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Luke 23:43 43 so let’s paint the picture

if you will imagine with me Jesus on the

cross you know they say when your life

is coming to an end that your whole life

flashes before your eyes so there he is

on the cross perhaps in his mind going

through all of the many trials and

tribulations and challenges of being

chosen and while he is on the cross

someone interrupts his highlight-reel

imagine with me you have but a few

minutes to recount all of what your life

has meant and right in the process of

that someone says excuse me as if there

is a not a better time to really ask any

questions and so we see our Savior on

the cross and this gentleman who was on

the cross beside him asked him if you

really are the Savior then save yourself

and save us instead of you know trying

to come to terms with why you feel

forsaken or the wounds and stripes that

you had to bear please take a moment and

save me have you ever had someone try to

call out for an SOS when you were in the

middle of your own struggle

as if it was just that easy to say okay

I will save you and myself as soon as I

get finished bleeding all over the place

has anyone ever been unreasonable with

your wounds had they ever expected more

from you than you could possibly give in

the moment and so before Jesus could

even answer his request the other guy

says but the other answering rebuked him

saying do you not even fear God seeing

you are under the same condemnation and

we indeed justly for we receive the due

reward of our deeds but this man has

done nothing wrong I want us to be

careful of people who convinced us to

abandon the work we’re doing to Jordan

to enjoy the pleasure and rewards of who

we are you see he’s on the cross in the

midst and struggle of the work that he

has altom utley been born to do and

someone reminds him that there is an

easy way out that you have the power to

give up in the middle of your struggle

that you don’t have to take this anymore

even though you have faith enough to

believe that resurrection is on the

other side of this moment you could give

in and give up right now and you could

convince us all to do the same that’s

the incredible things about being

influencers is that if you give up you

can teach others how to give up too

then he said to Jesus Lord remember me

when you come into your kingdom

and Jesus said to him

assuredly I say to you today you will be

with me

in Paradise what is before Christ’s work

was completed on the earth he had to

save one thief on a cross and in order

for him to save that thief on the cross

he would have to be willing to look like

one that sure he had performed signs and

wonders and miracles but there was just

one more soul he needed to touch before

he left would you be willing to be

humiliated for the sake of saving

someone to lay naked on a cross with no

pride filling abandoned and rejected and

abused to save one person would you be

willing to go through that to save

yourself we catch the Jesus in an

incredible moment on the cross because

he feels the most Forsaken yes he had

yet he has an opportunity to still do

what he’s been called to do you see your

gift doesn’t leave you no matter what

cross or parade or Palm Sunday exists

you are who you are whether you are in

the club or in the church on a Good

Friday you see when the hand of God is

on your life


when he has set you apart and set you

aside even when you are bleeding all

over the place and have no idea what

possible purpose could be produced from

the pain you are still God’s he went

through the suffering so that you could

have that right that royalty in your

bloodline that’s why he stayed on the

cross when he could have saved himself

because he knew that there was going to

be someone who looks just like us who

would say I really believe in who you

are and I’ve done a lot of wrong in my

life but if I could just correct

someone’s misinformation about you if I

am my own mess could show the love of

Jesus and the light of Jesus in the

middle of my own despair and depression

then maybe just maybe would you remember

me have you ever just hoped that God

would remember you when we find Jesus on

the cross he’s going through his own

struggle he has his own tears to cry his

own pain to feel yet he stopped for a

moment to remind someone that even in

the midst of what I’m going through I

see you have you ever felt like God

could be a little too busy for you

anytime you turn on CNN it would be very

easy to convince yourself that he

certainly has other things to be worried

about yet he remembers you and I want to

know tonight if you live a life worth

remembering not in the world this isn’t

about our name being in lights in the

world knowing our name

can you tell Jesus remember me when you

look back over my life when you see all

of the good bad and ugly of being me can

you please remember my name you see

sometimes we have to choose between

Jesus saved me and Jesus remember me

what is the difference

save me means remove this pain from me

remember me says even if the pain

doesn’t go away if nothing at all

changes and and I have to pay for every

wrong I’ve ever done and the

relationship is never healed and I’m

never exactly as happy or as successful

or as wealthy or as beautiful or as

skinny or as whatever as I want to be

remember me remember that I am dying

while trying


and I just happened to be crazy enough

to believe that we see a Jesus on the

cross who died trying that he died still

saving souls and he looked over at him

and he thought that at the gentlemen on

the cross and he saw a thief who was

still trying to to rob himself of the

consequences of his actions

and then he saw another thief who said

simply remember me we may have to pay

some consequences we may have to carry

our own crosses we may have to look at

other people succeed and wonder if the

reason why we can’t make it is because

of that one thing or something that

happened that no one else knows about

but Jesus has offered us an opportunity

to be remembered in his kingdom so that

we can make it in paradise with him and

I want to know if any of us are living a

life worth remembering you see the

reality is that Jesus still had work to

do even on the cross I don’t know about

you but I have these days where I wish

life would just take a day off

it’s not that I don’t want to deal with

you I just need to pause for a 12 hours

just 12 not even no full 24 hours just

hold everything back for just a minute

so that I can suffer in peace so that I

can feel forsaken in peace without

anyone asking me to do anything or

asking me to to find the divinity inside

of me I just want to take a moment to be

broken and that was robbed from him

because he was chosen and it has been

robbed from you time after time after

time and maybe instead of looking for an

opportunity to be saved we should

actually live a life where we can be



so tonight we commemorate a Good Friday

what is so good about suffering what is

so good about being humiliated what is

so good about having to war with being

Forsaken and chosen at the same time

what is so good about confusion and what

makes a good Friday is so good is the

cross that in spite of all of those

feelings and emotions that resurrection

and second third fourth fifth sixth

seventh chances still exist

they say that this thief who who acts

for God for Jesus to remember him

perhaps could have known Jesus at

another time and had a chance to to rob

a Joseph and Mary in Jesus and instead

he didn’t and that’s why they had a

kinship but there is no no true

historical connection between the thief

and Jesus until this moment on Calvary

and so all we know in this moment is

that we have a dying sinner reaching out

to a dying Savior and saying if you were

dying and you’re making it to the other

side take me with you our thieves

allowed to go he didn’t ask that he

didn’t ask what the criteria was he just

trusted and who he was enough that he

didn’t care what his background was he

just believed that he had a chance

and maybe our biggest struggle will not

be living a life of perfection perhaps

our biggest struggle will be living a

life of believing that in spite of what

we’ve gone through that the beauty of

the cross exists for us too that we can

look over in the midst of our own

thieving and robbing of emotions and in

time and faith and and that God is still

accessible to us and that a place can

still be reserved for us and so I don’t

know about you but on this Friday above

all things that I’m going to pray for

the most important is that I will live a

life worth remembering not in the world

not only capito you I want to say Jesus

remember me remember I tried remember I

didn’t always get it right but remember

I learned every single time remember

that it took me a while to walk away

from the thing that hurt me but when I

did I felt stronger than I thought

possible remember that I learned and

that I bumped my head and I have all of

these scars and all of these wounds but

I trusted you know we’re not perfect no

we won’t always get it right but we can

be memorable would you stand with me as

I pray

I don’t know how many of us can look

back on our lives and say that we’ve

lived one worth remembering I’m not sure

how many of us are still dealing with

the fact that we run across in the first

place that we can’t see the beauty of

being closer to God that had this thief

had the vantage point of everyone else

on the ground that he wouldn’t have been

able to whisper into Jesus’s ear perhaps

you are suffering even in the midst of

being perhaps wrong so that you can be

closer to him he was willing to to be on

a cross with those they say are thieves

and unworthy of being with the king of

kings and Lord of lords but he’s willing

to go as far and as low as he has to go

to win you and all I’m encouraging to

you to do on this evening instead of

saying lord save me just say simply

remember me father God thank you so much

for the opportunity that we have to be

remembered that in spite of all that

we’ve done that you’ve given us a new

breath and a new day and a fresh

opportunity to change our ways into and

to climb higher and say as for more

capacity and more work to do in your

name Oh God so let us not be so clouded

with the world’s idea of having our name

in life that we missed a habit in the

book of life that if there is anywhere

that our name should be written for

eternity let it be in the book of life

let it be in your kingdom may you look

over our lives and and see all of us not

just the beautiful parts

may you see the miracles the signs and

wonders and the disappointments that

formed us and shaped us and may you say

well done my good and faithful servant

we humble ourselves in your presence O

God and we say strip us away of

everything that keeps us from being

close enough to whisper in your ear

strip us down to nothing Oh God so that

you may increase in our lives Oh God

pull us back and you lead the way order

our steps Oh God

direct our moves more wisdom more grace

Oh God

more opportunity to shine boy love may

it overflow in our lives Oh God and then

into this world have your way with us we

tried it our way we got it messed up and

yet you have still given us this day to

start things anew and so we say thank

you for the suffering on the cross so

God we say thank you for the the depths

and lengths in which you are to go to

save someone who could have been just as

wrong as the thief Oh God

thank you that it applies for us to that

there is no criterion there is no

requirement that you said come as you

are and so here we are broken and abused

and stripped down Oh God and we say

bleeding will follow you wounded will

follow you misunderstood we will follow

you we will stand to make your name

great in this world because you suffered

for us we will certainly learn to suffer

for you so thank you God for our present

sufferings that we know are

strengthening us so God thank you God

for the wounds in and the tears and the

bruises along the way Oh God for we know

that all things are working together for

our good thank you for the promise that

is on our lives Oh God for the head

in the heads of protection that has kept

us alive Oh God

and so we dedicate this breath and we

dedicate this life to you Oh God

tomorrow is not promised but your grace

in your mercy is the same and so we take

advantage of God as you desire for us to

do of your grace we take advantage of

your mercy O God and we say teach us the

discipline of grace that it requires

suffering but that suffering is going to

work together for our good Oh God that

that suffering will make us more like

your people that we will be able to save

someone who was suffering just like us

and tell them about the time when we

whispered in Jesus ear and he said I

will be with you in paradise Oh God we

thank you for your promises and we thank

you for the ability to hear your voice

in this season in Jesus name Amen