In the midst of a Passover celebration by Paul Wilbur, Pastor Stovall had an open vision where he was transported to a heavenly Passover seder with Jesus and His disciples. What he experienced through this heavenly encounter brought resurrection glory into his church, causing an eruption of miracles! Now you are invited to join in!

Sid Roth here welcome to my world where

it’s naturally supernatural

in the midst of a Passover celebration

by Messianic Jewish recording artist

Paul Wilbur pastor Stobo 15000 member

Church had an open vision where he was

transported to a heavenly Passover Seder

with Jesus and His disciples what he

experienced through this heavenly

encounter brought resurrection glory

into his church causing an eruption of

miracles the glory has now spread into

the homes of his congregants do you want

him to pray for this resurrection glory

to come on you

my longtime friend Paul Wilbur that most

of you familiar with and my new friend

pastor Stovall wings and stove Oh about

what was it three months before Paul

gave a special presentation on Passover

and I think was also Good Friday at your

church three months before what did God

tell you we had a prophetic word for the

year that God was going to restore in

three months would have been held up for

three years and that was kind of a

prophetic word that we had for our

church as we entered into a season of

prayer and fasting in January then Paul

you invited pastor wings to come up and

you handed him a piece of matzah what

did you observe first of all it was such

a privilege to be asked to speak on that

platform and because it was Good Friday

and the first night of Passover the

obvious message is we’re going to

celebrate communion tonight but I’m

going to show you where it came from and

why how Jesus Institute’s the New

Covenant and I determined that at the

point where we come to the feasts of

bread and the third cup the cup of

redemption that I would call pastor

Stovall to come forward and help me

serve the people now that we understood

what we were doing in a better way and

either I handed this piece to Pastor

Stovall or he took it from the table and

as I began to speak the Hebrew blessing

over it

blessed are you O Lord our God King of

the universe who brings forth bread from

the earth

shame that just for a second I’m not

saying look I mean ha that’s mean and as

I did that something very unexpected


you pick it up from there so so Paul was

he was he would read the scripture and

when he was sand the part or reading the

part about the bread and Hebrew

I don’t you know right after the first

word or even within the first word I

heard another Hebrew voice it was like a

voice going from mono to stereo it was

like loud a live surround sound and so

so that’s when I was like that’s that’s

another voice that’s you know I’m trying

to process what is what’s going on here

you know Paul you just recorded a brand

new CD out of the Israel and I’m gonna

tell you Paul yeah Alex did yourself God

was with you on that project

it’s called royalton’s nyan would you go

to the music set and I want you to sing

the theme song roar from Zion sure happy


so pastor there’s quite an unusual

situation that had happened to you have

you ever had anything close to that

before no no nothing nothing like that I

mean I’ve had experiences in the Holy

Spirit in the and the Holy Spirit was

heavy in that service and to be honest I

wasn’t really in the spiritual mood I

was I was kind of tired but when I heard

that Hebrew voice and as I’m processing

that voice what is that that’s not

Paul’s voice that’s when the best way I

like to describe it is I felt the

personality of Jesus not not just the

presence of the Holy Spirit it was is it

was his personality and you I knew it

like Jesus is here this is Jesus this is

this you know Jesus is here look to the

left I was kind of afraid to look in one

sense but I look to the left and then

that’s when I saw

Lord and he was standing on the platform

you know you don’t have a schema you

don’t have a place to you never walk

that road before no one else maybe well

yeah they had Paul said Ivan I don’t

know if I was in the body or out of the

body I mean here there are they had an

experience where were you

yep well it at that point I’m I’m on the

stage trying to put is this really

happening is that Jesus you know and

then that’s when it’s like the best I

like to say it is the heavens were open

they were they were opened it was like a

veil that was like I was in the heaven

the heavenlies but it was an entirely

different setting I’m saying these

things because I’ve had now I’ve had you

know 10 months to process them out with

Hebrew scholars and describe where I was

and go to the scriptures and read

Hebrews 12 so I’m saying these things

now with a lot of processing and and a

whole lot of scholarship and and all

that kind of stuff and and so what we’re

now believe that I was is you right

there in Hebrews 12 I was in the

heavenly Zion and the Church of the

firstborn on the heavenly host it was

the Lord Jesus himself as as the high

priest and he was he was he was

ministering um there was the table and

he was he was ministering to the

heavenly congregation he used to love to

teach uncovered it before this

experience but after his heavenly

visitation communion has gone to a whole

new level and that’s where the miracles

break out so get your communion elements

ready at home for later in the program

and now here’s Paul with music from us


album roar from Zion






solu Nations hear me or misfire


a trial





we will be right back to it’s


hello YouTube miss Bob miss book has a

Hebrew word it means family this is Sid

Roth welcome to my world where it’s

naturally supernatural

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you have this encounter where you’re

hearing a voice it’s Jesus

saying the prayer take me from there so

so you know a a saw him there on the

stage and then I like to say that the

heavens were open they were just open

and I was I was in the heavenly realm

with him you know I’ve walked with God

for 20 29 years now and it’s like I I

had known him all along but there were

some things that were very they were

very new next to the Lord that the first

thing was the overwhelming it was it was

fear but it was pure fear it was it

didn’t have any condemnation yet at the

same time there was this overwhelming

love I couldn’t have been more accepted

I couldn’t have been more won I couldn’t

have been more known and then there was

is his personality that’s the word I

like his personality like like like gee

he’s a man of action

um he was strong he was his strength

just emanates like like I felt like I

could headbutt a nuclear bomb like when

you’re with Jesus like I’ve always

related to the Lord is like I’m you know

I’m a servant and I am he’s God I’m the

servant but the the beyond all words

experience with this is how

Jesus treated me how I felt and and that

was the entire kingdom you know I saw

the kingdom he showed me his covenant

but held his glory and the overwhelming

like he treats you as an equal which is

he’s God now Savior he’s a bit reach you

like in equal which is like beyond

there’s just no words and then and then

you know I could talk about this for

hours but you know the other thing was

like in his presence like everyone has

their place like I had mop my place so

when you’re when you’re next to Jesus

like you have to bow like the the weight

like you can’t you would never just look

up and look around that would be so


you’re just so glad to have your your a

place and so so I that was my place at

least for that um gathering that was my

place and I it was like everything was

here like he never he never looked at me

and said welcome it like I couldn’t have

been any more welcomed or known it was

like I was one and this is my place and

now the best word that I have to

describe how I felt I felt grafted I was

I was grafted I was was positioned it

was like I was totally won but I was

different and so that that was a huge

component of the mission him and by the

way like before this night said I was

like a Gentile of Gentiles I didn’t know

Jewish roots I didn’t know the feast I

didn’t I mean I was always like you know

pro-israel you know bless Israel but I

wasn’t like this big Jewish roots guy

honestly I didn’t even I didn’t think

any of that mattered are you saying to

me though this was that a table and

apostles were there and Jesus was there

and this was like a

so for Seder I thought my remember my

first thought was before things became

clear I’m back at the Last Supper like

it felt like the Last Supper it felt

like the Last Supper but when things

became clear I’m like well this isn’t a

darkroom this isn’t this this is

heavenly and so now the world when Jesus

says do this in remembrance of me the

remembrance up there is like a total

reliving like it’s like a wreath it’s

the most visceral remembrance there’s

not a there’s not like a human word well

you just have pasta you know just so I

understand there’s paul hands the matzah

to you these you you you you have this

encounter did you still have the matzah

in your soul so heaven so yes so so all

this is going on and and and a lot more

and like I’m saying it’s just so it

Jesus is just everything it just takes a

lot of talk about anything besides him

and and putting things together but the

most the most personal like where where

it got very very personal so everything

was Kingdom all that’s happening but

then all of a sudden it was like it was

I know out where I was but it was like

it was just me in the Lord and I was

looking at that bread and I knew that

the Lord had served me that bread and it

was like it was like he was waiting he

was waiting on me and I knew if I ate

that bread I knew if I ate that bread I

was telling the Lord that he could go

die for my sins oh yeah I want to make

sure you got what he just said of course

the Lord died for everyone since but

what I’m hearing you say is he died for


it’s that revelation yes and like I know

mentally I know he’s already died for

our sins but in this encounter it’s like

he has but he he hasn’t done it yet it’s

like you’re you’re going back and then

you you know you realize you realize

this you realize the king you just

realized that the creator of the

universe this this song this being like

this how he could love you like this and

not none and then he’s you know he’s

gonna he’s gonna go die for you he’s

gonna he’s gonna he’s gonna just he’s

gonna die for you now I knew if I ate

that bread to use I mean it was the

deepest kind of love loyalty bond

Covenant family it was the deepest kind

of bond it was the it was the deepest

and I knew if I took that bread I knew I

was telling him okay you can go die for

my sins now but in return I’m gonna lay

down my life I’m gonna lay down my life

for you and I’m and I’m gonna allow you

to live your life through me so we can

carry out the father’s mission father

gathering this kids it obviously took me

a long time like I I didn’t I didn’t

know about the heavenly pattern I didn’t

know about the calendar I didn’t know I

mean I knew their scriptures in the

Bible but I’d so it most people look at

the biblical feasts as almost

entertainment and you’re telling me it

opened up everything to you yes you took

almost a year to process what had

occurred before he felt ready to really

release this are you ready for

restoration for healing for miracles for

you and your family

it’s actually happening in the homes of

pastor Stovall’s members and he knows it

will happen for you two more with pastor

Stovall in a moment but first here is



you are welcome in this place being

thrown the parlor breeze

male worshiper iyslah kinesins as we

magnify this

mighty goddess way

you’re the


Oh blessing and honor – I don’t fall

even soon

even slow

yes you are come



come to your places Jones

we will be right back to it’s


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we now return to it’s supernatural


but I have been feeling the presence of

God the manifest presence of his glory

on this this whole show

pastor Stovall you talk about terms like

power in the pattern and now you’re in

alignment or explain a little bit about

that it was a very humbling experience

in the sense I realized that I had been

a ruler and a lot of areas instead of

being a steward you know but through all

this process what I realized I felt like

I was given Jesus’s Church back and my

mindset changed okay I’m I’m a steward

lord up like I’ll solve the kingdom

there were just so many things and so it

was it’s things like I began to look

through a kingdom filter now obviously

it’s Friday which is the Sabbath it was

Friday night it was also Passover so

it’s it’s the double Sabbath but then I

begin to it’s almost like I had this

Kingdom filter and then I begin to see

weight Sabbath was the way before the

Abrahamic covenant it’s back here in

Genesis to wait the the the the Sabbath

was the first day after creation there’s

there’s all of God’s family

heaven and earth at the father’s table

in Eden Eden was the bet of the father’s

house here’s the heavenly and earthly

family together at his table where and

he’s you know that whole language of

shabbat shalom’ this is what it’s all

about this is how everything should be

this is wholeness yes you’re gonna you

know subdue the earth and all that but

nothing is more important than this and

so I would say saw these Kingdom where

the the Jewish people have carried them

in the in the context of covenant but I

began to see these things like wait

these are Kingdom I’m not our thrust as

steward of the ministry to substitute

things that are clearly a kingdom

pattern I’m just not authorized to do


oh yeah you know every time you open

your mouth you are unpacking revelation

that has been hidden from the church for

2,000 years but let me remind you to get

your communion elements ready in our

iesson segment as we take communion

together we will align ourselves with

heaven and heaven will invade our studio

or wherever you’re watching us we’ll

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with us

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to share communion with us yeah be a

privilege just as you feel so inclined

it’s so important how you know if we if

we do this in the right attitude but you

know like Paul talks about them in the

book of Corinthians that every time that

we do this you know in remembrance there

there really is a heaven and earth

encounter and and and it’s the father

himself it’s the father’s Shalom or

wholeness coming into the home this his

table the sacred space and and the like

you said we I think we have over 4,000

homes that are now doing the the this

and their home they’re doing communion

in their home as the priests of the

believers and the Lord is doing in a

moment what we haven’t seen done in in

years like we’ve seen one woman terrible

cancer then but diabetes couldn’t

worship like like one one Shabbat with

her family totally healed from 20 years

of pain if you if you realize that most

of the miracles that Jesus did in the

New Testament they were for people that

were outside we could say the bet of the

the how they were they were outside the


so his healing was to bring them back in

the family what’s happening with your

families when they observed this Shabbat

as a family as a family so the Lord

Himself shows up like the the it’s like

the father I feel like it’s so it’s a

prophetic act it’s a demonstration that


we’re gonna one day we’re going to come

to the Lord’s table and the marriage

supper of the Lamb

it’s a prophetic act that from me and

Myles we’re going to serve the Lord it’s

a prophetic act that we’re not part of

the Babylonian system but we’re part of

the Lord’s the the Lord’s house and so

the Lord is showing up we’ve had couples

that have been in marriage counseling

for years years years no progress one

Shabbat God shows up total restoration

total reconciliation we’ve had all

different types of McKidd ‘he’s getting

off all kind of medicine kids have an

you know a social and anxiety disorders

people getting healed a whole lot with

the kids nightmares it’s all it’s the

the family we’re able to get um you know

single people together in different ways

but um this is this is the thing it the

the church it’s the it’s the home it’s

the local church it’s the regional

church but that the the kingdom but that

home that bet of that sacred space like

the Lord wants our homes he wants our

families and if we will invite him in

and believe that that the bread of life

he’s the bread of life and we believe

that that juice represents the blood

that cleanses us from all sin we receive

forgiveness we forgive one another it’s

an encounter

it’s a heaven and earth encounter and I

believe it’s going to happen here I

believe if if people will honor it honor

it for what it is and not treat it as a

common this is common

well when Pastor winks Paul Wilbur says

Shabbat there are many watching us that

don’t even understand the term well just

in a line what does that mean so we have

there was evening and there was

morning.the first day and so on the

seventh day on the seventh evening in

morning God rested from his work and he

said do like I do so

Friday night until Saturday night 24

hour period from sunset until sunset is

the seventh day of the week it’s the

Sabbath and it’s time to lay down all of

our stuff and and come together to as a

family to enjoy

to allow heaven to put our homes back

together our homes were intended to be

an outpost of heaven yeah but we’ve

we’ve allowed so much of the culture to

invade our homes that we’re finding

husbands for the first time praying for

their wives reinforced and I’m talking

about staff people you know church staff

people admitting I never prayed for my

wife and using the pattern of this

celebration and remember and we would

write and we wrote if we found that that

people you know they just do they need

help so we reach a ton of lost people

and so even to have a little God there

and we kind of wait to help the Genta

you know we call it Gentile Sabbath

Gentile dinner party you know we we make

it Gentile friendly and and and I also

understand Ebers for Jesus is our

Sabbath rest we don’t worship the day we

worship the Lord of the day some people

work on that day there’s grace but you

need to find another night or time of

the week to get your family at the the

table we give them prayers that they can

actually read and pray over one another

and that’s just been a huge help secular

every secular study will tell you

secular the the deterioration of society

is because families can’t get around the

table anymore to put their phones down

to talk to cotton and so there the Lord

is just backing it and I’m just it might

be uncomfortable you know you got a you

got to keep at it but man you’re gonna

find like that Sabbath zoning God’s

gonna show up

and he’s gonna it’s like you know for me

like I was a Gentile so I mean I mean

I’m still lamb but this is like this is

I can’t believe you guys have had this

stuff all along like like look I have to

be candid with we Jews we Messianic Jews

even we Messianic Jews take it for


compared to your revelation we can all

have an encounter with him that changes

us and causes us to love him in such a

deep way what what you said with that I

understand that if I take this I’m

saying to the king my life is worth your

sacrifice can you feel that can you feel

that could you look in Jesus eyes and

say alright I’m accepting this covenant

which means you love me so deeply and

you know that I am so lost without you

that I am giving you permission I am

Telling You go and suffer and sacrifice

your life for me can can you feel that

it’s like who could ever say that and

yet the overpowering love of God says

please this is how you can unless you

eat of me and drink of me you have no

part of me if we want to have a part of

him then we have to receive his

sacrifice he would his life wasn’t taken

he gave it willingly willingly he sweat

drops of blood saying you are worth it

and then we say to him my life is now

all of you all of you and now live your

life through me live your life through

me because he now has come to take up

residence in such a divine supernatural


the purpose of covenant is his family

like that’s all the father wants he just

he wants his kids back yeah he wants his

kids back we left the table in Genesis 3

we you know that people started leaving

the house his home he just wants his

kids back and and our mission when we

eat of this table is to satisfy I hope

you can hear this

to satisfy the heart of the father to

have his firstborn sons and daughters

back at the table

passionate what’s happening to the homes

of the families in your church his you

know it’s the Lord is the Lord Himself

shows up and and it’s the demonstration

so it’s it’s this demonstration of

loyalty and then the Lord brings his

Shalom it’s like it’s his table it’s

like this so let me encourage parents

okay I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna

happen okay so you have kids that are

you know they’re not serving the Lord or

they’re not

so think about think about the 10

commandments right we honor the Lord

okay it’s his name is above our name

it’s about his name all these things are

about God and then it’s okay you know

honor your your mother and father and

then it’s it’s the Sabbath or maybe the

Sabbath is before honoring your father

and mother it’s it’s right there in

their Saint Bunch but watch what watch

parents watch ok do you see that

everything is about God right and then

all of a sudden it turns to Shabbat in

the home the honoring of the parents you

take out that Sabbath command get ready

for all the rest of those things to show

up in a more prevalent way sexual

immorality not telling the truth not

honoring their father and mother like

that was God safeguard for the family

and I know as you know I’m

still do but the main thing with youth

is that they have no voice of

affirmation they’re there they’re trying

to get all these things to get

affirmation well lo and behold God got

out a plan for that over 6000 years ago

in them with him they’re speaking words

of blessing and affirmation over your


so here’s there is such a hunger for

that what does a single family do with

there’s not a husband and wife together

but maybe some children can they do this


absolutely yes so so we have and we

we’ve gone from a church that does a

whole lot of event I have had a single

person absolutely so they actually most

of them go out and have dinner parties

so there will rent out entire on a one

restaurant we like we rent out the

entire restaurant and they go there and

they hang out and they do the Shabbat

and it’s very festive and it’s it’s very

um you know that kind of festive

celebration here with the parents here’s

what’s gonna happen this was gonna say

so you’re gonna drag okay just listen

one hour give me one hour you know

whatever you have to do get them to the

table okay get them to the table you

have a meal do your best you know on our

website there’s actually a Shabbat guide

that can help you welcome through it so

they’re gonna be resistant and you know

first they’re gonna sit around watch

this all of a sudden they’re just going

to start talking okay and I can’t

remember the first time Kerry and I like

one of our kids would start talking but

saying things like yes yes and while

we’re like elbowing each other like

don’t overreact

we can’t believe they’re like yeah

they’re like really talking about these

issues with friends or personally that

we didn’t even know about it’s like the

Lord gods the conversation and he just

shows up I can’t I can’t explain it and

then sometimes there’s miracles man I’m

telling you if people are over at your

house when it happens they are gonna get


one time we did Shabbat we were moving

we had 22 people in our house doing

Shabbat the movers oh my goodness man we

had people breaking down crying we had I

mean all kind of people the people were

seeing the Lord it it’s just if you just

do it just do it just somehow whatever

you got to do find some grape juice find

a half loaf of bread if you can’t get

the right just just do it in the Lord

shows oh boy you keep talking about that

power in restoring the pattern and as a

matter of fact there’s so much power

here that I’m hearing there is someone

with a band it’s a visible band around

their wrist I command that band to be

broken asunder in Jesus name it’s not

your wrist is not going to hurt you


would you two gentlemen and you at home

get your communion elements and you and

the studio audience get your communion

elements and you guys do what you do a

Jew and Gentile

that’s what hole called the one new man

all right

yes the Lord’s gonna heal so the

scripture says after the meal he took

the bread he took the bread and he said

this bread this is my body which I am

giving for you and so do this in


of me and then he took the bread and he

broke it

and he gave it to his friends gave it to

his friends and he said Bogota deny

Eloheinu melech ha’olam hamotzi Lechem

min Haaretz blessed are you O Lord our

God you are the king of the universe and

you bring forth bread from the earth

and he said eat of me and be every wise

whole Lord for your body mm-hmm

we receive now all of your bruises all

of your pain carried for us and taking

this we are made whole yes a friend of

God receive the body of the King given

for you

I see the life of God permeating

are we thinking for the bread of life we

thank you for your life your life that’s

permeating every soul every body right

now Lord we thank you for wholeness and

every or one we are your people I thank

you for wholeness in your people Lord in

your family mm-hmm you’re whole you’re


we’re healed people a whole people in

order we thank you for your blood that

was shed for us for the remission of

sins Lord we thank you that one day that

we will drink this with you and your

kingdom and new Lord one day we will

show up to your table your heavenly

table and Lord until that time we

proclaim your death until you come we

announce to the principalities and

powers of the air in the kingdom of


that their Kingdom is coming to an end

and your kingdom Lord is coming the

kingdoms of this world will become the

kingdoms of our Messiah we proclaim your

death until you come and we drink this

cup Lord and as we do by your stripes

were healed whole forgiven and cleansed

thank you Lord the third cup the cup of

redemption everything according to plan

everything according to plan

and someone someone has just been healed

of ulcers ulcers painful ulcers in your

stomach with taking this covenant

and there’s a woman who has been

tortured by with stress in your home

that’s come from your husband caused

great turmoil and you and that that band

that Sid saw I saw that around so times

it’s almost impossible for you to even

take a breath and breathe and and the

Lord just cut those bands with his

pierced hand that his sacrifice

purchased for you a peaceful place a

place of Shalom and rest and that stress

and that has been broken off of you

those those words of of covenant

breaking and cursing have been cut off

though because this meal sets you apart

to the table of the King and he is

working in your home and if you’ll do

what he shows you to do and create a

place for him there he will come this

table this is where it all begins this

place of covenant this is where it all

happens where he separates us for

himself where the Covenant is made and

where it is enforced and those things

that we give to him he keeps unto that

day as we give ourselves completely to

him he is able to keep us until that day

and he defends what belongs to him you

don’t have to be your own defense he

will defend what belongs to him

and you’re gonna hear the roar of the

Lion of the tribe of Judah in your home

in your kitchen in your bedroom in your

children’s rooms and

gonna see heaven has just released

angels on assignment Psalm 20 David

praises may he send you help from the

sanctuary you have just opened the

Covenant door of help from heaven you’re

going to see what was that well did I

just know no angels on assignment

nothing weird

nothing straight it’s just they are

active now on your behalf they are come

on the command of the King to watch over

you and to keep you to protect you to

shield you to bring information that you

need in a timely way no longer back

there smelling the same old dead air out

front where we belong leading the way

being bold with that which we know that

would I am not ashamed of the gospel the

Apostle Paul said I am not ashamed of

the name of Jesus I’m not ashamed of the

name of Yeshua he gave it all for me so

that I could be all that he’s made me to

be the blood of Jesus cleanses you and

delivers you you’re you’re like this

this is the deliverance this is the

wholeness this it was talking about but

not only that it’s the it’s the hedge

it’s the it’s the protection remember

the blood over the doors that pass over

right not only are you delivered but now

God is the Guardian he remember he’s the

guardian of your sacred space your

temple and your home he watches over

your house there is nothing more

powerful than the blood of Jesus if the

blood of Jesus father I pray for

revelation of the blood of Jesus the

blood of Jesus Saves redeems and

delivers us

have delivered us with an outstretched

arm and now we are your people and you

are putting your hedge you are putting

your protection you are guarding over

and watching over us because we’re not

gonna we’re not gonna fall back into

brokenness but we’re gonna move forward

as a people in wholeness and deliverance

in the mighty name of Jesus thank you

them yeah amen you know I believe that

God’s not finished yet with us I believe

that God’s not finished with your family

I believe that God’s not finished with

your ministry I believe that God’s not

finished with your finances amen I

believe the best is ahead of you stop

looking back and I’m gonna ask some hall

to sing I don’t know what to explain

this song before you sing it and that

the Hebrew word I don’t know you all

know is translated as Lord in our Bibles

but when we may not understand is that

word I don’t I and the Hebrew means you

own it all the earth is the Lord the

fullness thereof the Apostle Paul said I

don’t even own myself I have been

purchasing men with a price so as we

declare you are a deny we say it all

belongs to you have your way Lord of

eternity many of you probably know this

when we redid it in Jerusalem but it’s

now taken on another whole dimension and

we can enjoy this Paul would you go to

the music set and as you get set up

I just want to point out to you we

Messianic Jews we got the tradition of

traditional Judaism then we later to

with the tradition of Christianity and

we Jews are famous for tradition we got

double tradition now but what happens

when you take these paths biblical

patterns and presented through

revelation you’ve just had a

demonstration of Revelation rather than

knowledge I mean it’s like if God’s not

behind it I don’t want it



come on you know this one


history kind


got a big stride


every eye

we’ll see







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