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1999 Malaysia what happened there Kuala

Lumpur Malaysia it was a national

meeting pastors and leaders came from

all over the nation it was the largest

Bible school that presence came in the

meeting I remember there were women four

to five deep the presence of God came in

daddy came in within 30 seconds I

started walking down the platform I had

no idea what was about to happen they

were all on the floor within 30 seconds

nobody caught him I saw literally three

women on top of each other and they all

started laughing hysterically it was

like Daddy God came in to comfort his

daughters then

all of a sudden after about five minutes

of that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and

he said I’m coming differently

all of a sudden I sense that presence

that I had sensed in Brazil and I knew

right away get up because I was sitting

on the platform enjoying watching the

girls get blessed I got up that presence

came again and now those women started

screaming like they were on fire it

wasn’t demonic it was holy and I

remember walking back and forth on that

platform and out of my mouth came the

words this is the spirit of the fear of

the Lord and we walked out of that

service and there was a couple from

India who were students in the Bible

School in Kuala Lumpur and the lady and

the man and I just looked at each other

and she said I feel so clean and I went

oh my goodness that describes what I

felt in Brazil in California and North

Carolina and here okay I get it so the

next morning I’m getting ready to play

basketball with the Bible school

students in Malaysia I’m putting on my

shorts and the Holy Spirit said Son read

Psalm 19. I had no idea what I was going

to read so I go to Psalm 19 I get down

to the ninth verse and the psalmist says

the fear of the Lord is clean and I went

what oh and then he said the words

enduring forever and the spirit of God

spoke to my heart right there in that

hotel room and he said Son Lucifer LED

worship right before my Throne he beheld

my glory he was anointed he did not fear

me he didn’t endure in heaven forever he

said a third of the Angels surrounded my


they beheld my glory they didn’t fear me

they didn’t endure forever he said Adam

and Eve walked in the presence of my

glory they didn’t fear me they didn’t

endure in the garden forever he said

every created being who surrounds my

Throne will be tested in the fear of the

Lord I started thinking after that there

are a lot of pastors they’ve started

ministry or ministers started ministry

excited wanting to help people in love

with Yeshua but they didn’t fear God

they didn’t endure in the ministry

forever Barna has said over 40 million

people have walked away from the faith

in the United States in the last 23

years over 40 million that is more than

one out of every 10 people in the United

States half of those 40 million are now

professing spiritualist agnostics and

atheists why because we have not brought

a healthy balance of the Holy fear of

God into the church the love of God

keeps us from legalism and we don’t want

legalism because that kills but the fear

of God keeps us from pulling into the

Trap of lawlessness and if you look at

what God the father said to Jesus he

said because you have loved

righteousness and hated sin therefore

God even your God has anointed you

beyond your companions when there was

not a strong anointing on my life and I

was praying hours a day I said to God I

was frustrated I said why isn’t there a

stronger anointing on my life and he

said because you tolerate sin not only

in your own life but in the lives of

others and when I read that verse he

sent me to that verse I realize that for

me to see the anointing of God increase

on my life so I can minister to people

more effectively I have to hate sin the

way he hates sin not just love

righteousness the way he loves


John very briefly

you found out how to get into the

presence of God immediately I used to

struggle Sid and then one day I just

thought I’m not going to pray I’m not

going to sing I’m just going to think

about how awesome my dad is and I

started thinking about putting the stars

in the universe with his fingers

measuring the universe from his thumb to

his pinky weighing the water in the

earth in the palm of his hands and all

of a sudden the presence of God comes

and I went wait a minute what

actually I thought I’m gonna try this

again so I’m at my morning prayer time

right and I did it again and there’s his

presence again the third day I said okay

this isn’t right what’s going on I used

to struggle to get in your presence now

it’s so easy and then the holy spirit

said to me son how did Jesus teach his

disciples to pray and I started reciting

the Lord’s prayer Our Father which art

in Heaven holy hollowed be thy name I

went oh my gosh there it is that word

Hollywood means to be kept holy is your

name I thought Jesus you taught your

disciples that we are to come into the

presence of God with holy fear okay Jim

Baker made a statement when John visited

him when Jin was in prison that John

says reverberated through his entire

being it shocked him be right back

to you it’s supernatural

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