In man’s cruelest act against God, see God’s greatest love revealed! In this uplifting Resurrection Sunday sermon, Joseph Prince unveils the love of God like never before. See how much the Lord suffered for you at Calvary so that you can call God your heavenly Father and always enjoy His presence and blessings. Learn also how the Lord’s resurrection gives you victory over fearfulness, faithlessness, and fruitlessness. Whatever your challenge today, experience the peace and joy the disciples had when they saw their risen Lord, and let His love, finished work, and resurrection life propel you into victory!

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The Lord has given us victory in this realm
. Whatever

you face, when you face fear, fear comes first, and

then unbelief, the field given victory in the Resurrection.

The last thing is fruitless.

It’s easier to remember if you put them in rhymes.
(Fearfulness, Faithlessness, Fruitlessness)

You see, fear first. John 20:19

“It was in the evening of that day, the first day of the week.”

“Where the disciples were, the doors were closed.

“Jesus came and
stood among them.”

“He said, ‘Peace be with you.'”

Now, do you know that fear is a sin?

Whatever your fear. At this time the disciples were afraid of people.

Is that okay? “They were afraid to die.”

But after seeing Jesus risen from the dead, they were
not afraid to die for His name.

You may have a fear of being left behind

or a fear of losing someone you love.

Fear of losing money, fear of the future.

Fear of not being able to achieve Fear

of losing people’s favor with you Fear of

your own health, fear of your children’s health Fear of the


Fear is a sin, whatever it is.

If you look at Revelation chapter 21,

there is a list of those who go to hell, to the lake of fire.

And the first group is the fearful, the cowards.

The first thing God gives is the one that takes precedence.

In the Nine Gifts, the Word of Wisdom is listed first.
It is most important…

all nine gifts are important, but in
terms of priority, the Word of Wisdom is primary.

What goes to the lake of fire first?
“They are cowards and fearful people.”

timid. Fear is the mother of all sins.

Fear is the reason. Fear came first.

When a man believed in his righteousness and ate the fruit, the
first thing that arose was fear.

Fear When the

Lord came in the midst of their fear, He did
not rebuke them for their fear.

And he said, “Peace be with you.” The

Lord is risen. It’s
not for condemnation.

to rise again and declare righteousness to you.

Not to demand confession of sins.
By the way, those who teach confession of sins.

I believe in confession. But I
don’t believe in confessing sins to be forgiven.

Confess because you have already been forgiven.

I believe in confessing sins, but what lies behind it?

Here they did not confess their fears.

Fear is a sin, yet Jesus appeared and said,
“Peace be with you (shalom)”

He came to give. Not for demanding.

Jesus proclaimed to them and made no unreasonable demands.

beautiful. He was told, “Peace, Shalom.”

The word for peace is shalom in Hebrew and Irene in Greek.

If your name is Irene, this is what it means.

This means more than just peace of mind.

The meaning of shalom is ‘wholeness, perfection’, ‘unified’.

health, contentment. It
means a good state of your being, spirit, soul and physical health in all aspects.

Peace is peace not only in the mind, but also in the body, with no unhealthy parts;

the body is at rest and
free from disease;

, as it should be.

This is the meaning of shalom. In Israel,
we greet each other with this beautiful word. Shalom! Shalom!

The apostle Paul often begins his writings with “Grace and peace…”.

Not just peace, but “grace and peace be with you”

grace and peace. I have sent letters to various churches and on them I
wrote “Grace and Peace”.

Moreover, he ended his epistle by writing “Grace and Peace.”

Exceptionally addressed to individuals, it says grace, mercy and peace.

But the one addressed to the church says grace and peace, grace and
peace, and closes with grace and peace.

So I asked the Lord one time.
“Why did you say only peace here?”

“Because grace stands there.”


Say amen.

So he said to them, “Peace be with you.”

I want to tell you that when He said, “Peace be with you,”


“May you and your family be happy,”

said the Lord at the Last Supper.

“Peace I leave with you.
I give you my peace.


” Let not your hearts be troubled.”
This is our role.

“Fear not,”

saith the Lord, leave peace and good health.

Leave wholeness. I will give you happiness.

But don’t let your heart be troubled.
I cannot do that for you.

Mom can’t do that for you either.

Neither can your pastor. You keep my heart from turmoil.

The only thing the Lord asks of you is
not to let your heart be troubled.

Then health will rule your body.

Health rules your child’s body.

Peace will come to your family.

Don’t let your heart be troubled.

Don’t try to protect too many things in your life.

Otherwise you will be exhausted.

Anxiety, tantrums, exhaustion.

You may get upset or frustrated.

There is only one thing to protect, and that is to protect your heart.
Don’t let your heart be troubled.

The devil comes and whispers, “School teacher, your child is…”

Don’t let your heart be troubled.

“The deadline is coming, what should we do?”

The devil says, “You are irresponsible! You always
tell me not to let my heart be troubled. Who is to do that?”

Jesus says, Don’t let your heart be troubled.

“Listen to the Lord.”

“If you don’t do it, nothing will end!”

“If we don’t pay attention to this, the whole church will go bankrupt!”

“If you don’t do it you will lose your family! You must do it.”

“Before you get hit, hit!” “Before you get hit, hit!”

says, don’t let your heart be troubled.

“What disturbs your heart
is different from what disturbs my (God) heart.”

But we will not talk about that today.
I will preach at another time.

Everyone, please continue.
I am sure I will congratulate you.

Remember this if you want God to work in your life

God wants your life to be filled with
peace. Be happy and full of health.

God just says, don’t let your heart be troubled.

“Peace be with you,”

said Jesus, showing them his hands and side.

These are receipts of God’s evidence.

His hands and side were pierced and his side was pierced with a spear

The spear symbolizes human enmity, and
the tip of the spear touched the cleansing blood.

Then he showed them the wound on his hand and said, “This is your peace
receipt, it has already been paid.”

You have paid for your health.

The payment for the forgiveness of your sins has been paid.

Look at my hands (wounds). Here is the receipt.

the devil says “God, you are a very holy God.”

You are a “holy, holy, holy God.”



“How can a very holy God accept a man so unclean

God says. “Look at the cross.”

“All the sins and defilements of man were borne by the sinless on the cross.”

Amen! “That’s where


my judgment was done.” “Not in

the body of the man who was crucified between two robbers

.” “Upon him I judged all the sins of man.”

, that man, that man,
that woman’s sin cannot be punished.” “If I punish the man

who died on the cross between the two of us for the sin I punished him

again, I will already be punished.”

“Because I


punish you twice for the same sin.

” Instead, his sins were punished on the cross

.” “Devil, you cannot intrude into this man’s life.”

had the right to intrude.”

“The transgression of the law by the man, and the curse that followed
, could cause things to happen in this man’s life.”

“But the man on the cross between the two
but, knowing no sin, he gave his life to pay for it.” For

his payment is for this man, and all that the

owes him, he bore on the cross. It is.

And all good things and favors

that he deserves are given to him who does not deserve it.

“I am a very holy God,
and I will make sure that this dealing is carried out.”

For this reason God justified sinners in righteousness.

The cross is the wisdom of God.