Service Date: 03.07.19 8PM



we’re gonna get into the reading of the

word before I have everybody sit we are

going to start from Matthew chapter 22

verses 36 through 40

it’s a verse it’s a passage we’re all

pretty familiar with and if you aren’t

you will be familiar with it after

tonight these are the disciples as a

teacher which is the Great Commandment

in the great commandment in the law or

speaking of the commandments teacher

which is the Great Commandment in the

law jesus said to him you shall love the

Lord your God with all your heart with

all your soul and with all your mind

that alone or ought to save somebody

this is the first and Great Commandment

and the second is like it you shall love

your neighbor as you love yourself which

is actually the title for tonight’s

message it is to love yourself


father your people have come with an

expectation that you have a word for

them there’s an expectation in their

hearts and in their minds father let the

spirit of wisdom just fall upon me as

I’m here to do what you have sent me to

do so empty me out of all of my mess

empty me out of all of me and let

everything that proceeds forward from my

lips be known as all of you and father

let every heart in this place be

prepared to grab your word and to run

with your word let it serve the very

purpose that you placed in the

atmosphere and I just pray father God

your way and your will is done here

tonight and Jesus name Amen for real

y’all can sit down


as we’re sitting I love to do this every

time I speak here because it is such a

blessing and truly an honor to be here

on this platform can we acknowledge the

people who built this platform pastor

Turay Roberts first lady Sara Jake’s

robbed us yet you can stand and

acknowledge for the people who have set

this culture in motion who have set

forward a movement in motion that the

world has not seen before you can stand

and clap for that I’m gonna let you do

that I know you’re watching I love you

all so very very very much so let’s jump

into this it’s interesting a couple of

years ago I was blessed to preach a word

called rest ethic I think is what it was

called and what was wild about it was it

was based on a commandment this idea of

rest being a commandment not an idea not

a suggestion but actually a commandment

from God and it was quite a shocking

revelation because a good deal of us

have a hard time taking the time to rest

so when this passage hit me it was such

a striking thing for me because here is

what seems like such a simple thing we

are we are now in the generation of

celebrating ourselves I tried to put

that as nicely as we are we are the

generation of celebrating ourselves and

not just celebrating ourselves but

celebrating ourselves openly for all to

see for as many followers as we can

possibly get

this is the generation we’re in now and

what is so striking about it is how in

all of the celebration of self and all

of the hoopla and now there are programs

to regenerate yourself and do this to

yourself and self-help and do that to


somewhere along the line with all of

these machines if you will that that

allow for self celebration somewhere

along the line we missed out on a very

basic commandment which is to love

yourself I find it fascinating if we

look at that commandment can we put up

that word again

I love the sequencing because the

sequencing will trip us up can we put up

a Matthew 22 again because it says love

the Lord your God will go from the

beginning teacher which is the greatest

commandment can we see jesus said to him

you shall love the Lord your God with

all your heart we’ll pause right there

with all your soul in all your mind

so Jesus establishes immediately first

and foremost if we’re going to get any

sort of Commandments right it needs to

start with this love him love him who

created you love him who created the air

you’re breathing love him who sent the

person you’re asking this very question

in this moment so we have that basis

love him love God with all your heart

your all your soul and all your mind and

keep going this is the first great

commandment keep going and the second is

like it this is where it gets tricky you

shall love your neighbor as you love

yourself right now if we could keep that

up there for a little bit we are in a

culture of division we are in a culture

right now where division is actively

being sewn those who choose to exert an

authority do it by exerting it according

to sowing division it’s about how

different you are from me how different

we are how different we think how

different we speak how different we live

we’re so different


so different we shouldn’t be together

we’re so different you should be in that

corner and I should be in this corner

and even though we’re different and

we’re all created by the same God we all

have access to the same God we’re all

created and operating under one spirit

we’re so different we should pretend as

if we don’t know this spirit together

and you should do it your way and I

should do it my way and we should never

come together because we’re so different

it says you shall love your neighbor as

you love yourself and so now what we

actively try to do is we say no it’s

about love we gotta love each other we

gotta love your neighbor and it’s true

it’s wonderful it’s great except that’s

not the order we get so focused on

trying to love our neighbor in the face

of a lot of the division and for lack of

better words hate speak that is being

sown actively into different areas of

our culture I gotta love my neighbor no

matter what who my neighbor is no matter

I gotta love them I gotta love them and

I love the heart behind that but we

can’t love the neighbour if we don’t

love ourselves

in fact we can’t even fully we can’t

even fully manifest and be the evidence

of the God we love if we don’t love

ourselves when God set this forward he

set forward a contract god me neighbor

in that order I can’t love my neighbor

in fullness in truth if I haven’t

figured out how to love myself yet if I

haven’t even accepted all of my own

faults if I can’t even accept how

redeemed I really am if I am walking in

Christ and accepting that redemption

means I got a cop to all the stuff that

I did before Jesus caught me

I love listen I am all about being a new

man but being a new man is not about

forgetting literally I don’t know who

that was

no I know exactly who that was but the

key word is once I know who that was

past tense and then I know who I am and

then I know who God has called me to be

and so if I’m really going to walk in

the fullness of this I’ll call it a love

contract which is to love God love

myself and love my neighbor I got to get

the middle first I have to be the bridge

because if I cannot love myself I cannot

manifest this love that God has on the

inside of me so that it passes on to the

next person it stops literally at me if

it has not penetrated to me on the

inside of me I can’t then send it to my

neighbor in fact what our neighbors are

supposed to get is overflow

I’m supposed to be so healthy and so

whole and so used to loving myself that

by the time my neighbor gets anywhere

near me date they have no choice to

receive love it’s pouring out of my

speech is pouring out of my eyes is

pouring out of my thoughts it’s pouring

out of my prayers it’s pouring out of

how I write it’s pouring out of how I

use my gift

it’s literally pouring out of my

presence I walk in the room and people

start smiling why because I am loved I

am not perfect I am loved those are two

different things because walking with

God’s love is accepting our

imperfections once we decide the only

way I can love my neighbor is to be

perfect and be so perfect that I show

them how to be perfect that’s not love

that’s the judgment God didn’t call us

the judge that judgment thing is way

above our spiritual paygrade

that’s not my assignment I got too many

really complicated assignments with my

name on them to take ones that don’t

have my name on them but in a time like

now I just want to remind everybody here

that we have to be in the practice of

loving ourselves because not only does

our neighbor miss out if we don’t love

ourselves we do because to walk without

the knowledge not only that God loves us

but that we love ourselves is to walk I

would say DRI is the best way to put it

when you can walk with such an anointing

that you are you literally know who you

are you are not so forgetful you don’t

walk around and say I am better than you

just walk around saying I’m me I’m

exactly who God created me to be

and all of who I was before is part of

my testimony everything that happened

before – to the point where I am right

now that’s a part of my process that’s a

part of my testimony it is evidence of

his deliverance it is evidence of his

grace it is evidence of his glory it is

evidence of his love

I’m telling you his love is real I

cannot speak to you about the love of

God and not walk it out in my own way

and say well if God can forgive me then

I need to be able to forgive myself if

we get this self-love thing right when

you can look in the mirror and love

yourself there is not a filter on the



that will ever match the beauty of what

you see there is not a camera setting

that could capture the majesty of who

you are when you look in the mirror and

say I love myself and you mean it matter

of fact we’re gonna do it right now

don’t be embarrassed it’s just us I’m

gonna count to three and everyone under

the sound of my voice I want you to say

it like you mean it I love myself I’ll

say it right along with you because I

promise I had to go through this so that

I could get this to you

we don’t speak on that in a second on

the count of three I want to hear this

house declare it one two three I love

myself I heard a couple people shouting

I’m not mad sometimes self love is loud

now the boldness in that declaration is

not because we so fly we are but that’s

not why we love ourselves so much we’re

able to love ourselves because we know

who created us we were able to love

ourselves because we not only know who

created us we know that He loves us

beyond who we even believe we are I hope

I’m saying that as clear as I can see it

when we approach the throne and speak to

God I love this cuz Petey covered this a

couple weeks ago God has literally

blotted out our transgressions for his

own sake so that His Holiness is fully

inhabited when he speaks to us so when

God speaks to us he’s not only seeing

what you’ve done he’s seeing who you are

who you were and who you’re about to be

and he says I love all of it

and I love that that’s beautiful

but now I have to think about it and say

if if I’m made in His image

that means I need to be able to look at

myself and do the same thing within

myself that means I need to be able to

look myself in the eye every single day

I wake up and say I love myself I know

I’m a work in progress I love myself I

know God told me to do this I didn’t do

it quite the way he told me to do it but

I still have breath in my body so it’s

another chance to get it right and he

still loves me and I am still breathing

so I love myself it means every

opportunity that God gives us is one we

have to not only live out we have to

inhabit it every mistake is just an

opportunity to say wow God loved me

through that there is nothing that I can

do to take his love away from him for me

the only thing that can happen is I can

blind myself to my love for me and now

since I cannot love myself I now have a

problem accepting that he could love me

or that anyone else could love me that

is the only problem that is where our

battle is it is in loving ourselves and

so I want to look at this from three

different areas and I’m gonna keep this

very simple we have to love who we were

and I’ll give that one word that’s

forgiveness because when you can walk

with forgiveness eternal forgiveness for


then you meet somebody who has been in

your situation and maybe even worse and

you say well I’ve forgiven me and God

has forgiven me and he’s placed that on

the inside of me and he’s done this so

often we have worked out this

forgiveness thing for who I was so often

that by the time someone comes to me I

got no choice but to forgive you

it’s just how I roll it’s just who I am

it’s just who he created me to be

so it starts with loving who we were all

of it all of it all of it there is no

room for shame and self-love there is no

room for shame in self-love so whatever

that event or that moment or that season

was where you think you have gotten past

it but every time it comes up it makes

you feel as if there’s no way someone

could love me because this happens

whenever that moment comes up whenever

that memory comes up you need to speak

the truth to that thing which is that as

a part of who I was I love Who I am now

God has forgiven me he has covered me he

has redeemed me he will never forsake me

and I move forward so it starts

literally with loving who we were and

I’m not even saying from a month and a

half two months three months two years I

mean literally right now here’s the

beauty of continuing to love yourself

and to love who you were five minutes

ago I was a different person I love that


the pastor ebenezer that drove well

actually my wife drove thank you baby

who got here is a different person and I

love him too all the thoughts he had all

the crazy plans he had all the foolish

thoughts that ran through my mind that I

decided to let run right out my mind I

love him – because he’s along for the

ride with me when I get to that

incredible moment where God puts me on

that scale and he weighs me he’s not

going to chop off that part of the

experience and just take all the good

stuff and put me on the scale he’s

weighing all of Who I am so I had better

get used to that so there is forgiveness

and and and acceptance in terms of

loving who you were that’s my first

piece the second one and I think you’ll

start to catch the gist of where I’m

going is loving who you are who you are

not who you want to be watch this not

what other people respond to God has

blessed each and every one of us which

with exceptional gifts incredible gifts

incredible abilities and talents and end

and characteristics and personalities

and quirks and things and depending on

who you are in a given moment

some people will react to that

particular quirk and talent and they’ll

react in a favorable worried way and

there’s nothing wrong with that but we

have to avoid the trap of thinking

that’s all of who we are because what

will happen is we’ll just show that part

of us all the time that’ll be the only

side we show anybody if you are great at

telling jokes the first time you tell a

joke in a room laughs you’re like wow

that was amazing I feel them I just felt

the appreciation and a love and I want

to feel that all the time and now all

you do is tell jokes

only problem with that is I can’t trust

you because if I’m in a serious

situation and I need you not to be

joking right now you’ll get everybody in

trouble but people will only know you

for that one thing and then people will

place expectations on you for that one

thing for that one area of your

personality if you are an optimist

that’s all people are gonna know you as

the optimist and they bring you in I

don’t know what’s going on bring in the

optimist I need to feel better not

realizing you are a whole and complete

human being you’re not optimistic 24/7

from dusk till dawn there are moments

where your optimism does not suit you

sometimes there is some realism you need

to have to balance out that optimism and

that’s what allows us to be functional

in a whole but if people only know you

for one area of your life and they show

appreciation and they acknowledge it and

we start to hunger for the appreciation

and the acknowledgement we start to

ignore all the other parts of who we are

so now we’re just feeding that one part

and everything else is dying and as

everything on the inside of us starts to

die we can’t understand why we don’t

feel complete we don’t understand why it

is we start to feel what bitter why is

it every time I go somewhere people want

me to tell jokes

why can’t nobody take me seriously

because that’s what that voice sounds

like when we see stuff like that

and the reason it’s that way is because

that’s all you’ve shown you haven’t

given anybody the opportunity to see the

rest of who you are because we’re only

gonna show us the side of me that’s

gonna get the likes I’m only gonna show

you the side of me that’s gonna get the

hearts I’m only gonna show the side of

me that gets me in the door I’m only

gonna show the side of me that might

grease the wheels from my opportunity

I’m only gonna show the side that brings

a smile to people that makes them feel

comfortable with me while it’s making me

feel uncomfortable

incomplete Knothole and I’m dying on the

inside in terms of loving who you are it

is loving all of it every single piece

of who you are your strengths your

weaknesses your holes the things you

don’t even know about yourself love it

do not run from that area of who you are

where you’re like I don’t really know

that person you know there are people

who like don’t really know what makes

them smile you’re met really really just

stern people everything just every

everything you like smile like

like men and you realize that they don’t

know what makes them smile or vice versa

you have people who kind of look like

the Joker

like they smile at everything stuff is

dead wrong and they’re like and like yo

you look a little psycho and a little

weird or just happy all of the time I

love the joy of the Lord but there are

days there are days where I’m just not

feeling that in that moment and guess

what I love myself then too because when

I’m not feeling it I go to the person

who is the source I say Lord I am not

feeling your joy why is that what is

happening on the inside of me that has

shut off my joy receptors because I

should be feeling joy right now you told

me your joy brings everything I need

things we don’t know about ourselves

love them because there are

opportunities to go to God for him to

tell you so not only do we need to love

who we were we have to also love who we

are right now with the entire list of

your with your whole to-do list then

ain’t got no checks on it it’s okay I

feel your pain still love yourself

anyway because you are an evolving

process for that first section well you

have to love who you are that takes

forgiveness for loving who I’m sorry for

loving who you were

that takes forgiveness for loving who we

are right now that takes patience that

takes patience because we are constantly


we are constantly growing even right now

as you are receiving this message there

are things

happening on the inside of your mind

there are things happening in your heart

there are things that have happened in

the past that you now see in a different

way and your whether you’re taking notes

or you get in the car tomorrow morning

my prayer is that you wake up with a

completely different understanding

because you now know the power of loving

yourself but that means you got to love

yourself right now as you receive the

word and if you don’t fully understand

or get it

love yourself now love yourself now

anyway because guess what when you do

get it you will look back on the moment

and say oh I’m so glad that I loved

myself enough to just hold on to it

until it made sense to love yourself in

terms of who you are

that takes patience the last part that I

want to go over is loving who you’re

going to be and that takes faith because

you haven’t seen who you’re going to be

before in fact according to God what

God’s Word no one’s seen it eyes have

not seen nor ears have heard you have to

believe in something you have not seen

before but God has placed the seed on

the inside of you that continues to

speak to you every single day and it

says this is who you’re supposed to be

this is who you’re supposed to be this

week I don’t know who I’m talking to

this is who you’re supposed to be and

you hear it every single day you get in

your car and you do something that is

not who you’re supposed to be and you

hear that voice said that’s not true

that’s not true that’s not you that’s

not you and you have to deal with that

voice until you make the lifestyle

change that lines up with who you are

becoming which means we have to love

ourselves before we become who we’re

supposed to be because we are always in

a state of becoming we can’t afford to

wait to become and then love ourselves

we’ll never love ourselves we’re

always be coming so you cannot wait to

say when I become that person that’s

what I’m gonna love myself when I get

that promotion that’s what I’m gonna

love myself when I’ve established this

incredible habit that’s what I’m gonna

love myself when I stick to my workout

plan past January that’s what I’m gonna

love myself

oh I struck a nerve

somebody canceling memberships right now

we cannot wait to become the person that

God is calling us to be to begin the

love process because we’re violating the

love contract that is the commandment

that he has set forth my neighbor can’t

wait for me to love myself later my

neighbor is literally waiting for me to

love myself now because my neighbor

needs the love that’s on the inside of

me that’s why that person’s next to me

as my neighbor I love it because the

word neighbor as it’s used in here is is

a fellow person

of the faith a fellow Christian and so I

want to make sure we don’t get this

confused because this does not mean the

only people I love are my fellow

Christians here’s the problem with that

you don’t know when somebody’s gonna get


somebody could get saved on their

deathbed and here’s the thing if I’ve

met this person I let’s say I have that

neighbor that has that attitude that

just makes life really really really

really hard and they’ve made life hard

for a god knows how many years and

they’ve just been mean and they’ve been

angry and they’ve been nasty and I’m

just like I’m not gonna love them I

can’t love them god I don’t understand

it I can’t deal with this person I don’t

have love for them

that it ended in it and then that person

passes and on their deathbed they

receive Christ Jesus guess what that

means everything they had before it

happened before them they redeemed

so in God’s eyes that person went saved

I’m supposed to love my neighbor I spent

all these years not loving my neighbor

not understanding that it’s not my

timing but God’s timing so if I’m going

to operate under God’s timing I have to

love you regardless because you might

get saved tomorrow and today hey it’s

hurting me and me only and I’m not

taking that with me I can’t get to the

gates and look at my seat and start to

walk with God like whoa where do you

think you’re going and I might well I

don’t understand that’s my seat you you

held it for me I’m grateful but I loved

my neighbor he’s like oh no you didn’t

see that neighbor right there the

neighbor you were cussing out in your

mind that neighbor you were mad at the

neighbor who you wouldn’t give help to

because they had a nasty attitude even

though I told you to help him that

neighbor that neighbor who you knew

couldn’t possibly have my love in him

according to your judgment that neighbor

well right before that neighbors shut

his eyes got saved so that means you

missed one now got to stand at the gate

and Security’s just like

get him out of there he’s acting really

disruptive get him out of here

he’s not getting in oh he’s causing a

ruckus get him downstairs get him

downstairs get him downstairs I try to

be that one I’m a loved angry neighbor I

am loving that angry neighbor I am

loving that angry neighbor I am loving

that nasty neighbor I’d got to do what

you often but I do have to have love in

my heart for you I can do that and who

knows if I love myself enough this

neighbor is going to wonder what is this

guy doing who does he serve who is he

praying to when he goes to church who’s

speaking to him what’s happening in his

life because he’s got so much love in

him and I’ve got so much hate me and he

seems really happy and I seem really not

maybe I should check out who is check it

out and that neighbor gets saved in that

way my point is this we have to love

ourselves for who we were for who we are

and for who we are going to be and we

got to do all three all the time which

means chances are if we are having a

moment where we are not feeling anything

but God’s love God’s agape love on the

inside of us one of those is is probably

deficient I love where I’m going I love

Who I am but I still got no love for who

I used to be I understand and I forgive

and I love on who I used to be and I

love who I’m gonna become it but I don’t

love Who I am right now I love my past I

look I get it I understand its place and

I love Who I am right now and watch this

this is the future trap the future trap

isn’t that you’re going to hate who you

see the future trap is you are gonna

love who you are right now so much that

you won’t let it go when it’s time to

let it go

and so future you was like come on come

on come on come on come on come on come

on come on come on come on start the new

life come on break the old habits come

on come on get the new work come on come

on be the living water come on come on

come on come on come on flowing from

your belly come on come on come on

shipping with anointing come on come on

come on purpose come on come on come on

come on

and you so in love with you right now

you like I’m good I’m good right here

like this is comfortable you know I’m

I’m used to me and this is how I roll

and this is my habits and this is just I

love this this is just who I am the only

person who gets to claim that is God I

am that I am God is the only one who

gets to use that phrase in its entirety

and truth when we say that we are

denying who we are to become loved who

you were loved who you are

love who you are becoming and do it all

at the same time because watch this they

all influence each other who you are is

to be a reflection of what’s coming

everything you’re doing now is so that

you can link up with what’s coming

everything everything everything I pray

tonight God show me who I am becoming

give me a clear vision of whom I am

becoming and I will rewrite everything

in my calendar I will change whatever I

need the change to line up with who I’m

becoming God give me an understanding of

why what happened to me back then

happened back then and how it got me

here and so then now I that I am here I

can move

word because this is how God loves us He

loves us in that outside of time sort of

way and we inside of time have to do the

same I want to leave you with this

because I always put for the challenge

what you say what you do and who you are

around all should reflect how much you

love yourself I’ll say it again what you

say what you do and who you are around

all should reflect how much you love



I mean how can I say no what you say

what you do and who you are around all

should reflect how much you love

yourself I should be able to look at the

people you hang with and know this

person loves themselves because there

are around people who edify them there

are around people who stretch them

they’re around people who grow them

they’re around people who challenge them

they’re around people who will say no to

them when they’re acting crazy the

around people who hear from God they’re

around people who can send up a prayer

you know it’s gonna get heard they are

around sound wise people next time you

look at somebody and you’re like should

I invite them into my circle look at

their circle before you step into my

circle because my circle is part


before you get in my circle let me step

back and see your circle real quick who

you hang with who on your Instagram what

you say is a reflection of how you love

yourself how you talk about yourself is

a reflection of how you love yourself

how you speak about yourself you’d

better watch it cuz people are paying

attention how you speak about yourself

reflects how you love yourself and what

you do what fruit have you born because

you are fruit ought to be a reflection

of how you love yourself family I love

that the verse that we looked at earlier

literally God says hang all of the

commandments on these because you need

this to love yourself to love your

neighbor and to love God you need that

in order to enact and walk and embody

and live by the commandments that he put

forward you can’t do any of the

commandments without them not a single

one if God saw fit to hang all the

commandments on this

our reasonable Duty is that we need to

hang our life our lifestyle our thoughts

our thought regulation our spirit our

spirit management we need to hang all of

these things on this I’m over time let’s


oh we’re gonna love ourselves this

generation is going to love themselves

in the God minded way the way he

intended and you just watched the shift

in the world and the shift in the

environment when you have a group of

people who say I love myself and I

refuse to stop it here I’m just gonna

let her overflow

family I’m gonna make this altar call

quick I came to this word because I

realized I was having a problem loving

myself and it was interfering with how I

am supposed to do life and how I am

supposed to see life and how I’m

supposed to see people my thoughts were

not the way God intended for them to be

I was acting like a completely different

person and I realized that and I will

use the word the bitterness that was

starting to well up on the inside of me

was not because of what was happening to

me but it was because of the lens I was

viewing what was happening to me through

and that lens was there’s a part of me

that I just I don’t I’m not I’m not

haven’t mastered my love for myself in

that area yet if you’re here in this

place and there is an area that I

outlined and it might be all three areas

and you know that loving yourself you

can’t even you struggle to even say the

words I love myself if you know when you

say it you cannot fully believe it yet

come on down to this altar come on down

to this altar I don’t care if it’s who

you were I don’t care if it’s me you are

I don’t care if it’s who you’re gonna be

if you have a problem of loving any

quadrant of who you are you come on down

because we need to remove that live

right now come on down if you are

watching come on down come on down we

gonna work this love thing out right

here right now your neighbor needs you

to love yourself so you can love your

neighbor come on down


it’s not going run out either if it’s

coming from God there’s plenty of it


Heavenly Father we thank you that you

have identified a route that your word

your living word penetrated it literally

pierced between joint and muscle

dividing the soul and the spirit pierced

and it hit a root and that root is in a

lack of love in some part of how we see

ourselves we thank you God right now

since you are there since you have

pierced yourself into that brute father

pull out that weed remove those tears Oh

God and so seed that will bear the truth

the fruit that only could come from you

which is that because you love me

regardless of who I am I now take hold

of the authority and the power that you

have placed on the inside of me to love

every single portion of who I am because

I am redeemed because I am loved I am

loved with a forever love I am loved

with an everlasting love I am loved with

an all-powerful love I am loved with an

all timeless love and you have chosen

this moment right now to open my eyes

and my heart to receive that love and

that love is an overflow and I’ve

received that overflow because you have

said in this moment you’ve chosen this

vessel you’ve chosen this time you’ve

chosen this place to say yes I will pour

down through the windows of heaven a

love that is not only needed but a love

that has never been seen before and we

have said we will receive that love we

are submitting our eligibility claim we

are receiving all of that love a love

that is washing over us right now a love

that is washing away pain a love that is

washing away lies a love that is washing

away the death on the inside of us and

our love that is making room for your


for your truth for your life for your

living water for all that you have in

store for me a love that is clearing out

my insides and making me brand new we

receive every drop of that love as it

falls from heaven and we know that it is

a water flow a waterfall it is an

everlasting fountain so everywhere we go

we don’t have to wait till Thursday

night to receive that love we can

receive that love anywhere any place any

time around anyone no matter what anyone

says that love belongs to us because it

came from you and you put our names on

it and father I thank you for the

willing hearts who came who showed who

exposed that area of their hearts that

needed your love and received it we

thank you Father and from this moment we

are beloved from this moment we are

loved and everything we say everything

we do all of who we are is going to be a

reflection of our love for ourselves

which connects to our love for you and

allows us to love our neighbor spirit of

overflow fall in this place and we thank

you’ve now and in advance for the

increase of love and the perspective

shift that was this night in Jesus

matchless name we pray amen