God’s perfect love sets you free like nothing else can! Join Joseph Prince at Tzemach Beach in Israel as he illuminates the Father’s perfect and powerful love for you. See why it is not about your love for Him, but all about His love for you. Discover through the Scriptures how intimacy with the Lord as well as spiritual perception and maturity are all rooted in your revelation of how much God loves you and has forgiven you. Whatever the challenge you are facing today, whatever your failure, lean on His love and find the freedom and victory you need!

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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm

the closing scenes of our Lord’s life

the twelve were there in the upper room

and John you know in those days they

were recline they were recline as they

eat the legs are behind that’s why the

woman brought you know she was whipping

behind she on his feet as he was eating

remember the woman came and she wiped

his feet were hair because their legs

were were beyond them

at the back they were reclining like

this as they ate so John was at his

right hand

John leaned back and John thirteen says

that’s the first time he calls himself

the disciple of Jesus loved Jesus just

said one of you will betray me disciples

look at one another perplexed about home

he spoke

now there was leaning on Jesus bosom

there’s a picture of resting in the

Lord’s love for him see people when you

lean on Jesus bosom you’re not leaning

on your own it is not your love to the

Lord you are resting on his love to you

his love for you there was leaning not

what was a question the question was

what Jesus just said one of you shall

betray me then they look at one another

people we will never never get answers

for our difficulties and problems in

life looking at one another so what

happened is that there was laying on

Jesus bosom one of his disciples whom

Jesus loved don’t forget John is writing

this Simon Peter therefore motion for

John to ask Jesus who it was at home he

spoke then watch this watch this

leaning back on Jesus breast John said

to him Lord who is it

next verse Jesus told him who it was

John was the only one who knew who was

the betrayed first lesson we learn is

this the one who relieves on the Lord’s

love for him has the closest Communion

and here’s the hot deep of God now Peter

on the other hand he is fat there’s a

contrast to John because Peter both of

his love for the Lord he’s the man to

both of his love for the Lord when the

Lord said all of you all right I don’t

tell you this that

go to persecution I’m gonna die and all

that Peter says Lord this will never

happen to you and he said right in front

of all the rest of his disciples his

friend even if all this forsake you he

said it right in front of your faces if

all if all this forsake you

I will never leave you I’ll never

forsake you I’ll go to prison took

through prison and to death and Jesus

says this morning before the rooster

crows you deny knowing me three times no

way Lord

it was way it was way he denied knowing

the Lord three times with cursing and

swearing he promised he was spend for

the Lord even to prison and to death he

can’t even stand in a few hours time in

front of a mate that said aren’t you one

of him a simple question of a mate why

because don’t don’t misunderstand me his

love for the Lord is true his love for

the Lord is an other love is a genuine

love but the promise that he’s leaning

on his love to the Lord

whereas John typifies by his words and

actions Peter was in essence saying I am

the one who loves the Lord but John by

his actions and by his words he is

indicating I am the one whom Jesus loves

when all is said and done and Jesus was

at the cross who was the only disciple

besides the women who was the only

disciple that was there John where is

Peter where is Peter some corners on

where is the man that relied on his love

for the Lord genuine love nonetheless

come on that night there was Peter who

boasts of his love for the Lord John

both of the lost love for him and there

was someone who had no love for the Lord

he had the back and the devil in his

heart now he hung he committed suicide

if only he wait a few more hours Jesus

would hang for him self-righteousness is

it’s a very deep things very hard for us

to notice that in our lives and I’ll

tell you one thing sin is a problem I

chose a prince hate sin let it be

established by categorically i Joseph

Prince and vehemently against sin

but I tell you the problem that people

have not being able to receive its

self-righteousness the sinners will

receive from Jesus prostitutes but touch

him and be healed

tax collectors could receive from here

but those who are self-righteous cannot

receive from him they are fallen from

grace grace is high ground for you to

fall from are you listening people and

when Jesus looked down Jesus saw at that

cross Jesus therefore saw his mother and

the disciple whom he loved standing by

he said to his mother woman behold your

son and behold your mother in other

words when you rely on when you lean on

and you both are the lost love for you

come on people you will be of spiritual

use to him he will use you and what

timely service – hallelujah I’m getting

excited he’s gonna want to hear spider

with me here come on amen don’t boast of

your love even though it’s wonderful

your love if I can put on the crack my

love also amen

it goes like this on Sunday praise God


during the twirl whoa

alright and after the toy goes down

again a man don’t don’t don’t don’t put

your trust in something that waxes and

Wayne put your trust in the love of God

for you the love of Jesus amen there is

always a constant on the grass amen and

when you look at what is constant I

learned these years ago when I was in

the Navy amen in the sea when he was a

storm tossing all that my sometime my

colleagues were throwing up and all that

and the officer came on board say guys

is a simple trick look far away at the

horizon and what is fixed and constant

and soon enough we all felt better will

be more stable will be disciples of

closest Communion and I was able to use

us amen if we rely on his love for us

you know not too far away from here in

fact we are here where we are the

southern tip and the the river Jordan

comes out from here right goes all the

way down down down down down down to the

lowest place of planet Earth the gate

see and that’s the the by the way the

genuine site of Jesus’s baptism have

y’all been there that’s why you need to

come back again one trip won’t cut it

there are so many places to look at so

the genuine a site has been discovered

Bethabara and there’s a lowest place on

planet earth that’s where the the days

he goes right excuse me at River Jordan

goes in the Dead Sea now there when

Jesus came out of the waters of baptism

the father opened the heavens to him I

love the way the scripture says it

opened the heavens to him and the father

said this is my beloved Son in whom I am

well pleased you see you never know how

much God loves you until you know how

much God loves his son because he gave

his son for you this excerpt is brought

to you by Joseph Prince calm to get the

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Gothel is through flip I’ve given you

the land time and time again cause if I

give you a land flowing with milk and


a man in Deuteronomy 8 got this fracture

damn the land the land we pass through

the spire is an exceedingly good land I

wish you can see this in the Hebrew the

Hebrew they repeat that word good good

like exceedingly good land

calop whiter the people before Moses and

said let us drop it once and take

possession and y’all should be like yeah

God has spoken

wait for what but the man who had gone

off with him said we are not able to go

up against the people if you look at the

lofty walls you look at the strong

Giants you look at the great cities you

say we’re not able but if you look to

Jehovah you look to God with whom

nothing is impossible you will say come

on man that’s what once we are well able

to overcome it the unbelieving people of

God set what the land would be power

then Joshua and Caleb take their breath

there our breath is coming here your


they are your breath

it was mad you but by no means enter the

land you by no means occupy the throne

you by no means possess the land you by

no means inherit the kingdom you by no

means enjoy the promises it depends on

you it’s on God you will come into the

land it’s time for 2016 for God’s people

to enter the land and possess their

possessions it is yours

it was bought for you by the precious

blood of God’s only Son he gave his life

for you it has your name on it they have

a healing package with your name on it

amen there’s a family well-being package

with your name on it

a protection box with your name on it

all paid for by the blood of Jesus let’s

have a different spirit in 2016 let’s

have a spirit of faith