In this Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! Classic episode from 2000: Dave Roberson can speak supernaturally in many languages that he’s never learned.

Sid: My guest can speak supernaturally in
many languages that he’s never learned.

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Centuries have come and gone offering wisdom
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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth, your investigative
reporter. I’m here with Dave Roberson.

Now Dave was a young man, and he had a vision
from God that dramatically changed his life.

Tell me about that vision, Dave.

Dave: I was 30 years old.

I had a hunger that was so strong in me.

At the time was ultra-Pentecostal, which is
just, we got caught into some things that

were very legalistic.

We thought that if we did these things it would
please God and we would draw close to him.

I did all of them.

Everything they told me to do, I would do,
take my jewelry off, what I wore.

This hunger inside of me was so strong, at
times I felt like I was going to die.

The thirsting that nobody could seem to quench,
you know, I was so hungry.

Sid: Hungry to know God better?

Dave: To God and to know him after, after
his power.

I just had to know him.

Sid: You know, we read the Bible, but in the
average Christian church, it’s so far removed

it’s almost like a foreign book as far as

Dave: Yes.

I remember in this hunger anything anybody
would tell me to do, if it promised I could

have more of God I’d stop.

I would do what they said.

Somebody asked me, how were you baptized?
And I told them, and they said, “That’s your


One of them said, “Oh your problem, you’re
not walking in power.

Look at the jewelry you’re wearing.”

I took it off.

In each case, before I was powerless and
afterwards I was powerless.

But after this vision, when I woke up I expected
to see the bedroom just as normal.

It was the anointing that woke me up and
opened my eyes.

It wasn’t the bedroom.

It was a vision and I was in a meeting sitting
on the left-hand side.

A man was officiating.

I knew it was my service and he was ready
to turn it over to me.

The atmosphere was so thick with the power
of God.

There was people in wheelchairs all over and
I knew it was my service.

So he says, “Now our evangelist.”

And he looks at me.

I start to get up and he turns and looks
at the curtain, and a beautiful young woman

walks out from behind the curtain and takes
the service.

She ministers the power of God so thick that
everybody got out of their wheelchairs.

Then she looks at me and says, “One of you
men failed in the ministry.”

And the whole crowd disappeared.

There was just me and her and I knew it was

And I came, of course, who else was there
in the crowd?

Sid: So in effect, God was saying that, I
have this wonderful work for you to do, but

you’re not going to get it.

Dave: Right.

So when she said this, “One of you have failed”
and the whole crowd disappeared, when I woke

up I told my wife or come out of the anointing.

I said, “Swim or sink.”

I said, “I don’t care.

I can’t live this way any more.

I just can’t.”

So I resigned my job.

Two weeks later I found myself full time,
nowhere to go, nowhere to preach.

That’s when at the same time the mill whistle
blew and I went down and locked myself up in

an eight-by-eight prayer closet down at the

And I didn’t know how to pray.

I really didn’t know about praying in tongues
because of the holiness belonged to said

you can only pray in tongues.

Sid: Which is a supernatural language
written about in the Bible.

Dave: Yes it is.

Sid: Go ahead.

I could only pray in tongues when it would
come on you and anoint you during the service.

So I really didn’t know you couldjust pray in tongues
as a supernatural language of edification

to build you up in God.

So I went down to the prayer closet the same
amount of hours I was gonna work.

I thought if I report to the prayer closet
I’d just lock myself in and begin to pray

in tongues, pray in tongues, and pray in tongues,
not even know it was legal, not even knowing

what it would do to me just to survive the
hours that I had committed.

Sid: Out of curiosity, did you feel anything,
did you see anything?

Dave: Not for the first two or three months.

Sid: How could you keep doing that for two
or three months with nothing going on?

Dave: I just knew that I couldn’t live the
way I was and I just knew that if I gave myself

to God I thought that if I kept doing that,
somewhere along the line he would come.

You know, that he would do something.

He would meet me.

And I remember a girl finding out what I was
doing and coming knocking on the door and

saying, “You feeling anything?”

And I said, “As a matter of fact I am.”

And she said, “What?”

I said, “A real tired chin.”

I had a dry throat.

And she says, “Excuse me, I’ve got to go.”

And I said, good bye.

But I wouldn’t stop.

And just to tell you, you know, that was 25
years ago.

Just two years ago on our trip to India we
had half a million people there.

In one mass prayer, 5000 people’s teeth was
filled with silver and gold.

Sid: Five?

Did you hear that, 5000 people’s teeth were
filled with silver and gold?

Did you lay hands on them?

Dave: No.

Sid: How did it happen?

Dave: Just prayed and the Spirit of the Lord
came on me.

I just lifted my hands and began to worship
and he talked to me about creative miracles,

and I prayed for the whole crowd, half a million.

And out of it, 5000 received, and that’s not
counting the people that were blind and lame,

and couldn’t walk.

Sid: What happened to some of them?

Dave: They come running up front, free and
walking, and seeing, and testifying, much

less the people with the teeth who were
crowding up to testify.

We lost track.

Sid: Do you realize you could have given up
after a month of praying of not feeling or


Don’t you give up.

I believe there’s someone watching us right
now that’s ready to give up.

Don’t you give up because victory is right
around the corner.

We’re going to be back in just a moment and
you’re going to find out about miracle after

miracle, after miracle, and find out that
Dave says he’s not special.

He’s learned the key for intimacy with God.

We’ll be right back after this.


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Sid: Hello. I’m Sid Roth your investigative

I’m here with Dave Roberson and this fellow
had such a hunger for God he didn’t know what

to do about it.

So he said, I know what I’m going to do, I’m
going to work for God.

I’m going to go six hours a day.

When the factory whistle blows I go into prayer
and when it blows again I take my lunch, and

then again I go back.

At the end of the day when people are finished
with the factory crew I’ll be finished and I’m

going to pray in the supernatural language
the whole time.

A month goes by, nothing happens.

A month and a half goes by, nothing happens.

Three months go by and Dave Roberson went
to a meeting, and something very strange happened.


Dave: The same woman that found out what I
was doing came and knocked on my door.

She said, “You know, there’s a lay witness
in town.”

I said, “What is that?”

She said, “Well it’s a church that really
hasn’t embraced speaking with tongues.

They’re coming in from all over the state
and they’re going to meet.

Would you like to come to the meeting?”

And I said, yes, because I would take advantage.

I would do anything at that point.

I said, “God, this is a legal reason to go

And so I said, “I’m going to run home and

And I came to the meeting.

So when I came I didn’t know that the woman
they sat me next to had come in on a crutch,

was crippled in her hip, because I got there

And so they sat me down and I was all excited
because here I was with people, real live

people was around me.

You know, I had been locked up for three months.

Sid: You’re ready to explode.

Dave: Yes.

The man was ready to give a little Bible study
at the home meeting.

And I’m sitting there, and I’m so excited.

Somebody was going to actually speak the Word.

I was around real people, you know.

So they brought, they said, “You want some

And I said, yes.

They brought me some coffee and I’m so excited.

He’s ready speak.

When he got up there, if his notes would
have been a scroll,

it would have rolled out across the floor,
you know.

And so here I’m standing there and he begins,
“And we know that Jesus Christ is the great

celestial go-between, the troubled waters
of mankind.”

Sid: Did you fall asleep?

Dave: I was watching the little rings in my
coffee for excitement, out of sheer boredom.

I was thinking, I’d rather be back in the
prayer closet.

What did I get myself into, and out of sheer

Now to this time, not anything had
happened really.

You know, I still just, sheer boredom, I turned
around and looked at the elderly lady next

to me.

I had no idea what was about to happen.

She’s about from me to you.

And then suddenly, it looked like somebody
put an x-ray up between us that I could see

through of a deteriorated hip socket.

That’s what it looked like to me, deteriorated,
just dark, two or three inches down into the


I’m looking at it and the guy was orating.

And I was looking at this and I blinked real
hard thinking, this will clear up, and it

did not go away.

So I looked around to see if anybody else
could see it because it was just suspended

there, and everybody was just acting normal.

So I said, “Lord, what do you want me to do?

What do you want me to do?”

Absolute silence.

He didn’t say anything to me.

But later on, you know, I went on to destroy
that meeting as they knew it.

Sid: Well what did you do?

Dave: Well I jumped up and prayed for her.

Sid: Did she want prayer?

Dave: She didn’t exactly ask.

Sid: What happened with her?

You were a little anxious.

Dave: I was a little bit.

Later, I said, “God, why did you let me destroy
that meeting as they knew it?”

And he said to, just as plain,

it was in a camp meeting later on.

He says, “Oh if I wasn’t listening to that
man, why should I make you?”

So he let me destroy the meeting.

Sid: What happened to the lady with the hip?

That’s what, I mean, she must have been shocked
when you get up there and start praying for her.

Dave: I turned to her and I said, “Ma’am,
you got trouble in your hip.”

Just when I said “hip” “arthritis” jumped
up in my spirit so loud.

I said, “It’s arthritis.”

She said, “Why young man, that’s what the
doctor tells me.”

And I yelled, “Praise God!”

She goes, “I beg your pardon.”

I says, “I mean, he’s going to heal you.”

She says, “I beg your pardon?”

And I says, “Ma’am, can I pray for you?”

Well to her prayer meant sometime in the course
of my day to bow my head and remember her.

Not me.

I was raised Pentecostal, ultra-holiness,
jumping in the back of pews, spitting cotton

balls and yelling, you know.

So she says, “Why yes, you may.”

I jumped around in front of her, got on my

I grabbed her legs and pulled them up even
to my stomach.

Sid: You sure you didn’t get arrested?

Dave: One was much this much shorter
than the other. You know?

And so I closed my eyes because I was afraid,
because I had seen other people pray, but

I was afraid.

So I closed my eyes and I started in, you
know, my hardest prayer like they taught me

to pray in holiness, “In the name of Jesus.”

Well little did I know, on the first Jesus
it popped, came out

and she was instantly healed.

But did I know that?

No, I didn’t know that.

I liked to wrestle that poor lady off on the

Sid: You were still praying.

Dave: So the golden-tongued, orator, he sent
his associate over to break it up.

He says, “Go break that up.”

He comes running across.

And I looked up just in time to see him. It
all looked in slow motion to me.

He’s just coming across the floor.

He got there just in time and I looked up
to see the miracle.

Instead of breaking it up, it struck him dumb.

I mean, he goes, “Ha!



He couldn’t even talk.

So by that time the orator was winding his
message up with, “What is the most outstanding

sequence of events that could possibly to
be attributed to the God factor in your life?”

And his associate is going, “Over here!

Over here!”

Well they tried to tell her that God didn’t
do those things.

But it was too late.

Sid: What did she say?

Dave: She jumped out of her chair and started
dancing and run over, and got her crutch,

and started beating people with it, saying,
“What do think, sonny?”

Sid: [Laughing] I think that spirit was contagious.

Was she really healed?

Dave: Yes, sir.

Sid, that afternoon they had a banquet.

And it hurt my problems. No, it hurt my
feelings because they didn’t invite me.

Sid: Understandably so.

Dave: But she stood up in the afternoon banquet,
and told the whole testimony.

And by the time she got done, she yells out,
“And what he did for me he’ll do for you!”

Sid: And what he did for her he will do for
you, and you, too, can walk in this supernatural


Dave is going to show you how.

Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this.


Sid: Now Dave, what happened to you, and this
is the most wonderful thing, what happened

to you can happen to anyone that’s hungry
for God.

You even speak now in languages you had never
been instructed.

Tell me about that.

Dave: As I continued to pray in tongues and
the power continued to increase, and the meetings

starting taking place like overseas, when,
by the way, that night that he filled 5000

people’s teeth with silver and gold, there
was 200,000 Hindus born again.

Sid: That is power.

That is power.

Dave: In one night.

We average, I average that year we had 4000
born again a week.

Sid: Tell me one language you spoke in that
you were never instructed.

Dave: Japanese.

Sid: How did you know it was Japanese?

Dave: Because there was a missionary to Japan
that spoke Japanese.

And I was exhorting the crowd and teaching

And he says, “Wait a minute.”

And he came up and he says, “Do you know that
you’re doing that in Japanese?”

He began to translate.

French, Russian, Spanish, German.

Sid: It sure beats language school.

But we’re talking about a supernatural language.

If you are born from above, if you’ve told
God you’re sorry for your sins, asked Jesus

to forgive you of your sins, be Lord of your
life and live inside of you, if you haven’t

done that, do that right now.

It’s urgent.

We’re going to pray that you would be so filled
with the Spirit of God and you would speak

in unknown tongues.

And when you speak in these unknown tongues,
the Bible says that your spirit is edified,

your spirit is like a muscle, and it will be stronger
and stronger like Dave’s is right now.

So right now I’m going to ask Dave to pray
for you to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit

and speak in a supernatural language.

Would you do that Dave?

Dave: Yes, sir.

When you come into the Kingdom you were born
again and received his nature.

What you received is the nature of God that
can be taught by God.

So what he did then is made the Holy Spirit
available to the church.

When you were born again that happened to
your spirit.

That’s you.

But the Holy Spirit is the third person of
God and when he comes he’s a person, your

human spirit is another person and when you
get baptized this happens to you.

I mean, it actually happens to you.

So when you ask him to come into your spirit
the Holy Spirit literally steps in the inside

of you.

And the very first thing he wants to do is
pray for you.

So he will begin creating this supernatural
language that’s come to you all the way from


And in this language he’ll pray for your personal
life, for your understanding of the Word and

for the absolute unfolding of God’s plan for

He’ll pray in this language for you beyond
your faith and beyond where you walk.

So he literally creates the supernatural language
on the inside of you.

At the moment he does that your tongue will
literally begin to shape the very words he’s

creating on the inside of you.

So when I begin to pray for you, what’s going
to happen is the Holy Spirit is going to step

into the inside of you and your mouth and
tongue is going to begin to shape those beautiful


When that happens, just yield yourself over
and begin to speak them out, and you will

not only be filled with the Holy Spirit, but
you’ll have tongues, the supernatural language,

for your own personal edification.

The Holy Spirit will literally be able to
pray for you.

So get ready to receive right now.

Because when he pray he’s going to fall on
you out of Heaven.

You’re going to feel him saturate you, and
when you do your mouth is going to want to

speak those words.

Just yield over and speak them out.

Now get ready to receive.

Just close your eyes, open your hands, palms
up just to the Lord as you’re receiving and

get ready now.

O Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, right
now let your Glory come.

Baptize them in the Holy Spirit.

Bring that supernatural language up out of
their spirit now.

Right now, Father, baptize them.

Receive the Holy Spirit.

Receive the gift of speaking with tongues.

Now right now, right now while he’s on you,
and you feel him, right now just begin to

yield over and speak that supernatural language

It will be second nature to you very, very


Just begin.

Just begin
to [speaking in tongues].

He’s just actually saying, by the Spirit,
as I translate, he’s saying, “Oh yield to

me, my child.

Yield now.”

Sid: Some of you are experiencing the
presence of God right now.

You know you’re experiencing it, but you haven’t
spoken this language because you’re waiting

for something to take over your tongue.

You do the speaking.

The Holy Spirit gives you the words.

It’s just no coming from your brain.

If you will begin to tell God how much you
love him.

Just begin speaking out loud as quickly as
you can.

It doesn’t come from your mind, it comes from
your spirit.

[speaking in tongues].

Oh there’s such an outpouring of God’s presence
on you right now.

And Dave, you talked about a supernatural

The people are experiencing a supernatural
peace right now.

Dave: Yes.

So strong, I named it peace, the aggressive
weapon of God.

It’s so strong.

Sid: That’s what you have, peace, the aggressive
weapon of God.

That’s exactly what you’re experiencing right

And there are people that you’ve got to just
kind of get out of the boat.

You’ve got to start speaking this language.

You say you don’t know what to say.

It’s perfect.

Of course you don’t.

It’s not from the mind, it’s from your spirit.

Just begin to speak [speaking in tongues].

Dave: [speaking in tongues].

Sid: [speaking in tongues].

Oh, something so wonderful, wonderful is
happening to you right now.

It’s the peace that passes human understanding.

It’s there.