Freddy Ramirez was shocked to see Jesus standing in his living room…

hello Sid Groth here and with my new

friend Freddie Ramirez and uh Freddie

had uh he did it again he provoked me to

jealousy I’ve many of my guests just

provoked me to jealousy Freddy you have

such a relationship with the Holy Spirit

uh and uh what happened it was about 18

years of age

um and he’s worshiping God

and he had a visitation he’ll let him

explain it in a minute uh from from


and he hasn’t been the same since he

wasn’t a prophet before

he has I have tested his gift of

Prophecy personally it’s real it’s legit

uh Freddie you’re 18 years old set the

stage for what happened

so I’m I’m young in the Lord and I’m

praying early in the morning at this

point in my life I’m really just hungry

and new in the Lord and I wake up 5 a.m

in the morning to pray in my home and I

go to my living room and it’s dark and

as I’m sitting in my living room I

notice that there is a light that just

comes off from the side and the best way

that I can really describe this is that

this light begins to consume every part

of my living room to the point where it

almost closes up uh and just takes me

out of my living room but I can still

see a part of my living room and now

that it’s consumed my living room all I

see is around me just this beautiful

forest with this light and and the most

beautiful trees and grass and flowers

that I’ve ever seen and I’m wondering

you said this wasn’t just a dream or a

vision it was more explain that this

this is not an inward Vision this was

something that was in real life I

remember I even try to like you know

wake myself up slap I even slapped

myself in the face to even try to

realize like Am I Dreaming am I

hallucinating but this was real this is

as real as I’m seeing you

um and the only thing that I recognize

from the living room that I was just

saying was just the chair and then the

chair that was next to me and then as I

look towards my towards my right side I

see Jesus walk out

and I knew it was Jesus because the

moment I saw him it was like my entire

body wanted to worship him there was

just such a Majesty of him because you

uh now I know this is difficult but what

did he look like to you

yes I I get that question asked a lot so

I will say this

um he did have like an olive uh colored


um he had a lot he had a short hair that

kind of came here he definitely had like

a Jewish nose I would say

um and but the the biggest feature that

the Lord showed me personally in this

time where I was seeing him was his eyes

now I know the book of relations to

describes his eye says eyes of fire but

what I’ve really learned is that he is

God and he can morph into anything he

desires and the Lord allowed me to

really look into his eyes and I saw the


as the best way that I could describe it

to you I saw the ocean it’s it wasn’t

just blue but it’s almost like when I

looked into his eyes I can see the

deafness the death of the ocean

and as I could see the depth of the

ocean I can feel the depth of the love

that he had for me

and he sat on the chair next to me

and I’ll never forget that I thought oh

my God

I I’ve had so many questions that I

wanted to ask you but now I’ve forgotten

them all because I can’t believe the

fact that you’re actually sitting right

next to me

and without saying anything Jesus just

smiled at me and that smile Sith just

put me at such an ease that it it made

me feel like

I’m not just talking to God I’m not just

talking to the king but I’m also talking

to my friend

and for one hour we begin to have an uh

a conversation about my life about all

these things that happened before in the


and he gives me instructions on what he

wants me to do and I remember he says I

have to go and he gets up

and I look at him and I say wait will we

do this again

and he looks at me and he says yes I’m

gonna teach you how to encounter me now

Sid I have to be honest with you in that

moment I thought wait that what what do

you mean you’re gonna teach me how to

encounter that doesn’t sound right am I

just gonna have access to just come in

through the throne of grace whenever I

want or am I just gonna walk you into

the throne room

but Jesus looked at me and said Freddie

you don’t understand it’s not about you

I want to teach you to encounter me so

that you can teach my people how to have

a deep intimate relationship with me and

know me personally

and after that

I just really began to follow the

instructions that the lord gave me and

so I remember what the Lord had told me

while we were having the conversation is

I want you to gather the young people

that you’re having at that time in the

church that I was in I was mentoring a

group of young people

and so we begin to have what we call the

vigils which were an all-night prayer

meetings and many times we would pray

from Midnight all the way to 6 a.m in

the morning

and I can tell you Sith I have

testimonies from so many people they

will come and be part of these meetings

that you know would happen so many times

um every almost every single person they

were they came to these meetings came

out with their own personal Encounter

With Jesus people having encounters with

angels having encounters where the Lord

Jesus Christ themselves and one of my

favorite moments that happened in these

visuals is when the glory of cloud would

come and at this time I was still new in

the Lord and I didn’t have any preparing

new people watching us right now and

that you say Glory Cloud I know what

you’re talking about being a Jew in

particular because the glory Cloud

followed my people for 40 years in the

wilderness and the pillar of fire

um but how would you describe the glory


the glory cloud is is what surrounds his

throne it’s one of the signs that he is

near and that his throne is near there

to you

um and and as you just to Echo really

what you just said when the Lord what

was with his people the Bible says there

was a cloud that would gather up in the

mountains and Moses would even go up to

the cloud to meet with the Lord and so

me being young not just in age but also

in the Lord not really understanding

what is going on but I remember that I

see this cloud and I’m trying to figure

out what is going on remember I look at

the walls and there’s water tripping

down from the walls and I’m thinking

well maybe there’s a broken faucet

somewhere or there’s a pipe that’s

broken that needs to be repaired yeah

what excuse me was this when you had

that visitation from Jesus

this was this was during while we were

praying individual wow so this this was

a teenagers okay yes so this this is in

this moment we’re just praying we’re

seeking the Lord we’re we’re giving God

a High Praise as I like to call it

and this begins to happen and it’s

interesting because even though I didn’t

understand why this visible Cloud was

there there were Miracles they were

breaking out there was Deliverance that

was breaking out people were falling

under the joy of the Lord and would no

one even taught us about that we didn’t

understand what was going on but we just

knew that the Lord was behind it so we

were just trusting him but I was still

confused about the visible cloud and the

water dripping down from the walls so I

told everybody okay well next week let’s

meet somewhere else and so the next week

we go to a bigger place and we make sure

is there going to be a uh a visible

cloud in this new place is the water

going to be dripping from the walls or

was it warming issue uh in the first

place so you go to a new place okay so

we got a new place we make sure and

notice nothing broken there’s no there’s

no leaky pipes that’s going to become an

issue you but the cloud shows up again

and as it shows up again it begins to

happen we see the spirit of God begin to

move where there’s Deliverance breaking

out Healing Begins to break out joy

begins to break out it’s almost like the

best way that I can describe it sin is

every single person in the room was

being ministered to In This Cloud by God

personally there was no Lane of hands

there was no one Speaking a word it was

almost like God was just taking complete


this is something I’ve been saying for a

while that when the full degree of the

presence of God the essence as you put

it when we were talking earlier the

essence of God himself shows up the

leader of the group has one

responsibility you know what it is get

out of God’s way don’t something he

touched man or woman for the hour get

out of his way he is in a hurry to

transform Society he’s so upset at what

the devil’s been doing with Society this

is God’s turn anyway I get so excited

about the guy but go ahead

absolutely and so we we just begin to

receive all of this and after that uh

there’s just such a growth I remember uh

we begin to grow in numbers more people

started receiving more of the power of

the Holy Spirit uh begin to speak in

tongues there were people that began to

speak in tongues without no one laying

hands or even telling them what tongues

was it it was just something that was

just completely Supernatural you know a

Pentecost or a shovel out no one gave a

10-point message of how to be baptized

in the Holy Spirit it just happened how

absolutely absolutely and it was just

something that was completely amazing

and it’s marked all of us since then

let me ask you something I want to jump

to another area because

I have to tell you I am overwhelmed I

talked to to Freddie Ramirez for the

first time on the telephone yesterday

and he tells me I I he didn’t tell me I

kind of got it out of him I I said you

prophesy over people now you did not

prophesy before he said no

and I said can you prophesy over

anyone you stand in front of he said yes

I said could you prophesy on the

telephone over me right now and uh

there’s a lot of things people know

about me because I’m on television I’ve

been on it on television or radio for

almost 50 years

um and uh so there are a lot of things

people know but there’s still things

people don’t know about me

do you know

ready you

described something very few people know

in your prophetic word I have to ask you

this when you had that word over me

did you hear it did you see it did it

just come out of here just bubble up

how’s that operate

so the way usually the prophetic flows

for me is that as I just walk in by

faith trusting the Lord

um I it’s almost like I begin to see uh

what I am describing so usually I I will

have what I’ll call prophetic

presbyteries in my meetings and I’ve

I’ve been known to prophesy in front of

crowds for hours up to maybe five to

eight hours at a time

um and I love it because it’s almost


the spiritual World becomes so real

because it’s I it’s like I begin to see

what I prophesy so I just describe what

I see and you weren’t in Deliverance

before this one hour of visitation oh I

was scared you were I was scared of

Deliverance before that’s where most

Christians are by the way absolutely uh

how did that happen there’s a big

Deliverance Ministry now

is this all in the glory do you think

absolutely well here’s the beautiful

thing when the Press of God comes demons

cannot stand

and so when you really give room to the

Holy Spirit you know it doesn’t really

matter whether you believe in the

Deliverance Ministry or you don’t

believe in the ministry or are you

believing healing or you don’t believe

in healing when you allow the Holy

Spirit to just come in and take complete

control and you learn I want to say this

said that I’ve learned this in my years

in Ministry the best thing that we can

do as professional ministers is learn

when the presence of God comes just to

get out of the way and allow him to move

and when Deliverance first started

breaking out I didn’t ask for it in fact

I would even ask God God please don’t

bring anyone demonized to any of my

meetings but when the presence of God

would come people would just start

falling on the floor and manifesting

demons there is nothing that I can do

about it but the Lord would give me the

courage to just allow the Holy Spirit to

move and and just set people free

now when this occurs

do you just let them soak so to speak

in the presence of God and the

Deliverance occurs or do you talk to

them for about three hours and go after

each demon and command it to leave I I

know the answer but you explain

absolutely no I love the question

because uh there’s many people that love

to spend hours talking consoling

comforting the demon uh but when you are

in the presence of God it only takes one

rebuke it only takes one it’s just

understanding that you are operating

under the power of the Holy Spirit and

so in that moment when it first happened

for me I didn’t want to do anything I if

I were to fully if I were to tell you

exactly what I’m thinking

um I wanted to just leave it alone be

like God you you take care of that but

the Lord spoke to me and told me No I

gave you authority over over demons go

and rebuke it and so I went over I

commanded the demon to leave and and I

found out it was a person that was uh

deep years over possibly 10 years I

believe in Santeria which is witchcraft

and in that moment of just coming into

the prince of God by the way they were

invited by a friend they didn’t know

that they were coming to a church

meeting they were not ready to give

their lives to the Lord they’d even they

didn’t understand they spoke Spanish so

they didn’t understand my message they

just sat there because they were invited

by the friend but they were only the

countered only the presence of God could

have affected them they had nothing to

do with your speaking or your ability or

your gifting

absolutely it had nothing to do with me

whatsoever the moment the presence of

God hit them they were just out in the

floor and they were free within just in

minutes and they gave their life to the

Lord in that in that moment but but what

you described someone that is deep into

this form of Witchcraft which is what it

is really deep

in the past they didn’t get free that


but you know what I’m noticing on our

television shoots

and this is going to start peop

happening in people’s homes when the

presence of God gets to a certain point

Deliverance to start no one’s saying

anything about Deliverance no no one’s

prayer no one’s praying for him and just

under the presence of God they’re

getting free

um it’s the we’re about ready to go into

something Freddy I feel it that no one

oh no one has ever

and I as it says the scripture I is not

seen ear is not heard all that God has

in store for us and no generation has

seen what is about ready to come it’s

the greater glory of God and I

my my

Sanctified speculation is

and that when this comes

it will

there’ll be hundreds of thousands of

people that are

as messed up as most young people are

today and everything not just one thing

and everything biblical and they’ll be

instantly like you instantly like those

young people that uh are coming to your

meetings uh and you know the people that

say there’s no hope for the U.S there’s

no hope for my country there’s no hope

for this younger generation

they’ve seen the devil’s best move I

admit now they’re about ready to see

God’s best move has God shown you

anything about what is coming with the

presence of God

absolutely Sid I believe you know first

of all I want to say I agree with what

you said I definitely believe we are

seeing the devil move but I believe that

as the times get darker the glory of God

gets brighter I just had a recent

testimony that just happened about two

weeks ago where I was on a live and I

was just talking about the Holy Spirit

we weren’t even praying for deliverance

and through the life which is something

that’s amazing we’re not in person we’re

just on social media there’s a woman

that was involved in witchcraft for many

years and the Lord moves upon her heart

she comes and repents she jumps on the

live grabs all of her witchcraft

materials and agrees to renounce to them

and breaks off of it right there and

then and so what I believe that what God

is doing is that he’s racing up a

generation that will not learn to focus

on their gift and on their Ministry and

on their titles but we’ll learn to point

to the Holy Spirit I believe that said

that what God is doing in this

generation is he’s giving a revelation

to to many people and I’m not just

talking about just young I’m talking

about the this generation includes young

and old anyone who is hungry for the

power of the Holy Spirit anyone who is

hungry for intimacy with the Holy Spirit

I believe that what God is doing that he

is encountering them so that he so that

they can lead others into an encounter

and deep intimate relationship with the

Holy Spirit themselves I can personally

tell you that for me one thing that has

been such an important key

in my relationship with the Holy Spirit

is understanding that I don’t want to

make business deals with God I don’t

want to just come into Ministry saying

God if you anoint me for this I’ll do

this for you I listen Ministry is great

I love God’s people but I love the holy

spirit so much more I’ll take the Holy

Spirit over an anointing I’ll take the

Holy Spirit over gifts I’ll take the

Holy Spirit over any title that any man

can place over me and I believe that

when we come to a point where the Holy

Spirit becomes all that we speak of

then he takes full responsibility for

everything that else that happens in our


you have such a love relationship with

the Holy Spirit to these young people

that uh that hear your testimony see

your teaching

it says the same thing jump on them so

to speak

absolutely one of the things that you

know as I said earlier the Lord told me

I’m going to teach you to encounter me

so that you can teach others to have a

deep intimate relationship with me and

you know this is not about because when

when the first when the Lord first

started talking to me about this I

thought he was telling me like well am I

just going to have access to you and I

have people that sometimes ask me

everything well how do I see Jesus but I

tell them it’s it’s not about just

having a face-to-face Encounter With

Jesus because Jesus is not in the

tourism industry Jesus is interested in

having friendship he does not give his

power or or his glory to those who are

just interested in just

promoting their Ministry or promoting

themselves also they can be seen but for

the glory of God

as we begin to teach on on the Holy

Spirit uh we’ve had meetings where

multiple people and this is a part that

I love the most because this touches me

I love when people in the church get

touched but I love it even more when

people who are not saved who don’t know

the Lord begin to encounter him and that

is actually what we’re beginning to see

in our ministry right now where they are

young people older people as well who

have not walked with the Lord and are

starting to have face to face encounters

with Jesus

how many people would you say

approximately are giving you feedback

they’re beginning to have these face to


recorded we have that I know because

there’s more that we that we don’t know

but recorded that we know we have more

than 50 people uh who have given their

testimony of having an encounter a fist

physical Encounter With Heaven whether

it is with Jesus themselves whether it

is with with angels

um and and we and some of them we even

have them in like recorded in our video

in in our ministry ready I I want to

pray with the viewers right now and then

I want to Turn You Loose to pray for

healing to pray to fall in love with

Jesus to have a friendship with Holy

Spirit or whatever God wants you to pray

but uh let me ask you this do you think

some people will end up having

encounters uh where they’ll see Jesus

that will be under this prayer in a


well that’s what the Lord told me today

the Lord told me to pray for people to

have an encounter with him because he

wants us you didn’t tell me that

no but here’s the thing said said that

you know the Lord had to break religion

out of me I think that we in the body of

Christ see encounters as something

luxurious something that only the big

name Apostles and Prophets can have but

the ordinary believer can have but I

believe that encounters are vital for

every single believer because it takes

the spirit of God to know the spirit of

God and so when we begin to encounter

God he we begin to receive the

impartation to know him Jesus here’s the

thing that I always teach people when I

when I teach about the Holy Spirit I

believe that there are many Believers

that they come to the Lord and they read

this scripture

and they desire that they could walk

with the Lord in the past and and I’m

grateful for I mean how awesome would it

have been to walk with Jesus in the


and then there’s people who are just

waiting for the Lord to return and I’m

wait I’m also there I’m waiting for that

triumphant day where the Lord will take

us up with him but the best time to be

alive is right now because we have the

Holy Spirit in fact even Jesus himself

said in John chapter 16. he said it’s

actually better that I leave you because

if I don’t leave that the comforter the

encourager The Advocate the holy spirit

will not come so we are actually better

off with Jesus not being here in the

flesh because we have the Holy Spirit

here with us and I say it simply like

this the holy spirit is Jesus without

human limitations and so every

limitation that Jesus had here on this

Earth because he was in effect he was

God but he was also human he could not

wait to go up to his father not because

he didn’t want to be with us but because

he knew that we would understand him

better when the Holy Spirit would come

and so I believe that there are many

believers they’re so focused on the past

and they’re so focused on the future but

if we can learn to focus on what God is

doing right now and the gift that we

have I’m not just talking about the

prayer I’m not just talking about the

presence or the power or the gifts I’m

talking about the person of the Holy


if we can learn to have relationship

with the person of the Holy Spirit we

have everything that we need and so I

really believe that we’re coming into a


because this is what God has told me

where every single believer will

encounter Jesus will encounter him

personally for themselves

I want to pray for those that have been

viewing this

um Holy Spirit

come and convict those that are viewing

of sin

and of righteousness

and of judgment

I want everyone wherever you’re at if

you’re backslidden if you’re a

non-believer if you are a Believer if

you’re not on fire for God if you are

reaffirm your faith right now let’s make

sure that

if Tonight is the last night you’ll live

in the flesh

you will be instantly in heaven repeat

this prayer after me mean it to the best

of your ability out loud out loud

even if you’re in another religion even

if you’re into witchcraft

out loud

right after me out loud Dear God

I’ve made many mistakes in my life

for which I’m so sorry

I believe

that Jesus died in my place

for everyone of my sins

for every one of my diseases and pains

and by his blood

he remembers my mistakes my sins no more

and now that I am clean

Jesus come and live inside of me

thank you for saving me for my sins and

my sicknesses

I make you my Lord

amen ready pray is the holy spirit


Holy Spirit

I pray upon every single person that is

watching this video right now you spoke

to me and you told me that you desire to

encounter your people then your people

desire to encounter you and so we just

release a fresh win of the Holy Spirit

right now they will blow away all

religion that will blow away all

iniquity that will blow away every pain

I pray Holy Spirit come and have your

way come in and just bring just fan of

flame inside of us I pray spirit of God

stir up a passion and a hunger for you

that only comes from you open our

spiritual eyes so that we make gaze upon

the beauty that is you that we make gaze

that upon the beauty that is Jesus Jesus

right now begin to reveal yourself to

your people I declare that over every

single person that is watching this

video that their lives will never be the

same but not only their lives will just

be transformed but their but the lives

around their families and their friends

and every single person about them and

around them will be transformed as well

we thank you Holy Spirit for this

impartation that we release right now by

your grace to know you in a deeper level


in Jesus mighty name



ready we’ve been going a while but I’m

wondering if you have any prophetic

words or words of knowledge or or

healing words uh for the viewers

yes I’m actually as we were praying I

see this woman

um I see this caucasian woman and you’re

sitting on a chair you’re still not

going to sew for chair it’s kind of red

and I see just tears just streaming down

your face and it’s almost like I can

hear the prayer of your heart as you say

Jesus I’ve been wanting to know you I’ve

been wanting to know you and it’s almost

like a cry of frustration because you

feel like you’ve not received further

Revelation you feel like your your

relationship with God is out of Hope and

I want to speak to you right now from

the spirit of the Lord and the spirit of

God will say unto you woman of God come

up now open your eyes and know that I am

with you for I am revealing myself to

you right now I also see somebody else

uh you’re an elderly person and you have

a cane that you used to

um that you used to walk because you

don’t have strength on your right leg

it’s almost like on your upper thigh

there’s there was a procedure that was

done that prohibits you from walking and

actually see the spirit of God it’s

almost like I can see right now

um I can see like him just touching

and I feel like right now like you’re

feeling a warmth on your upper thigh and

I can see him just touching that thigh

right now so I wanna I wanna encourage

you get up and receive your healing in

Jesus name

and I there’s there’s someone else um

that I’m seeing right now

um you’re praying for your daughter

um because your relationship with her

has been estranged and I just hear the

spirit of God saying I’m healing her

heart in this moment I’m healing her

heart and in this night and you’re gonna

have an encounter with your daughter uh

where she’s gonna begin to open up about

some secret things that have happened to

her personally and the Lord says when

this begins to happen

instead of speaking right away just

listen because as she speaks even if you

are uncomfortable by the things that she

has to say I hear the spirit of God

saying just allow her to speak because

as she speaks I’m healing her heart and

so we pray for that right now in Jesus

name you know Freddie uh this morning I

was praying about the show we were going

to do and I had a vision

of something I’ve never seen before I’m

going to speak that out right right now

I saw like a doctor looking into

someone’s eye

and I believe that any eye disease that

you have

any uh like a doctor might have said you

have glaucoma you’re going broad doesn’t


exercise your faith right now

that by the stripes of King Jesus

you were by the wounds by the flow of

the blood

you were healed there’s a river of

healing going out to the eyes of anyone

that’s watching right now in Jesus name

you Jesus

thank you Holy Spirit father we thank

you I I see someone with a neck problem

it’s a um I see you you have a difficult

time uh you’re having a difficult time

to even move it but as you begin to move

it right now there’s flexibility that’s

coming back into your neck and so Holy

Spirit Lord we thank you for that right

now we thank you for that and I see

someone else as you were praying said I

saw someone that had a

almost like a hip surgery

um there was like there was like thing

there was like metal that was introduced

to help you move around

um but there’s still difficulty in

moving and I see the spirit of God

beginning to wow you know I’m gonna

believe for this this is this is

actually really crazy

uh but I’m gonna believe for anyways I

believe that God is going to melt that

metal away and replace it with bone I’m

gonna bully for a creative miracle and

that God is going to give you a new bone

so that you can move in ways that you

have not been able to move in many years

in Jesus name father we thank you for

that I’ll tell you Freddie there have

been uh many cases where this type of

thing metal is turning to Bone uh where

people are documenting this now and

um I believe this will be a sign that’s

going to follow you and your ministry

now you know we could speak forever but

I am going to tell you I have two

networks one covers every home in Israel

it’s a regular television network and

the other one is Isn it’s on every

smartphone in the world just go to the

App Store type in my name Sid Roth and

you’ll see the Isn Network there’s no

charge download it and I want to now I’m

going to be bold here I want to see

Freddy do a show for us in the Middle

East it covers by the way in addition to

every home in Israel this regular

Network it’s not online it’s it’s a

regular television network it covers the

entire Middle East we have Arabic

subtitles because of that uh and I want

to see Freddy on this network now thank

you so much for having me on that I I

really felt the presence of God in that

one right even more important than that

I want to see everyone that’s viewing

get to Jesus

when they die

and I want to see him say to you

well done good and faithful servant

thank you for joining us