This week on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, James Durham has frequently gone to heaven, and he says as a believer in the Messiah you can go too. Not only does he teach how from the Bible, but many receive impartations for heavenly visions, dreams and revelation. What are we waiting for?

Is there a supernatural

a world beyond the one we know?

Is there life after death?

Do angels exist?

Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven?

Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural?

Are healing miracles real?

Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of

the supernatural.

Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here.

Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural.

I have to tell you.

The presence of God is so strong
that I am literally trembling

under the presence of God at
this moment.

My guest has gone to Heaven
frequently and he was instructed

in Heaven how the scriptures
tell us that we can access

Heaven while we’re alive as
believers in the Messiah.

And he teaches, and multitudes
then begin going to Heaven after

they’re exposed to his

So my guest James Durham, at age
three went to Heaven.

But his parents were just
nominal Christians.

No paradigm for anything.

What happened at three?

James: Well Sid, at three, I
just, one night I just got

lifted up into this place that
was absolutely amazing to me.

I was in a place of perfect

There was such unity there that
I had never experienced on


Just saw the animals, that
people were together and I just

felt something so wonderful and
so unique that I desired to be


I had no idea what it was, but
it was wonderful.

Sid: And then at four, I mean,
at four, I can’t remember three

and four.

At four, he doesn’t know the
Bible stories.

His parents would go a few times
a year to church, if that.

What happened at age four?

James: When I was four years
old, I had an open vision and it

was felt like I was actually
translated to a different


And I was standing, and I was
watching these animals.

As they were coming by me they
were going up a ramp into some

kind of a building, and they
were going two by two.

And the little animals coming
by, that was very fun to watch,

but when the big cats, the lions
and tigers, it really terrified


I had no idea what I was seeing
and I cried out, and when I

cried out the vision ended.

Sid: Well what he was seeing
obviously was Noah and the ark,

going two by two.

When you told your parents this,
were they excited?

James: They were excited, but
not in a good way.

When I cried out, I woke up my
older sister and so I was

actually punished for this.

And when I told them what
happened, they didn’t believe

me, and so I was punished for

Sid: Okay.

At six, you’re going at this
time you’re going to like a

Bible camp and Sunday school,
and you have another what you

call an open vision.

To me, an open vision is you’re
seeing it happen right before

your eyes.

What did you see?

James: Well Sid, that’s exactly
what happened.

I was sitting in the pew during
a worship program.

It was a Vacation Bible School
and this was a new experience

for me.

But as I sat on that pew,
literally I saw like the floor

open in front of me and the
flames of Hell just erupted up

from that opening in the floor.

And I felt like I could just
slide right into that fire and

be in Hell.

At that moment, I was only six
years old, but I felt convicted

of sin, that I needed Jesus from
what I had learned in Vacation

Bible School.

So I gave my heart to Jesus.

Sid: He devotes his life now to
being a chaplain.

He was a chaplain in the Army
for how many years?

James: Almost 30 years.

Sid: And but the thing that
intrigues me is when these

visits to Heaven started in

Explain James: In 2008, two
things happened sort of


First of all, God put it on my
heart, pray for Israel, every


Every day I would get face down
on the floor and repent for the

things our nation had done to
Israel, cry out, Shalom

Jerusalem and Shalom Israel.

And about that same time, I went
to a large revival.

And one night I came home late
from the revival, and when I

laid down in bed my head hit the
pillow, I was literally

translated to Heaven.

I stood in this place in Heaven.

Some people called it The Throne
Room, but it was not really a


It was huge.

But I was standing looking at
the throne of Jesus, and I was

in so much awe of Jesus.

I was literally paralyzed with
awe of Jesus.

And as I looked at him, just
love flowed out of me, and I

just felt like this is my Jesus.

And I felt like I was just
connecting with him in such a

powerful way.

And it was a life-changing
experience for me.

Sid: And then a few days later,
a second vision.

What happened?

James: Well I actually, I asked
the Lord if He would allow me to

go back to that same place
because I had a question I

wanted to ask.

Sid: What was that?

James: I wanted to know, the
Bible… Sid: I have a lot of


How about you?

Wouldn’t you like to ask?

James: Good luck asking.

Ephesians 2:6 says, “We were
seated with him in heavenly


So I actually, I wanted to know,
this is kind of self-centered,

but I wanted to know, where is
my seat in Heaven.

Sid: But wait.

That’s exactly what the
scriptures say.

We’re already seated in heavenly

So that’s a fair question.

Did you get your answer?

James: I did, but not directly.

I had almost the same

Came back late at night from the
revival meeting, very tired.

But as soon as my head hit the
pillow I was translated back to

that exact same spot I had been
the night before.

And there was Jesus, and I was
in awe of Jesus again.

I was literally paralyzed, in
awe of this amazing Jesus.

And as time went on, I began to
think, I believe I had a

question, but I can’t remember
what it is.

Sid: I’ll tell you what.

Hold that thought because Jesus
gives him three assignments.

We’ll find out about it when we
come back.

We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural!

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We now return to
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: Now I was talking to James
Durham about his visit to


And something intrigued me,
because I’ve had prophetic words

myself that there was an ancient
door that was getting ready to

open in my life.

When you went to Heaven,
describe that ancient door.

I want to understand this.

James: Well Sid, when I was
lifted, this was sometime later.

I had been to Heaven a few

But I was lifted up and I saw
this ancient arch wooden door,

and it was an amazing door.

It looked like it was very, very
old, but the wood still looked

very strong.

What amazed me was that it had
hinges on both sides and there

was no doorknob.

So by human means, there was no
way that I could open that door,

but I felt like I was supposed
to go through the door.

And my only opportunity was to
ask the Holy Spirit help me

somehow to understand how to get
through this door.

And suddenly, the door swung

Sid: What was the first thing
you saw when it swung open?

James: Actually, I was looking
into what appeared to be a room.

But it was dark in the room,
because where I was standing was

a much brighter light, and I
couldn’t see very clearly inside

the room.

But I was led by the spirit to
go inside the room.

And as I walked through the
door, I heard audibly three

times, the Holy Spirit
announced, “An oak of

righteousness, an oak of
righteousness, an oak of


Sid: What does this mean?

James: And I immediately thought
of the words from Isaiah and

that this was the secret place
of the most High God.

Sid: Now when he was in the
secret place of the most High

God, God commissioned him to do
three things.

What were these three things?

James: Well the Lord told me
that He wanted me to, number

one, write a book, and I did not
want to write a book.

Sid: Why James: I always said, I
will never write a book.

So I had to eat my words for
many, many years.

Sid: I’m sure.

James: To write the book.

Second thing He said was move.

And I loved the house where we
were living.

It was exactly kind of like my
dream house and a dream office.

But I immediately began to get
the house in order to move.

The third thing He told me to do
was to go back and invite people

to come to the secret place and
to give an impartation for

heavenly visitation.

Sid: Now would there be a lot of
preparation involved before you

invite people?

When did you first do this with

James: Well I was hoping there
was going to be a lot

instruction and a lot of time
before I actually had to do this

because I felt like people would
think I was crazy to come back

saying things like this.

And so I asked the Lord, “How
long do I have?”

He said, “Until this Sunday,”
which was like two days away.

Sid: Well did you do it?

James: I did it.

I did it.

Sid: And what happened?

James: Well some people received

Some people actually visited

But other people, I got some
strong rejection from some of

the people and I really
understood that I was going to

receive that rejection.

It made it clear to me right
away that when you obey God and

you say things like this that
are so far out of line with the

way people normally think, you
will experience some rejection.

Sid: You know, then multitudes
have been, when he teaches, have

had experiences of going to

But why is it?

I’m hearing, I think there’s a
new believer.

But I’m hearing so many people
now, believers are having visits

to Heaven.

Why is that happening now?

James: Well Sid, I believe the
reason it’s happening now is

that time is very short.

In the First Letter of John, he
says, “This is the last hour.”

And I believe that God is
getting the bride ready and He’s

calling people to Heaven to give
them instructions, the

preparations, the correction,
whatever discipline they may

need to be ready.

And I believe that we’re at the
time of the great End Time

harvest, and God is calling the
harvesters to Heaven to train

them and to empower them, and to
gift them to go back into the

harvest and win lost souls for
the Kingdom.

Some people were going to Heaven
and some were not.

So on one of the visits I asked
the Lord, “Lord, why is that?

I just don’t understand it.”

And the Lord said, “The number
one reason is grace.”

That when we go Heaven and He
tells us to do something, if we

don’t do it, judgment will come,
and He does not want to give

judgment right now.

He wants to give more grace and
more mercy.

And so he’s waiting until people
are ready to obey, and that’s

God’s grace.

Sid: Now why did He choose you
to talk about the ladder of

going up to Heaven and coming
back like the angels did?

Why you?

James: I think because there’s
absolutely nothing special about


I think at that time I had been
away for 30 years in the


I was basically unknown in the
church, in the Body of Christ,

and the Lord wanted someone who
was unknown.

So that when I would share with
people I had been to Heaven, I

figured they would look at me
and say, well if he can do it, I

can do it.

Sid: I like to say that.

Anything James can do, you can
do better.

James: Amen.

Sid: We’ll be right back and
maybe you’ll pray for us.

We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural!

We now return to
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: Now James, on

one of your trips to Heaven,
Jesus gave you a couple of


Tell me about that.

James: Well Sid, he asked me if
I wanted these stones.

They came one at a time.

The first one that came was
about the size of an egg and it

was a ruby, and it landed in my
left hand, and I could feel it

just as real I could feel
anything I touched.

I was excited.

I thought that when I came back
to Heaven I’d still have that in

my hand.

Sid: I understand.

James: I thought I was going to
be able to show this egg-sized

ruby to everyone.

But it started to melt in my
hand, and when it started

melting in my hand there was
extreme fire that came into my


It was very painful.

And then the stone that came
into the other hand was also

melted into my hand, and it was
also on fire and very painful.

It was a stone for releasing
gifts of healing and ministering

impartation to people.

And my hands were on fire seven
days a week, 24 hours a day for

more than two years.

And the only relief I could get
was to go put my hands under

cold water and get relief for a
few moments.

As soon as I took my hands out,
they would be on fire again.

And I immediately noticed that
my wife started feeling the same


So I know that what God placed
in my hands is transferable, and

that it can be passed to other

And I believe that some people
here tonight are going to begin

to feel the fire of God in their
hands, going to begin to feel

the power of God moving in them,
and it’s going to bring a

healing anointing, and an
anointing to release the love of

God to people.

Sid: Tell me about two or three
people that actually were healed

as they heard you speak.

James: One of the most dramatic
was speaking in a church in

Chicago and the, a woman who had
had her neck broken in three

places went into a trance.

Her neck had been fused and she
was in great pain, and couldn’t

move her head.

And in that trance the Glory
came and God restored the

vertebrae in her neck.

And not too long after that, I
was sharing that in another

conference, and while I was
speaking the Glory fell.

The presence of God came and
another woman, no one praying

for her, no one else really
knowing she had gone through

almost the same thing.

The doctors said, “The rest of
your life will be controlling

the pain.”

Her neck was totally restored in
the presence of God, the Glory

of God.

And I believe that Glory and
that presence is here with us

tonight and it’s going to be
with everyone who is watching

this program, God is going to
release that anointing to them.

Sid: James, I have to describe
what I witnessed before the show


I was talking to James and my
eyes went down to his hands, and

his hands, it looked like there
were scars.

It was so red and it look liked
there were scars almost all


Do you understand what I’m

It was so obvious that I said to
him, “What’s going on?”

And we all, it wasn’t just me.

Several looked at your hand and
before our eyes, the redness and

what looked to be like burns
almost, disappeared while we

were watching that.

I’d be remiss before God if I
didn’t tell you, pray whatever

God wants you to pray right now.

James: Right now, I’d just like
to say, Sid, that over and over

I’ve experienced angels coming
into our presence and they’re

holding the angels that have
come into the presence.

They started coming in this

They’re still moving in.

And those angels are touching
people right there, right now,

and I believe they’re also,
they’re coming into the homes of

all the listeners.

And these angels are drawing
people on to the Father,

bringing them closer to the

I believe that tonight there’s a
lifting up to the Father.

And when those angels began to
manifest, healing angels also


And I believe that we have
healing angels throughout the

room tonight.

And the Lord is saying right
now, we just pray over you and

we release to you right now, the
love of the Father, we release

that anointing to you that you
would feel a supernatural flow

of the Father’s love.

And that when those angels of
holiness come and touch you we

release them right now to touch
you and lift you up, and draw

you to the Father in Heaven.

And as those healing angels
begin to manifest, we release

those angels to minister

And I’m hearing that many people
are being healed right of severe

headaches, of chronic headaches.

And right now, you’ve just been
healed by the power of God being

brought by these healing angels.

The Lord said that upper
respiratory infections are being

healed right now.

Right now if you have an upper
respiratory infection, just let

that healing angel touch you,
release the power of God while

the Glory is manifesting and
powerfully present here and in

your home as you watch this.

There is a healing in the
abdominal region, people

receiving it right now for all
kind of different issues in the


Chronic problems are being
healed right now by those

healing angels.

They’re coming to you.

So right now in the name of
Yeshua HaMashiach, we release

that anointing for healing and
for holiness, and we ask those

angels, give to people what God
sent you to give.

We receive it and we believe it
in the mighty name of Yeshua


Amen and Amen.


Sid: You see, when James goes to
Heaven, he’s instructed by God

to teach certain things.

One trip, he was taught about
the Kabod, the Glory, the

heaviness of God, the presence
of God and how wonderful that


And the Lord taught him there
were seven levels, the Kabod of


Tell me the top level that He
explained to you.

James: The top level, Sid, is
the unity glory.

And I believe we see that in
that same chapter of Ephesians.

Ephesians 2:6, that we’re seated
with him in heavenly places.

But you read on a little further
and we’re told in Verses 13

through 18 that the dividing
wall has been brought down,

separating the Jewish believers
from the gentile believers, and

one new preacher, one new man is
coming forth, one new human

being is emerging from that.

And in Verse 18 it says, that in
this newness along with unity

with Jesus, the Holy Spirit is
giving us access to Heaven, and

we literally are becoming
members of the family of God.

We’re part of the household.

You have a chair in Heaven and
it’s time to go sit in that

chair and visit the Father, and
visit Jesus in Heaven.


Sid: Tell me as quickly as you
can, what is going to happen in

this unity of Jew and gentile?

When Jesus said, “You’ll do the
same works that I have done and

even greater,” is that what he’s
talking about?

James: Sid, I believe that’s
exactly what he’s talking about.

And what the Lord showed me is
that as Jesus, when he

ministered on Earth, was able to
see what the Father was doing

and hear what the Father was
saying, literally Jesus was

experiencing Heaven and Earth at
the same time, and that you and

I can have that same experience.

You and I can experience Heaven
and Earth simultaneously.

Sid: But step one to experience
Heaven and Earth is to make

Jesus your Messiah and Lord.

You don’t need my words.

Get right with God now.

James: Amen.

Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural!

My guest as a young person
started playing the violin and

what she found out is people
started getting healed.

I mean, people would feel the
pain just coming out of their


Metal started turning to bone
when she plays the violin.