God wants you to enjoy the full extent of His great power that is found in the resurrection life of Jesus! Hear this revelatory message by Joseph Prince to learn why God raised Jesus from the dead, and what it means for us as believers today. Get a fresh revelation of who you are in Christ—the very righteousness of God—simply because Jesus was raised, and understand how resting in this identity releases God’s awesome, mighty power to reign in life. Rejoice! Because Jesus is alive and seated at the right hand of the Father today, your future is bright!

last week we saw what Jesus said to the

Pharisee about the woman who wept at his

feet who was a prostitute she wept much

she loved Jesus much because she was

forgiven much then Jesus says those who

love him little they are forgiven little

this woman loved me much because she’s

forgiven much if we had preached the

truth people will end up loving Jesus

much this is Jesus own prognosis you see

we have not preached the truth as a

result people are sinning people I have

no character not living a life of

holiness because you know why holiness

is a fruit grace is the root the more

you know you’re forgiven the more you

breathe easy the more you rest the more

God works in you I mean if you get up

and say Lord Jesus you know my weakness

you know my pro I just rest in you Lord

you leave my life for me I just fall

back into his arms and you know

something even when you attempt that you

don’t try to overcome it let Jesus

handle it

like a small girl was us after she was

saved just a little girl after she was

safe she was asked this question what do

you do when the devil comes knocking on

your door and tempting you I used to

open the door and I got frightened she

said man I said just say Jesus please

answer the door

and when he does that the devil is gone

he’s not even there she said she

understood in a little microcosm she

understands what it means to live the

Christian life tomorrow is not you

facing your boss it’s not you’re facing

a mother-in-law sorry I mean I mean it’s

not you facing your Challenger is not

that you’ve tasting the the stress of

tomorrow is Jesus facing it but you are

watching him it’s like you’re resting in

him you’re watching him is it what a lot

when something could happen you know is

him you know you’re not that smart

neither am i that smart so you’re the

more you rest the more he flows the more

you work the more your stress when you

work God rests when you’re rest God

works start here start here start here

and stuck in your walk every every area

bring rest into it okay now go back to

this again so all your sins are forgiven

all right now I want you to look at your

neighbor on the left and on the right go

ahead we are bringing to a close all

right now know this

okay don’t keep on looking looking

looking no time just one look one look

okay some of you like you know like rent

father clock moving you know so look up

here the person you just saw just now

all right bro all the 10 commandments

there’s no such thing as being forgiving

little you all know all of us broke the

Ten Commandments we are all forgiven

much because for Jesus you know with the

flesh reasons well if I didn’t sleep

with a woman only thing in my mind is

not sin Jesus says if you undress her

mentally you have committed adultery

that means you know if you hate someone

or you wish them did you have committed

murder all of us brought the Ten


we need to know that we have talked even

much we ought to be loving him much

something but you know I wasn’t so bad

pastor Prince when Jesus saved me I was

really quite good

only some bad therefore if you think

you’re 30% been in 70 percent good you

can only appreciate Jesus 30 percent and

that’s why you love him only 30 percent

but the truth of the matter is all of us

a hundred percent sinners it was data no

they are there are moral dead people and

there are immoral dead people Bob I did

okay so let’s go to this and it will

bring it close and was raised because

about justification now when when when

Jesus was on the cross god no just not

our sin sin I escaped God saw our sins

in detail you know people say what about

the prints are your grace people you

know your you teach like like God

doesn’t see our sin to know like God as

a whole oh they gotta get my friend I

know God is holy s–t rice holy holy

holy holy

you know God don’t think for one moment

our sins escape we are not forgiven

because our sins escaped we are forgiven

because our sins by judge God saw our

sins fully and meted out judgment in

proportion to his holiness and

righteousness of your entire life my

sins and God put on Jesus and God

punished every one of them until the

Bible says for three hours he hung down

there and a mimic day all right

became midnight just like when he was

born midnight became midday when the

Angels filled the sky and said glory to

God in the highest peace on earth

goodwill to man when he died meat day

became midnight for three hours even God

showed that the entire thing because

something personal happened between God

and his son who became our substitute

God didn’t want anyone to see alright

was horrible Jesus became grotesque

terrible become deformed or diseases and

all that and God punished his

got punished every stroke of the broken

law that we have broken fell upon Jesus

Everage curse every disease every

rejection every depression fell on Jesus

stroke after stroke after stroke at the

stroke for three hours until finally

Jesus cry finish the last rope finished


the heavens clear the birds start

singing again he caught this when

darkness covered three hours earlier

Jesus for the first time in Jesus life

he says my God my god

now he’s his father into your hands it’s

back to father again

the price is paid now watch this the

tribunal of heaven gathered God

according to this verse he was raised on

account dear of our justification

because we are declared righteous

justification means we are declared

righteous because you and I are declared

righteous God raised Jesus from the dead

now many of the God raised Jesus because

he is God’s Son no he is God’s Son

always always has been and still is but

God didn’t racing because of that God

raised him because on account of God

declaring all of us righteous the idea

here listen carefully this is amazing

the idea here is that if we were not

declared righteous if one sin was left

on judge and you and I are not declared

righteous Jesus would not have been

raised from the dead