Service Date: 06.28.17 8PM


you know hey hey you see the Bible that

there’s a history well not really

history but they’re there events of

people looking back you know how many

people know the story of Lot’s wife

looked back to tones of salt

God made her a preservative I guess she

was trying to preserve the moments of

her past she became the preservative you

see if they were looking back is yeah

we’re trying to hold on to something

that is gone right I haven’t heard of

God turning anyone to salt as of recent

so it’s uh we’re good but it’s about

trying to hold on to this life of what

you believe like okay maybe this feels

safe right but you’re holding on to

something that is already gone

and don’t look back it’s not like this

you know I’m not I’m not even talking

about I’m not going into the carnal

things right I’m not talking about like

you know what don’t call that person no

more because you know it’s you know you

guys be doing things that the Lord is

not watching none of that right I’m

talking about the things that that feels

right right we’ve been talking you know

prostituée has been on the series of

kings and queens and he’s been talking

about how every King has a Lane right

and and in this Lane in this industry

and this path that God has called you to

it doesn’t mean that you know anything

outside the lane is bad per se is just

not for you and so a lot of times we are

we are living in things that have we

have no business in our purpose our

lives not nothing in our destiny aligns

to that you know the version of that

person their jobs that for many of you

God has called out of their careers that

God has called out of its not that it is

a bad thing oh it’s Corrin

none of that it’s just that it is not

your truth and so when I talk about

don’t look back for many this is a

message that you might have to just hold

on to and keep replaying because what

God is calling you to the process of you

realizing the fullness of that identity

can can seem shaky can seem uncertain

can seem like you know what I rather

just go back to what I know what seems

you know tangible what seems secure and

so when you know when God gave me this

word the passage that he gave me what

this was hi guy chapter 2 and before we

go into Haggai chapter 2 you know for

some backstory the Prophet Haggai is

telling the leaders of the Israelites

you know on behalf of the people he’s

telling them to rebuild the temple of

the Lord so this isn’t a guy once so he

he gives them this command that the Lord

has has said right and when we think of

a command a command is simply an

instruction for alignment a command is

simply what when God gives a command it

is the evidence that you’re settling in

a place that is not your truth and so

the command is a directive word to bring

you back to a place of identity and so

there’s this command to the Israelites

to rebuild the temple of the Lord now

the story of the temple Solomon had you

know when David was King David had this

had this you know a desire to build a

Lord a temple you know he God told him

that your son is going to build a temple

but the Lord gave him specific

instructions to build this temple that

you know when Solomon became King he

built the temple but Solomon’s ways he

started he started serving other gods

and you know ultimately it led to God

allowing the temple to be destroyed and

so huh guy comes in and he tells the

people consider your ways and it’s

almost as though because even in

rebuilding this temple there’s been a

lot of opposition right and so it seems

like the people had an excuse for why

they were rebuilding the temple but when

you listen to what the Lord is saying it

means that they were

opportunity for you guys to start

rebuilding the temple and so he tells

the people consider your ways and I love

that because it’s almost like he starts

talking about you you earn wages to put

in a pocket full of holes

it talks about how you know you so much

but you harvest little and what is so

fascinating about that because this is a

picture of what success looks like but

not being a success so because two so

much means you have a lot right but

you’re not getting anything back really

in return you’re earning something but

it’s going it just it’s kind of just

washing away and so in the lane that is

not yours it looks like it you look like

a success but you know you’re not a

success and in this culture where you

know social media there is the image of

success but perception as we know is not

always reality and so when God says

consider your ways because you look like

you’re making it you’re sowing a lot

you’re not really getting anything back

economically that’s a loss right you’re

you’re making money somehow but you

don’t see it and so he says consider

your ways and that is why he tells them

about rebuilding the temple you see what

about the temple why the temple it’s

almost like a sign of alignment because

these Israelites if we do a little

teaching this Israelites can be linked

back to those that were delivered from

Egypt and so when the Lord delivered the

Israelites from slavery it was by his

Spirit because the Lord was with them

that was the only way that they were

delivered it was the only way that

everything happened the way it happened

because the Lord was with them now when

we fast-forward where now the temple

represents where the Lord’s presence

lives so when the temple is destroyed

it’s almost as though

it’s symbolic that the Lord’s presence

is no longer amongst them and so you

have a people that are trying to live a

life moving forward without the one

thing that brought them to that place

and so the Spirit of the Lord that lets

them out of slavery the spirit of the

Lord that actually gave them the ability

to move forward now they think that we

can do this thing without it and so you

know that this is passage I love it so

much it’s Psalm 24:1 and I actually gave

it to them and it talks about how the

earth is the Lord’s and all it contains

right the world and those who dwell in


so now let’s let’s look at this right

the earth belongs to God the people he

created them the earth has no

responsibility to give you something if

it does not reach the earth does not

recognize it as a god thing and so

because the whole concept of harvest you

know sowing and harvest it’s an it’s a

it’s you’re putting seed in the earth

but for some reason it’s not really

giving anything back to them people

don’t have to do anything for you God

may not touch anyone’s heart to favor

you if you’re in a path that he never

called you to he has no responsibility

to do anything and so when they said the

earth is the Lord’s the earth answers to

God and so when we’re living a life

outside of his intention and his will he

has no responsibility to do anything

about it

and so we see our lives where it seems

like god I’ve been doing this and I’ve

been grinding you know grinding is our

word right you know just grinding Yoshi

don’t grind and just everybody do it

well I expel him crying no you’re not



and so what what’s so what’s so

interesting about this picture is

because it explains to us why the

Scriptures tell us how all creation is

eagerly awaiting for the revealing of

the sons of God because creation wants

to serve you God they’re they’re angels

that have been assigned to touch

people’s hearts to favor you but they

cannot do it to a you they do not

recognize and so we see we’re going into

Haggai we’re going into the scripture

where the people have started building

the people have brought themselves to a

place of alignment hi guy gives them

this word he says we’ll consider your

ways the people consider their ways

they’re like wait you know what we

should probably haven’t been doing what

we’re supposed to be doing and so they

start rebuilding the temple and now this

is where we are in hi guy – so they’re

building this temple now mind you

they’re there people there is there

mindful of maybe there’s going to be

some opposition they may not have enough

resources there you know in their mind

Solomon’s Temple I mean what the temple

Solomon builds was incredible but all of

it was still based on the instruction of

God right and so what’s so fascinating

about this but let me just read this so

it says on the 21st of the seventh month

the word of the Lord came by high guy

the Prophet saying speak now to

zerubbabel the son of shealtiel I don’t

even say that Reza God’s good governor

of Judah and so Joshua the son of what

is there now Jehoshaphat the high

priests and to the remnant of the people

saying who is less among you who saw the

temple in its former glory and how do

you see it now does it not seem to you

like nothing in comparison but now take

courage let me just stop there now

whenever God what I love so much about

God is

that when he has a conversation with you

he’s communicating not to what you’re

doing but what is in your heart he’s

communicating to the intention behind

what you’re doing he’s communicating to

the emotions that you’re feeling that’s

why a lot of times when Jesus would have

conversations they would say one thing

Jesus is talking about something else

and it’s like Jesus that’s not what they

said but he it’s almost like the

conversation is having with you is not

based on this is based on this and so

and so when God tells them he says who

amongst you remembers this temple in the

former glory because it appeared to be

that the people were discouraged because

they are comparing ongoing work to past

finished work they are wondering how is

it possible that we’re going to rebuild

this temple because of it we know we

don’t have the resources we don’t have

the silver we don’t have the gold we

don’t know how we’re going to make this

work and so they’re comparing this isn’t

it funny before I even continue I’m

going to digress a bit isn’t it funny

how sometimes we compare what we’re

building to something that has been

built in the past we forget that we are

in the process but we want to compare it

to something that has already been

completed and it’s past tense and we

start feeling discouraged because the

process we’re in does not look like what

someone already finished and we forget

that we are still building we cannot

live we cannot live life looking at

what’s behind whether it’s in your

passive it’s what someone else has done

because that is God’s past work and

there’s so many things that he still has

to do that’s what he always talks about

I am doing a new thing because you’re

you’re you’re killing yourself looking

at God’s past work and so let’s get back

here and so now he’s telling them

because he understands where they are at

you’re thinking of this working

wondering how would it you know how are

we going to make this look like what

Solomon built you see the funny thing is

what Solomon built was not based on

Solomon’s intuition

God gave David specific instructions

about the temple it was God’s

responsibility for the temple to be

built what they were rebuilding is still

based on the instructions that were

given by God you see when you live a

like what I loved about there’s a

passage actually in his second

Chronicles it’s in chapter 7 where God

talked about the temple when Solomon had

first built it he talked about how my

name shall be there God will put his

name on what he spoke two words – and

and and the interesting thing about the

name of God being somewhere this is what

the people perhaps didn’t realize

because they’re thinking that Solomon’s

ability to build the temple maybe was

because Solomon

you know it was the favorite Solomon had

or whatever you know maybe it was it was

about solar month but the truth is it

was about God’s Word when God says my

name shall be theirs what does the

scripture tell us about the name of the

Lord that in his name every knee shall

bow and every tongue shall confess that

he is Lord that sounds like alignment

when God puts his name on the thing

anything that tries to oppose you would

bow should that being being fulfilled

and so when God gives a word he is the

word God’s name is the word you know in

Genesis in in Genesis it talks about how

they describe God was the voice the

voice was walking in the cool of day he

is the word his name is the word when

God gives you a word he’s put his name

on the thing and so that thing must

happen because his name is on it and so

the fact that anything about this

is because how many people have a word

from God how many people have a promise

from God right because his word is the

promise of what will happen now why do

we get tempted to look back because we

start we’re looking at us okay God you

know you know the circumstances don’t

look right you know I’m I don’t really

have the education for this you tell me

I’m going to do something but it doesn’t

seem like I’m qualified for you know on

and on and on and number we forget that

because it is his word he said about his

word not your word he said about his

word that he would see to the

fulfillment of it so it talks about how

he says that I am watching God is

watching over his word to complete it

and so we get caught up because we’re

looking at ourselves rather than looking

at the Word of God when God says we

build the temple I have put my name on

the completion of it and so the people

are feeling discouraged because it’s you

know how are we going to do this how are

we gonna get it going to compete with

what Solomon did it was never about

Solomon it was always about the Word of

God angels respond to the Word of God

you know when we’re looking for

sometimes we pray and we’re like God you

know I just need supernatural help get

in alignment with his word because

angels don’t respond to us angels they

talk about how angels if you know the

description that says you mighty angels

who do his bidding who carry out his

word so you can you can cry and pray for

Supernatural help but unless that thing

you’re praying for is in alignment with

what God has spoken they’re not moving

but it doesn’t mean that angels have not

been positioned to help you because they

are called ministering spirits they’re

not supposed to minister to one another

right they are supposed to minister to

you and so before they can move on your

behalf it has to do with they need to

recognize the name of God

on you on your career on your project

and so god it’s speaking to them and you

said take courage but now take courage

zero Babel Bell sounds like a tongue

twister Babel you know who knows I’m

clueless Institute I’m sorry I love

music there’s a group they have the song

called Babel I can’t remember when you

and Mom tweet it but but he says now

take courage they’re about because you

see what I love about taking courage is

that to take courage means that in the

face of adversity stand in the face of


you can still prevail you see family if

something did not kill you it does not

have the ability to stop you the only

way you can stop me is if you kill me

and so if you’re still standing do not

sit in this place of you know I just

feel like the enemies after me if you

didn’t kill you

you can’t stop you and so when God says

take courage I know you might be afraid

that the opposition might come I know

you might be afraid that you guys might

not even have the resources how long are

we going to be building this thing what

are we going to do but take courage

because it’s about God’s Word so he said

he says to him declares the Lord take

courage also Joshua son of was that

josedech the high priest and all the

people of the land take courage stand

keep moving even when you face adversity

a lot of you in this room are facing

some serious adversity and it feels like

you’re and you’re contemplating God did

you really call me to this place did you

really call me to this career did you

really call me to this food am I

supposed to act am I supposed to sing am

I supposed to am I supposed to be in

this in this job position because

everyone is attacking me my boss doesn’t

like me but she hasn’t fired you

that’s the part we forget we dwell with

dwell on the environment is against me

but they haven’t kicked you out we dwell

on you know people are gossiping about

me but it didn’t change your position we

blow on even the CEO it’s saying

something about you but the same person

could fire you what if they really did

not like you why are you still there

so we miss it we look at adversity as

though it’s it’s killed something that

God gave us no when you recognize that

God your name is on this your name is on

my life it changes your position it

changes and I’m not talking about

because your position stays the same but

I’m talking about your inter position

you’re not walking around with your head

down slouched you know no vibes at all

God is trying to tell you like it’s a

vibe out here a child just you know

depressed no no no no no when you know

that God’s hands upon your life that the

thing that he’s spoken to you he has a

responsibility to you see you can only

put your name on things you’re

responsible for it your car your house

apartment whatever it is you’re not

going to put your name on something you

have no responsibility towards – even if

you cosign for someone and the person

don’t pay the bill guess who’s gonna pay

it to save your credit yes

and so God and saving his name when he

calls himself that he that when he said

that he’s a faithful God to save his

name that’s why sometimes the Lord will

say for my name sake he’s not even

saying he’s not even saying up google it

because I can’t remember when it

happened but the by Google will charge

you all kinds of things of the Bible but

what the Lord will often say he’s not


saying oh because of these people no he

says because of my name because I cannot

go back on myself and so and so when you

find yourself in this position then

you’re like okay what is supposed to

happen remember God’s name is on my life

and as long as I stay in the past not

looking back because I feel like versity

not looking back because I feel

discouraged understanding that because

he said it he will do it we keep pushing

we take courage we stand even when

adversity hit and so it says it says

that in all you in all you people

declares the Lord and work and work we

see why would God say and work because

that mindset has slowed them down that

mindset made them so discouraged that

even though they’re you know probably

still like putting you know there’s a

ladder but no one is up the ladder you

know just showing right there lunch

break for like hours he says and work

for I am with you keep going to the

audition keep recording the music keeps

showing up at your job whatever it is

that God has called you to do keep

showing up at school get that degree

even though you feel like what am I

going to use it for there’s a word that

was connected to it and so he says work

because I am with you that is the most

powerful thing because now God is

bringing them back to the place of now

that you have come back to the place of

alignment my spirit is amongst you my

name is on this thing so it says work

for I am with you declares the Lord of

Hosts as for the promise which I made

when you came out of Egypt my spirit is

abiding in your mist

do not fear let’s continue for thus says

the Lord of Hosts I love this so much

once more in a little while

I am going to shake the heavens and the

earth and see also ant way and see also

and the Joe and the see also and the dry

land let’s continue I will shake all the

nations and they will come with the

wealth of all nations and I will fill

this house with glory says the Lord of

Hosts what I love about this you see in

Hebrews the Lord talks about the shaking

when he was shake the heavens when he

was shake and it talks about how

everything that can be shaking will be

shaking so that which remains can stand

in this passage he’s talking about

another shaking but this shaking is more

foreign outpourings so you see there is

a shaking that concerns you to enter

your truth there is a shaking that went

when God starts shaking up your life

he’s removing the things that you

created so that that which he spoke

would live now so that is one shaking

this shaking is when God shakes the

earth to respond to you and so so we’ve

been in this place of kings and queens

understanding your identity God has

shaken things up in your life he has

called you out of a lot of things and

he’s giving you this promise family if

you stay faithful to the path if you put

your hands to work I know there’s

adversity I know there’s hardships I

know that it looks like you know what

looking back or returning to the former

things might seem easy but if you’re

honest with yourself it gave you the

look of success but not success itself

and so the Lord says if you’re faithful

I will then shake the heavens and the

earth to respond to you because this

shaking this shaking is about wealth now

coming into the house of God so the

people are where the people are

complaining you know what we

I have the silver we may not have the

gold and God says no no no don’t worry

about that because in the next passage

we can even look at the next one he

talks about how the silver and the gold

is mine see the silver is mine and the

gold is mine declares the Lord because

as we read earlier the earth responds to

him he can such people to favor you and

do according to that which he has spoken

and even you know in your personal study

we see we see the results of all of this

and I believe it’s in Israel as a

chapter like from chapter 6 just keep

reading the whole Bible you know we see

the result when God literally touched

the hearts of people that caused them to

have everything that they needed what is

it that you’re asking but what is it

that you’re looking for you see when I

when I spoke about how God responds to

your heart posture if if you are in a

place where you say okay God if I don’t

get this by you know three months I’m

done it that’s not going to move him

because that is already a mind that is

wavering so he’s not going to respond

because in your mouth you what you’re

saying with your mouth is god I really

want to do this thing is call me to do

this thing buddy no I only got three

months you know to give you that means

in your heart you’re saying god I really

don’t believe what your swatches saying

you know I’m already I’m already looking

back but I’m right right about now you

know I’m just having walked back yet

I got three months to do the walking

right and so God responds to your heart

posture but when in your heart you’re

like God you know what if I perish that

parish I’m going to go after this thing

the only thing that will stop me if it

kills me because you’ve given me a word

why would we want to go back to the

former thing because it looks safe you

see that the Lord gave me a word and it

really it really

shoot me a few days ago and he said you

know the problem with you know even with

me sometimes is that you think you are

Stephanie with a purpose you don’t

recognize that you are the purpose so

you think you are you are this person

that God has given an assignment you are

this person that God has put the answer

for something with and when you have the

mentality that means well you know guys

could just give it to somebody else or

you know give me something else to do

but you don’t recognize that the very

thought the intention behind your

creation was for that very purpose so

you are the purpose so walking out of it

is it’s just it’s like you’re not even

existing so why do we want to live a

life that is just a pure light – you see

Society has a standard why the scripture

always talks about we are in this world

but we are not of the world it has

nothing to do with carnality not nothing

like that doesn’t mean that you know if

you’re Christian you don’t live in the


I like future right it’s not about that

okay you know God is not tripping right


it’s a has more to do about this system

of the world you see the world has a

system about this is how you live this

is what you do you you know you do this

you you make that you make this kind of

money you you know maybe donate to a few

charities right and then you get a like

a Fame back so it’s not really donating

and so the world has a system in which

we live as long as I can pay my bills as

long as I can do this as long as I can

do that I’m good but when God says you

are not of that system because what

heaven recognize this is as long as you

are living in your truth that is what’s

good in eyes of God

God is not looking at oh man I sure hope

you know they pay the bill this month

because he will provide for it that’s

why Jesus says do not worry about what

you will eat or drink because see when

Jesus talks about do not worry he says

look at the flowers in the field when he

says that he’s talking to a part of you

that he wants to awaken the reality that

you are not of this system it’s not

about your troubles in life should not

be your highest priority is not about

eating and drinking because God can can

handle that your highest priority is God

am i living in my truth am i living for

the purpose you created me and so

there’s this temptation to look back but

the truth is what God has spoken he is

responsible – he would not leave you he

would not that’s what the scripture

talks about he will not leave you and he

will not forsake you I don’t know what

it is that you have had to let go for

this walk there’s a reason why these

messages don’t look bad because you

might be feeling weary you might be

feeling discouraged but if it didn’t

kill you it cannot stop you and so the

last verse the last verse says oh I love


it says the later the latter glory of

the house would be greater than the

former says the Lord what is so good

about this it’s eventually before this

passage it talks about how God will fill

the house with glory you see the word

glory can be you know defined in

different things from the from the

Hebrew text in the former passage when

it says the Lord will fill this house

with glory you can see that he’s

speaking particularly to material things

because there was the vision behind

rebuilding the temple it deals with

silver it deals with gold it deals with

all those things and that’s why the Lord

says the silver and the gold

this mind right and so there is this in

the previous passage filling the houses

glories that indeed God would release

the resources that they need but now

when it says that late the lots of glory

of the house will be greater than the

former this is not about the beauty of

the house anymore this is not about how

the house looks because it’s the same

template it’s like having to like 2017

to your Prius it’s the same car one is

not more beautiful than the other is the

same car you know unless you do some

extra stuff to it so this glory is more

talking about the weight of God’s

presence and because you see no matter

how beautiful the temple was in the past

King Solomon still worshiped other gods

because his relationship he didn’t have

the relationship he had with God was

shaking and so the scripture often talks

about how his heart was divided and so

because of his love for women also he

ended up worshiping their gods

so this glory that God is talking about

is the influence of his presence the

impact of his presence that his presence

that it’s not just going to be okay this

is where we worship the Lord no but

there’s going to be something about his

presence that changes the people from

the inside out why this is so critical

is because for some people God may have

called you to some from from something

that had the look of glory to something

that does not look glorious but this is

this is what is so beautiful about this

when you carry a weight it doesn’t

matter if you’re an intern there’s a

favor that will be on your life that the

CEO would recognize you it doesn’t

matter if you’ve never had an acting job

before you will end up landing something

that doesn’t even make sense because

what God is doing with you is a work

from the inside out and he’s giving you

it’s almost like the presence of God in

your life

you see we all

have what’s interesting is that this

passage is talking about a temple the

Bible refers to us as the temple so the

holy spirit lives within us but now what

gives us access to work with the holy

spirit is our agreement with what he

says about us because the scripture also

says how to how can to work what work

together unless they agree and so you

know it was talking about walking but

I’m going to use the word work so for

the Holy Spirit to work in your life

there has to be agreement now when you

agree with what God says about you it’s

almost as though the weight of who God

is becomes your normal so there is not a

favor on your left I love how PT talked

about Joseph Joseph came in as a slave a

slave but Joseph was carrying it this is

this is an interesting thing right

because what God is doing in this time

it’s not about titles it’s not about I

don’t have the title for this position I

don’t have the things to put on my

resume for this thing it’s about the

presence of God in your life and so

wherever you are family pay attention to

the rooms you’re in don’t pay attention

to the title you have in the room pay

attention to the room you’re in Joseph

was in the palace as a servant it was

about the room not his title it was

never about his position as a servant

because the glory of God on his life

raised him to become king well not be

the actual King but you know what I mean

right because he has and I like to

clarify things a little bit but I raised

him to a position of power he literally

was acting as the king and so don’t look

don’t be so focused on God I don’t have

you know my my credentials or whatever

whatever whatever when he says the lack

of glory would be greater than the

former because it’s not about titles

it’s not about okay you know I don’t

have this I don’t have that he’s saying

that the my presence will speak on your

behalf and then it says that okay says

the Lord of Hosts and in this place I

will give peace

you see family that the crazy things

sometimes about following God is that

you’re following God

you’re trusting in God but sometimes you

have anxiety right because the anxiety

is coming from a place of you know could

I be wrong am i am i trippin what’s

going on like and this piece this piece

is almost as though in this place you

would see what I have said you will

begin to experience the very promises I

gave you and you would know that it was

worth it sometimes it takes you to

experience the very thing God said for

you to so it’s not but it’s not a piece

like oh the peace of the Lord because

God’s peace is always with you it’s a

piece of Wow God you did that thing and

he’s promising you that he would do it

because his name is on your life hmm

tell me rise with me

you see for some in this house even the

moment I said the message don’t look

back there is this there’s this anxiety

there’s this frustration of God what’d

you call me – doesn’t seem like it’s

working out I’ve left this I know I’m a

king again and I know this is my lane

but there is a process to actually live

out that thing and God wants you to know

that you are not alone he is with you

heaven is backing you up

heaven is backing you up this is not a

thing of let me go back to this because

you’re just going back to a lie we are

created whoo-hoo God says we are is

literally that is that is why I love

this song of of tell me what can I do I

can’t live without you because outside

of my identity in you I’m nothing it’s

almost actually even be existing and if

you’ve been feeling weary I want you to

come to this altar and God is going to

renew your strength it says those who

wait on the Lord he will renew their

strength and you will fly baby that’s my

version thank you Jesus thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus you see for some the

issue has been you’ve been trying to you

you’ve been trying to do it without God

you haven’t fully accepted him and let

him into your life and if that is you he

drew you out today only Wednesday night

not just for you to come check it out

because that was your thought behind it

he drew you here to say that my spirit

is what brought you here and I want to

take you to where you desire to go but

it requires me

because you see if you want to do things

in the natural way of doing it all or

child it could take you for a long time

but if you want supernatural back up

when God goes before you he goes into

real day you have no businesses to touch

people’s hearts concerning you or you

need God for that because angels will

only move on his word if you want to go

the natural way it’s a very long process

people need to know you know what you’re

about you know background checks if you

want to juvenile oh my gosh you know and

someone here actually I joke a lot but

in the jokes is actually for somebody

and someone here that has been your

testimony you went to juvenile and it

seems because of what has been on your

record you’re afraid that certain places

would not open doors for you but when

God is with you trust me that is

supernatural backup angels are going

before you they’re ministering on your

behalf and so if there’s anyone still

out there and and you’ve been feeling

like God I haven’t involved you in this

thing you feel as though I’m earning

wages only to put it in the pocket with

holes or in a bag with holes who am I

talking to you you’re you’re in the

position where you have the look of

success but when you’re by yourself how

people perceive you is not the truth

version of you and it seems like I

should be wait I should be so much

farther along than I am now but it just

seems like every time I pour this out

nothing is coming back to me I see you I

see you come on down just come as I’m


thank you Jesus thank you Jesus for many

this is a word that would encourage you

to not look back

for some this is a word that will

challenge you to find your lane because

you’ll recognize that perhaps some I’m

holding on to something that God never

called me to it’s not about it being and

that’s where we get it twisted because

we think that you know the thing that

it’s not a god thing is it should look

like a wrong thing like wrong to

everybody like you know just doing some

crazy and I don’t know what it is but

some crazy right you know drug dealing

or something like that I don’t know but


and so we have this idea that is this

crazy scene but if it would be a good

thing one thing God told me years ago

and I never let it go and he said

Stephanie do not be distracted by what

you know and I’ll tell you the story of

this this is in college and we used to

do like this you know we had like this

evangelism team and we’ll go like door

to door you know have you met the Lord

Jesus Christ have you met the Lord Jesus

Christ have you met the Lord Jesus

Christ right I thought I was little

Gracie I forgot I’m over here trying to

have people meet you and he told me not

to hey I did not call you to do that I

need you during your weekends I don’t

that’s not where I need you I need you

somewhere else to represent me I don’t

need your door-to-door in with that

group it sounds crazy but we will see

this in the Bible where there are

disciples that would actually want to go

into a city to preach the gospel and the

Holy Spirit will tell them no so what

I’m talking about don’t look back it’s

not it’s not what the week that you know

what looks world way you know whatever

that is it’s just what is not in your


it’s just what is not true to you it’s

what God didn’t create you for and so

for something happen having this dilemma

or this confusion of but God it’s not

like this is wrong you know I’m still

helping people I thought I was I was

bringing people to the Lord he told me

to leave that alone and I was so

confused and he said Stephanie you’re

being confused you’re being distracted

by what you know you know it’s an

jealousy so you think that door the door

is what I’ve called you to do at this

point he’s like nah you know it’s just

like God you know or not you know if you

like nah you know I’m sorry guys I’m

very random but I’m saying this for you

people feel comfortable it’s not like

what God is not this like rigid thing

it’s very beautiful when you own it when

you own who you are in him it’s very

beautiful thank you Jesus thank you


and it’s if you’re still standing and if

you’re on livestream you’re with us in

the Psalter but if someone is here and

where your dilemma is see when Jesus

talked about do not worry about what you

would eat or drink that is your biggest

worry and and and it’s valid because

you’re you’re literally in this place

where you feel like you can’t you don’t

have anything you feel like you know

what God at this me no argument I’m

starving you know you feel like I don’t

know what’s going to happen I’m in this

place of confusion and it feels like I

may not be able to sustain myself God is

calling you to a place where he wants

you to know him as provider and if that

is you that your your decisions are

driven by need I want you to come out

here because any decision driven by a

need can drive you to the wrong things

let that mean surrender that knee to the

Lord because if your life is driven by I

need this I need that I need this it

talks about that Wow let me let me pause

on this thank you Jesus thank you Jesus

and I’m saying this because you’re about

to enter something that can destroy you

and that is not God’s portion for you

the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want

you don’t know how it’s going to happen

and that’s the problem because you’re

used to having control of things but if

you’re trusting God he will not

disappoint you and why I’m saying is

don’t even put an expectation to how he

provides for you because you might want

it one way and he’s still going to get

it to you let your priority be God I

desire to be who you’ve called me to be

in that place family everything will be

added on to you I stated from experience

there are things in my life that I’m

like God I need this and I need to do

that and he’s like I will get you what

you need but that is not what you need

to be doing you’re in a place of just

like okay I don’t know what to do I

don’t know what to do something I’m just

gonna run to this I’m going to move back

I’m going to make this quick decision

based on the need removing ourselves

from God let me let me try to trust you

you see something I love something I

love is when it talks about how Jesus

said the multitude

the 5000 or the 4000 right it says how

Jesus saw that they have not they have

been with him for three days and they

had not eating and he said if I send

them away

they will faint on their way the people

obviously if they’re going to faint I’m

sure they were very aware they were

hungry but it wasn’t the people that

decided to leave Jesus is the ones

saying if I send them away they will

faint I want you to catch something

because these are people that their

number one thing was God what do you

have to say they were hungry they were

thirsty they were tired they were

probably about to pass out but they were

digging their one desire was God and in

that place in that place is where the

supernatural happened the supernatural

didn’t happen because in day two they

got tired and you’re like God well you

know what we gotta go eat God find

something to eat

they were like God we desire you even

above our hunger and in that place the

supernatural was activated and that is

where he uses two loaves and five spino

five fishes and all that good stuff and

set all the people I’m saying this

family because sometimes sometimes God

would allow you and it’s almost like

evil desires for you to reach the end of

yourself because it’s in that place he

would activate the supernatural in your

life if you are not dead obviously

you’re here don’t stop don’t make a

decision because you think you need

something when he is your Shepherd God

is so funny because when he knows you’re

about to do something that you don’t

need to do when he knows that she’s

really rich the end of herself he will

step in he would always step in some me

hold on don’t look back

there’s nothing there for us anyway

God will not fill me he will not

disappoint you he will not thank you

Jesus thank you Jesus thank you sir

thank you Jesus

there are a few more people that need to

come down and we’re going to pray and

the purpose is coming down the altar

looks beautiful when it’s packed that’s

true but that’s not the purpose the

purpose of coming down is because

comments to the altar is so symbolic to

the Lord it’s saying that beyond I’m not

concerning I’m not here to it’s not

about people it’s not about anything’s

about you and I’m going to lay this down

before you the altar the place of

sacrifice so if you know that this is an

area that you’ve been battling with god

I want to move forward and listen and

God understands that’s why he brings a

word I want to move forward but I feel

like things are not just working out for

me have that have that spirit of if I

perish I perish unless it kills me I’m

not going to stop if that is you come

down come down thank you Jesus thank you

Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus

we’re going to pray family if anyone is

in need of healing you know I don’t know

if someone is here or watching but it’s

almost like you’ve you busy report about

your ear like you’re losing hearing or

something of so that maybe you’re

watching and anyone if you’re in need of

healing just touch that part of your

body the Lord is here the Lord is here

thank you Jesus thank you Jesus

sonna God we thank you for your love

we thank you for your goodness Lord

Jesus we thank you Lord for you have

brought a word to remind your people

that you are with them you have brother

word Lord God because of your love Lord

God I thank you that we will no longer

compare ourselves we would own the path

that you have called us to not looking

at it as any less because it’s not even

about the title it’s about that which

you have called us to shift in the

places it’s called us to it doesn’t

matter how we got in the door the fact

is that we are in the door the fact is

that we are in these rooms that you have

brought us to whether we came in there

by the way of a friend or by the way of

a job or by the way of a meeting it does

not matter I thank you Lord that what

you have spoken they would see I thank

you Lord that they would be patient

because you are loved and love is

patient and so everything you call us to

requires patience I thank you that they

would have patience with themselves and

with the process they would know Lord

God that you are their Good Shepherd

even when they wrestle with that thought

that they would hold on and know that

Lord God I rather die for something I

believed in then live just to exist

thank you Jesus for you have called

leaders and warriors all over this place

and they will see themselves as you see

them they will own their identity Lord

Jesus thank you Lord burn the bridges

that we hold on to burn the bridges that

lay behind a zowie

we think we can walk Lorca we’re asking

for your supernatural help because as

they have come to the altar Lord God

burn those bridges it would not even be

an option

look back because there’s nothing there

there is no way to walk there as they

have come to the altar Lord God they’re

laying it down and so we say that what

they have laid down Burnet Lord God for

you are the consuming fire thank you


set a fire within the things that you

have spoken to them reawaken their

passion for it Lord God and for some

that this might be a week or two weeks

later they may need this word again let

that replace don’t look back there is

nothing there everything that you desire

is right now right here and God is doing

a good work and we just have to be

patient with you lord thank you lord

thank you Lord those who have trusted

you right now in this moment trusting

you for healing I thank you Lord that

you’re touching those areas I thank you

Jesus have your way father God have your

way with each and every one who came to

this also with everyone watching on

livestream with everyone present in this

room because there are different parts

of the word that touch them in different

ways thank you Lord that everyone would

leave here strengthened everyone will

leave here Lord God awaken to the

reality that you would not forsake them

awaken to the truth father God that your

name is on them and so anything that

stands in their way by right has to bow

because your word said that in your name

every knee shall bow and so whatever

stands in our way Lord God if it hasn’t

bowed out now it will bow down we thank

you Jesus and we seal this in your name

thank you lord Silva’s message in their

hearts still let Lord God this would not

just be a thing of this moment Lord God

but this would be a sin of their life we

choose that we make a covenant with

ourselves to not look back in Jesus name