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There is this way of walking with God,
like Enoch,

And God took him.
God took it away.

He was 365 years old when God took him away.

And the Bible said before that that he pleased God.
He walked with God.

Then we have Abraham.
God said to him, “Walk before me, and be blameless.

This verse “Walk before me” actually says,
“Walk before my face.” »

Be aware that I am smiling at you.
Be aware of it.

To be before the face of God means to be always in favour. “Be conscious of my favor.

And it says in Hebrew, “Be blameless.”

“Integrate” here, or “tamim” in Hebrew,
primarily refers to your body.

In essence, being aware of bathing in the
light of My favor will have an effect on your body.

“Tamim”, your body becomes tamim.

Then, in the New Testament,
the language changes,

because God is no longer outside
but inside:

“I will walk in them and I will be their God”.

We are told to walk in the Spirit, okay?
In Galatians 5:16 we are told,

“Walk in the Spirit, and
you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”

Many people try not to fulfill
the desires of the flesh…

I say many people
try not to fulfill the desires of the flesh.

That’s not the gospel.
That’s not Christianity.

Christianity is to focus on
walking in the Spirit, and you won’t accomplish…

And you know, the words “don’t…not”
is “or me,” a double negative,

either a strong denial: “In no case
can you walk according to the flesh!

In no case will you be able to fulfill the desires of
your flesh, if you walk according to the Spirit!

So don’t worry about trying not to do
this, or trying to avoid that,…

Focus on walking in the Spirit.
I will teach it to you on the Sundays to come.

And walking in the Spirit is not right:

“I am led by the Spirit…
I am led…

Today the Spirit leads me to wear
a shirt. polka dots and striped pants.

I’m led…

That’s why it’s so important for us
to be planted in a local church.

Because when you have to make important decisions
, you need someone

to discuss and test them with,
otherwise you become proud

, like: “God is talking to me,
I don’t need anyone else. “.

“I don’t need anyone else.

And we’ve seen people
make all kinds of mistakes

because they thought they were led by the Spirit.

And all the while…it’s fascinating
how sometimes we think God is speaking to us,

and all kinds of signs show up that
seem to indicate that.

I don’t say…
God can send us signs.

I’m even going to show you right now that God
confirms with signs,

but the question is, who are you responding to?

This is why we must belong to a community of believers

within the local church.

And if you are a ruler, you need
another ruler above you

to share a friendship with,
for your own safety.

The first thing Solomon did
when he received wisdom

, besides returning to Jerusalem and worshiping
before the ark,

was, as the next chapter says
, surround himself with counsellors.

The wisest man, when he has just
received wisdom… I anticipate my message, but

let me tell you this: one of the first
things he did was to surround himself with advisers.

One of the signs that one has received wisdom
is that one becomes teachable.

No one needs to teach me, I know! Everything
he preached today, I know something about it!

I know two… or three things!

Ok, God says,
[Ephesians 5:15-19]

“Beware therefore that you walk circumspectly,

not like fools, but like wise men…”

Circumspection means cautiously, diligently…walk circumspectly.

2016 is not a year to
act like a fool and do all kinds of crazy things,

while expecting
God to protect you anyway.

You must walk cautiously
and act wisely.

Learn to walk in rest, okay,
and from that rest learn to walk.

This is not the time to fulfill your pleasures,
but to walk in the Spirit,

and you will not fulfill them.

Do not walk: “as fools, but
as wise; redeem the time…”

2016… Last year we said, “How
time flies!

Well, this year…
let’s redeem the time!

When you are wise, you redeem time.

Otherwise you do things that are not
essential and you don’t have time for the Word.

Guess who’s business
is to make you so busy!

And I tell you, the cell phone is a blessing, but I tell you it can become

a double-edged sword.

The computer is a blessing, but it can be
a double-edged sword.

If you don’t buy back the time… you
suddenly realize that you have no time!

You get robbed!
You no longer control your time.

Be very careful… be wise.

“Therefore do not be thoughtless, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

Do not be foolish,
says the Lord.

In 2016, I believe the Lord said,
“Be not foolish.

A young man, about 17 to 20 years old, whose
father was a famous king, David, just deceased.

He’s a young boy with brothers, and they all look at him, thinking, “Why him and not me?

One night, the Bible says, he had a dream, and God
appeared to him in that dream, saying,

“Ask what you want Me to give you.”

He answered God,
“God, give me a wise and listening heart.”

“Shema” in Hebrew.
Give me a wise and listening heart.

I guess that’s why the
next chapter says he took counselors,

because he had a heart that listens.

Indeed, the first example of this is that two harlots came to him, claiming

that the living baby was each the son.

You all know this story, don’t you?

And he was willing to listen to… prostitutes.

The ability to listen…

These are just little nuggets that I throw away,
to respect the time.

He asked God for wisdom and a
listening heart, and the Bible says God answered him:

Because you asked this…
the Bible says the request pleased God.

Because this is what you asked for, I will
also give you what you never asked for

: riches greater than any king
before and after you.

Of course, there came after him
a King who is superior

to him, namely the Lord Himself who had given
Solomon wisdom, right?

Then God said, “I will give you peace.

And by the way, just for information, I have a
teaching on the subject

where I even gave the estimate of all his
wealth, how much he ate every day;

he built to God
the dearest building that had ever existed.

I’ll preach on it another time, maybe.

But we need wisdom
for 2016.

God wants to give you wisdom.

Pray for your children, okay?
In Luke 2.

Pray this prayer for your children:
In Luke 2 [52]:

“Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature, and in
favor with God and with men.

Every day, pray.
The first thing is wisdom.

Pray for your children to have wisdom.

You know, the first gift of the Spirit mentioned
among the nine is the word of wisdom.

The first thing that Jesus was made for us
(justice, and all that) in 1 Corinthians 1:30,

is that Christ “was made for us wisdom,
righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.”

Wisdom always comes first.
The main thing is wisdom.

So walk in wisdom.
I say walk in wisdom.

Now, I didn’t say…
“Pastor Prince, I consider myself wise,

I’ve built a company that’s worth millions of dollars and…” that’s not what I’m talking about.

You can be smart without being wise.
Read a little the Epistle of James, (which speaks)

of wisdom from above and earthly wisdom.

There is an earthly wisdom, which aims to extend
its own influence, is self-centered.

Don’t think that’s the wisdom of
God. I am speaking here of the wisdom of God!

First, look again. Pray this for
your children throughout this year: that

they grow in wisdom, in stature and in favor
before God and before men.

By the way, recently… I have a video that I would like
to show you, because people,

especially in the United States, and around the
world, like to see my family.

And a few weeks ago this happened to me: I
took Justin to a mall,

and I wonder, after what happened, if I
should keep praying for him to be wiser.

He’s only three years old, okay? He saw something
he liked in the toy store.

He took it and another toy,
then looked at me.

And he said, “Abba! ”
I said yes ?

“Which one do you like?”

I didn’t even say I was going to buy
anything! Okay, look.

“Which one do you want to buy?” This one or that one ?
– Which ? Show Abba.

– Which ?
– Should I buy one?

– Do you have to buy one…
because you don’t have this!

– I don’t have that?
– Because you have to… ok, now you choose.

– Which one do you want ?
The green truck or the yellow truck?

– The green truck or the yellow truck?
I prefer the color green…”

The green truck or the yellow truck!
And all the while, I was like,

“Thank God I had my phone ready.

Because the moment he started looking
and then turned around,

I thought he might ask me
to buy it, just for fun.

And I was delighted, because there are those moments that
your children have that only last a moment.

He turned to me and asked,
“Which one do you want?”

I asked him if I had to buy one.

“Okay, do you want the green truck or the yellow truck?

I came home and said to my wife:
should I continue to pray for wisdom?

Because, you see, he uses it on me!

I took the time, as a proud father, just for those who
like to see my family from time to time,

especially at the end and the beginning of the year,
but sincerely, pray for your children.

Pray for your children.
There is a wisdom of the world.

Ok, show them 1 Kings 4 [29-30]

“And God gave Solomon wisdom and
exceedingly great understanding, and a heart as large as

the sand that is on the seashore.
And the wisdom of Solomon was greater

than the wisdom of all the children of the east and all the wisdom of Egypt.

Let me tell you: I am not saying that the people
who are in the world do not have wisdom.

People who are in business, in politics,
in science, in education…the Bible calls

what they have wisdom. But the Bible says that the
wisdom God gave Solomon was beyond her.

So they have wisdom. But the wisdom of
God surpasses that of all the sons of the East.

This includes all the annals of the Chinese sages,
the sages of the past;

even put together, their wisdom cannot compare with that of Solomon.

He even surpassed the wisdom of Egypt.

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[1 Chronicles 4:10]
“Jahbets called upon the God of Israel, saying,

O! If You would bless me abundantly, and extend my bounds, and

Your hand would be with me, and You would guarantee me
so much harm, that I would be without pain.

There’s a lot of “me” there… you hear that?

“And God granted him what he asked for.

Do you know what God says about this prayer?

They say when we pray for health and
things like that, we’re selfish.

God calls Jahbets, in verse 9:
“Jahbets was more honorable…”

He was more honorable!
The word here means glory, in Hebrew “Kavod”.

The weight of this glory was seen on him.
He had the glory!

Hey! God says that when you pray such prayers,

you are more honorable than those who do not.










Just believe in God.

Can you trust a God who
delivered Heaven’s best, the Son He loves…

How much His heart must have suffered to
forsake that Son, and deliver Him… to what?

To glory? To fame? No !
Deliver him to shame and spitting,

and ultimately death… for all of us.

Can we trust this God?

[Romans 8:32]
Has He not also with Him

freely given us… in the past tense?
The verse is not in the past tense, is it?

While it is true that God gave us everything
when He gave us Jesus,

that is not what this verse is saying.
The verse says,

“How shall we give…”
Say, “give”!

Do you know what it means ?
It covers both the present and the future.

Which means that from this time on,
if God has given us His Son, I say to you

, from this time on, how
will He not give us… Now and in the future? , in

all eternity to come, God will show himself, will always show himself as the greatest giver!



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