Fireman Mark Taylor and co-author Mary Colbert team up to tell you about what’s called the Trump Prophecies — the once hard-to-believe details of what God told Mark about America, Israel and the world.


hello my friends this is dr. Keenan

bridges and this is something more I’m

so delighted today to have a very

special show with my very special guest

sister Mary culvert and brother Mark

Taylor this is gonna be amazing you

don’t want to miss this and we’re we are

talking about something that affects

every single person in this nation I

believe that our nation is on the cusp

of one of the greatest moves of God

we’ve ever seen in human history but it

is very important that you know some key

things as a relates to what’s happening

now and what’s going to happen in the

future so good

how’re you guys doing the decided

solutely bye god bless you awesome

thanks for being here today you guys

have some very powerful things you want

to share with us today but I want to

start by you know going into sort of the

genesis of all of this so where did this

start what did God begin to say to you

that kind of started this whole

prophetic thing about our president and

where we are today

well I did I was a retired lieutenant

with the City of Orlando Fire Department

for bout 20 years and about two years

before I retired in 2006 I started to

get sick

I started getting depression and stuff

like that didn’t think a whole lot about

I went to the doctor and he kind of

prescribed me some antidepressants why

had retired in 2006 and about a month

after I retired I started going through

an Apostolic Church at the time and I

had a visitation from the Lord hmm and

in that visitation the Lord had showed

me some things that I was going to write

and it could see I was in the visitation

I would have light coming out of my

finger and out of my hand stuff like

that and so the Lord has assigned an

angel to me as well in that visitation

well after that visitation I started

getting sick really bad sick about five

months I took a nosedive I was bedridden

for four or five days at a time

I couldn’t eat for four and five days at

a time and I went to doctor after doctor

they couldn’t find out what’s wrong with

me so this went off for like four or

five years the anxiety the depression

was just crushing I mean it was just

literally like going through hell

basically so I had finally I found a

doctor that kind of knew what he was

doing and he started getting me back to

health and then he had left and then

went on to something else

and I had to find a new doctor

that’s when I found dr. Colvard Harry

Celgene and so I had about 2011 when I

was still seeing the first doctor I’d

wrote something called the commander

chief prophecy and it was I was sitting

in front of the TV I was sick at the

time and I saw Donald Trump on TV and he

was in an interview you’re like on Fox

News or something like that I was

listening to him and then all of a

sudden I heard the voice of the Lord say

you’re hearing the voice of a president

so I got up I went into my bedroom which

I converted to an office and I put pen

to paper like the Apostle Paul and I

just listened to what the Holy Spirit

was telling me and I wrote the Trump

prophecy on April 28 2011 Wow now this

when you saw this this news broadcast

where you saw the president now

president Donald Trump was this a vision

of this happen in real life

this happened to realize realize it

wasn’t real it spoke to you and the Lord

spoke to me you’re a president that’s

when I wanted my office and started

writing it down now what began to happen

initially after that was there did you

know the full implications of what was

happening or what was the Lord dealing

with you what began to happen

immediately after that immediately after

that I I originally thought was for 2012

okay and so when I wrote it down I I

just pushed it aside at the time I

didn’t have a platform I mean I didn’t

it all my friends had kind of abandoned

me at the time because God had me in

isolation literally I was so sick at the

time well I’d shared it with my first

doctor and I shared it with a couple of

one or two friends and in my family

members it was it doesn’t mean that’s

all I had and then I’d wrote a couple

other things that the Lord had given me

about a month or two later and then when

I had found dr. Coburn at the time I had

originally taken the prophecy and I’d

given it to dr. Coburn at that point I

see so it’s the warfare though for me I

think was you know I like a way someone

had put it at the time when I retired

you know as a firefighter you’re a man’s


and God was I knew God was calling me to

something but I wasn’t sure I knew he

wasn’t calling me to be a pastor because

I’m not I’m not

pastor material so but he was preparing

me for something for something greater

and I knew at that time I was called to

the prophetic but I just didn’t know how

far how that was look I see understand

so so marry you you and your husband

have been around the world you you’ve

connected with so many people your

husband has been a doctor and an adviser

to millions of people and prominent

pastors and leaders what did you do when

you got this into your hands what did

the Lord begin to do with you and and

tell me walk me through that how did

that one of the things that mark was

ascribing to is and I’m sure people

sitting going and things well you know

he was sick I think can God use you when

you’re sick and you’re on a bed of

affliction yeah one of the things that

was happening with my mark is that he

was having to die to himself he had to

completely die to himself his his hopes

his visions his things he had to die in

order for the Word of God to become more

pure in him does that make sense it does

and so much so he was going through what

I call a death experience well death to

himself yeah so in this process you know

that God has given him these words and

stuff I didn’t know the details of his

health because I run the office and I’m

kind of the office manager I’m in the

background so I don’t ever see the

patient I see I said but my husband came

in and he goes Mary take a look at this

now we get prophecies all the time

because of Don being so in the Evangelic

right field and knowing so many people I

mean the books and the words you know oh

the gods told me this you know we all

the time you kind of glaze over yeah so

but Don walked in and he goes Mary take

a look at this tell me what you think

and this was in 2015 nobody had

announced running for president through

the 2016 election at this point nobody

so we didn’t know who was doing what and

so he let me see this it’s about who’s

going to be next president I want to see

what you think I’m sure that was

provocative yeah like really you know

that’s interesting I mean that’s

somebody really sticking their neck out


and I said and I started reading it and

there’s a there’s the only scripture I

can think of is he who has ears to hear

let him hear and if you have a hearing

ear to what the Spirit of God is saying

you’re gonna recognize his word that’s

right and and that comes through years

of walking with him studying his word

knowing his word so it so when you are a

student of the word of God and you’ve

made yourself a life commitment to know

him right

you know and know his nature yes and you

know his habit so to speak you know you

have a relationship with him

you know I want you to hold that thought

we’ve heard so much about this Trump

prophecy and the events that led up to

it but what I want to ask for the sake

of our viewers what does the prophecy

actually say well I can read it form

right here and I wrote it April 28 2011

and in 2011 2011 okay wonderful and it’s

called commander-in-chief and it says

the Spirit of God says I’ve chosen this

man Donald Trump for such a time as this

for us Benjamin Netanyahu is to Israel

so shall this man be the United States

of America for I will use this man to

bring honor respect and restoration to

America America will be respected once

again as the most powerful prosperous

nation on earth other than Israel the

dollar will be the strongest it has ever

been in the history of the United States

and will once again be the currency by

which all others are judged the Spirit

of God says the enemy will quake and

shake and fear this man I have anointed

they will even quake and shake when he

announces he’s running for president it

will be like the shot heard across the

world the enemy will say what shall we

do now this man knows all our tricks and

schemes we have been robbing America for

decades what shall we do to stop this

the Spirit says ha no one shall stop

this that I have started for the enemy

has stolen from America for decades and

it stops now for I will use this man to

reap the harvest that the United States

has sown for and plunder from the enemy

what he has stolen and returned it

Sevenfold back to the United States the

enemy will say Israel Israel what about

Israel for Israel will be protected by

America once again the Spirit says yes

America will once again stand hand in

hand with Israel

the two shall be as one for the ties

between Israel and America will be

stronger than ever in Israel or flourish

like never before

Spirit of God says I will protect

America and Israel for this next

president will be a man of his word when

he speaks the world will listen and know

that there was something greater in him

than all the others before him this

man’s word is his bond and the world and

America will know this and the enemy

will fear this for this man will be

fearless the Spirit says when the

financial harvest begins social at

parallel and spiritual for America

Spirit of God says in this next election

they will spend billions to keep this

present and it will be like flushing

their money down the toilet let them

waste their money for it comes from as

being used by evil forces at work but

they will not succeed for this next

election will be a clean sweep for the

man I have chosen they will say things

about this man the enemy but it will not

affect him they will say so roll off of

him like the duck for as the feathers of

a duck protect it so show my feathers

protect this next president even

mainstream news media will be captivated

by this man and the abilities that I

have gifted him with and they will even

begin to agree with him

says the Spirit of God Wow now that’s

where we are right now we’re in between

the very last line of the prophecy and

the next line because that’s obvious

that mainstream media has not lined up

yet yeah so that last line is the only

line in that prophecy that has yet to be

fulfilled Wow now what’s exciting is

that this prophecy is now out there it’s

going to be out there in a major major

way for the whole world to now witness

that lion come too fast that’s what

excited when we come back we’re gonna

talk about how Mary under divine

inspiration was able to galvanize

literally thousands to see this prophecy

this Trump prophecy come to pass don’t

go anywhere you don’t want to make this

mistis we’ll be right back on something

more god bless you




hey guys this is something more this is

dr. Kenan I’m so excited to be with our

guest today Mary Kolbert and Mark Taylor

we are talking about the Trump prophecy

but not only that where we are today as

a nation and what were the events that

led up led to one of the most

supernatural things that we’ve ever seen

in the last 20 or 30 years and Mayor we

were talking before the break about you

got this prophecy from brother Martin

and you immediately knew that something

was going on tell me what you begin to

do to really mobilize this chain of

events that lets us what we’ve always

see this well I like to equate myself as

being the woman at the whale and Jesus

told me all that I had ever done and

once I realized I go to the city and I

bring the whole town out I’m here this

man speaks my husband has a Cherokee

says you know telegraph telephone tell

Mary all right so he came to the right


I read the prophecy and I began reading

it and as I mentioned earlier being a

student of the word since I was 21 years

old and recognizing the character and

the the thoughts of how God thinks this

is you know I immediately recognized

what I call a rhythm God as you study in

his word there’s a rhythm and in his

word and I recognize that rhythm that’s

why the word says let those who prophesy

those who understand judge it well what

you’re judging is not so much as what’s

coming out and what’s being said is the

rhythm of it is that me do you hear my

rhythm and that’s right

this person right exact good so as I

began reading the word I I recognize

God’s rhythm in this and I just sat down

on the couch and I just I’d looked up at

Donna said dawn this is a word from God

this is not even this man and he goes

you really believe it is I go yes yes

where is this guy so I go out and he’s

checking out and I

up to him and I said hi mark I’m Mary

Kolbert I’m dr. corporates wife I go and

I’m holding the prophecy and go this is

a word from God and he looked at me and

goes well I’m glad you think so because

I do believe so too well he goes I just

don’t know what to do with it hmm I said

well right now you’re gonna have to wait

because he was telling me he thought it

was 2012 I said yeah but as you read the

prophecy it says when this man announces

he’s running for president it will be

like a shot heard around the world and I

said he hasn’t announced the prophecy

doesn’t go into motion til this happens

that’s right

so I said you’ve gotta wait until this

happens and then once this happens the

prophecies in motion I see and the one

thing about God and the nature of God

that I have learned is very rarely does

God speak something and instantly do it

in most cases that I have witnessed is

God will speak something any bruise over

it Hebrews over his word and then he

makes it happen yeah

and so for me I to me it was more real

that it wouldn’t be 2012 because he got

in 2011

that it was more accurate for 2016

because that’s the nature of God it’ll

speak something and then performs it

good right yeah so so mark let me let me

ask you this and I’ll come back to you

know when this was happening I love what

you said about the rhythm of God you

know I like to say there’s a signature

or fingerprint or a stamp so we see that

these were very interesting events

starting to come together

did you know what God was up to at this

time are you completely in the dark

I didn’t know what he was up to

completely yeah you know I mean it was

completely in the dark but I was you

know it was but I thought you know well

I mean they’ve got it so I mean I don’t

know what’s where God’s going to take

this yeah well you knew something was

starting to have I knew something was

starting to have I see and so going back

to where you were going this is a very

interesting so you saw the stamp of God

all over this what did you feel you

needed to do

point really at that point I’m like I

wait on God I don’t like to just jump in

to say and I want to know that he’s he’s

in it he’s wanting me to be in it that’s

right I have a philosophy God doesn’t

call me into a battle except intending

for me to win and so otherwise he’s not

going to call me to the battle it’s all

I get if I’m gonna win

Oh amen I believe that that’s good right

yeah so I waited and of course the day

came and he announced and Mark called

Nico’s married you hear the news iö yep

I heard the news the prophesies in

motion the party just goes party’s just


so I because of the contacts that I have

in the people that I had I began making

hundreds of copies of the prophesy

putting them in envelopes Ameland them

out to leaders all over the country know

how I heard no I don’t know if this is a

rumor but this is what I heard you

managed to get over ten thousand people

on a prayer call is that true oh yeah

how did you do that did that be in like

a hundred thousand is what we had

100,000 people on of prayer calls across

the nation well I’m trying to get into

another story what 100,000 people how

did you do that well you know it was a

strategic plan from the Holy Spirit I

have to give him the full credit because

all he tell you know he’s looking for is

willing hearts listening ears you know

in vessels who are willing to do it

that’s all he’s looking for and he’ll

use anybody anybody and I’m willing at

any time he wants to use me for his

kingdom and for his purpose that’s my

heart it’s always toward thy will be


whatever that is use me Lord I’ll do it

and that you have that attitude and he

will use you so I once I got the

prophecy and I got it in a lot of

people’s hands a lot of leaders I wanted

them to know yeah if you’re in doubt

here to get behind here read this yeah

you know you need to recognize what

God’s doing

you know listen guys don’t

where this is good you don’t want to

miss this we are talking about the power

of the prophetic as it relates to the

current state of our nation the Trump

prophecy and more come back in just a

little bit on something more we’re gonna

we’re gonna go into more detail


you are watching ISS the it’s

supernatural Network


welcome back to something more this is

dr. Keenan bridges your host listen

we’ve had a very powerful time talking

about the Trump prophecy and the current

state of events in the United States and

the world I believe this is a very

important important show so please you

want to make sure you stay to the end of

it but we were talking about the turn of

events the different things that led up

to this prophecy we were talking about

all of the things going on but I want to

talk about now guys we’re here we’re in

2017 much of the prophecy has been

fulfilled but by the way let me ask you

this did you know Donald Trump before

just you know you can tell me I won’t

tell anybody before 2011 no golf

together I didn’t know a whole lot about

Donald or all except for he’s a very

wealthy businessman and he’d built this

huge empire yeah so there was no vested

interest there was this you were just

completely oblivious to everything

absolutely I think that’s important for

our viewers to know because many times

that’s the way prophecy works you know

when something in the unseen realm

invades the scene realm and interrupts

the flow of events the historical flow

of this absolutely but here we are in

2017 and we are seeing a lot of what you

prophesied fulfilled it has already come

in the past you know the currency the

the global relationships relationships

with other countries the perception of

America everything is shifting but some

of it has yet to be seen you know for

example we look at the media a part of

what you talked about is the media

really getting on board so to speak and

really sort of submitting themselves to

what God wants to do where do you guys

see and you both can talk what do you

guys see things turning now what’s

happening now well like Murray it says

the one last thing on that prophecy

hasn’t been fulfilled yet as the news

media will begin to agree with him and I

think what’s your fiction see happening

turn the corner is you’re gonna see a

couple of news media outlets go down mmm

and so God’s not only cleaning out

corruption everywhere I wrote a

prophetic word that time is up for those

who are corrupt back in 2015

where was but God is not only cleaning

house in the government but is gonna

start cleaning out the news media now so

that’s going to be part of where the

news media I believe is going to make a

turn and part of that what’s going to

cause the media to turn is that the

church is going to arise

the church is going to become educated

yeah they’re going to become

knowledgeable and the truth yeah and

when they find out the truth yes they’re

going to be the voice that forces the

media to turn Wow right now the media

has done a phenomenal job of confusing

people and leaving them in a state of

bewilderment of all you know who is this

Donald Trump right you know really I

mean how corrupt is he is he

you know the collusion thing of Russian

stuff and Mark actually even prophesied

before he was elected that they will try

to impeach him but it will not work so

we are we already got a word from God in

advance that this was going to try to

happen will not work yeah okay so you

have to ask yourself what is it that God

is doing and why is he doing this and

this is all about two things the church

and Israel mmm everything that’s going

on it’s a good church and Israel yeah

that’s the whole point of everything

that’s going on so when the church

begins to wake up and they begin to see

what it is God is doing and why is he

doing this they will get on board and

when the church gets on board it’s a

game changer you know with that being

said I believe that we’re on the cusp of

the greatest move of God in history

absolutely I believe we’re going back to

the days of Azusa we’re going back to

the days of miracles signs and wonders

and global Awakening and revival and

God’s called the church to do it you’ve

heard this prophecy today you’ve heard

what we’re saying I believe God’s

calling you to know the truth and to

partner with heaven to see God’s plan

and purpose come to pass I believe that

this is one of the most important things

that you’re going to hear everything is

about the truth everything is about

what’s coming forth we know that the

enemy is the Prince of the power of the

air and God wants to penetrate your home

it wants to penetrate your life with

truth you will know the truth and the

truth will make you free I feel like we

need to pray

right now Mary could you just declare

and pray over the people briefly

absolutely father I thank you right now

I pray for every person watching this

show right now yes the father in the

name of Jesus blinded eyes will be open

yes those that are deaf and cannot hear

what the Spirit of God is saying be

loosed in the name of Jesus I thank you

Father God for going into the homes

where they are right now by your spirit

and touching them that they may know

that this is the most exciting time for

the church to be alive for it is for

them he’s calling them forth in the name

of Jesus to come forth and be a part and

be engaged in what God is doing in the

earth now that they will not be

complacent that father they’ll be

energized and excited because Lord this

is a new day we think it’s a new day for

the church and the greatest move of God

is about to come upon the earth and it

is your time you were born for such a

time as this become a part of what God

is doing so that you and your household

will reap the reward of the Lord

in Jesus name I pray amen amen amen

beloved this was awesome and I’m telling

you something has shifted in the

atmosphere something has shifted in your

life continue to pray for our nation

continue to pray for its leadership the

heart of the king is in the hand of the

Lord and he turns it whithersoever he

wills but God needs your prayers to do


he needs you to be an ambassador of the


we’re excited god bless you come back

again next time

I’m dr. Keenan bridges with Mary Kolbert

Mark Taylor and this was something more

we’ll see you soon


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