Both Arnotts have plenty to say. In The Spirit and the Bride Say, “Come!”, Carol Arnott focuses on two prophetic dreams—invitations of preparation from a loving Father for the Bride to get ready. Take it as your personal invitation.


many will miss the boat for the return

of Jesus for very very simple and

mundane reasons

so sad

it’s unnecessary



to the Holy Spirit

is here the glory of God is here but I

always want to extend the courtesy and

say holy spirit you are so welcome in

this place so take over we want you to

take control we yield all control to you

Holy Spirit now my guest John and Carol

are not spent 35 years separating the

Toronto outpouring Revival few have had

the privilege of being part of a major

move of God’s spirit let alone lead it

but right at the beginning of the

outpouring Jesus gave Carol a

foundational Vision Carol tell me about


well Sid it was amazing we were going on

an Outreach to Hungary and they

you know they wouldn’t let us delay it

so we had to go and it was three weeks

into the Revival I had never had a

vision in my life

they prayed for us for the to go to

Hungary and uh we bam I’m down on the on

the platform right beside the podium and

I am instantly in this Technicolor

vision and Jesus comes walking up to me

we’re in a meadow beautiful Meadow and

he comes up and he he hands me a bouquet

of the of lily of the valley so we

talked and laughed and then all of a

sudden he said Carol can I have the

bouquet back so I gave it back to Jesus

and he went around and he gathered all

different colors of flowers and he began

to weave them into a wreath and in the

wreath he placed the lily of the valley

and then he put it on my head and then

out of nowhere came this long white

wedding veil that attached to the back

of the wreath

and so when that happened instantly the

scene changed and I’m walking down the

street like this

and kind of looking around thinking I

don’t know where I am but I knew

it was Jesus that I was walking with

and and there was people along the way

and they were cheering and and all of a

sudden I I looked down where we were

walking and he went oh

we’re walking on the streets of gold I’m

in heaven I married Jesus and it was

just like and as soon as I said that

instantly we were in this massive

Banquet Hall

far as the eye could see he said I

couldn’t see to the end of it

Eddie where the tables were all set but

I said Jesus where is everybody there’s

no one here

and and I felt to look behind me and


they were the most beautiful people

standing behind me

and I said oh Jesus who are these

and he said they’re the broken in the

hurting and the outcasts and the

downtrodden and the ones that you know

have nothing

and I have bitten them to come into my

banquet feast

and then Jesus walked up to me and he

said Carol can I have the first dance

and I danced with Jesus

and then coming out of that Vision John

came up to me and he said

Carol what happened can you you know can

you tell us

and so I asked the Lord and he said have

your worship leader Jeremy Synod play

Kevin parash’s song so come

and so we did that and then he said I

want you to tell my people

that the banquet Feast is almost

prepared it’s almost ready

tell them they are to be like the five

wise virgins in Matthew 25. the ten were

all Christians they were they all had

lamps they all had them lit

they were looking for the bridegroom to

come they all slumbered and slept what

was the difference

the five wise had extra oil it’s the oil

of intimacy hmm

the five wise had been spending time in

Intimate relationship with Jesus

and the five foolish

were busy working for Jesus

and so I got up and I shared that and I

said now is the time the holy spirit is

here to pour out his presence for you

to become vulnerable to become

transparent and just

by oil spend time in his presence and

you know we’re coming into times where

the soon coming of the Lord is very


and we want all to be five wise don’t

miss do not miss

don’t be

the foolish virgins

that went to buy oil but the door was


and they couldn’t get into the wedding

Feast uh Carol that triggers something

that you literally received as a result

of this Vision a rebuke from God over

something yes tell us about that

I began reading that chapter in Matthew

Matthew 25 1-13 I must have read it 50

times sit I didn’t want to miss one

thing that God was trying to say

yeah and so I’m meditating on it this is

three years maybe four years later

and I’d been doing that for all that


and I came to I think his first five

where he’s where he said wow the

bridegroom was delayed they all

slumbered and slept and I stopped right

there I said Lord I don’t feel like I’m

asleep I’m more Wide Awake than I’ve

ever been in all my life Revival is here

that there’s thousands coming our church

is packed every night God is moving

they’re getting saved and healed and

blessed I don’t feel like I’m asleep I’m

more Wide Awake than I’ve ever been and

just like a flash he spoke back to me

and said you are asleep concerning the

message of the soon return of the Lord

Jesus Christ

and you know that went into me like a

spear and I’m like


and I’m trying to remember when was the

last time I even preached about it and

it had been years at least 10 years and

I realized I got turned off to the

message because people setting dates and

being wrong and writing books and being

wrong and this and that and and I just

gave up and said ah come when you’re

ready to come we’ll get on with the

kingdom and just win the lost and build

the church and do what do what we’re


and I repented that day and and began

really picking up that message realizing

that we have to do two things at the

same time

plan out our lives and Ministry plan to

live and live out your days but on the

other hand perhaps today he is to come

Carol what is soaking soaking is just

positioning yourself before the Lord

just to have an intimate time with him

it’s not an intercession it’s not

praying for your family the world

problems it is to have a relationship

like the five wise

virgins they had intimacy with the Lord

they spent time and you see we’re going

to be his bride

and if we

don’t have close Communications

and fellowship how are we going to be

the bride of Christ and so soaking is

positioning yourself either I like to

lie in the floor with a pillow behind my

head and worship music on

that I can just love him and what you’re

doing is you’re accomplishing something

is what I’m hearing her say by just

showing reverence and awe and respect

before God

you are developing a higher level of

intimacy than giving God your laundry

list every day exactly that’s what I’m

hearing that’s it that’s it that’s it

now John

you talk about living

prophecies yeah

tell us what you mean by that

well I asked the question

to myself initially what’s the

difference of me reading the prophetic

words from Matthew 24 Mark 13 and Luke

21. what’s the difference in me reading

them versus someone who read them a

thousand years ago

because the scriptures are all written

in such a way that every generation

has led to believe that the Lord could

return in their lifetime

but the difference today is that we have

scriptures fulfilled that are like time


and the first one is the fact that

Israel will be a nation again and we can

read those prophecies in Ezekiel chapter

36 and 37 and others in Isaiah about

Israel will become a nation one day and

many people gave up on that many

theologians said oh the church has

replaced all that Israel is of no

significance and that is total nonsense

because when Gabriel came to Mary and

told her that she’s going to have a son

she said he will be on the throne of

David and he’ll rule over

the sons of Jacob so this is a direct

prophecy that is going to happen one day

very soon but anyway we start seeing

these fulfilled Israel became a nation

on May the 14th 1948.

I was a little boy seven years old I

didn’t really know what was going on but

then by the time 1967 came along the

Six-Day War happened in Israel I was in

Bible school and I was glued to the TV

and then the war is over in six days I

mean this is unheard of that they took

all the territories and that’s

equivalent to what we read about in the

Bible just as always

for our eyes and see that wasn’t true a

thousand years ago but that fulfilled a

prophetic word from Jesus in Luke 21

that Jerusalem will be occupied by the

Gentiles and by the Nations until

the times of the Gentiles is fulfilled

so there’s a phasing in of Israel and a

phasing out of

Nations controlling things

tell me one misconception that the devil

is planted for the last days besides

Israel which is a major one

we see a great falling away today we see

deception on every hand like people

people saying there is no hell people

are saying sin doesn’t matter people are

saying God doesn’t mind if I color

Outside the Lines people repenting of

repenting yeah I mean yeah but no God

has not changed his standard is the same

he’s a holy God and he’s called us to

read and believe the scriptures

I’ll tell you what when we return Carol

will tell you about the glory Cloud

Whirlwind dream and the unexpected fear

that is coming but even more important

be in expectation for an explosion of

the greatest Global glorious Glory

that’s hit the studio yet be right back

we will be right back to It’s


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well this is so great it is you guys are

so enthusiastic and all of you at home

we’re just celebrating the goodness of

God right here aren’t we we are his

presence is so here we were talking

about the soon return of Jesus and how

not enough people are talking about it

and it is the main event Jesus talked

about it all the time but when I

returned when I returned how many want

to be ready for when he returns well

that’s the whole point of that story

from Matthew 25 first 13 verses because

they were all virgins meaning they were

all believers they’re lamps their

witness was still burning but they were

half of them were out of oil I know

and uh what the result of that was that

only five of them got to go to the


and the other five were denied because

of a lack of intimacy

and so

I don’t want any of us to miss that

opportunity or miss that boat

and as as clear as we can tell we need

to press in to that oil of intimacy and

I think that time is short so like I

said we need to we need to do two things

at once how many can do two things at


can you move your right hand like this

and your left hand like this

it’s hard to do

but we have to plan out our lives you

know put your kids through college pay

off your mortgage all that stuff and yet

at the same time be filled up with the

intimacy and the presence of the Holy

Spirit and absolutely in love with your

bridegroom King because perhaps today

and I love that parable of the fig tree

that we read in in Matthew’s gospel and

in Luke’s gospel and Jesus said you know

look at the parable of the fig tree

and all the trees and when you see the

Fig Tree putting out its leaves you know

that Summer’s near

even so when you see with all these

things happening you know that it’s at

the doors it’s at the gate

and then he says


this generation will not pass away until

all these things are fulfilled

now he didn’t mean the people who heard

him say those words


they’re long gone aren’t they

he must admit the generation that sees

the Fig Tree putting forth its leaves

and that fig tree is a prophetic picture

of the nation of Israel and contrary to

popular Theology and belief of many

theologians Israel was born in a day


just like that May 14 1948 Israel was a

nation and it fulfilled that prophecy

and that means there will be people

still alive on Earth hopefully I’ll be

one of them when everything is completed

that means he’s come for his bride he’s

returned to the Earth to establish his



time’s running out isn’t it how many

would love to be alive when Jesus

returns now there’s a lot to to get in

see we’ve we’ve got to have a massive

harvest the glory cloud has to descend

upon the entire church around the world

and we we just want to see minimally a

billion Souls if not 4 billion

and all this is going to be a massive

Global change

and we’re really really excited for it

and all of you at home I hope you’re

getting excited for it pick up the theme

about the soon return of the Lord Jesus

because it’s on his heart and listen

he’s coming when he thinks the time is

right not whether or not you and I agree


because that’s what Kings do right and

so amen even so come Lord Jesus that’s

how the book ends now Carol uh a few

years ago had a most amazing dream and

then a prophetic word that falls so why

don’t you share that with us

it started I

my son was supposed to come John was

away my son was supposed to come for my

birthday uh which some years is on

Mother’s day and this year was on

Mother’s Day anyway he phoned and said

he had to go to work and couldn’t get

out of it and he couldn’t come so I was

kind of discouraged and I wasn’t feeling

well so I said to the Lord now don’t do

this but anyway this is what I did I

said to the Lord Lord if you want me to

go to church in the morning you wake me


anyway I went to bed and

I woke up

and I thought oh my gosh what time is it

and I looked at the clock and it was

quarter to ten and our church starts at

10 30 and I’m half an hour away

and I’m thinking oh I probably missed

church I’ve got to get a tablet or some

writing paper I have to write this dream

down I don’t want to miss any details of

the dream

and so as I’m slipping out of bed my

foot touched the floor

the audible voice of God the father now

I know the difference because Jesus when

I got saved repeated the 23rd psalm out

loud to me when I got saved so I knew so

this voice was authoritative and and

directive but still very very loving and

what he said to me is this carol get out

of bed get in the shower wash your hair

dry it get your makeup on get something

to eat and get down to the church now

all my excuses went out the window like

that and so you have not seen me move

that fast ever I don’t think anyway I’m

down and I’m trying now to get my phone

I know there’s a record button on it and

so I’m thinking I’ve got to find the

record button because I don’t want to

miss anything so I’m fiddling with that

driving praying that all the red lights

will be green going down

and going a little fast

praying that the policeman won’t see me

don’t do that either

anyway I get down to the church and and

it’s like quarter to 11. I thought great

the worship will still be on and I got

into the church and I thought I’ll sit

at the back and the Lord said no I want

you to go and sit

I want you to go

sit up front and so I started up and I

thought okay the worship team has a spot

usually there’s an empty seat up there

I’ll go sit there

so I headed toward the worship team

seats and the Lord said I want you to go

and sit in your seat at the front and I

said but Lord there’ll be somebody there

and then he said well then tell them to


so as I rounded the corner I don’t know

what this looked like but there was two

people that went out of our seats

because the seats we just sitting at the


so anyway sit down in the in the church

and I think I made it

and then it hit me

oh God

are we doing the dream today

and he said no

this was a test of your obedience

now the dream

I was standing at the front of our

church and the oh

and the poet we have a higher you know

main floor and then the higher stage so

I was standing in front of where the

podium was and I’m worshiping away

having a great time with the Lord and

all of a sudden I’m in a

a glory cloud and I’m going up it was

like a whirlwind going up going up and

I’m in the center looking up and I said

Lord are we going through the roof

and and it got up to the roof and and

then he came he started to take me back

down again

so I landed on my feet and

whoa I don’t know what happened but

either something came off of me


and then something came on me

and ah I went and I grabbed the mic and

I started saying to the people people

there is going to come ah a new cloud of

his glory and in that glory is the fear

of the Lord ah but it’s based on the

Father’s Love it’s not an outward ah

fear it is an inward circumcision of the

heart and oh I said oh my gosh the glory

cloud is starting to come whoa it’s

starting to come down I can see it and

whoa and I said to the people people

the glory cloud is coming I fear for

your lives if you have secret sin in

your life if you have been taking well

the mercy and Grace of the Lord Jesus

for granted in using it for your own

ways and and saying oh God will forgive

me he’s so incredibly forgiving wow

I tell you to come to the front The

Mercy Seat of God is open whoa

and those of you that do not want to


please run from this building because I

do not know what is going to happen


and so people just started to scatter

they just some went out in some ran to

the front and it was just this back and

forth and then whoa the Lord showed me

on the one side at the back there were

two men sitting on the top of a bleacher

and I thought Lord we don’t have

bleachers in our church and he says go

back to them

and as I started to go back I thought

they don’t look like they belong to our

church I mean they had really sharp

suits on and shiny shoes and ties and

white shirts and and hairs looked back

and they were kind of I don’t know where

they can do it um they were kind of like


sitting and kind of you know uh mocking

and as I got about six feet from them

they both fell off

and I and they were just motionless and

I I started to go over to them and I

said Lord are they okay or they look

dead to me Lord and he said never mind

them go across the back of your uh

Auditorium I have a man there I want you

to give a prophetic word to who

and so I walked across

the back of the auditorium and I saw

this man running from the door

that people come in part way up to go to

the Altar and then back and he was doing

that by the time I got across he was at

the door again and I grabbed him and I

said sir I said the Lord has a word for


he says

he’s bad

an anointing on your life years ago but

you’re in secret sin with your secretary

and if you

will go up to the front and repent

I will restore you and I will heal you

and I will use you again

but I fear if you walk out that door

you’re going to become like Lot’s wife


and I woke up


and so the Lord is saying to us

he like the five wise virgins

now is the time to be intimate do not

let the things of this world the

busyness all the good things that we do

take away our intimacy with him

because it is just too precious

and we don’t have time we don’t know the

time but there’s so many things


they’re lining up now that we are in the

season the Bible says we will not know

the day or the hour but we will know the

season of his coming and so I am so

encouraged you at home you in the


carve out even if it’s only starting

with 15 minutes a day

to begin wow to soak in his presence

to have an intimate one-on-one love

relationship with Jesus and if you can’t

begin to pray Lord Jesus Grant in me a

hunger granting me a thirst I want to be

so in love with you Jesus

and Lord help me draw me and when you

start doing it every day


whoa he won’t believe how intimate it

will become with you and your bridegroom




well I believe and so do many of you

that that Glory Cloud that Carol saw in

that vision

is about to descend upon the church


and we all sense in our heart that

things are not the way they have always

been like feels like the wheels are

coming off of the planet doesn’t it

and so there’s there’s two things that

we want to talk about here one is for

for Christians to press in and begin to

buy that oil meaning develop that

intimate relationship with Jesus put

away the games and the and the plastic

outward appearances and let’s get our

hearts really right before him but also

if you uh have have never heard the

message of the Lord Jesus the good news

is that heaven is real hell is also real

god is perfect in all his ways which

means he has to deal with


he just has to or he wouldn’t be perfect


and so Judgment Day is also a fact

and that means we need a savior to

um to handle our past to pay for our

past so that we can be forgiven and

stand before him one day

washed clean and pure

and so I’m speaking to those of you at

home as well as here in the audience

uh people fall away for various reasons

they they get hurt in their lives they

get betrayed they they get used chewed

up spit out and and say that life just

is too hard and they give up on God like

God if you’re real why aren’t you doing

something about this for me

and what he’s done is sent his son to

pay your debt and mine so that we can be


and I just know that there are people

who will be watching this program and

again maybe you’re here in the audience

you know in your heart of hearts that

you’re not right with God

and if that’s you I want you to get

honest and just admit that to yourself

because that’s where it has to begin

we can’t play games with it and say oh

well one day you know I’ll I’ll deal

with these things no that day has come

we need to do this now because time is

running out for this

desperate planet

and I don’t think there’s a political

Solution that’s going to fix it I don’t

think there’s any of that I mean what we

need is for our King to return and

establish righteousness and peace and

joy don’t we

and so if you know that you need Jesus

admit it to yourself say yeah that’s me

yes I got hurt yes I got angry yeah I

wandered away from him I know better

then you need to come on back home

and I want to give you a chance to do

that right now it begins in your heart

say Lord Jesus

I need you I need you I want you I want

you I want to give myself totally to you

I want to give myself totally to you I

believe you died on the cross for me I

believe you died on the cross I believe

he rose from the dead for me I believe

you rose from the dead you paid uh the

debt of my sin you paid the debt of my

with your perfect life with your perfect

life come into my heart right now come

into my heart wash me clean wash me and

give me a love for you give me give me a

love for the word of God the Bible

and help me and help me to really get

the message of the love of God into my

heart and help me get the glass I really

want that into my heart that’s what life

is all about friends

establishing who Jesus is it’s amazing

to me how how many people never think


uh death for example

and I was asking that question earlier

what’s the difference of us reading

those prophecies

uh a thousand years ago versus you and I

reading them today

and uh

part of it is why is it taking so long

why is it 2 000 years have gone by do

you ever wonder that how many have

wondered that yeah well you see the

longest anybody has to wait is like 70

or 80 or 90 years

and then you’re into it right what

happens is you come out of this body of

yours that by then is tired and achy and

full of pain and all of that stuff and

you come out of it into that Glory Realm

where it’s all becomes very clear

and that’s where this planet is going he

is going to make all things new I’m

excited about that aren’t you

I’m really excited about that

and that Harvest that we’re believing

for that’s coming in

I said Lord I need Scripture for that

Harvest didn’t I Carol and he gave me

Acts chapter 2 quoting Joel in the last

days I will pour out my spirit on All


and your sons and daughters will

prophesying see vision of dream dream

that means that intense anointing is

coming our way we haven’t had that yet

we’ve had little glimpses of it little

tastes of it but it’s coming in a major

way and it’s happening in in hot spots

around the world as we sit here yeah

yeah and so that was one of them the

other was in Revelation

Chapter 14 verse 14. and that’s a scene

where Jesus is sitting on a cloud he’s

got a sickle in his hand and then word

comes from the temple in heaven now reap

the Earth and it just in Scripture it

says and the Earth was reaped

and so see that there’s a great harvest

to come in

and then the final one is Jesus own

words in Matthew 24 a fulfillment of

Prophecy says the Harvest is at the end

of the age

and the angels are the Reapers that’s

earlier in Matthew but then in Matthew

24 he says this Gospel of the Kingdom

shall be preached to the whole world

and then the end will come

do you know the

whole world

has heard the gospel more or less not

every individual clearly but every

nation is what he said in every nation

has a church preaching the Good News of

Jesus Christ

and bibles are readily available to

everyone you don’t have to smuggle them

into Iran or or Russia or any of that

anymore you just go on your phone and

download one in in your language of

choice it’s just that simple and we are

in the time where the coming of the Lord

is soon to happen and we’ve got a lot of

good stuff to happen in the meantime so

we want you all to be ready and I tell

you the best way to be ready

is to be filled up with that Holy Spirit

of intimacy and I like to talk about

three Journeys that we’re all on

first of all is the inward journey is

for you don’t ever let anyone tell you

you’re not important ah you’re supposed

to be dead anyway forget you just get on

with the work of the Kingdom no no

you’re important you’re the very reason

that Jesus came he came to seek you out

and to rescue you yeah didn’t he so

you’re important secondly the upward

journey is for you to cultivate that

relationship with him to worship Him in

spirit and truth and learn to love him

and and pray to him and have that

Dynamic going it’s not about you now

it’s about him

and then thirdly it’s about others it’s

about them

who are these people whether they’re

lost they’re the ones who have not heard

this good news

and they’re they’re also other people

who need to have more

and you know you get you get Jesus in

your heart then you hear there’s more

you can have the Holy Spirit uh fill you

and then there’s more you can have a

relationship with your heavenly father

and so there’s always more will you tell

the person next to you there’s always

more for you


there are no toxic levels of the Holy


and so we want to pray that he will come

on all of us today

and I want you to just get in touch with

that deep desire in your heart

oh Lord Holy Spirit I want more of you

wow we want that Glory Cloud to descend

on this wonderful Ministry

of Sid Roth and his and his amazing team


we want the glory to spill out the

nation and all the nations

God we cannot do this with the arm of

Flesh it has to be the work of the holy

spirit will you come right now

and fall upon these dear ones yes Lord

we will we desire you we welcome you

with all of our hearts

Holy Spirit we desire you come and fill


come and fill them yes Lord come and


it’s your fire lord


let fire fall on the on those watching

yes on the video feed

oh holy spirit goes your healing love

flows into them right now wow it is

absolutely the will of God to heal every

one of us how do I know that because

Jesus healed them all Jesus and he never

did one thing that was out of the will

of God wow Lord and so Lord begin

healing up and down we felt pain to go

we do Lord from these dear people

we take authority over injuries and

spine injuries to their knees injuries

to the neck and the shoulders in Jesus

mighty name heart that healing love

flows into you right now

I want you to just reach up your hands

into that Glory Realm

you can do this at home

just reach up your hands

and by faith put your hands into that

Invisible Presence of the Holy Spirit

and get it all over you take a hold of

it and bring that down

and rub it into your Mead into your pain

into your body


and then say this with me this healing

belongs to me this healing belongs to me

because of what Jesus has done because

of what Jesus has done at the whipping

and at the cross at the whipping and at

the cross I received my healing now I

receive my healing now as a free gift of

his love as a free gift of his love now

just begin to do what you could not do a

moment ago

just move move that joint move those

neck move that spine check that TMJ

check that sore throat move breathe in

those lungs that wouldn’t work normally

and begin to take that healing it is the

will of God for you to be healed it is a

sign of the presence of God in the name

of Jesus Oh I worship you I worship you

and if you at home feel like something’s

going on I want you to get on the chat

and just tell the team that yeah I’m

feeling I’m feeling like something’s

changing or I’m feeling my heart

strangely warmed or I’m feeling God all

over me I just you know tell somebody

about what’s going on and and those of

you in the audience here if you if you

feel something going on just wave at me

and say yeah some is happening to me


wave excitedly will you do that because

it’s hard to tell when someone’s

worshiping or when they’re saying yeah

so keep waving come on

thank you Lord what’s happening to you

my dear

come on up here and tell me

can I bring this other girl yeah you can

oh yeah come on just what was wrong with

your with your elbow you said it has

metal in it and it feels like it has

more range of motion it feels a little

bit more normal price a little bit more

normal is this one father we ask you to

just dissolve the metal in it and let

this elbow become totally pain-free and



stretch your hands toward her with me

and say normal up here

check it again

how’s that doing

this morning are we good we’re good

no what

no nerve pay

oh Father thanks for that thanks thanks

what’s happened to you my dear Carol

what’s going on there

to go

whoa whoa

taking her hearing aids out whoa


and she could hear me whisper it’s still

a little clogged but I I’m just praying

for I think she’s got TMJ

okay whoa Fresh Fire give her Fresh Fire

Lord give her fresh


what happened to you sir a stiff sore

knee for over a month and that the pain

is lifting

yes I’ve had a sore knee for over a

month day by day and the pain is lifting

yes how much is it lifting is it half

gone or


quite pain-free

quite pain-free yes yes what couldn’t

you do before well it’s just been sore

and stiff yes you can do this what’s

happened with you


um I have been praying for my husband

for the last month or so in our

community group for his healing to be

healed for his hearing to be healed and

the last few weeks the last maybe two

weeks my ears have clogged up and I

think I’m standing in the gap for his

healing I think that that’s what’s going


for how was your hearing now

still clog which one both both

yeah all right how many know that’s not

God’s will


that sounds like something the enemy

would try to pull off to me

father in Jesus name we cancel that

assignment and we just ask her ears to


right now

by the anointing in Jesus name

okay check them again

yes what

it’s done so it’s clear just like that

thank you holy spirit thank you Holy

Spirit who who else is having hearing

problems if you have hearing problems

stand to your feet and let’s believe for

you shall we

take this out just do it one more time

because listen it is the the anointing

the presence of the holy spirit that


so reach up

like a little kid by faith put your hand

into that invisible realm because Jesus

told us the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand

meaning it’s within your reach if you

just reach out for it that’s your little

step of Faith right there reach for it

now bring your hand that’s now super

anointed bring it back and lay it on

your ears or on your body or on your

needs or on your sleeplessness or on

your breathing problems or whatever it

is those stomach problems

and take your healing

say thank you Lord I’m having my healing

in Jesus mighty name

now open all these ears right now ears

open in the name of Jesus just open up

in the name of Jesus just open up right

now in the name of Jesus wow now those

of you that are standing check your

hearing and if you think we’re getting


let us know


I mean it could be ten percent twenty

percent better or more if if something

is starting to shift

let us know how do you do that just wave

your hand excitedly that would help

what’s happening to yours

they’re getting better how much better

20 percent do you know what that tells


God’s doing it thank you

he’s doing it now I know Jesus did it

like instantly but we’re on the learning

curve aren’t we so we’re yeah we’re just

starting to get the hang of it a little


but anyway when it’s when it’s 20 better

he wants a hundred percent

so keep going keep going step up here a


father I thank you for what you’re doing

in this dear lady

let the glory of God

just flow into these ears

Lord just renew them


and let them hear perfectly

by the anointing that breaks every yoke

in the name of Jesus

in the name of Jesus

in the name of Jesus

I feel like there’s one more we need to

do before we’re out of time but someone

has had an injury and it’s it’s an old

injury 15 or 20 years old and it was

never resolved properly and you’ve had a

lot of pain I think it’s in your spine

and I think you’re in the audience you

may be at home but where is that person

you you have complications from that

thing an old injury that has never been

resolved where are you


can you can you come up all right sir is



thank you Father

thank you Father what’s happening with

her Carol

her ear popped when we prayed and so

we’re just believing that God is just

restoring it she said our hearing is I

mean she’s been talking to me without

her hearing aids in so I think

something’s happening to you something’s


you were injured well I I really believe

that I worked out so much that I ended

up getting myself behind the volume

curved the wrong way and then it it

actually ossified but the biggest

problem was that Macalester the calcium

started leaking out from my vertebra and

they wedged together and they actually

fuse together and so okay now you said

you worked out so much that you actually

brought this in yourself is that right

that’s right did you ever think about

forgiving yourself for that

oh no no I haven’t

well just for fun why don’t we do that

now you you guys just stretch your hands

out toward this man what’s your name sir


say this after me Stephen

Lord Jesus Lord Jesus I choose today I

choose today to forgive myself to

forgive myself for injuring my spine or

injuring my spine and my body

have mercy on me have mercy on me heal

me now heal me now in Jesus mighty name

in Jesus mighty name amen amen

father I ask you

to go back all these years with Stephen

when he was a young man


really proud of his strength and his

physique and all of that stuff and he

injured himself

go back to that moment father

and intersect that with the anointing

and the healing power of God I take

authority over this condition in you

Stephen and I tell the pain to go I tell

the limitation to go and I say holy

spirit come in now and heal him

and set him free

let him be let him let his joints


separate and become normal let the

spinal fluid be normal let the nerves

become normal and let them be absolutely


in the name of Jesus


now do you have do you have pain with

this Stephen

check the pain for me tell me if we’re

getting anywhere



better than

listening a lot how much how much is it

left oh geez like 90 I mean it’s a whole



90 is a lot it is a lot

ninety percent is almost enough don’t

you think


say Lord give him that other 10 percent

now you reach up your hand

for 10 percent

grab a hold of it

and pull it down and rub it into your


and say I’m taking it


every bit of this pain goes

from Stephen in Jesus name check it one

more time Stephen

holy Lord you speak of restoration How

We Do It

is there any pain at all there no not

really I don’t feel anything anymore

we’ll walk around a little bit

Lord I ask you to straighten his spine

now I ask you to grow him up


yeah come on back


now look at you go without your your

cane there

fire on the spine Holy Spirit


and I want you to remember today that

God took the pain and that means he’s

going to do the rest for you so I want

you to take a hold of faith and say I am

choosing to trust God for complete


and remember

you forgive yourself

so Jesus has forgiven that

right so that’s that’s not something

that’s going to bind you to this problem

any longer your back is to get stronger

and stronger and straighter and


and pretty soon you’ll be running when’s

the last time you ran around

three or four years

this I used to be six foot one and I was

all buffed and everything

and then about four years ago actually I

just fell apart my spine just and it

actually fused my vertebrae actually

fused together I mean they had CT scans

and I went to Duke and had the Duke

doctors look at me they said no surgery

for that

so they said if I tried to do surgery if

the doctor tried to do surgery that I

would surely die on the table because I

don’t have enough blood and they

couldn’t give me enough blood so there’s

no remedy for what I have except Jesus

so I want to I want you to say thank you

Jesus for healing me now


now stand up as straight as you can


you can use your cane That’s all right

straight straight straight straight

straight straight

is there any pain there


give Jesus a great big hand how many

will believe God with me for this guy

that the next time you see Stephen he’ll

be six foot tall again

wouldn’t that be great come on brother

you go for it amen what’s happening over

there Carol tell the people what



I couldn’t hear out of my ear a good 80


um since September and I’ve been praying

for it almost every day since then for

my ears to open I used to hear really

really clear

and I lost about 80 percent of my



and so you you prayed we prayed a couple

of times and now I can hear 100



ah let’s all stand in the audience right

here together

and you at home you can stand up too and

if there’s someone with you you can


but I want you to practice on each other

would that be okay

you know one of my favorite verses is

scripture is John chapter 14. uh verse

12 which where Jesus speaks and he says

this truly truly I say to you

the one he or she who believes in me are

you a believer in Jesus today wave wave

your hand if you are all right this

means you the one who believes in me

The Works that I do you will do


and and even greater but don’t get hung

up on the greater think about what Jesus

did he healed the sick the blind the

deaf the crippled the the dying whatever

and even the dead okay

those are the works that you’re going to

do start with those and then you can

move on to Greater Works how’s that now

turn to a person

beside you or behind you and just get in

twos and take turns and say what do you

need God to do for you

what Miracle do you need physically


spiritually what do you need God to do

for you


when they tell you

I want to remind you that Jesus prayed

short prayers

words like hear see pick up your bed and


so we don’t need long prayers but just

send the anointing into each other right


kingdom of God come


come done in these friends today here in

this studio in the mighty name of Jesus

now tell the pain to go tell the problem

to go


okay look up here a minute foreign

give me your attention

I want you to pray a short prayer and

then test it this is very important say

to them are we getting anywhere is the

pain diminished or can you hear better

whatever test it always and then be

encouraged by even a 10 20 percent

increase right okay