Beloved, look away from the negativity around you and receive God’s hazon vision that will bring days of heaven on earth this 2021!

2021 is a brand new year for us!

And I believe with all of my heart,
that God has special things

in store for you,
new things in store for you.

Lots of changes,

lots of transitions
happening this year.

But it’s all going to be good
for His people!

“And the word of the Lord
was rare in those days.”

“There was no frequent vision.”

Before God does anything,
God gives a vision.

And that’s why I’m sharing
this message for this coming year.

Because what the devil has done
is that he has robbed the church.

He has robbed God’s people
of visions that are positive,

beautiful days ahead.


Good days.

The devil robs your vision
before he robs you.

Remember what God said
to Abraham?

“All that you can see, I give to you.”

Abraham actually responded
later on, he says:

“I see myself childless.”

“Seeing I go childless, and the heir
of my house is Eliezer of Damascus.”

Today, we can say:

“What can I have, Lord?
What job can I have”

“seeing I have been retrenched.”

“Lord, what future can I have
seeing this has happened to me.”

“Lord, I can’t even sleep at night
for I have fear and worry.”

“I’ve received this bad news
from the doctor”

“seeing I have this condition.”
Is that what you see on the inside?

God wants to flood your heart
with light this coming year.

God wants to restore to you the
vision that you have lost.


Are you ready for
the vision of the year?

Sit back, relax.
Here it comes.

The Year of Hazon Vision.

God will be restoring
visions in your heart.

You’ll be focused on
vision this year.

You’ll be setting out visions
from God after prayer.

And those visions will
come to pass because

vision is the missing element,
many a times in this

process of faith.

A lot of people are focused on
saying the right thing,

saying the right thing.

In fact, some of the focus
right now is on the mouth,

because of the
Hebrew year 5781.

But actually, what proceeds
the speaking is the heart

and the heart is affected by visions.

So God is going to affect your
heart in a positive way.

God is going to cause you to
be full of His vision this year.


“And out of the abundance
of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

That is when it happens!


So is this the time?
Is this a “kairos” moment for us?

That midday is happening this
coming year for God’s people?

And it is a time when we will
see heaven opened

over you and your family this year.

This coming year, towards the

end of the year, we are going
to see a lot of salvations!

Praise the name of Jesus!

And I am here to tell you!

I don’t care if you are in a
remote island somewhere.

People ask: “How about those who
have never heard about Jesus?”

I am here to tell you:
The story of Cornelius settles that!

If your heart reaches to God,
you’re crying out for God,

God will find you! God will
send a messenger! Amen.

God will send His
Word of salvation to you.

And God will do it in ways, unprecedented!

When God gave them the
Holy Spirit like this,

it is unprecedented!
It is a new thing!

Will you pray this prayer
over yourself every day?

Will you pray this prayer
over your children?

That God will give them the
“Spirit of wisdom and revelation

in the knowledge of Jesus.”

Especially in the knowledge
of the Lord. Amen.

“…having the eyes of their
understanding being enlightened,”

“Having the eyes of their heart
being enlightened,”

Flooded with light!

“…that they may know what is
the hope of their calling,”

“what is the riches of the
glory of the inheritance in the saints,”

“and what is the exceeding
greatness of the power of God”

“wrought in Christ
on our behalf.”

It takes the Spirit of wisdom
and revelation and eyes of the heart

being open to see.

May that be your prayer.

May that be your reality this year.