What do you do when faced with generational curses in your family? Hrvoje Sirovina explains what it means to redeem your bloodline!

I was, we would call
it “Second heaven.”

And I stood in front
of a gold mountain.

And next to me
was an angel.

So in that gold mountain,
there was a door.

And I asked the angel, “Am
I allowed to enter in?”

And he said, “Yes.”
So I entered in,

And I went into
the treasure room.

And in the treasure room,
I saw there were so many

treasures in the
treasure room.

But what I also saw was
that these treasure rooms

were guarded by
demonic entities.


SR: I have Hrvoje Sirovina
here from Germany.

And Hrvoje, you went to my
favorite country, Israel.

And you go in the
Garden Tomb, and you

were praying about
resurrection? Explain.

HS: Yeah, I took a group
of 70 people to Israel and

Jerusalem, just to
experience the land,

the Holy Land.

And we went to
the Garden Tomb,

because we prayed
for the anointing,

or the resurrection power.

SR: But then, guess what?

He had a chance to use it.

HS: The very next
day, we didn’t know,

you know, what’s
going to happen.

But from the
Damascus Gate,

halfway to the Via Dolorosa,

we encountered,
there was a group,

so they opened up
an aisle for us.

And we passed the
aisle, but then we were

surprised, there was a man
lying down on the street.

And there was a
Polish doctor,

and I asked him,
what’s happened?

And he said, “He fell
from the roof, and he

died around 50 minutes
ago.” He said, “No pulse,

we are waiting for
the ambulance.”

SR: Did you remember
the prayer you prayed?

HS: Oh, afterwards.
We immediately started

to do what we knew
to do, is praying in

tongues, in the Spirit.

So we prayed and prayed
and prayed and prayed.

And suddenly, such a
sweet smell arose,

and I knew the Holy Spirit
is going to do something.

So we prayed for a
couple of minutes.

And suddenly a voice
came out of this man.

And he was, like,
[gagging sound],

but fell back again.

And after a while, he
did it another time.

And then the third
time he woke up,

rose, took his mobile,
said to his friend,

“Call my wife and say
everything is okay.”


SR: That’s the standard
tour of Israel, raise the dead,

blind see, deaf hear. Most
people don’t even know

about redeeming your bloodline.

What is it? And why
is it so necessary?

HS: Well, redeeming
your bloodline is about

actually living
in the natural,

what we are already
in the spiritual.

Jesus did everything He
could for us to live a

supernatural life, a blessed
life, a life full of peace,

health, and everything.

But actually, we don’t
see that every time.

Actually, when I traveled
the world, I see so many

people who believe in God,
who really believe in God,

but still struggle in life.

And we see that
even with David,

where David
said in Psalm 51,

when he said, “I was
brought forth in iniquity,

and my mother conceived me
in sin,” which means even

though he believed in God,
there were things in his

life because of his ancestors,
and he had to deal with that.

And that’s where he said,
“Wash me, Lord, wash now.”

SR: Well, if David had problems

because of his ancestors,
what about us?

HS: It seems like,

SR: Look how many more
ancestors we have.

HS: That’s right. So Jesus
said on the cross,

“It is finished.”
And there is nothing

He could add to that, “It
is finished!”

But Paul said, “I am
not perfected yet.”

Paul, the great apostle
who followed Jesus with

all his heart, he said,
“I’m not perfect

which means there are
areas in our lives that we

still, what Jesus did on
the cross have to apply in

our own lives so that we
can experience everything

what He released on
the cross.

I’ve written this book,
Redeeming Your Bloodline,

actually in the German
language, first.

So after I release,

SR: It was a best
seller, actually.

HS: Actually, yes.

I was surprised how
good it’s going to sell,

because we
didn’t promote it.

So the first week, a
gentleman told me a

story about his heart
issue. And he was a

Christian for many,

And he said he broke
curses over his life,

he prayed all the
prayers he knew.

And he said, you know,
still heart issue, unregular

heartbeat, and all these
things, which also his

ancestors and his parents
had suffered from.

And he said, after he
prayed through the prayers

of my book, he
immediately got healed,

and had no heart
issues at all.


SR: Hmm. Give me
another testimony.

HS: I like the testimony
of another gentleman,

who was, he actually
was in a severe accident,

where he severely
damaged his head.

And he fell into a
coma. The doctors,

they already said,
“We can’t help him.”

So in desperation, his
wife actually called the

church, called the
church where I serve

as a senior pastor, and
asked for help. So we

told her, “Come in. We
are going to pray with you,

the way we pray.”
So we prayed.

And we prayed through
the bloodline of her life,

and also of his life. So the
doctors, the day before

the doctors called
her in, and said,

“You have to say
goodbye to your husband,

because there is
nothing more we can do.”

After we prayed the
prayers and redeemed

and cleansed her bloodline,
the very next day,

he started to recover.
He woke up, and

he is well and alive.

SR: You talk about

You’ve mentioned it,
“Bloodline prayer.”

What, exactly, is that?

HS: Bloodline prayer,
what we see in the Bible.

When the Bible
speaks about salvation,

we actually see three
tenses of salvation,

which means there is a
salvation in the past,

salvation which is
proceeding in the present,

and a salvation
which is in the future.

So when we received
Jesus into our heart,

we got saved.
Everything what He did

belongs legally to us. Every
blessing, health, peace,

everything belongs to
us. But that salvation

in the past, which means
our spirit got saved,

and now eternity is secured
for us. But concerning our

soul, that’s a proceeding

a proceeding salvation
where we got cleansed.

Because yes, we
believe in Jesus,

but still we
sometimes get sick,

still sometimes get angry,
still sometimes have

issues with forgiveness
and bitterness,

which means, hey, there is
still work to do for us in

the process of perfection.

SR: Sometimes people
still have addictions.

HS: And people
sometimes have addictions,

which means that they
try hard. They try to believe

in God, but something
is holding them back.

Actually Paul spoke about
that, in Romans 7 :19 -20,

where he said, “I do things
I don’t want to do,

and the things I do want
to do, I don’t.” And he said,

“It’s not me, it’s the sin
in me.” Paul, who was

saved, believed in Jesus.
And he still said, there

is still an effect
of sin in my life.

SR: This gets
so wonderful,

that some of you
have been saying,

“I have to live with it,”
no, you don’t.

You just have to
have more knowledge.

HS: Amen!

SR: Now the biggest issue
in bloodline prayer,

you call “Covenants.”

HS: Covenants are actually
the biggest issue in

bloodline prayer,
because we have came to

understanding that
usually, inequity and sin

go to the third and
fourth generation,

SR: Right.

HS: What we see,
even in the Bible.

But what we see with
Covenant is that Covenants,

and some of the Covenants
are even eternal.

Because the Bible speaks
about that Adam was created

in the image and likeness
of God. So that’s an

amazing thing. But the Bible
also teaches us in

Genesis 5 that Seth, which
is next in line after Adam,

SR: Right.

HS: Was made in the
image and likeness, not of

God, but in the image
and likeness of Adam,

which means everything
what Adam had went

through, and the
sins he passed on Seth,

and he had to
deal with that.

SR: So you’re saying that
we could go all the way

back with Covenant to
Adam’s sin. And if

there’s some vestiges
on us and we don’t

break them, what’s the

HS: So, actually, what
happened is that we are

bound, we are limited.
So, it’s not about salvation,

it’s about living the
life Jesus, Jesus

proclaimed over us before
we were born, so,

SR: It’s not just theory,
it’s a fact,

HS: Oh, no. It’s a fact.

SR: That we can learn.

HS: It’s a fact, and that’s
what we want to see.

We want to be a living
testimony for everything

what Jesus has
done on the cross.

We want to see everything,
because it’s too precious,

the blood He has shed
for us. So we want to

live it out completely.

That’s what we want to see.

SR: Okay. If I’m
understanding, we are

instantly saved,
but we have to work out

our salvation through
fear and trembling, and

break the generational
bloodline curses. Explain

the difference between
forgiveness and cleansing.

HS: I think that’s
very important.

We see in first John
1:9, where the Bible says,

“If we confess our sins,
He is faithful and just to

forgive us and cleanse us
from all unrighteousness.”

Even Jeremiah, Jeremiah
33 Verse 8 says,

that, God, “I will cleanse
you from your iniquity and

I will forgive you your
iniquity.” So there is

a difference between
forgiveness and cleansing.

Yes, when we receive
Jesus into our hearts,

we were forgiven.
But we still need cleansing

in a lot of areas of our
lives. So what is cleansing?

Cleansing means, sin
means that we are pardoned

of everything from the
past, even onto Adam.

But cleansing means to be
every effect sin had on

our life, being taken away
so we can live in freedom,

health and joy and blessing.

SR: What difference has
it made in your life?

HS: Absolutely a huge

Because I love prayer. It’s
not that I pray every day

my bloodline, but
when I see that things

which legally belong
to us, what Jesus did on

the cross, and I don’t
receive it through prayer,

through intercession, I
know there are things the

enemy is holding
against me before God,

the righteous judge.

So I know there is
something in my bloodline.

I know, because we
have to understand,

there are three categories
of sin: There is the

Adamic sin which is
the original sin,

there is personal
sin we go through,

but there is inherited
sin from our forefathers,

what the enemy
uses against us,

so we don’t live in
freedom and blessing.

And that’s what I feel.

When I know
He’s my provider,

but something is
not breaking through,

I know there is
something in my bloodline,

and I go present my
bloodline before God,

and say, “God, through
the blood of Jesus Christ,

I pray not just for forgiveness,
but for cleansing.”

And I see even in my
family and the church,

and everywhere I go,
immediate answers.

SR: I think it’s amazing
how immediate these

answers are. Explain
the main requirement

for bloodline prayer.

HS: The main requirement,
I would say, is being in

a Covenant with God. So
being in a Covenant with

God means, I lay
my life down for the

purposes of the
Kingdom of God.

I lay my life down
for His namesake.

And He’s my
Lord, He’s my King,

He’s my Savior,
He’s my everything.

That’s being in a
Covenant with God.


SR: Why does the devil
fight Covenant so hard?

HS: Because it’s
about authority.

The Covenant, if we are
in a Covenant with God,

we are growing
into authority.

And the enemy is not,
the enemy is not that much

afraid about the power
which was given to us.

He’s afraid of the
authority which is given

to us, and into
which we grow into.

Because when
we have power,

you know, we can’t, we
can guard ourselves from

every effect he has on
us. But if we have authority,

we take the ground
he has stolen from us,

from the Kingdom of God,
and we take it back for

the glory of Jesus.

SR: I can’t wait for you
to share the time you

were suddenly, instantly,
transported to Heaven.

HS: Actually, it was
surprising for me too,

because I was
driving in my car,

and praying, like I
usually do. And suddenly

I was, we would call
it “Second heaven.”

I was, we would call
it “Second heaven.”

And I stood in front
of a gold mountain.

And next to me
was an angel.

So in that gold mountain,
there was a door.

And I asked the angel, “Am
I allowed to enter in?”

And he said, “Yes.”
So I entered in,

and I saw things around

And then I saw a
treasure room.

And I went into
the treasure room.

And in the treasure room,
I saw there were so many

treasures in the
treasure room.

But what I also saw was
that these treasure rooms

were guarded by
demonic entities.

something is different
in the atmosphere,

because I was
guarded. So I saw

this treasure box,
and I thought, I want

to have this treasure
box. So I asked the angel,

“Can I have this treasure
box?” And he said, “Yes

you can, because that was
stolen from your ancestors.

And because you were
made righteous and

because you have a
testimony of sanctification,

which means you are in
a Covenant with God,

you are allowed
to redeem that.”

So when I took
the treasure box,

I immediately wanted
to give it to Jesus.

And suddenly I was in
the “Third Heaven,” how we

would call it, and I
laid it in front of Jesus’

feet, and suddenly was
back. So when I came back,

two minutes, maybe
three minutes later,

somebody called me. And
because in that time, I was

a real estate agent
in Germany.

And somebody
called me and said,

“Hey, do you want
to sell my house?”

I said, “Sure,” because
that’s what I do.

So I asked him,
“Where is the house?”

So he said, “It’s in a
city which is very close,”

around 20 miles
from me, and he said,

“The area’s name is
Golden Mountain.”

SR: Huh!

HS: And he said the street
is “Golden Mill Street.”

So I said, “For sure,
I’m going to take that!”


At that time, it took, like, 9
to 12 months to sell a house

or a property in Germany. I
sold it the very next day.


SR: Do you believe, do
you believe you could

pray for our studio
audience and our

audience at home
when we come back,

for them to recover any
treasures stolen from

their generation?

HS: Absolutely.

SR: Are you interested?
I am! Be right back.


SR: Okay. Give me an
example of wrong Covenants,

and how we dissolve them.

HS: Yeah. Wrong
Covenants are examples,

like, you know, usually we
know that if our ancestors

worshipped other gods,
that’s a Covenant. We know

if there was adultery. If
there was fornication,

SR: Or everyone that
is Gentile knows that

their ancestors worshipped
other gods, and if you’re

Jewish, just read the Old
Testament and you’ll see

how many times
we went astray.

HS: There you go.

And we have to deal
with these things.

You know, don’t be
afraid, like oh,

I have to deal with
everything right now.

No no no no.

Walk with Jesus,
have fun with Jesus.

And if you experience
some, some,

some boundaries, then
you go and present your

bloodline before God.
So these things.

But it’s, how do
we resolve things?

SR: Yeah, how do you?

HS: There is only one way.

Because Covenants
usually are eternal,

the only way is death.

SR: I don’t like that!

HS: I think you do.

SR: I know, I know.

HS: And that’s why Jesus
died. The Bible says,

“He who has died has
been freed from sin.”

SR: I like that.

HS: That’s right. That’s why
the Bible says that,

“We have been crucified
with Christ,” which means

we are already
dead. Jesus did it all.

Now it’s up to us to apply it,
to live it, and be free of it.


SR: Okay. I heard
what happened to

you in not a great
real estate market in

Germany, the treasures
that were robbed from

your ancestors. I have to
believe everyone

has ancestors that
had treasures robbed.

I want you to release
from the treasure room in

Heaven what is
rightfully ours.

HS: Before I pray, I want
to ask to lay down our

lives, and say, God, it
doesn’t matter how much

You bless me. I
want to serve You.

I want to be
faithful to You.

I want to stay in
the fear of God,

so that everything which
comes into my, into my hands,

I use for Kingdom purposes.

I use according Your will,
Lord, God.

We present our lives, and
we present our

before You, Oh Lord. And
we ask You, Father God,

forgive us. Forgive us.

Forgive our forefathers
for, for using money,

for using Father, wealth,
for purposes to establish

other Covenants with
other deities, using it

for Covenants which
are not pleasing to You.

We repent for all these
things. Forgive us,

Oh Lord, and we present
You our bloodline.

And Father God, as
you have forgiven us,

Father God, we say,
please redeem us from

these Covenants. Cleanse
us from every Covenant.

So in the Name of Jesus,
everyone who has laid

down his life, everyone who
has made Jesus the King

and the Lord of his life,
I break every curse,

every curse in the Name
of Jesus. And I proclaim

to the enemy, we are
dead. So I proclaim

and I declare, for
the enemy to release

the treasures of Heaven
which were stolen

from our ancestors,
to release them right now,

in the Name of Jesus.

Release the properties,
release the gold,

release the silver,
release the money.

Release it in Jesus’
mighty Name!


It’s not just in the area of
finances and wealth.

But these Covenants are
also resolved in areas of

relationship, health, even
the relationship between

you and God. Where
you felt, I believe in God,

but I can’t connect
very much. Yes, He is my

Father, but I know there
is more of that. Even these

areas are resolved,
redeeming your bloodline,

so that you can
have not just a new

relationship with God, but a
deeper relationship with God,

where faith rises in
you, love rises in you,

hope rises in you,
trust rises in you.

Every aspect, every
aspect of our lives,

and every area of our
lives are attached to this

redeeming your bloodline.
And that’s what God

has for you. That’s
what Jesus did on

the cross for you and for
me. And that’s what He

wants us to experience, and
to live out in Jesus’ Name.


And Father God, we
say, Father, judge.

Judge, Father, on our
behalf, but not because

of us, but because of your
Name’s sake. [Applause].

SR: And God is saying,
“It’s not by might,

it’s not by power. But it
is by My Spirit that prayer

is being answered.”

HS: Amen!