Dr. Francis Myles wants you to learn how to demolish your unseen opposition and move into covenant destiny. It begins with breakthrough prayer and your kingdom authority! Dr. Francis Myles received a groundbreaking revelation from God that uncovers the way for you to issue “divine restraining orders” against Satan in the Courts of Heaven. Now you can begin to have your prayers answered—without unforeseen delays! Co-author Robert Henderson agrees.

you imagine my guests are Jesus pull one

thousand demons out of a single woman

want to hear the most amazing thing that

have been next



welcome to my world where it’s naturally


my guest dr. Francis miles is in South

Africa in a tent meeting and they bring

a woman that has been insane for 20

years what happened they bring into the

crusade and she has no leak like she has

no essence of being here the men that

were holding her had to hold her all the

time because she was trying to run out

then when I when the Lord brought me

closer to pray for her

I saw the I saw a spirit gate open a

body got opened up and I saw a spirit

and a speed was surrounded we thought

what looked like a beehive of thousands

of demons with twinky eyes and and in a

spirit spoke to me in English you

shouldn’t speak English shouldn’t speak

English and she speaks in English and

she says to her spirit sesame seed

Francis helped me it was the most

desperate cry I’ve ever had in my life

and in that moment the fire God came

upon me and my interpreter said I put my

finger on on her head and I said in the

name of your sure unroll and when I did

that I had I saw their golden hand of

Jesus go into her body and begin to pour

their spirit they were tied to each

other – like a long tail and they began

to come out like that and when when the

last one came out it’s like Jesus threw

the whole string of these demons in one

string and the woman fell back with the

people were holding her back and but and

she recovered first total healed and



otherwise 20 years insane of establish

that was her fate for her whole life she

wasn’t eating in the trash cans of the

community she was well known now I know

and you know that the devil is terrified

at this divine revelation that you

received of restraining orders from the

courtroom before we even get into this

tell me the circumstances of how you got

this revelation yes I was driving from a

crusade way out sin blind eyes open

devious open was listening during

cannoli song jesus is alive and I was

coming towards this a street light and

when I was coming close to it the Holy

Spirit says I when you get to the light

I want you to don’t go through it go to

the right and take the longer route to

go to your house well when I got to the

light instead of doing what the Holy

Ghost has suggested why I told me to do

I went right through it I went as far as

the next in the next slide before I had

a bang and I was speeding because a

truck had hit me from behind I was in a

borrowed car

it was tortoise a seed and I was

terrified much more for the cutter for

my whole life you know and what I’m

standing the police arrive and they find

the guy who hit my car did not even have

a driver’s license no insurance so I had

to do this I had to repair this cover

myself and in the Holy Spirit says to me

in that moment when I put an order on

you not to go through you better listen

to what I’m saying that became the seed

that will now be would now bodied used

to excite this entire level ation on

issuing divine restraining orders from

the courts of heaven


the coin to the courtrooms of heaven but

one of the most famous men that has

taught on this he heard your revelation

and What did he say

Oh Robert Henderson was in my church and

because I deliberation I said I want to

test it in front of robot that’s the

robot of my test it in front of you

because one of the fathers of the

courtroom a revelation said okay let me

listen to it when he had me teach on

issuing divine restraining orders he

says oh my god I have never had this

before and nobody is talking about this

side of the judicial government of God

and so he got me in touch with my

publishers destiny image and that’s how

we got the book out explain to me what a

divine restraining order is a divine

restraining order is a restraining or

protective order that is issued by the

courts of heaven to protect a person of

destiny institution business or nation

in situations involving clear and

present danger to the preordained

purposes of God and once you get this

restraining order who enforces it you

see this is the power of restraining

orders this is why the devil is

terrified of the body of christ seed

understanding the liberation of

restraining orders because even in the

natural realm one of the most one of the

judicial orders that’s more sought after

in the United States based attest –ax

is restraining orders why because when

your restraining order is issued by the

judge the judge and the court are now

responsible for its enforcement so in

heaven when our Heavenly Father was a

righteous judge therefore gives you a

restraining order the devil is in

trouble because now they have

the writers judge he has to enforce the

restraining order not the person it’s

protecting so the enforcer is not the

police department for God God himself

I like that give me a biblical example

of a restraining order one of them is

your people to see the Jewish people

they’re coming out of out of the promise

out of Egypt because God has told them

to go to Iceland and then they come

across the the Moabites and they say

King Balak wants to curse them because

afraid Israel might take his property

and he goes to a witch by the name of

Balaam to try to curse them and then an

angel appears and Goods a restraining

order on Balaam and tells them you can

ever curse Israel and he couldn’t custom


this principle of divine restraint oh

yeah that’s a big one when I was writing

the book the Lord spoke to me said

Francis these days there is no way for

me to give anybody true galio authority

without putting in the mandate

restraining principle because the bottom

line is this God can never use a man or

woman they cannot restrain and God said

to me this is why I put the tree of the

knowledge of good and evil in the Garden

of Eden it’s because I needed to give

Adam and Eve legitimate authority over

the animal kingdom over the fowl of the

air over the earth but authority as a

matter can never exist without the

restraining principle so I put a little

I put 1/3 they couldn’t every tree they

could eat from except one tree so that

tree they could not eat from was the

only trick giving them authority over

the garden the moment they touched it

they lost authority because in the

kingdom godly Authority ends when the

restraining principle protecting it is

rock is broken

give me some biblical examples well this

unperfect biblical examples you know one

of them one of them is Samson Samson was

told by God that you can have

supernatural power over the Philistines

provided you do not cut your hair

that was the restraining principle upon

his life well he made Delilah and

decided you know what the girl was more

important than the restraining order so

he told her the secret of why he was

supernaturally used by God and you know

what she did she cut his ear overnight

and in court for the Philistines and you

know what I’ve been to some son he was

little his eyes were gouged out and he

became a public spectacle expectable

because he broke the restraining

principle God put upon his authority we

find that with King Saul you know he was

not supposed as in Israel as coming from

the tribe of Benjamin it was not his

place to offer an offering to the Lord

that was for the priest of his right to

do that Samsung had told the Samuel told

him wait for me but he couldn’t do it

and so he offered as I was a priest so

by breaking that restraining order

Samsung Samuel said you waifu because

now your kingdom has been taken away

from you that’s how he lost the kingdom


richness of your teaching into them and

start operating in these divine

restraining orders no wonder it’s the

devil’s worst nightmare tell me about

the Delilah spirit the Lila spirit is a

spirit Satan’s to incense into your life

if you are cutting anything of substance

for the kingdom because the purpose of

the Delilah spirit is to find what is to

find the key to your consecration and

break it because once it’s broken the

Delilah spirit knows God cannot use

people you cannot restrain

purposes that could by restraining order

some of the areas yes some of the areas

divine restraining orders kara is you

know restraining is protecting territory

there’s also is divine restraining

orders for restraining ungodly violent

behavior and in the days we are living

in with mass shootings boy do we need

that restraining order and then is

restraining orders for restraining

storms and hurricanes these forces of

nature from destroying God’s property

then there are divine restraining orders

that restrain God’s servants who have

got a high calling so that you can’t

behave like anybody else because you are

carrying a heavy weight for the kingdom

and then the divine restraining orders

that I designed to restrain Satan

himself so the amounts producers of

restraining orders I’ll tell you what

dr. miles will pray for you in the

courts of heaven next when we return dr.

Francis Myles received a revelation from

God that uncovers the way for you to

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government behind the court you will

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devil because is the judge what gave you

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call or write today i’ve got two parts

of me one part is interest in the

visible world other part is God’s bless

me I have a very logical brain so I want

from a logical viewpoint what’s the

first thing we have to do to get a

divine restraining order the first thing

we have to do seed to get the divine

restraining order from the righteous

judge is to repent absolutely to repent

I don’t even hear that word anymore

well listen there are people now are

teaching was saying that under grace we

don’t have to repent I think really

that’s really the morning strategy to

rob our authority from coming before the

court of heaven

because now see the word repentance

simply means to be right standing it

literally means to turn back in and come

into alignment with the governing

authority how can we come before God

asking him to restrain the devil when we

are not restrained that’s a legal right

that ever has to argue argue never can

argue against us in the court of heaven

and say Lord why would they restrain me

you know why would they come in to

restrain me when they want to say listen

to you so repentance allows us to come

before God and say God as I come to ask

for something I really need for you to

do for me Lord I realize that the areas

where I have broken your word we have

not worked like you and think that the

blood of Jesus was shed for just things

like that you want to be in a right

place when you are asking there is

nothing in the court where the enemy can

contest what you are trying to request

from the court tell me about the woman

your church that needed a vine

restraining order oh I mean I have you

know much it is very much a ratio so I

think this is one of my Caucasian

members she came to my office on a

Sunday morning see the worship was going

I could hear in the background but she

wanted to see me eyes away a bloodshot

and idealized I said oh what’s what

happened to you actually said I’ve been

crying all night she said to me I can’t

live like this and then just tears began

to come to us and then she said well I

used to be I just have a good marriage

until one day I found my husband was

cheating you know in our in our much

ammonia bed with a woman half of his age

devastated me he ran out with this woman

he says but I was getting healed from it

but the problem is we’ve got two

children together and he says dr. Marrs

every time he comes to pick the children

so he can spend time with them he comes

with a woman that broke my marriage like

it’s like fronting it in my face and

then he sometimes is very verbally

abusive to me in front of the girl that

destroyed my marriage and she prized I’m

a son of God I can’t be treated like

this I’m no trash

I perceive what the point of breaking

down and in that moment the Holy Spirit

or ask her from sin tell her to ask her

that she wanted a device that she wanted

restraining order so I said to us as a

sister gods do you want a restraining

order she thought I’m talking about

going to natural courts she actually

says no I would like to get one but I

don’t have the money to take longer to

go I don’t have an attorney I said I’m

not talking about natural restraining

orders he says as you’re talking to me

you heavenly father has heard your cry

and is asking me do you want me to bring

you before him to get the divine

restraining order against this man’s


she said you mean God issues restraining

orders and of course is the righteous

judge he’s the first judge she said

let’s do it so I said what do you want

she said I want him to stop insulting me

and she said I want him to stop coming

to collect the children with this woman

who broke our marriage and thirdly the

kids have been begging to go and see my

grandparents who live in another state

every time I beg him to take them to

take my children that is promised me you

go to the Phoenix Police Department and

and file kidnapping charges so the kids

can’t even go and see their grandparents

I need those three things so we went

before the court of heaven and we asked

for restraining order against this man

in those areas see it’s less than 48


the man calls her and he’s crying on the

phone he says I said to her I do not

know why I’ve treated you so miserably

you don’t deserve it

you didn’t broke the covenant I did I

did he said listen I want to make amends

I wanna make amends and he said here is

what I’m gonna do and it begins to spew

out what was in the divine restraining

order he said number one he says to her

he says I promise you whenever I come to

take the children now I will not bring

this woman with me she’ll remain behind

I’ve already told you don’t deserve to

relive the affair number two I am so

sorry for the verbally abusive I’ve been

towards you I am sorry

I’ll never do it again he says number

three you’ve been trying to take the

children out of state you have my

permission to take them out of state


talk about a man from Germany leaves his

wife his daughter goes to another

country tell me about that restraining

order yes there’s a woman who hears

about me teaching I was doing an online

Bible study on issuing divine

restraining orders from the courts of

heaven and she happened to logging into

the court from Germany as soon as she

heard me teach on restraining orders she

began she she she began she began a cry

she realized this was the missing link

she had tried everything said her

husband had left overnight without even

telling her she came home to a note that

Torah I’m done with the marriage and and

he left her and the daughter and went to

another European country and then a

couple months later the

the proceeding for divorce began to

happen within the German court system so

Felicia has not hit for me something in

a way is but when she iced in she went

before sit to the month either led by

the holy spirit to go before the court

by myself using the lead to a head about

who you told me and I asked my Heavenly

Father the righteous judge for

restraining order against a spirit that

is behind my husband not wanting to be

the king and the prophet of the priests

of our family she said I within 24 hours

he calls me and he said he has not

called me in almost 12 months he calls

me and he’s crying on the other side of

the phone he said she said to her wife

I’m so sorry I abandoned you if you if

it’s okay with you if you can still have

me I want to come back for because I

really want to become the husband I

should have been I am so sorry said

please come right now is in Germany and

it’s like they’re having a honeymoon

again it’s one of the so helpful things

in your book beyond someone has to read

it to get this revelation deep within

them the teaching here’s the teaching is

revelation itself but then you have 18

prayers for 18 different things that

people may need restraining orders for

tell me some of those prayers what do

they cover oh my god we’ve got any

prayer again fully listening divine

restraining orders against premature

death and then we’ve got a prayer

against restraining witchcraft we’ve got

a prayer that for restraining the spirit

of terrorism we’ve got prayers for for

restraining covenant marriage breakers I

mean this thing is loaded and what we

have done is I wanted to make sure seed

that people’s journey to the court of

heaven is successful that was important

to me because I know God does not bend

at the whim of human emotion God is God

and God always wants what he wants you

can’t manipulate God by emotion but you

can move in

by the word so we made sure that the

prayers we are for lack of a better word

foolproof but they are greeted in such a

way that when you go to the court of

heaven it won’t be a journey in vain

when you come back the restraining order

will be issued art would be to have

every one of your sins washed away I

want you to say this prayer I want this

to be a new beginning for you but I want

you to have your own encounter with God

I want you to open the door with your

own mouth repeat this prayer and mean it

to the best of your knowledge repeat

this after me

dear God I’ve committed many sins and

I’m so sorry

I believe the blood of Jesus washes them

away and God you have no memory of them


and I’m clean and now that I’m clean

make my body the temple of your Holy

Spirit Jesus come inside of me I call

you Lord amen

Sid Roth here with dr. Francis miles and

Francis we were talking on the phone

we’ve just done a show on the

restraining divine restraining orders

from the courtrooms of heaven and you

said to me the glory is the highest

restraining order explain that to us yes

when I was dealing with the issue of the

issuing divine restraining orders God

said to me Francis I want you to know

something that the glory the Chabad the

Shekinah glory that will come in doing

in Israel said to me the glory is the

highest divine restraining order in the

universe period you see when the glory

comes down it restrains both the devil

and man at the same time that’s it to me

people you can have flesh misbehaving in

the anointing now what in the anointing

flesh can show up but in the glory flesh

he shut down and demons are shut down

I don’t know if you heard the second

part he said in the glory flesh is shut


but demons are shut down that means the

way I envision this and you correct me

if I’m wrong the glory is going to be so

thick around us that no demon can

penetrate it no demon a sickness

no demon appear I can’t even penetrate

that chlorine your honor percent 100%

right that’s why God said this is why in

the last days the biggest protection for

my people is working and living in the

glory well I want you to take us I just

almost step one two three take us into

the courtroom of heaven for our divine

restraining order and then pray it over

us in the camera yes I want to take you

before the whatever you are you know

let’s go before the court of heaven just

remember that the judge is your father

who sent His only begotten Son to die

for you so he welcomes you you you you

welcomes your entrance into the

courtroom this is not a courtroom where

you have to be scared because your

father controls the courtroom so let’s

stay fixed it’s fixed Amen hallelujah

praise the Lord Amen so just pray this

prayer after me and just say this after

me say say Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father I thank you for the

privilege I thank you for the proof that

you give me about the blood of Jesus

that you’ve given me relative access the

core of heaven to access the court of


I come before the court of heaven I come

before the court I’m asking that the

court be seated I am asking the spirit

be seated according to Daniel 7 verse 10

according to Daniel 7 verse 2 here my

case to hear my case Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father I repent as I come

before the courtroom as I come before

the court for sins known and unknown

persons known and no know that the devil

could use that the temple could use as

legal grounds as available ground to try

to impede my progress to try and impede

my car in the court of heaven in the

court of heaven I thank you Father I

thank you Father I’m now washed by the

blood of Jesus and I’m now washed by the

blood and cleanse of all sin and cleanse

opposed Heavenly Father Heavenly Father

as they come before you actually come

seeking a divine restraining order

seeking a divine restraining I do not do

it by myself I do not do if I’m asking

my attorney I’m actually my advocate my

advocate the Lord Jesus

poverty’s stand before me to stand

behind you my case and argue my case way

divine restraining order for a divine

restraining against premature death

against premature

I need a divine restraining order I

needed a defined restraining order

against the spirit of witchcraft against

the spirit of which what I’m asking for

divine is training order I’m asking for

divine restraining or against financial

robbers against financial right in Jesus

name in Jesus Neville II father I’m

asking bets upon the finished work of

the Cross that based upon the finished

work of the cross may you assigned to me

you were signed to this divine

restraining orders this restrained

serving because it is my right by the

word because it’s mark right by the

world because of the price Jesus paid

because the price trees to have this

divine restraining orders is this to

find restraining or in the name of the

Lord Jesus Lord Heavenly Father as you

give me this divine restraining orders

you give me this divine restraint thank

you for assigning high ranking angelic

officers of the courts and share like

officers to enforce this divine

restraining orders who enforce this

refinery on earth here on or may Satan

on any of his demons and any other state

oh you is human agents or exterminators

be held in contempt of court be held in

contempt immediately

Emilia by this holy angels 5 his holy

nation try should they even try violate

this divine restraining order I like

this rest our finest I received by faith

I received by His divine restraining

orders to find saying because we know it

is written because we know this right

if we ask anything if we ask anything

according to your will father a career

well you hear us you hear us I have

asked this I’ve asked this in the name

of your son in the name according to the

will of God and according to the words

so i receive them by faith so i received

them but in Jesus name in Jesus name



you put in we prayed for a divine

restraining order against premature

death yes what about all those that are

in the studio audience that are watching

us right now that are sick in their body

maybe not unto death or maybe on to

death but just have various pains and


is there a restraining order to or how

would you pray against that the Lord

says foot spoke to me he said to me

there is training old against premature

death comes loaded with healing power

because premature death is premature

death whether you die by disease or by

accident so once it’s issued God begins

to take out of your life whatever can

cause premature death so I just declare

that the healing power of God is being

released over those that are watching us

and even our studio agents will receive

your healing right now because God is

releasing the healing anointing when we

issue that restraining order when

they’ll heaven if at least not defending

what against premature death I want to

check your body because you just began

to get healed in Jesus name so they can

someone take you out of here before your

time is no matter what the disease was

it will not take you out before your

appointed time

I fast you one more thing because you

are a prophet what do you see coming to

America I believe that there is another

wave of God’s supernatural power coming

I really believe that the church in

America is about to graduate from the

anointing into the realm of the glory

and a lot of the stuff we are dealing

with in the church today we are going to

begin to see God begin to shut them down

there’s been too much flesh in the

church in the American church I mean

that’s because we the flesh can survive

in the anointing but the glory is about

to take back the house and give it back

to God it’s that sort of like Ananias

and Sapphira and an essence of Pharisee

you see in the anointing you can lie in

the glory you die so the glory brings

with it the fear of the Lord that’s why

shuts down demons and flesh that’s

another thing besides repentance I don’t

hear much about the fear of the Lord

well there are people now are saying the

grace message that now being preached

absorbs us from the fear of the Lord and

I’m saying nothing can be more satanic

because if you don’t fear God in who I

mean Jesus actually walked in the fear

of the Lord okay

if how can you be under grace and not

working the fear of the Lord and yet the

one who brought grace the Bible says you

he prayed day and night because he

feared he was heard because he feared

Hebrews chapter 5 so Jesus was heard by

his father because he prayed and walked

in the fear of the Lord so how can you

how can the man who brought us Grace

walk in the fear of the Lord but the

recipients of grace don’t walk in the

fear of the Lord doesn’t make sense to


and tell me just before we go off the

air this book is so important that we’re

making available what will happen when

people read this book why did you really

write this the Lord said to me I’m first

and foremost I want to speak to the

intercessory prayer movement all over

the world the Lord said to me Francis

I’m giving you this too for the body of

Christ because the prayer movement

around the world has plateaued and this

is a – to take the prayer movement to

another realm of authority and

breakthrough that is never had before

but for just ordinary Christians or just

dealing with stuff in your life this

book is a game-changer because the devil

cannot resist the authority of God once

a restraining order is in place you know

why because Satan himself is an officer

of the court of heaven and it doesn’t

want to be held in contempt I’ll tell

you what I don’t have anything to say

except amen so