Hear Carolyn Weaver’s riveting vision of the future of Trump, China, America and the world!

hello sid roth here with carolyn weaver

and carolyn

is someone meeting face to face for the

very first time

but i got a hold of the most descriptive

uh prophecy but really

it was a prophecy that she had from

what’s known as an

open vision and uh since she was a young


she has heard clearly from god

and had uh visions after she was


and dreams uh very specific she’s what’s

known as a prophetic

intercessor to pray god’s kingdom and


shows her what he wants to do with the

world and she prays it into being

uh carolyn uh i am

thrilled over the words i personally


uh that that god showed you in this open


uh when was the vision and tell me about


well it happened july the 23rd

and um i really was just resting and

soaking with some worship music on um

and i

i just heard in my ear which inside my


um come here i want to show you some

things and immediately i began seeing

played across um almost like a screen

in my mind i saw these images start to

play and i started to hear his voice

uh really clearly about what he was

doing uh

it really surprised me i think this has


uh the funnest and probably the longest

open vision that i’ve had

i’ve had several others but it was

really uh

i left after it and just was like wow

that that needs it needs to be shared

with other people i knew it wasn’t just

for me

first of all i saw myself going into um

i would say i call it the courtrooms but

it’s really

just in front of the father and

i just china had really been on my heart

the christians in china had been on my


and um and also just

the abuses that happen especially with


sex trafficking and things like that and


i just was there to plead i was there to

supplicate i was there to pray

and um out of that the lord just began

to show me this plan

of what he’s doing in the world and so


he came in like the lion of the tribe of


which would be yeshua and he began

taking me around

to different continents obviously he


all of the people in all of the world

but he was really specific on where he

took me

the one of the um most

profound things was he took me to china

to the great

wall and you know that a lot of people

just look at that as a

beautiful monument but really that was

born on the backs of

of slaves that were christians mostly

and so he began to just show me like it

was like the ground was like a film

and i could see all these people pushing

up through the film

and he was like the the chinese church

is getting ready to explode out of that

film and the persecution that they’ve

been under

is getting ready to end and so that was

like amazing

well i wish everyone in china in the

underground church would hear those

words of encouragement

because you’re right the persecution has


ferocious of christians yeah we here in

america don’t understand

the type of persecution that these

chinese christians are going through

uh but that is good news but

it was that was amazing and then also um

i it was funny to me

i love kathy walters and follow her


and um so i’ve heard about her vision

with the uss constitution and how she’s

seen two different ways hitting it

well the next thing i saw was the


which is a battleship and i saw the

glory wave that she said

was hitting the ship that was the second

wave and i saw that wave but what i saw

that was different than what she had

seen was the

the ship literally just turned around

almost like a

almost like a 180 angle like completely

turned around

and then the that huge wave just pushed

it into a safe port

like a safe harbor and that was just to


saying the lord was getting ready to

completely redirect our country

back into the direction that he intends

for it to go and it was going to come

into a safe place

that was pretty neat that he kind of

combined what she saw

into what i was seeing i don’t usually

have that happen so that was

really fun but i saw the white house the

top of the white house just come off

and like everything was laid there

everything was exposed down to the

basement and there are people that were

just shocked like

looking up and then i saw president

trump come out of there

and he got down on his hands and knees

and before the line of the tribe of

judah and he was just

like in a position of just complete


but when he got up he was it was like

his sonship he had a crown on he had a

robe on

and then he turned around and he faced

the white house and all of a sudden it’s

like he

his clothes changed and he was carrying

a bucket and a mop

and he looked like a maid and then i saw

his entire staff

and i saw like his cabinet they all were

dressed the same way like they were


and i heard the lord say it’s time to

clean house

it’s time to clean house so um

it ended with israel which was


um and i loved that because i love what


wants to do for israel and how yeshua is

coming there

um i saw it was very interesting in that


it was like the dome of the rock was

picked up and moved

and i that didn’t really make any sense

to me but then i saw a shaft of light

come down where it was and i saw a cross

and then i saw the wailing wall and

yeshua was written across the wailing


you saw something about people we see on

the news

all the time nancy pelosi he walkers

what did you say

uh the lion of the tribe of judah went

into a congress meeting

and um everyone it was interesting


everyone that was there i saw different

dignitaries and representatives and

maybe senate i don’t i didn’t see like

specific people as far as that was


um except for nancy i saw her

and um she she was almost in didn’t

indignant that the line of the tribe of

judah was there

which was very interesting to me because

everyone else was just like shaking

they were just like they were afraid but

you know how a cat

picks up a a kitten and it puts

picks it up by the scruff of its neck

yeah i’ve seen that

i saw that happen this that was the

second time in the vision that it

happened but i saw him literally pick

her up

and he just shook her like she was a rag


and just kind of throw to the side now i

know he loves her

like he loves her as much as he loves

anyone else but i felt like

that spirit of um

if you want to call it jezebel or just

that spirit of

mocking him like he was done with that

um and that’s really what she was

exhibiting because a lot of times i

don’t think when you see a vision

i don’t try to really interpret them um

so much because a lot of times it

represents something else

some like a person in a vision might

represent something else so i don’t try

to figure that part out but

the spirit of it was a mocking spirit of

her just not

um responding at all to his presence so

it was like he was picking that up and


tossing that to the side did you get any

anything more specific about israel

i saw his name on the wailing wall i saw

people just flock to it like they were


running as fast as they could to that


it really was more that sense of him

being lifted up and him drawing his

people to himself

that that is fabulous because you’re

confirming what i’ve been feeling for a

long time

that we’re not going to recognize israel

we’re not going to recognize america now

there will be

pockets that will resist

but i’m i i foresee the most

unlikely heathens

turning to jesus in drugs

young people drug addicts people that

have been abused

uh uh orthodox jews yeah

what about muslims part of the yeah well

actually part of the vision

in the middle of it had to do with with


the lion went to the middle east

and he basically was like lay down your


and he turned the weapons you know how

the scripture says that the

like the um weapons would be turned into

like shovels

right it was like that and then he said

you were brothers and i saw

like i saw just people men women just

going arm and arm locking arms together


like jews and muslims it felt like

it felt like it was but he was restoring

the brotherhood

instead of the division that’s been

there which was also amazing

what about europe what did you say

um i saw jesus

walk in as that lion into the eu

and i saw him just put his paws up on

the tape at the table and i saw all the


and all the presidents standing around

and as he put his

paws on the table the table the top of

the table just flipped

and when it flipped i heard that he was

flipping everything upside down

so that was very interesting and then

for the russian church

um he went to russia and i saw

him with the flag he took apart

the flag like the sickle he took it


which i thought was interesting and um

i really felt like he was saying that if

he was um

he had heard the cries of the russian

church and that he was turning things

around there

how about africa did you see anything


i did see for africa again a lot of

these were really short like we were

going really fast

from one place to the other so for

africa i saw him

take his paw and he just he just

um swiped at the water like at the top

of africa

and all of this water went down and at

first i was concerned

that that might mean you know that

because they’ve had so many storms

really bad storms that have wiped out so


and so i kind of looked at him like is

this a bad thing and he was it was like

no this is my glory

and i saw it just go all the way down

all the way even into south africa that

he was just lighting up the whole

country with his glory

and it was like all these lights started

to go all over the place since it was

one big light

again it was pretty amazing every every

time in fact

every time i thought we were done like

every place we went i thought that was

enough right

right every time he was saying i’m not

done yet that’s what he kept telling

me every time we were done with one

thing i saw he was like i’m not done yet

oh i’m not done yet and so it was just


it was it was really amazing um to walk

that out with him and to have the honor

of being able to see that was

was really fun but but i’ll tell you one

thing that i wasn’t going to get into

that i read

that affected me even more than the

prophecy so that the prophecies affected


because it’s confirming what god is

showing me

uh for israel the united states i think

our best days

are ahead of us and i think israel’s

best days

not without persecution sure but

their best days are ahead of them


the the end time remnants about ready to

be raised up in israel

from this glory and and and the ones

that will

usher in the return of the messiah being

raised up in

in america and that’s what i know

but the thing that touched me the most

is of

everything i read that you saw

you haven’t mentioned and that’s because

i said let’s kind of streamline a little


sure but i want you to now tell me the

way you

felt when you came into the throne room

in the presence

of jesus uh

just complete awe of him i mean i

i went face down first and um

you know whenever you are excuse me why

did you go face down

where you i did you have any ability to


or you just again i i mean again i’m

seeing this

on the screen of my mind and i’m feeling

things here but i’m seeing it as if i’m

there and

i really it it just was this feeling of

like awe um

that he allowed me to come and again

when i first

prayed into what i was praying about or


compelled about was the chinese church

at that time

and um survivors of different type of

sex trafficking especially that’s just

been really

on my mind um and something i’ve been

praying into

so i knew he was giving me the

opportunity to intercede before him

uh so i don’t know it’s just always such

an honor and a privilege to be able to

see those things and it just was the

sense of his glory

that’s the best way that i can describe

it you wrote how you

you you felt like your strength left you

you were like yeah

exactly um that just

was how it felt was just that his his

presence was just overwhelming

that i just really couldn’t even get up

um i tried i remember in the vision

trying to

and it it really felt like an angel came

up behind me and just gave

me the strength to stand you know the

more you

say that the stronger the presence of

god’s glory

is on that show do you feel what i’m

feeling yeah i do

it’s really strong i believe

that uh that either you or i

or both of us can impart some of this

tangible glory on those that are viewing

right now

but before we even do this

make sure i’m talking to those reviewing

us right now

that you’re right with god yeah because

what if you gain the whole world

and you lose your soul

what oh you know money can’t buy

having the type of intimacy uh

i i live a rapid

repenting life the mo

in fact i’m repenting over things

caroline that

five years ago i didn’t even know it was


i’m getting so sent i don’t want


yeah to interrupt my relationship with


so i want everyone to repent

of every known sin right now

and you don’t have to list them all but

just repeat after me

dear god out loud dear god

dear god many mistakes i’ve made many


and i believe and i believe

your blood your blood washes them all


washes them all away and your grace

and your grace gives me the ability

gives me the ability to overcome them


to overcome them all the power

the power your everything i need

your everything i need and now that i’m

clean because of your blood

and now that i’m clean because of your

blood i ask you to come and live inside

of me

i ask you to come and live inside of me


fill me with your glory and fill me with

your glory

okay carolyn i want you to reach your

hands towards the camera

and pray an impartation of god’s


on everyone viewing us right now okay

father i thank you for the honor first

of all doing this and partnering with

you and your holy spirit

and holy spirit i just ask you to go to

every single person who is watching this

or whoever will watch this and i ask for


abiding holy spirit presence of your

glory just to go to them right now

and to fill the atmosphere where they

are at

holy spirit thank you there is no limit

to your glory there is no limit to your


i thank you for opening the eyes of

their heart

that they may see you that they may hear


father because you are no respecter of

persons i thank you for drawing people

to your presence and i thank you for

filling the earth with your glory

in jesus name amen

and amen means so be it i’m going to p.s

that prayer carol and for those viewing

us right now

father god let them

experience you the thing that separates

christianity from any religion in the


is we experience you and your presence

holy spirit come upon all of your people

that you love as much as you love jesus

as much as you love carolyn weaver as


as you love me more glory

glory to change to be

ready to receive

so much more a hundred times more than

what you’re feeling right now

people are being physically healed right

now they’re people

with pain their neck and back

and hip and even emotional

pain and bruises the bruise marks are


the backs you test your back and see

that the lord is good

in yeshua’s name amen

thank you caroline