Imagine living life free from bondage to the fear of death. How differently would you live life? Be set free today from the fear of death as you listen to this powerful resurrection Sunday message by Joseph Prince. See how Jesus, through His death and resurrection, has defeated the devil, conquered death and secured victory forever more for you. Understand what it means to dwell in the secret place of the Most High—the place of divine protection and long life—and experience death being put under your feet in all your circumstances. Hear this liberating message and step into a fear-free life today!


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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm


the Bible tells us that death is an

enemy to God just like sin is an enemy

to God the devil is an enemy to God

death is an enemy to God it’s never

God’s plan that man should die that’s

why God hates death the way he hates sin

God hates death and presently we gonna

see that the scripture says that the

last enemy they’ll be put under the feet

of Jesus is death

look at this verse the Bible tells us

verse 14 Hebrews – inasmuch then as the

children has taught taken of flesh and

blood Jesus himself likewise shed in the

same that through death he might destroy

him who had the power of death that is

the devil that tells us clearly that

death is not from God but does that make

the devil powerful in the sense that he

has the power there’s no friend the

devil does not have any power in and of

himself but what he borrows let me

explain there is something that got

ordained or I caught the law and the

Bible says very clearly that the law

brings death in fact the tree of

knowledge of good and evil

notice thought the knowledge of good and

evil is not called the tree of death it

is not called the tree of sin it’s

called the tree of knowledge of good and

evil today what is the knowledge of good

and evil the law God says don’t eat from

that tree the day you eat it you shall

die even today for believers God says

you know when God first gave the law

3,000 people died at the foot of Mount

Sinai when God gave the spirit on the

day of Pentecost 3,000 people were safe

listen carefully friend because of man’s

sin everybody’s gonna die but Jesus did

something for us the Bible say that

through death he destroyed the devil who

had the power of death and released

those who through fear of death were all

their lifetime subject

to bondage look at this versus isn’t it

clear that God has done something about

our fear of death there must be a

revelation that we must receive today

that caused us

no longer to be afraid of death but if

you have this idea anytime you can die

anytime the devil can take your number

then friend you are not free from the

fear of gas and you glad you came today

obviously Jesus Christ has done

something to release us and the Bible

says that through death he destroyed the

devil I love that would destroy the word

then the greek kappa yo means to deprive

the power deprive the devil of the power

to bankrupt him – and now him to put him

to not the one who had the power of


remember how he does it it comes to you

accuses you you miss the devil people

think the devil is like you know when

you take the lift alright you see an

angel saying going up say no no no the

leaf closes then the leaf opens again

after for a while you see a devil in red

underwear with a pitchfork if it’s going

down that’s when you run isn’t it but

it’s not like that many times the devil

comes as an angel of light it can come

to the mouth of a preacher even and you

start thinking alright it’s all about

you it’s all about you it’s all about

you friend is not about you it’s all

about christ from Genesis to Revelation

is all about Jesus Christ and it’s about

us only in him the devil wants you focus

on you got once you focus on his son

just like David when David knocked down

Goliath the Bible says he ran towards

Goliath and he took Goliath’s sword and

decapitated him amen he knew how to get

a hit in life

now in the same way David use Goliath

own sword Jesus used something the devil

will that deaf itself

he used death to put an end to death are

you listening people in other words the

law must be clashing that the law must

be met God’s law is holy don’t

misunderstand me

they cannot make us holy it is perfect

but I cannot protect us it cannot make

us perfect thereby listen carefully the

the devil uses what is holy that’s the I

want to say coup de Gras but the word

Christ there’s grace it is his master

achievement to use something holy so you

never guess it is him and to tell you

you’ve come short so that you expect bad

things and even death to happen

are you listening people all right so

Jesus became a man in fact that’s a

reason why he was born as a baby

remember and then they wrapped him in

swaddling clothes the same kind that

they were used for a corpse and then

they put him where in a stone manger you

go to Israel today you understand that

during Jesus time all right

when when they bury someone they buried

them in a stony tomb they lay him on a

stony base amen

so Jesus the baby was laid wrap up as if

it’s a cops in swaddling clothes laid in

a stony manger he was the only baby born

to die friend God’s law must be met

it must be met we have broken it we’re

gonna just say you know God can I just

say boys will be boys sweep everything

under the carpet no sin must be met must

be paid punishment must be executed or

else the the fabric of the whole

universe will collapse if God is not

righteous God is not just God is not

holy the entire fabric of the universe

will disintegrate no God must punish sin

but God does not want to punish sin in

your body I call this the divine dilemma

so but then God is above

every dilemma in his wisdom God knew

that the only way for sin to be punished

is that it must be paid the only way the

law can be fulfilled is a somebody meet

all the requirements of the law

and so God in His love sent his son so

don’t have this idea people that Jesus

is tender and and wonderful shepherd but

God is turned or I God is demanding no

no it was God who so loved the world

that God gave His only begotten Son that

whoever believes in Him amen the triune

God is involved in your redemption in

your freedom from the fear of death in

your freedom from judgment hallelujah

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once you’re safe you have the Holy

Spirit but there is a new something

called the flesh it is not your body it

the bytes in your body is called they’re

part of you that wants to do wrong the

self life all right just like a pebble

in this in the shoe can trouble you so

that’s the the flesh is there is the

part of you that wants to do wrong now

you are not flesh if you are a believer

you have the flesh but you are not the

flesh you are in the spirit



he didn’t just die for us Jesus died s

us pastor I am struggling that is not

your true self your true self before God

in God’s eyes is the man at God’s right




we all want victory amen God won’t be

bound to anything all right there’s no

condemnation the Bible says it clearly

in all that we are sharing understand

this Jesus took your condemnation at the

cross he bore your condemnation God will

never condemn you for your addiction

never the way to overcome our spotlight

is not even to try trying makes it worse

it’s like a man in a quicksand the more

you try the more he goes in so does it

mean we just indulge of course not all

right the whole idea of falling back

into the arms of the one who was raised

from the dead is that he will cause you

to walk in victory