In this Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! Classic episode from 2001: A spy at a 2001 United Nations conference reveals a secret agenda to control the world. Find out what you need to know about the New World Order.

Sid: A spy at a recent United Nations sponsored
conference reveals a secret agenda to control

the world.

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Sid: Hello. I’m Sid Roth your investigative
reporter and I’m here with Gary Kah.

Gary was a specialist on Middle East and European
nations with the state of Indiana.

He visited more than 20 countries.

He spent 10,000 hours researching what the
Bible predicts will happen in the future,

and the Bible predicts that there will be
a move, if you will, to unify the world.

I mean, one world government, one world economic
system, one world army, one world religion.

And I know that this sounds, you know, kind
of weird and conspiracy, but there are some

amazing things that you’re going to find out.

The predictions written thousands of years
ago in the Bible about the last days and the

system of the government of the last days
is happening before our very eyes.

Gary, when you were just in the sixth grade,
just a young child, you made a vow to God.

Tell me about that.

Gary: Yes I did.

I remember sitting in my classroom in Kettering,
Ohio and our teacher that year was teaching

us history for the first time, and was telling
us about what happened during World War II.

And also because of my parents, they came
from Europe, my father fled from both the

Nazis and the communists, and lost everything
he had, and I was right at that age where

all of this was sinking in.

And I remember sitting in my classroom praying
silently to God, “Lord, if anything like this

were to ever happen here in the United States,
I promise you I will do everything I can to

take a stand and to make a difference, regardless
of the cost.”

And years later, of course working for the
government as the Europe and Middle East trade

specialist, I traveled a lot overseas, worked
with our foreign embassies very closely for

usually several days at a time in the area
of international trade.

And from some of these people began hearing
talk about this move toward a global government,

through an empowered United Nations, that
someday would become a type of world government.

At least that’s how many of these people saw

And I asked a lot of seemingly naive questions.

I wanted to find out where they were coming
from and where all this was going.

And one thing led to another, and then finally
I felt, you know, “Lord, are you taking

me up on that promise I made back in sixth

Am I supposed to do something with this information
and if so, where do I begin?”

And the doors began opening up within a few
weeks, literally, as I was asked to –

Sid: You found out something about the monies
of the world.

Gary: Yes.

Sid: Explain that.

Gary: Well in February of 1984, I was invited
to tour a company in Indianapolis, my home

town, that was to receive the contract from
the U.S. Treasury Department to build the

new printing presses that would be printing
the new U.S. currency.

And they already had a prototype machine built
at that time and so I asked the gentleman there

a lot of questions regarding this new currency,
what it was to look like, the purpose behind it.

And to make a long story short, I discovered
that new currencies were coming out all around

the world.

They had very similar features.

It would make the tracking of the currencies
possible and eventually result in a single

global currency system.

So this was just the next step before we had
a completely unified system.

But as I said, this was back in 1984, and
in the mid-1990s is when the new currency

actually began coming out in the United States.

So this was in the making for many years before
it actually happened.

Sid: So what it appears to me, Gary, is you
made this vow as a child.

God took you up on it and supernaturally,
if you will, you began to see the machinery

to set up this one world currency before it
was public knowledge.

Gary: Correct.

And not just the currency, but the whole move
toward a global government from a political

standpoint and also seeing a lot of the beginnings
at least, the seeds of this attempt to bring

all the world’s religions together into a
type of unification or even one world religion.

Sid: Now some might say it would be a wonderful
thing to unify all of the religions.

Let’s face it, most wars have occurred for
religious reasons.

Gary: Yes. On the surface it sounds good.

But when you look at the people that are at
the forefront of promoting this agenda, generally

speaking many of them are very Anti-Semitic,
anti-Christian and involved in the occult.

That’s the part that we are not really being
told publicly.

So a good face is being put on this for public

But when you begin to research it and look
who is pushing this agenda and specifically

how they want to accomplish it, it would
bring in a very dark era, I believe.

Sid: Well you started attending United Nations
or United Nations sponsored events or having

friends attend them.

What did you find out?

Gary: Well mainly through friends that have
attended these meetings we’ve learned that

there is a very strong political agenda at
work and that it is to a large degree being

spiritually motivated.

Again, that’s the part that doesn’t seem to
come through the mass media.

Sid: What do you mean by spiritually motivated?

Gary: Well at a recent U.N. Millennium Forum
that a friend attended, and we’ll be talking

to him shortly here, many of the organizations
that were represented there represent religious

groups, for example, the Baha’i International

Sid: They’re doing a lot of work in Israel.

Gary: Yes.

Sid: I mean, I couldn’t believe it.

They built a beautiful temple.

They bought the road going directly to the
water because they believe their Messiah is

going to come out of the sea and walk up that
road, so they bought it from the town in Israel.

Gary: Yes.

The Baha’is are involved in this.

There were a number of Roman Catholic organizations
that were directly participating in the United

Nations Millennium Forum.

In fact, the registration process was overseen
by Franciscans International.

Also at that meeting was Lucis Trust.

Now here’s something very interesting and
we can document this, and I’ve done so in

my book.

Lucis Trust was originally founded under the
name Lucifer Publishing Company.

Sid: Now Lucifer is the name for the devil.

Gary: Another name for Satan in the Bible,

It was founded under that name and then two
years later, its name was changed to Lucis


This was back in the 1920s and this organization
still exists today.

And at this U.N. event, they were passing
out copies of a prayer called The Great Invocation.

Now this an occult prayer, which they believe
if they can get enough people in the world

Sid: But this is the United Nations.

Gary: It’s the United Nations.

Sid: I mean, even in the United States they
don’t want prayer in the schools, and they’re

having a prayer, and it’s sort of like ESP,
New Age-type prayer.

Gary: Exactly.

The whole purpose of the prayer, they believe
if they can get enough people reciting this

that it will speed up the coming of the Christ
and who they mean by the Christ is different

than who I mean by the Christ.

They are actually talking here about the Antichrist,
the coming global ruler.

It’s a very occult organization.

But they are very well-accepted in U.S. circles.

Sid: Gary, hold that thought.

We’re going to be back after the break and
we’re going to talk to an individual that

actually was at this U.N. sponsored meeting
that was a spy that found out things that

were not reported in the press and in the
media that will shock you.

We’ll be back right after this word.


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Sid: Hello.

I’m Sid Roth your investigative reporter and
I’m finding the most fascinating things out.

I have Gary Kah here and Gary has explained
to me there have been five recent United Nations

meetings, very little coverage worldwide about
the true agenda of these meetings.

And we’re going to be talking to an individual
that was a spy at one of the most significant

of these meetings that found out exactly what
the agenda was.

His name will be changed.

His voice will be distorted.

Gary, why is his name going to be changed?

Why his voice going to be distorted?

Gary: Well so that those people who were at
the meeting who are pushing this agenda will

not realize who this person is because he
would like to be able to continue to attend

meetings like this to be able to gather this

And I thank God that he has been able to share
this with us so that we can get this information

out to people.

Sid: But why did we have to get this information out?

Why do you have to get it out?

Why isn’t it in the press?

Gary: Well that’s a good question, and I would
simply say that most of the people in the

major press and media support this agenda,
and even belong to organizations that are

directly tied into the United Nations or are
supportive of it.

So it would not make sense for them to want
to expose something negative regarding the

United Nations when they are actually part
of that flow.

Sid: Okay.

Who was at this particular meeting?

What people groups?

Gary: I already mentioned a few of them, the
Baha’i International, Lucis Trust; but the

main organizations that had the most power,
the World Federalist Movement was very significant

in this.

Also Kofi Annan, he gave the keynote address;
the opening keynote address.

A special statement was read from Mikhail
Gorbachev who strongly supported this event

and was tied into it.

Steven Rockefeller, who is tied into the Earth
Council; the Earth Charter Committee was there

as well, and a lot of very prominent people.

Sid: Help me out.

What’s the Earth Charter?

Gary: The Earth Charter, we have final copy
– a copy of the final draft – of the Earth

Charter right here with us.

This is something that Mikhail Gorbachev has
been traveling around the world promoting,

and he would like to see this become the main
global governing document of the United Nations

under a one world government.

He would like to see the United Nations empowered to the point where it becomes a type of world

government and where the Earth Charter is
their main governing doctrine, so to speak.

Sid: Now this is big stuff!

We’re talking about one group of people controlling
the world!

Gary: Yes.
Sid: This is big.

Gary: This is definitely something worthy
of being covered by all the major networks

and yet we have not been told about any of

Sid: All right, Gary, we have Jamie and his
voice is disguised electronically that was

a spy at this recent United Nations meeting.

Jamie, kind of bottom line, tell me what you
observed with your own eyes and your own ears

at this meeting.

Jamie: Well thank you very much for allowing
me to come on.

What I observed was probably one of the most
significant things were the discussions – closed

door meeting discussions – on creating independent
United Nations funding through world taxation.

That was very, very important.

Sid: Excuse me.

Here in the United States we have enough taxes.

Are you saying there’s going to be a tax on
the world by the United Nations?

Jamie: That’s one of the proposals that has
been circulated.

The idea is to tax international currency

There are trillions of dollars going between
borders; and put a tax on that – with that

money, they’d be able to fund things such
as the United Nations controlled military

force, which was also discussed; and the concept
of setting up a world parliament, so to speak,

that would work alongside the United Nations,
and to give it more “teeth”.

Sid: You talk about a United Nations military.

Would this replace the militaries of the various
countries of the world?

Jamie: At this point, it wouldn’t.

Understand we already do have a form of U.N.
military empowerment.

A couple of years ago this was something that
has not make the news.

The United Nations set up what is in essence
a global SWAT force.

The acronym for it is called Shirbrig, S-H-I-R-B-R-I-G.

It stands for: Standing Forces High Readiness Brigade,
which is 5000-man unit of right now located

in Denmark, and it’s under the command and
control of the United Nations.

And this is something that is on the record.

I mean, you can actually get this information
if you pursue it through the U.N. channels.

Sid: Now the Bible talks about all of this
happening just before the world goes into

a very chaotic state.

In your opinion, is this the forerunner, or
actually it of this one world government,

and one world religion, and one world army,
and one world economic system?

Jamie: The whole idea of a one world system,
a new world civilization, has been in the

mindset of men for a hundred years and more.

What we’re seeing right now, this is my personal
belief, is that these events that are taking

place, specifically in the year 2000, are
watershed moments in time in the sense that

we will look back three, five, eight years
down the road and we will be able to look

at this time period and say the year 2000
was a pivotal moment for globalization.

And I firmly believe that are we already in
a system of globalization.

We just simply haven’t awakened up to it yet.

Sid: Okay.

If you had to say one thing that you observed
that was not made or circulated worldwide

that you want our viewers to know, what would
that be?

Jamie: They hate Christians.

Sid: They hate Christians?

Jamie: Absolutely.

Sid: Why pick on one religion?

Jamie: Because we’re intolerant.

Sid: Because Christians are intolerant?

Jamie: We’re considered bigots in their eyes.

We’re considered intolerant.

I’ve been to numerous world government meetings
where Christians, fundamental Christians are

described as either the main enemy or a fundamentalist

They view Christians and our potential influence
within such institutions as Congress as being

a very serious issue they need to overcome.

We are a hurdle for them.

But they are jumping over us.

They are trampling us.

Sid: And Gary, I have to ask you a question.

The Pope is involved.

Lots of people that are known Christians are
involved with these things.

What do you mean they hate Christians?

Gary: Well I’ll tell you, when I began speaking
out on this, it cost me my job.

I worked for the government and they issued
me an ultimatum to stop talking about it or

else leave my – lose my job.

And as Jamie has shared at his meetings, and
other people have said the same thing to me,

that in these circles they see Christians
as being the main obstacle to this global

government because they will not merge together
with all of the world’s religions into a type

of unified one world religious system, because
Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the

only way because of what he did on the cross.

And because Bible-believing Christians insist
on that very fact, they are viewed as being

a fly in the ointment.

They have to be dealt with somehow.

Sid: Hold that thought because we’re going
to find out something that I personally had

difficulty believing until I saw it with my
own eyes about this one world religion that

is evolving.

We’ll be right back after this word.


Sid: Hello.

Sid Roth your investigative reporter and I’m
here with Gary Kah, and Gary is about ready

to explain something I’ve seen with my eyes
I have great difficulty with.

But it seems as though what is predicted in
the Bible is happening before our very eyes.

The reason I have difficulty with this is
I never thought, I never in my wildest imagination

thought I would see what I saw, but you’ll find
out about this in a moment.

Now Gary, you had a quote from Mikhail Gorbachev
in reference to the pope.

I wonder if you’d read that.

Gary: Yes.

And what I want to share briefly is that in
our research and in attending some of these

meetings, there are many key players involved
in this.

But what came as a shock to us was that the
two most prominent figures had been Mikhail

Gorbachev and Pope John Paul II.

And I realize that would come as a surprise
to some people.

But I have a quote here from Mikhail Gorbachev
regarding his relationship with the current

pope, and this came from The Denver Post,

Gorbachev says, “I have carried on an intensive
correspondence with Pope John Paul II since

we met at the Vatican in December 1989.”

And I need to add in at that time he actually
bowed at the pope’s feet and in essence brought

himself under his authority.

And he has also stated that Pope John Paul
II is the world’s highest moral authority.

Now let me go back to the quote from Mikhail

He says, “The sense of mutual affection
and understanding which resulted from our

meeting is to be found in each of our letters.

I cannot help but say that we share a desire
to move forward and complete what we began


When I was with him I realize the pope had
also played a role in what we came to call

‘the new political thinking’.

What I have always held in high esteem about
the pope’s thinking and ideas is their spiritual

content; their striving to foster the development
of a new world civilization.

And finally, it can be said that everything
which took place in Eastern European in recent

years would have been impossible without the
pope’s efforts and the enormous role including

the political role, which he played in the
world arena.”

And there are more statements like that from

Sid: Okay. So those two are tied together.

Gary: They’re tied together and he sees the
pope as being his closest ally in building

the new world civilization is what I’m trying
to share here. This is Mikhail Gorbachev.

Sid: This is what is called the Earth Charter,
which is like a constitution for a one world

government and one world economic system,
and one world army, and one world political


But what was intriguing to me is the video
footage and the statements you found that

the current pope stated.

Gary: Going back to 1986, he called for the
first public interfaith meeting in Assisi,

Italy in 1986.

And we have some video footage from that meeting,
which is quite amazing.

Over 200 religious leaders from around the
world were there, including the Dalai Lama,

the symbolic leader of Buddhism.

And this pope has actively been pursuing the
unification of all the world’s religions around


These people are traveling to Rome for these

There have been a number of meetings like
this now.

And so you put this together with what Gorbachev
is doing on the political front through the

United Nations and you have a partnership,
a type of coming together of the countries

of the world through the U.N. and the religions
of the world through the Vatican, and there

is an alliance that has been forged there,
and this has simply not been shared through

the mass media.

Sid: Tell me some of the statements that you
have observed that the current pope has made.

Gary: Well the current pope has made all kinds
of statements regarding the power of the Vatican

and how some people may be uncomfortable with
this, that there is an agenda there.

I have – I can’t recite these entire quotes,
but I have them documented in my book, “The

New World Religion”.

This pope has made statements regarding interfaithism.

He is quoted on this video as making the statement
that the Holy Spirit lives in all people whether

they are Christian or not.

Now that runs contrary to what came out from
the Vatican recently where it was stated basically

that Catholicism is the only way to truth.

So apparently, they believe one thing privately,
but are saying another thing publicly to woo

the worlds’ religions together.

Sid: In other words, they’re basically saying
“… all roads lead to Rome”.

Gary: “… lead to Rome”.

You’re right, yes.

That’s what it boils down to.

Sid: And there were some other things that
you saw the pope do.

You saw him bow down?

Gary: I did not see the pope bow down.

But on the video he meets with Buddhist leaders
and actually bows before a Buddhist figure.

He also goes through Hindu occult rituals.

Sid: So you saw this?

Gary: This is on the video.

A picture is worth a thousand words as they

And in this particular video, in an eight-minute
clip, the pope was either overseeing or directly

involved in at least four different occult
rituals that we witnessed.

Quite unbelievable and again not being shared
through the mass media.

But I believe if Christians saw this it would
change their perceptions of Pope John Paul II.

He has taken a very strong stand against abortion
and that’s great, but in a lot of other areas,

he has taken a stand for things that run contrary
to what most Christians would believe.

Sid: The thing that’s so exciting to me, Gary,
the thing that is so exciting is Bible prophecy

says all the religions will merge together.

There will be a world spiritual leader.

All the nations will merge.

We have the technology.

It’s all happening right now.

So the important thing is not what’s going
to happen to the world.

It’s happening.

The important thing is what’s going to happen
to you.

The important thing is if you come to have
intimacy with God right now, right this moment

as we’re watching, through Jesus, through
the fact that his blood was shed to wash away

your sins and you can be restored to God,
then it doesn’t matter what happens.

I say there’s peace for you, peace, deep,
deep peace, rivers of peace.