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hello Sid Roth here

welcome to my world where the holy

spirit is in charge of everything that I

do and father God I ask the Holy Spirit

be felt

experienced by every viewer right now

I got a birthday greeting a little early

birthday greeting my birthday is

September 7th I will be 83 years young

and my birthday greeting was a scripture

which I felt is so significant right now

Deuteronomy 8 18 from the supernatural

Bible but you must remember the Lord

your God for it is he who gives the

ability to get wealth I see people

whether they’re presidents of the United

States or whether they’re

successful businessmen they take the

credit but here’s what God says You must

remember the Lord your God for it is he

who gives you the ability to get wealth

and when you have that ability you can’t

lose track that it’s God that did it

Jewish people have experienced extreme


why because every country we’ve gone to

and part of the curse was we would go to

the nations of the world and we’d be

persecuted we excelled in every country

and as a result people were envious and


why did we Excel let’s keep reading but

you must remember the Lord your God for

it is he who gives you the ability to

get wealth so that he may establish his

Covenant which he swore to your fathers

as it is today and when I see fathers I

think of two things I think of my

Earthly father but I think of the

fathers of the faith Abraham Isaac and


the fifth commandment

and and again it’s just that what this

wealth is used to establish the Covenant

do you know what the fifth commandment

says thou shall honor their mother and


and your life will be long

and I’ll tell you what I’ll go a step

further Genesis 12 3 God says I will

bless those that bless Jewish people all

of the fathers of the faith Abraham

Isaac and Jacob were Jewish people I

will bless those who bless Jewish people

and I’ll curse those who curse them

I would like you to help me celebrate my

birthday on the 7th

and here’s here’s what I believe the

Holy Spirit put on my heart

because I believe that if you meditate

on that scripture Deuteronomy 8 18 it’s

going to open up a lot of things for you

we have

a blitz campaign scheduled

for between Rosh Hashanah Feast of

trumpets and Yom Kippur day of atonement

for those that aren’t familiar with it

this these are the most holy holidays of

the year and you know what we Jews do

between Russia and Yom Kippur it’s

called the 10 days of awe awe oh that’s

a missing word from worshiping God


I am in awe over you

in that 10 days we we pray

and we repent

and then the tenth day Yom Kippur is the

big fast

but we have got to get it right

for the glory to come on us the glory is

the presence of God we’re not going to

have the glory if we have unconfessed

sin in our life

I mean the minute I catch something

because the holy spirit is convicted me

or it’s something that I might have done

in the past

I make it right between myself and God

thank God for the blood of Messiah but

here’s what I feel the Holy Spirit has

just inspired he wants you to observe

Deuteronomy 18. for the blessings that

are come from honoring the fathers we

put together one minute advertisements

very hard-hitting or advertisements I

might add design for secular television

and geared to the Jew and all people and

we want to run our Blitz campaign

between Russia Shona and Yom Kippur

and I believe that when I say a blitz I

think about my friend um Mike the pillow

man he came to Israel with us uh and I

have seen Blitz campaigns by him on

secular TV I want to do a blitz campaign

of these one minute

Evangelistic commercials that we’ve done

and by the way

if that’s all we did it would be enough

but we do something far more Superior

the most anointed book I’ve ever written

is my testimony book and we’ve just put

a new one together on the millennial and

we have downloaded a free download which

on each one of these advertisements we

offer and this is the most amazing thing

to me

the networks were on Fox uh Newsmax


MSNBC recovering from Liberal to


and we’ve had just under 50

000 total unique page views

fifty thousand and of that on just under

fifty thousand seventeen thousand six

hundred and seventy where Israel they

went to the computer page where you get

the free download of the book

and it is totally conclusive evidence

but you know why it really is the glory

of God is on this book you should order

it for yourself it’s great such a deal

but here’s how I’d like my birthday

celebrated God has blessed me he’s

blessed me my wife with health and and

with Peace by knowing him

and all of our Earthly needs are met

people give me money all the time saying

I want to give it to you I don’t want it

I don’t need it but oh God

I pray that we can have wealth to spread

your Covenant worldwide the most

unevangelized people group on the Earth

are Jewish people because there are so

many Christians that love us so much

they will befriend us they will do

humanitarian work for us they’ll Feed Us

they’ll clothe us and hey all of that is

biblical and all of that has a reward

but what happens if we die

and don’t know Jesus how can you call on

him have you not hurt

well seven is an important number my

birthday is on the seventh that’s not

why it’s so important it’s an important

number for God

I see the number 777

all the time and you know what when I

applied for my dual citizenship I’m a

citizen of Israel as well as a citizen

of the United States on the passport I

didn’t have three sevens in a row I had

four sevens in a row it’s almost like

God was punctuating it

I know we are planting seeds for the

greatest Revival the world has ever seen

and the pattern when the patterns right

the glory flows

the pattern is to the Jew first

and when you go to the Jew first it

opens a greater door of evangelism of

all people than if you went to the

Gentile first

found in Genesis 12 3.

I God will bless those who bless the

Jewish people and I God will curse those

who curse them

I want you to consider giving me a

birthday present I already said I don’t

need it and I might add our ministry is

in in good shape but

how can I do a blitz campaign on secular


where I’m hitting conservatives and




some large gifts

but a small gift will count with God as

you meditate on Deuteronomy 8 18 ask God

what would be pleasing

for you to invest in Jewish salvation

you keep in mind and this is very

important Zechariah says in the last

days ten Gentiles will grab a hold of

the Hem and many people believe that’s

the Tali the prayer shawl of a Jewish

person and say I’ve heard that God is

with you

and it also says in Revelation there’ll

be a hundred and forty four thousand end

time Jewish evangelists but there is an

anointing on the Jew

to be a light to the Gentiles the first

Jewish Believers especially Paul were

went to the Nations and they were a

light of the Messiah to the Gentiles

I believe God’s going to do this one

more time with Israel I believe that



great man of God

who became Paul the Apostle

a soul of Tarsus

and look what he accomplished he wrote

most of the New Testament he took the

gospel to the Gentile world

I mean it’s amazing what he accomplished

what would happen if there’s ten

thousand poles instantly raised up by

the way I don’t believe he just went to

a school of discipleship he was like me

when I got saved I couldn’t keep my

mouth shut I didn’t even know this the

the New Covenant scriptures but I knew

Jesus was real can use picture ten

thousand Jews Like Me ten thousand Jews

Like Paul the Apostle going to the four

corners of the earth knowing how to


unlike American Christianity

American Christianity says say say this

one minute prayer and you have your

Heaven a life insurance policy


it’s making him Lord read Romans 10

verse 9 and 10. it’s making him Lord

with your mouth

I’m telling you the glory of God is

going to be coming on us very soon in

such a high degree

that every gift of the spirit will be

accelerated Beyond any generation has

ever seen

on the average real question the

lukewarm Christian we don’t have to

worry about you’ll either be hot or cold

if you’re cold you know you need the

Messiah if you’re hot get hotter this

glory is going to come on the whole

earth and I am so excited that our call

is to tell people about the glory and

demonstrate the glory worldwide we’re

going to see Miracles like the world has

never seen before I don’t know about you

but I’m getting tired of news shows why

they talk talk about problems problems


and nothing is ever done

if you’re conservative you see that’s

true if you’re liberal you see that’s

true I want to see the truth I want to

see on television someone wheeled in to

a hospital they just lost their legs and

someone else walking up and saying

silver and gold I have not but such as I

have I give to you in the name of Yeshua

hamashiach Jesus of Nazareth rise up and

walk but I don’t have legs I’ll look

down all the legs that have grown out

that’s what I I want such conclusive

proof there’ll be no question these are

Miracles not inside someone says I was

here heal the heart disease some high

blood pressure and praise God when that

occurs but I want a skeptical world

to see this it’ll be Miracles that are

called outside the body you can see it

with your natural eyes

I want to pray over you and I want to

urge you to go to forward slash News ads

s-i-d-r-o-t-h dot o r g forward slash n

e w s a d s

go there and do what God shows you to do

and let’s Blitz the devil are you ready

I am

may the blessings of the fathers

overtake you and give you wealth to

expand his kingdom

in yeshua’s name amen

we Jews have two choices follow God or

follow tradition the rabbis tell us fast

and pray on Yom Kippur and our sins will

be forgiven they don’t tell us the main

event only the blood of Messiah pardon

said fasting and praying without the

main event doesn’t work Messiah Jesus

suffered the penalty we deserve two

thousand years ago he was our final Yom

Kippur blood sacrifice your penalty paid

in full may your name really be

inscribed eternally in The Book of Life

think for yourself I’m Sid Roth a Jewish

follower of the Messiah download my free

ebook detailing my Supernatural

experience with Jesus an irrefutable

proof that Jesus is the very Messiah we

Jewish people have been waiting for for