James Goll walked through the hall of Heaven and visited the cloud of witnesses. Then God shared these amazing words with him.

Sid Roth here I was talking to my friend

a couple of days ago James call and

James said what said I walked in heaven

and I said James I gotta get you on the

air James call you told me that that the

clarity of it was a dream the clarity of

walking in heaven was as clear as you

used to have when you were one of the

prophets in Kansas City of that

wonderful group that they had gathered

together it was as clear as some thirty

years ago and I said to you as clear as

it was you haven’t seen anything yet

it’s gonna it’s gonna be getting way

beyond that but tell me about this dream

that you had where you literally I don’t

know can I say literally walked in

heaven you tell me well it’s good to be

with you again SID and your audience

around the world’s just great to be with

you because it really is something

supernatural so I have had obviously

dreams for many years and visions and

visitations and sinks of this nature and

that’s why the whole ministry is called

God encounters okay so but the crispness

the clearness of these encounters are

absolutely stunning and exhilarating so

I had a dream on a Sunday morning and in

the dream I am walking in the hallways

of heaven now can we say I was in heaven

normally I would not say that Paul Pope

said whether I was in the body or not I

don’t know that’s right got what you’re

saying that’s exactly right because

there is symbolic only and then there is

more rare where it is

actually happening for me I have to put

some parentheses around it it doesn’t

change the message though that it sure

felt and seemed actual but I was in

heaven I was walking in heaven I was

taken into a Great Hall and it was a

hallway and my guide was the faceless

man in other words my guide was the Holy

Spirit himself and he starts walking me

going before me through this hall of

champions of the faith and I could look

at them on this side and on that side

and some of them I recognized by

pictures and some of them my no were new

and then some of them were people I’ve

known literally in my lifetime I’m

walking down I’m walking in heaven down

the hallway by the way you know the

Hebrews chapter 11 talks about the Hall

of faith right I think I was

experiencing this I’m walking down this

hallway of the heroes of faith I saw new

that William and Katherine booth were

were there I saw I saw people who had

birthed movements of the Holy Spirit

I saw Williams same or the one-eyed

black preacher from Azusa Street I saw

him in that hallway of heaven

I saw John Wesley which I come from a

Wesley and background I saw him I saw

Kathryn Kuhlman if you gave her my


well I did I’d see her again I’ll think

about it

okay I mean I was honored humbled going

like what’s really going on uh that I

knew just to keep following my guide my

guide my leader the Holy Spirit he’s

taking me down this hallway and as I did

they would stand up and they were

applauding and I’m gonna what’s going on

and they were communicating that they

were so glad that there are people today

who keep their hand on the plow don’t

give up and that there are new movements

of the Holy Spirit getting pioneered and

they who had started movements we’re

looking in in this hallway of the

champions of faith and they were going

we’re so glad you’re carrying on we’re

so glad you didn’t quit we’re so glad

keep going they were cheering me instead

they were cheering me not to stop but to

keep listen to this word it’s gonna get

really important keep moving forward so

I am I keep moving forward now my gaze

catches someone this was a person I knew

back in Kansas City who is with the Lord

this man had actually performed the

wedding ceremony of my wife and I I

learned to prophesy from this man from

the charismatic movement but later in

life he had gotten cross current with

the prophetic movement and he ended up

becoming a persecutor you know said hey

you know a lot of church history right

history repeats too and and positive and

negative and sometimes the leaders

one move of the Holy Spirit become the

resistors or even persecutors of the

next move is that fair yeah it’s fair

well did he repent for persecuting you

or boy what happened did he applaud what

was he a product oh sit it was so

riveting yeah I gotta give you a

background I released eight declarations

for the year five seven eight zero and

beyond the Hebrew year and twenty20

civil calendar and beyond one of those

words was that the Holy Spirit was going

to be identifying old hurts and wounds

and would be healing them so that we

could move forward into the new without

yesterday’s baggage now I had declared

that as one of my eight prophetic words

I’m walking down that hallway I see this

man his eyes were gleaming he was

smiling he stands up and he looks right

at me and he conveys to me I am so glad

that you didn’t quit I am so glad there

are still pioneers who will continue to

move forward in Lord and so he and I

never got to talk but he did repent yes

he did and we’re all saved by grace and

by the blood of Jesus and he was a

called man he did some wrong things

definitely but in heaven this whole

dimension of like the cost that you pay

to pioneer for me my encounter it just

erased it it erased the disappointments

it erased the pain in a race that like I

don’t know maybe a little bit of like do


wanna pioneer again cuz I know the cost

I’ve had stones thrown at me before and

I’m walking down this hallway this man

stands he is happy he starts applauding

and he looks at me and he goes thank you

that you didn’t quit thank you I’m so

glad that there are pioneers in the

earth today that will keep moving

forward it was exhilarating and by the

way many people don’t know your

background I’ve known you for many years

I know your background it would have

been when your wife died that’s when you

got attacked with cancer it would have

been easy for you to say well I did it

I’m just gonna write some books and

that’s it and I bet those thoughts went

through your mind of why did how did you

how did you persevere like you did you

know the Bible Jesus talks about that

you got to keep your hand on that plough

and you got to keep looking straight

ahead he doesn’t say that if you don’t

you won’t be saved but but it’s like but

you will not be keep moving forward in

the progressive moves of God and I like

the book of Job it says you I swear to

my own pain I forgive I tell you

something I really do that’s one of the

keys to perseverance is I worship the

Lord just worship and I praise Him

because engagement you have to help me

yeah look how did you worship but you’re

a singer okay how does someone like me

that’s not a singer do what you do tell

me okay come on

sack praise is always a sacrifice we

don’t praise always because we feel like

it we praise by an act of our will we

offer up a sacrifice that’s why it’s so

pleasing to God I’m gonna tell you once

you do it you will feel like doing it

cuz you get good that’s a good title for

a book

and you know what I was tempted because

I have so much teaching knowledge that I

could have gone another 10 years on what

I already know and that would have been

so boring for me you know I feel the

same way James I feel like I’m ready for

the new day I was fine but it wasn’t

fine compared to what I read in that

Bible and I’m not gonna be satisfied

till I see at least the miracles Jesus

did and then what he prophesied even

greater yeah yeah that the in the book

of John the greater works generation how

about this Bob Jones prophesied that

before the coming of Jesus that there

would be the joining of Moses miracles

and with the joining of Acts the book of

Acts miracles there would be the joining

of the miracles of Moses and the

miracles of the first century church

would come together I believe that is

exactly where we’re headed and I as well

I’m walking down that Hall of faith

there was a miracle worker Kathryn

Kuhlman she was excited about what was

coming did she tell you she didn’t but

later later in this experience I was

spoken to about this but everybody there

they were just it was the great cloud of

witnesses and they were so engaged that

we get to finish their work so I’m

walking down the hallway of heaven I see

this man who had persecuted he looks at

me and he gives me his it’s like

approval blessing favor

it was gratitude it was so amazing now I

continue it the faceless guy he just

keeps going

and he brings me to this huge auditorium

now when Michael and passed away I was

given a book called beyond the gates

which was originally written in around

then like the 1880s by Rebecca Springer

that has had multiple titles in that

book in her journeys in heaven she

talked about that there would be halls

in heaven but if you missed some

understanding in the earth you could go

hear John Wesley preach or you could go

catch up and you could be in the room

where miracles but you love God but you

were a cessationist and you could catch

up because you get renewed that’s what I

encountered everybody in heaven was all

I mean we know that everybody was on the

same page so we keep walking so I had

read about these rooms in heaven but I

hadn’t experienced this then I’m taken

into this grand grand huge room were

thousands of believers were I’m standing

at the back and up on the stage the

people that were permitted to speak on

these platforms were people that had a

testimony they were an overcomer

and I saw I’m standing in the back and I

see a woman walk off the stage and she

had just shared her testimony and people

were standing and giving honor to whom

honor is due and they were worshiping

God with gratitude and do you know who

it was that I saw walk off the stage

know my late wife

Michael and gall I was gonna ask you did

you see her but I just didn’t want to so

I’m so glad you did SID it was stunning

I saw her walking off the stage

she had just presented her testimony

about women in ministry and women and

leadership because in the earth realm a

lot of people didn’t believe it believe

in it and we had some stones cast at us

on that one but they she just shared her

narrative her testimony of becoming

empowered by the Holy Spirit to be a

woman in ministry and a woman in

leadership and she walks off the stage

and people are applauding and it was you

know something that was actually really

personal about this this happened Bridal

what would have been our wedding

anniversary and heaven knows I walked in

heaven and then I am told about the

future but I’m in heaven that I could be

invited someday not now not for 20 years

I could be invited into that auditorium

and I was given a word what my

assignment would be moving forward no

matter the cost

hmm I was told that heaven did and that

I was going to be growing in a testimony

on this side to be a model for this

generation on how to keep moving forward

no matter the cost

it was incredible I wake up out of this


knowing moving forward no matter the

cost but do you know how I woke up yeah

because the voice of the Lord came and

in dreams like this for me it isn’t just

that still quiet internal voice it is

the external auto I’m turning out the


audible voice came into my bedroom and I

wake up hearing the voice of our Father

God speaking would you like to know what

I heard yes this is what we’re waiting

on for this particular broadcast I heard

this as I came out of that exhilarating

dream I heard welcome to the era of


welcome to the error of favor that those

who have sowed in tears will reap in joy

but here is here’s the final word I

heard welcome to the beginning of the

great harvest and now now let’s go back

to the prophecy that I heard so many

times of Bob Jones of but you heard it

more than me tell me exactly what you

remember he said was coming yeah you

know sometimes again people misinterpret

a word and then end up in a

misapplication but I heard multiple

times about the billion soul harvest

especially of youth that’s what I

remember him saying to over and over I

heard it there will be a billion soul

the great harvest a billion soul harvest

especially of youth now when he first

started talking about this years ago

around 1983 I believe he gave three

signs that would happen to people to

know that this is going to begin do

would you like to hear a little about


the way I remember and the way I have

rehearsed this with people who were

present there are three things

Bob said the one of the signs would be

that in the United States that

homosexuality would be legalized in


Aran’s would be approved that could

never happen in the US

yeah well that was 1983 I thought I’m

saying is 83 that’s what people thought

but listen to the next one it is more

off-the-wall he said there will be a

pill perfected to create an abortion by

a pill he even knew where it would come

from and he said there will be a pill

that will perfect abortion and everybody

thought he was really off his rocker

right some even turned to him and

wonders it ball do you know what an

abortion is this is 1983 and and of

course we have this day after pill that

has come in to be no that’s not a good

sign no but there are signs because it

gets dark before it gets bright and you

don’t want to hear what the third one is

and it’s absolutely stunning he said

that there would be people in China

watching 24/7 365 worship on unplugged

television sets on their wrists you mean

something like this like this uh-huh a

SmartWatch the words he used were crazy

he said there will be workers in the

rice fields in China who will be

watching unplugged television sets on

their wrists I mean I wonder how long I

even got those words to describe

something like this any o our entire

network is on the wrists all over the

world their son this telephone so right

now I want to encourage people you

watching this right now is a fulfilment

of a prophetic word that we are sifting

in now into the beginning of the

greatest harvest we have ever known I

just walked in heaven I just walked in

heaven and heaven gave me a word and it

was about moving forward no matter the


welcome to the error of favor

welcome to the error when there is

sowing and reaping and those who have

sowed in tears will reap with joy but

the clincher welcome I gotta get this

exact I’ve written it down welcome to

the beginning of the great harvest I am

here to be another person not an echo

but a voice in our generation and I want

the viewers to know this your sowing in

tears and everything you have endured

misunderstanding rejection maybe a

spouse that didn’t understand maybe

cross-current in a move of God I want

you to know God knows God sees God

remembers and he is rewarding you now

and I would encourage your faith that we

are transitioning from one whole era

into a new era

and when this Pentecost happens we’ve

talked about this before this is going

to be a great new fresh Pentecost where

it is a baptism of spirit and a baptism

of fire I speak this baptism of spirit

and a baptism of fire upon these

believers in the name of Jesus I speak

that with this comes greater works I

speak that with this fire of God comes

instantaneous creating miracles by the

fire of God

I see the fire following on people right

now I see I don’t know how I see people

in Indonesia catching fire

I see another like a mighty wind but

this time it’s like a mighty fire I see

a fire of the Lord a baptism of spirit

and fire and I want to say to those who

have grown weary in well-doing

I want you to know God remembers how you

have sowed in tears and there’s a

promise from heaven for you you are

going to reap with joy it’s not just a

billion soul harvest and that would have

been more than enough harvest of what

you have sold get that it’s the harvest

of everything you have sold coming back

press down good measure overflowing I’m

gonna tell you I God gave me a word yes

entice in just a little bit and here’s

the phrase I’ve never heard this before

let God be God mmm

stop worried you stop living in the past

get ready for the beginning it’s it’s

there’s a trite phrase but it’s true

it’s true this is the first day of the

rest of your life do not look back do

not be Lot’s wife

yeah there’s look for the new the old

was fine but the old is stale manna now

that’s right for the new because it’s

yours and if you are depressed worried

in fear don’t know what you’re gonna do

next that’s the work for you let God be

God James

one more word from you okay when I came

out of that dream and I hear these words

the Holy Spirit started talking to me

and he said you’ve been really good at

casting the macro

visit the big visit but he challenged me

he said you’re not just supposed to

proclaim it you’re supposed to be in the

middle of it and I want to make every

great macrovision a micro vision for

every individual person so I speak into

the macro vision of the glory of the

Lord are going to cover the earth as the

waters cover the Seas I speak to the big

vision of the great harvest and I say

you are not forgotten but you are chosen

for such a time as this and as a matter

of fact two things I want to pray

I want to pray first that you have

experiential knowledge of God the head

knowledge that’s a first step they

saying a prayer after some way and going

to a nice church that’s just better than

putting your feet in the water the whole

purpose of your walk with the Messiah is

for not for me or James to have

experiential knowledge but for you to

have experiential knowledge I want to

pray a prayer I want you to mean it to

the best of your ability I want you to

pray this out loud right after me please

repeat dear God

I’m a sinner against you and you alone

have I sinned and I’m so sorry

I believe the blood of Jesus washes away

my sins and I am clean and now that I am

clean I asked Jesus to not just be my

Savior but be my Lord wherever it takes

me Lord Jesus

come inside listen give me the

experience I need with you yes and I

refuse to look back I am excited about

the great harvest that has begun in my

life and for the world

and now James I want you to lift holy

hands to God and I am lifting holy hands

to God and I’m gonna start the prayer

and I want you to end it for the greater

glory the global glory to come upon

these people that are watching for

viewing right now miracles to trade had

transpire tips to be heal Baxter be

healed next to be healed

ears open not just in the natural but in

the supernatural I pray that the glory

that has been prophesied by Bob Jones in

heaven so many of the Saints

they’d were not here to see it but

they’re watching right now

according to James what he saw and

according to the book of Hebrews they

are watching right now I pray O God that

that glory come upon each purse and that

we walk in instant repentance instant

love instant forgiveness more Lord yes


more the glory than we’ve ever

experienced in healing physical healing

blood diseases from the top of our head

to the bottom of our toes

blood pressure normal in Yeshua that’s

Jesus name Amen and I just see someone’s

like their sinuses are actually draining

right now and your actual experience

like just you know dripping well you

just got delivered of allergies and I

take authority over any spirit that is

behind allergies and we rebuke you in

the name of Jesus and I see right now a

mass deliverance happening from the

spirit of fear and we say no because God

has not given us the spirit of fear but

power and love and a sound mind so we

take authority over that panic attack I

say no to the panic attack that has been

coming against people someone’s being

had just a head one even they collide

like the last night right around three

o’clock in the morning and then you’re

just Restless so I say peace be still to

your heart that we shut the door on the

spirit of fear and I just say that no

more nightmares either in the name of

Jesus no intrusions of the demonic realm

in the night season somebody that people

are getting delivered of depression

right now I see the helmet of hope a

Salvation being put upon people hope as

the positive expectation of good and I

just speak chemical healings I speak

chemical healings and over depression in

the name of Jesus we cast off the spirit

of fainting we cast off the garment of

heaviness and we put on the garment of

praise so we praise you Lord we thank

you God we love you Lord of Hosts nice

peek over your lives and I say over to

you you are here for such a time as this

and I speak over Egypt there will be the

greatest move of God that the nation of

Egypt has ever known I say to the

descendants of Hagar you are not

forsaken I say that there will be a

great turning there will be a great

mystery it will be a part of what is

going to make the Jewish people jealous

is even because of a move of

in part that’s going to happen in Egypt

in the name of Jesus so I just speak

that and I just released that and I

declare that we are transitioning into

the new we thank God for the past but we

shift into the era and I say to you what

heaven said to me welcome to the era of

favor welcome to the new beginning of

the great harvest for such a time as

this god bless you

who knows if you’ve not been called to

the kingdom for such a time is this o me