guilty the

Lord still spoke to him said Justice


Prevail and uh so the judge asked

everybody in the jury can you guys come

to agreement and everybody said nope we

are it’s a hung jury they’ve been

laboring forever it was 10 to two and

yet in his heart he still had this word

of the Lord Justice must Prevail so when

the judge asked him he says no I think

we can come to a conclusion

not knowing why he would say that but he

still had that word that meant you can’t

stop what you were assigned to do you

may not know how to fix the situation

but you can’t stop you don’t have the

luxury of stopping the

assignment and the judge said okay I

give you 30 minutes everybody in the

jury is now mad at him because they’ve

been working forever to try to come to a

conclusion he walks out the

door as soon as he does he looks at the

two people who said no and he said you

say he’s no you you say he’s not guilty

because of this sin in your life and he

identifies through a word of knowledge

what he’s got secretly going on in his

life and he turns to the second one and

he says and you say he’s not guilty

because of this that’s going on in your

life and these two guys their eyes are

like this because they just got exposed

and the word of the Lord was Justice

must Prevail and these two jurors looked

at each other and they Saidi change my

vote if you change yours’ and in moments

of time Justice was

served you you you carry out the will of

the Lord stop adding political opinions

to to what’s going on stop adding your

own personal flavor the will of God is

what we hunger for the will of God is

what we have an appetite for Jesus put

it this way he said his food feeds me my

food is to do the will of him who feeds

me my do my f is my food is to do the

will of him who who sent me who teaches

me who speaks to me and it’s the it’s

the will of God that nourishes and

challenges us but here’s the big prize

at the end of the journey and it’s not

at the end of our life it’s at the end

of every day the

scripture tells us that answered prayers

gives us access to this realm in God

called fullness of

joy in God’s economy there’s a link

between answers to prayer co-laboring

with God seeing history Chang through

your prayers and access to extreme

fullness of joy it’s in John 16 I think

it’s verse 24 Jesus said ask and it will

be given to you that your joy may be

full the fullness of joy is somehow

connected to you and me learning who

he’s made us to be in that place of not

just praying occasional casual prayers

but hearing the heart of God what’s on

his heart what’s on his mind what does

he have a passion for in this moment I

join by praying what is on my heart but

when I begin to sense what he’s

breathing on I cannot let go until

there’s breakthrough why because we’re

in the position of shaping the course of

history and we shape it through


Peter Peter was

spared because of constant fervent

prayer father I ask that you’d release a

a mantle like that that garment that

Elijah carried that in the spiritual you

would release a mantle of a Grace over

this family of Believers over our bethl

TV family for

prayer that you’d help us to Taste Of

Joy through answers through breakthrough

that at a level we’ve never ever known

before that you would show us what it is

to partner with you to C- labor with you

to join our hearts with yours to see

your will done on Earth as it is in

heaven this is our cry this is our cry I

pray this in Jesus wonderful

name amen all right you still ow me

7even minutes so don’t go

anywhere according to the clock I’m just

going by the

clock yeah I I really do believe that

the Lord is is calling us I can feel it

in my own life so uh I I don’t always

try to uh pass on to everybody else what

he’s doing with me but in this case I I

feel a very strong mandate that he’s

going to give us access to some things

in him that are new for us anybody else

ready to learn

some new things make some adjustments in

prayer yeah I I I pray for that it means

changes in order you can’t come into

that kind of breakthrough without making

some changes and so just the the fact

that we have said Yes means we’re

willing to make whatever adjustments and

changes are necessary so Amen to that

now before we uh dismiss I want to give

opportunity for anyone here that

uh you would say Bill I don’t know what

it is to be born again I want to be

forgiven of sin I want to be a follower

of the Lord Jesus Christ I want to be

adopted brought into his family I want

to know what it is to be changed from

the inside out I want to know what that

looks like I really desire to have peace

with God and if there’s anybody in the

room that would uh just say Bill I don’t

want to leave the building till I know

I’m at peace with God then I want you

just to put a hand up Right Where You

Are we’re just going to make a a quick

agreement with you put your hand up if

that’s you don’t uh don’t pass a moment

where you can know what it is to be

forgiven of sin real quick anybody is

there somebody where at I’m sorry is

there a hand raised right over here okay

all right anybody else put your hand up

if that’s

you real quick okay I want you to go

ahead and stand I I just uh anymore I

don’t ever want to have a meeting where

we don’t have opportunity for people to

come to know Jesus and uh so if there if

anyone who raises their hand uh hold on

just a moment folks anyone who raises

their hand that would say Bill I I I

really want to be right with God then

we’ve got a team over here that we know

and trust I’m going to ask you to go to

them I’d like to have our ministry team

come up to the front and Tom are you are

you taking this now Ministry team if

you’d come up to the front we really

want to agree with you and believe for

miracles right now so if that’s you in

just a moment Tom will release you and

you still owe me 4 minutes and 48