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to see if we would worship him or

worship what is so superficial in this

world that people standing off I believe

the Christian has the ability to go in

our heart into the inner sanctuary and

behold the glory of God in the face of

Jesus Christ if you look at hoffney and

Phineas the sons of Eli they’re

committing adultery with the women who

line up at the Tabernacle

couple hundred years earlier nadab and

abahu come in with irreverence into that

same Tabernacle and are and are struck

dead now did God strike them no you can

sunbay that the beach and enjoy it but

you go ten thousand miles from the Sun

you put yourself In Harm’s Way they put

themselves In Harm’s Way when they came

in to the presence of God with

irreverence well if you look at hoffney

and Phineas the word of the Lord was

rare so the presence of God we had

lifted I believe God is going to restore

his presence in such a way that it’s

going to get the attention of cities and

nations in these coming days for a while

believe it or not it was difficult for

John to get into the presence of God one

day by accident John immediately got

into God’s presence now it’s instant

every time be right back



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we now return to It’s Supernatural

in John’s brand new book The awe of God

and I’m telling you you better get this

he teaches on Amazing benefits when we

walk in the fear of the Lord

John Define the fear of the Lord and the

awe of God well the fear and the law of

God are very synonymous but let me say

this this is so important for everybody

to understand the fear of the Lord has

nothing to do with being scared of God

when you look at Moses bringing Israel

to the mountain they all were scared of

God and they drew back Moses said in

Exodus 20 20 do not fear because God’s

come to test you what’s the test to see

if his fear is in you so that you do not

sin now wait a minute do not fear

because God’s come to see if his fears

in you he’s differentiating between

being scared of God and the fear of the

Lord the person who is scared of God is

something to hide what does Adam do as

soon as he sins right he hides from the

presence of the Lord the person who

fears God has nothing to hide that

person is terrified of being away from

God so the first definition of the awe

of God is to be terrified of being away

from him but when we fear God we stand

in awe reverence respect honor esteem

him more than anything or anyone else so

what is important to him becomes

important to us what is not so important

to him is not so important to me so this

is why we love what he loves and we hate

what he hates now it’s not that we

dislike what he hates we hate what he

hates you say God hates yes God hates

what undoes people and that’s called sin

now in legalism you ever seen a

legalistic person that goes well I Fear

God that’s why I hate them Sinners over

there that person fears God not at all

he has no fear of God because he hates

what God loves God loves those people so

much he sent his own son to die for him

what he hates is the sin that’s unmaking

them and that’s the difference the

person that doesn’t fear God tolerates

sin dislikes sin the person that fears

God has a holy hatred of it and a

passionate love for people

I’m taking his

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