Get the best coverage for your family today—learn how the blood of Jesus protects! In this powerful and practical message, Joseph Prince explains the significance of Jesus’ blood and why it protects us like nothing else can today. Listen to a true-life story of how a young, local schoolgirl was saved from the clutches of a serial killer because she was protected by the blood of Christ spoken over her. See also how family blessings abound for you and your future generations when you honor the precious blood of our Lord. Hear this important message today and live protected by Jesus’ blood!

you know why because everything starts

innocently a little flirtation a little

attraction all right the guy I really

want to counsel the girl all right but

the forces of attraction is very strong

the best thing is that don’t trust

yourself in this area

all right put no confidence in the flesh

there’s this cycle you need to

understand why people fall into sin we

learn the demands and all it was like

this the cycle first of all temptation

comes all right

temptation can come as a taught

something you saw something you remember

it’s first a temptation then before I

become sin all right this always happens

before I become sin maybe within

temptation then sin temptation then sin

no there is an in between and the in

between is this confidence in the flesh

the Apostle Paul says in Philippians 3

we put no confidence in the flesh we

must not trust in this area amen

for example you tell your boy your

computer is outside the room let’s say

for example nowadays they can access to

your phone as well you know that so the

thing is that this is one step okay the

boy says you don’t trust me that all


see I trust you I just don’t trust your

flesh that’s a smart dad because I don’t

trust my own flesh that that can say

Amen we don’t trust your flesh okay you

are safe but the moment you say I can

handle this no I can watch this show not

no problem I can handle this and you may

mean it but you’re putting confidence in

the flesh

are you listening and your flesh will

always bring you to the dark side okay

so it weighs like I can handle this

you know what it’s getting late and

attractive girl like her should not be

going back alone in a cab I think I’ll

send her back all right

innocent I can handle this the reason

I’m talking about this area of sending

someone home is because I handle a case

like this thank God you know in our

church we hardly handle this kind of

case so much so if something happens all

the leaders know about it you know among

the leaders for example very rarely you

find a leader having problem when it

happens we all know about it okay that

shows the power of grace working in the

church but one of the areas is sending

someone back innocently and the guy

meant well the lady may mean well all

right but that’s what happened later on

so he put confidence the pleasure he

came to this stage before sin I can

handle this no I can handle this I’ll

just open this email all right let’s not

open up there’s some some suggestive

photos but you know there’s some other

things but I just the web sites okay

or this movie you know it’s like there’s

some good elements I can handle this I

can handle the bad elements it starts

the confidence in the flesh you’re smart

if you learn to run like Joseph because

you know something

Joseph God can trust him to rule I mean

does that mean poor Joseph you know he

was repressed for the rest no he found a

lovely wife had children had a boycott

double fruitfulness enjoyed married life

best of all he was able to have a clear

conscience never slept with Potiphar’s

wife I mean now if you have fallen you

have missed it listen carefully

all right the Bible says there is

therefore now no condemnation all right

but you need to understand this this is

the area the utter convert in the flesh

you fall into sin indulgence and the

problem of the sin is what guilt and Gil

you have new resolutions from now on I

will never open the computer from now on

I will never look at the opposite sex

from now on I won’t even talk to the

opposite sex you know some extreme

stupidity you know from now on never

never again never again never and a

devil never hears that say that there

was his hallelu the devil says goody
























































































































































Stay with us to watch short videos of Joseph’s most up-to-date messages Praise be to God This is really good The book asks if there is such a thing as covering everything with the blood of Jesus, protecting everything Yes Yes, let’s go back to the Colossians and see again “Christ’s shed on the cross He was content to reconcile all things on earth and in heaven with himself through him, having found peace through his blood.” Colossians 1:20 At the time of Moses, when the book was opened Of course At that time, the books were not like that. They were using parchment. When the parchment was opened, they would sprinkle blood on it before they read it. When you read the Bible, you can say that you sprinkled the blood of Jesus. By the way, do not sprinkle.. Sprinkled blood says better things. Doesn’t mean it’s applied automatically. Sprinkling means using blood. On Passover night, God told them to smear blood on the doorposts of the side and upper Doors of the house. See the shape of the cross? God said, “When I see the blood…” Not the good deeds you do Not if you’re Jewish No He said, “When I see the blood, I’ll run over you.” Judgment won’t come to your house and destroy your firstborn It says when I see the blood, right? So what is at the bottom of the door. A basin full of blood In the basin they used to sprinkle the blood on the door If the blood was spilled but not sprinkled on the door So if it was not applied, does it have any value? It must have been applied What did they sprinkle with? Marjoram Marjoram Marjoram is a kind of thyme or thyme, also called hysop It is used to dip and sprinkle. They say there is no need, just sprinkle the blood and the devil can’t come Or the angel of death could not enter through those doors in this story He turns death from his way “Well, does it have a place in the book, Pastor? We used to teach that blood was shed for the forgiveness of sins” I just showed it as an example, Blood is of course primarily for the forgiveness of sins. This is the number one reason, “There is no forgiveness without bloodshed,” says the blood at the door of the Israelites to the angel of death. Here has already been death. There has already been death. There has been death here. It means that I don’t need to kill your firstborn. It means that the blood covered and protected the Old testament – in the book of Leviticus As atonement for your souls It is said that I have given blood It covers and protects His soul. Today we are not covered, we are bathed Today “He who loves us, whose blood frees us from our sins” Revelation 1:5 With his blood, he frees us from our sins Haleluyah Washed? And the blood.. With the soul-purifying blood of the lamb Then you are even whiter than snow You are in the eyes of God Even a single drop of his blood I tell you This is not the dirty blood of an ordinary man with Sin Doctors take his blood to see his state of health Blood can indicate contamination, deterioration Everything that is broken is from blood can be seen It comes out in the blood test The blood of Jesus is the living blood of God Life is in the blood The book of Leviticus was written 3500 years ago The book God gave to Moses says, “For it is blood that gives life to living things.” “I gave it to you on the altar to make you forgive yourself of Sin.” “Blood redeems sin for life.” Leviticus 17:11 You can sanctify and cover your possessions with blood. Have you blessed your chariot with the blood of Jesus? their children? Are you covered in the blood of Jesus when they go to school or work? Before you go to work, you can cover yourself with the blood of Jesus and bless your children Amen I tell you, the blood will stop the terror It will stop the diseases, it will stop the inflammations It will even stop death, just like on the Passover night, isn’t it even more so with the blood of Jesus So how does this blood scatter? Hysop la Hysop is our language at this time We sprinkle the blood with the word that comes out of our mouth Hysop is tiny in the proverbs of Solomon It counts from the smallest to the largest Hysop to the Cedar tree It is stated in the bible Hysop A small organ, remember, it is your tongue Sprinkle the blood of Jesus with your tongue, speaking So When you say that the blood of Jesus covers and protects me You can say, I cover my son, daughter, wife, with the blood of Jesus on the way to work. Cover your things with the blood of Jesus, The plane you ride on when you travel, your car for the entire message. You can visit DID NOT REQUIRE QUALIFICATION, UNDESERVED UNDEFEATED, THE GOODNESS OF ANOTHER GOD CHANGE EVERYTHING He was standing to be sold as a slave Here it says “God was with Joseph” Ha haha ​​So when you have nothing, Not even your clothes to wear But if God is with you You will get it all back and more, much God is the most important person to be by your side It doesn’t matter, even if your best friend deletes you Even if your trusted friend betrays you As long as God is with you Look what happens “Joseph was successful” God had made it work God saw that his skills worked God was with him and provided his skill God can make you a success God can make you wealthy in every way As a slave, think about how Success can be defined Maybe there was a garden you were given and it yielded a bountiful crop Or there was a fight between other slaves And you helped them solve the problem Your boss noticed this He saw you give good advice A Everything he touched at the slave level was fruitful and successful Potiphar saw the obvious And gave more responsibility to Joseph Because Everything he touched was fruitful and successful HOW CAN GOD’S BLESSING CAN LOSE TOO MUCH WHEN OBSTACLES LOOK AGAINST YOU SEE When God’s grace is upon you Even bad things turn out well For example, his brothers would never have sold him as a slave if they had not been jealous of Joseph If they had not sold him He would not have gone to Egypt From one incident to the next, finally coming to the strongest position that can save his Family and many others God wants his grace to reign in your life But grace can only rule through righteousness This righteousness is not something you can do It is righteousness that Jesus gave as our sin, The gift He gave us is righteousness that surrounds us like a robe of righteousness And from this robe it draws all blessings SEE YOUR DESPIRATION TURNED INTO BLESSING GOD’S GOODNESS ASPECT