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my guest Barbie breathit went to Israel

and bumped into a healing Angel she

teaches on dreams and visions and I

interviewed her on radio and an amazing

thing happened to me I started dreaming

more and even a double amazing thing

happened to me I started understanding

my dreams better than ever before Barbie

what happened to me is that unusual or

if other people told you that I’ve heard

that many times with people who come

under the glory anointing that there’s

an impartation for the the supernatural

realm of understanding dreams and

Visions I believe that’s one of the

anointings that God is pouring out upon

All Flesh in this time where the

Believers are are dreaming and

non-believers are dreaming because the

god spirit is wanting to communicate his

design for them their Destiny is coming

to them in their dreams of the night so

that they can search the matter out and

when they find God’s spirit he brings

that understand ending to them

supernaturally because a lot of times we

think we see ourselves in one way God

sees us in a whole nother way he sees us

reaching our full potential coming into

Destiny moving into things that we would

never step into he’s releasing calling

dreams that’s moving people from one

place where they are in their life and

their existence and understanding into a

whole nother realm of being blessed of

being increased of having Destiny

because people come and they say what is

my purpose in life and so God’s giving a

specific dream to them to show them who

he created them to be in him yeah you

know Barbie I can just picture you going

back a number of years you’re going to a

nice Presbyterian Church you’ve got your

hands like this and and you’re nice and

religious and you go to your pastor and

you ask an interesting question what was

that question I said pastor when are we

going to do the stuff and he said do the

stuff what are you talking about I said

you know the things we hear about in the

Bible raising the dead blind eyes

opening cripples being healed the lame

walking he goes oh honey that was only

for a certain dispensation in time and

that time has passed that was only for

the time of the Apostles and so I

thought well why did God stop loving

people caring about people being

relevant for the time that we live in

now because I knew there were people

that I knew that were sick that needed

healing and I thought well why would you

even think that because in this nice

normal religious Church nothing was

happening nothing we didn’t even have

all so how did you even know to ask the

question I had a desire within my heart

to know the god of the of the Bible and

I found myself wanting to live back in

the past with the apostles or where I

could walk with him I could talk with

him and I could do the things that they

did and so my whole life instead of

looking to my now or my future I looked

to the past and I was out riding my

horse one day and I was pondering these

things in my heart and I said God why

why did you change why are you not the

same God that was in the Bible why don’t

you do these miracles in an audible

voice of God spoke to me Sid as I was

there riding my horse and my first

thought was it must be the horse talking

to me and I heard my name three times I

was watching Mr Ed and I watched the

horse’s mouth and again the voice of God

called me by name he knew me even as a

little child riding a horse and what he

said to me was I change not I am the

same yesterday today and forever and he

said Barbie if you will only believe the

same anointing that flowed through the

Apostles of old will flow through you

with signs wonders and miracles well I

have to tell you Barbie that’s good for

you but what about those that are

viewing us right now is that also true

for them the good news is God is not a

respecter of person Sid if he said that

to a little girl who was attending a

Presbyterian Church in his just learning

to hear his voice he’s saying that to

everyone if you will only believe that’s

the key we have to enter into the realm

of faith and believe in the Unseen Realm

of the Supernatural is more real than

the natural realm that we live in

because our imagination can begin to see

past our natural circumstances our faith

God has given each one of us a Measure

of Faith so we can connect with the Holy

Spirit when we connect with the Holy

Spirit the kingdom of God becomes

manifest in us and it begins to exude

out past us and we can begin to recreate

or create a new sphere of influence

around us and new things can happen in

our life and it can happen through

anybody that believes okay tell me about

that woman in the wheelchair I was in

Saginaw Michigan doing a healing

conference there and I was giving

testimonies of all the signs winners and

miracles that God had done deaf ears

open backs being healed Hearts being put

in people who were waiting on a list to

get a heart transplant and there was a

woman in the audience in a wheelchair

and she said Okay God I’m going to

challenge you if what Barbie says is

true about you when they have a healing

line I want you to have her command me

to get out of my wheelchair well that we

call we had called out words of

knowledge for healing and this woman in

her wheelchair came up and I’m getting

ready to lay hands on her I hear the

Holy Spirit tell me Barbie I want you to

command her to get out of her wheelchair

so I did I said lady in the name of

Jesus I command you to get out of that

wheelchair and so I went and grabbed her

hand and started to pull her out of her

wheelchair and she said no wait wait I

said no there’s no waiting about it I

said God’s going to heal you and she

goes no I just need you to wait to let

me lock down my wheelchair because I was

pulling her in the wheelchair was coming

with me so I locked it down pulled her

up she was healed and the doctors had

told her you will never walk again

because she had had her hips crushed to

the point that they said it’ll never

sustain your weight you will never walk

again she had diabetes she had crushed

tips but yet that day God healed her I

held her in my arms and the anointing

went through her body totally

reconstructed her hips she came to

church that Sunday no Walker no

assistance walking God totally healed a

crippled with crushed hips out of a

wheelchair but we’ve had several that

have been healed

the heaven is drawing so close to Earth

I tell you Heaven is drawing so close to

Earth that what you considered

impossible in the past all things are

possible you’re going to have a fresh

impartation to understand dreams into

dreams and hear from God don’t go away

we’ll be right back after this

thank you

we’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural

we now return to It’s Supernatural


hello Sid Roth here with Barbie breathit

and Barbie has had some amazing

encounters with angels I want to find

out about the angel Pakistan the Angel

in Israel let’s start with Israel we

were in at the King David Citadel and I

asked the Lord when I went to Israel

because to me Israel is the largest put

on such good tours to Israel why you’re

not Jewish are you no

you’re wearing you’re wearing a menorah

why are you so in love with Jewish

people in Israel I believe that God

gives favor to those that favor Israel

love the Jewish people and besides he’s

Jewish and so I’m I’m a son and a

daughter of him so he’s he’s very

special to me and so I’m in love with

him and so I love the Jewish people

so when we take tours there we were at

this King David and I’d ask the Lord I

said when I go there I wanted an

increase in the healing anointing and so

I went into sleep I went into a dream

into a vision and in my vision there was

a blonde-headed man standing there

dressed in hotel clothing with outfits

on the same as the hotel attendance

there and I said what is going on the

Lord said I want you to go up and read

his name tag and when I did it said

Raphael and he said you asked me to

increase your healing anointing I’m

going to do it here in the land of

Israel and he said this is the Angel who

stirred The Waters at the pool of

Bethesda where you were and he said this

is the healing Angel behind him stood

two other angels and from that time Sid

the healing anointing has increased

because that was the angel who was over

the healing Dimension and so he had

other Angels assigned to him well Rafa

means doctor in Hebrew so Raphael that

kind of makes sense it does make sense

that that’s the God’s doctor you know

that he releases his angels and so I met

the healing Angel there and signs

winners and miracles went into a whole

nother level where we’ve been in

conferences where the Angels would line

up around the perimeter of the building

with rainbow colored sashes on them and

when we’d call out things for chronic

pain or illnesses or fibromyalgia or

back conditions the Angels would rush to

the altars because angels are waiting

for us to engage in faith and speak the

word and then they come in with the

Heavenly power to bring in the miracle

realm as well so are there angels on

this set right now yes they’re Angels

there’s one standing off to the right

side of you that’s there he’s clothed in

a bluish garment so when I feel an

increase in the presence of God which I

did when I asked that question that’s

because an angel is present because

they’re present they’re around us all

the time A lot of times there’s more

angels in the Realms in rooms than there

are people and they come as winds as

fire as light and they bring the Breath

of God with them the breath of the

spirit is on them well last night you

prayed for me and there was you said do

you feel wind on your feet and I said no

because I had long pants on but then I

felt the wind on my hands because I had

a short sleeve shirt on I literally felt

a wind that’s because there’s Angelic

realm when you begin to prophesy the

word and you begin to decree and declare

things God says I will establish

whatever you prophesy to Korean declare

as we get the mind of God and we begin

to speak forth his words the Angelic

realm comes to bring the impartations of

the anointings because they’re ascending

and descending into the Heavenly Realms

and so they’re bringing Heavenly gifts

Heavenly anointings and they’re

equipping us to do the works of the

ministry they’re angels of fire that

turn God’s ministers into Ministers of

fire briefly tell me what happened in

Pakistan I had two girlfriends go there

on an Evangelistic Outreach I told them

I’d pray for them into my bedroom one

night a glory Cloud came that Lit the

whole bedroom up out of that Glory Cloud

see it lit up it I would the lights are

out myself I could feel it I could see

it I was startled and my heart began to

quick because I thought I live alone who

turned on the bedroom light but it was a

glory Cloud that came full of gold and

the Luminous light of the Holy Spirit

and out of that cloud step my two

girlfriends and I thought now wait a

minute you’re in Pakistan but it wasn’t

my girlfriend’s it was their guardian

angels that had come with the message

that said Barbie contact there the

person who is hosting them and get them

out of the country because there’s there

are people there that want to

assassinate them that same time six

American journalists were gunned down in

a car and so they were telling all

Americans to get out of there but God

sent their guardian angels to speak to

them both of their lives were spared

they were on stage doing an Evangelistic

Outreach a car drove up with men in it

with machine guns they pushed them off

the stage rolled them under and it’s

they escaped with their lives very close

you know you told me something that I

should have known because I’ve read it

in the Bible met countless times but I

never it just in the light bulb went on

but many times when we dream

angels are in our dreams and this is

biblical but Barbie has a package a

dream package Oh What A Dream package

and it’s going to enable you to

understand your dreams don’t go away

because I’m going to ever explain the

dream package but even more important

these angels of healing are here you’re

about ready to experience the

supernatural don’t go away


we’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural

we now return to It’s Supernatural


hello Sid Roth here with Barbie

breathhead have you had dreams and been

so frustrated because you know they’re

not literal you know God’s trying to

communicate to you but you don’t have a

clue as to what God’s saying now that’s

not the way it’s supposed to be and

that’s why Barbie breathit has put

together a dream package

for you to understand your dreams would

you explain this I would love to these

are some what I call cheater cards

because one of them is called God’s

dream language his colors people cards

and then we also have the healing card

that’s going to go along with it but I

want to tell you about the dream cards

because God has a specific way that he

speaks and it’s symbolic it’s metaphoric

and so he’ll give us a symbol in our

dream that’s going to represent

something and so to unlock the mystery

of our dream we need to know what that

symbol means why did he choose that

specific color to go along with it why

did he choose certain characters in the

dream and so what I did is I you know

most people don’t even pay attention to

the colors in their dreams but now

they’re going to they’re going to

because the colors are significant

everything that God does is for our

purpose and for a reason is to

communicate his love to us to

communicate his Destiny and calling for

us so he designs dreams for us every

night we dream sometimes we don’t recall

them but this package is going to give

people the keys that they need to unlock

the meaning of their dreams because if

we can understand what the symbolic

meaning is all of a sudden it’s not a

mystery anymore but that mystery is

unlocked and we’re able to step into the

understanding of it so we have one on

God’s dream language one on colors one

on different people that appear in your

dream why an example of a person and

what it might mean in a dream if a man

appeared in your dream and he was

wearing a blue coat I asked the Holy

Spirit questions is it blue because he’s

coming in a spirit of Revelation and

understanding with healing or is this

person depressed because of having a

blue day so there’s symbolic symbols

that are there or if they were dressed

in red are they an angry person or do

they operate in the power of God or are

they cloaked in his wisdom and so

different colors are going to tell you

different things we’ve taken it right

out of the Bible we’ve searched the

scripture for the understanding of

colors for the understanding of symbols

that are in the Bible and we have

compiled it together to give people the

keys to go to the Lord and say I had

this in my dream Holy Spirit what does

it mean and then look and see what’s on

the cards and the Holy Spirit Will

direct you right to the understanding of

that mystery that he’s you know what I

really love is your card on healing me

too I put together the basic root causes

of diseases so you can begin to pray for

somebody in the limits of space is not

any limitation you can pray for somebody

in another state another country and you

can find out what their ailment is go to

the card and find out what the different

reasons of that is is it something of

anxiety there’s deaf and dumb spirit is

it drug related is it evil spirit get

rid of the cause healing is easy if you

cut the root off that Unholy fruit or

that illness that sickness that disease

infirmity is going to die and so you

speak the name of Jesus you use his

blood and you claim his healing power

using his name and you can send it forth

on the wings of angels through your

prayers give me one example I was

praying for a Wicked Witch’s children

her daughter became pregnant had twins

in her womb the doctors wanted to abort

them because both the babies had cysts

in their brain I said don’t do that I

said let me get some people to who

believe and have faith to pray and we’re

going to send healing to your daughter’s

womb and your babies are going to be

healed God did exactly that Sid healing

went to another state in a womb where

the baby’s brains were still developing

took out the cyst the next sonogram that

came those babies both were perfectly

healed and born normal they were not

aborted because of God his plan is to

show grace and mercy and it’s his

goodness that leads people to repentance

this woman was worshiping Satan she had

no connection with God whatsoever but

God is a god of love and he looks past

that and says if I’m good to you and I

love you you’ll turn to me and so he

healed her grandbabies now you go to a

lot of new age fairs and you do dream

interpretation why do you go to a new

age fair I believe believe we’re to take

the light into the darkness and so I

look for the darkest places to go and I

dress like them I talk like them I act

like them and so when they come into my

the booth that we’re there we interpret

their dreams and what we will flip their

dream from when the evil wants to cause

them to go down the wrong path we will

speak a path of light and Destiny 2 then

that brings hope to them and we also do

healing prayers for them through a word

of knowledge the holy spirit will tell

me what’s wrong in their body and I’ll

begin to tell them and they’re surprised

and they call me a Christian Mystic and

I think well that’s exactly right

because God’s power is flowing through

us and we can tell them they want to

know what their Fortune is we tell them

what their Destiny is we tell them God’s

the one that heals they’re searching for

power they’re just searching in the

wrong places so we go into those places

where they’re searching and we bring the

light we bring Jesus we bring the real

thing to them that is tangible and

transferable and they receive save him

because they’re searching for him

they’ve just been given a package that

they didn’t like because it was

religious it wasn’t somebody who was in

a relationship and there’s a big

difference between a religious person

and somebody who’s in relationship with

Jesus and so we give them Jesus and we

use the sign gifts signs wonders

miracles happen there was a little girl

that came there that had kidney cancer

16 years old she’d already had a heart

transplant her mom said I’ve had all the

greats pray for her she’s never sensed

anything she came into our booth for a

healing prayer and I began to tell her I

said when the healing comes to you the

wind is going to blow in the top of the

trees and I said you’re going to feel a

heat go through your body and Jesus is

going to take that cancer away and

that’s exactly what happened or reached

around her put my hand on her back the

heat began to flow and her face turned

beautiful Light Came Upon her little

tears began to come down her cheeks and

I said you Feel Jesus don’t you she goes

I feel him and she says the fire is

going through me and that the Holy

Spirit began to burn the cancer out of

her kidneys because she her family

couldn’t afford to fly her for the

kidney transplant that she was scheduled

for and so God had her a Divine

appointment there at a Renaissance Fair

I’m dressed up like a pirate but the

Holy Spirit was flowing through he

doesn’t care what our outward appearance

is speaking of the Holy Spirit flowing

through during the commercial break a

wind flew through and the presence of

God is getting so strong I asked Barbie

are those two angels here and she said

without a doubt Barbie would you pray

for people yes especially you know what

I want people I want people to

understand their dreams and you’ve got

that anointing I believe people will be

healed but I if people understand their

dreams then you understand your death if

you understand your destiny you’ll be

fulfilled otherwise you’re going to be

like a roller coaster up down up down


no more

just enough

so I just thank you Holy Spirit for

invading their dreams at night I thank

you that you’re going to fill their

dreams with the dreams of calling great

dreams of Destiny and with that I just

prophesied that there will be a spirit

of understanding that’s going to come

the spirit of understanding and

revelation will rest upon you as you

wake out of your dream the holy spirit

is going to begin to give you the

understanding of it I just ask that your

ears be open to hear the spirit of God

that you will hear that still Small

Voice leading you and guiding you into

all Truth for Holy Spirit is the spirit

of Truth and he will lead and guide you

into all truth so dreams are going to

increase and people with insomnia are

going to be healed that you’re not going

to be distracted from that anymore that

the enemy will not be able to still

sleep from you and dreams of Destiny are

coming forth they’re going to be formed

in you and you’re going to wake up

knowing who you are and who you’re

called to be in Christ and the Christ in

you is going to come forth and lead and

guide and direct you in the ways that

you should go and you’re going to

prosper and you’re going to be blessed

so this is a day of change for you and

God is stepping into the realm of the

Supernatural and he’s going to hover

over you and take the chaos that is in

your life and begin to bring it into

divine order and you’re going to walk in

a whole new way

there’s such peace in this studio right

now I want you to experience this peace

you see many of you have tried the new

age because you’re really searching you

were turned off on religion but you’re

really searching for God and more

important than that is intimacy with God

because God is love and God accepts you

and God’s calls you special

and God is really interested in you why

would you go for the low-level New Age

stuff when you can go right to the king

yes when you can have intimacy with you

know if you have intimacy with God in

this life

you won’t come back reincarnation in

Christianity or mutually exclusive you

either go to Everlasting with God or

Everlasting without God I’d rather go to

Everlasting with God but you won’t know

unless you experience and in this life

the way you experience him is to tell

them you’ve made mistakes be honest I

mean if you can’t be honest with God who

can you be honest with

tell them I’m sorry I’ve made a lot of

mistakes God in your own words

but I believe Jesus died in my place and

by his blood all my mistakes are wiped

out and I have a new beginning use your

words you don’t have to use my words and

that Jesus I want you to live inside of


I make you Lord Of My Life

I want to experience your love

I want to know what it is to feel and

experience the love of God you talk to

him in your words he’ll understand I

just prayed a two-word prayer and

transform my life Jesus help

but this is your moment this is your

goddess calling you you are special to

God you’re special you really are