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I they are we going to have a show today

it started with a letter let me read it

to you

dear said last night I purchased a live

CD made at my church Riverwalk

Fellowship in Fort Worth Texas I brought

it home and started listening to it out

of the blue I plainly heard send this to

Sid Roth I don’t know why but I’m

sending you the CD what’s really amazing

is many times while worshiping I’ve seen

things like trap doors in the ceiling

opening up like the pin was pulled with

the door falling open and what looked

like a ladder of DNA falling out of the

ceiling to the floor and I heard you can

come up if you want so I did I saw these

ladders of DNA falling all over the

building I saw many people not Angels

ascending and descending I I did this

myself many times getting Revelation

about many things but mostly about Jesus

he loves to take our hands and dance

with us he has no worries about anything

and just smiles and dances he set me

free with this then this letter goes on

Steve Solomon about people are Frozen to

the floor they’re having the most

amazing using visitations

you have a type of music and there was a

Hebrew word

pronounce this word

what does that mean well it’s from

habakkuk 3-1 and it says a prayer of

habakkuk said to shigayanoth and the

Hebrew word means to to set the loud

enthusiastic triumphal music and it’s

got a dual meaning to cry loud against


well before we get to some of this music

and this music is so Supernatural this

is happening to so many people at his

congregation it’s kind of uh in your

face music can I can I call it that

that’s exactly that’s what the Lord told

me to do eight years ago get the music

in their face well tell me about your

Jewish background tell me about your

your grandfather’s uh founded a

synagogue yes uh my my mother’s father

they were founders of a conservative

synagogue in Boston Mass and then my

parents in um in the early 19 well the

mid-1950s started a reform synagogue in

Framingham Massachusetts Temple Beth am

and uh so I was raised born to a Jewish

Family and you know raised in the Jewish

faith Bar Mitzvah at 13. but when you

were very young you had a Heavenly

visitation tell me about that Sid we

lived on on six Ruth Drive in Framingham

sounds Jewish to me it sounds Jewish it

was a real Jewish area six Ruth drive

and one night I went to bed and I was it

was I remember I was six years of age

and while I was sleeping I went and a

six-year-old doesn’t know these kind of

things now looking back I figured it out

but I heard first of all my my

um a voice calling my name three times

Stephen Stephen and I was in like a big

room with big columns like a a like a

mansion and I would look around and I

heard my voice and I said to myself

that’s not my dad and the voice would

say that’s the that’s the voice of your


and I said well that’s not my dad he’s

in the Next Room it doesn’t sound like

him and the voice said again that’s the

voice of your father

and I didn’t understand what that was

but I remembered it all my life until

when Jesus appeared to me in 1974 when I

was 24 years of age well let’s take you

back just a little bit you’re married

you’re successful what did you have your

did you have your own band or yeah we

worked in the Disney World area and um I

graduated University of Central Florida

in 1972 with a four-year degree and but

I was making more money in the in the in

working in the bands and and we were

real successful in in the Orlando Disney

area so your wife is pregnant she’s

expecting and you decide to leave her

well yeah isn’t that crazy that’s what

she said it’s really crazy she said you

know it’s it’s one thing to to people

fall out of love that happens but to not

pay attention to your children I care

about them something’s wrong and what

was wrong was that a guy in the band got

involved in Transcendental Meditation

and I didn’t go to the courses I don’t

want to pay all that money so I just

bought the books on it so I started

because I was looking for something said

something there was something about life

I was 23 24 years of age making a lot of

money successfully owned our own home

and but but life there was something

missing in my life and I started looking

and I wanted to find what that was and

the more I got into the into the study

of Eastern religion and the alcohol kind

of stuff I just became a different

person and and we decided Diane was

expecting a baby in November of 1974 we

decided that summer that when the baby

came we would just leave and go our

separate ways she turned to me one day

now now Diane was saved when she was

four years of age and was filled with a

spirit of God

and she said to me one day she said but

she was backslidden she said she had to

backslide to meet me she said get those

books out of my house or I’m going to

burn them and send them back to hell

where they came from

well as a Jew I didn’t so did you burn

them no but I put them in the back of my

car you know I didn’t believe it but I

put him in the back of my car I remember

I put him in the trunk of my car I got

him out of the house

and and I remember that specifically and

you had a very defining moment where you

were by yourself yes and something just

like when you were a young child

something’s very Supernatural happened

tell me about it here’s what happened

the band was playing at the Royal Plaza


typically after the nine o’clock set I

would go into a banquet room and try to

meditate turn the lights out and I was

still trying to meditate and trying to

get in touch with God and nothing ever

happened all the things I read no I had

not one Supernatural experience I was

looking for something Supernatural

and this one night sitting in the chair

in this dark room no lights on here’s

the prayer I pray here’s what I said I

said as the god of Abraham Isaac and

Jacob are you real are you out there

and then for some strange reason I went

on and I said

is Jesus Christ who he says he is

suddenly why did you say that I don’t


I mean that’s not what a nice Jewish boy

does no that’s ready to leave his wife

and almost baby just The Sovereign

providential God

had a plan for my life regardless of

what I wanted to do with my life he was

intervening in my life okay so you asked

this question I asked this question and

the question again

is the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

are you real are you out there right

fair question yeah that’s a good

question is Jesus Christ who he says he


now hold that thought we’re going to be

right back after this word we’ll find

out what kind of answer he had be right

back don’t go away

do It’s Supernatural

hello YouTube

is a Hebrew word it means family this is

Sid Roth welcome to my world where it’s

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Sid Roth here with Steve Salman so what

happens when a Jewish guy that’s deeply

involved in uh mysticism the occult New

Age trying to what were you trying to

find what were you searching for you

know there had to be more to life than

just what I was living there had there

was something out there and I I there

was something drawing me to something

else there had to be more all right you

asked two questions repeat the questions

and tell me what happened okay is the

god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob real are

you out there is Jesus Christ who he

says he is

suddenly now now remember now for months

I’ve been trying to find a supernatural

experience trying to have something

happen and nothing worked

suddenly when I ask those two questions

simultaneously I know now what it was I

felt myself lifted out of my body I felt

myself I know now my soul just lifted

out and I saw simultaneously at the same

time now the room is dark all the lights

are out

a ball of fire it looked just like the

Setting Sun amber in color

real bright and a right hand came out

from the center of this fire across the

room probably about 40 feet away across

from touched me on my head pushed my

head straight back

and then I heard an honorable voice

and he said yes I am

what you’re doing is wrong stop and

follow me

well did you just say ignored or what

did you do with this no I was I was

stunned the two things

I I did I didn’t know who to tell

I knew that I asked if if God was alive

the god of my father is Abraham Isaac

and Jacob my forefathers and is Jesus

Christ who he says he is I got one yes I

am stop what you’re doing and follow me

I totally stopped when I was doing all

the trying to meditate and all that

stuff I totally stopped I went home I

didn’t tell anyone because number one I

didn’t know of any Jews who believed in

Jesus of Nazareth as being the Son of

God I knew none I never heard of this

that any Jews did believe

and my wife had had purchased a Bible

when we were going through our marital

problems she’d purchased a Bible

and so secretly I would take her Bible

and start reading the Bible Old and New


behind her back for a few weeks and it

was phenomenal the words

just like they were alive they came off

the page you know I was raised you know

and we was doing in Massachusetts there

was Jewish accents and Irish sections

and my Irish friends were named John and

Matthew you see in and Mark I thought

those were Irish names you know they’re

Jewish names you know uh the the guys in

the New Testament Matthew you know Mark


all these guys were Jews and and the

word of God came alive to me said every

I read everything it was phenomenal well

did you leave your wife anyway no I

started preaching to my wife a couple

weeks later

I said you know how’d she take this not

good at first I said I said Diane we

need to start living for the Lord

and she said if she said to herself what

does this Jew know about my Jesus anyway

and so she found out that I knew more

than what she you know I told her I’ve

had an experience with Jesus she came

back the Lord and the first thing the

Lord did first thing he gave us a

phenomenal love for each other which

stays even to this day and it’s been 38

years funny story with your

mother-in-law tell me that well you know

my mother-in-law you know she went to

the Four Square Church in Orlando that’s

where nine got saved in Orlando and my

mother-in-law was a lifelong charter

member of that church she got saved

after Diane went to that church as a

child with a neighbor now listen and she

once while she would say now Steve Jesus

is your Messiah and I it just wouldn’t

mean anything to me of course you know

and and then she turned to Diane and she

goes now Diane you know better you’re a

backslider and you know better

but the first person I publicly told

other than my wife we would have dinner

at Mama’s house all the time and one

night we left and I walked back in the

door and I said Ma

‘am I won’t tell you something she goes

what Jesus is who you say he is

and I turned around and walked out and

she all she was stunned

and she came to find out that I was that

I really had an experience with God

talk about people being happy can you

imagine if you’re happy his

mother-in-law was he’s happy his wife is

now how happy he is how happy his

children are I mean his whole life was

transformed you want to know what happy

is the happiest music I’ve ever heard is

on this CD Riverwalk DNA and there’s a

song it’s my favorite on it it’s called

River of Life do you like that I love it

because wherever the river goes there’s

healing yes but serious election



come on



all right

here we go





all right




Los Angeles



I’m gonna take you through


my other friends


oh my friends


we now return to It’s Supernatural


hello Sid Roth here with Steve Solomon I

vague Steve becomes a pastor nice deal

all of a sudden his church Springs a

leak oil all over the place what happens


um it was uh the end of June 2005 and I

get a phone call on Tuesdays we feed

almost 300 families every Tuesday we

give them free groceries so Tuesday is

food Ministry feed the multitude state

so the we have some ladies that want to

pray in the sanctuary before that takes

place and so they’re praying and they

wanted to pray for me and so they were

looking for some oil like a bottle of

oil and couldn’t find any and one of the

ladies yells out in the back I found the

oil and what had happened on the columns

in the church oil was seeping out of the


and the more they looked clear oil the

oil started appearing everywhere in the

sanctuary so they called me at home said

Pastor Steve there’s oil dripping in the

church well my first thought was

something broken it was leaking you know

of course oh great oh that’s terrific we

got to fix something else and they said

no no nothing broke it’s clear oil from

the Lord It’s just appearing everywhere

so we came down and sure enough there

was oil in the church just a few days

before we were going to start some

extended meetings you know July 4th

meetings for freedom and liberty in the


and so what happened and it stayed with

us for months and months and months it

was phenomenal the newspaper covered

this yeah and channel uh the local CBS

affiliate came out and did a story on

that and when people start taking

pictures of the oil these white orbs of

light showed up in all different kind of

cameras I mean film cameras uh uh you

know can’t phone cameras cell phone

cameras a digital camera are you sure

this wasn’t a a leak of some sort yeah

we’re probably we had it checked out

there’s nothing it was everywhere it was

it would show up in people’s hands on

their feet on on my forehead on the

pulpit by the it started on the Israeli

flag first and then went to the U.S

force to the Jews first to the Jew first

so it started you know was there but it

was everywhere and then and we’d have

these meetings and the cleaning crew

would say should we wipe it off like you

know some sacred thing I said yeah wipe

it off you know just clean it up and see

what happens and the next night it would

show up again just like raining where

many people healed from this oil you

know um there was a dramatic end

increase I remember one guy came in and

they someone in the church you know

found him you know on the street

somewhere I mean the guy had a car and

stuff he’s a truck driver he was about

to lose his license because his knee was

going bad and and he was blind to one

eye still had a license I don’t know how

he did that but he was blind in one eye

and he could barely walk and they

brought him to church that night and I

opened up Neil his knee was healed

totally and he was instantly ill people

um all kind of all kind of diseases and

sicknesses one lady she’s still in the

church she had a intestinal cancer and

prayed for her she went back to her

doctor and it was totally gone well

healing isn’t part of your DNA you had a

trans Vision once tell me about that

yeah it was right after I was saved it

was it was like early 1975.

and I would go out I had a like a prayer

room in the garage and I go up there and

pray and a lot of times I would go out

there and pray and fall asleep I don’t

know if that ever happened to you or not

never I didn’t think so anyway I can’t

tell a lie yeah once in a while well I’d

come in from the prayer room and I’d

have like those you know saliva and you

know creases on your face and my wife

said I see you’ve been really seeking

the Lord oh yeah I was laying before the

Lord this one time I I did fall asleep

but I went into a trance and Jesus was

standing to my right and we were in this

meeting room it was more like an

auditorium instead of a church building

and I remembered the the people in this

Vision were like the late 1940s early

1950s and a healing meeting was going on

they were praying for the sick and Jesus

was standing to my right

and he spoke to me in an audible voice

this is about the third time I’ve heard

his Audible Voice and uh he said stretch

forth thine hand to heal the sick

and I immediately woke up and I felt

like this fire was just all over my body

and I’d heard him and I was in this

thing and so I I just said Lord if

that’s you without any Scripture and he

spoke to me Deuteronomy 2 12 I believe

it is if I’m not mistaken and it says

for I’ve blessed all the works of thine

hand and it’s the same thing you said to

me stretch forth by hand I said Lord

give me one more scripture and I’ll

really believe it he said Exodus 19 5

and thou shalt obey my voice indeed and

so I took it as a sign from the Lord to

start praying for the sick back in 1975.

and you’ve seen many miracles you also

have a radio show called Praise in the

night right some of the uh probably

Loneliest people in the world listen to

your show tell me one Supernatural

experience there was a Muslim lady in uh

in Orlando in in Dallas who was driving

around wanting to commit suicide

and listening to the radio well excuse

me she wasn’t listening as she was

getting ready to turn the car on and put

a hose and she found a place to park and

was going to do that on the raid she

turned the radio on as a lot of people

do and at the moment she turned it on I

said go home now

turn your car around and go home

she thought it was for her she turned

her car on she went home she continued

listening she prayed and Jesus came into

her life and she’s a Spirit-filled

Christian now she’s not a Muslim anymore

I’ve got one more if I have five seconds

a young man a teenager in Lewisville

Texas was getting ready to take his life

had a gun in his hand the alarm clock

radio went off

and he’s never heard praise night never

listen to that radio station kvt in

Dallas the alarm clock radio went off at

the same moment that I happened to be

exhorting people that if you think you

want to give up on life don’t kill

yourself if you’re suicidal tonight

let’s call on the name of the Lord

together he put the gun down picked up

the phone and called Praise the night

and was saved well you know the most

important thing that you can do is those

two questions that Steve prayed he says

to this day he doesn’t even know why he

prayed it the first question is God are

you real is that a fair question I think

that’s a fair question the second

question he prayed is is Jesus Christ

who he says he is

let’s pray that right now out loud

pray that God are you real just say it

right now out loud God are you real

and then that second question

is Jesus Christ who he says he is

say that out loud is Jesus Christ who he

says he is

and I pray

in yeshua’s name

that the kodesh the spirit of the Living

God will descend upon you and reveal all

truth to you because that’s his job I

literally felt an Angel Touch Me on the

head and I believe that that’s Angel is

touching many of you touching many of

you right now

who’s an angel of healing has just

touched your back and spine is God

showing you anything

that there are people who are hungry for

something in this life right now people

who are desperate people who have blame

themselves for all their problems and

this healing is for the glory of God

this Deliverance is for the glory of God

don’t give up that the Son of God is all

you need and he’s here right now to heal

you and touch you and save you

you know my Jewish mother used to always


I don’t believe in this Jesus but Jesus

made my son a mensch that’s a Hebrew

word that’s a Yiddish word it says a

good human and then Jesus made my mom a

man and my dad a match and my homies my

whole Jewish Family Image and you know

what I think God wants to make you a


pray to God to show you the truth about

Yeshua that’s Hebrew for Jesus do it now

right now