In Tom’s revelatory new book Zeitgeist 2025, you will discover:


when u.s representative nancy pelosi on

january 4

2007 assumed her role as speaker of the

house at the opening of the 110th

congress she followed the pattern that

had been set by george

w bush and his old man infusing a loaded

statement concerning the founding

fathers saying

they were so confident in the quote

america that they were

advancing they put on the great seal the

great seal of the united states

novus ordo seclorum a new order

for the centuries end quote pelosi did

not go

into detail as to why she considered the

phrase novus ordo seclorum

important dialectic during the momentous

changeover of the control of congress

nor did she

add why that expression exists beneath

the unfinished pyramid and the

all-seeing eye of horus osiris apollo

on the great seal of the united states

in the first place but her allusion to


was not coincidental i believe it was

framed against january 20 2001

when her dynastic establishment

president friend george w

bush during his first inaugural address

faced the obelisk

known as the washington monument and

twice referred

to an angel that rides in the whirlwind

and directs this storm end quote now his


was credited to virginia statesman john

page who had written to thomas jefferson

after the declaration of independence

was signed

saying we know the race is not to the

swift nor the battle to the strong

do you not think that an angel rides in

the whirlwind

and directs this storm end quote

now five weeks after bush’s inaugural

on wednesday february 28 2001

congressman major r owens of new york

stood before the house of

representatives and he actually prayed

to this angel in the world when he asked

the spiritual force

to guide the future and the fate of the

united states

28 weeks later for a total of 33

weeks from the day of the inaugural a

number invaluable to mysticism and

occult fraternities

19 islamic terrorists attacked the

united states according to the official


hijacking four commercial airlines and

crashing two of them into the twin

towers of the world trade center in new

york city

they slammed a third into the pentagon

and a fourth which had been directed


washington d.c crashed near shanksville


but what happened that day resulted in


3 000 immediate deaths at least

two dozen missing persons and the stage

being set

for changes to the existing world order

now when bush was giving his second

inaugural speech four years later he

again offered cryptic commentary saying

quote for a half century america

defended our

freedom by standing watch on distant


after the shipwrecked of communism came

years of relative quiet years of

repose years of sabbatical

and then there came a day of fire

end quote a few paragraphs following

that bush added this

by our efforts we have lit a fire as


a fire in the minds of men it warms

those who feel its power it burns those

who fight its progress

and one day this untamed fire of freedom

will reach the darkest

corners of our world end quote

now this phrase a fire in the minds of


is from theodore doskoevsky’s 19th

century book

the possessed or the devils a novel

set in pre-revolutionary russia where

civil resistance is seen championed by

nihilist sergey negev who tries to

ignite a revolution of such destructive


that society will be completely


and then rebuilt the fact that a united

states president

would quote this phrase in an official

speech of record was astonishing

to many analysts given that the


is about violent government crackdown

on dissent that sparks civil unrest and


marked by public violence something

eerily reminiscent of today

fire in the minds of men is also the

title that historian james

h billington chose for his famous book

on the history of revolutions

including the origin of occult


and its part in the american revolution

in his closing comments

bush himself tied the inaugural


to the masonic involvement in the

american revolution

saying this quote when our founders


a new order of the ages they were acting

on an ancient hope that is meant

to be fulfilled end quote the phrase

a new order of the ages is of course

taken from the masonically designed


seal the novus ordo seclorum ambush

further acknowledged that the secret

society members

or acting on an ancient hope and ancient

scheme that is meant to be fulfilled

now fast forward to the election of joe

biden and kamala harris

and the surreal illicit invocation

to dark supernaturalism tied to those

governing entities

intent on fulfilling as bush prophesied

that ancient conspiracy from the great

seal of the united states

has been immediately revived right on


we find democrat representative emmanuel

cleaver for instance

offering the congressional prayer

opening up the 117th congress

in quote the name of the monotheistic


brahma and god known by many names by

many different

faiths in quote setting aside the


incorrect assumptions by cleaver

involving brahma

the to such a hindu god was actually

highly appropriate

given that vice president kamala devi

harris her name

also invokes deities from hindu

mythology from which brahma is taken

but except in her case illusionary

and destructive ones from the surprising


of kamala harris’s name at

we discover that kamala is another name

of the well-known hindu goddess who is


better known as lakshmi

devi is a hindu goddess as well it’s a

sanskrit word that means

goddess but it’s also the name of the

hindu mother goddess

devi is considered to encompass


completely but she does have a fierce


and is involved not only creating worlds

but destroying them

as well kamala harris’s sister’s middle

name matches hers

maya her middle name is lakshmi

maya is also a sanskrit name meaning


and is another name of durga a hindu

goddess now the list goes on to explain

that kamala’s mother shama allah chose


names specifically because quote a

culture that worships

goddesses produces strong women in quote

that’s what she told the los angeles

times perhaps this

explains why those strong women and men

have taken to the streets of portland

oregon over the last two years

to feed the spirit of chaos beneath the

shadow of

portlandia the second largest copper

statue after the statue

of liberty of a goddess in the united


at 30 feet 10 inches tall and weighing

six and a half tons

if she was standing up she would tower

it approximately 50 feet high

the portlandia repose is located above

the entrance of the city of portland

office buildings downtown and it’s


actually of the goddess of witchcraft


supposedly designed after lady commerce

on the portland city seal

she holds a trident considered of the

utmost importance for

sorcery and indispensable to the


of infernal rights she holds that under

a six-pointed star which is of course

also an important instrument of dark

arts and hecate and witchcraft

now as occultists know the metal copper

that portlandi is crafted from was

sacred to ancient goddess worshippers

in early rome copper was called cyprium

dude being primarily mine from cyprus

the birthplace

of the goddess aphrodite it was also

sacred to the sun god of babylon

and similar deity some of whom required

human sacrifice

a plaque beneath portlandia offers

disquieting connections between

her influence over that city and the

souls of those citizens that she reigns


here’s what it says quote she kneels

down and from the quietness of copper

reaches out we take that stillness into

ourselves and somewhere deep in the


our breath or souls become her city

if she could speak this is what she

would say follow

that breath home is the journey we make

this is how the world knows where we are

end quote

so the pattern continues between some of

america’s recent national leaders whose

invitations unlike donald trump’s

habitual recognition

of the judeo-christian god of the bible

have been to dark supernaturalism for


over and guiding the souls

and destiny of this nation into an

occult world order

this now includes the new vice president

who could certainly become the actual

president of acting joe biden whom


white house stenographer mike mccormick

who worked for biden for six years says

has lost at least

50 percent of his cognitive abilities

becomes incapacitated

or otherwise incapable of fulfilling his


term who bears the name of hindu


connected with illusion and the


of worlds by the way robert oppenheimer

the father of the atomic bomb

upon witnessing the first detonation of

the nuclear weapon on july 16 1945

actually quoted the related

bhagavad-gita hindu text declaring

now i am become death the destroyer

of worlds end quote now joe biden’s name

is likewise intriguing in fact a jewish


points out that the hebraic name for joe

biden actually translates

alas judgment

while other experts note that it beckons

the arrival

of a promised son a messiah

such as is reflected on the great seal

of the united states of america

according to prominent rabbi r.i


who says biden’s name contains the

letters yud

dalid this spells out the word yad or

hand and he tells us why this is

important there’s an article at israel

365 that explains

rabbi weingarten states that the first

and last letters of biden’s

name spell out the word ben meaning

son which hints at the process

of messiah which will come through

messiah ben david the anointed son of


and messiah been joseph the anointed son

of joseph

now rabbi weingarten adds that the


the hebrew numerology of ben is 52

equaling the name of elijah the prophet


is the orbinger of messiah now here’s

something else he says

this is not to say that biden is the


or will announce the messiah but this is

a reminder that even a path that we

would rather

not choose that is the election of


could be god’s method to bring about the

final redemption now rabbi

weingarten then notes the inner letters

of the name of biden yod and dalet

and the geometry of those letters

equaling 24. he goes on

quote many times in the bible david’s

name is written with the yud

bringing the numerical total of his name

to 24.

biden’s last name is coming to remind us

that we are on the verge

of elijah’s arrival to re-establish

the davidic dynasty end quote now the

problem is of course

for christians and messianic jews the

messiah already arrived in the new


his name is jesus therefore the


suggestion involving biden’s name

most likely indicates a role that he

could play with the coming

of the false messiah the antichrist

even some orthodox rabbi seem to agree

with that

connecting the election of biden and

kamala with the return

of the days of noah rabbi joel schwartz

the head of the

sanhedrin’s noahide court and a highly


torah law authority produced a video

in which he commented on the divergent

possibilities of the u.s presidential

election here’s a quote the elections

were held on the 17th of cheshvan

he says that and then he makes us

understand what this has to do with

jewish tradition

the 17th of joshua being the start of

the reigns that caused the flood

in the time of noah they begin falling

on the 17th of joshua

he goes on quote it was also on that day

that here in israel

the first reigns of the season fell in

earnest they should have been reigns of

blessing but since

biden was elected these rings became

like the rain on the same day in the

time of noah

a harbinger of the coming flood

rabbi schwartz adds quote the democrats

are spreading the very same sins that

force noah

into the ark in quote while another

rabbi similarly notes that in hebrew

harass means destruction with trump out

of the way at least for the time being

the dark side of the deep state

is quickly reviving efforts to refill

the swamp and to get america

back on track to its secret destiny

summoning those agents of chaos

whose ancient scheme will culminate in a


of the dreaded man of sin now joe biden

himself pledged allegiance to this new

world order in a wall street journal


titled how i learned to love the new


order in which he detailed his vision of


american sovereignty to a new global

government via the united nations

he said quote most americans myself

included reject 1930 style

isolationism they expect to see the

strong hand of american leadership in

world affairs

and they know that many security threats


global solutions end quote will biden’s

vision quickly unfold in the countdown

to zeitgeist 2025

people who are not governed by god will

be ruled

by tyrants said william penn the founder

of the english north american colony

the province of pennsylvania and for all


now bidding the return of old saturn or

jupiter’s reign

we would also remind them of the ancient

greek tragedian

suffolkies whose warning was this

those whom jupiter wishes to destroy

he first deprives of reason or drives


but that said it appears that

left-leaning americans are

nevertheless rushing to embrace the

newly appointed zeitgeist gods

and this was actually vividly

illustrated on the spring

2021 cover of jacobin a leading voice of

the american left

offering socialist perspectives on

politics economics and culture

where the apotheosis of joe biden barack


and bill clinton with hillary clinton

are accompanied by

lesser elohim nancy pelosi and chuck

schumer portrayed as angels biden’s

larger-than-life bare-chested figure is

shown surrounded by

holy spirits of twitter and saints the


include kneeling democrat leaders in the

u.s congress dr anthony fauci

fawning journalists and manager-class

devotees eagerly consuming

the holy scripture from what is probably

the latest barack obama memoir the

former president himself is shown as a


seraphim bracketed by the likewise

angelic obama

hillary and bill clinton with the trio


benignly from the heavens a crowd of

mask-wearing suburban

laymen on earth celebrate

biden’s ascension

the information that i just shared with


is only the tip of the iceberg of what i

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2025 how the current u.s government is

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age of man why historians and

intelligence agencies foresee a

totalitarian world government

by 2025 how america’s capital city is

laid out

to actuate the arrival of the antichrist

about the malevolent orwellian trinity


converging the means by which the

population’s thinking and speaking are

being homogenized

to create a nation of assimilated

devotees who are going to

embrace the antichrist the deep esoteric

meanings that names and titles held

in ancient societies the impact they had

upon destiny and what that precedent

could mean

now for america’s near future

who the mysterious character melchizedek

of genesis 14

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covenant is and much more

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