Joe Joe Dawson says thoughts become actions. BUT your mind is set apart for God—not negativity. It’s time to take back everything the enemy has stolen.

although Sid Roth here with JoJo Dawson

and I’ve just spoken to him a few times

but he said just before we went on the

air Sid I am probably one of the most

joyful happiest people on Earth and

spread the wealth to all of our viewers

JoJo because as a matter of fact you

made a statement to me and I wrote it

down it had such an impact

but JoJo by the way is pastor of uh Rohr

r-o-a-r which is an acronym but I like

it is the lion’s roar personally Roar

Church in Texarkana Texas here’s the

statement that he made

I’m quoting you exact by the way I don’t

understand how people can walk in

frustration or fear right now because I

heard what the Lord is saying

what is the Lord saying JoJo that meant

because most people I know are walking

in frustration they’re in what we call

the desert uh and and they’re in fear I

mean the fear is tangible I live in an

apartment house and I I see people get

in the elevator and if my mask is down a

little bit because I’m in a state that

requires a mask right now we do a vital

we’re in Communications and so therefore

and we’re also in the neighboring state

our office so they don’t require a mass

but I have to tell you that fear is

tangible I don’t even remember a time

there’s been so much fear why should you

misunderstand how anyone could be

fearful right now

you know Mr said I I walk in Joy because

I walk in a very very close personal

relationship with the Lord years ago

about 25 years ago God gave me this

scripture for my life scripture Mark 1

35 Jesus got up early in the morning and

went to a solitary place where he prayed

when I wake up every morning the first

thing I do is I go to my private secret

place and I have such a relationship

with the Lord and I know there’s a lot

of things going on in our nation around

the world but that’s not what I’m

hearing in prayer I hear the Lord keep

telling me that greater is coming and

like I try to have a quiet time but I

have a loud time I can’t have quiet time

because I will jump up I will shout I

will dance because the Lord said I’m

doing more behind the scenes in America

and the nations of the world than

anybody could ever even imagine and I’m

leaning into the Lord and I’m saying

tell me more God I’ll release your word

or people your people our nation we need

this joy we need this peace we need the

kingdom of God to be manifested

well I’ll tell you what you also said to

me uh you’ve been walking in the

presence of the Lord for a long time but

in the last three or four months there’s

been an increase in the amount of

presence of Glory in an unbelievable

fashion uh at Royal church and in

Texarkana Texas so uh give me an idea of

some of the things going on but I I have

to tell you


you have seen

this Glory cloud and your people

either see it or feel the presence of

that tell me about that just that alone

because if the glory is there everything

is instant everything

yes sir this is what I told our church

about four months ago I said this is my

commitment to you

every every day I spend minimum of one

hour walking in our Sanctuary praying in

the spirit just declaring that the

kingdom of God is going to manifest and

when you pray and declare these things

we’re irresistible to the father he

loves his children and so we have

corporate prayer meetings and we’ve been

praying and believing and a few weeks

ago I told my wife I said after I while

I was preaching I couldn’t tell you who

was there I couldn’t tell you where

people were sitting it was like there

was a fog in the whole place and I was

just delivering the word of the Lord I

forgot I had any notes I was flowing in

the Holy Spirit I think there were more

Angels than people that were there and

the presence was strong and sometimes

you know services are wild we did a

seven seven laps of a March and then

like around our building during service

and then the next week it may be I look

around and half our worship team is on

their face

um I looked down the other day and and

my son was right beside me he’s nine

years old he was on his face face

worship and I looked at one of my

daughters and she had her hands up on

her knees just going after the Lord when

you come in expecting God to move and

you have people that are fasting and

praying you’re going to experience the

glory of God because the thing is we

need the glory in the church yes but we

need to have it out in the world so we

got to have

um an Awakening in our churches to have

a Revival in the streets and so we are

cultivating the power and the presence

and there is such a tangible presence

people walk into our building and they

get healed before service even starts

because the kingdom of God is


well I’ll tell you now this is

mind-blowing now you you this I’m going

to tell you the way I understand it and

you correct me if I if I exaggerate in

any fashion

pastors ministers evangelists slip into

your church they purposely go into the

last row you would think a pastor

imagine this won’t be the front row but

they purposely go in the last row and

they don’t pay attention to a word that

you say is that true that’s hilarious I

had somebody came in one day and they

said hey I just got to confess what I’m

doing I said you don’t have to confess

anything there’s an open Heaven you come

in here you’re in evangelist to get your

messages to go out and preach they said

how did you know I said because you’re

not the first and before all during

worship they’re just writing down one

day I was getting ready to walk into our

building and I literally saw two angels

over our church and they had a huge

flask of all and it was starting to pour

and that was a big flask and it would

take a long time to pour it out and the

Lord said I’m offering you an open

portal if you will Fast and pray and

declare the that my kingdom come your

you know and his will will be done God

your kingdom come here will be done at

Roar Church

as it is in heaven I will show signs

wonders and miracles that you can even

dream of and I’m a dreamer and so I have

just got out of the way you know we like

to quote these scriptures you know died

of the flesh live in the spirit I pick

up my cross daily but do we really do it

when the ministers will die to their


Mr Sid we’re going to see the glory of

God Like You Could Only Imagine in our

churches today well look we got to get

out of the way I am a Feeler and I have

to I I have to tell everyone

everywhere that is watching this video

I don’t know of another person I’ve

interviewed that’s hitting the level

that you and your church are hitting but

actually I hear something better than

that what I hear is when you go out and

speak you release that open portal is

that true and what can you can the

results be the same as in your church

yes sir and people ask me all the time

are you an Apostle Prophet a healing

Minister I said I’m a kingdom Minister

and they say well what is the kingdom

Minister there’s nothing lacking it in

heaven there’s nothing lacking in the

Kingdom so when I come in somewhere

whatever is lacking the kingdom will

manifest and we go over to we go to

places and there’s times that

everybody’s healed there’s times that we

go in and and I say this a lot I’ll

props over everybody here and there’ll

be three four hundred people I’ve had

services that will go five and six hours

and we will pray because the portal of

Heaven is opened up see we carry the

cable let me ask you this if the average


had a four hour a three hour service in

this day and age they’d be talking to

themselves no one would stay do people

stay and when the glory shows up they

won’t believe

because it’s what they’ve heard stories

about but they’ve never seen they’ve

read about it and but when the glory

hits you don’t want to leave you know

hours will pass by I was in a service

one time and it was six hours and I

thought man we just started and people

are like no we started it at six and

it’s like like midnight and I’m like

well what happened we were in the glory

and they said Joe you just prophesied

for four hours straight over people and

I was like Wow and and the thing is when

an open Heaven shows up nobody wants to

leave because there is no earthly

entertainment no earthly feeling that

can compare to the glory of God when it

hits now a little later in this

interview will you release the uh the

presence the glory the goodness or the

open portal of Heaven over the viewers

oh yes I would love to and what do you

anticipate will happen to many of them

receive right where they’re right where

they are I don’t care if they’re in

their house if they’re in their office

or if they’re in their cart you might

want to pull over but just the kingdom

of God is going to manifest so like I

love to say this there’s nothing lacking

in the Kingdom so if you need

Restoration in your marriage physical

healing an idea for your business a

parenting idea whatever it may be what

what about things like emotional

healings do you have to give a seminar

of what to do for fifth for uh for a

five-day seminar to get emotionally

healed or is it instant

we have seen in our church and also when

I travel I call it a blanket of glory

and it’s almost like you can feel this

blanket coming in and as long as the

people are willing to receive the levels

will become so strong and and people

just sit there and this is one of the

greatest things the Lord has spoke to me

and when we travel sometimes and say

step back and look at the face faces of

all the people and Mr Silver I look at

all the people’s faces they’re

countenance is changing right in front

of me and when services are over they’ll

come up to me my marriage was restored I

was healed of being um sexually abused I

was bullied as a kid and God said

forgive this person all of these no

one’s praying for them no one’s laying

hands but the holy spirit is ministering

as the blanket of the glory of God the

kingdom is manifesting and then you just

see the Holy Spirit ministering to

everybody and this is coming in a

stronger Dimension than we have ever

seen God just needs Kingdom ministers to

rise up in this hour so people get

healed emotionally all the time and I

think that’s one of the most beautiful

things in the world when somebody lays a

weight down that they’ve been carrying

for years because now they finally know

that the king is on the scene and it’s

not theirs to carry any longer

what about things like have you seen

people heal the covid

I remember when the whole coveted

pandemic broke out and and we we had our

services you know shortly after they had

you know said if I needed to stay home

it was probably like six weeks and

people things were starting to open up

and we didn’t have a case in our church

for probably six or seven months and I

was declaring and decreeing and people

started to go back well we did have a

few people that got that but people have

called me in fact there’s a gentleman

who had covet and said my doctor said

I’ll never recover I prayed for him and

he called me the next day and said Joe

my doctor said I went from 60 to 90

percent and one day I said my Jesus

didn’t go to the cross for a 90 I said I

promise you you’ll be healed right now

we prayed he went back to the doctor the

next day he was totally restored his

voice was restored and he said my

doctors are blown away I said tell them

that the kingdom of God is manifesting

and you’re going to see a lot of

healings in the days ahead look I get

healed the whole world is going to hear

about it I I mean I want to break I got

my Jesus I don’t want I don’t want to

and here’s thing people don’t understand

once the glory shows up

all we have to do and you said it once

but I have to repeat it is get out of

the way and I I had a Jojo I I had a

thought this morning

what if those viewing what if you what

if I

could be in the same Glory that Moses

was in

when he got the Ten Commandments

I mean

days and weeks in that Glory it was so

strong he had to put a veil over his

face because the glory would scare

people on his face uh uh that’s what you

do in your private prayer time am I


you’re living in the glory you know I I

tell people all the time when I’m in our

Sanctuary or prayer spotted our house

myself I thought the room is so full and

sometimes in a church I feel like the

church is so empty it’s the Angelic host

it is the power and the presence that is

so strong and after every service we’re

in no matter how good it is I look at my

wife or our leaders and I say there’s

more there’s more there’s more and and

our leaders are praying God there’s more

we want it we want you know why because

all of us individually have our private

prayer time but then we come together

corporately for our prayer time and our


it’s like our our private prayer times

here are corporate prayers here but our

services are here I want our services to

be like my private time man I jump and

death and shout and cry get on my face

sometimes I’ll go hours and think I just

walked into prayer because I get lost

into Glory everything happens in the

glory excuse me for those that don’t

understand what do you really mean I get

lost in the glory

let’s say let’s say that I go into

prayer at 10 o’clock and at 1 1 30 I’ll

come out the presence was gone I have

had I’ll have so much peace I may get a


um the Lord may speak to me and it’s

like just I turn around and I think I’ve

only been there but when you’re spending

time in the power and the presence of

God it’s not like you’re working for

three hours it like takes all day time

flies when you’re having fun when you’re

in the presence of the Lord man time

just passes by because that time is so

sweet and you never want it to end you

said earlier that there is a blanket of

the glory that is released

When you pray and when that glory is

released all the gifts are activated

healing is activated

they the joy of the Lord is activated

of it everything is activated

would you pray right now and release the

glory Cloud to everyone that’s viewing I

want to receive it too yes sir I’m going

to read a good scripture to get us

started Matthew 6 10 in the passion it

says manifest your kingdom realm and

cause your every purpose to be fulfilled

on Earth just as it is fulfilled in

heaven so father God with that word

right there we declare that your kingdom

is manifested right now to every single

person who is listening every person

that is watching Lord God that the

kingdom of God is manifested Lord there

is nothing lacking in the Kingdom I

declare and release in the name of Jesus

Financial healings physical healings

marriages restored prodigal sons and

daughters are coming home emotional

healing people are going to get business

ideas and strategy how to get out of

debt people are going to have business

ideas to to fund the kingdom and Lord I

declare every crooked way will be made

straight and I just declare in the name

of Jesus that a blanket of the glory of

God is about to be manifested on every

person Lord when people are watching

this the presence of God will fill their

house their car their office wherever

they are at in the name of Jesus and

Lord I know that it is your heart and

will to Manifest this on every person

and I want everybody to understand he is

also going to just soften your heart

tonight and God is going to make you a

son or a daughter you are a son or

daughter but you got to understand it

and believe it and here is why because

you have to expect

God to show up because that’s what a

loving father does and the kingdom is

manifesting in and over your life right

now in the name of Jesus and I declare

Ephesians 6 10 and the passion

translation when it says God wants to do

an explosive work in you to do it

through you that is the kingdom

manifesting and I just speak this over

every single person in the name of Jesus


well I’m going to tell you something

this show was fought from a technical

Viewpoint more than any show I’ve ever

done but we got it out and um JoJo we’re

going to have you back when uh we’ll

straighten out the technical thing uh

and we’re going to have you back but uh

JoJo’s going to be doing a TV show for

us uh and

uh here’s my heart

Jojo I want the glory on every one of

our shows on our television network I

want people in Israel people in America

people throughout the world to be able

to have that Glory move into their home

touch their children touch their

marriages touch their emotions touch

their health uh and and

I want I need you to to pray against


and release the joy that is resident

within you JoJo would you do that right

now yes sir

in the name of Jesus I declare that all

fear is gone your word says that weapons

that are formed against us will not


I want everybody to know in the name of

Jesus that the weapons will not Prosper

they may be there but they’re not going

to prosper they may be formed but

they’re not going to prosper understand

the attacks the situations the things

coming against you they’re not going

they’re a mirage they’re not going to

happen so I rebuke fear in the name of

Jesus and I pray that we receive the

kingdom mindset and I want to encourage

you in the name of Jesus to always pray

this and when something comes against

you God is teach me how to fight and

when you learn the fighting strategy it

will not happen so I declare fear is

gone Joy takes over peace takes over and

most of all the love of God surrounds us

like a warm winter coat and we rest in

that we will not wrestle with fear

because we are the children of the most

high God and I speak that forth in the

mighty name of Jesus Amen Joy is your

portion uh Jojo

uh your book Kingdom thinking we’re

making it available as an e-book

I’m in midst of reading it my staff has

read it uh what what did God want you to

communicate in this book you know what

Mr Sid the biggest problem I see is

people think so naturally we like to say

Jesus is the the King of Kings and the

Lord of lords we celebrate Easter you

know where’s Jesus right now he’s at the

right hand of the father what is he

doing he’s interceding don’t you think

it’s time that we find out what he’s

praying and interceding when we start

thinking like heaven thinks when we

understand the scriptures we understand

that there’s intercession being made on

our behalf how in the world can we think

naturally I love when Catherine Coleman

used to say the holy spirit is more real

to me than any person when you spend

that time with the Lord and you know the

Lord’s voice and his voice should be

more powerful and more real and more

noticeable than any other voice in your

life you can cannot think naturally the

Lord has put on my heart to teach

mindset for the last two years and when

I dove into the kingdom I said Lord

the church doesn’t believe in a kingdom

mindset that’s the missing key we don’t

understand the kingdom nor do we operate

in the proper mindset so I I wrote this

book it is my favorite book that I’ve

ever written because I understand that

when we can adopt and adapt to the

kingdom mindset things in our life start

to shift fear is gone we understand that

we have the authority of God on our side

well let me just say this this book if

you’re down if you’re depressed if

you’re in a desert I don’t think you can

stay there by if you if you read this

book because what you’re gonna get is a

dose of the Kingdom not the world the

kingdom God’s kingdom not the world’s

Kingdom God’s Kingdom’s mindset and

you’re going to be like Romans 12 do not

be conformed to the things of this world

but be transformed by the words of the

Living God you will be transformed so

we’re making the evil book as available

as you possibly can can make it it’s

called Kingdom thinking uh you just go

to Kingdom that’s

s-i-d-r-o-t-h dot o-r-g slash

k-i-n-g-d-o-m uh and order the download

you get it immediately uh and and start

look at that rather than some of the

junk that unfortunately is on television

uh these days I mean you get a kingdom

mindset JoJo how will their life be


totally different Proverbs 3 5 and 6

trust in the Lord God with all of your

heart heart is actually broken into two

words spirit and soul sows into two

words mind and emotion trust in the Lord

God with all of your spirit your mind

and your emotion lay not under your own

understanding we lean on our own

understanding that’s why we live in fear

insecurity and we don’t accomplish our

god-calling but when you lean upon the

thoughts of the Kingdom your emotions

are Kingdom solid your mind is thinking

Kingdom and you know your spirit’s good

you will do every single thing God said

you were going to do and you will do

great exploits you will live such a life

that what people call impossible will be

normal for you because you’re going to

walk in the Kingdom Authority well I’m

going to tell you while while you were

speaking the glory throughout the whole

broadcast was descended on me and I’m

hearing all sorts of words of knowledge

I’ve been kind of holding back uh

because we’re at the technical issues

but I heard

um riffs risks any pain in your wrists

fingers arthritic fingers anything

they’re open in Jesus name uh and uh and

Jojo I know you here in this Spirit

what’s God doing right now

one thing the Lord is saying so strong

Mr Sid is emotional things are being

completely the Lord says let me go to

that one place that every time you think

of it you go into pain you go into

suffering you you go back you go

backwards um and think about that God

wants to heal you from that today and

also neck pain God is one and I’m mainly

left side God is healing people from

that today God is healing ankles I’m

feeling right ankles are being healed

strengthened the Lord is strengthening

you today and the Lord is saying this

get your mind off of your problems and

your situations when you think about the

kingdom those things are going to start

just Vanishing away in the presence of

the Lord and a couple more things that

are that I I know that God is doing

right now people that have enlarged

prostate or prostate cancer you are

being healed and it’s so strong that you

mentioned next you mentioned one side

well I got that covered because God’s

given me an anointing for pain of all

kinds uh and that means both sides of

that neck you just move your head in

this glory and you’ll see that you are

free and to know the truth is what sets

you free I pray in yeshua’s name that

with your mouth as we’re closer you say

Jesus I rededicate my life to you I make

you my savior but now in this Glory I

make you my Lord

o me